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1. ProHealth Prolotherapy Clinic - Great Denham

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ProHealth Prolotherapy Clinic
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Address: The Village Medical Centre, Kingswood Way, Bedford MK40 4GH, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 8:30 AM

Telephone: +44 800 107 3238

Business type: Pain control clinic

ProHealth Prolotherapy Clinic: what do users think?
Daniela Rossi
Daniela Rossi: I suffered from myofascial syndrome causing a severe pain in my lower back, neck and both shoulders for the past five years. During this period I saw many muscle skeleton specialists and tried a wide range of treatments including Osteopathy, corticosteroids and Botox injections, Tecar therapy, decompression table therapy and others, to not avail.I'm thrilled to say that, despite my initial skepticism, after four Prolozone treatments my pain gradually disappeared.Mr Oliver is a kind and highly skilled professional that I'd strongly recommend, I'm most grateful for his amazing result.
Colin Smith
Colin Smith: In the summer of 2021 l had been suffering with arthritic pain in my elbow but two years post surgery. I also had a minor tear in a tendon in my upper left arm that did not heal properly. Oliver helped treat the affected areas and after three treatments and Oliver listening intensely and with empathy to my conditions he has resolved the affected areas. I cannot recommend Oliver highly but it took me so long to give a review because of covid making me forget but in need of his advice for leg issues. Prolotherapy works that is the bottom line but sometimes you.may need an extra treatment or at a later date a top up. But your doctor will not believe you as was the case with mine as they cannot think outside of convention medicine. Oliver knows the muscoskeletal system like the back of your hand and that knowledge is invaluableColin Smith.
Astrid de Gaste
Astrid de Gaste: I was genuinely skeptical the first time I came into the clinic, I had been having lower back aches for years and nothing had helped. But it's now been over two months since my last injection and I can confidently say that my pain is at least 90% better. It's pretty phenomenal in that it is just not part of my daily life anymore. I would really recommend this clinic to anyone who has musculoskeletal pains that won't go away.
Denise Molyneaux
Denise Molyneaux: Oliver literally saved my life from pain and agony in my thumb. He is very professional and makes you feel at ease and his receptionist Linda is lovely too. The treatment started to work after two or three sessions and now I have no pain in my thumb joint at all. Would definitely recommend this clinic before even thinking about anything else. Denise M
Rimon Lumen
Rimon Lumen: Hi Oliver, Thank you for your kindness, intelligence, compassion, and research mindedness.Wishing you to continue helping other with pain when no one else can. It’s one heck of a task.Appreciate you greatly, Rimon and Michal
Keith: An accident causing trauma to my neck left me in severe pain. After a few days the pain was radiating from between the top of my shouler blades to the base of my skull and behind the ears. An X-Ray showed I had OA in all the cervical facet joints. A previous operation (22 yrs ago) disc replacement at C5/6 and C6/7 seemed intact.After 5 months of severe pain I did some research and discovered the ProHealth Clinic (GP was only prescribing pain killer meds). I made an appointment to see Oliver.Ater the first session of injections the pain at the base of my skull and behind the ears subsided dramatically. I had a further session three weeks later and these pains have not returned.At the third session three weeks later Oliver injected around the previouse opperative site to help with the pinched nerve pain. This has proven to be a bit more stubborn but it has reduced the intensity. I propose to have another session at this site.All in all the injections have made a terrific difference in reducing the pain. My thanks to Oliver and his injections.
Ari Pereira
Ari Pereira: After doing a quick google search on ozone therapy in the UK, I could find ProHealth Clinic. As I was in pain and not able to walk properly, I drove to Bedford on the following day for my first appointment with Dr Oliver Eaton. After trying Ayurveda to release the pain and the regular medicine that suggested a dramatic surgery that would cause arthritis in a few years time, I've decided to try the Ozone Therapy recommended by Dr Oliver Eaton. The treatment was followed up in London, where I live and to make the story short, I had a total of 10 ozone injections. During the diagnosis section, Dr Eaton found out that my body was already compensating and shortening one of my legs due to the pain suffered on the knee and immediately provided a small sole to be worn inside my shoes. Having this unique treatment/ approach, Dr Eaton could then apply the injections in a very efficient and effective way. taking the acute pain away and today after almost 4 years, I am able to swim, do yoga, pilates, walk for long hours, biking, trekking and continue my active life with 54 years old. Thanks once again for your professionalism, knowledge and expertise on offering and being in the vanguard of Ozone therapy here in the UK.
