Best Trail Running Stores Northampton Near Me

1. JD Sports - Northampton

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JD Sports
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Address: 18 Abington St, Northampton, NN1 2AJ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +44 1604 239231

Business type: Sportswear store

JD Sports: what do users think?
Nicolae Diaconu
Nicolae Diaconu: Worst customer service I’ve ever seen, bought a pair of shoes from there and the guy who brought me the shoes was throwing that box all over the store and giving attitudes worse than a girl on her period, never coming back again and will never recommend to anyone.. although the product is lovely..
martin cole
martin cole: Staff kind of okay had to queue for a bit but that couldn't be helped
Robertas: One price on price label, another while paying on receipt. Cheating is not an option dealing with fair customers. Prices can not be changed after transaction and reasonable reports of wrong price labels should have compensation of price difference. Attempted to talk, no proper reaction to customer. Don’t recommend this unfair shop to others.
Mihai Marius
Mihai Marius: Team member Paola provided good customer service and she was really nice to me
D: I went into the store for a simple exchange as the coat I bought my son was faulty (splitting at a seam). The coat wasn't stocked any longer so fair play they have had to send it away to get examined by their head office for a refund. But getting to this decision was hard work, a black-haired lady behind the desk was patronising and displaying attitude the whole way through. It was completely unnecessary and uncomfortable.
450 Boyz
450 Boyz: Very rarely find anything I like in here Milton Keynes is better
Matt Bailey
Matt Bailey: Awful customer service and even worse that they use evri who steal parcels
Andrew Mcbride
Andrew Mcbride: Categorically the worst customer experience EVER, The staff are so rude, lazy, they just stand around thinking they look good! Thought it might just be my local branch but its the same everywhere I go, Take my hard earned cash elsewhere now
Mohit Bedi
Mohit Bedi: Good place to buy stuff but have limited options available.
Sarah King
Sarah King: Justin, was so patient and polite with my order I returned from offline and reordered the sizes I needed that were not available in store. Took a little while but he was more than happy to help made life a little easier rather than me getting a refund and reordering myself. Top customer service from this young man
Aravind S
Aravind S: Nice destination for footwear and clothingWent to buy shoes for my kid.Staff were very friendly and helping.
Tashan Palmer
Tashan Palmer: I wouldn’t call this shop King of trainers. There not a lot of trainers. This store is more Clothes
fatai jamiu
fatai jamiu: Quality sport designers and customer service representatives are also nice
Mo Akin
Mo Akin: Staff are extremely rude and unbothered by customers. Stand around talking when people need to be served. Customers of colour get awful service.
-james hodgson
-james hodgson: Slooooow service, like always.
Wayne St John
Wayne St John: Sports clothing shop
Nanammra Amoah
Nanammra Amoah: Nice I have ever been to
dope chef cookies
dope chef cookies: Very good and the staff are very helpful 👍
Laura López
Laura López: Not fitting room avaliable. Not solutions given to try clothes. What kind of clothes shop has not fitting room avaliable? That's so ridiculous. They have lost a costumer. Also, the put the prices up in some clothes like Nike pro ladies leggins on the original label it says 35 pounds, however the put a new sticker with 40 pounds price. Why are you doing that? Thats not allowed. If the original Nike label says 35 how you put a new label with 40 on it???
Brent North
Brent North: Never got size 12 trainers in men's never got XL men's clothes went there two three weeks ago didn't have my size went back today shop looked exactly the same it is a joke sports wear shop need something better in northfield
Graham Smith
Graham Smith: Good value.

