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1. Escape Sheffield - Sheffield

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Escape Sheffield
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Address: 33 High St, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 2GA, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10 AM

Telephone: +44 7949 806442

Business type: Escape room center

Escape Sheffield: what do users think?
Andrew Gillespie
Andrew Gillespie: Brilliant experience, well designed rooms and very friendly staff
Cameron Swann
Cameron Swann: I booked an escape room for my birthday weekend and accidentally booked the wrong day (I’m dyslexic and clearly misread). I arrived on the Saturday at the time stated with my friends as a birthday trip to be told I’d accidentally booked for the Sunday. From there I was refused a refund despite being 24 hours notice and having paid £102. I appreciate this was my mistake but being £102 down with no slight refund the day before my birthday is disgusting! Won’t be visiting again.
Becky: Good fun! We did the contagion one
Mary Brown
Mary Brown: did the Taken room- was challenging but great fun! Dylan was absolutely excellent as a host, helpful and funny and really made our experience so much better. thank you Dylan! x
Quiche: Have played 2 rooms here and looking forward to our next visit.!
Hayley Anne McCready
Hayley Anne McCready: Well themed Escape Rooms with a fun variety of puzzles
Martyn Marshall
Martyn Marshall: Brilliant place, all the staff (Sandeep) was very helpful and knowledgeable. Escape rooms are very well thought up and genuinely brilliant. Would highly recommended it anyone. Coming back soon!
Taylor Wilcox
Taylor Wilcox: Submerged with two groups was brill.
Simon Kirkham
Simon Kirkham: Spent a great time with the team at escape rooms really enjoyed the "experience" and we got out within the hour. Really good fun recommend it for group of 4 or 5 to "fill" a room . I think they had five rooms so different experiences depending on which you choose but all will tax your mind
Jodie Porter
Jodie Porter: Brilliant escape room!! Hannah looked after us very well both at the bar and during the experience
B Herring
B Herring: I have done many escape rooms and this one (witchcraft and wizardary) is definitely up there with one of the best I have done. It had so many locks, which I loved. It was very well set up and decorated overall, very authentic. Kirsty our host/game master was lovely. She was very friendly and welcoming. Definitely recommend, it is so much fun.
B23: An amazing evening! I did the Harry Potter escape room and had a blast! Our host Chloe was brilliant, so nice and helpful, she definitely helped make the experience so fab. We had so much fun and found the puzzles so intricate and cool. Would reccomend this to anyone!!!
Glen Simmonds
Glen Simmonds: Really enjoyed this experience the staff were great and with a couple of clues we managed to escape ,will go again and try the sherlock room..
littlechewise X
littlechewise X: Awful place went with my two friends two days ago and it was a horrible experience, lady was unkind and rude and never gave us our clues on time causing us a delay in the next clue, was very unprepared (the tv kept switching off). For an hour asking £22 is completely unnecessary. If were giving you that much the least you could give us id human decency and treat us with kindness not “this is the hardest room you’ve picked.”Never arriving here again. What a waste of my time
Julie Gilbey
Julie Gilbey: Did the 221B Baker Street with my 2 kids (27 & 20). Thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm not the most logical person but I solved 2 of the codes and was well proud of myself!Definitely go again.
Matt Walker
Matt Walker: Loved it. We did the Baker Street, can't wait to go back for another one.
Erica Broadhurst
Erica Broadhurst: Such a fun experience. Went for my birthday and even with a party of 2 we had a great time. I'd definitely recommend that you enjoy the company of the person you're going with and that you have a toilet break before you go in.A little pricey but worth it for the fun. The game master was lovely and supportive as it was our first room. She made the story very fun and was very helpful when we were stuck. Definitely recommend and I will be going back soon to have a cracking at the spookier rooms.
Ell Ward
Ell Ward: Did the witchcraft escape room as a couple. I would only recommend this room if you had more than two in your party. The puzzles were more of finding random things around the room than actual linked clues. I wish the clues were better put together.
janet haslam
janet haslam: Had a fab time here on my daughter's Hen party. It was my first time in an escape room. Staff were really helpful. I enjoyed the whole experience. Fab time and will be going back with colleagues.
aimsey: i went here for my birthday !! we all loved it and the people giving us clues were very helpful and went along with our jokes :)shoutout to chloe (god) 😈
ellie fox
ellie fox: Really fun, lovely staff.

