Best Rhinoplasty Clinics Northampton Near Me

1. British Face Clinic - Northampton

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British Face Clinic
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Address: BMI Three Shires Hospital, The Avenue, Northampton, NN1 5BT, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Mon

Telephone: +44 1604 556244

Business type: Plastic surgery clinic

2. Landauer Cosmetic Surgery - Northampton

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Landauer Cosmetic Surgery
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Address: The Avenue, Northampton, NN1 5DR, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 08:30

Telephone: +44 844 335 6126

Business type: Plastic surgeon

Landauer Cosmetic Surgery: what do users think?
Poppy Louise
Poppy Louise: Helpful, friendly and welcoming team that provide you with all the information you need. Would definitely recommend.
Sam Diab
Sam Diab: Perfect in every aspect x

3. The Private Clinic Northampton - Northampton

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The Private Clinic Northampton
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Address: 82 Billing Rd, Northampton, NN1 5DF, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +44 1604 806846

Business type: Plastic surgery clinic

The Private Clinic Northampton: what do users think?
dan: I had a hair treatment which has had amazing results several months in, but I can see will change my appearance even more over the coming months.My experience with the private clinic has been brilliant. Being able to chat and see my options conveniently in Northampton, before having to travel down to London for the full surgery was really helpful and helped me make the right decision for myself.
Paul Graham
Paul Graham: Just do it !I'd been considering having a FUE procedure for 2/3 years.After meeting with Dr Mooz for my consultation I decided to go with it.I have to say the whole process was seamless, well looked after during ( and afterwards ) the surgery and 2 months after the procedure, pleased to say the results are excellent !I was worried about the time to recover and perhaps the pain... No need to.I was back at my desk the day after, and discomfort-wise, I would compare it to mild sunburn, no more.Wish id done it years ago now !!
Yas AF
Yas AF: I had my treatment with Vicki. She was really professional and knowledgeable and helped me to feel at ease.I had a few visits and would definitely recommend to others.
Gabriella Nyitrai
Gabriella Nyitrai: I have been seeing the Private Clinic for a few weeks now with my skin problem, Vicki has been fantastic each time, very helpful and she truly wants the best for me. I highly recommend this clinic!
Susan Hamilton
Susan Hamilton: I had 2 lumps removed from my head by the clinic. I can say it was the most easiest experience and totally stress free. Don’t know why I’d being putting it off for so long. Everyone is friendly and very helpful. Surgery day I was put at ease and made to feel so comfortable and relaxed. Would recommend fully from price to after care. I would definitely use again. Thank you to all your team
Emily Fuller
Emily Fuller: Excellent! Thank you so much to Mr Richards and all the staff at The Private Clinic Northampton. Right from the first consultation I had for a breast augmentation they were incredibly supportive and answered all questioned and concerns I had. I was never pressured into anything and was given as much time I needed. The actual surgery and aftervsre I had received was fantastic and I'm excited to see the results as they further heal.
Natasha Marsh
Natasha Marsh: After having my first teartrough injections I was never offered the top up appointment that I was told I would receive. Very disappointed I will never go back or recommend.
Sofi Giviashvili
Sofi Giviashvili: People are Literally rude I have payed 400£ for nothing there is no Results on me and there is no difference from the day first I booked another appointment and doctor Richard Brighton knight talking about comparing pictures there no ones can even see the difference and he offered to pay another 350£ for god know what you guys are thieves!
Michelle Francis
