Best Citric Acid Stores Peterborough Near Me

1. Boots - City of Peterborough

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Address: Queensgate Centre, Peterborough, PE1 1NW, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1733 312211

Business type: Beauty supply store

Boots: what do users think?
Lynne Hayward
Lynne Hayward: I rarely go.Put off by silly offers like 3 for 2, making one so much more expensive.
alan woodthorpe
alan woodthorpe: Very large shop well laid out clean and tidy plenty of items to buy
Claire Tierney
Claire Tierney: Omg ! Tills closed everywhere no staff in sight and just the self-serve tills open so queues.. and then self-serve is sooo rubbish. I had to call someone over 4 times they then took me to a till to pay!!
Gordon Diffey
Gordon Diffey: Got all the things we wanted quickly.
Jamie Hogan
Jamie Hogan: Self service no cashiers maybe 1 I don't work their so I'd like to be served cash is king sort it out boots.
Asif Malik (Asif K Malik)
Asif Malik (Asif K Malik): Good quick service. Most medication is available and there is a huge cosmetics area. You will not find all the latest perfumes but a decent collection. You will also find a variety of shampoos and a boots optician.
Steve Byrne
Steve Byrne: Clean store
Neil collier
Neil collier: Like every other Boots store. A little tatty, but it it has everything you need from a chemist shop.
michael priest
michael priest: Helpful and friendly staff
Natalie Ousby
Natalie Ousby: Helpful staff on the make-up and perfume counters,always willing to help.
Emma Jane-Scott
Emma Jane-Scott: This boots is a bigger store so it has alot more than the Bretton store.
Gary Porter
Gary Porter: Limited mens antiperspirant
Meloney Rousseau
Meloney Rousseau: This is a pharmacy review, this Boots is the only one in Peterborough who isn’t open during lunch times when you really need it to be open. It’s appalling and these times aren’t on the website either which is just a waste of time. How do the other Boots’ cope over lunch time??
CoralAmanda: Just went to get some photo's printed, 49p a print... Needing over 100 photos I decided to pass. But had a little look around, nicely layed out, and lots of friendly looking staff.
Kenneth Dike
Kenneth Dike: Excellent Service
simona slimaite
simona slimaite: I like this place,i can found whan i need,so many offers😊
Barbara Nelson
Barbara Nelson: Love their sun cream with that not only protect but repels as well. Staff at tills are nice
Ruby red lips nicky b
Ruby red lips nicky b: I went into Boots as I wanted some advice on getting some fragrance for a friend's birthday. Two lovely ladies named Sharon and Tina were on hand and directed me to the large and impressive range of fragrances on offer. I recieved excellent customer service and information about the fragrances and choose one. I recommend the fragrance department to anyone seeking help with their choice of fragrances. With designer names like Gucci, Chanel and Marc Jacobs to name a few on offer and expert help from the team and the two ladies mentioned it's well worth popping in there.
Florentina Vamain
Florentina Vamain: They have variety of products like skin care with health and fragrance
miguel bessa
miguel bessa: Super bem atendido e encontrei um produto que procurava e não encontrava noutras farmácias.
Georgia Pickstone
Georgia Pickstone: Wanted to purchase some Clarins makeup/moisturiser but was ignored by staff completely. No interest in helping me at all. I tried to pick up something from the pharmacy a few months ago and was shouted at by the woman behind the counter. I've tried and tried again but each time I am met with nothing but rudeness.

2. Boots - Bretton

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Address: Bretton Centre, Peterborough, PE3 8DN, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1733 262555