2. Crack The Code Escape Rooms Sheffield - Sheffield

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113 reviews
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Crack The Code Escape Rooms Sheffield
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Address: Carver House, Carver St, Sheffield S1 4FS, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30 AM

Telephone: +44 7444 165714

Business type: Escape room center

Crack The Code Escape Rooms Sheffield: what do users think?
Rich Smith
Rich Smith: Amazing escape rooms! Booked two rooms for a works outing and was a great experience - even for those doing one for the first time.Rooms themselves are the classic style with a story, clues and padlocks (no interactive bits). Fun, simple, and best price per person in Sheffield.
sals abdel
sals abdel: Such A a great Escape Room🤩🤩Had lots of fun the rooms were really well planned. The staff were so kind and welcoming. Really looking forward to trying the other rooms🤩
Sam Pemberton
Sam Pemberton: Great escape room, really enjoyable and lovely staff
Niayesh Amiri
Niayesh Amiri: Great escape room! Tried out all three rooms, managed to escape two with lots of fun. The rooms weren’t too hard or too easy, just right. The staff were lovely people especially the pretty hijabi girl that served us :)
Anish Partab
Anish Partab: Probably the best escape room in the whole of sheffield!!
Oscar Rayner
Oscar Rayner: We had 6 people and had a great time
Jessica Muff
Jessica Muff: We came for a hen do and each one of us loved it. The games were well thought out and kept us throughly entertained. Staff were extremely helpful and Jack and Dylan on the day were fantastic. Would definitely recommend!
Leah Norton
Leah Norton: Amazing escape room, we did apartment 9 with 5 people and loved it!! Wasn't too easy or too hard the member of staff was so so lovely and we had so much fun!! We will definitely be back to try another room!
Chris Godfrey-Cook
Chris Godfrey-Cook: We had the pleasure of doing all 3 rooms yesterday and loved it. Nice level of difficulty and variety of puzzles. The staff that day was lovely. Very welcoming and helpful without giving too many hints. Definitely recommend.
Alexandra Copley
Alexandra Copley: First time visit, absolutely great time and good laugh. Staff were fab
Amanda Pink
Amanda Pink: We took our daughter for her 11th birthday along with 4 of her friends ranging from ages 9 to 11. We had a fantastic experience and found that we all were able to participate in the tasks and clues. The 2 lovely ladies that were looking after the reception area were so helpful and kind and interacted with the kids on arrival. They explained what we had to do and gave hints along the way when needed. The price for 6 of us was excellent value for money. Overall a fab day out that we all enjoyed and something different for us all to experience. Thank you so much to the team there, we will definitely be back very soon to try out a different room! X
Craig Watson
Craig Watson: Had a complication with a booking because we were unable to attend due to getting COVID, was settled really quickly and refunded. Can't wait to check this place out when we are all clear!
Claire Hill
Claire Hill: Can highly recommend.First time experience of escape room. 3 adults in the Shawshank roomStaff very attentive, and gave nudges when required.
Jo Wellington
Jo Wellington: Absolutely brilliant, first time visiting an escape room and we loved it. So so clever how everything is thought out with different riddles and clues, just loved it. Would highly recommend. Will was lovely as well and explained everything thoroughly xx
Neil Heffernan
Neil Heffernan: Great fun
Henry Wood
Henry Wood: Immersive experience, with a broad range of challenges and stimulating puzzles. The pace of the escape room is excellent, providing a fun and engaging occasion. A charming host/receptionist, Geno if I remember correctly.
James Kellett
James Kellett: Had a fab time, went through it with the uni house and it was good a good challenge.
Mally Hague
Mally Hague: Amazing experience here to celebrate a 13th birthday, really lovely staff and the teens 13 and 14 had a really good time they didn't quite make it though! Will definitely go back! Thankyou so much 😁
Alannah Greenan
Alannah Greenan: Really great escape rooms, our gamesmaster Amber was very friendly and accommodating. The puzzles were great fun and very creative! I'd definitely recommend.
Lova Chechik
Lova Chechik: Great escape room, we really enjoyed ourselves! The guide was very professional and helpful
Claudia von Bastian
Claudia von Bastian: We had a fantastic time at Crack the Code for a team outing (adults ranging in age from twenties to forties)! We did Apartment 9 and had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the well thought-out puzzles. The challenge level was just perfect for us. The clues were excellent and really helped to get out of some dead ends that we managed to get caught up in. We didn't make it out in time (SO close!), but we still felt very happy and satisfied, and thoroughly enjoyed it! Can only recommend!

