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1. The Pilates Studio - City of Peterborough

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The Pilates Studio
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Address: Vitas Business Centre, 4 Dodson Way, Boongate, Peterborough PE1 5XG, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 7732 632671

Business type: Physical fitness program

The Pilates Studio: what do users think?
hankthealmighty: Robbie is the best instructor I have been too, the most knowledgeable and profesional not just in pilates, but in all health and active recovery.
Mary Philp
Mary Philp: Having physio treatment, very good

2. Breathe in Pilates - City of Peterborough

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Breathe in Pilates
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Address: Arundel Rd, Peterborough, PE4 6JQ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed

Telephone: +44 7941 537540

Business type: Pilates studio

Breathe in Pilates: what do users think?
Trina: Lisa-Marie is an enthusiastic, supportive and friendly teacherI have become obsessed with Pilates due to herI suffer with chronic pain/hidden disabilities and was worried that I would not be able to participate, but it has helped enormously both physically and mentallyHaving that 60 minutes of ‘you’ time is so importantAbsolutely recommend
Susan: Lisa is excellent, great classes 👍👍
Anna Patterson
Anna Patterson: Brilliant taster session! Very informative session which was personalised to my specific needs. Enjoyed all the exercises which were made easier by Lisa's clear communication. Very happy with my exercise plan & looking forward to the sessions ahead! :)
Neha Roy
Neha Roy: Lisa-Marie is brilliant, I wish I had found her earlier. I had 2 back ops and was recommended to do pilates by my consultant. I started 1:1 training with Lisa-Marie and it has been great! She is helping me get my back stronger and makes me think about how I do my daily things which I never used to before. She shows a lot of care and passion. Hopefully, with her help I will be able to do things that I can't do at the moment when my back gets stronger. She makes me feel positive about things, which is what I needed.
Katie Marshall
Katie Marshall: I wish I'd found Lisa sooner. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable but she's been so supportive and motivating in getting me to reach my goals. My body no longer hurts! I've also been able to embed what Lisa has taught me into my every day life. Literally changed my life. Thank you 🙏
Joanna Higton
Joanna Higton: My lower back issues were holding me back from sport and everyday activities for fear of sending my back into spasm. I have been seeing Lisa-Marie for one to one sessions for the past few months and not only does my body feel much stronger but my whole relationship with my body has changed beyond recognition. I am no longer afraid to carry out activities that I would previously have steered clear from. With such a sedentary job, Lisa has reset my whole mindset and regularly moving is now st the forefront of my mind. Above all it’s an absolute pleasure doing my one to one sessions - Lisa is so patient caring and brilliant at what she does
Uzuriuk: So glad to be back with Lisa-Maire in her lovely new studio. She is an amazing, friendly, knowledgeable teacher, and I have really missed her 1:1 classes. She has great equipment and is always on hand to help you no matter your fitness levels/goals. I won't be leaving it so long again, as I really feel the difference in myself after one session.
Carla Walker
Carla Walker: Lisa-Marie is a great Pilates instructor. The classes are enjoyable and you always feel like you have worked out and feel so much better after a class. With an injury, the classes were tailored to me which makes is so much easier to train when concerned about an injury in a group class. I highly recommend classes with Lisa-Marie.
Dr Anne Devlin
Dr Anne Devlin: I had treatment for uterine cancer in 2014 but this reoccurred in 2017 and spread to my lung. Further surgery followed and I have taken daily oral chemotherapy drugs since. This has been successful so far, thankfully, and I have been in remission for the last 4 years. However, joint pain is one of the side effects of these drugs alongside general fatigue, and by the summer 2020, I was finding everyday movements such as getting out of a chair or getting up off the floor increasingly difficult. Although only in my early 60’s, I was very stiff and generally felt my overall fitness had deteriorated, and as I am the full-time carer for my disabled husband this made many everyday activities difficult for both of us.I had read accounts of Pilates helping address the difficulties I was having by improving core