Michelle Francis: Excellent, Excellent, ExcellentMr Richards really knows what he's doing, he listens to your needs and advises you on how to get the best results. Well what can I say about the lovely Aggie, she is an absolute diamond, so knowledgeable and has such a lovely warm and friendly nature. The staff in the office are always polite and friendly and I would recommend the private clinic in Northampton
Amy Stafford
Amy Stafford: I cannot thank Adrian and the Private Clinic enough for their support and friendliness throughout my experience with them. This was my first major surgery I have had and I was very nervous but the team made me feel comfortable and at ease from beginning to end. I would recommend them to anyone who is thinking about having any sort of surgery. I am extremely pleased with my results! Thank you all again.
Ellaura Riley
Ellaura Riley: I can’t thank Dr Richards and Aggie enough for what they have done. I had a breast augmentation and from day one I felt so comfortable with them. They tell you what’s right for you so you don’t make the bad/wrong decision, my surgery went perfectly and my aftercare has been fantastic!All the staff at the Northampton clinic are so friendly and welcoming always reassuring and so confident with answering any questions.
Mostafa Ali
Mostafa Ali: Excellent service especially from Vicki who runs you through everything explaining in detail. Highly recommend this branch to visit.
trinadh Anumukonda
trinadh Anumukonda: Hiii iam Trinadh age 24 male I want to know whether u guys do the hair transplant and if u do how much u going to charge for entire process
Andzelina Mcdaid
Andzelina Mcdaid: Its best private clinic i been.all the staff was so nice and down to made me feel so good there everytime i had appointment.i will recomend to everyone and i will be back for other treatmens.Andzelina Mcdaid
Gessica Iasio
Gessica Iasio: Would like to say a massive thank you to Mr Richardson and my brilliant nurse Aggie for looking after me durning me breast augmentation, I’m over the moon with my results, such a professional and friendly team!. I highly recommend the privat clinic of Harley street ( and Northampton)for anyone looking into cosmetic surgery.Thank you once again!Gessica Iasio
Rochelle Harisis
Rochelle Harisis: I would like to thank Mr Richards and his amazing, friendly team for looking after me over the last 9 years. If I have any future work done The Private Clinic Northampton is the only place I will go and I would recommend them to anyone.
Arsalan Khan
Arsalan Khan: Appointment booked for Hair transplant with the Consultant paid £25 for it. The Consultation was a waste of journey and time as the Consultant had no idea or knowledge of what she was talking about as she was just reading the points of a piece of paper and then also had no idea about the cost for the transplant and was told they will get back to me regarding the cost but never did. Oh yeh all i was told that they charge £2 per hair which is really odd as never heard anyone charging their patients per hair but still the Consultant had no idea how many follicles or Hairs o would need.
Louise Prickett
Louise Prickett: I can't fault the Private Clinic, Northampton.From start to finish, the team were just fabulous!I met Aggie, (Mr Richards' right hand woman) for my consultation and I can honestly say she is one of the nicest ladies I have ever met! She made me feel so comfortable and at ease answering any questions I had extremely throroughly and professionally.I then met Mr Richards who is so lovely, he is again extremely thorough and I immediately knew I would be in good hands and I absolutely was.Not only were Mr Richards and Aggie so lovely, but so were the team in Northampton too! Each time you visited, they were pleased to see you, knew exactly who you were and that feels so welcoming!My surgery was in London, the team there were again amazing, lovely people who went out of there way to make sure I was comfortable, calm and I felt so at ease!Thanks to Vicki for sharing her tips post surgery too! Vicki, went through everything I needed to know post surgery having experienced it herself, she made the information so relatable.I cannot recommend Mr Richards, Aggie and The Private Clinic team enough!