3. The Great Escape Game Sheffield - Sheffield

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872 reviews
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The Great Escape Game Sheffield
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Address: St. James House, Vicar Ln, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 2EX, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 PM

Telephone: +44 330 088 3032

Business type: Escape room center

The Great Escape Game Sheffield: what do users think?
Victoria Keith (Bewbicorn)
Victoria Keith (Bewbicorn): Escaped submerged, best escape room I've done to date. Thanks to Jude for being super friendly
Jackgrayson25 !
Jackgrayson25 !: Submerged was great but not as good as Jude
Cookie: Jude, you ledge, cheers. Maria you too. We escaped submerged with 11 minutes to spare, thanks for a blastB o s h
Aezilia (Aezi)
Aezilia (Aezi): J-U-D-E (and Maria) very good games masters. bosh.
Keaton Hamer (Rayquaza384fan)
Keaton Hamer (Rayquaza384fan): Great experience. The host, Jude was excellent and clear when giving directions.
ELAINE KABUCHO KIBIRIGE: Jude was brilliant!!
Erin Tonkiss
Erin Tonkiss: Jude was amazinggg
Leila Snape
Leila Snape: Jude was very friendly and welcoming!
Ayisha Howsam
Ayisha Howsam: Played No Hope In Hell & really enjoyed it! Was taken care of by Marija, who tried her best to save us from the depths of hell but couldn't!
Martin Eddleston
Martin Eddleston: Amazing bar staff thanks Beth made it a excellent experience not to for get
Ben Garnham
Ben Garnham: Excellent escape room
Colt Simpson
Colt Simpson: Liam was awesome and made the whole experience fun and enjoyable
Terry Lee
Terry Lee: Great first escape room experience! Manhandled, abused & restrained!! Great work by Beth :))
Xin Yi Seah
Xin Yi Seah: A great adrenaline rush , Beth was a star!!!! Greattt experienceeee , greatt funn
Jonathan Ang
Jonathan Ang: Beth slapped and taped me up real good. Amazing experience for abducted!!!
Zhi Xuan Samantha Choo
Zhi Xuan Samantha Choo: Beth was lovely and gave us a great experience
KaYiee Cheah
KaYiee Cheah: Beth was great at taking us through this experience ! Highly recommend
Harriet Frankham
Harriet Frankham: had an absolutely fab time doing run, beth was an amazing host and made the experience super fun, will definitely be back
James Farmery
James Farmery: (Run) Fun spooky puzzle very much enjoyed, thankfully no actual running necessary - Beth
Dave Salmon
Dave Salmon: Wow wow wow. 59.44mins. Who said the Devil couldn't be beaten. Beth our advisor was as good as the game. Absolutely no way we could of finished without her help. Can not recommend highly enough.
Lydia: We had a great time here! Liam did a top job of organising us all and explaining the games, made it run smoothly, and gave us helpful clues! Broad Lane is a good parking option ten minutes walk away down the hill, plenty of spaces. Thanks!