strength, overall fitness and flexibility but was nervous of trying this new activity at my age and given my ‘not great’ level of current fitness. Lisa-Marie’s warm and encouraging response to my first e-mail helped me overcome initial nerves and I began a series of 1 to 1 sessions.Working with Lisa-Marie has been an excellent experience in every way. She is incredibly enthusiastic and knowledgeable about Pilates and clearly enjoys welcoming newcomers into the Pilates community. She is warm and encouraging, taking time to answer my questions and explain Pilate’s principles and techniques to me. Weekly sessions are well planned and her systematic approach makes me feel I am acquiring a firm foundation in classical Pilates practice while seeing progress each week. Stretch and challenge are introduced into sessions incrementally. Most importantly, sessions are flexible enough to meet my individual needs, e.g. after several weeks of working with Lisa-Marie; I discovered I had osteopenia, another side effect of the anti-cancer drugs I am taking. This condition prevents me from doing certain sorts of exercise, as there may be a risk of fractures. Lisa-Marie’s incredible expertise was apparent as she immediately adapted my programme to continue Pilates safely. She is a skilled teacher offering honest appraisal of my progress and celebrating my improvements.One of the many great things about Pilates is how easy it is to practice at home between sessions without the need for expensive or specialist equipment. The physical benefits of working with Lisa-Marie include being less stiff, improved posture and a feeling of overall improving core fitness. A second important benefit is that of actively combating the potential problems of osteopenia. The bone-loading exercises and exercises to improve muscle strength and balance are sound strategies for preventing deterioration in my condition. Equally important is the sense of mental well-being I feel in having some control in managing this health issue.I am going to say a word here about the benefits of Pilates for me as a carer because I was not really expecting this. As many of us know first-hand, caring full-time can be physically demanding and stressful. I have found Pilates is improving my strength and flexibility in ways that really assist me with the physical demands of caring. My weekly Pilates session and practice time at home require mental focus making them very good ‘me-time’. Most carers will recognise the need for some space for themselves on a regular basis but this is not always easy to find. Pilates is so flexible that I practice for 10 minutes if that’s all I have or can have a thorough 45 minutes mat-based session at home that always leaves me feeling good.Having said all of the above, the best result I have from working with Lisa-Marie is that I really enjoy Pilates. She has introduced me to and taught me the foundations of a new regimen, which engenders in me a sense of physical and mental well-being. Thanks Lisa-Marie for being an inspiring mentor and teacher.
Lucy Malcolm
Lucy Malcolm: Lisa-Marie is a very dedicated teacher who makes Pilates accessible for anyone. She is friendly and helpful and is very approachable if you have questions. She has adapted brilliantly to the current situation with regards to Covid-19 and her online teaching is excellent. I'd thoroughly recommend anyone who is thinking of trying Pilates to give Breathe in Pilates a go!
Catherine Holland
Catherine Holland: My situation before working with Lisa-Marie was Poor posture and lower back ache which are long term issues for me. I Needed some 1:1 input after a year of Zoom Pilates. The process working with Lisa-Marie has been extremely positive. she is very professional, patient, knowledgeable and the sessions are relaxed and fun. It is helping me get back on track and giving me practical, achievable things to focus on.
The Daltons
The Daltons: Such a good thing to be able to continue with pilates, online is as effective as in the studio and enjoyable . Lisa Marie can see us all and use her expertise to make sure we all stay safe and have a great experience .
messec 2012
messec 2012: Before working with Lisa-Marie I suffered sleepless nights caused by backache. A totally unfit and somewhat overweight 66 year old. Stiff and achy in my joints. Very enjoyable and surprisingly effective. I have been impressed by her comprehensive understanding of the physiology and her effective knowledge of how to apply Pilates to achieve the desired result. Her pleasant disposition and relaxed approach make it easy to work with and learn from. From working with Lisa-Marie I have taken away a range of exercises that when applied relieve the back pain with which I have suffered for many years. If I take a break and the pain returns I simply restart the exercises to get relief again.
Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson: My situation before working with Lisa-Marie was in generally good health, had recently started running, but wanted to explore ways to improve core strength and flexibility. I wasn’t very knowledgeable about Pilates, plus wondered if too late to start given may age group. Working with Lisa-Marie has been an absolute pleasure and education. Lisa-Marie provides great focus on understanding the individual and is mindful of any personal challenges. Lisa-Marie also takes the time to clearly explain each exercise and her enthusiasm for Pilates shines through. I now have a much better understanding of how to control movement using my core strength and have noted enhanced flexibility, reduced tension, and improved breathing.
Josie Mills
Josie Mills: "Many years nursing have taken a toll on my body. I've always done some sort of exercise but as I get older there are limitations to what I think I can do and what I can actually do! Until a few years ago I was a regular at my local gym attending at least 3 times a wk. Sadly I gave up my membership & started walking & cycling. Unfortunately I found myself getting quite stiff which for me being fiercely independent was very frustrating. At 74yrs of age I wanted to make sure that I could continue to do all the things I wanted & needed to do. Then i found Lisa-Marie. I'd done some Pilates in the past so was quite excited & was not disappointed. I'm always nervous joining new groups so was apprehensive. Working with Lisa-Marie has been a delight. Her dedication & commitment to her discipline is awesome. She really cares & makes the classes fun while keeping a close eye on our practice to ensure we are working correctly & safely. Additionally a big thank you to the extra time she's committed to ensure we can continue to practice during COVID restrictions. Working with Lisa-Marie has really helped to keep my body subtle and my movements are much freer."
Karen Pugh
Karen Pugh: Before I started coming to Lisa -Marie I was on large amount of painkillers . I was unable to bend unable to even cross my legs ! I couldn’t walk much either and used a mobility scooter to go everywhere. I was reserved at first, as I was worried I could make things worse. I have loved every minute of my time with Lisa-Marie she is so easy to talk to and I think of her as a friend . Lisa is fun but firm ! No slacking off and a need to concentrate.. as I have become stronger I have become more flexible and I trust her completely. I now have no hip pain at all and I now can stretch and get relief from my pain .
TMacLife Ltd
TMacLife Ltd: Lisa-Marie is an amazing instructor. She was really patient with me during our session, she took the time to explain each move to me. I have also done her online classes which are great, she has made every effort to make the experience stress free and easy. I will certainly be back and would absolutely reccomend!
Val Alemanno
Val Alemanno: After a complicated full hip replacement and regraft of glute muscle...this last year has been one of physios and frustrations trying to get the strength back in those muscles. But...I can safely say after an intensive (twice a week) sessions for five ish weeks has done more in that time to complete my recovery!!!! To the point that I got back on a horse again the day after my birthday last week!! I can't thank you enough!!! #breatheinpilatesUpdate.... The above still stands but as the months go on the suppleness, strength and stamina...not only on the hip replacement....in my whole body has helped no end in bringing my fitness to a level I require working and training horses. Thanks again to Lisa-Marie Butler-Breatheinpilates 🙂
Alison Duff
Alison Duff: Lisa-Marie is an excellent teacher. Highly recommend her classes. I've also experienced the 1:1 session on the reformer machine. Brilliant!
Becky Smith
Becky Smith: Had my first lesson with Lisa Marie a week or so ago and really enjoyed myself. I was initially very anxious to go along as I had never done a class like this before but as soon as I got there she made me feel incredibly comfortable and at ease about what we were going to do. I had a brilliant lesson, she's very professional and clearly incredibly knowledgeable about her practice. She listened to what I hoped to achieve from the classes and talked me through how we would go about doing that. I can't wait to see her again!
Sheylene Earl
Sheylene Earl: Have heard about the benefits of Pilates before, and decided to give it a real go. Lisa-Marie is knowledgeable and so patient with me as I learn. She really listens to your goals and concerns and then builds a workout session around your needs. I can already feel a difference and will be going as much as I can. Thank you!