a d
a d: Since meeting Oliver and receiving my first treatment, the quality of my life has drastically improved.I have never left a review before, but for this I simply have to.I had gone undiagnosed and misdiagnosed for many years suffering with debilitating pain in my pelvic/ lower back area. Not a single doctor was able to tell me what the reason for my pain was let alone being able to treat it. I was only offered medication that ineffectively masked my symptoms as I continued to get worse.Oliver took his time listening to me and investigating the matter at the initial consultation. He was able to diagnose and treat me and in under a month, I was sleeping through the night for the first time in years. I cannot recommend him and his service enough. Though my issues could be arthritic or autoimmune in origin, the pain relief I’ve received from my treatments has been life changing to say the least. This is a safe and sustainable alternative to simply masking your pain and symptoms.Oliver is nothing but kind and caring and is exactly what every medical professional needs to be. He checks up on your progress and is fully invested in your healing journey.As I undergo further investigations with my rheumatologist to properly diagnose my condition, I cannot thank Oliver enough for all that he’s done for me. Being able to sleep, stand, walk like I haven’t been able to in years has given me so much to forward to.
Jarko Musin
Jarko Musin: I have been to The Pro health clinic last year for Oliver to work on my operational knee, I had the injections done and my knee no longer had pain, today I went again as I got injured on my knee once again and it’s already feeling better I’m feeling so optimistic it will recover once again just like before! I highly recommend this clinic it’s so underrated and not many people know about this treatment it will save you time and money honestly and service is so professional and the receptionist is so lovely! Oliver really takes care of you and knows what he is doing honestly he is class at it I highly recommend going here!😁
Patrick W
Patrick W: Great service. I've had knee pain all my life, and now they're the best they're ever been after I've had my treatment.
Sue Smith
Sue Smith: I went to see Oliver in June 2020, I have had Osteoarthritis in my right ankle due a really bad sprain many year ago but only flared up when I started running on it in 2013. I was in absolute agony, could hardly walk, couldn't go to the gym or really do anything and cried with the pain.I had 5 courses of injections and was told that they would start to take effect a few weeks after which they did. I have been back to the gym ever since, I walk for miles with my fog and go hiking. They actually gave my life back.Absolutely amazing treatment, I highly recommend this treatment.Thanks to Oliver
Robert Fairhead
Robert Fairhead: Amazing experience of ProHealth Clinic and Oliver.I can honestly say that Oliver is not only amazing at what he does, but is one of the nicest guy you could meet on a personal level too, which makes such a difference when you are suffering and desperate for someone to actually listen to what you are going through.I struggle with cervical stenosis and bulging discs following a diving accident and I have seen so many physios and chiropractors, which claimed the world, but for me at least, they were a waste of time and a lot of money.Following an MRI, I was advised by an orthopaedic surgeon that surgery was the only way forward and I would probably need several vertebrae fused. I was in permanent pain, but was concerned about having major surgery with no guarantee of cure.I had an initial session with Oliver, where he examined me thoroughly and was able to explain so much more than other clinicians had - He had a lot of equipment to double check some of the diagnoses I had been given.Following 3 bi-weekly appointments with Oliver, I am in much better shape. I feel the muscles and tendons in my neck are becoming stronger and more able to support my neck since the prolozone therapy, and this has reduced the pain somewhat. Oliver advised that it would take several weeks to get max benefit, which was the case. I also have a better range of movement now and whilst I've got a way to go, I really feel this is something that will continue to progress me.I cannot recommend Oli enough for all the help he has given me, including going the extra mile writing letters to Physios etc for me explaining what will help me best when physio is required to accompany the treatment. Thanks so much Oli - Top man!
