Best Sports Nutritionists Northampton Near Me

1. The Bar Personal Training - Northampton

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The Bar Personal Training
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Address: Kingsfield Way, Kings Heath Industrial Estate, Northampton, NN5 7QS, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +44 7446 119595

Business type: Personal trainer

2. Natural Coaching - Northampton

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Natural Coaching
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Address: Isis Clinic, Royal Terrace, Barrack Rd, Northampton NN1 3RF, United Kingdom

Schedule: Temporarily closed

Telephone: +44 7812 973562

Business type: Nutritionist

Natural Coaching: what do users think?
ann white
ann white: I have been attending Natural coaching since January 2012 and after a few months of PT sessions with Scott I felt fit enough to join WAC . I have now been going for about 18 months and can't speak more highly of it and the form it takes. No boring gym work but a variety of interesting and fun things to do. Results are great and I am the fittest I have probably been in all my life and I am 57!!Try it'll never regret it . It's not a chore it's fun.

3. Connor Swan Fitness & Wellbeing - Moulton

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Connor Swan Fitness & Wellbeing
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Address: Northampton Ln N, Moulton, Northampton NN3 7RQ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +44 7981 622491

Business type: Nutritionist

Connor Swan Fitness & Wellbeing: what do users think?
Mike Howens
Mike Howens: Best physio I have seen. I have been using Connor's services for more then three years, always professional and know the right about of pressure to use on tight or tender areas.I recommend him to friends and family!
Daria Meshcheriakova
Daria Meshcheriakova: Connor has a lot of experience and knows so much about human bodies and how they work. He not only did a wonderful job on my top back, shoulders and neck but suggested some exercises for these areas to help muscles to ease up the tension.You will deal with tactful and easy going mate. I felt so relaxed and calm on his sessions that was close to fall asleep. No creepy or nasty looks or any kind of doubtful behavior. Extra cudos are given for his lovely huskies.10/10 will recommend
Sarah Hastings
Sarah Hastings: Versatile and experienced. Not only will he treat any muscular or mobility issues you may have he will educate you as to reasons why you may have them and how to prevent it reoccurring in the future. I've learnt a lot from Connor about how to get the best from my body and how to retain mobility, strength and fitness. Cannot reccomend enough.

4. Man Unleashed - Elite Fitness For Men - Northampton

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Man Unleashed - Elite Fitness For Men
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Address: 103 Weedon Rd, Northampton, NN5 5BG, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 6:00 AM

Telephone: +44 7481 277804

Business type: Personal trainer

Man Unleashed - Elite Fitness For Men: what do users think?
olly kinsey
olly kinsey: The man unleashed programme is absolutely fantastic. You’re put straight into a programme that instantly motivates you, cuts through any excuses and delivers results. The programme was easy to follow, required no experience and if I ever had any questions Kyles was always available to answer questions. I was originally a little sceptical about what results I might see but within the first week I was feeling fitter and stronger and over the course I saw a noticeable difference to my body and also my energy levels and fitness levels. Kyle makes everything simple from the way to portion food to how to exercise; everything is broken down into a a no BS easy to understand set of objectives. Just what I needed to kick start my fitness!
James Woodman
James Woodman: Prior to joining the programme I was in need of driving some focus, committing with a plan. Also I had found that my weight had started to increase due to a lack of a quality work life balance. This in turn meant that my confidence was lower than normal, felt I did not care to much and definitely did not like the photos.What the team at Man Unleashed did was provide me with the tools to shack off the lack of commitment, drive myself forward and really make a difference. From this I have seen that I have lost nearly 5kg in weight, have become fitter, reduced fat and put on quality muscle. This has been seen my people close to me and their comments have inspired me to push further forward.Not only that but I am sleeping better, have a more rounded and balanced life, delivering more quality work and generally feeling better and more alive.
Tony Powell
Tony Powell: Fantastic trainers. Fantastic group.
Mark Gallagher
Mark Gallagher: Just completed my first 8 weeks and have already seen amazing results, physically and mentally. Great guidance and outstanding support from Kyle, Tim and the other Warriors you get to train with. If you're fed up, stuck in a rut, out of shape, over/underweight and/or struggling with energy levels then this program will absolutely help you to obtain your goals.
P Knight
P Knight: 100% the best thing i've ever joined. The sessions and support you receive are fab! Everyone is so friendly and have gained amazing results!
Tonia I
Tonia I: If you want to turn around how you look and feel about yourself, then this is the place you need to go. Great atmosphere, no bullshit, no hidden miracle, just hard work from you and guidance from the team. You won't be disappointed. Great bunch of people who attend, non critical, all shapes, sizes, colours, religious connotations and backgrounds. Warrior family that work together to get great results.
Emma Cowley-Hurlock
Emma Cowley-Hurlock: Fantastic !Friendly...knowledgable...encouraging...supportive...motivating !

