Best Interpreting Lessons Northampton Near Me

1. Deaf Hub CIC - Northampton

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Deaf Hub CIC
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Address: Regents Pavilion, 4 Summerhouse Rd, Moulton Park Industrial Estate, Northampton NN3 6BJ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +44 7746 205267

Business type: Non-profit organization

2. Paracletos Education Centre - Northampton

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Paracletos Education Centre
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Address: 75 Oakley St, Northampton, NN1 3EP, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +44 7908 550463

Business type: Music school

Paracletos Education Centre: what do users think?
Ichrab Ali
Ichrab Ali: Very good to look after all kinds of minds students.
Sohail Iltaf
Sohail Iltaf: Purple Oaks
samantha england
samantha england: Funny my review has vanished!! 🤔 look on Google maps
Reynolds chanel
Reynolds chanel: This place is OK I am a student and the teachers are nice but only 45% devoted to dealing with autism as a whole and bullying is also a very important topic that needs to be a thing looked into at this school I think from my previous state ment that they need to train more to relate to the students to conect with the children
Anastassia Klimova
Anastassia Klimova: Brilliant school, amazing teachers. Everything is very well organized and very safe for kids.
Reynold majwega
Reynold majwega: ThePurple oaks is a real y cool and it helps me because I haveAutism and in September I'm going to purple oaks

3. Kumon Maths & English - Grange Park

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47 reviews
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Kumon Maths & English
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Address: Grange Park Community Centre, School Ln, Northampton NN4 5FZ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +44 1604 661610