4. Cryptology Escape Rooms Sheffield - Sheffield

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83 reviews
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Cryptology Escape Rooms Sheffield
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Address: Access from, 141 West Street, Westhill Ln, Eldon St, Sheffield S1 4EW, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10 AM

Telephone: +44 114 483 0052

Business type: Escape room center

Cryptology Escape Rooms Sheffield: what do users think?
Paul I Crew
Paul I Crew: Brilliant escape room. Really enjoyed it! Definitely recommend it!!
Ishita Chatterjee
Ishita Chatterjee: Hadn't been to this one before. We played the murder mystery one. It was quite an experience. This establishment have all escape rooms which are non scary. Most rooms are well lit.
Amy W
Amy W: We had a great time solving the First Contact room! Really fun puzzles and different to the other rooms we've done before. DEAN (a.k.a Jonathan) was a great host - we particularly loved the magic microwave!
Keelie Walker
Keelie Walker: Had such great fun!The staff were lovely and welcoming, helped us towards the end, and even let us finish 3 minutes over our hour because we were so close.Our party loved it, a great way to celebrate a birthday!100% recommend, and we will definitely return.
Drew M
Drew M: As someone who's done 50+ escape rooms, we often struggle with finding rooms that are either too easy, too needlessly complex or too cliche so it was nice to find some good puzzles that were fairly fresh. We'll go again
Michelle Leedham
Michelle Leedham: Brilliant. Went with family, just 3 of us. Did the Hugh Dunnitt mystery and I think we expected it to be easier than it was. We were all glad it wasn't so easy. We all enjoyed it and will definitely go back. Thanks Eve
Nathan Dennis
Nathan Dennis: Clever extensive space room and cheerful staff
Steve Davis
Steve Davis: First time in an escape room & Loved it. Great Host Made it even better. 👍
Maria Hall
Maria Hall: Really good fun and challenging
Charles Filby-Lowe (ChazFest)
Charles Filby-Lowe (ChazFest): All 4 of us had a great time here.The room was challenging enough but we made it out, with no clues and it felt like a real achievement.The staff member on was very good.The place itself was easy to find, very near to local amenities for afterwards and we will be back for more.
Stephen Booth
Stephen Booth: Absolutely loved it,highly recommended.
Deborah Booth
Deborah Booth: My hubby bought this experience for my birthday. A great choice 😁Absolutely brilliant, we did the Hugh Dunnit experience and solved it. The murderer was..... .not one of us. The guys working there are fab, very welcoming and friendly,funny and informative. The set up is well laid out and the game really makes you think. We'll definitely be going again. Big 5 stars from us three.
Hanna Mcloughlin
Hanna Mcloughlin: Great place, staff were really friendly would 100% recommend to others.
Supa Dill
Supa Dill: Great fun really well organised and run. If you have an hour to kill this is a blast
Amy Irons-Szocs
Amy Irons-Szocs: Eve was a fantastic gamesmaster. Had an amazing time!
Baelfire1: Staff were great and so was the escape room. Great blend if theming and puzzles, highly recommend!
Hannah Goodwin
Hannah Goodwin: Had a great time at Cryptology. We did “who done it” murder mystery and it was fantastic! Jonathan was our guide, he was extremely helpful, funny and cheerful and made the experience 10/10. Thank you! Alex & Hannah
Peter Ryan
Peter Ryan: I did an escapee room (Hugh Dunnit) with my wife for her birthday. It was awesome, neither of us had done one before, and it was a lovey balance of challenging without being annoying, and fun and funny. Jonathan the host was also a really nice chap. Strongly recommend!
Helen Wilkinson
Helen Wilkinson: Took my 14 year old daughter and her friends to do the murder mystery room and they loved it! The staff were really friendly and even though the girls were a bit nervous to begin with they put them at ease and they all came out loving it. I felt completely at ease leaving them there to puzzle it out. Thank you to everyone for making her birthday one to remember.
Gertjan Koolen
Gertjan Koolen: This was our first escape room, but Hugh Dunnit was great to play and much fun! We had a good time.
Rob Needham
Rob Needham: We took 12 kids for my daughter 12th birthday and they all absolutely loved it. The youngest children were 9 years old and thoroughly enjoy the experience. Joe and Eve were excellent with all the children and help them both be able to complete the challenges (we had 2 rooms). Fantastic experience, highly recommend.