5. LM FIT - Wootton

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Address: Harris Cl, Northampton, NN4 6AD, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 7:00 AM

Business type: Personal trainer

LM FIT: what do users think?
Tom Bradshaw
Tom Bradshaw: After years of pain and discomfort, leading to numerous niggles and injuries, I’m now pain-free and far more mobile. I couldn’t recommend Leisha more highly.
manisha morgan
manisha morgan: I have been with Leisha for over 6 months. I have made a commitment for at least a year to continue because as a PT she has helped work towards achieving MY goals. She listens to what I need and writes me a plan accordingly. Leisha is incredibly knowledgable not only as a PT but she is also a qualified sports masseur.I’ve had many PT’s over the years and by far Leisha is the best. She works hard and has always been very accommodating. I would recommend her every time!
Franco Reina
Franco Reina: Very warm and professional, released a whole lot of built up tension and stiffness in my lower back & glutes. I felt very relaxed and refreshed after my visit.
Stefan Harris
Stefan Harris: Very professional and knowledgeable. The sports massage for my lower back and shoulder has helped to alleviate pain when exercising.
Kelly: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityI visit Leisha for sports massage periodically for work related shoulder pain. Highly recommend you give her a try if you're experiencing aches and pains. She is very knowledgeable, and always come away feeling loads better.
Victoria Brighton
Victoria Brighton: Fantastic trainer who always adapts workouts around my many ailments! With back and shoulder issues sometimes what I am able to do is limited but I always come away having had a good varied and stretching workout. Leisha is very knowleagable and lovely to be around.
Siobhan Law
Siobhan Law: Positive:ProfessionalismI was really nervous about starting this type of fitness, but Leisha has made it really enjoyable. She's very patient and supportive, and encourages me to do the best I can!
Amy Lou
Amy Lou: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityWhen I needed help getting back into Fitness, Leisha was great at knowing what I needed to do and spent time training me with specialised routines, allowing me to regain confidence I had lost. I'd fully recommend her to anyone! :)
Suzanne Wilkinson
Suzanne Wilkinson: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityI started online sessions with LMFIT in June after years of doing no exercise whatsoever. I intend to continue this long term as the sessions are great. Really motivating, great value for money and exercises are suited to everyone, even a beginner like me. Leisha is professional and really knows her stuff.
Sarah Matthews
Sarah Matthews: Positive:ProfessionalismLeisha is an excellent PT, she goes above and beyond and encourages you to succeed. LM FIT offers many services, including tailored diet advice, personal training, sports massage and group fitness classes. Highly recommended.
Katie Hart
Katie Hart: I have been doing online zoom classes with Leisha for the month of July and I absolutely love it.It’s great because you can do it from the comfort of your own home and no travelling time!Thank you Leisha
Carol Armstrong
Carol Armstrong: Great personalised sessions that get results!
Suie Suie
Suie Suie: I have been taking part in LM fit zoom sessions for the past couple of months now. It's fantastic to be able to work out with a professional in your own home. The zoom sessions have blown me away. Mentally and physically I have felt better and stronger with a desire to move and do more. Leisha is very professional and with her as your trainer you will see results. I'm hooked.
Rachel Pavey
Rachel Pavey: I was a client if Leisha for several months until I had to stop due to personal commitments.She’s a great trainer, open, bubbly and really motivated me well.She pushed me when I was down and pushed me even harder when I was up.Absolutely couldn’t recommend here highly enough and I will be back when I can.Thanks 🙏🏽
Katie Lee
Katie Lee: Leisha is a fantastic PT she works with you to set achievable goals and will encourage you to achieve them! Her motivation and enthusiasm is fantastic. Leisha is knowledgable and is always studying, this has allowed her to also do sports massage which was amazing on my shoulder, what had been painful and “wonky” is now pain free and I am standing straight again!!!! I would 100% recommend Leisha.
Zoe Drake
Zoe Drake: If you’re ever looking for that extra bit of motivation- whether it be exercise or nutrition, Leisha is the one for you! I’ve been with Leisha for a few months now and have been making positive changes to my lifestyle & getting some good results! I have improved my strength, lost a few inches & changed the way I look at food. Leisha is very encouraging, motivating and the best thing is that she makes you feel comfortable :-) would 100% recommend Leisha Mulvey Fit !!#LMFIT
Anita Lunati
Anita Lunati: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality
Sarah Beard
Sarah Beard: Prior to January I couldn’t run for more than 2 minutes, weighed too much and wasn’t all that fit despite going to the gym.Fast forward a few months and thanks to Leishas guidance, training and support I’ve lost and maintained a 1 stone weight loss, lost 45 cms, my heart rate has come down and the biggest win for me personally is that my anxiety and mindset is much improved!I now run 15km a week and do 4 resistance training sessions a week, fitness is now a way of life for me, it’s the habit I always wanted!!It will come as no surprise that Leisha therefore comes highly recommended as a PT, I would never have got here without her and I couldn’t be more thankful for all she has done.I’ve attended the live zoom work outs and boot camp too and would willingly recommend these also.Leisha is passionate about what she does and completely committed; it really shows, she couldn’t do more for her clients!!