Carole Adams
Carole Adams: Positive recommendation - Very good experience with treatment from Will (physio) & Oliver. They both were able to understand and treat my back in a way that my GP & NHS we’re unable. Both very professional but with a warm friendly approach.
Greg Cross
Greg Cross: Oliver treated our young daughter (elite level gymnast) for Osteochondritis Dissecans of the knee between Nov 2021 to Jan 2022. Oliver's holistic approach to treating our daughter was very thorough, and his attention to detail was fantastic. He looked at all contributing factors in determining the root cause of the issue rather than just treating the symptom. His facilities at his clinic were state of the art (thermal imaging / weight distribution etc.) and all helped to provide a full picture of what was happening. After three courses of treatment (injections into the knee) we had a follow up MRI scan and were told by our knee specialist, that the condition had completely reversed/recovered. This enabled our daughter to avoid knee surgery and return swiftly back to gymnastics training. The whole experience with Oliver and his clinic was fantastic and we cannot recommend him highly enough!
Emily Joshua
Emily Joshua: Mr Eaton is an extremely knowledgeable and compassionate practitioner who tailors treatments to suit your body as well as your needs. I have made some incredible improvements through Prolozone, despite my propensity to tear ligaments, tendons and muscles due to the faulty collagen I produce from having hEDS. My shoulders have lifted 8 cms higher and I now have a 90%+ improvement in stability, structure and painless mobility in my shoulder joints. My right knee has been damaged for over 30 years, but after Prolozone, I am now able to go up and down stairs facing forwards, bending that leg at the knee joint, instead of having to move up and down sideways keeping the right leg straight. These are incredible improvements. I can't wait to make a start on stabilising and improving my spine, ankles and wrists over the coming years.
Frank Smith
Frank Smith: I see Oliver in Bedford although I am based in Camden.. What a top practioner. I was hit by a car in 2019 and in 2022 found the answer. Ozone shots to the damaged tendons in the fascia. Gluteual tendinopathy as such. I'm not there yet but after 2 x sessions.. Wow what a difference. 10/10!!
Clara Roberts
Clara Roberts: Oliver helped me tremendously with my neck problems, he was the only professional to correctly diagnose what was wrong with me after seeing countless of people. I had a round of injections which helped greatly but honestly without the advice and diagnosis from Oliver I don't think I would be pain free today. Thank you Oliver!
Maxi B
Maxi B: Oliver was exceptional in the detail he provided of the treatment and the results were first class. Hip surgery had left me in pain everyday and this reduced the pain enormously and allowed me to play golf regularly again. It also saved me the trouble of more surgery and I have recommended a number of people to Oliver’s practise.Max
Jacob Lingard
Jacob Lingard: I had a back, hip and knee injury from an occupational hazard, couldn't physically function and was out for the full season of 2021 for running. Thankfully ProHealth Clininc managed to identify the causes. I did my research for rehabiliation on top of that and they were there to point me in the right direction. I want to say a massive thank you to getting me back on track with my running :)
BeckyFit PT
BeckyFit PT: After being let down by another practitioner I was really keen to get my final PRP injection in my hip as I had been suffering with osteoarthritis for years. Thankfully Oliver had a cancellation and saw me immediately. He also did some ozone injections in my knee which is also injured. 24 hours later and the discomfort and swelling has gone. Also Oliver is highly professional and thorough in his assessments. Thank you so much.
Rod Trow
Rod Trow: I had three rounds of injections for problems with both of my hips, my right knee and my left shoulder in July and August 2021. After reading the website information. My mind was fully made up by the wonderful reviews that I had seen. I was really hopeful of success in at least one of my problem areas.Sadly, I experienced no improvement whatsoever in any of the four areas treated, which was truly disappointing. I was really hopeful of success in at least one of my problem areas.I would give 5-stars for the professionalism and expertise of Oliver and his staff, but it is obviously all about the success or otherwise of the treatment. Therefore I can't in all honesty give anything more than 1-star, which is with something of a heavy heart.