4. The Harley Medical Group - Northampton

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The Harley Medical Group
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Address: 1 Cheyne Walk, Northampton, NN1 5PT, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 09:00

Telephone: +44 800 288 4101

Business type: Plastic surgeon

The Harley Medical Group: what do users think?
Katie Passley
Katie Passley: I really recommend HMG. The whole process has been seamless throughout. All staff that I interacted with were extremely friendly and helpful from booking coordinators to nurses to the surgeons.This is my third cosmetic procedure, but my first at HMG. It’s safe to say I will now only use HMG if I decide I want future procedures. These are the best results that I have received.
Jade Budd
Jade Budd: Annoyed, and peed off (in the most calmest, polite way) I booked in for a consultation for my breasts. Was told the surgeon was one of the best, and after seeing a few bad surgeon’s I was really feeling hopeful. (Specially as they carry the harley medical teams name) Anyways two years ago roughly I paid to talk to a surgeon, at the time it was lockdown so was Down via zoom, he told me apparently he couldn’t do what was needed which was a breast lift and implants. So I was to see someone else, I saw the other person got told they would be in contact with me, and nothing… i waited as it was lockdown until things got back to normal, and I have rung multiple times still nothing. So they have basically took my money for the consultation and done nothing. If this is what your care is like now god forbid if there was a problem after surgery.
James Stretton
James Stretton: I Had my Brest implants done with Harley medical on 18/11/21 and they are off they are not the same size nor sit the same high tone is more dropped than the other
Diane Johns
Diane Johns: This star rating is no reflection on the consultant that I saw, as he was very good explained everything and made suggestions, however the other staff were dreadful. I arrived a little early for my appointment rung the bell, let in and just left along, it’s lucky I have been here before so know where to wait. It was only when I was speaking to another client that I was told the consultant had been held up, no surprise considering the weather today. Anyway would seem from what they said they had already been waiting 45 mins past their appointment time. I finally managed to find another member of staff that confirmed he was running late and it would not be long. But not once did anyone come to speak to me to apologise or offer me a drink as I had now been waiting over 35 minutes and yes this was partly because I arrived early. The waiting room was dull with leaflet holders empty, and magazines from 2017? I am astounded by other reviews about how friendly and welcoming reception/nurses are at the practice.
Maggie Mulvey
Maggie Mulvey: Lovely helpful, friendly and knowledgeable staff, warm, comfortable relaxing facilities. This all makes for a very easy experience.
Steven Colson
Steven Colson: Fantastic service rectified my problem. Friendly considerate staff.I can't thank them enough for their time and service.Highly recommend.
Vicky Burgess
Vicky Burgess: Awful, wasn’t seen by the surgeon . Was told to pay £100 for consultation with the surgeon . I paid this , but then circumstances changed so I cancelled this ( more than a month in advance ) . 18 days later I’m still waiting for a refund, was told 5 working days by one , 10 by another then last week told 20 days?! . The lady who dealt with me hasn’t responded to my emails ( was quick to reply when I was going ahead ) . Feel very annoyed as I may have possible gone back to have the treatment done when I have more money, but I won’t now.
Laura Bell
Laura Bell: Such high hopes and such disappointment. I went here after years getting botox at other large brands and always loved the results. They had a great discount on so I thought perfect and looked very professional and nice inside. Had boxtox treatment. You always know when you go to a new practitioner that they play it safe so you always need a top up for that first treatment. No problem. Went back 2 weeks later (with almost no change in the botox area). Photo taken as practitioner only works once every 6weeks at the Northampton office. This was a real pain. But I waited. Finally got more botox and I can't believe it. 2 weeks on when I shouldn't have any or at least much frown. There it is. A tiny bit better but still very much there. £150 wasted and took them months to even get to this stage. What's the point in very nice staff, lovely offices if your practitioner is very rarely present and when they do a treatment it doesn't work. I wouldn't have minded if this was my first time. But I'm a seasoned botox user. Gutted.
Helen Elliott
Helen Elliott: Really professional and helpful team. Would have no problems in recommending the services to friends and family.With Saturday opening as well cannot fault the service of Harley Medical Group.

5. Liberate Cosmetic Surgery - Northampton

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Liberate Cosmetic Surgery
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Address: Cliftonville Rd, Northampton, NN1 5DR, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1296 752028

Business type: Plastic surgeon

6. Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre - Hardingstone

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12 reviews
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Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre
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Address: 32 The Grn, Hardingstone, Northampton NN4 7BU, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Tue

