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Address: UNIT 4-7, SHEEPBRIDGE, 875 Sheffield Rd, Chesterfield S41 9EF, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8 AM Thu

Telephone: +44 1246 455863

Business type: Tire shop

EXCEL AUTOMOTIVES LTD: what do users think?
Gary Todd
Gary Todd: I recently had my brake discs, pads and caliper changed here and I found the staff to be very helpful, polite and above all honest. The price was very reasonable and I was kept in the loop constantly by phone calls from the staff. I will definitely be going back to Excel Automotives for any future work because a good garage is hard to find, especially one like this with excellent integrity and professionalism.
Drc: Absolutely amazing experience with this garage, we had exhaust fumes coming into the cabin, Dave was absolutely brilliant found the fault, and repaired the manifold, he also changed two tyres that were worn. Honestly this has been the best garage I have been to, so helpful and informed of everything that needed doing, would advise anyone to use this garage are very through with the checks, will definitely use again.Thanks so much to Dave and team.
Victoria C
Victoria C: These guys (Dave in particular) are just great. Got a puncture yesterday, called them first thing this morning and replaced the tyre this afternoon. Completed some docs I needed, was there 20 mins and all done to the highest standard. Cannot fault this place, thank you for helping a human in need. Definitely using for all my car probs in future!
Kirsty Foster
Kirsty Foster: Lovely staff, quick service super helpful! fixed my car within 10 mins, great prices.
Maria Toth
Maria Toth: Honestly, these guys are amazing! I’ve got a puncture on my back tyre, unfortunately was unrepairable. Despite of that I went there very early in the morning (had no booked appointment) they tried hard and finally got me a brand new tyre. Excellent work and reasonable prices! Highly recommended! Thank you again!
Ant Leverton
Ant Leverton: Used Excel for quite a few years now with various work vehicle and I can’t praise them enough. They are very professional and always keep me well informed. If you need a good machanic then I can highly recommend these.
Sandra Silcock
Sandra Silcock: 3rd time using for 3 different cars , excellent service snd fair priced too
Philippa Thompson
Philippa Thompson: Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, ValueThe guys down at Excel Automotives are brilliant, very helpful and honest and give very good advice. Will be using this garage in the future. And would definitely recommend Excel Automotives garage to family and friends. Thank you ever so much.Services: Auto engine diagnostic, General repairs & maintenance
Sam: I have two cars, both have done over 200k miles and both are around 20 years old. Regardless of this they treat them the same they would a new car or classic and deliver top work! 100% would recommend, awesome guys and very good prices!! From Sam at Stoneacre. Services: Transmission , Engine repair

2. Excel Parking Services Ltd - Rotherham

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Excel Parking Services Ltd
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Address: 2 Europa Ct, Tinsley, Park, Sheffield, S9 1XE, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9 AM Thu