3. Pilates with Becki - City of Peterborough

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Pilates with Becki
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Address: Nene Valley Community Centre, Candy St, Peterborough PE2 9RE, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 8:30 AM

Telephone: +44 7887 750367

Business type: Pilates studio

4. Breathe Move Be Yoga and Pilates Peterborough - Glinton

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Breathe Move Be Yoga and Pilates Peterborough
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Address: 13 Lincoln Rd, Glinton, Peterborough PE6 7JR, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 9:30 AM

Telephone: +44 7702 162790

Business type: Yoga studio

5. Be You Health Studios - City of Peterborough

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42 reviews
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Be You Health Studios
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Address: 967 Lincoln Rd, Walton, Peterborough PE4 6AF, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: +44 1733 601661

Business type: Personal trainer

Be You Health Studios: what do users think?
Scott Ebbles
Scott Ebbles: I came across be you whilst looking at getting back to the gym after injuring my acl in October. Since meeting ben and working out what would be the best way forward I have gone from not being able to straighten my leg to skipping, jumping and even kicking a ball around again in just 5 weeks. The gym is an amazing place with a fantastic atmosphere. I can not recommend be you highly enough and look forward to continuing my journey with ben. Just wish I would of joined up sooner.
William Ashley-Norman
William Ashley-Norman: Excellent. Worked with Ben on back problems I’d had for years. Through consultation and observation an exercise plan was put into place that has been of considerable benefit. Highly recommended.
ROS CUTHBERT: Coming back from injury and Sciatica, some of the many gains from attending Be You studio is that exercise has given me confidence to move better and not to let my age get in the way of being healthy and fitter. Professional and enthusiastic encouragement has help me from hardly being able to walk without pain and can now skip. Thank you all at Be You.
Ajmal Raza
Ajmal Raza: I started working with Ben at the start of the year and have been exceptionally impressed by his knowledge and the facilities. They are in excellent condition.I have joined several gyms over the years, but none have quite been like Be You.I would not hesitate to recommend him or the facilities to friends or family.
Nyree Ambarchian
Nyree Ambarchian: Joining Be You was the first step to taking back control of my health and fitness after having a baby. My training sessions are the part of my week I most look forward to - time just for me, to invest in myself.It’s changed my life. I’m fitter, healthier and so much happier.I can’t recommend Be You enough. The leaps I’ve made in terms of my flexibility, strength and exercise confidence have been huge. I’ve made massive progress in just a few months.The Be You approach is totally different from anything I’ve tried before. A world away from normal gyms. It’s such a relaxed, friendly atmosphere in the gym. Everyone is welcome. There are no egos, no weird gym men who dominate the weights section, no feeling self conscious. It’s a really special space. It’s a place where everyone is rooting for each other and you can learn about how your body works and how to get the most out of your training.The personal training is completely bespoke, built entirely around what will get the right results for you. It’s also fun! I’ve never had so much fun while completely pushing myself in a workout. I’m also learning loads. Ben strikes just the right tone with encouragement and pushing you to achieve more. He knows how to get the best out of each individual.I love the flexibility on offer - I’ve even taken my daughter along with me when I haven’t had childcare.Before I joined Be You, I felt wobbly and weak. I’d regularly suffer with painful pulls to my back and niggles in my neck. Since joining, I don’t get that anymore. It’s been transformational.I’m loving rediscovering my fitness and feeling like myself again. It’s easy to neglect that when you’re a mum. I wish I’d joined sooner but at least I’ve done it now. And I’m so glad I did.
Mark Wibberley
Mark Wibberley: Just had physio today with Victoria and what a breath of fresh air this place and Victoria and Ben are. Really personable, informative, friendly and just good people who believe in what they do, and do it well. Thoroughly recommended - and Ive been to a fair few physios over the last 35 years.
Zoe Cuthbert
Zoe Cuthbert: The perfect place for anyone wanting to avoid the 'gym' but wants to enjoy being the best they can be.If it's exercise, physiotheraphy, nutrition advice or just to be part of a awesome group of people this is the place! What do you have to loose...........:)I’ve recently (Jan 22) been having MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) with Victoria and the results I’ve had are incredible I have reduced mensural pains and feel it has helped balanced my hormones. It also helps this is a lovely treatment and her knowledge is excellent! Would recommend this treatment 👌🏼
aomaer s
aomaer s: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityAmazing knowledge of fitness and health great tailor-made package for me to improve my general health very knowledgeable in calesthetic which I love Ben is great guy
jack Elliott
jack Elliott: Positive:ProfessionalismReally good one on one training. Ben is extremely well informed so you really feel you’re in good hands. The approach is different and refreshing so it’s not just hitting the weights doing benchpress all the time. If you’re looking for changes and something different then this is the place to go.