Business type: Beauty supply store

Boots: what do users think?
Jacqueline Wright
Jacqueline Wright: A good place for bargains but a long wait if you need a prescription
Andy Simmonds
Andy Simmonds: Always a cue in this place, don't come during the day
Justina Galejevaite
Justina Galejevaite: Customer service was very good
Toca Stars
Toca Stars: Don't get your prescriptions from here if your in a rush!
Code 9
Code 9: Excellent service, professional, informative, and with a smile despite being extremely busy. Special thanks to Malika and Patricia at prescriptions. I felt I was valued as a customer.
Andy Smith
Andy Smith: Collecting prescription which is always an ordeal. Never enough staff and always a queue. People waiting always complaining about having to wait for too long.....
Bernadette Fitzharris
Bernadette Fitzharris: Big queue for the Pharmacy even during the day.Limited stock not as good as the bigger Boots in Queensgate.
Keith Streeter
Keith Streeter: Click and collect.Ordered TuesdayI arranged collection for Thursday.Went to collect and it's not there, then insulted by the lady behind the counter telling me to 'have a nice day' as I was leaving.
Sandra Voronko
Sandra Voronko: Greitas aptarnavimas
J W (B3M)
J W (B3M): Open late, I needed late! Magic
Emma Jane-Scott
Emma Jane-Scott: It's a small outlet so not much variety or stock.
craig mee
craig mee: Chemist talking out loud about my partner end of life medication,Absolutely disgusted.
Paul G
Paul G: Twas good everything there you know
Lucy Boyd
Lucy Boyd: Awful, did a boots doctor online consultation which was all very easy. Service in pharmacy dreadful. Slow, disorganised, not even able to get everyone in one queue. Thought doing it online would speed up process but no still sitting here getting coughed and spluttered on by everyone that passes. Staff don’t seem to know what they are doing
Glen Hall
Glen Hall: Helpful staff
Hitch 59
Hitch 59: Service was good 👍 👌
glen263: nice and clean and helpful staff
Lesley Ann
Lesley Ann: Pharmacy is appalling service. They receive your prescription prior so why do they make you wait in a horrendous queue, and then tell you to wait longer while they make the prescription up. Do it when you receive it and save us all time. Pharmacy assistants are so slow. They don’t seem to realise we have jobs too and need to get on, rather than stand in a queue for half and hour and then be told the medicine required is out of stock!
Gordon Lueck
Gordon Lueck: Good customer service
rantzzz rantzzz
rantzzz rantzzz: Appalling chemist. No urgency whatsoever. Teenage miserable staff obviously hard of learning. Followed incessantly by the idiotic security guard. Never again. Avoid!
Marcin Chwalek
Marcin Chwalek: Friendly

3. Boots - Hampton Hargate

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Address: Unit 2, Serpentine Green, The Serpentine, Hampton, Peterborough PE7 8BE, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1733 893528

Business type: Beauty supply store

Boots: what do users think?
Sally Mills
Sally Mills: Good deals on things but pharmacy takes forever
Gordon Diffey
Gordon Diffey: Had all we wanted
Dainis Pujats
Dainis Pujats: Good
Angela Ayres
Angela Ayres: Found exactly what i was looking for.Nice and big inside too.
Elaine Hilson
Elaine Hilson: Clarins consultant Caroline excellent
Lynzi Bennett
Lynzi Bennett: Easy to find what you want, not that much stock available
Lily Williamson
Lily Williamson: Didn't have what i wanted
Alina Soros
Alina Soros: Amazing staff.
Mark Lock
Mark Lock: Always buy my dry eye drops from here as very good and 2 for 1, mens deodorants and shaving accessories always good value...
Betz G
Betz G: I find most of the floor staff a bit stand offish and it's a long wait behind all pharmacy queries to get non prescription stuff from behind the counter.
Ashley J Knighton
Ashley J Knighton: Friendly staff
Simon Fruen
Simon Fruen: Very big store. Not well sigb posted. Stupid check out limited to 1 side entry, so if you are on the wrong side, long xalk round.
phillip stewart
phillip stewart: OK slight problem we finally found what we were looking for and on the way to checkout power failure so had to leave products with staff.and leave
Donald Gammons (Dohega)
Donald Gammons (Dohega): Normally good service but have been ignored twice now
Helen Cooper
Helen Cooper: A little bit of everything from medicine to baby clothes hair and beauty products
Jason Swain
Jason Swain: Good choice of merchandise
Bogdan Negrut
Bogdan Negrut: A lot of useful articles and now a great collection of gifts for Christmas 👍
Em Tee
Em Tee: Quite a well stocked shop and keenly priced given the local competition in some respects.
Tom White
Tom White: Busy but no one around to answer customer questions
Maisiejack: Had my flu jab. They were very helpful, friendly and professional.