Telephone: +44 114 261 7111

Business type: Parking lot

Excel Parking Services Ltd: what do users think?
Nazmeen Ahmed
Nazmeen Ahmed: A sham of a company, I paid for my parking and still got a fine from them. I then appealed the fine WITH proof of my parking payment, with the date and time clearing showing yet they rejected my appeal with no valid grounds after displaying misleading information on their parking notices. The customer service is absolutely appalling as well as their business tactics with mannerless workers interrupting you each time you try to speak.
Emily Taylor
Emily Taylor: I paid for my parking and still got a ticket, I provided evidence of my paid parking but they don’t care, the worst customer service I have ever had to deal with! Now with a lovely ccj I’m still having to pay the fine, Note to everybody they do not take Monzo at the pay station and the app is a joke! So leave the car park down load the app pay then re enter or they will screw you over till they get some money! The worst part is this is a hospital car park and with my new born son been poorly it’s the last thing I needed! Stronger language would have been used if it was not on Google! Do NOT park in this company’s car park.
nick wilber
nick wilber: This company are operating with faulty equipment and or poor software. I visited my local Aldi store twice in one day and received a parking fine because I was accused of parking for 4 hours. I was in and out of the store and importantly the car park in under 10 minutes on both occasions. I appealed and it was rejected. Apparently after extensive investigation. Absolutely laughable. At this point I contacted Aldi customer services. They have been excellent and have agreed to reimburse me for the full amount. Unfortunately this required me to pay this bunch of thieves first. I considered rejecting the offer from Aldi at first as I utterly hate the fact that these pickpockets will get paid. But hopefully Aldi will pursue them for the money. Appalling company who need investigation into their practices.
dave finch
dave finch: WOW, where do you start with this shower. threatening letters, lack of communication, being obstructive when appealing..... the facts are i parked in wakefield and used the app for the first time. bearing in mind they tell you to use the app, they dont monitor it though!! THE APP FAILED UNBEKNOWINGLY. Now you get fined try to appeal, get know where. Fine lets go to court then... i have a strong case as they havent done their due diligence by checking the app works which they recommend on their notice boards. leeches trying to bully and extort every penny out of you. shame i had to vote with 1 star i hope they go bust, and thats not said lightly in todays economy, but then the owners might get what they deserve, hardship which they bestow on others
Susan Robinson
Susan Robinson: Absolutely disgusting, I have just received a letter saying I owe £170, that needs paying today, just found out my mum will probably pass before Xmas day only to be told not his problem. Rude, ignorant people who need to go on a customer service training course
Nazmeen Ahmed
Nazmeen Ahmed: A sham of a company, I paid for my parking and still got a fine from them. I then appealed the fine WITH proof of my parking payment, clearly showing the date and time and yet they rejected my appeal with no valid grounds after displaying misleading information on their parking notices.The customer service is absolutely appalling as well as their business tactics with mannerless workers interrupting you each time you try to speak.
miss jackson
miss jackson: Absolute con artists!! Two fines and had paid BOTH times for parking. They expect you to keep your ticket weeks and weeks and weeks after being there?? Absolute JOKE!! Paid the first fine of £60 but didn’t even receive the second fine until a letter came through saying I had late payment charges so I ended up with a £170 fine!! Disputed this as didn’t think it was fair receiving a charge when I had not received the original notice! Disputed this and told it still stood. I’m guessing they didn’t even send the first letter at all! I WILL NEVER EVER USE THEIR PARKING AGAIN!! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!
Paula banbury
Paula banbury: Would give no stars if possible. Bullies. Don't use their car parks.
Lithika Ranepura
Lithika Ranepura: Scam!!!!! Ban them £170 stolen from us
Mike Counsell
Mike Counsell: Went to a car park in Derby, given less than 5 minutes to find a space, park, go to the ticket machine, download the app, create account and then pay for parking. Parking was paid for 24 hours and yet only there 1 hour. Fine received, appeal made to be declined by company because we took more than 5 minutes to pay for the parking. Shocking!
adele Clark
adele Clark: Absolutely appalling. That's all I can say . Even when they have made an error, keep banging on more misery with their fines
Ashley Robinson