Business type: Tutoring service

Kumon Maths & English: what do users think?
Raja Sekhar N
Raja Sekhar N: We Joined our 7 years old daughter in early 2021. Since then we noticed a positive change in her English learning (though it is very low phase). After a year now her learning improvement has taken exponential projectile. Also he has got a habit of spending 30-45 min for the homework everyday, which is not the case with her day to day schooling routine. I will definitely recommend Kumon for the Early learners!! Also Berta is a brilliant and strict instructor. Best Regards, Raj.
Sarue Mistry
Sarue Mistry: Jaymin has made excellent progress in maths since we enrolled him onto Maths Kumon four years ago. At the beginning, motivating Jaymin to complete daily worksheets was hard work and there were many a times I felt like we should just quit, as sometimes I felt that it wasn’t worth the hassle and the constant nagging everyday to get him to complete the worksheets. But now, I am so glad we persevered, completing his maths worksheets has become part of his daily routine which he completes before he starts school every day without any fuss! He even marks the worksheets himself using the answer book provided and completes the corrections. Jaymin has definitely gained more confidence in maths since starting Kumon and this year we were overjoyed when we celebrated his success at achieving the bronze level at kumon. I am so grateful I found this programme and in particular Berta. Berta has encouraged and guided Jaymin over the years to always work hard and never give up. She has seen him develop into the self disciplined boy he is today. Berta has got to know Jaymin very well over the years and knows what drives him and was able to identify his key strengths and weaknesses and uses this to help him with his kumon. For all of you parents, wondering whether to give Kumon a try, I would personally would strongly recommend that you do, but remember not to give up at the first hurdle, keep going as it will definitely be worth it.
Divya T
Divya T: Transformed my child's maths ability.
Yongxiu Zhong Gough
Yongxiu Zhong Gough: When my daughter finished Reception in July 2019, I noticed her maths skill wasn't great. So I looked for private tution and she joined Kumon in maths in September 2019. For thr first few months, probably like most children, she got frustrated and ended up in tears. I started to ask myself:" Is Kumon right for her?" I talked to Berta and she explained Kumon development wasn't quick and it was a long-term plan. She encouraged me to give her more time. So my daughter didn't stop then and carried on her Kumon learning. Surprisingly my daughter's concentration got better slowly and she finished her work daily and her mental skill got much better! She started her English in June 2021 and her hand-writing and comprehension have been a lot better since then. Generally school work is now easier for her.Thank you Berta for setting up work and up-dating my daughter's progress and identifying weak areas. I am so glad my daughter didn't stop Kumon after first few months and I regreted I didn't let her start English earlier!Looking forward to a further Kumon learning journey with Berta. If any parent asks me about Kumon, I would say it is not easy for both child and parents. But if you would like your child to do well in academy, Kumon is a great way to achieve solid foundation! Both child and parents' hard work will pay off!!
Swetha Senguttuvan
Swetha Senguttuvan: I am glad that I chose Kumon with Berta for my Son. He has just been 2 months with her and I can already see a good progress in his Reading skills. I would highly recommend Kumon for kids as it improves their focus and attention through completing workbooks regulary, Berta plays a major role in encouraging them to do so.Berta gives individual feedback on the kid's progress and also never fails to steer the parents in the right direction with her feedbacks.Above all, I am happy that my son loves coming to Berta's classes.!!!
Bena Mistry
Bena Mistry: The programme and support we have received over the last 18 months has been brilliant.. during such a hard year for various reasons the Kumon programme has remained consistent for my children. This could not of happened without the support from Berta. Thank you for investing your time and effort to ensure the children receive the tools in a timely manner.
Trevor Muganhiri
Trevor Muganhiri: The experience we’ve had with Kumon has been excellent.My children,boy and girl,both go to Kumon.When the boy started attending his weekly visits,it was quite a challenge to engage him in any school related work.We saw a big change when he started with Kumon.It was like a light bulb moment where,not only did his confidence grow but his desire to learn grew.He enjoys school work now and if it wasn’t for Berta’s patience and encouragement,our son would not be at the level he is now.Berta is always there when you need her and is positive with her advice.I would highly recommend any parent to try out Kumon’s style of learning and l can guarantee a positive attitude in your child’s approach to Maths and English.These two subjects are essential in this world.Maths,we are constantly calculating without knowing.English,the common language for business.
Gillian Daya
Gillian Daya: My children have been attending Kumon classes since June 2019. Our first initial appointment with Berta was carried out very professionally. Berta gave lots of information for us to help make the desicion to love forward with Kumon. Since then both our children have flourished. When my daughter started school August 2019 you could see from only a few months of Englisg Kumon work that it had a real benefit, she continues to excel with her reading and English and due to starting Maths Kumon early 2020 his becoming more confident with her maths work also. The difference this has made to our 9 year old son is tremendous, he is becoming more confident with his English and understands more about the comprehension side of English and it has also done wonders for his hand writing, he also started Maths in 2020 and continues to grow in confidence.I would highly recommend Berta if anyone asks, she is very approachable and will help and encourage not only the children but also the parents. I can't thank her enough for encouraging both my children and myself to get them to where they are today.All I have left to say is a massive THANK YOU and we look forward to continuing our Kumon journey together.
Minh Thuy Nguyen Xuan
Minh Thuy Nguyen Xuan: My son has joined the Kumon South centre for nearly 3 years now. I am very happy with the way Berta instructed us through with our child’s learning. I am also impressed by her ability to take care of every details about each child and helped them in a personalized way. The support throughout lock down situation was tremendous which helped my child thrive. Myself personally received wise advices from Berta about raising the kids as parenting has always been a really hard job and sometimes I just did not know what to do. A huge thanks to Berta and her team for their hard work and dedication.
Barbara Appiah
Barbara Appiah: My son joined Kumon in January 2019 through a recommendation of a friend located in a different town. She told me how good the program was and she was certainly right. The program has helped my son greatly in his English skills; both written and spoken. Berta is an amazing instructor and advisor with so much passion for what she does. She takes the time to speak to me both via telephone and messenger to update me on my sons progress. Even during these very difficult times she has been consistent with her work. She really has the child’s best interest at heart. I would definitely recommend this program to every parent who wants their child do well academically.
kao sam
kao sam: Initially I was a bit sceptical about Kumon, I thought it was just worksheets that the children do daily but it is so much more! Kumon helps the children build discipline, understanding and motivates them to do better.My Son, Ethan, joined Kumon during Year 5 and has been going to Kumon for 18 months now. He enjoyed maths at school and although he wasn’t struggling he didn’t find it particularly challenging and lacked the commitment and motivation to do better. Berta identified his strengths and weaknesses and has pushed him to do better and set a challenging but achievable pace for him to work at. Under Berta’s guidance Ethan passed his Kumon level G and achieved a silver award and is now working through Level H. I am really pleased that he has reached such a level before starting secondary school and I am sure he will continue to rise to the challenges Berta sets and push himself further.Joining Kumon has had such a positive impact on my children I would highly recommend Kumon to any parent.Thank you Berta for all your patience and time and dedication, keep up the good work!
