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1. Amblewood Kennels - Thorney

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Amblewood Kennels
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Address: America Farm, Oxney Rd, Peterborough PE1 5YR, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open until 5:30 PM

Telephone: +44 1733 222381

Business type: Kennel

Amblewood Kennels: what do users think?
Richard Jones
Richard Jones: An excellent kennels. We have used twice now for our dogs and they always come home unaffected by their stay. Obviously always happy to see us when we pick them up.
Paul Gratton
Paul Gratton: Always taken my dogs here, very friendly and always make sure your dog is well looked after.Highly recommended
Holly Marie
Holly Marie: i was most likely going to start work here part time and would have an immediate start after my trial shift which i had on friday the 21st of october, manager told me i would have an immediate start and would offer me part time work if trial shift went well (and it did) i enjoyed it, i was very kind, had a smile on my face, helpful and reliable, i did everything as quick as i can, the manager asked me on the day how many days i’d like to do and i wanted 3 and i said to her that im free all week next week if you need me and she said that’s amazing. before my shift was over manager was very off with me and when i got in the car i started having a panic attack because of how rude she seemed towards me at the end of the day. as i have autism and slow processing i needed time to adapt to the routine but i feel discriminated and hurt just because i have autism, obviously they didn’t want someone ‘autistic’ apart of their team, i currently work at different kennels also so i do have the experience, i have done volunteering, i’ve got pets at home i look after on a daily basis. i then email the manager letting her know my days i can do and she then emails me back saying that they can’t offer me part time work? im sorry but why would they invite me in for a trial shift then if they couldn’t offer me work afterwards? i asked, but never responded. very unprofessional. if they would have given me a chance i would have been amazing help at the end of the day, my other kennels i work at gave me a chance and i adapted to their routine quickly. complete waste of time, very rude staff also, will not be bothering with them again, if you’re looking for work i do not recommend here.
Sabina Green
Sabina Green: First time using Amblewood and very happy. We received a warm welcome as did our dogs. They asked lots of questions about the dogs. When we collected them they were clean, happy and appeared to have had fun. They even got to play in the paddling pool.
David Sammon
David Sammon: Very professional and friendly.I highly recommend this kennel.
Kenneth Moodley
Kenneth Moodley: Takes great care of our dogs, Miki and Luna.
Vio Vio
Vio Vio: Hotel pentru câini pentru persoanele care nu au cu cine lăsa acasa
Lyn White
Lyn White: Just picked up our two dogs from these lovely people both dogs happy calm exceptionally please with the service and care of our dogs I phoned to check on them always answer helpful and love their guests thank you see you again in September
David Walton
David Walton: Very polite and helpful and fair we have been with several times in the past.
Toni Strotten
Toni Strotten: Being the first time of using Kennels I was worried about leaving my baby, however I did not need to worry at all leaving him in the care of Amblewood Kennels. The staff were really friendly, showed me round first, answering all my questions. The play area is lovely, and my Barney probably got walked more there than he does at home ❤. They asked of any dietary requirements and had an alternative food available as hes allergic to chicken. Barney is always happy to go back, I always tell him hes going on his holidays and I dont have any guilt leaving him there!
Pam Bisla
Pam Bisla: Definitely not recommend if you're love your pets. Staff are really Rude and never answer calls or respond to emails. We left a voicemail and was told off for contacting them. Our dog looked so traumatised after 9hrs and we picked him back up on same day as they didn't feed him staff telling us contradicting info once they decided to call us back. This is by no means luxury kennels it's one like a prison for them. They told us they had 60 dogs in and the manager was doing everything. Don't take on dogs if you don't have the staff to care for them. When we picked up our dog the staff member told us to do one.
Wioletta Pieczkowska
Wioletta Pieczkowska: Perfect place for dog while I'm away
Rod Barnes
Rod Barnes: Amazing kennels, very friendly staff who look after the visitors as if the pets are their own.
Mark Atkinson
Mark Atkinson: Website outdated, staff are rude and laugh at you when you ask questions. Don't pick up the phone and when you go there for a look around tell you to call.They don't do one or two nights. I would not recommend this place
Jennifer Wallace
Jennifer Wallace: I had to board my dog at short notice with Amblewood. The staff were, proffessional, kind and understanding.When I collected him, he looked so well cared for and content.A big thank you to Hiliary and Elliot from Takky and myself
Jenny Wells
Jenny Wells: Took great care of our pets after their long transit from the Middle East. Very responsive and supportive whole made the process easier.
Vicky Wilson
Vicky Wilson: This was benji 1st visit. He was well cared for whilst we were away and was happy and content and settled in well. He was very pleased to see us when we picked him up. Thank you very much for taking excellent care of our furbaby and posting a photo on facebook which was reassuring for us to see whilst we were away. Can thoroughly recommend Amblewood kennels and would not hesitate for him to go on holybobs there again. Thanks again.
L.B: Very friendly staff, excellent with the dogs , they seemed happy to be left again , well looked after and exercised .
Malc Behenna
Malc Behenna: Used them for many years dog loves it
Paul Songer
Paul Songer: Always look after our babies well
Claudia Eyre
Claudia Eyre: Baxter is so excited as we approach the carpark. He loves the staff, so we're happy to leave him here. We would highly recommend this place.

