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1. Showcase Cinema de Lux Peterborough - City of Peterborough

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4779 reviews
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Showcase Cinema de Lux Peterborough
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Address: Boongate, Mallory Rd, Peterborough PE1 5AU, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1733 555636

Business type: Movie theater

Showcase Cinema de Lux Peterborough: what do users think?
Natalie Bunyan
Natalie Bunyan: Love the comfy seating. Won't use any other cinema now
Nadia Nightingale
Nadia Nightingale: This is my go to cinema with the fam. Good food selection and nice comfy seats. They have a kids cinema box (think film crew) that is fairly cheap and comes with popcorn, sweets and an ice blast for a little over £5. Would defo recommend.
Duncan Turner
Duncan Turner: Clean tidy, staff were all very polite. Comfy seats
susan munns
susan munns: Great fun, comfy seats, 2 drinks 1 popcorn and a bag of sweets...bit pricey at 18.00
Kat Garfoot
Kat Garfoot: A nice cinema with comfy seats. Also easy free parking. Just a tad over priced int he evenings and weekends.
Joe Whitelaw
Joe Whitelaw: Good cinema nice recliner chairs
Joshua Ezeoru
Joshua Ezeoru: Comfy and cozy. Enjoyed every second of my movie
Betz G
Betz G: Comfy seats, good price with Insider card, do their best to keep screen areas and toilets clean in spite of the feral customers who trash it
Brian Aberi
Brian Aberi: Entertaining
Chris Smith
Chris Smith: Comfortable and relaxing. Sometimes a bit cold
Adelino Baptista
Adelino Baptista: 10/10 Nice space and chairs, but still a small place
Swaminathan Sridhar
Swaminathan Sridhar: Wonderful
Bridgette Showler
Bridgette Showler: Comfortable seats, lots of room. Friendly, helpful staff. Confectionery prices rather high.
Cameron Pauls
Cameron Pauls: Really great film. The toilets were revolting. One set shut. The other open. I used a cubicle. Went into one, no lock, went into a second one, lock but no hook for my coat. Tried to hang it onto the remains of the hook fitting and my jacket fell into the pool of Urine on the floor. Seriously, get this sorted, I've been in better toilets in Morocco.
Deborah Jane Brown
Deborah Jane Brown: Love the reclining seats.
Kaja O
Kaja O: I m films lover. So .... I love cinema
Germantas Adomaitis
Germantas Adomaitis: Best place to watch new released movies
Chris Phillips
Chris Phillips: Went to watch Creed 3. Seats weren't clean that we booked. Had to wipe old popcorn off the seats and in the foot rests before sitting down.
Peter: Nice
Jonina Pepperell
Jonina Pepperell: This cinema is the best I have ever been too. The seats where comfortable and the staff where the friendliest I have ever had the pleasure to deal with. I am disabled in a wheelchair and they went above and beyond to help so I thoroughly recomend this cinema.
Natalia Zuzanna (Łania)
Natalia Zuzanna (Łania): Never been treated better in cinema, I needed some isolation headphones I got them in 2 minutes, kids spilled coke all over the floor been cleaned in 5 by a superb employee. The prices are high but, thats what we would expect going there anyway. Clean, toilets also. Good icecreams 👌🏻

2. John Clare Theatre - City of Peterborough

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16 reviews
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John Clare Theatre
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Address: Broadway, Peterborough, PE1 1AY, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1733 864169

Business type: Event venue

John Clare Theatre: what do users think?
Gloria Laura McCoubrey
Gloria Laura McCoubrey: Support the Peterboroughal art cinema, good films
W Fer
W Fer: Very nice place.
Gary “stoptheneedforgreed” J
Gary “stoptheneedforgreed” J: Great place.
J: I love the John Claire Theatre we had a great time there.
Rosemary Lanfear
Rosemary Lanfear: Just went to the library.
Big Boss
Big Boss: Nice and clean
Nigel Mckinley
Nigel Mckinley: Do go and see the Peterborough Playgoers Christmas show, wonderful!

