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1. Northampton College - Northampton

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Northampton College
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Address: Booth Ln N, Northampton, NN3 3RF, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM Mon

Telephone: +44 1604 734567

Business type: College

Northampton College: what do users think?
Mike Day
Mike Day: I have just finished Level 1 MIG Welding as an Evening class, I must thank Anthony and Oscar for their patience throughout the Course, I enjoyed the class very much (my eyesight issues made me quite a difficult pupil).
habibi midrolled you
habibi midrolled you: my child was bullied for being white and teachers did nothing about it and would rate it a 0 stars if it was a possibility.
Hayley musson
Hayley musson: I started my course in September and had to have some time after due to a very bad mental health conditjen tutor was not helpful when back for one class and explained what happened then I was off sick and she's now withdrawn me from the course.
Lyla Smith
Lyla Smith: Awful communication
Ahmed K. Moustafa
Ahmed K. Moustafa: The canteen food is great and they make several dishes over the week. The canteen staff are friendly and hardworking. I liked the lamb keema dish a lot.
Raihan Kuddus
Raihan Kuddus: Unorganised every lesson
Kazzy_Lmao: Decent facilities, close to 2 other schools, still supports JK Rowling for some reason and doesn't offer school buses for students like me who live miles away and can't afford taxis
Sandra Hunt
Sandra Hunt: The food was amazing I know the service has it's moments but the students are there to learn so just remember that also new term so new experience for them too. Have never had a bad meal here I have to say top restaurant quality food.
hiphop heron
hiphop heron: Experienced racism and hate from students. Friendly staff but toxic environment. Felt it was all about Money rather than genuine education. Wouldn't entertain even as a last resort.
Natalie X
Natalie X: Unorganised don’t treat students properly quality of teaching is awful
Chris Ims
Chris Ims: Very nice food , and considering its students learning very good , however seemed to be no real urgency about the place , the manager vince seemed to be rushed off his feet doing 3/4 different jobs at any time , the murder mystery event was awesome
Jocelyn Hawkins
Jocelyn Hawkins: Great place with lots of variety for students everyone really friendly
Callum Harrison
Callum Harrison: Decent place of education but they close the canteen at 11 am which i find shocking.
Andy Maidment
Andy Maidment: I'm studying for being a level two professional chef
Bill Pearson
Bill Pearson: A group of us were there for a Xmas lunch (9/12/21) cooked and supplied by the catering students (but overseen by watchful staff). Generally the food was excellent as was the service by the students. A few grumbles about vegetables being luke warm and main courses not served at the same time and having to watch other guests eat. The price for the quality of food and its presentation was exceptional value. Many commercial restaurants we have been to would not score 8/10 as the marks we gave here
roblox fan
roblox fan: bad moving on corse, ( was bullied and the class mates where rude and inappropriate. the staff never knew what was going on half the time and ended up leaving I do not recommend this corse. yet alone ambers taxi contract that they have/had.
Richard Keenan
Richard Keenan: We went to the open day and what we experienced so far is that all the staff we met were very polite and friendly. Everything we asked about they answered and gave use more information that we didn't know. My daughter was very impressed and I think she has made her mind up about where she will be going in September
Craig Mckirdy
Craig Mckirdy: Cancelled my sons football course the Friday before he was due to start on the Monday. He was attending pre course training and was told then. No official communication from the college. We had to contact them. Hundreds of pounds spent on kit etc. Thanks for the stress.
Elliot Dunmore
Elliot Dunmore: It is so educational better than friars
Wesley “Aston” Waldron
Wesley “Aston” Waldron: Excellent place⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
krishanna robinson
krishanna robinson: This is for the adult English GCSE course. My tutor was fantastic! Which of course made the whole thing thoroughly enjoyable. Building was a nice big, clean building and staff were always helpful and polite. A wonderful experience in all and I cant wait to return to do my GCSE maths.

2. University of Northampton - Northampton

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University of Northampton
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Address: Waterside Campus, University Dr, Northampton NN1 5PH, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +44 300 303 2772