2. Partridge Farm Kennels - Whittlesey

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Partridge Farm Kennels
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Address: Partridge Farm, 301 New Rd, Peterborough PE7 1SZ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open until 4:30 PM

Telephone: +44 7415 146798

Business type: Pet boarding service

3. Animal Helpline - Thornhaugh

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94 reviews
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Animal Helpline
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Address: Toll Cottage, Leicester Rd, Wansford, Peterborough, PE8 6NN, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 7709 036103

Business type: Animal rescue service

Animal Helpline: what do users think?
belinda leek
belinda leek: Hi guys ,Have just joined your face book,we are the very proud owners of Jo ,he is a Greyhound x staffy and he came to us last year .After loosing ollywood a lovely rescued beagle x greyhound .we went on Animal helpline and met a amazing lady named Alison who helped us with dodo [Jo ]Jo is a very powerful lovable boy who does not like alot of men .he is a ladies dog .he has settled here with our 4 black greyhounds .Alison and her hubby Pete visit him when they can ,Jo knows and loves these guys.We are so lucky to have him in our lives ,never a dull moment .Just want to say thank you for every thing you all do .for these lovely dogs ,i will continue supporting you guys .
Jodie Dean
Jodie Dean: Willing to help my pet that was not indeed yet wouldn't even come out to visit the cats of household being neglected and barely fed only dry biscuits. More to issue but enough said here. Such ashame but all rescues need more financial help and shelters need the same too.
Anita Camara
Anita Camara: Very supportive
Steve Swan
Steve Swan: The dogs are great and very well looked after.
jayne brooks
jayne brooks: I rescued my Rottie. DOLLY from animal helpline . She was a loving and wonderful girl. If they had another Rottie in the rescue. I'd give them a home . Just like Dolly did . ..
Holly Marie
Holly Marie: i wanted to volunteer here early on this year as i wanted to gain more skills and experience in voluntary work, i did give them a call and i told them how experienced i was and considering i suffer from autism and severe anxiety i sounded very shy in my voice, and one of the employees was quite rude to me by asking me how old i was and following with a comment - “you just sound so very young” in a rude manner. they then asked for more details over text so i gave them more info and they ignored that first message and then i sent them another message a few weeks later asking when i could start and i never heard back, if you’re looking for voluntary work don’t go here i don’t recommend.
Madina Rose
Madina Rose: unfortunately the staff seemed quite standoffish and not that friendly
verna dare
verna dare: They are the professional...DONT BUY ADOPT. We have got 2 rescue dogs from them...not the 1st time from there theyr perfect the loves of my life....actually they are my lifeLITTLE TILLY & LANKY WOODY
John Humphries
John Humphries: I Googled this number as we had found an apparently abandoned young fawn. They got back to me within 5 minutes which was good. They only dealt with dogs but gave me the number of someone who could help us with our wildlife problem. All sorted and young fawn was safe.
Ceredig Cattanach-Chell
Ceredig Cattanach-Chell: Great rescue centre and lovely staff
Atya Alam
Atya Alam: Could not help
Val Alemanno
Val Alemanno: Not been here
Rachel Paulucci
Rachel Paulucci: we adopted our our lola formally looloo female beagle from here before Xmas she has fitted into our family just perfect
Roisin Quentin
Roisin Quentin: Didn't like being questioned about the dogs health, just felt like they only interested in the money side of things. Don't recommend.
Billy woolgar
Billy woolgar: I called to volunteer but no answer, any services that help animals get 5 stars from me.
Paula Mcallister
Paula Mcallister: Adopted a dog recently the animal helpline dog rescue , we could let be happier they were so lovely and all the dogs are very well looked after and loved so much by all the staff , we would recommend anyone looking to offer a forever home to lil fur baby then this is the place ! Thank you to everyone there
Paul D
Paul D: Excellent little charity who have alot of love for every dog thay comes into their care.
John Milbank
John Milbank: Very friendly, professional and caring people. A great place and very worthy of support.
Margaret Bradford
Margaret Bradford: They are doing a wonderful job against really hard times
Wendy Barney
Wendy Barney: Really helpful with ple in dogs. Wish this illness didnt exsist. Really helpful info thankyou
Si Gillan
Si Gillan: They do a wonderful job in removing dogs