Sunderjit Singh Bhullar
Sunderjit Singh Bhullar: My son has been attending Kumon with Miss Berta for over 2 years now. She has give him structure, discipline and focus to support him in his young age. We have noticed a huge difference since our son had attended kimono. During the covid pandemic Miss Berta has been offering online session which has proven extremely helpful. She takes pride into teaching all her students and most importantly my son loves attending kumon. I would highly recommend this centre.
Gifty Beckley
Gifty Beckley: Kumon has delivered for my children what it says on the tin - my boys both joined just before they started school and it has helped to give them a clear head start in English and subsequently maths when they took it up. The daily practice of these subjects cannot be underestimated. Thank you Berta for your dedication to driving excellence in our children.
Lili Ana
Lili Ana: Very pleased with all the hard work that Mrs Berta did for all the children that are in the kumon family and specially for my daughter. A massive "thank you" for continuing her job during this pandemic, with online classroomsand great support for my daughter who continued to work hard for achieving the gold medal. Thank you for creating great minds and for your dedication!
Ian de Souza
Ian de Souza: My son has been going for Kumon classes for two years and has excelled academically in school. I would highly recommend Kumon for Maths as well as English for our young children under the coaching and guidance of Miss Berta. Miss Berta’s Kumon teaching comes into its own with her structured approach and disciplined regime. Under her guidance, our children’s development outside of school will be enhanced and will prepare them for the future when they go to University. This manner in which Miss Berta conducts the self taught classes is a proven concept and guarantees academic success for your child.Kumon is not easy sometimes for our young ones and you may experience some resistance from them but Miss Berta knows how to encourage our children and to keep going with the aim to succeed. Our schools are too overcrowded with 30 in a class and individual attention by the teachers is impossible. Miss Berta uses Kumon to employ a method of learning through repetition and gradual increase in complexity which draws our child into the learning through small incremental successes thereby enabling confidence and self development.When i learnt about Miss Berta, she was recommended by good friends, and when i met her i knew she had the recipe for my child’s success and now he will excel in his class for both Maths and English.Me and my wife both feel fortunate to have had Miss Berta come into our lives for the betterment of our only child.
AGJ: My son started Kumon Maths after taking his SATS. I thought it was a bit too late to start and my son was not particularly struggling at school, but one of my friends said that Kumon can help secondary school students, as they need to be able to calculate rapidly and accurately for GCSE Maths.In the beginning, I could see that his concentration was easily disrupted. It took about a year for his concentration to improve. Along with this, we saw an improvement at school. Now, he has more confidence not only for maths, but also for the other subjects.Without instructor Berta's guidance and support, he couldn't have got to his current standard, near the top of his class. She has extensive experience and boundless enthusiasm for children's education and future prospects.
LUCYNA BILALI: We’ve started Kumon after a very good friend of ours recommended it to us. I’ve signed up both of my girls Back in March 2018. My main aim was to fill in the gaps in their maths education and improve their mental maths skills as I had impression that they were not very confident . My older daughter was at the time in a Year 5 and although she was finding it initially very hard, especially that she had to go back to basics at first...very soon she started to become quicker at her mental maths and more accurate in her calculations. By the end of year 6 ( so only year and a half later) she started GCSE maths work enabling her to achieve the prestigious 'G' and was presented this award at a ceremony by the mayor of Northamptonshire this year in February. She is now very confident in her maths and works so quickly in comparison with other children in her class that she is very often praised by her teachers. Of course there are children that have achieved even better results through Kumon but we are still very proud of her. Although she still says that it’s a hard work, she is proud of her results and appreciate that she had a chance to do the programme. My younger daughter always struggled with maths and lacked confidence so we were very concerned about her learning. She had so many gaps that she had to start at a very basic level and still struggled with simple addition/subtraction as well as with being able to concentrate on her task. Berta has adapted her work so she could cope better with the workload and although it has been challenging at times she has now managed to catch up and gained a lot of confidence. In a way, she has benefited from the programme more than her sister. she has improved radically at school and her teachers are very impressed with the progress she made. Kumon can work for children with a different abilities but it requires dedication and determination from parents and children.
Gina Dobbs
Gina Dobbs: My daughters only joined Kumon few months ago and their progress has already been phenomenal. My youngest only just turned 4 and is starting school in September 2020 whilst her elder sister is 5+We always struggled to get them to focus and concentrate on learning. However, since joining Kumon, coupled with the coaching and guidance from Berta Rapoz, we have noticed an immediate improvement in their general attitude and performance. They now focus more, are more independent, confident and disciplined.We are very thankful they joined Kumon and are very proud of the progress and transformation they have made in such a short period of time.The worksheet given to them weekly has helped alot as they no longer grumble when it is study time. My eldest daughter now does her work sheet independent . My youngest is looking forward to starting school in September whilst my eldest always looks forward to when she is moved to a different study level either in school and at kumon.I would recommend Kumon to all parents who are keen on on their child's progress,confidence, discipline and academic performance
Corinne Roberts
Corinne Roberts: My daughter Alexandra has been studying Maths and English with Kumon for a year now. She has always loved school and the challenges set for her. At first she found the work very easy as they all have to start at the basic level. Over the last few months, she has found it more challenging moving up through the next levels. Alexandra was given extra work last Summer, as Berta thought she was doing well and could aim for the Maths bronze level. Even though she is a hardworking, motivated student, it wasn't always easy to get her to do the work, especially when we were on holiday. Alexandra was really proud to achieve her bronze award on the 'Award Ceremony day', seeing all the other children and what they had also achieved really boosted her confidence in her own abilities. Alexandra recently passed the assessment and was awarded a place at the school she really wanted. We realise this is largely down to the Kumon study. The program encourages hard work, resilience and perseverance, providing an excellent foundation for advancement in education. Kumon provides an invaluable service, instilling a desire to achieve in this ever challenging world we live in.
Nevadita Dass
Nevadita Dass: My son took kumon program couple of years ago.Berta her instructor have been really helpful from day one.Kumon program not only made him independent but punctual towards his day to day work..He does both maths and English and he is working 2 level higher than his level of work.. He have really worked hard and this year he achieved his gold in both the subjects.The awards he got made him motivated and he is now working more harder.. This hard work from him makes me very proud.. So i will always recommend kumon program to everyone..
Omolola Kujore
Omolola Kujore: Our child joined Kumon 7months ago and this has had positive impact on his academics.His hand writing ,number formations, finger spacing, attention to details and concentration on his Kumon and class work has improved and was also acknowledged by his class teachers . Thank you Berta for your effort to make the best out of every child regardless of their abilities.