Ashley Robinson: Waste of time appealing, get the most generic appeal reply, they talked about pay and display in the reply, the car park I got the ticket doesn't even have pay and display, waste of time, complete money grabbing at every opportunity.
Sebastian Szeliga
Sebastian Szeliga: Absolute dishonest scammers, parked in an Iceland Customer car park in Buxton for 17 minutes, and I shopped in Iceland as a customer as it was a customer car park. No staff at Iceland ever mentioned any parking charges and the signs were unclear and misleading as they proclaimed in big bold letters “customer car park”. I have now been forced to pay £170 for parking for 17 minutes in a customer car park after Excel parking sent me multiple threatening letters to take me to court, disgusting lying scammers who threaten honest working people, no support at all from Iceland customer service either. This shouldn’t be legal in the UK. Completely unjustifiable.
J Butler
J Butler: Awful company, rude and unprofessional. Decide to increase your parking charge notice illegally whilst the charge is being investigated by IAS. When discussed with them they just say well “you’ve gotta pay it”. Obviously the staff members there are really well trained in customer service…..
Aaron Hook
Aaron Hook: I can’t believe this company is able to operate. They fined me after I had paid the charge, blaming it on a third party.It is literally theft and they rejected my appeal. Abhorrent company, the true vermin of society. Take all wrongful claims through the independent appeals process and stop the thieves from incorrectly taking your hard earned cash.
Simon Thurston
Simon Thurston: Worst parking company ever
Tuleyb Ysl
Tuleyb Ysl: the machine was not working. Then it was fixed and I paid.
jason roberts
jason roberts: Parked in car park, displayed my disability badge, paid for parking when leaving the car park and just the other day had a fine for £100 for nonpayment of parking??? Appealed!!!
Dave Watson
Dave Watson: I believe in Karma - These people are crooks. Doesn't matter wether you open dispute or not. They'll refuse, Can't reply to their emails. Only open dispute on their Web site. No customer service, hide behind emails etc, no one to talk to (wonder why) threatened if you don't pay with debt collectors.Telephone service is a pay only service.No wonder people are shopping online & all the shops are closing.Don't like threatening letters. Your time will come.Can't believe people especially young girls work for a company like this.
Paul Rutherford
Paul Rutherford: What a company. I would be ashamed and embarrassed to work for a company like this. If I parked and simply did not pay then I would take a fine. This company however have set up a system that makes it (in some situations) impossible to pay. therefore enabling them to fine you as they wish. This means that they can pay their staff so much money that they don't have the time to entertain an adult conversation and simply hang up on you. Karma is coming for you EXCEL racketeering SERVICES.
M Shiyam
M Shiyam: Bunch of thieves. They'll send the letter after 2 weeks of parking. Hoping that you may already throw it out the ticket. This is the second time in 6 months. Make sure to take a picture of your ticket.
Martin: Nasty company, passive aggressive letters and no willingness to be understanding. If I had the time, patience and money to cover if it went south I’d have taken them to a legal court. Will work off no real legal evidence and ignore anything you say to them and drag it out to take you to an appeals service which seems corrupt. My recommendation is to either pay up to avoid the stress of them being grade a a-holes
Anisa Aslam
Anisa Aslam: This is a scammer company don’t fall for the threatening letters they send you! They tried to charge me £170 for exceeding their grace period by 12 minutes because their machine was not working. I appealed their charge and they failed to notify me of my rejection of the appeal. Luckily I used Contester Legal Services to help challenge this charge and they helped me win the case in court! The service Excel Parking provide is so poor communication and unprofessional I will never use their car parks again.
shirin banu malek
shirin banu malek: Nothing new happened to me as everyone else has complained about this thug Company. Same old same paid yet got the penalty ticket. I tried to look for a help even called the Iceland(Ilford branch) where I went for shopping and received the penalty ticket, no help! No wonder when I entered the car park it was empty!! Probably almost every one would have been robbed just like me!
Daniela Folkes
Daniela Folkes: I’ve now had 3 fines from parking in Berkeley Centre, Sheffield. Obviously after the first one I am always really paranoid/ careful to obtain a valid ticket. I pay by phone but on the last occasion a text confirmation didn’t come through so now I have no evidence of having paid and have yet another £100 fine. Really don’t know what’s going on here, it shouldn’t be this complicated.