Telephone: +44 1604 702630

Business type: Skin care clinic

Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre: what do users think?
Rebecca Kyriakides
Rebecca Kyriakides: Having had treatments elsewhere and having found that obtaining appointments became a challenge. I then researched elsewhere options.I then found this clinic. I couldnt have been more happy with the initial welcoming, and accommodating my request of an appointment when I actually required this and was even called earlier as per my request for any cancellations in their clinic to be seen earlier.The location of the clinic is absolutely Beautiful and Very conveniently located to myself.Meeting the Dr and Proprietor of the business. I was given a full pre examination and honest feedback about what I felt I needed and what a Professional would advise. I didnt feel at any time that there was an opportunity to offer services that wasn't necessary. I felt in very good Professional Hands!I was also impressed with the 2 week ( non charge) post care appointment, whereby the Dr and Patient review the results of the procedure. In all honesty, I haven't ever had this offered before but can only highlight what a good after care Patient service this is that is offered.I really look forward to future treatments at this clinic and would therefore recommend!
B: I highly recommend this practice, I had previous treatment carried out by another practitioner corrected by Dr John Tanqueray and the care received was nothing but pure excellence. John answered all of my questions and educated me on the procedure meaning I knew exactly what to expect and nothing was too much trouble. He really took the time to understand what my goals were, the treatment itself was quick, painless and my results were instant. Simply exceptional and a truly talented, skilled doctor. I will absolutely return in the future.
Isabel Padilla
Isabel Padilla: How much do you charge for nose fillers?
Elizabeth Barrett
Elizabeth Barrett: Really friendly and helpful, nothing too much trouble. Everything explained to me so i could go away and make an i formed decision.
Joe Jackson
Joe Jackson: I had Botox injections to reduce sweating on forehead in hairline - worked amazingly well!Very professional set up, treatment conducted by a qualified Doctor (which was important to me) everyone really friendlyReally working to make your treatment work for you. Great find!
Alistair Heys
Alistair Heys: Had my first Botox treatment back in March/ April of this year, but ultimately decided it wasn't for me. I am not doubting the credentials of anyone associated with the clinic, but having spent £1000 over the course of two visits, I have to say I was left feeling a little unimpressed. Yes, the treatment did work to an extent, in that it paralysed certain facial muscles and plumped up the areas involved, but I did feel it wasn't value for money and that I could have put that £1000 to much better use - the results were too subtle to really notice. I do understand that Botox is a continual treatment and has to be applied every 3/4 months, but at the end of the day it all depends on whether you're vain enough to wish to spend the sort of sums involved over the long term. Of course I wasn't expecting a 57-year-old man to suddenly become youthful, but as I have said, to me it didn't seem that the treatment was worthwhile to continue with. Good luck to anyone else contemplating minimal invasive facial surgery; hopefully it will work better for you.
lorraine mackintosh
lorraine mackintosh: 1st treatment today and very happy. I grilled Dr Tanquerey on his credentials before I let him loose on me. I have to say I am impressed. Not only with his GP background but also his training position and with the fact that he was prepared to answer all my questions without issue. The treatment today was thoroughly discussed, checked throughout, very professionally delivered. The most pleasant experience and the results look great. The Dr has a very nice manner, and calmed any nerves. Would definitely recommend.
Dimow Record's
Dimow Record's: hello , do you treat sun spots and acne scars?
Craig Redden
Craig Redden: There's is no other clinic with the level of experience and professionalism, the clinic is an absolute recommendations. Having had a number of different procedures I would not use another clinic due the sheer excellence of standards here!
sonia jescu
sonia jescu: Positive:Cleanliness,Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,Value
Le Gehri
Le Gehri: Had lip enhancement done, John made a really awesome treatment. Assured me about the procedure when i was hesitating and scared, all went good, no pain at all as he used numbing cream. Nobody even realised the change, as it was more for my own confidence and just a tiny enlargement.Coming every couple of months to see Liz as well, for my laser hair removal treatments and although it hurts (armpits), Liz is very kind and professional. Not only I would recommend, I already took my mum here for botox on her forehead and now her deep wrinkle looks way smoother. Will definitely come again with my mum for finishing the treatment and would be recommending this place wherever I go! See you soon, Liz x
Christopher Churchill
Christopher Churchill: Awesome place! Would recommend to anyone.
Katie Mae Hewitson
Katie Mae Hewitson: As a smoker, I found my lips had dried up and were looking thin and wrinkly, much older than the rest of me. I knew lip fillers would help but was nervous about them looking inflated and I wasn't really sure where to go anyway.When I was working in Northamptonshire, I was recommended Dr John Tanqueray at Mulberry House Clinic. The clinic has been there for years which reassured me and he also trains other doctors which I took as a very good sign.The consultation was free and I felt really comfortable with what I heard so went ahead. Treatment itself was completely painless, I couldn't believe it. Now my lips look softer and smoother, no trout pout at all. I am so pleased with the result and hope I can get back to the clinic when I need a top up. Would definitely recommend.

7. The Private Clinic of Harley Street - Northampton

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The Private Clinic of Harley Street
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Address: 82 Billing Rd, Northampton, NN1 5DF, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1604 875040

Business type: Medical clinic

8. The Nose Guy - Northampton

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7 reviews
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The Nose Guy
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Address: 20a Grafton St, Northampton, NN1 2NW, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 09:00

Telephone: +44 7761 055303

Business type: Beauty salon

9. Botech Suite Aesthetics - Hardingstone

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3 reviews
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Botech Suite Aesthetics
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Address: 4 High St, Hardingstone, Northampton NN4 7BT, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 7886 628668

Business type: Beauty salon

Botech Suite Aesthetics: what do users think?
Sharon Norman
Sharon Norman: Positive:ProfessionalismI had phrofilo loved the results
Kc Smith
Kc Smith: Positive:Cleanliness,Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,ValueHad Botox and filler to deep line in my chin, 5 star discreet service, explained everything in detail, so professional and knowledgeable, highly recommended 😁😁
Tina Arnold
Tina Arnold: Positive:Cleanliness,Professionalism,Quality,Value

10. BMI Three Shires Hospital - Northampton

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201 reviews
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BMI Three Shires Hospital
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Address: The Avenue, Northampton, NN1 5DR, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +44 1604 620311

