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Laptop Specialists
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Address: 182 Walkley Cres Rd, Sheffield, S6 5BB, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 9:30 AM

Telephone: +44 114 698 3030

Business type: Computer repair service

Laptop Specialists: what do users think?
Stephen Ashford
Stephen Ashford: Adam and laptop Specialists found a workable solution to a repair problem nobody else I approached was able to get their head around. And then found another even simpler solution and offered that after I had already ok'd the first. I had the laptop back the next day and it works perfectly. Don't waste your time, just go straight to them for an opinion that you can 100% trust and fast and efficient work. In summary, Laptop Specialists were open, friendly, capable, fast and honest. Hard to find nowadays. Communication was also prompt. I highly recommend Adam and Laptop Specialists to anyone.
Katrina: Excellent service from Adam. Issue with a gaming PC diagnosed and resolved. Seen straight away. Good communication. Very reasonable price.
Stas: I recently had a problem with my motherboard on a PC where the cpu pins had bent on the board. When i tried to look for a new place near me i couldn’t find anything apart from a few component shops and laptop specialists. Seeing as i didn’t really have a choice as my motherboard couldn’t be sent back for a refund, i emailed and was wondering if they would offer me a repair and Adam (who was the guy who repaired my board) said he would put it under the scope and try bending the pins back.After sending the motherboard over I received a call that the worst outcome had happened and the pin on the cpu input had snapped off as it was bent really far back and was most likely not going to stay on if moved. Afterwards i came back for it with the other components of the PC as there was a 50/50 chance that the CPU pin that was broken was unnecessary.I then received an email over the weekend and turns out it was and the motherboard wouldn’t recognise the CPU and when i thought the worse and it couldn’t be fixed I read further into the email and turns out that Adam had tried soldering a small wire in replacement for the broken CPU pin and IT WORKED!Used it for a couple of days later and it works perfectly. I highly recommend this place to anyone and really appreciate all of Adam’s work!!
Alison Boyce
Alison Boyce: Very pleased with the service, as well as technical ability to repair and reuse my laptop Adam went above and beyond to help me re-establish access to my software which I would have been floundering with otherwise
Phil Grant
Phil Grant: We have a Lenovo desktop that we paid 450 pounds for 16 months ago. It stopped working when it was doing a Windows update. We contacted the large retailer with little success.Laptop specialists were happy to have a look and they explained it was a small memory error that needed replacing.The service was first class and they included the empty box that the spare part was delivered in (15 pounds)They cleaned and serviced the desktop within a few days and now we are back working.This was a very good experience because we do not like to send things to landfill when it can be fixed.The invoice price was very reasonable and we would not hesitate to recommend them to people with computer problems.Stephen and Philip
Christine Beevers
Christine Beevers: This is the second time I have used Laptop Specialist and once again received 5 star service. Adam could not have been more helpful in dealing with an emergency tech problem. He explains the problem and solutions clearly - so necessary for us less knowledgeable mortals.Excellent value for money for an excellent service. Mnay thanks.
Maria Ramsey
Maria Ramsey: The service at Laptop Specialists was exceptional. I first phoned them to see if they could retrieve some important data from my ancient USB stick. I was greeted with courtesy and a reassurance that everything would be OK. I sent the stick in the post and by 10:00am the following morning I had a quotation for the work. I accepted this and the work was completed by 13:00. I will definitely use this company again, they were brilliant!
Sean Poyser
Sean Poyser: Can't praise Adam and Laptop Specialists enough.I'd blown the backlight fuse in my Lenovo Thinkpad X1 (my fault - I replaced screen without disconnecting battery).Getting hold of Lenovo to arrange a repair turned out to be impossible.But Laptop Specialists came to the rescue, a quick phone call to them, then booked in through the website. Laptop was with them the following day AND fixed. Adam even sent me a video of him fixing it!£72.50 for 24 hour shipping in both directions and a very technical motherboard repair! Can't say fairer than that, dread to think what Lenovo would have charged.I would definitely use Laptop Specialists again should I need to, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone I know.
Sam Howard
Sam Howard: Really great customer service from the laptop specialists. My partner had a broken screen on her laptop, which turned out to be a trickier fix than first thought. However, all our needs were dealt with in a swift and professional manner and I will definitely be going back in the future if any laptop work needs doing. 100% recommended.
rosemary adams
rosemary adams: Adam fixed my hp laptop with a new motherboard. It had been to two previous repairers, who stated that they had fixed the problem. Both times it would not boot up and both times the repairers said they had definitely fixed the problem, the last one stating that if it stopped working again then it was not repairable.Adam was my last hope. I found him to be very amenable, nothing was too much trouble. Thank you very much Adam for a very positive experience.
Pete: After spilling red wine onto my beloved (expensive) laptop, I was in a panic to find someone to fix it. I found the Laptop Specialists on line due to the good reviews and being local. And now I have it back all fixed and looking like new again. The turn around time was fantastic as it was Xmas/New Year. I found Adam very knowable, friendly, reassuring and an excellent computer engineer. I would not hesitate to use his business again and would highly recommend him to anyone.
Josie Morton
Josie Morton: Got my battery changed for a great price and was super quick!
neal evans
neal evans: Replaced my mother board. Such a good crew to deal with. Sensible and honest. Got my laptop back!!!
Gary Bagshaw
Gary Bagshaw: Fixed my PS4 motherboard when others told me it was scrap.Fast turnaround and great prices.Top bloke will defo use for all my electronic repairs.
Rafael Abrahams
Rafael Abrahams: Really good service, great communication all the way through the process, got my laptop back in a couple hours and was a lot cheaper than I expected.
Collette: I had a broken laptop that was fixed within 2 hours and at a low price. Adam was lovely too. One very happy customer ☺️
Kaira Brockette
Kaira Brockette: Wow thank you so much! I had an issue with my HP laptop, sent a message for a quote and got a call back immediately. Extremely helpful, lovely man talked me through my issue and I fixed my laptop myself! I Unscrewed the bottom bit and fixed a fallen out harddrive (I think).Highly recommended and super friendly, ( and didn't make me feel like a tech dummy 😂)
Martyn Day
Martyn Day: Sent my laptop to this shop after reading the reviews and hoping for the best, turned out the motherboard was dead and the only option was for a replacement which I decided not to do at the time, happy to pay the £47.50 fee as it included collection and delivery for them checking it out, week or so after getting the laptop back decided to take it apart myself since it was broken and have a look inside (i was intrigued, who wouldn't be) turns out I was quoted for a completely wrong motherboard that would not have fitted, and then wondered if they actually looked inside, I emailed stating I opened it up and the codes were different than what was quoted in the original invoice and asked for a quote for this motherboard or if it could be fixed since it was a different motherboard than they thought, and received no reply. This has been around 2 months, so they've had plenty of time, Feels like I wasted £47.50, and I would highly recommend people to avoid this and send their laptop elsewhere.
Jane Bates
Jane Bates: excellent service and support. took a few days to get the part (as advised) but laptop back in great shape. thanks!
MD Romjan Howlader (SweetBoyRaka)
MD Romjan Howlader (SweetBoyRaka): Nice service 🙂
Rudolf Reih
Rudolf Reih: After a long Internet search to find a repairer for my HONOR MagicBook 16 laptop (it has suffered from water damage), I found Laptop Specialists in Sheffield. Superb, fast and friendly service from highly knowledgeable experts. Good service and fair prices - what more could you want?10 stars out of 5!!

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