4. Speak Up School of English - Northampton

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12 reviews
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Speak Up School of English
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Address: 38 York Rd, Northampton, NN1 5QJ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +44 7712 135790

Business type: English language school

Speak Up School of English: what do users think?
Mariana Chirtoacă
Mariana Chirtoacă: A fantastic school with amazing teachers.My English language skills improved significantly in a short time thanks to SpeakUp School's teaching method. I passed the second and third level together with an excellent and wonderful teacher - Mrs. Gosia. Her ability to encourage and make you belive in your own strength untie your tongue and you really start to speak English.The team members who organized and carried out the end-of-level exam were caring and benevolent, a fact that turned a stressful event into a real pleasure.Learning English is the first step when you've decided to move in the UK and SpeakUp school is one of the best choises for that.You have to know the language of the country that becomes your home.
Stanisław Mirowski
Stanisław Mirowski: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueI wish to everyone to have as great teachers as I had during my education in SpeakUp.
Marius Niculae
Marius Niculae: Nice
Sina Bauer
Sina Bauer: What a awesome school, friendly staff and superb teachers. I can highly recommend this school!
Ecaterina Kate (K98)
Ecaterina Kate (K98): A excellent school with amazing teachers.
kamil rosinski
kamil rosinski: Great friendly school!
Melody Hillyard
Melody Hillyard: We have been working closely with Speak up School of English and they have been a great help to our staff struggling with English. Very proffesional and helpful. A great way to educate people in an open and comfortable enviroment!

5. University of Northampton - Northampton

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319 reviews
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University of Northampton
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Address: Waterside Campus, University Dr, Northampton NN1 5PH, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +44 300 303 2772