4. Asda Peterborough Superstore - City of Peterborough

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307 reviews
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Asda Peterborough Superstore
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Address: West Rivergate Shopping Centre, Peterborough, PE1 1ET, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: +44 1733 566224

Business type: Clothing store

Asda Peterborough Superstore: what do users think?
James Lewis
James Lewis: Incredibly under staffed, far too long at tills.
Maxine Hare
Maxine Hare: In many places MUCH more expensive than Tesco, definitely not cheap as their ads would suggest.Full of unhygienic people coughing and spluttering everywhere, staff and customers alike, no covering up their mouth or using tissue/sleeve. (and I caught a really bad cold / genuinely believe in there due to this).Lots of people standing in aisles yapping loudly in their mother tongues and reluctant to move out of the way when politely asked. (IE "excuse me please")Finally got to a checkout, and the woman was THE most miserable person I have ever met. Rammed my shopping through with no consideration, did not crack a smile, and no please or thank you during payment.What a HORRIBLE experience, I shall never shop in Rivergate ASDA again.
Marc Sampson
Marc Sampson: No baskets at entrance. Discriminates against the disabled. I am partially sighted, hence can't drive, so relies on public transport. Therefore I am limited to how much I can carry. There are too many of these multi buy discounts where it's cheaper per item if you buy more than one. For example, I needed some orange juice. It was £1.70 for one or £3 for two. Well, I don't want two, nor would I be able to carry two with other items I want. I refuse to buy something from these so called deals. Why should I have to pay more for one because of my disability. I will be writing to my MP about this. Shouldn't be legal. Another example, Heinz soup, 5 for £6. Can't remember how much they are individually. Plus many other items, like fresh meat. Didn't buy hardly anything. Aldi or Lidl don't do these 'pay more for one than three' deals. Won't be shopping here again. I only popped in as I was in the area. Usually shop at Aldi closest to me, and will continue to do so.
Bad Baba
Bad Baba: Disgusting the way I was stared at by security staff and then verbally abused by the senior manager simply for cycling past them. Called a low life so when I gave them the V for victory sign, not two fingers up. Then then used that as an excuse for their intimidating and rude behaviour. The manager looked and sounded like a thug. Then when I complained it seems that only one person was capable of any morals or the truth but all the staff involved all out rank him. Most of the staff are not capable of the truth. For shame.Hi Tasha and thank you. It was yesterday 8th November at about 4pm. Peterborough Rivergate Store. The manager was wearing a grey suit with red bits, some sort of Christmas decoration I think. The Woman on the Security desk refused to give me his or anybody else's name. Thank you again for taking notice.UPDATE.Months later and you did nothing.
Rachael Rusling
Rachael Rusling: Very good
Idress Jan
Idress Jan: Nice good and nice👍👌
TJ: Free parking which is handy
Orlando Ramalho
Orlando Ramalho: Asalways
Jessica Forber
Jessica Forber: I am a disabled person who is never able to park close enough to the store. Your disabled parking is always taken up by people without blue badges and no one is monitoring this. I have been coming to you for years and am being forced now to change to another store who is able to offer better facilities and parking for my condition.
Yosif Anchev
Yosif Anchev: What an epic fail!!!One hour after open time, tills are not open!I must have been shopping for 10 minutes and waited another 5 at the tills, wondering why no till is open, when I heard the first announcement, said in a totally rushed manner, that tills weren't opening until 11am, which was in about 10 minutes.There were probably 50 people waiting, some started leaving their stuff and walking out angry at the totally impudent inability of ASDA Peterborough management to deal with the situation.ASDA as a company must be absolutely brain-dead to allow such incompetent people ruin their reputation like that, for there is absolutely no reason valid enough to excuse opening a shop without opening the tills for ONE HOUR, and meanwhile some staff members loitering there in plain sight not even trying to let customers through (or give information).The definition of time-wasters.In times of massive unemployment, there is no excuse being short-staffed and I hope the useless staff are got rid of asap, for the sake of the customers, the business, the Universe and everything else.
Michelle Cassar
Michelle Cassar: Generally helpful, cheerful staff. Great range of products at good prices. Only place I know that sell Super King size bedding. Easy to park
Ilya: Ridiculous! They let you in the store, but the tills won’t open until certain time. Products are over the place, you won’t pass pickers and there’s hardly anything left if you go an hour after opening. If other branches can manage it, why can’t you? You’ve lost anonother customer…