6. Physical personal training - Northampton

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Physical personal training
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Address: 163 Boughton Green Rd, Northampton, NN2 7AA, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 7:00 AM

Telephone: +44 7384 659143

Business type: Personal trainer

Physical personal training: what do users think?
Jon Shortt
Jon Shortt: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityAnthony is a top man - knows his stuff.Great personal trainer!
Sarah Shoebridge
Sarah Shoebridge: I've only been training with Anthony for a number of weeks, but find him engaging, motivating, and genuinely concerned for my wellbeing. Having had a bad back and shoulder following a car accident, numerous physio sessions, MRI's, and a cortisone injection, I've found exercising to be really difficult over the past 4 years, almost because I've been too scared to 'push' myself in case I injure myself further. Anthony has the knowledge, expertise, and patience to deal with this and I'm already seeing progress in the way I feel, and I'm surprised by what I can actually do!! Worried about how you look? Dont be. Worried about if you can do it? Anthony will find a way with you. Will it be hard? Yes. You'll come out sweating and you will actually feel good about it! Very highly recommended! (Anthony, not the sweating, the sweating is just a byproduct of a good session!)
Kev George
Kev George: I've been training with Anthony on and off for a few years now. Despite my advancing years (although I'm a few years younger than anthony) my fitness has never been better. Anthony is motivating, encouraging and has improved my body confidence.Sessions are tough but (kind of) fun! & I always feel relaxed and able to have some good banter with him too. I go once or twice a week with other exercise in between and his rates are very reasonable and competitive.
Joanne Moore
Joanne Moore: Anthony is fun crazy professional and very knowledgeable I lost 3 stone with him but he made enjoyable and he trained me in his private studio which helped me as I was over still training with him and would recommend him to anyone

7. We Train You Gain Ltd - Northampton

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10 reviews
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We Train You Gain Ltd
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Address: 15 Thorpeville, Moulton, Northampton NN3 7TS, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM Mon