5. The Lockup Escape Rooms - Sheffield

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140 reviews
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The Lockup Escape Rooms
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Address: 2nd Floor, 4 London Rd, Highfield, Sheffield S2 4LN, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10 AM

Telephone: +44 7725 267479

Business type: Escape room center

The Lockup Escape Rooms: what do users think?
Grace O
Grace O: Did Meltdown for my birthday in February with friends. It was fun and challenging! Hovis (the dog) and Liam were great hosts.
chloe sayers
chloe sayers: Really good experience and the staff are amazing (especially the little corgi) would definitely come again! Could tell he put a lot of effort into his rooms and really cared about the experience :)
Simon Marshall
Simon Marshall: so well thought out, really kind host, dynamic and engaging room and great value for money!
Kayleigh Thomas
Kayleigh Thomas: We did the nuclear meltdown room and it was great!There was lots of great clues to figure out, and the quality of the room and the things in it was top notch. A great, well looked after, escape room with fantastic attention to detail. 💯Also, Hovis, the Customer Services Representative, made sure we were well looked after throughout.Thanks! 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟
Natalie: Loved it! Great nuclear meltdown game - challenging and creative. Looking forward to doing the others!
Amala Anyika
Amala Anyika: Had a great time in the Meltdown escape room. There were lots of different types of puzzles/experiments to solve, which I hadn't seen before. Difficult, but in a good way. And we actually managed to escaped 😅
Nic R
Nic R: Loved it! Had an amazing time. The puzzle was just the right amount of challenging and there were some really interesting elements I hadn’t seen before. Would recommend!
Claire Barlow
Claire Barlow: We tried the mutiny escape room and had a great time! It was challenging but not entirely impossible! We loved the clues and all the props. Highly recommend
Christian Briddon
Christian Briddon: My daughter and I did the Nuclear Meltdown room and really enjoyed it. The way simple science experiments are integrated into the narrative is brilliant. Staff were also really friendly. Recommended.
D B: Excellent escape room! The theme and puzzles of the 'Meltdown' room were really fun, thought-out, and creative - had us digging out our GCSE science! 10/10 would play again. Liam was v friendly and helpful. Hovis was a bonus 🐶.
Yean Chooi
Yean Chooi: Best escape room experience I've ever had! The mastermind behind the room we tackled, Liam, clearly loves his job and it shows in the detail he packs into all the puzzles. Every bit of it was imagined, designed and made by him so having him on the other end of the walkie-talkies was perfect- he only dropped just enough of a clue to unstick us without giving away the entire solution. Definitely worth a visit
Adam Bravery
Adam Bravery: The Lockup is a good venue with a passionate owner (Liam) and very reasonable prices. We played Mutiny which was unique and had some good ideas. I think the concept was excellent but it's execution could have been better - but I've played a lot of escape rooms and can be quite critical. I think new players would have fun at this venue, perhaps in one of their easier games as Mutiny was quite tricky. Liam clearly puts a lot of effort into his games and was very friendly too - thanks for having us.
James Taylor
James Taylor: We did the Mutiny escape room and everyone agreed it was excellent. The owner was extremely welcoming and clearly very passionate about the experience which showed with the creative room layout. I'm definitely planning on visiting again shortly to do one of the other rooms!
Ingrid Jolley
Ingrid Jolley: Fantastic experience for very excited 13 year olds. The chap that runs the place is absolutely lovely. Much fun was had by all!
Emma Macedo
Emma Macedo: My friend and I played Meltdown here in October 2021. A room that was not to difficult for a team of 2 with a few really unique puzzles I've not seen in other games before and I've played a few now. Yes, there are science experiments involved but don't let this put you off if you're not too into science! We completed the game in 54 minutes and spent ages chatting to the friendly host/owner after our game (including stroking the most adorable Corgi who also resides here!)
Carolyne Pike