Lorraine Tunstall
Lorraine Tunstall: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityI joined the gym to get fit and lose weight. I go for 3x 30 minute individual sessions per week. Ben is very knowledgeable and understanding regarding my issues losing weight. I can already see I am getting fitter and stronger and losing some weight.
Ben Tunstall
Ben Tunstall: I have only recently joined Be You, but the support and guidance Ben has given me has been invaluable.My main aim was to gain muscle, and Ben has tailored my training towards exercises that help with that.The service is personal, customisable, and genuine. I look forward to continuing my fitness journey with BeYou.
laura l
laura l: I really love working out at be you with Zoe and Ben.I have been made to feel welcome there, I have gained confidence in myself!Zoe is helping me to reach my goals and where I want to be.
Julie Carr
Julie Carr: As a very busy 50 something professional working in a stressful and hectic period during lockdown and not getting time to take care of myself properly, I wanted to find something different than the normal gym and some one to one personal training.I met Ben for a free consultation just to chat through what I needed and I signed up for 2 30 minutes sessions a week, which for me is really easy to fit into my busy calender. Ben spent time tailoring my plan to me and how I move and understanding what works and what doesn't work. I really like the holistic 360 approach in terms of exercise, stress management, sleep and nutrition.I have been only going for about 4 weeks and can feel a real difference, much stronger physically, mentally and starting to see visible changes and I have learnt alot from Ben in respect of how my body is reacting to different movements and why it reacts as it does.The financial investment in my physical and mental wellbeing is incredibly important and I highly recommend anyone considering a change in lifestyle to do so without hesitation and contact Ben for a chat.
Nick Melia
Nick Melia: Worked with Ben to improve Golf Fitness, very knowledgeable and provides great insight into correct sequencing and movements. Created sport specific exercises and movement drills which translate to the golf swing without getting lost in swing thoughts.Great small gym, studio set up, modern equipment and facilities - highly recommend!
Wendy Squire
Wendy Squire: I have been seeing Ben for the last few years.He has always been very knowledgeable and worked within my limits on my workout routines.I suffered a bad car accident many years ago and Ben has worked around areas that were injured and I still have problems to date but he understands and we do what is safe.Don’t worry about your age, size, capability, Ben will work with you and help you in the best way he knows.
Russell James
Russell James: I have been working with Ben for a number of years. He is very thorough and always helps me get fantastic results. I have treatments with his wife, Tor who has helped me realise it's better to work on prevention rather than cure when it comes to sports massage.The team at BeYou have been incredible with their openness and regular communications through lockdown. I always feel safe in their new studio space and all of the other members are so friendly no matter what stage you are at with your fitness journey.
Nicola Picillo
Nicola Picillo: Great gym - perfectly sized and personal, it’s modern, light and airy with excellent equipment and facilities. Ben is so knowledgeable and genuinely cares about each client and their individual journey and needs. He looks at all aspects of health to help you achieve the best version of you. My anxiety and self-confidence have both improved greatly since starting and I look forward to my sessions at the gym. I have and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for somewhere friendly, non-judgemental and fun to train.
Anna Piltonen
Anna Piltonen: Ben is awesome! He puts the personal in personal training. Professional advice and great encouragement! Worth every penny in my opinion. I will be back 💪🏼
Lyn Taylor
Lyn Taylor: If you want to make a change to your life style the Be You is the place to visit, they are truly amazing at supporting you to reach your goal. I am so pleased I joined.
simon dennett
simon dennett: Ben was recommended to me in January 2019 and having worked together now for 16 months, this was the best recommendation that I have ever been given.In 2018, at the age of 45 I ran the Great Eastern half marathon but despite attaining a good level of fitness for running, getting out of bed and taking those first steps in the morning was agony.Ben, told me that I had the mobility that I was seeking but my brain was restricting my movement - the body's defence mechanism. He showed me a number of clever techniques & stretches that allowed me to gain further range and quite quickly climbing out of bed became a pleasant experience. I can also touch my toes, something that I have never done before.Despite achieving my initial goal I continue to train with Ben having identified new goals that I want to achieve. Ben's knowledge of movement is very impressive, he tailors every exercise to the individual ensuring that you are reaching and not exceeding your body's ability, adjusting exercises on every repetition.The Be You Health Studio is a friendly and well equipped gym containing the usual equipment however it is way that Ben uses this equipment that sets this gym apart from the rest.
Lauren Knight
Lauren Knight: Ben takes time and care to understand your needs, putting together work outs which suit you. His new studio is fantastic and a great place to train. Highly recommended.

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