4. Werrington Vets - City of Peterborough

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123 reviews
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Werrington Vets
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Address: Unit 2 Brookfield Trade Park, 1210 Lincoln Rd, Peterborough PE4 6LA, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Wed

Telephone: +44 1733 977200

Business type: Veterinarian

Werrington Vets: what do users think?
David Harman
David Harman: First visit run smoothly, staff very friendly, premises spotlessBeen a couple times now dogs were relaxed & the vet knowledgeable
Luke Kane
Luke Kane: Friendly and helpful staff
Mandie Morgan
Mandie Morgan: Excellent vets, Friendly helpful staff
Barry Wright
Barry Wright: Highly recommend Nikos and his team, our Dog was very poorly and looked like we were going to lose him at one point-looks like he’ll be around for a few more years thanks to these guys, we can’t thank them enough.
Bridget Cramp
Bridget Cramp: First time taking my cat for his booster and everyone was so helpful, welcoming and friendly. Love the separate section for cats and the consultation room was roomy.
Martin Buchan
Martin Buchan: Excellent professional service
Zoe Law
Zoe Law: Welcoming. Sparkly clean and very friendly.
Jessica Davies
Jessica Davies: This is by far the best veterinary practice that we have used. The costs are very good, especially if part of the membership. The receptionists on the phone are always extremely helpful and kind as well as understanding. The vets are super and always explain things very clearly and obviously care a lot about the animals, we never feel rushed and are given all of the information we need to make informed decisions. The nurses and assistants all appear to love the pets and care for them as if they're their own. Here, I know that my Sylvie is always getting the best care possible.
Jay Penniall
Jay Penniall: Fantastic vets. Really friendly and welcoming.
nicola smith
nicola smith: Very friendly and welcoming practice
It's me
It's me: great vets they care alot about the animals they treat
Jayne R
Jayne R: Two words... The Best!I wrote this review a while back and to me, after visiting again today, it still is the best vets in Peterborough.
J H: I have only been registered with Werrington Vets for a few months and I have to say that I'm very pleased I did. Everyone is so friendly, caring and lovely to speak to. They do really care. Another big advantage, from my own personal point of view, are the opening hours and ease of parking. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend and have done! 😊
miss C
miss C: Worst ever vets, please do not take your beautiful pet there, they are horrible. From the manager down to the staff. 1st I found a lovely bird on the motorway and took it there for care and to be released, I have a cat, so I couldn't take it home! I needed reassuring that bird will be OK. I was told by the vet that they are not there as revivals! I was shocked by that comment. Then time for my cat to get it's booster I was told my cat will not get a booster unless I pay upfront! Bearing in mind I had an insurance policy with them that the whole year direct debits was taken without fail. When I spoke to the manager about it, she said well you missed an appointment in August, so you have to pay a deposit or else you cat gets nothing. The appointment I missed was in August 2021, which was rebooted and attended. This deposit statement was made in October 2022. Over a year later. My cat was then abandoned with no care what so ever! When I complained the manager herself said to me, well our waiting list is huge so you can leave if you want. I was forced to cancel the