Business type: University

University of Northampton: what do users think?
Nidhin Antony
Nidhin Antony: One of the best universities in the United Kingdom. Good infrastructure and teaching faculties, great efforts from management and students. Good ambience. placement programs are happening there. Celebrations and gatherings for students also arranged.
Aravind S
Aravind S: One of the best Universities in Northampton with plethora of courses to cater with the growing demands of the market.
Jaison Sebastian
Jaison Sebastian: 😘❤️❤️❤️
P. W.
P. W.: Cenzorship of Orwell‘s 1984? Really?!
Mr Bungle
Mr Bungle: Watched my friend go from hopeful and positive at the prospect of uni and a career he wants, to quitting his uni course halfway and now feeling like killing himself. Thanks University of Northampton, thanks a bunch..
Sospeter A. Kedogo
Sospeter A. Kedogo: Great experience, awesome facilities and the staff are really friendly.
Habibullah B
Habibullah B: Super
Wouter van' t Klooster
Wouter van' t Klooster: Nice new campus. Pleasant place to study.
nkiruka okonkwo
nkiruka okonkwo: It's interesting. Beautiful scenes.
Hayley Bright
Hayley Bright: Hi, I am midway through my course in Film, Media and Television studies and I'm regretting it a lot. They treat you nicely in the first year but right after that they seem cold and uncaring towards you.I've been struggling to attend due to the train strikes and I've received no support or sympathy from them for it. There was one instance I was not informed via any communication that my lecturer was attending a strike so I travelled over just to find out from someone else it is cancelled. They don't consider people who can't afford accommodation and have to travel.The workload is insane and I feel like I'm being drained dry of mental capacity. This has been killing any passion I had left for this subject and I realise I would've been better off going straight to work after compulsory education. I'm now going to be in thousands of debt for an experience I would never take again.Really hope it gets better from here but I feel like it would be better to rely on yourself to get the job you want someday rather than have a uni put you through this. It's a shame.
Parameswari Rahul
Parameswari Rahul: Nice campus ... Small restaurant is available inside the campus
Jim Potter
Jim Potter: Lovely relatively brand new campus with great facilities. So different to the old. Worthy place for conferences
Shezz Muhammad
Shezz Muhammad: Brilliant day at son's graduation. Facilities were 5 star and staff were very helpful
Tomasz Pierlak
Tomasz Pierlak: Świetnie umiejscowiony. Bardzo mi się podoba
Pinky Pie
Pinky Pie: I would not recommend this university to my worst enemy. They are disorganised, communication is very poor and there is no accountability. We graduated late compared to other universities and 2 months after finishing our course we are still waiting for our Pins. The University has committed a string of mistakes, has not once taken proper responsibility, does not inform students of what is going on and we, students, have to find out by third parties. Go elsewhere and protect your mental health.
Rameez Ali Syed
Rameez Ali Syed: Very unprofessional, International students are not welcome here, they will treat like you are from a very lower background, Called 3 times to get some information the girl which refuse to give me the name with a Chinese accent, Rudely said go to the website and everything is there and hang up my call and she did that 3 times, called to the complaints department she is not ready to listen all she claims you dialled the wrong department and I asked her okay give me the right department number and the call went straight to the same lady, so they all gang up promoting the wrong culture inside the uni and unfortunately no one is there to say wrong to wrong doing, if the management is like this then I can imagine what kind of education is been provided there.
Vincent Adegoke
Vincent Adegoke: Nice and neat environment. Both the staff and students are supportive, friendly and helpful.
Darryl Walker
Darryl Walker: Help my daughter move into her accommodation today. Smart clean looking modern university, well organised and a well thought out campus.
Maria Moran
Maria Moran: Fabulous new campus. Open to the public, apart from the lectures. Highly recommend going and making use of their facilities
Chidi Ugochukwu
Chidi Ugochukwu: Lovely Serene environment

3. Moulton College - Moulton

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70 reviews
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Moulton College
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Address: West St, Moulton, Northampton NN3 7RR, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Mon