Business type: University

University of Northampton: what do users think?
Nidhin Antony
Nidhin Antony: One of the best universities in the United Kingdom. Good infrastructure and teaching faculties, great efforts from management and students. Good ambience. placement programs are happening there. Celebrations and gatherings for students also arranged.
Aravind S
Aravind S: One of the best Universities in Northampton with plethora of courses to cater with the growing demands of the market.
Jaison Sebastian
Jaison Sebastian: 😘❤️❤️❤️
P. W.
P. W.: Cenzorship of Orwell‘s 1984? Really?!
Mr Bungle
Mr Bungle: Watched my friend go from hopeful and positive at the prospect of uni and a career he wants, to quitting his uni course halfway and now feeling like killing himself. Thanks University of Northampton, thanks a bunch..
Sospeter A. Kedogo
Sospeter A. Kedogo: Great experience, awesome facilities and the staff are really friendly.
Habibullah B
Habibullah B: Super
Wouter van' t Klooster
Wouter van' t Klooster: Nice new campus. Pleasant place to study.
nkiruka okonkwo
nkiruka okonkwo: It's interesting. Beautiful scenes.
Hayley Bright
Hayley Bright: Hi, I am midway through my course in Film, Media and Television studies and I'm regretting it a lot. They treat you nicely in the first year but right after that they seem cold and uncaring towards you.I've been struggling to attend due to the train strikes and I've received no support or sympathy from them for it. There was one instance I was not informed via any communication that my lecturer was attending a strike so I travelled over just to find out from someone else it is cancelled. They don't consider people who can't afford accommodation and have to travel.The workload is insane and I feel like I'm being drained dry of mental capacity. This has been killing any passion I had left for this subject and I realise I would've been better off going straight to work after compulsory education. I'm now going to be in thousands of debt for an experience I would never take again.Really hope it gets better from here but I feel like it would be better to rely on yourself to get the job you want someday rather than have a uni put you through this. It's a shame.
Parameswari Rahul
Parameswari Rahul: Nice campus ... Small restaurant is available inside the campus
Jim Potter
Jim Potter: Lovely relatively brand new campus with great facilities. So different to the old. Worthy place for conferences
Shezz Muhammad
Shezz Muhammad: Brilliant day at son's graduation. Facilities were 5 star and staff were very helpful
Tomasz Pierlak
Tomasz Pierlak: Świetnie umiejscowiony. Bardzo mi się podoba
Pinky Pie
Pinky Pie: I would not recommend this university to my worst enemy. They are disorganised, communication is very poor and there is no accountability. We graduated late compared to other universities and 2 months after finishing our course we are still waiting for our Pins. The University has committed a string of mistakes, has not once taken proper responsibility, does not inform students of what is going on and we, students, have to find out by third parties. Go elsewhere and protect your mental health.
Rameez Ali Syed
Rameez Ali Syed: Very unprofessional, International students are not welcome here, they will treat like you are from a very lower background, Called 3 times to get some information the girl which refuse to give me the name with a Chinese accent, Rudely said go to the website and everything is there and hang up my call and she did that 3 times, called to the complaints department she is not ready to listen all she claims you dialled the wrong department and I asked her okay give me the right department number and the call went straight to the same lady, so they all gang up promoting the wrong culture inside the uni and unfortunately no one is there to say wrong to wrong doing, if the management is like this then I can imagine what kind of education is been provided there.
Vincent Adegoke
Vincent Adegoke: Nice and neat environment. Both the staff and students are supportive, friendly and helpful.
Darryl Walker
Darryl Walker: Help my daughter move into her accommodation today. Smart clean looking modern university, well organised and a well thought out campus.
Maria Moran
Maria Moran: Fabulous new campus. Open to the public, apart from the lectures. Highly recommend going and making use of their facilities
Chidi Ugochukwu
Chidi Ugochukwu: Lovely Serene environment

6. Perfect Notes Music School - Northampton

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5 reviews
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Perfect Notes Music School
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Address: 1 Marlborough Rd, St James' Rd, Northampton NN5 5DZ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 9:30 AM

Telephone: +44 1604 755225

Business type: Music school

Perfect Notes Music School: what do users think?
Nana Osei Kofi Mensah
Nana Osei Kofi Mensah: Lovely place to study
Charles Sheinman
Charles Sheinman: I enjoy working there . Well run all round and friendly supportive staff.
rupal shah
rupal shah: My son has developed such a passion for learning music since starting here last September. I can't beleive how much he's learnt in such a short time. I saw him perform infront of an audience today for the first time and i was amazed at the ease in which he was performing his instrument and the confidence. Highly recommend Perfect Notes Music School. Thank you very much.
Audrey Tang
Audrey Tang: An excellent school for all abilities. Having "performed" my way through character roles for the best part of 30 years, I finally took the plunge to learn to sing an adult. Perfect Notes were welcoming and friendly, and assigned me to Rachael. Within one lesson Rachael could cut through my bad habits and give me astute and helpful things to work on - posture when breathing (I have good posture, but it wasn't the best for singing - and I'd never realised until I followed her instructions) and she immediately set to work on my pitching through sight reading exercises which revealed more of my "issues" - and allowed her to suggest ways of managing them. The school's ethos is - anyone can learn - and I fully agree. It is a safe learning space with very dedicated and talented staff and I am really enjoying going back to basics...something I'd been quite nervous of. I'm now being pushed to try out these new techniques within my "comfort zone" of "character" - so this time I'm able to retain performance while being much more mindful of technique. For over 30 years I've "faked it" (albeit convincingly), and I now have the confidence to believe - with the support and structure from Perfect Notes - that I am actually capable of relying on myself to get it right!
Steve Gillham
Steve Gillham: Excellent Teachers