2. Sports Direct - Northampton

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Sports Direct
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Address: 68/72 Abington St, Northampton, NN1 2AP, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +44 344 332 5293

Business type: Sportswear store

Sports Direct: what do users think?
Trevor Cawood
Trevor Cawood: Brilliant grabbed up some Karrimor items
martin cole
martin cole: Went to checkout some trainer prices was very happy with what l saw a friendly member of staff was helpful
Paul Dicks
Paul Dicks: So today I decided to purchase a new badminton racket. I queried what thought to be an incorrect price. The label I thought said 50% off and the price of the racket with discount was £29.99, yet the original price was £49.99! However it was pointed out to me very quickly by a member of staff it states ‘up to’50% off - Sales Ploy! Sports Direct stop trying to mislead your customers by putting ‘up to’ in the smallest print possible. Needless to say I bought the cheaper racket that was the same RRP but did have the 50% off. Can you see the ‘UP TO’ ?
Ezeador Isaiah
Ezeador Isaiah: The store is well stocked with assorted sports wear with affordable price 👌
Nanammra Amoah
Nanammra Amoah: Nice place to do your sports shopping
Sarah-Jane Joseph
Sarah-Jane Joseph: Bought new rucksack..nice price
brian marshall
brian marshall: Been a little while since I've been here went straight into the women's section whoops
Steven Kemp
Steven Kemp: Expensive
Guy Marshall
Guy Marshall: Appalling service. Although the lady in the shop who served me was both frieny and helpful the till service was dreadful. It may ha e escaped the notice of the young ladies on the tills but when a customer presents themselves with goods and card they are meant to stop talking to each other or in one case blowing up foofballs and serve them. I don't like bad service and left the goods at the till. Returned home and purchased what I wanted online, and at a better price. At least my visit wasn't waisted, I know the size I want! Maybe they need telling that their jobs depend on serving customers.......
brackets thepolicefan
brackets thepolicefan: I remember when sportsdirect use to have good stuff and was cheaper.
Ana Maria Eremia
Ana Maria Eremia: Muy caro todo😢
Steve O'Hara
Steve O'Hara: Nice layout improvements here recently
Bf Gb
Bf Gb: Always good brands range for budget prices.
Mihai Sora
Mihai Sora: They said changing rooms, but there is only one…and this only one was filthy as you can see from the pictures…there are very few mirrors across the shop so you can’t really try anything on. I would personally try to avoid moving forward.
Michal Ciszewski
Michal Ciszewski: A bit wierd that they dont let you carry your shoes to the till...
Merlin George
Merlin George: Got what I needed, but the wait to get to speak to just one staff is harrowing. All of them pretend or actually are busy, of which I am not sure, maybe you guys are short staffed. But one doesn't even get an acknowledgement when you approach these guys. They make you feel invisible. One walked away even after being called for help, another one didn't even look my way when I stood next to her, third one said I am serving another customer. Fourth one said it's not my department. So you see, it's really killing the experience. And the best part is No one ever came back to help. But yeah there was this one lady, Ayla, who I managed to speak, even though she was from another side, she did look my way, asked what I was looking for, and got it done in less than 2 mins. Which also means I could have been in and out of the shop in less than 10 mins, but it took me around 45 mins just looking for someone to help. I really appreciate Ayla's help, coz I needed work shoes urgently and was getting nowhere. Thank you for what you did, it made a lot of difference, also coz I had a baby with me. Please give her the due credit, she is probably the only one who knows what customer service means. Others need to learn some manners as well.
Daniel Etiaka
Daniel Etiaka: A one stop shop for all of your sporting needs. Friendly staff, easily accessible items. Quick, easy and affordable.
Wayne St John
Wayne St John: Discount sports clothing store
Rory Hutchison
Rory Hutchison: Really small selection compared to its online site and other branches in bigger cities. The football kit section is really bad and there is not much stock available. Even the kits they do have, are laid out really poorly and difficult to browse. If they had a wider range of shirts such as club training tops, it would be better.The staff at this branch are always friendly and helpful though.
Charles Forkuo Brobbey
Charles Forkuo Brobbey: It was awesome
GeorgeF1Official: Brilliant store. There are many products such as clothing and footwear that are high quality and are sold at a fair price. The store has a rather unconventional method of entry. This being walking though the main doors, walking a few metres past suitcases they sell and then proceeding to take an escalator down to the underground shop floor. There is also a lift on the left side of the entrance that can be used by disabled individuals to have access to the store. The store is situated in a good location as there's a poundland next to it and a greggs across the street.