policy! Now my cat has missed her yearly booster . Please guys if you want good and respectful care for your animal, try elsewhere. Werrington vets have not a single soul in them for animals. They are only there to get paid! Get a wage! And not for the love of vulnerable animals. I love my pet, I don't even cage it at all. My cat is a simple loving cat, when ever I get there to get jabs, I'd get a vet to come with a pet carrier tobtake her in. But by the time she get given back to me, I see an angry cat. I literally have to coax her to eat and drink with alot of petting. Only God knows how she was treated while in their care.Despite all this, I have been very happy to leave Werrington vets. Awful place . A friend of mine told me she took her pet there for a general check up and their dog came out limping. Had a fractured foot. And the vets said they don't know what happened.**and ofcourse, a reply to justify the maltreatment** JUST WOW**Missing an appointment isn't a crime! Many people have emergencies or unfortunate circumstances which can cause a missed appointment, that's does not mean werrington vets should crucify the customer and let the pet suffer the consequences. My kids were sick! And I and my cat had to basically be dealt with accordingly by werrington vet. The worst bit is **I had to be dealt with a whole year plus later!*** one thing is, atleast you did not deny everything I have left for many to see! You are just purely a horrible practice. And looking down at other reviews, I am not the only one.
Cathy Thomson
Cathy Thomson: Lovely vets!
Kerrie Bonnar
Kerrie Bonnar: Previously at another vets but changed to werrington vets after hearing how good they are and not dissappointed. Nikos soo caring and attentive with our dogs. They are honest and all a lovely team. For anyone considering coming here it is well worth being on the waiting list.
Moira Lester
Moira Lester: Always great service and lovely staff. Wouldn't take my dog anywhere else.
Eva Vaishle
Eva Vaishle: Best vets in Peterborough!Can’t thank these vets enough, we had to wait for couple of months to get accepted and I can say that it’s all worth the wait ! My dog had ligament rapture which was a stressful moment for us and I can say that werrington vets have been amazing all the way through. They alway know what they doing and saying. With werrington vets I can be sure that my pet is in a safe hands.
Kornelija Bružaitė
Kornelija Bružaitė: Hands down the best Vet (Nikos) and vet clinic in the UK!!!!
Chantelle Gilson
Chantelle Gilson: Our cat Tuna recently passed away and the practice were amazing. We are breeders and we are often faced with vets who are judgemental about what we do. However, at Werrington vets we were treated with respect and empathy. We couldn’t have asked for a better place for our darling girl to spend her last moments. I want to thank the team for doing everything they could to try and save her and moving so swiftly and efficiently.
Sarah Ashley
Sarah Ashley: We have just moved to Werrington Vets. We have been so impressed with the service and level of care received from every member of staff. Mylo had an operation there yesterday (as you can imagine we were worried cat parents). The team put us at ease explained everything, answers all questions, so we were in no doubt of what was going to happen and how they would be monitoring his health. When op had finished and Mylo had started to come round in recovery. The vet called us to let us know how he was and how it went. When we collected him the vet was once again really helpful even giving links to website ect to help him more in the future.Everyone was so helpful and had Mylo’s health as their priority.Thank you again.