Carolyne Pike: We did deep space brig this afternoon and it was excellent. The room itself was brilliantly set out with some unique and innovative puzzles. The owner was there to welcome us and it was really evident, both in the room and chatting afterwards, that there is a real passion and enthusiasm for these escape rooms. Proper hidden gem if Sheffield and cannot rate highly enough. Looking forward to our next trip to try some of the other rooms. Big double thumbs up from Team Squad.
Joe: TLDR: Lockup Escape Rooms is a hidden gem in Sheffield, highly highly recommend their 'mutiny' room, staff were passionate, friendly and incredibly helpful, pricing extremely reasonable (even for a student).Went yesterday with a few friends and did Mutiny, the pirate themed room. Was by far the best escape room I have ever done, completely in a class of it's own compared to the others I have experienced both in Sheffield and abroad.Whilst most escape rooms throw a wall of random information at you and demand you organise the pieces in order to escape, Mutiny layered it's puzzles in such a way that each was distinguishable and uniquely rewarding (i.e. you don't have to worry about a puzzle you can see in on the far side of the room when you are concerned with being handcuffed to the wall), and it was always clear in which direction you had to move next.The puzzle designs themselves were ingenious, each time we met a new challenge and realised what it wanted we said "damn, that is so cool". This only got better as we progressed through the room.Our game master (I already forgot his name, whoops!) was also the best I have had. Super friendly and REALLY knew his stuff. He designed the entire room himself, and so could adapt every little piece of information he gave you about the room to fit your capabilities. This also meant his clues were perfect, never spoiling anything, merely guiding us back in the right direction if we strayed too far away from what we were supposed to be doing. He was super passionate about the room and it was a joy to discuss the puzzles with him after.Overall the only criticisms I could give were extremely minor design points for the room, which I only have because I enjoyed the room so much I would love to see what more it could be capable of.Will definitely be returning to The Lockup, and can highly recommend it for others. Whilst not the most well known in Sheffield at the moment, I suspect this will drastically change as more and more people experience the rooms it has to offer.
Alan S
Alan S: Went with a group comprised mostly of people who hadn't done escape rooms before. Liam was very accommodating and the room itself was fun & challenging (meltdown).
Ben Hurt
Ben Hurt: Great experience, friendly owners and a cute Corgie called Hovis what more could you ask for.
Heather Goodall
Heather Goodall: Liam and Hovis were very welcoming, we did Meltdown and really enjoyed it, really good puzzles, would definitely recommend!
Elle Hill
Elle Hill: Fantastic fun! Great host, will be back

6. Escape Reality VR - Sheffield

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5 reviews
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Escape Reality VR
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Address: 2-4 Bank St, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 2DS, United Kingdom

Schedule: Temporarily closed

Telephone: +44 114 272 1400

Business type: Escape room center

Escape Reality VR: what do users think?
Jo Rowley
Jo Rowley: We booked via Groupon and called several times to make z booking but nobody answered the phone. We decided to go to the premises. It was closed and looks closed down despite the opening times saying it was busy on Google. Am trying to get refund from Groupon.
Sabrina Laycock
Sabrina Laycock: Called the day before the experience I’d planned for my husbands 40th birthday to say software has failed. Asked for refund but still not received. This was 22/09/22. I’ve emailed twice and no response.
Karl Taylor
Karl Taylor: Booked here early august but as we were travelling there we got a message to say their system had crashed and we couldn’t play, was told we would get a refund and a voucher for the inconvenience, unfortunately I have received neither
charlotte Malin
charlotte Malin: Lovely chaps but very disappointed. Smelt, seemed shabby over priced for what it is, can do at home with VR set for free. Wouldn’t recommend.

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