3. Sports Direct - Northampton

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195 reviews
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Sports Direct
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Address: Unit C, Riverside Retail Park, Fairground Way, Northampton NN3 9HU, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +44 344 332 5177

Business type: Sportswear store

Sports Direct: what do users think?
Tia Kovics
Tia Kovics: The store is good but it’s sometimes messy and don’t have a lot of shoes that I want
Chris W
Chris W: Helpful staffGot the product I wanted
Glenda Peters
Glenda Peters: Helpful knowledgeable staff. Great variety of products. Prices lower than on-line retailers.
Stuart Walton
Stuart Walton: Like most sports stores nowadays it's mainly aimed at leisure wear rather than actual sports gear.
Sophie Brummie
Sophie Brummie: It was good. But would be nice if it had more adult swimwear selection. There may be more in the summer. But people swim all year.
Mihai Sora
Mihai Sora: I was denied to receive a refund for an item that was still new and I’ve had the receipt with the pretext that they cannot issue refunds only credit notes. This is ridiculous and outrageous! This is the first shop where I’ve encountered this issue and surely it shouldn’t be legal to do so. Avoid sports direct at all cost if you’re not 100% sure with your purchase.
Philip Ramshaw
Philip Ramshaw: Needed some work boots found some in sports direct half price size 8 and a half. Fit perfectly. I didn't know they sold them.
Michael Crick
Michael Crick: Great selection of sportswear
Amber J
Amber J: Would give no stars if an option, terrible service. Asked if they have a shoe in my size, they said they'd get it, 20 minutes later asked the guy again and he said he'd the time he looked was out of stock...don't recommend.
David Burdett
David Burdett: Staff at Northampton riverside are excellent, I've taken 2 stars off as I tried to purchase football boots in a size 10 and the 3 pairs I was looking at were all out of stock, puma king, Adidas Kaiser and Copa mundial. Largest size available was an 8...ended up purchasing from a well known football website.
David Allison
David Allison: Complete joke, no staff serving on the tills, it's like walking through a car boot sale and I didn't even get hassled to buy a bag
Lina Butler
Lina Butler: Found what I needed very quick and staff was very friendly too.
Sarah Docker
Sarah Docker: A long wait to get shoes of the right size to try on. Lots of choice though. I find this a very overwhelming shop, as there is stock from floor to ceiling.
SUE SHEPHERD: Great at sports directEasy parking, staff around every corner, . Explaine what you need.Youll get sorted.100% 👌⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Paul Barber
Paul Barber: Very helpful staff worth a visit for a bargain
AT BE: Busy
Chris Stevens
Chris Stevens: Busy obviously because it is Saturday but whenever I've been in this shop there never seems to be any staff available to help. Stock on a item I enquired about earlier in the week that apparently they were expecting new stock in the following day were still short on sizes. Waste of time going back really.
Sam C
Sam C: Staff couldn't care less. Everyone walking round like they're stoned and only 1 till open with a huge queue. Just don't bother
julie williams
julie williams: Staff are helpful and friendly. Fairly well stocked up. Sale on at the moment but prices are fairly reasonable normally. Can get busy. With racks, shelving dotted around probably not one of the easiest shops to navigate singularly so not much good for pushchairs or wheelchairs.
Neill Mutimer
Neill Mutimer: Prices are pretty good, but staff knowledge when asked questions somewhat more suspect at times
Sharon Gaiger
Sharon Gaiger: Shop floor staff hard to find. Rails far too high.