2. iHealth Clinic - Wolverton and Greenleys

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iHealth Clinic
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Address: 8 Canon Harnett Ct, Stratford Rd, Wolverton, Milton Keynes MK12 5NF, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 800 107 3238

Business type: Physical therapy clinic

3. Chaelis Advanced Aesthetics - Lowick

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Chaelis Advanced Aesthetics
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Address: Sten Beren, Lowick, Kettering NN14 3BH, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +44 1832 733811

Business type: Skin care clinic

4. Blackberry Clinic Milton Keynes - Walton

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143 reviews
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Blackberry Clinic Milton Keynes
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Address: Blackberry Ct, Walnut Tree, Milton Keynes MK7 7PB, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 8:45 AM

Telephone: +44 1908 604666

Business type: Sports injury clinic

Blackberry Clinic Milton Keynes: what do users think?
Paul: Great!!! I’m receiving treatment for patellar tendonitis in my left knee. After years of pain and trying to get the NHS to help me I have ended up coming to Blackberry for PRP treatment (2 Injections so far).I can honestly say that after one injection the pain I have had for 3 years from just walking has disappeared. It has only been 4 weeks and I have gone back for a 2nd injection, so hoping for even better results, but the ultrasound looks promising.The staff friendliness, knowledge and treatment from the staff was really great. I saw Simon and he went through all the options available to me, and then carried out the treatment.I Highly suggest visiting if you are in pain and need to speak to someone for more advice.
Nicholas Green
Nicholas Green: Avoid like the plague!. Had spinal injections costing £750 which went well but the after care service was dreadful, the injections caused great pain afterwards but any follow up appointment was going to cost over £100 more. Once they took my money they completely lost interest, do not use this 'clinic'. Money grubbers!.
Abbas Shah
Abbas Shah: Good service and a free coffee machine to use when waiting. Very expensive but good doctors which speak English.
Sairam G
Sairam G: I was diagnosed with cervical spondylosis as root cause of severe neck pain where I use to suffer with pins and needles, neck pain, hand burning and swollen hands.I started my treatment with Jack Percival in Milton Keynes and it really started helping me to control my symptoms and not getting it worse. The best part is the discussions we had for different options and go in the direction for which my body responds to. It's really a good decision I took going to Black Berry and seeing Jack!
Charles Vladimir VARNICA
Charles Vladimir VARNICA: Best sport expert locally.
Valerica Naomi Torre
Valerica Naomi Torre: I wanted to thank Victoria, Tory, the physical therapist who guided me very professionally during my journey through my new condition due to knee osteoarthritis. Not only a very capable person in her work, but also very pleasant in manner, easy to interact with her.
D G: Been here twice now for steroid injections in My neck after suffering for nearly 10 years with chronic pain. The reception team are really nice and friendly and Dr Chakka is by far one of the most professional and considerate doctors I have ever seen. I have a fear of needles and can never usually go through with anything that requires needles Dr Chakka calmed me down and spoke to me keeping me informed during the entire procedure, I’m so glad I went through with it as the pain is now manageable.Thank you to everyone at the clinic.
Becky: Used the blackberry clinic for years for physio services. Used to see Tom but when I needed physio again this year and Tom had since left, (I hadn’t been since pre-pandemic) I was apprehensive as I didn’t know any of the other physios. But now I have seen Tori who is equally as good with my troublesome hypermobility and frequent injuries.Blackberry clinic are fairly priced and it’s easy to get appointments without long wait time. Better than other physios I’ve seen when I’ve been away at uni etc. so I recommend :)
Subbash Patel
Subbash Patel: I had shoulder pain and found this place on internet. Made appointment with Alastair Greetham. He examined me very thoroughly and found what the problem was. He did some stretching and maneuvering which relieved my pain and gave me some exercise to do which helped me a lot. I went one more time and was very pleased with the results. I do not leave close to here so will have to find someone like him near me. Very nice person knows his job.
Viki Wright
