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1. CeX - Northampton

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Address: 14 - 16 The, Drapery, Northampton NN1 2HG, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 11:00 AM

Telephone: +44 330 123 5986

Business type: Electronics store

CeX: what do users think?
Gaz man262
Gaz man262: Was looking at getting the blue yeti mic. But hearing a staff member loudly on the phone "where are you" then "how can you miss it" in regards to his deliveroo order made think twice.So off to Amazon I go to buy a brand new one for £10 more.(Ordering deliveroo isn't the issue, Just the loudness of his complaint)
TALKIN PROUD STUDIOS LTD DIRECTOR CHARLES SHEINMAN: Someone in the Northampton store is very unfair and unfortunately ruins my overall rating...but the store is okay otherwise.
Max Ballard
Max Ballard: Wouldn't let me buy back the games I had previously sold them because I have no ID. I am 21 with a full beard. Utterly ridiculous.
manjit Marwaha
manjit Marwaha: Great store, great staff. Thank you Cex
Nicoleta Loredana
Nicoleta Loredana: The staff is nice and helpful.
Graeme Chapman
Graeme Chapman: The staff here are friendly, extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. They really know their stuff, from films to phones and smart watches, buying and selling at this store has always been quick and easy.
Joseph Tipler
Joseph Tipler: Smells funny
Evan Lane
Evan Lane: Some good value stuff in there and the staff a pretty helpful.
Paul Pearson
Paul Pearson: Good selection of games. The staff are friendly too.
Cookie Power
Cookie Power: I went in to get a Google pixel 6 for around 400 and ended up getting a pixel 6 pro for the same price. Cex second hand is just as good as new
martin cole
martin cole: Very helpful/ friendly staff l was able to get all the things l wanted
William Smith
William Smith: The best thing about CeX is the staff.One can also pick up decent electrical stuff at competitive prices.
Lucy McIntosh
Lucy McIntosh: Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Lots of reasonably priced, second hand goodies
D-Man: Perfect for gaming, phones, tech.
Marie Tavernier
Marie Tavernier: Paid for a PC twice only to be told its not available so here's your money back. Both times same pc still sits on their website. Then I leave a detailed review on trust pilot where some liar then replies and says this item can be delivered for fear of damage.... But as usual the same item still sits on their website with delivery available🙄 do they mean deliver next door or is that still dangerousNever shop in Northampton Drapery branch Javid the supervisor, who clearly wishes he had studied or applied himself more when he had the chance is the most disgusting excuse for a human being I've ever encountered. With an ego as dirty as his t-shirt cex should be ashamed to hire such a piggishly rude, discriminatory little boy, with his bullish customer service tactics. Do yourselves a favour; Retrain him or revoke his promotion
Phil De la rosa
Phil De la rosa: Errrrrr ?? Lots of choice but staff are a bit to casual for me. Didn't check my ID .
Радослав Костадинов
Радослав Костадинов: Favourite place to sell my goods
Barry Smith
Barry Smith: I went here to sell my son's old phone very easy to do staff are helpful and got a good price for my old phone.They sell a wide selection off electronic's and old dvd and computer games
Jay Smethers
Jay Smethers: They sell and buy tech, and they do it well I guess, except the fact they definitely sell everything for WAYYY more than they give to those selling the items originally, which is okay to some degree since they need to profit but, that's exactly it, the whole process is exactly that, ok, not bad not good either.
Gerry Smith
Gerry Smith: Over priced second hand goods. It's okay for teenagers to make a quick turnaround. Second hand playstation 5 for over £600, I ask you. Dell boy would be impressed.
Sorin Geanta
Sorin Geanta: Good enough, overpriced though. My dualsense from them had joycon drift and the worst part was that they didn't admit it when it was obvious on my ps5 during gameplay and joycon tester websites.

2. Milton Keynes Sony Centre - Central Milton Keynes

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Milton Keynes Sony Centre
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Address: Unit 183, The Centre, Sunset Walk, Milton Keynes MK9 3PD, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +44 1908 240500

Business type: Outlet mall

Milton Keynes Sony Centre: what do users think?
Badrul Alam
Badrul Alam: They do repairs to any Sony products
Benjamin Garofalo
Benjamin Garofalo: Good customer service
Oliver Hamilton
Oliver Hamilton: Reasonably stocked store, usually pretty quite so it's just you and a few staff, you can sense they're desperate for a sale.
Botond Salamon
Botond Salamon: Great prices, good quality but the stuff inside sometimes can be really moody :(
Claudio Aires
Claudio Aires: Not helpful and they seem to speak down to their customers, not a good place.
Tim Page
Tim Page: Good quality goods helpful staff
Fernando Justicia Arraez
Fernando Justicia Arraez: Awful customer service! Will never come back!...I went there to check and buy Bluetooth speaker on the 31st of December. Even though the shop was not busy (only a couple and me) a member of the staff from the two on shift, the one with the shaved head and the beard, was rude. I asked few questions to get professional advise however he did not wanted to give an answer or didn't bother to give me one. Not enthusiastic at all for a salesman. After he "helped" me he focused on his phone and paid no attention what so ever to what was happening in the shop floor. I have noticed that his colleague, on the other hand, was really professional, attentive and engaging with the couple he serving to, an example of the service I would expect to receive in a Sony shop which is not the cheapest brand in the market.
Matty Locks
Matty Locks: Cool
Said Algheilani
Said Algheilani: Beauty

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