7. Moulton College - Moulton

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70 reviews
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Moulton College
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Address: West St, Moulton, Northampton NN3 7RR, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Mon

Telephone: +44 1604 491131

Business type: College

Moulton College: what do users think?
Obioma Cynthia Okolo
Obioma Cynthia Okolo: Lovely School, would recommend it to families looking for school for their kid(s)
Andrew Collis-Smith
Andrew Collis-Smith: Sunday horse show.... Arrived and no parking for horses, hundreds of cars taking all the parking allocated for trailers and 3.5 trucks, finally parked trailer in the hgv park, but still only enough parking for holding a small pony rally....Got down to the warm up arena.... No staff present....a rider fell in the warm up arena, no staff, no first aid, Whole thing totally disorganised, would recommend giving this venue a miss.... Unorganised shambles!!
Sarah B
Sarah B: Seemed great before course started, however the course is very demanding and there is very little support for this, or mental health issues. Also parents are not notified of abscences until student is about to be rsmoved from course. Administration and pastoral care really needs urgently looking at.
jenn impey
jenn impey: Brilliant college, fantastic support, great experience.
Sabine Martin
Sabine Martin: Very good education. My autistic daughter is doing the Animal Welfare Course. They are caring and supportive.
FAZE RAVEN: We had received my girlfriends welcome pack and her bursary forms along with her PPE informing that she has been accepted into a level 2 course in September. I have spoke to her course Lecture and she is saying that she hasn’t been accepted because of her attendance.Her attendance was low because at the start of the year she didn’t get her timetable for maths and that deducted a lot of her attendance. She also did some hours of work experience but the college took no consideration with helping her with her mental health and everything that she had to go through with work replacement, the course managers was completely unacceptable. I think I did more work then the college with trying to help her with the situations that the college failed to produce.She had high hopes in September too carry on with a new experience at the college but the college failed to help her and gave her wrong information.
Ryan Dunn
Ryan Dunn: Welcoming and friendly
georgina azevedo
georgina azevedo: Very friendly and helpful. The college is in a beautiful surroundings
Pete Wood
Pete Wood: Beautiful setting and surrounding, absolutely ideal environment for learning.
Sally Bertram-Gregory
Sally Bertram-Gregory: Great sharing thoughts and experiences with other students and the teacher 🙂 as a mature student I'm so happy I went back into education and definitely and an incredible place 😊 people just need to be in the learning frame of mind to embrace college/uni 🙂
Richard Still
Richard Still: Loved it
Jesus: Terrible, would not recommend.I was studying Animal Care and, while that stream of learning is demanding, there was an overwhelming amount of assignments, along with work experience and commercial experience in college, these were impossible to complete simultaneously.On top of this, there was a lack of organisation regarding where to find documents, information and lessons were sometimes entirely cancelled due to staff meetings, COVID and some unauthorised absences of the lecturer.Staff - Very rude and unorganised. Lecturers would not respond to emails regarding help, but would discipline without taking responsibility on their behalf even though they were in the wrong, no apologies whatsoever. In general, most lecturers had a terrible attitude towards the class, sometimes targeted but mostly to the entire class, leaving the learning environment feeling hostile and making it difficult to reach out for help.Curriculum - I, and some of my peers were unaware that there would be a business aspect in this course. All peers, when asked: "is anybody interested in starting their own business?" replied with no. This business aspect could have been optional or a lesson but not with assignments considering, in my case, my lecturer constantly flaked on the lessons and would not tell us where to go.There were also events on our days off (or when people were supposed to be completing their work experience) where we would have to stay home on call for hours listening to career choices which had mostly nothing to do with our course on a few occasions. This time could have been used to complete the colossal amount of work given. Also if you didn't attend, even though the calls were irrelevant, (I sat through them all, so I can confirm this) you would constantly be alerted and move up the disciplinary ladder.Mental health - when joining this course, everyone was assured that the college was supportive of mental health but did not live up to their word. A particular lecturer would jump to conclusions, humiliate you infront of your peers by pointing you out and isolating you from the class during lessons. They did not pull you aside to talk.Other lecturers were reluctant to help other students for no reason, this links back to the isolating too as a select group of people would have the lecturer the entire lesson leaving the rest confused, bored and struggling because we don't learn as much as the rest.
biggs682 Biggs
biggs682 Biggs: A great local landmark
ArchieFTW: Awful college Went for 2 years and the staff are rude n don't support u at all don't teach you stuff they just expect you to know it
Robert Jobling
Robert Jobling: Great place to study
Philip Smith
Philip Smith: Good collage lots of support when needed
Toni Marinova
Toni Marinova: My experience was great. The tutors cared for us and were so helpful. I was studying Level 2 Professional Bakery year 2018/2019. I had all the support I needed. Even for personal issues. I would definitely recommend. The college is beautiful , not to forget . Honestly I had such a lovely time there. My tutors were Clare, Steve and Katie, forgive me if I have not mention someone else but all of you are great and I miss you.
Poppy Dale
Poppy Dale: Amazing hockey facility and the college is amazing I have been eating there recently and they are brilliant
Samantha Robbins
Samantha Robbins: I have reviewed my own review as my matter was dealt with swiftly.Had quite a few issues with Moulton but in general it is a good college. A few improvements by a few staff and it would be very good.
Daniel Davies
Daniel Davies: I like moulton college about 2 year ago but now im do highter education that is not good for me
Steve Doyle
Steve Doyle: Be very careful if you sign up for an online course to read the small print. I signed up for a course, got COVID and then LONG COVID and can no longer meet their ‘timescales’ for completion. I can’t remember seeing the small print or any contract as I bought the course via Reed employment. Devil and the deep blue sea- can’t finish, can’t pay the £140 they are wanting. Be careful your circumstances don’t change through no fault of your own.