5. Three Counties Dog Rescue - Bourne CP

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178 reviews
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Three Counties Dog Rescue
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Address: 37 Spalding Rd, Bourne, PE10 0AU, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open until 4:00 PM

Telephone: +44 7708 589792

Business type: Pet boarding service

Three Counties Dog Rescue: what do users think?
Howard Wharfe
Howard Wharfe: Be patient when contacting very busy charity.l have just adopted my second dog from TCR discust the type of dog l wanted with Gill she suggested Dilly a border terrier she has turned out exactly what l wanted after a few months thought it would be nice for her to have a friend went to Gill again after a couple of meetings with her suggestion took a westie x home what a successful friendship thanks to Gill and all the staff you do a wonerfull job for your animals and back up service BRILLIANT
jane willmott
jane willmott: Look after the dogs very well
Katrina Edney
Katrina Edney: My husband & I just want to thank Gyll & the team at Three Counties for Toffee our fabulous Springer Spaniel that we adopted on 3rd December. Toffee is the second dog we have adopted from Three Counties and he joins his big sister Izzy our wonderful German Shepherd Cross who came to us in September 2018. Ive seen some reviews which criticised phone response times, people not getting the dog they wanted or the adoption process. We've had rescue dogs from other small dog rescues & the adoption process is very similiar. Firstly TC main focus is where it should be - on the dog and finding the right home. We went having some ideas of what we thought we wanted, but basically left it up to TC - they know their dogs the best. We kept ourselves open and as a result we now have our beautiful boy Toffee. Also the home trial process is a key part of making sure we are the right fit for the dog & he for us. Its a sensible & responsible way to check things will work. The home check again very important to ensure its right for the dog's needs. As for communication issues. We were anxious they knew we definitely wanted Toffee so contacted several times. But we also knew they were busy. Their goal is to rehome so they can help the next poor dog being given into their care. If you dont hear back from them straight away, its because they are dealing with a workload most of us would buckle under. So they need adopters to be patient & understanding. All in all Gyll & the team do a fabulous job. Thank you guys so much for Toffee & Izzy. You are pretty amazing. Katrina & Andrew Edney
Lāsma Šepetovska
Lāsma Šepetovska: The staff have no clue how to greet a dog or anything, don’t bring your dog here because it is a massive mess here , all dogs are stressed out like mad, barking and crying all the time, going crazy inside the kennels! UNPROFESSIONAL and really bad
Steve Wallace
Steve Wallace: Lovely people here doing a real honour for unwanted pets in these troubling times, I would give them a suitcase of cash if I won the lottery!!
Merryl Smith
Merryl Smith: Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Lots of parking and easy to find. Staff genuinely put the care and welfare of the animals first.
Bridget Sanders
Bridget Sanders: Put my dog with these lovely people as an over night boarder. She loved it .
Tina Johnson
Tina Johnson: We have just adopted our wonderful dog from Three Counties dog rescue who have a team of fabulous people who give kindness, love and care to the animals who come into their care. The process of adoption is designed to ensure animals like our lady have a safe, caring and happy home to go to and offer continued support after adoption completion.
Earl King
Earl King: Very nice staff
CLARE MAINSTONE: Three Counties ReviewWe had seen ‘Roxi’ on the Three Counties website and were impressed with the description that Gyll had put with her and decided that she could be the girl for us.Gyll had written: “Roxi is a super friendly and affectionate girl. She knows all her basic manners and will sit very nicely for treats. She is very gentle. Roxi is a very pretty girl with the most incredible markings on her brindle coat.”This description was so accurate and we were impressed with Gyll’s vetting procedure to ensure the home ‘Roxi’ went to was suitable. A dog’s wellbeing is uppermost in Gyll’s mind so she is diligent in matching a dog with a new owner, home, family and circumstances. We did not mind this at all. We would have done the same thing. Whist in their care, dogs at Three Counties are given individual consideration and training to understand and improve any anxieties they may have.We adopted ‘Roxi’ in January and after changing her name to Briseis (we call her Bree) we are so pleased with her. She soon fell into a routine and quickly became part of the family. She recognised which was her chair ...and the sofa… and the other chairs, loves to walk with us over the fields around Stamford and adores car journeys. She came equipped with the ‘sit’ command but soon responded to paw, lie down, wait and comes to the whistle – most times. She will do anything for a treat. Her favourite game is to bring us a knotted rope for a game of ‘tug’.There are so many lovely dogs at Three Counties that need homes. Please do not be put off by big dogs, as with any dog, you need to be patient and consistent in their training. Bree is big but far more gentle than some smaller vocal dogs we often meet. She is excellent with all other dogs and people. She just stands and stares at them. When in the countryside Bree hopes other dogs will play chase with her. At home she sleeps a lot. When we went away for a couple of days to a dog friendly hotel, she was allowed in the restaurant with us. We took her cushion and she curled up and went to sleep. Even then she attracted attention as her snoring was so loud the other diners thought it was hilarious.Bree was described as a mastiff cross. We call her a ‘tri-mix’ as she visually has a mastiff body, a Great Dane head and Staffy legs. Her brindle coat attracts favourable comments from nearly every other dog-owner we meet. The whole family and their dogs love her.So thank you Gyll, Tony, Helena and team for taking such good care of her and making her available to us.Would we recommend Three Counties? We certainly would.
Sharon Harding
Sharon Harding: I phoned recently to enquire about Sydney, a standard dachshund at TCDR. I spoke to Tony (?) who asked if I had had dachshunds before, as they can be very particular. I said no, whereupon the conversation was cut very short. He asked me nothing else and therefore had no idea whether I had experience of other dogs or could provide all the time, environment and training needed to develop a loving, well behaved pet. I didn't phone on a whim and have thought long and hard about the pros and cons of adopting a dog, having discussed it at length with my partner. I felt like I'd been told off! I hope their dogs do find loving homes but sadly I won't be contacting TCDR again.
Christa Lawrence
Christa Lawrence: We have recently adopted a rescue dog from Three Counties Dog Rescue and have had a very positive experience throughout. The Rescue staff were very open and clear on any issues this middle-aged lady has - we are quietly working through these - and she has settled in so well she has very quickly become the part of our family we hoped she would. There was no pressure at all to take a dog and, indeed, the emphasis is on finding a suitable home for an individual animal rather than just a home to move it on. Our background and experience was taken into account and our home checked - and anyone with a genuine wish to give an animal a good home should welcome this focus. The staff are patient, knowledgeable and compassionate and clearly want the best for the animals who come into their care. I would recommend this Rescue to anyone who wishes to give an animal a good and loving home for the remainder of its days. Please note - they rescue animals other than solely dogs so please take a look!
Christina Lee
Christina Lee: Tried to get my dog in to board at their boarding kennels rang up and booked him in, rang up day before dropping him off to make sure they understood he was a large and very nervous and anxious dog and advised how best to deal with him by taking him off me straight away and that he would be fine once away from me. Pulled up to drop him off and was left waiting with him in the car becoming very anxious, agitated and barking. To then go inside to fill out paperwork and answer question to get half way through filling out the paperwork to be told they wouldn't take him because he may be aggressive. Now I understand you have to protect the staff that work there but he wasn't given a chance the lady had made her mind up from the moment she saw him barking in the car. Also you are a rescue so surely you have experience of handling and caring for nervous and anxious dogs if only you had followed my advice and given him a fair chance. Came away all stressed and broke down and cried because of poor service and unfair treatment, I'm sure if you were shut in a hot confined space you would be anxious and agitated too!As a response to Three Counties bringing into the review that my dog has to be muzzled to go to the vets and that they used a towel to cover his eyes to administer his last vaccine, which I might add was kennel cough so has to go up his nose, this was to keep him calm and not make him too nervous not because he is aggressive which is what Three Counties are implying and I am sure I'm not the only one who muzzles my dog to go to the vets it does not mean he is aggressive!