Viki Wright: I have been attending the Blackberry Clinic, Milton Keynes since beginning of the year and initially saw Shelley as a Chiropractor and then Mark as a Physio. I cannot recommend them both enough. The treatment I have received has been excellent and more to the point I am seeing results and less pain. Mark, associated and linked my shoulder issue with my knee which has had several surgical procedures on it over the years and is never great at the best of times, however, since visiting Mark and doing the specific exercises both my shoulder and my knee are improving and definitely in less pain. I highly recommend the Blackberry Clinic for on-going concerns/injuries and new injuries. The Clinic is friendly, professional and experts in their field.
Jaime Miller2
Jaime Miller2: My Mum has arthritis in one of her knees and was in a lot of pain. Dr Petrides took great care to examine and understand the issue and then treated her with the relevant injection. He also recommended some exercises for her. This clinic is world renowned and every time I visit, I can see why. Thank you to Dr Petrides and his great team.
Terry Remnant
Terry Remnant: The blackberry clinic is always amazing and Simon and the team are absolutely amazing. What they do for my mum allows her to enjoy her life without the chronic pain and they do that for her. So just wanted to say a massive thank you as always as your the best!!!!
Razwan Hussain
Razwan Hussain: I dont think I have ever been this pleased with a service before in my life. Last year I took my Father here to look at issues with his Knees and saw Dr Petrides and from start to finish was a brilliant experience. My Dad got the treatment he needed and his knee pain has gone. Today I went back with my Mrs who had severe back pain and we saw the same Dr. Brilliant experience again, she got seen and had her injection within an hour. We would have been waiting over a year through the Nhs. You get what you pay for its as simple as that and can’t recommend Blackberry clinic highly enough. I have recommended another friend who will also be visiting soon.
Nicholas Burton
Nicholas Burton: Like other bad reviews on here I can only eco my experience total waste of time and money.More pain after the procedure than what i was in before and they refuse to even see me again unless I pay more money. Not even offering solutions to try and rectify the situation. Basically go away quietly.I am going for a second opinion as I feel I have been mis diagnosed and will not let this rest.If you want a good experience from people who understand pain and know how much of a struggle day to day life activities can be. I strongly recommend not to visit this clinic.
Maria Richard
Maria Richard: Very good
Aoife O'connor
Aoife O'connor: Blackberry Clinic have been brilliant at helping me with my recovery after an injury. My physio, Alastair, helped me build back my strength and confidence quicker than I thought I would. The whole team were brilliant, the nurses and receptionists all so helpful in helping arrange my appointments around work and squeezing me in when needed. Would absolutely go back, great experience and service.
Jaime Miller
Jaime Miller: Outstanding! My Mum has back pain for over 30 years and has had various steroid and epidural injections at a number of private hospitals. My Mum has had three treatments with Dr Petrides and he has been the only Dr able to provide her full relief from her disabling pain. I cannot recommend enough. Thank you to the Dr and his wonderful and comforting Nurse, Yvonne.
abraham elfasi
abraham elfasi: waist of time and money, and gone through severe pain with no positive partner had gone through 6 shockwave treatments on her heal with no benefit at all - was told that the treatment is not working because she has low vitamin d - after the treatment was done - yes i know its funny.complained to the management and where told that they cant do anything.when asked what did we pay for - answered - "well you have had the treatment".in the stand point of a customer - you paid for something and got one paying for a treatment or for A CURE ?!as far as the clinic is concern - you paid for the treatment - the cure is a free bonus which you may or may not get.they don't get that- under consumers laws - you bought a product which did not fit the purposebe ware before you fork out your hard earn cash
Martin Robinson
Martin Robinson: Visited privately for HGV medical assessment. Very pleasant facilities and extremely helpful reception and assessment.
John Gardiner
John Gardiner: You pay probably a little more than other place's. Worth every penny. Can't recommend them enough
Olwen James
Olwen James: Excellent service. Aligned with a physio therapist quickly who identified problem and has provided physio and some stuff for me to do in between treatments. Improving at a good rate after 3 treatments.

5. Oliver Eaton - Great Denham

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Oliver Eaton
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Address: The Village Medical Centre, Kingswood Way, Bedford MK40 4GH, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +44 800 107 3238

Business type: Osteopath

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