3. Key Theatre - City of Peterborough

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989 reviews
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Key Theatre
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Address: Embankment Rd, Peterborough, PE1 1EF, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1733 207239

Business type: Performing arts theater

Key Theatre: what do users think?
Tracy Brown
Tracy Brown: Very good
Ann Franklin
Ann Franklin: Really draughty and chilly,obviously no heating on,not sn enjoyable experience when you have to keep your thick coat on .
Cheryl Griffith
Cheryl Griffith: Gorgeous theater with amazing views of the river !
michael watling
michael watling: Preferred it to the Bretton centre
Bill Young
Bill Young: Great show, good modern venue with easy parking
nigel white
nigel white: Went to see Jim Davison every one was helpful and polite and the show was brilliant and we had a wonderful evening thank you.
Phil Adams
Phil Adams: Nice theater with good quality productions. Be warned that seating is tight in the back row and it can get a little hot.
Dean Murphy
Dean Murphy: Like the lots of different events they put on
Kavanagh Brothers Bedford Removals and Storage
Kavanagh Brothers Bedford Removals and Storage: Visited the theatre on 4th February to watch Cinderella and her naughty buttons, performed by The Market Theatre Company. In brief, the announcement made at the beginning of the performance stated no flash photography or filming permitted, which to most would imply that normal photography IS permitted.I was sitting in the front row, the show began and I took some photos. Prior to the interval, a member of staff came and said "you are taking too many photos". This happened again during the interval, when he then said "you have taken too many photos". This spoilt the second half of this performance as other theatres I have visited have not had a problem with photography. The cast even posed for photos.Also, during the interval, a member of my group (75 years old) was perching on the stage as he was stretching his legs due to circulation issues. Another member of staff literally ran past me down the stairs. She then barked at him three times telling him to get off the stage. She, at no point, asked whether he needed assistance.I brought these matters to the attention of the general manager, who basically fobbed with off with terms and conditions that aren't in place on their website and staff giving him a different account of events.The theatre have lost more patrons through their lack of customer service and Peterborough has lost tourists.
Maureen Mitchell
Maureen Mitchell: Took my grandson to see a 'circus extravaganza' show.There were no disabled area seats left so I had to opt for an end of row seat nearby. The seats were not very comfortable for me as I am on crutches but had little choice.Other than that, the staff were helpful and friendly.Could do with a few more chairs in the waiting area upstairs by the entrance to the auditorium as most were taken up even though we got there really early.
Li Lib
Li Lib: Nice and cosy place, bar inside, bit old fashion hard seats.
june king
june king: Had wonderful night with friends love the key Theatre Peterborough
Katie Brown
Katie Brown: Really good theatre, easy to park and very friendly
Marion Morizzo
Marion Morizzo: Enjoyed the pantomime easy to find and plenty of parking
Jo Allen
Jo Allen: Plenty of space between seats, friendly staff.
Rachael Rusling
Rachael Rusling: Very good
Sharon Moment
Sharon Moment: Today it was silver screening for the over 60s.I The whole concept of a Silver Screening is excellent for older people's mental health. It's warm a confortable size and includes tea and biscuits to enjoy while socialising . It's an event to be proud of
Ria Ferreday
Ria Ferreday: An amazing place for all ages, we go every year for the panto
Jim Harrison
Jim Harrison: The Key is a wonderful theatre and you cannot go wrong taking the family to Panto. Great fun and intimate setting makes you feel immersed in the show.
Philip Franklin
Philip Franklin: Lovely venue, lovely pantomime
marie flatt
marie flatt: Came to watch the panto with my nieces and it is was great. The staff were also very friendly and happy. Will definitely come back next year and throughout the year ☺️

4. Stamford Arts Centre & Tourist Information Centre - Stamford CP

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85 reviews
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Stamford Arts Centre & Tourist Information Centre
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Address: Stamford Arts Centre, 27 St Mary's St, Stamford PE9 2DL, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open until 16:30

Telephone: +44 1780 763203

Business type: Movie theater

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