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1. Minneys K9 Services Ltd - Benwick

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5 reviews
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Minneys K9 Services Ltd
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Address: 32 Fields View, Benwick, March PE15 0YQ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open until 15:00

Telephone: +44 7704 092658

Business type: Dog breeder

2. Pets at Home Peterborough - City of Peterborough

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1299 reviews
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Pets at Home Peterborough
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Address: Unit 1 Bourges Blvd, Peterborough, PE1 1NG, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open until 18:00

Telephone: +44 345 601 5177

Business type: Pet store

Pets at Home Peterborough: what do users think?
David McG
David McG: Excellent experience, very well stocked and layout works.Only thing was the long wait at the till caused by the cashier trying to get customer's registered for cards.Understand that this is a good thing but not when 8 customer's are stood waiting to pay.Normally very good service with very knowledgeable staffEasy access, good parking.
Jason Swain
Jason Swain: Reasonable stock of items. Maybe not important, but no toilets for customers.
Eddie Sibley
Eddie Sibley: Really helpful staff.
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson: Was an OK visitNot a lot of stock and didn't have what we needed in store. Told to look on websiteWent to a local independent who had everything we neededOK, for the main run of the mill animals
Paul Jackson
Paul Jackson: A good range of all the things your pets need to stay healthy, happy, well fed, and entertained. Prices are competitive, and some of the Pets at Home own brand items seem to be considerable money savers. They also stock all the main brand names.This is a larger PAH store, with a car park at the front of the building, it's great for those larger and/or heavier purchases.There's also vets here, too, and all the staff are helpful and eager to assist.
ann boldan
ann boldan: Clean, tidy shop.Friendly helpful staff.Always someone to greet you with a smile
Stuart Meachen
Stuart Meachen: Love I can bring my pets, staff were friendly and helpful
Andy Boylan
Andy Boylan: All the beautiful doggos ❤️
Terri Mitchell
Terri Mitchell: Cheaper to by your meat at Iceland Tesco most major stores and better quality FACT
James Oddy
James Oddy: Good tidy store, as with all shops these days staff are busy attending to the jobs they have to carry out, so bit of a wait trying to get help or attention.
aa kk
aa kk: Good customer serviceBig range of productsBut not many choices for senior dods
Agnieszka Mazurek
Agnieszka Mazurek: Super
Wafi Khan
Wafi Khan: (43.0512189, 22.6994467)
Sabrina sabrina
Sabrina sabrina: I bought some fish for my son, and we loved looking around at the animals and reptiles. The staff were very helpful and informative about our new pets.
Charis Remzi
Charis Remzi: I always find what I need in here and the staff on the whole are usually quite friendly and helpful. I do find that on the whole some products are quite expensive and for that reason I do get some staples from smaller, independent shops or garden centres. It is a convenient location with generous open and closing times which is useful in a pinch.
Gintaras Armalis
Gintaras Armalis: 🐱😉👍
Smiley Bean
Smiley Bean: This seems to be quite a neglected branch. When I visited there were very few staff around and it took quite some time to locate somebody who was able to fetch my click and collect order.Having said that, all the staff were very helpful under the circumstances.
Andy Saxby
Andy Saxby: Good selection of stock, but when we went to pick up a click and collect order it was not a slick process, trying to find a member of staff who was able to get our order was impossible
Sue Reeves
Sue Reeves: Not overly impressed, went in to get a harness for our dog, had to search to find a staff member when we finally did said member literally lunged at our nervous dog to put the harness on, not once did they ask if it was ok to approach. I think they were just wanting to get back to a job they were doing. Wouldn't go there again. Needless to say we came out without harness, hope they treat the animals better in the shop.
Mark Cadman
Mark Cadman: The vets here are great. Very kind, sympathetic and understanding.
Sarah Buckley
Sarah Buckley: Store is always well maintained and stocked. Most staff are happy to help and greet you with a smile. Prices can be a little high and the VIP app gives vouchers for things my dog cannot use due to allergies but apart from that it's a pretty good place and my dog loves her visits to select a new toy.

3. Pets at Home Bretton - Bretton

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538 reviews
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Pets at Home Bretton
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Address: Bretton Centre, Bretton Way, Peterborough PE3 8DN, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open until 18:00