8. Kumon Maths & English - Duston

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Kumon Maths & English
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Address: St. Francis' Church, Eastfield Rd, Northampton NN5 6TQ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +44 7770 145538

Business type: Tutoring service

Kumon Maths & English: what do users think?
Soumya Jose
Soumya Jose: Li is very supportive teacher for my daughter. I could see a great improvement in her maths and English since she started with Kumon. I would highly recommend Li to anyone who is looking for maths and English tuition for their children. Thank you Li for being great teacher for my daughter, Soumya
nayan15 patel
nayan15 patel: Li is very fantastic teacher very supportive helpful and encouraging my both childrenwhen doing their workVery good
Chris B.
Chris B.: Very pleased with Li’s hard work with my children at Kumon Northampton North Centre. She is very enthusiastic and highly supportive. She communicates well, providing valuable guidance and feedback.Since joining Kumon, the children have developed a healthy routine that complements schoolwork and improved their concentration and confidence. They are both doing well at school but through Kumon study, Li identified some gaps in their learning which we had overlooked and addressed them with the children through her motivating approach. My 6 year old son is now working above school grade level and I can see he is continuing to excel in both English and Maths.Doing the online sessions is also working really well. I highly recommend it.

9. Avago Driving Northampton - Northampton

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40 reviews
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Avago Driving Northampton
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Address: 202 Hazeldene Rd, Northampton, NN2 7NH, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 7:00 AM