karen spearing
karen spearing: Three Counties Dog Rescue show so much love and care to the dogs they are sheltering with the dogs receiving all the veterinary care they need. They have a great adoption process which ensures you and the dog are a good match and which allows time for you and your dog to get to know each other before completing the adoption. I would highly recommend adopting a dog from this lovely shelter.
Sparkes Richardson
Sparkes Richardson: Would highly recommend. We have recently adopted from here. The staff are extremely knowledgeable and helpful, they truly care for their dogs and are keen in finding the right match for dog & owner. Thank you all, for all you do for dogs, Tim and Debi
Pip Andrews
Pip Andrews: We rescued his gorgeous pup from 3 Counties in April 2022. The care and consideration they gave to making sure we were the right home for this beautiful boy went above and beyond. The work they do, mainly all volunteers, is so vital to make sure these rescue dogs get a second chance at a loving home. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to give a rescue dog a good home
I am “NIGHTMARE 7860” No one
I am “NIGHTMARE 7860” No one: Took my black german shepherd straight away I just hope he finds a new home fast I miss him very much but the staff were very delighted that a excellent dog they have received
David Rook
David Rook: I’m posting this through my partners account and I want others to be aware of this.I had politely called up to enquire about arranging an appointment to see some adopted cats to choose to take home. The lady I spoke to on the phone straight away was obnoxious and rude for no reason! Gave up wanting to book in an appointment due to the poor customer service 👎🏻
samantha finch
samantha finch: I phoned twice about a dog on the website, first I got a man who was very rude and abrupt, stated the dog already has a viewing, nothing more, no taking detail incase it fell through so I tryed again today and spoke to a lady who, shot me down straight away because I live 4 miles further than there 50mile rule. Wouldnt even consider me picking up the home checker from 'X' miles out...very rude! And if u wanted to help dogs out of kennel life surely that rule could be bent alittle. Its a shame because I've been searching for the perfect dog for me for 6 years looking for a certain breed and age without going to a puppy farm!. Whoever gets levi rotti/boxerFind me of it doesn't work out thanks
Sheila Sale
Sheila Sale: I have just adopted my third dog from Three Counties. The first a little Jack Russell died in November 2020 with cancer. She was with us for five wonderful years. My second dog had been used for hare coursing and was not an easy boy, but with the help of the rescue I persevered and he has now been with us five years today. Last Saturday we adopted our third dog. A beautiful Cairn cross West Highland Terrier. The rescue are so helpful in every way. They make sure all their dogs go to good homes and I would recommend them to anybody thinking of adopting a dog.
vicky evans
vicky evans: Tried to arrange meeting a couple of the dogs for a while now, saw a new dog added who sounded perfect for us, we rang to see if we could arrange to meet him, answered the questions asked to then be told they are quite busy and to ring the next day, we rang bang on 9am to avoid disappointment to be asked ring an hour later, we did, left a message tried again left another message then tried a 3rd time to be told we couldn't see the dog as he already had another appointment.Why ask someone to call back, if you have someone ring first then surely that person should be responded to, very disappointing I understand rescues are busy but we are a loving couple who have a lot to offer and can provide excellent care for a dog, we have been trying to arrange a viewing with this rescue for so long we have given up sadly I understand the right home is paramount but it seems easier to adopt a child, we feel if the communication and telephone manner was better and we felt they were honest then we would try again but if someone rings just be polite say there is alot of interest in a dog and just say we are not right for you and then we wouldn't feel like we are being a burden in trying to offer a loving home.I wish you all the best in rehoming your dogs I just wish we got the chance to show what we could offer or at least felt like they where bothered.