Telephone: +44 1604 491131

Business type: College

Moulton College: what do users think?
Obioma Cynthia Okolo
Obioma Cynthia Okolo: Lovely School, would recommend it to families looking for school for their kid(s)
Andrew Collis-Smith
Andrew Collis-Smith: Sunday horse show.... Arrived and no parking for horses, hundreds of cars taking all the parking allocated for trailers and 3.5 trucks, finally parked trailer in the hgv park, but still only enough parking for holding a small pony rally....Got down to the warm up arena.... No staff present....a rider fell in the warm up arena, no staff, no first aid, Whole thing totally disorganised, would recommend giving this venue a miss.... Unorganised shambles!!
Sarah B
Sarah B: Seemed great before course started, however the course is very demanding and there is very little support for this, or mental health issues. Also parents are not notified of abscences until student is about to be rsmoved from course. Administration and pastoral care really needs urgently looking at.
jenn impey
jenn impey: Brilliant college, fantastic support, great experience.
Sabine Martin
Sabine Martin: Very good education. My autistic daughter is doing the Animal Welfare Course. They are caring and supportive.
FAZE RAVEN: We had received my girlfriends welcome pack and her bursary forms along with her PPE informing that she has been accepted into a level 2 course in September. I have spoke to her course Lecture and she is saying that she hasn’t been accepted because of her attendance.Her attendance was low because at the start of the year she didn’t get her timetable for maths and that deducted a lot of her attendance. She also did some hours of work experience but the college took no consideration with helping her with her mental health and everything that she had to go through with work replacement, the course managers was completely unacceptable. I think I did more work then the college with trying to help her with the situations that the college failed to produce.She had high hopes in September too carry on with a new experience at the college but the college failed to help her and gave her wrong information.
Ryan Dunn
Ryan Dunn: Welcoming and friendly
georgina azevedo
georgina azevedo: Very friendly and helpful. The college is in a beautiful surroundings
Pete Wood
Pete Wood: Beautiful setting and surrounding, absolutely ideal environment for learning.
Sally Bertram-Gregory
Sally Bertram-Gregory: Great sharing thoughts and experiences with other students and the teacher 🙂 as a mature student I'm so happy I went back into education and definitely and an incredible place 😊 people just need to be in the learning frame of mind to embrace college/uni 🙂
Richard Still
Richard Still: Loved it
Jesus: Terrible, would not recommend.I was studying Animal Care and, while that stream of learning is demanding, there was an overwhelming amount of assignments, along with work experience and commercial experience in college, these were impossible to complete simultaneously.On top of this, there was a lack of organisation regarding where to find documents, information and lessons were sometimes entirely cancelled due to staff meetings, COVID and some unauthorised absences of the lecturer.Staff - Very rude and unorganised. Lecturers would not respond to emails regarding help, but would discipline without taking responsibility on their behalf even though they were in the wrong, no apologies whatsoever. In general, most lecturers had a terrible attitude towards the class, sometimes targeted but mostly to the entire class, leaving the learning environment feeling hostile and making it difficult to reach out for help.Curriculum - I, and some of my peers were unaware that there would be a business aspect in this course. All peers, when asked: "is anybody interested in starting their own business?" replied with no. This business aspect could have been optional or a lesson but not with assignments considering, in my case, my lecturer constantly flaked on the lessons and would not tell us where to go.There were also events on our days off (or when people were supposed to be completing their work experience) where we would have to stay home on call for hours listening to career choices which had mostly nothing to do with our course on a few occasions. This time could have been used to complete the colossal amount of work given. Also if you didn't attend, even though the calls were irrelevant, (I sat through them all, so I can confirm this) you would constantly be alerted and move up the disciplinary ladder.Mental health - when joining this course, everyone was assured that the college was supportive of mental health but did not live up to their word. A particular lecturer would jump to conclusions, humiliate you infront of your peers by pointing you out and isolating you from the class during lessons. They did not pull you aside to talk.Other lecturers were reluctant to help other students for no reason, this links back to the isolating too as a select group of people would have the lecturer the entire lesson leaving the rest confused, bored and struggling because we don't learn as much as the rest.
biggs682 Biggs
biggs682 Biggs: A great local landmark
ArchieFTW: Awful college Went for 2 years and the staff are rude n don't support u at all don't teach you stuff they just expect you to know it
Robert Jobling
Robert Jobling: Great place to study
Philip Smith
Philip Smith: Good collage lots of support when needed
Toni Marinova
Toni Marinova: My experience was great. The tutors cared for us and were so helpful. I was studying Level 2 Professional Bakery year 2018/2019. I had all the support I needed. Even for personal issues. I would definitely recommend. The college is beautiful , not to forget . Honestly I had such a lovely time there. My tutors were Clare, Steve and Katie, forgive me if I have not mention someone else but all of you are great and I miss you.
Poppy Dale
Poppy Dale: Amazing hockey facility and the college is amazing I have been eating there recently and they are brilliant
Samantha Robbins
Samantha Robbins: I have reviewed my own review as my matter was dealt with swiftly.Had quite a few issues with Moulton but in general it is a good college. A few improvements by a few staff and it would be very good.
Daniel Davies
Daniel Davies: I like moulton college about 2 year ago but now im do highter education that is not good for me
Steve Doyle
Steve Doyle: Be very careful if you sign up for an online course to read the small print. I signed up for a course, got COVID and then LONG COVID and can no longer meet their ‘timescales’ for completion. I can’t remember seeing the small print or any contract as I bought the course via Reed employment. Devil and the deep blue sea- can’t finish, can’t pay the £140 they are wanting. Be careful your circumstances don’t change through no fault of your own.

4. British Red Cross First Aid Training - Northampton

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11 reviews
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British Red Cross First Aid Training
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Address: Hatton Cl, Moulton Park Industrial Estate, Moulton Park, Northampton, NN3 6SU, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Mon

Telephone: +44 344 871 8000

Business type: Training centre

British Red Cross First Aid Training: what do users think?
Julia Spence
Julia Spence: Training night for us.
Anthony Brigden
Anthony Brigden: Super.
Nick H
Nick H: Best first aid course I have been on.
dave newman
dave newman: Spot on
Andy Hill
Andy Hill: Fun and informative day.
John Dawson
John Dawson: Training centre for first aid courses
Damian Carr
Damian Carr: Received some very helpful First Aid training. Professional and engaging.

5. Amazon Hub Locker - Scalf - Northampton

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2 reviews
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Amazon Hub Locker - Scalf
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Address: Morrisons, 26 Victoria Promenade, Northampton NN1 1HB, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +44 800 496 2459

Business type: Package locker

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