Telephone: +44 7909 631037

Business type: Personal trainer

We Train You Gain Ltd: what do users think?
Lynne Barnett
Lynne Barnett: Fantastic and understands your needs 😀
Awakened Choice
Awakened Choice: Really good at making body changes.I was nervous to get back into working out but Raph was fantastic and put us at ease! With past injuries hindering some of my movements. He was able to adjust the exercises brilliantly.Raph’s knowledge an expertise goes well beyond that of a normal PT.
Claire McCabe
Claire McCabe: Highly recommended - tailored work outs to suit my goals and delivered in a friendly & professional way.
Angel Priest
Angel Priest: Great workout and very professional. Clean and friendly, would highly recommend !
Rowan Smith
Rowan Smith: Great trainer, highly recommend
Mandy Buckby
Mandy Buckby: Raphael has been a superb motivator for both my son and myself and helped us both achieve our fitness goals. We would highly recommend him.
Heather Selbie
Heather Selbie: Raph is a great trainer. He is great at adapting our sessions as needed, like when I was pregnant. Usually I suffer with spd and with the training it helped ease the discomfort and helped me "carry" better than my first pregnancy. I found coping with Labour better too. Thanks for everything Raph.
Julie Futcher
Julie Futcher: If you are looking for a personal trainer who helps you gets the results you want and adapts their approach to you, then Raphael is the PT for you. I have always hated going to a PT’s that you get at other gyms as they seem to have a one program fits all approach. They also didn’t seem to be interested in someone who was not a “gym bunny”. Raphael is not like that at all. He listened to my concerns and has never made me feel uncomfortable. I highly recommend him.
Sian-Blue Rogers
Sian-Blue Rogers: Having given birth to my son in January this year I knew I wanted to get back in shape as soon as I could. I was brought a voucher for We Train You Gain as a Christmas present and after a 6 week check I went along for my first session. Well, I was absolutely shattered and amazed after my first session. The knowledge that Raph had on postpartum fitness amazed me. Not only did he understand the effect pregnancy had on my fitness he also offered me so much advice on how to achieve my goals. Needless to say I’m now 7 weeks into my training with them and I feel as fit as I did before pregnancy. There are also noticeable changes to my appearance and I’m feeling more toned every week. I couldn’t recommend We Train You Gain enough If you’re looking for a personal trainer who knows what they’re talking about and is determined as you are to help you achieve your goals.

8. Mpower Fitness And Coaching - Boughton

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7 reviews
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Mpower Fitness And Coaching
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Address: 42 St John's Avenue, Kingsthorpe, Northampton NN2 8RU, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Mon