Business type: Hospital

BMI Three Shires Hospital: what do users think?
Olga Sakka
Olga Sakka: Amazing service from doctor to nurses and Amanda and Jo at the reception thank you
Rachel Bloomfield
Rachel Bloomfield: The nurses on the ward were incredible, they looked after me so well.
Nicoleta Nas
Nicoleta Nas: Very friendly staff
Emma Pochodzaj
Emma Pochodzaj: I want to say a huge thank you to Dr Salako, Shannon, Gemma P, Daniela and Bertha along with the team at Three Shires for taking care of me last night. I would highly recommend the team!
Susan Blake
Susan Blake: My entire experience at Three Shires Hospital has been exemplary. All the staff whether it be theatre, ward, x-ray, MRI etc.Have been fantastic.Mr. Auld was brilliant.
Jo Brown
Jo Brown: All staff were friendly and professional. They made me feel that it was all about me and that I wasn't just one of many. I found this very reassuring as the procedure I was having and the possible results were a little worrying for me. All the staff were caring and made me feel safe and at ease. They talked me through every stage from pre-assessment, preparation and procedure. The ethos of the patient comes first was very apparent.
Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith: Everything was amazing, I can't fault anything. Pam is an asset to your nursing team, she really cares about her patient's. And Mr Von Widekind is a remarkable consultant, I can't thank you all enough for the care and treatment I received. And I'm looking forward to a new pain free me once I've fully recovered.
Farah Duff
Farah Duff: I had a steroid injection today which was administered by Miss Muthusamy and her team (Shannon, Gemma P, Daniela, Bertha, Alan). Everyone was very friendly and supportive. Thanks team!
Robin Hill
Robin Hill: I was more than pleased from admission to discharge with all the care and assistance given.
Dominic Duffy
Dominic Duffy: Very helpful. Libi was great.
Sharon Bassett
Sharon Bassett: Every one of your staff were courteous, professional, friendly and put me at ease throughout my time with you
Tony Elliot
Tony Elliot: All the care provided was superb. I was quite anxious not ever having surgery before. The nurses and anaesthetists were so good at making me feel calm. The care straight after recovery was great. Thank You.
Mark Slater
Mark Slater: Everyone who looked after me was very polite, kind and very helpful. We can’t thank the staff enough for the fantastic care whilst I was in the hospital.
Lisa Pere
Lisa Pere: Attended as an outpatient on the 12th May, staff are all very friendly and helpful, was seen on my appointment time and not kept waiting. A big thank you to the gentleman (Luke I believe) who chatted to me throughout my biopsy procedure, his distraction certainly helped me thru a very uncomfortable few minutes. Would have given full 5 stars but would suggest a patient aftercare leaflet could be provided perhaps and whilst it was under only local anaesthetic I think they should advise not to drive home yourself as my only saving grace was that I only had a 20 min drive and managed to make it home before needing to be sick, not sure if due to the level of pain, or a side effect of the anaesthetic or a combination of both! Menopausal women need things in writing as the memory is not what it once was, I don't recall being advised I could take painkillers before the procedure but couldn't say for definite whether or not it was something which was mentioned in the original appointment, perhaps useful info and advice on what you shouldn't do for a few days afterwards could be added to the appointment letter. A nice clean hospital though and the facility of free parking on the site is definitely an added bonus.
The one 2 1
The one 2 1: I was treated with dignity and care all the way through my procedure!
Ann Johnson
Ann Johnson: Very well looked after, lovely staff and procedure carried out prompt and efficiently
Jean Lewis
Jean Lewis: ALL staff were friendly, courteous, respectful approachable and very very helpful . Nothing was too much trouble . Amazing experience great hospital to be treated in Thank you all so much
Gemma Smith
Gemma Smith: Excellent care received by all staff,on time, very professional. Highly recommended
stuart waller
stuart waller: I didn't get told who to contact after leaving hospital if there are any problems. I would just contact the hospital if needed but a name would have been helpful.
M M: My first experience here was very good. I was impressed.
sukhdev singh
sukhdev singh: I was suffering from chronic Fistula for few years, seeing various doctors at Northampton General Hospital, had 4 operations with no respite.This year I met Dr Jamil Ahmed, Colorectal and General Suregeon in Three shires Hospital, he reviewed my history and arranged scans, explained me the procedure and assured me that he is confident that he will able to address the problem. Within 3 weeks time my MRI scan, Pre Op and Operation was done successfully. I was so glad and relieved that finally 4 years my suffering came to an end. Thank you Dr Ahmed.I will recommend Dr Ahmed's and Three Shires Hospital for amazing treatment, compared to NHS service. Not all of us can afford Pvt health, but if you do get Pvt health care from employers, please make use of it, if you can.

11. Mr. Mark Draper - ENT & Rhinoplasty Surgeon - Woughton on the Green

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Mr. Mark Draper - ENT & Rhinoplasty Surgeon
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Address: The Saxon Clinic, BMI, Chadwick Dr, V7 Saxon St, Milton Keynes MK6 5LR, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1908 751482

Business type: Surgeon

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