6. Medivet Peterborough Bretton - Bretton

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118 reviews
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Medivet Peterborough Bretton
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Address: Hedley House House, Rightwell E, Peterborough PE3 8DJ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Wed

Telephone: +44 1733 333444

Business type: Veterinarian

Medivet Peterborough Bretton: what do users think?
Eduard Vinti
Eduard Vinti: a grade 10 staff
Colin Jones
Colin Jones: Our cat went in for her yearly jabs, come out very stressed and a claw missing.She has not yet recovered from her visit.We are looking for another vet for next year.
Craig Keeble
Craig Keeble: My cat Lexi died and they gave me some advice
Darron Dodd
Darron Dodd: Can not praise the whole team enough , from the front of house team to the veterinarians, friendly and informative . My dog Toby looks forward to going there and meeting the team despite coming out with metal in his joints.
Carly Pearson
Carly Pearson: Extremely friendly atmosphere and very helpful staff - they couldn't have done more to answer my questions.
Izabela Odrobinska
Izabela Odrobinska: Wspanialy doktor o wielkim sercu pomogl fosterowi pelny profesjonalizm I dobra opieka Polecam z calego serca
Cheryl Parker-Smith
Cheryl Parker-Smith: Beautiful vets everyone was so friendly, really felt like they cared deeply about my dog and supporting me also. Wonderful experience highly recommended!
collette f
collette f: Pets can tell you alot about people. Our cat was very comfortable and happy in the practice and with the vet during his appointment. This vet was recommended to me and I can see why.
Megan ES
Megan ES: I have always been extremely pleased with the service provided by Medivet at Bretton. All staff are very caring and act in the best interest of the pets and very good people skills also.
Soph Bear
Soph Bear: Critical:Professionalism,Quality,Reliability,Responsiveness,Value
Benita Mclachlan
Benita Mclachlan: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Reliability,Responsiveness,Value
Nikki Desborough
Nikki Desborough: Positive:Professionalism,Quality
Olivia B.
Olivia B.: The Vet it self is perfect, but reception.. I don't know how to describe.. people who don't know what they do, second appoitment that we apparently didn't booked, even if I have 2 remider messages about my appoitments. Dog has hip problem and it's in pain and now 3rd week we can't see vet and now we have to wait for next appoitment another 2 weeks.Please can receptionists get a proper trainings, because it's continues issue and all the time because of the reception and all you could hear '' we really sorry'' sorry will not going to heal the dog.
Samantha Chazan
Samantha Chazan: Amazing vet, would definitely recommend!
Martyn Moore
Martyn Moore: Susan and Pedro are very good, caring vets and the nurses and reception staff are friendly and helpful.
Paul Hughes
Paul Hughes: Awesome practice and a really great service. The vet even remembered my cat from a previous practice she worked at. (Probably because he split her fingernail in two, but that’s another story!)
Storm (Stormtrooper)
Storm (Stormtrooper): Excellent service polite staff, have always been very well looked after.
Goncalo Falcao
Goncalo Falcao: Positive:Quality,Responsiveness
carrie-anne King
carrie-anne King: Excellent staff, very knowledgeable veterinarians, my cats have always had the best care at medivet surgery, I like that there is a seperate area for cats and dogs
Limara Chandler
Limara Chandler: Brilliant vets, the vet was so good with my puppy she didn't even feel her vaccination, I think I'm safe to safe she would be happy to go back 😊
Sarah Oates
Sarah Oates: We were recommended Medivet at Bretton by multiple colleagues when we became pet owners and we are so grateful to have found such a caring, professional and knowledgeable practice. Our pet's routine care (vaccinations, flea/tick/worming treatment) is organised and efficient. When we have had emergencies they have been kind, caring, informative and effective with treatment. Our pet has always been treated with such love and care that they get excited when we arrive, even when they're sick. The staff, from the receptionists to the surgeons, are wonderful; kind, patient, happy to advise and real experts that we trust and would recommend to anyone.

7. Denford Edge Boarding Kennels - Denford

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53 reviews
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Denford Edge Boarding Kennels
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Address: 135 Denford Rd, Thrapston, Kettering NN14 4FS, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +44 1832 734335

Business type: Kennel

8. Jerry Green Dog Rescue - Algarkirk CP

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100 reviews
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Jerry Green Dog Rescue
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Address: Marsh Ln, Boston, PE20 2BB, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 1:30 PM

Telephone: +44 1205 260546

Business type: Dog day care center

9. RSPCA - Whittlesey

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8 reviews
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Address: 1 Blunt's Ln, Whittlesey, Peterborough PE7 1AH, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open until 4:00 PM

Telephone: +44 1733 203363

Business type: Thrift store

10. RSPCA - Market Deeping CP

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5 reviews
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Address: 9 The Precincts, Market Deeping, Peterborough PE6 8DL, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open until 4:00 PM

Telephone: +44 1778 380551

Business type: Thrift store

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