Telephone: +44 7401 970264

Business type: Personal trainer

Mpower Fitness And Coaching: what do users think?
Andy Legassick
Andy Legassick: Had a brilliant experience with Darren, from day 1 of sitting down to understand my individual goals and building a plan together straight through to the weekly sessions.Darren has really enabled me to get back into fitness and already start meeting and exceeding my own goals and expectations. It has led to me genuinely looking forward to our weekly sessions both for the fitness and the social aspect of being able to have a laugh while there!Genuinely so good my partner joined aswell. If you're thinking about starting or getting back into fitness you really can't find a better place to start or push you to the next step.
Stephanie Jane
Stephanie Jane: Absolutely amazing! Darren really knows what he's doing and helps set realistic goals and keeps me motivated to improve even when I'm not feeling it myself. 100% recommend if you struggle to keep motivation going longer than a few weeks! I'm on 9 weeks and am seeing results and improvement almost every week!
Lynette Amey-heard
Lynette Amey-heard: I have just finished a 6 week course with Mpower….He was professional and understood what I wanted to get out of the sessions.I have joined a gym and started going to classes…. He has given me the confidence to carry on with keeping fit.
Vicki Spikings
Vicki Spikings: I was very nervous about meeting a new PT, but once I was in the cabin it felt like I had known Darren for years !!His knowledge on all things exercise is amazing, he pushed me further and believed in me!The cabin is professional looking and has all the equipment you need along with Alexa banging out music to my taste ! He knows his nutritional information beyond what I would have ever known and is a great support when it comes to tracking calories. He has a great support network. Friendly, professional and knowledgeable, sums it up really.I would definitely recommend his service not to just loose weight but to change the way you look at your habits and lifestyle.
Linda Cottingham
Linda Cottingham: I’ve been working with Darren for about 6 weeks and already I’ve lost almost a stone in weight, my clothes fit better and I feel much fitter and happier with more energy. I have some mobility issues due to a recent joint replacement and arthritis in my hip but Darren has tailored my sessions to accommodate this so that I can still work towards my goals. Very happy, highly recommend training with Darren
Richard Edwards
Richard Edwards: Darren is a great PT very relaxed but gives you enough of a push to feel the results!
Silvia Edlington
Silvia Edlington: Been working with Darren since the beginning of the year and have really been enjoying the journey and seeing great results. He's been amazing working around my injuries and accommodating my busy diary. Full marks, you should book in a session with him no matter what fitness level you're at.
Emily Ames
Emily Ames: I have been going to Darren for weekly PT sessions for a year now, and he creates and friendly and relaxed space to workout and achieve your goals. Over the months he has steadily increased the weights of each exercise such that without realising it I am doing so much more than I was on day one, which is rewarding to look back on.
Jane Ames
Jane Ames: Darren is very patient and has done a great job of getting this menopausal woman fit. Gently and subtly he increases the intensity of the exercises and never raises his voice!!
Andreas Rose
Andreas Rose: Darren is a fabulous coach. He is thorough in finding out what it is that you want to get from the sessions and plans accordingly. He is very responsive to how you are on any given day, either reducing or extending challenge as appropriate, or adding/exchanging exercises to support specific issues – in my case lower back.He is also a charming and positive person to work with, with a very holistic approach, and clearly delights in seeing others progress towards their own goals.
Amy Smith
Amy Smith: 💯 recommend Darren he’s helped me lose weight and more importantly maintain it, he’s constantly pushing me to achieve my full Potential without making me feel inadequate! He is full of knowledge and understands my medical conditions and how they differ, I feel stronger and far more confident when I’m not feeling it he listens to my moaning and helps me put things into perspective. I love my session and I never thought I would enjoy exercise 🤣 for anyone looking for a PT I honestly can’t recommend Darren enough credit where credit is due!! Top Bloke
Fay Hand
Fay Hand: I have tried many different at home exercise regimes and fad diets with no success. Having poor self-esteem and bad eating habits I was starting to lose who I once was, then I found Darren at MPower fitness. It has done me wonders. Not only have I improved the shape and size of my body. He is such a pleasure to work with.. easy going enthusiastic and so down to earth. He help me to have a better relationship with food, eating all the things I like, nothing was out of bounds. Exercise become fun and enjoyable.. I have gained so much confidence and my body is so much stronger, which is a massive plus when running around after 3 boys.
Sarah Evans