3. Dr Science Tuition. GCSE Science Specialist. - Sheffield

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3 reviews
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Dr Science Tuition. GCSE Science Specialist.
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Address: 87 Carter Knowle Ave, Sheffield, S11 9FT, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 8 PM ⋅ Opens 10 AM Thu

Telephone: +44 7866 092679

Business type: Private tutor

Dr Science Tuition. GCSE Science Specialist.: what do users think?
Crystals Valeting
Crystals Valeting: Excellent service provide by Dr Rehman. Thanks to him my son has got over 90% in his mock exams. Highly recommend using him.
Umar A
Umar A: Top class tutor. Explains everything clearly.
Isha Mughal
Isha Mughal: Fantastic teacher, simplifies tough topics into easier smaller blocks. Easy to retain the knowledge and applying it when needed. He is efficient in what he does and would highly recommend him if your child needs that extra push.
Salaama Amier
Salaama Amier: Really supportive, helped me improve from a grade 5 to a grade 9 clear easy to understand and accommodates to visual learners and more.
Hulya Bagis
Hulya Bagis: Dr Istiaq has been absolutely brilliant. He truly cares about student success and always goes above and beyond in his teaching. He is thorough and takes measures to support in grasping difficult concepts. He is always supportive and always responds to questions quickly. I would highly recommend.
Nayyer Baig
Nayyer Baig: Ishtiaq is an amazing tutor. My son needed help, as he was weak in his science subjects. Ishtiaq's input helped tremendously. My son found him easy to understand and felt very comfortable asking him to repeat things. Ishtiaq was also very good with keeping me updated with my son's progress. My son achieved higher than expected results. We were very pleased.Thank You Ishtiaq
rizwan majeed
rizwan majeed: Ishtiaq is very knowledgeable and explains and breaks it all down really well, highly recommended
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali: A great tutor and really helped my daughter out.
Beyblade Pro
Beyblade Pro: My son has been taking lessons for over a year. His results have already improved and at the last parents evening the teacher review of my son were really impressive, saying he has real good understanding of is lessons. This is all down to his private tutoring he is receiving. He really enjoys his lessons and finds his school lessons more enjoyable as a result as he understands his work. Grades have improved considerably. Would recommend highly.
Sehrish Majeed
Sehrish Majeed: He's a very good tutor, he helped my daughter, and is now teaching my son. He is very knowledgeable and is very good at explaining the subject to help the student understand.
Aristeia Sales
Aristeia Sales: Dr. Ishtiaq is a brilliant & kind teacher who provides individualised support to help his learners achieve high grades. I feel grateful to have had a teacher like him.
Hassan Qasim
Hassan Qasim: I would highly recommend Ishtiaq, helped me achieve the grades I needed to get into university. Cant thank him enough.
Roger Poole
Roger Poole: A great tutor who is very knowledgeable and capable of explaining complex concepts in a simple, understandable way. My children are benefiting greatly at school from Ishtiaq's GCSE tuition. He comes highly recommended.
Ragnability: Really good tutor, amazing exam question explanations and also teaches you the topics you get stuck on while doing the questions!
Ramzan Idris
Ramzan Idris: Really happy with the tuition my son is receiving. Ishtiaq is very knowledgeable and understands the subjects in depth. My son really enjoys his lessons and feels really comfortable in answering questions and participating in his group discussions. Would definitely recommend.
BRAN kabam
BRAN kabam: good teacher with experience, explanation is clear and isn’t bothered about going back to explain something if it means it betters your understanding. Exam questions useful at the end of the lesson .
AkHJ60: Dr Rehman is very knowledgeable and dedicated teacher, has good communication skills and explain topics holistically , has motivational approach , my Son is happy with his progress.
Danielle Croke
Danielle Croke: Outstanding tutor, very patient and competent. He knows how to motivate his pupils and my daughter has benefited tremendously from the lessons and all the advice given.
Sami Boughaba
Sami Boughaba: Amazing tutor he has helped me over achieve in my GCSE's with grade A's. I would really recommend him to everyone. Thank you
harisa hussain
harisa hussain: Great tutor really breaks stuff down into detailAnd explains in great depth
a hamid
a hamid: A superb tutor with detailed subject knowledge of Chemistry, Biology and Physics. Dr Rehman, also, has the ability to communicate complex ideas very clearly and this clearly has motivated my child to excel in her GCSEs.

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