Banlington Ball
Banlington Ball: Another poor review for here unfortunately. Came in to get some items for a friend that were Asda specific and just wow. I read some of the other reviews and thought they were feeling a bit harsh but I can totally agree! 'The great unwashed' is a spot on comment by one - honestly, the odour from some of the staff here was unbelievable (not a lot you can do about the consumers!) After asking one for help I really was put off asking again for more than one reason.It's Saturday and there are just TWO manned tills open - the rest is self service = queues going up the aisles and no more opening. As for sense of urgency, that's close to zero. It's not a library peeps, it's a supermarket and nobody should be waiting so long in a queue to pay!
Dana Gessert
Dana Gessert: Appalling!!! They put a hold on my money and cancelled my order not once but several times .I never use them again
Andy Payne
Andy Payne: This store has to be the worst store I have ever shopped in, not just ASDA, that’s any store, ever! The entire building could be sold as a zombie apocalypse experience. The scene is set every time I go in there. The cast is always present, made up of the staff and Peterborough’s great unwashed - Barren shelves at all times of day, staff dribbling at the door as shoplifters flee with stolen Vodka. The homeless persons that work on rotating shifts greet you at the door, eyeing up anything you have managed to cobble together that the looters have left behind as you go. ASDA, you should be ashamed of your Peterborough store or at least award us shoppers with a selection of weapons on entry, so we at least stand a chance of survival.
Eddie kennelly
Eddie kennelly: Great shop for everything including the pharmacy.Clean and tidy the staff are polite and helpful even the security staff have kind manner.
Donna Morley
Donna Morley: So Asda now say we close at 5??This isn’t true as I was turned away being told we are closed madam and when I looked at my phone 16:47 I said thought you closed at 17:00 now he said yes that’s right people are going to the tills now , you can’t come in. REALLY ! Why say 17:00 I wasted my time to nip there for cat litter…in the rain too.
Hermione Jordan
Hermione Jordan: Toilets were absolutely disgusting would have waited but was to desperate no toilet roll in any toilet a women in front of me had to ask a man to get her some from the male toilets and was messy everywhere.according to my brother the male toilets had no doors absolutely a disgrace
Adam Lang
Adam Lang: lovely man called Callum who helped us today came in at 7am for prime (because yesterday he said they’ll have it today ) thank god they had it today he went in the back and managed to get us 2 bottles thanks
Carrie-Louise Keehn
Carrie-Louise Keehn: Wide range of products at affordable prices better then most supermarkets
Vera Gouveia
Vera Gouveia: Was in ASDA on Saturday and did not like the way one of their member Brian treats people.Think ASDA should give him some lessons on customer service.It is expensive....and on top of that we are treated badly by that man Brian...Don't recommendWill not go there againI said I would not put my feet in Asda again but butToday the 19th of November my flatmate asked me if I wanted to go there with him so I wentOnce again the rude and racist Brian came on the scene ....he heard us talk Portuguese so he told me I could only buy 3 meat pies I told him I was just buying 1 and my flatmate 3 that is when he told me that putting our shopping on the same trolley would count as one....He started being rude once again and I asked to speak to the manager she was on his side telling me that two people with the same trolley count as one....PEOPLE ...... DO NOT GO TO ASDA NOT WORTH THE HASSLEAsda treats people like probably they treat their family.....Rude employees ......Including the so called manager that when I said that I was not accepting what she said she must have anger issues ...she threw the meat pies to the floor....Rude and racist....PEOPLE there are cheaper and better supermarkets in Peterborough ....where people are treated like people...I know Asda has a policy of giving employment to people with a little bit of learning difficulties but should not put them in contact with customers...Brian is a example of that ....he is rude ....he is racist and more they shout at customersWhen I told the manager (I think that rude woman is the manager) that I would never put my feet in Asda while that racist rude Brian was there ...she answered FINE for Asda it's ok....So that is how Asda treats clientsTHIS TIME IT IS FOR REAL I WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN ...MY FLATMATE DID NOT BRING HIS MEAT PIES WENT TO TESCO AND PEOPLE PEOPLE DON'T GO THERE .....

5. Q E D Ltd - Alwalton

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Q E D Ltd
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Address: 10, 23 Orton Enterprise Center Bakewell Rd, Orton Southgate, Peterborough PE2 6XU, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +44 1733 404999

Business type: Dental supply store

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