Sarah Evans: I'm in my mid 30s and come to Darren for help on loosing weight as i was struggling on loosing the last few stone.With my time with Darren I lost 3 stone through his advice with nutrition and exercise. Darren was always willing to go out of his way to support me in helping with nutrition, and motivation. There was a few times that I had no motivation and Darren supported me through it all, be it bad days mentally or being unwell due to hormones. He always made exercise plans around when I wasn't feeling great and that were also manageable. Darren's knowledge and support is second to none, and I wouldn't have been a success without him. Can never thank you enough for your understanding and support in helping me feel the best I have in over ten years and giving me back my confidence.
Helen Aluko
Helen Aluko: I thoroughly recommend Darren at Mpower Fitness and Coaching. I have been having personal training sessions for the past 3 and a half months and my strength has increased significantly. It was important being in my early 50’s that I increased my flexibility and strength. Two sessions a week has helped me achieve this, as well as lifting weights heavier than I could ever imagine! In turn this has enabled me to have better balance and lift things with ease around the house.Darren is extremely knowledgeable about how each exercise works and fits your programme and your ability. He is very professional providing an all round service to his clients, supporting with diet and nutrition advice. Darren’s weights equipment is extensive and very good quality.Since I started my personal training sessions my whole body shape has changed and I have dropped a dress size, which is amazing! The sessions are also fun and very interactive. Highly recommended.
Bridget Lewis
Bridget Lewis: What can I say, Darren is an absolute pleasure to work with. I suffer from PTSD, lack a great deal of confidence, but I was strong willed in wanting to loose weight, gain more knowledge of nutrition and use this to aid my workouts.Darren discussed everything very professionally with me regarding loosing the weight. I’d been stuck in a rut for a few months and only had 1/2 stone to loose. That along with the workouts designed especially for me for the areas I wanted to improve was simply just perfect.Along with this Darren has helped tremendously with my confidence and learning to believe in myself that I could achieve the goals I wanted to.I have finished my 12 weeks now, lost all the weight I wanted to, changed my lifelong diet for the better. But I will continue with Darren for my maintenance plan and building muscle. This has all been done online with no problems at all.I 100% recommend MPower Fitness & Coaching. But most importantly I’ve gained a true friend.
Cathy McGrath
Cathy McGrath: Darren has been absolutely amazing. With his help I have lost over 2st in 6 months. Completely different than other PT's in that he is always nice. No giving out if you aren't doing what you are supposed to, just checks in and sees what is going on for you and see what can be changed to help you. He is always positive and gives plenty of praise and encouragement. With plenty of check ins during the week that kept me on track. The plans are easy to follow and he doesn't mind a few cheat days. I never felt that I was depriving myself, I could still have chocolate every day, I could still have a take away once a week as long as I stuck to my calories 80% of the time. The exercises were great and not to complicated, also under the programme there was free access to SessionX which I used to do yoga. It was a great way to distress and still get in some exercises. Times weren't always easy during the 6mths but Darren was always there to support me. I would 100% recommend Darren to anyone looking for a PT.
mahala Clarke
mahala Clarke: I got talking to Darren via social media as I was looking for help and advice in regards to my weight and fitness.Darren has helped me massively always there to steer me into the right direction. For the first time I feel I have control of my eating I know now I can eat anything in moderation and within my macros.I had advice on protein intake and how to increase it and even set challenges to achieve but Darren has taught me to not expect everything over night and to set realistic goals.Highly recommend.
Nichola Emmerson
Nichola Emmerson: Darren went above and beyond to help get me to my goals. He was professional and friendly, but most of all efficient and very competent at his job.Thanks Darren for all your help x
Hannah Peach
Hannah Peach: I have been trying to lose weight I gained at university for the last few years, however I haven’t been able to maintain my weight loss and would find that the weight I lost, I would slowly gain back. I didn’t enjoy exercise and always found diets too restrictive. However, since Darren has been training me, this has changed. I really enjoy our training sessions. He is so motivational and fun!Darren also asks questions to understand my weight loss journey, which is very supportive. If I ever have questions regarding my exercise or nutrition plan, he is always there to help.He provides healthy life style changes which aren’t too restrictive like many fad diets. I am seeing fab results and I cannot recommend Darren enough!