4. Ultramarathon Running Store - Towcester

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55 reviews
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Ultramarathon Running Store
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Address: Unit 4, Foundry Place, Old Tiffield Rd, Towcester NN12 6FP, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Tue

Telephone: +44 1327 493131

Business type: Running store

Ultramarathon Running Store: what do users think?
Donovan Jones
Donovan Jones: My one-stop-shop for most of my ultra running gear. The Ultramarathon Running Store provide excellent service and speedy delivery. Thanks again for the quick turnaround and hassle free transaction.
Leigh Brand
Leigh Brand: I bought an Inov8 back pack which I used today for the first time for an Ultra.The price was competitive and when I called to enquire about the size I was given great advice and a fantastic friendly service.The pack arrived next day delivery as promised and I will make all future purchases for my running needs from these guys.Thanks again for a first class experience.
Vince Davies
Vince Davies: Great price and great service thank you.Love the environmentaly friendly packaging.
Janina Rewaj
Janina Rewaj: I've ordered a pair of Injinji socks for long distance walking. They are brilliant socks for keeping your feet free from blisters etc. on marathon walks. Great price too!
Janos Vajda
Janos Vajda: I ordered from them different products, and they always send exactly what I ordered, and the delivery was super quick and just without any issue. I can recommend them.
Lil Hendry
Lil Hendry: I never write reviews but I'm going to change that habit. So here goes...Thanks for being so prompt on your FB account and answering my query. I ordered yesterday and the item is here today. Super impressed with the service and delivery. It was such a delight purchasing a product from a local company and not, you know that 'big online retailer'.
Duncan Woolsmith
Duncan Woolsmith: exemplary
Tom Frogley
Tom Frogley: Suzanne and Keith have been so helpful, with my running shoes last year. But also helping with sizing a waterproof jacket for my wife's birthday. Great service. I will continue to use them whenever possible.
Raj Madhas
Raj Madhas: I have been using the Ultramarathon Running Store for a few years now. They have a fantastic stock of item and the online ordering is easy and secure. Items always arrive well packaged and a couple of days after ordering. Highly recommended!
James Ryan
James Ryan: Fantastic. A personal service you don't always get at online stores. Delighted with my new Hokas. Highly recommended.
Will Gough
Will Gough: Simple, secure website. Found just what I needed and it was delivered quickly. No fuss. Spot on. Will be back. Thanks
bringmemyfix: Great mail order option for high quality running kit.
Kieron B
Kieron B: I have been ordering shoes (mainly Hoka) and accessories for many years from this store and I live in Australia! Keith's prices are always competitive (including postage to Oz) and he stocks a great range of items. The service is prompt, efficient and courteous. I have had a few queries from time to time and Keith has been very helpful with his advice.
Gillian Shorter
Gillian Shorter: I love this place, and they don't overcharge to send things to Northern Ireland (even fast) like many other places. Great stock, great range. Excellent customer service.
Bob Milner
Bob Milner: Excellent service and advice.
Liz Gatherer
Liz Gatherer: Fantastic service, very fast delivery and really quick at responding to my email query.
Wesley Dachtler
Wesley Dachtler: Great website with great products. Fast dispatch and delivery!
Paul Grogan
Paul Grogan: Super Service. I got an email on my order and another to let me know my order had dispatched and delivery was really fast. A couple of days from order to delivery in Ireland.Would 💯 % recommend 👍. thanks
glasgood: Fast delivery, ordered before noon on 6th August and arrived very next day. Happy with purchase and really appreciated the complementary flapjack found inside the Hoka shoe box. Awesome service thank you 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😁
Paige Morrow
Paige Morrow: Extremely fast delivery. The order was exactly as advertised. Very happy with the products and prices.
jim cox
jim cox: After reading through previously posted reviews i would have to agree that the service and stock is second to none!I had spent two weekends visiting various running shops across London that were unable to answer my questions or held the stock that i was after.I called these guys with specific questions on running vests, the chap that i believe to be the owner and keen runner was able to give me advice that suited my needs.Excellent Service, knowledge and delivery!!

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