Telephone: +44 345 266 8884

Business type: Pet store

Pets at Home Bretton: what do users think?
Angie Brabyn
Angie Brabyn: Helpful staff
Jacqueline Wright
Jacqueline Wright: Excellent place for your pets needs
Justina Galejevaite
Justina Galejevaite: Good staff Good prices you can found everything what need for your cut best friends
Sue Reeves
Sue Reeves: Much more helpful than the Peterborough branch, the lovely member of staff helped us with the information we needed, asked if we wanted to put the harness on our very nervous dog, or did we need help, we were also greeted when we walked into the shop. I overheard a member of staff helping a customer with fish - was being so very helpful and informative - would definitely return there, much better atmosphere!
Ktm Exc
Ktm Exc: Got a hamster for my daughter yesterday, staff couldn’t have helped more, thanks very much.
Maria Kingston
Maria Kingston: My Cat was really poorly & I made the Hardest decision ever & that was to put Her to Sleep.. The Veterinarian was amazing & even gave me some time alone with My Cat Before she was put to sleep... Even though it was a very sad moment for me. The vet gave me the right Advice & Support that I needed & He gave me Comfort knowing that I was doing the Best & Right thing for my Cat Mia... Thankyou Pets at Home Vets..
David Cosgrave
David Cosgrave: Staff normally approachable and friendly. Normally very busy but staff professional. Member of staff called Carl is brilliant, very knowledgeable and approachable.
Paweł Maternicki
Paweł Maternicki: The worst experience I've had with a vet clinic. Sadly I had to put down my pet rabbit. I've been told that he will be collected from my home(which surprised me) and I've been told the price of £66. On the day of the procedure i had to call them and I've been told that i need to bring the rabbit and the price will be £140. For me those are 2 major mistakes and at the end at the main desk all i hear was explanations and that the coworker is highly experienced and it was probably a misunderstanding.
Lijo Paul
Lijo Paul: Well supported employees
John Slaughter
John Slaughter: My dog went for a full grooming but he didn't receive it as they said he got diarrhoea. He didn't have it when he went in and was OK when I left him.When I collected I noticed he has been cut underneath on a nipple and I have taken a picture to prove this.I think the experience has frightened him causing him to have diarrhoea and I don't feel comfortable to bring him back to finish the job.I would appreciate a refund please.
Paul Holstead
Paul Holstead: Get what you need for your animals yes
Daft Bunny
Daft Bunny: It's okay never really have anything in stock though!
Margaret Bailey
Margaret Bailey: Took our dog to the grooming dept for the first time today. Staff were friendly and helpful and our dog seemed happy and relaxed when we collected him. We will come again.
Giedre Marcinkeviciene
Giedre Marcinkeviciene: Very friendly staff, answering in the any question.
James Cooper-Mestler
James Cooper-Mestler: Staff are friendly. Good selection of pet products.
Sarah Buckley
Sarah Buckley: A very small store and they don't stock the one brand of food my dog can have because of her allergies so we generally use the bigger store
Andy Simmonds
Andy Simmonds: If you download the app and add your pets on there you get freebies and discounts, staff are really friendly and informative, it's nice to go in and take your pets as well.
Natty Cook
Natty Cook: Same as most pets at home
Craig Sperring
Craig Sperring: A one stop shop for all your pet requirements.
Sarah Prendergast
Sarah Prendergast: 1 of the smaller stores,however we managed to find everything we needed and the customer service was great!

4. Jerry Green Dog Rescue - Algarkirk CP

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100 reviews
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Jerry Green Dog Rescue
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Address: Marsh Ln, Boston, PE20 2BB, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 13:30

Telephone: +44 1205 260546

Business type: Dog day care center

Jerry Green Dog Rescue: what do users think?
Diana Eggison
Diana Eggison: Nice atmosphere, food ok.Unfortunately one of the staff slipped and fell awkwardly behind me after a spillage behind the bar, had not been cleared properly and no wet floor signs until after her fall.It appeared the customers were more concerned than the staff.She brushed herself off and carried on regardless. Nice one young Lady.Look after this Girl.
Sandra Simpson
Sandra Simpson: A wonderful kind and caring environment. Staff are fantastic.
jane willmott
jane willmott: Always care for the dogs in a very busy environment
Michael Gilbert
Michael Gilbert: We donate here every Christmas. Jerry Green Dog Rescue does such wonderful and essential work rescuing our 4 legged friends when they need it. The least I can do is provide them with some of the things they need to care for the dogs.
Carol Swindale
Carol Swindale: Left a message asking adoption prices a couple of weeks ago, still waiting for a reply, I know they get busy I adopted a labrador from them a long time ago, but please just reply I won't take long
colin murr
colin murr: Very good place to hire out a paddock to let your dog's roam free in secure surroundings.
Carol Forbes
Carol Forbes: didnt likevthe place it was as if I was not good enough to get a rescue dog as I lived in a housing complex
Sam Dodd
Sam Dodd: Good place to take your dog/s for a run around with a taste of agility training in the fully secure front enclosure they have ramps, jumps, tunnels and seesaws to try aswell as plenty of space and other toys if your pup just wants to run wild in a safe environment
Madina Rose
Madina Rose: amazing people. they all seem like they would do anything to get the dogs the best home. used the online shop for donation several times and always get a lovely big thank you for the support, which is lovely.they have always been so friendly and welcoming in the past too. they also have realistic expectations of the sort of home the dogs need and don’t just straight away rule out anyone who isn’t retired with no children and no visitors.the info on the website about the dogs, what leaving hours they have, what or who they can live with is brilliant. it gives all the details you need. but if you still need more details they always seem more than happy to help out.
Mish Philpots Mush
Mish Philpots Mush: Just asked for advice on dog training classes in my area, and they did so immediately
Derek Adams
Derek Adams: Friendly, sensitive team here. Thank you
Sue A
Sue A: Great place
Merryl Smith
Merryl Smith: I regularly donate food etc to support my local Gerry Green home. They do a great job!
j: We got our beautiful dog from Jerry Green we had her for 6years and just recently lost her through bad health .Fantastic place we have great memories for ever through getting her from Jerry Green thank you very much will be back to you when were ready
Shane Lowman
Shane Lowman: Great website
Daniel Rice
Daniel Rice: Lovely staff who were very helpful when we adopted our dog.
Anita Johnson
Anita Johnson: First time to rescue centre for dogs, staff very informative of protocol for adopting a dog.
Jennifer Jackson
Jennifer Jackson: Super friendly staff and very helpful
Susie Cook
Susie Cook: Fantastic facilities, staff and dogs. Couldn't fault them at all.
Brian Ennifer
Brian Ennifer: I went with a friend to drop his dog of there.the staff where all friendly and really helpfull really good place for dogs.really clean
Michael Cockayne
Michael Cockayne: Oct

5. The Canine Classroom - Whaplode CP

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16 reviews
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The Canine Classroom
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Address: Kennels, Fensever, Further Old Gate, Holbeach, Spalding PE12 8QE, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open until 17:00

Telephone: +44 7956 534487

Business type: Dog trainer

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