9. Omni Studios - Personal Health & Fitness - Northampton

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8 reviews
new review
Omni Studios - Personal Health & Fitness
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Address: Nene Enterprise Centre, Freehold St, Northampton NN2 6EF, United Kingdom

Business type: Nutritionist

Omni Studios - Personal Health & Fitness: what do users think?
Jake Sanders Coaching
Jake Sanders Coaching: Amazing community a really friendly and happy people! Great coaching, and a really good structure to work from :)
Christiania luck
Christiania luck: I have been going to Omni Studios for over a year now. When I first started I had low self esteem of myself. I didn't like how I looked, felt ugly and overweight. My Co ordination was terrible due to my Dyspraxia and I (could fall over anything which didn't help my confidence ).I had tried other gyms before but always gave up after awhile. I lacked motivation and it was no fun going to the gym on my own. I had tried some classes but didn't enjoy going, not always able to get booked onto a class. Omni Studios gym was different. Emmaclaire, the trainer made me feel at ease and she understood how I felt about myself. She believed she could help me and she has.The other people who attend the gym classes are so supportive. When I started in the group I was so nervous about not knowing anyone or being able to use the equipment. The people there were so kind ,encouraging and supportive.They didn't mind pairing up with me,showing me what to do or give me encouragement and support. I struggled to do squats and lunges due to my confidence and coordination. But Emmaclaire was there to support me, work with me, find ways to help me work through these problems. It hasn't been easy trying to juggle family, constant changes to mine/ or my husbands rota and get into the gym. There were times I felt so low as I missed going to the gym, which has become an important part of my life now. I missed seeing the other people who go there.Through all of this Emmaclaire was there for me, trying to find ways of helping me achieve my goal to get fit and feel better about myself. I now have 1:1 training 2 times a week and try to fit in some classes when I can. I feel so much better about myself. I can squat and do lunges better than ever before. All this is thanks to having someone believe in me and take time to help me work through my problems and give me confidence. In myself. Help me push through and break down barriers I built up around myself. The staff don't mind showing me time and again how to do ie Deadlit's or Chest press properly. They are all supportive. Im even trying to learn to run. I would never have dreamed I cold do any of this before. I have so much more confidence in myself and my coordination has improved alot.
viv Treslove
viv Treslove: I have been coming to Omni Studio for 4yrs.Its a fitness studio where everyone has the same mind set Turn Up, Workout, Enjoy .But most importantly reach your target. The Personal Coach's are fantastic at their job, they teach, encourage and are approachable. Here you don't have to worry about not having a friend to go with as everyone is so friendly and encourage each other, we're all workout buddies. My health and fitness has improved not just cardiovascular but strength,with that so has my confidence, not everything is a big challenge,and if it is I'm not afraid to take on the task, I'm more happy how I look .Eating is easier as you are given the right advice for your needs. I don't think you could find a better fitness studio with all this under one roof, and that includes everyone from the coach's to the clients.
Ann Brebner
Ann Brebner: I've been training at Omni Studios for nearly two years which is a miracle in itself! Like most, I've joined gyms in the past with every intention of training hard and eating healthy but after an average of 3 months I lose interest as the support and motivation is not there. At Omni you receive individual training and motivation from Emmaclaire who is passionate about what she does. Emmaclaire's dedication and passion runs through everything that happens at Omni, from the classes to the training, it certainly is a studio with a difference!Here's what Omni has done for me, I've dropped my dress size from 16 to a 12. I'm fitter now than I've ever been and I absolutely love my workouts at Omni, they are always challenging and varied.For me training at Omni is an important part of my life it keeps me fit, healthy, motivated and happy!
Tatiana Woodfield
Tatiana Woodfield: Best place if you want to get results and be fit been at many gyms and traning studios but this one is the best you get full support and advice that you can't get it anywhere else
Steve Laws
Steve Laws: I have just started with Omni Studios and looking forward to reaching my fitness and weight goals with Emmaclaire. I have worked with a personal trainer before but missed the motivation being with a great crowd can bring! A what a great group they are at Omni!!Preparing to work hard!!!
Jules White
Jules White: I have been training with Emmaclaire at Omni Studios since January this year, in that time not only have I met my goals with regards to dress size, flexibility and diet. I have also re-learned some fundamentals, which has had a massive benefit on me, my family and my career. Everyone needs an Emmaclaire helping you to reach your goals - be prepared to work hard and the rewards will speak for themselves! Highly recommended personal trainer, health and wellness community!PS Like all things you get out of it - what you put in!

10. Shamrock Healthcare - Quinton

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Shamrock Healthcare
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Address: Quinton, Northampton, NN7 2EA, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1604 677854

Business type: Nutritionist

11. Starlight Fitness - Duston

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Starlight Fitness
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Address: 23 Beaune Cl, Northampton, NN5 6EF, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +44 7895 146392

Business type: Personal trainer

12. Lesley Morrison Personal Trainer - Brixworth

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Lesley Morrison Personal Trainer
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Address: Brixworth, Northampton, NN6, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM Mon

Telephone: +44 7544 946139

Business type: Nutritionist

13. NutritionDan24 - Wootton

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Address: 2 Walkers Way, Northampton, NN4 6JB, United Kingdom

Schedule: Permanently closed

Telephone: +44 7738 592487

Business type: Nutritionist

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