Telephone: +44 7970 673225

Business type: Driving school

Avago Driving Northampton: what do users think?
Shaun Hall
Shaun Hall: Awfully inappropriate conversation during a lesson. Within ~10 hours of lessons, Dave thought it was a wise idea to comment on the large breasts of a female pedestrian, asking me if I’ve ‘ever had my face in a pair that big’. Plenty of decent instructors around who aren’t spitting such sludge
Joanna Kail
Joanna Kail: We got in touch with Dave because we were impressed by the many positive online reviews.Dave makes his lessons feel easy-going, and he is very friendly, chatty and knowledgeable. He wants the best for all of his pupils and doesn't want them to dwell on things they feel have gone wrong.We would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for driving lessons in Northampton. Thank you Dave!The Kane family (Liam and parents John and Joanna)
Denisa Cimpulungeanu
Denisa Cimpulungeanu: Very rude and unprofessional attitude
Ian Miller
Ian Miller: Had my first of many lessons with dave and he made me feel at such ease whilst driving. I’m thought I was nervous behind a wheel at first but he soon made me realise it was all in my head and installed so much confidence in me, he’s very patient and understanding and tells great but bad dad jokes lol can’t recommended him enough. Amazing
Milana Kostjuka
Milana Kostjuka: Positive:ProfessionalismDavid is very friendly, patient and encouraging driving instructor. Made me feel at ease in all the lessons - couldn't have passed without his help! Highly recommend!!
Jake Ingleby
Jake Ingleby: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueNo regrets choosing Dave as my instructor, taught me everything I needed to know and encouraged me throughout. I appreciate everything, thank you.
Richard: Just passed today . Good value for money
euan wills
euan wills: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueDave is a very friendly and funny person, he teaches you well and makes you feel very comfortable while starting off! :) Worth every penny, I appreciate everything dave has done for me and driving! 5*!!
Teodora Faighel
Teodora Faighel: Positive:Communication,ProfessionalismDave is a really good driving instructor, I strongly recommend him if you are looking to start learning how to drive. Although I was a very anxious driver, he had a lot of patience with me and I have eventually passed the driving test.
Matt Behan
Matt Behan: Brilliant driving instructor, couldn’t of passed without his help, he taught me everything I needed to know in the right time and if there was ever something I wasn’t too sure he was happy to go over again. Dave is easy to talk too and I never got bored whilst driving, I will also be great full for his help and for that I’d recommend him to anyone!!
annie leung
annie leung: Dave is an amazing driving instructor!!! I previously had a teacher who taught me lots of bad habits but Dave immediately saw them and knew how to correct them! I passed first time within 2 months of having him as a teacher, and afterwards I did my pass plus course with him. Dave is a very helpful instructor and I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with him -despite the bad jokes...! ☺️Highly recommend!!!
Luke Boyde
Luke Boyde: If you are currently looking for a driving instructor, then there is no need to keep looking, as you have found the man who, guaranteed, will ensure you pass your test. Dave is brilliant, each lesson is informative and will make you more confident behind the wheel.
Aleksandra: At first I was nervous when I started driving again after quite a long time but Dave is very friendly and understanding so I instantly felt comfortable driving with him. He is very patient and will answer your every question. Also you will never be bored during the lessons;) I am very happy and grateful that I finally have my licence:) Thank you, Dave!
Shanie Dickens
Shanie Dickens: I can’t thank Dave enough for building my confidence in driving and making me feel relaxed and in control. You are placed at the centre of learning with lessons planned to suit individual needs. Lessons are thoroughly enjoyable and relaxed. I’m already planning on doing motorway practice with Dave, wouldn’t go with anyone else.
Husam U
Husam U: Dave is an absolutely amazing instructor and I can't thank him enough. I never felt that he was teaching me too slowly or too quickly and found that when there was a particular section I found difficult, he adjusted the day's lesson so that I could iron out my mistakes.Of Dave's many incredible qualities, one of them was his ability to remain calm at all times which really improved both my abilities and my confidence.I can't recommend Dave enough.
Glyn Roff
Glyn Roff: Fantastic tuition at a very good rate! Lessons are enjoyable with Dave and definitely provide you with everything you need to get that first time pass! Highly recommend!
L P: Dave was an excellent driving instructor. I had issues with previous instructors, but Daves lessons were enjoyable and very informative. All round great guy, but you'll have to deal with some dad jokes! I also passed 1st time, so there's that too!
Simple Balance
Simple Balance: Best driving instructor in Northampton. Dave allowed me to feel relaxed and under control in the car, and i felt no pressure at all when learning, infact i began to really enjoy it. Now i've passed my test and am looking forward to driving my own car :) would highly recommend to anyone, especially those who are anxious about driving! Cheers Dave!
Warren Boxford
Warren Boxford: Wow, what a driving instructor, I would highly recommend to anyone, his teaching method is amazing, no pressure what so ever I passed 1st time no issues & when I joined I was nervous but trust me that will soon change once you’ve had your first lesson !100% - Recommeneded10/10 !
Mark Stroud
Mark Stroud: Cant be bothered to return calls calls clearly too busy. I. Sure he is a good instructor but I guess we will never know
Max Thomas
Max Thomas: Absolutely fantastic driving instrustor, would 100% recommend him. Friendly and a brilliant teacher, keep it up Dave.

10. Dan Hughes Music - Earls Barton CP

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24 reviews
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Dan Hughes Music
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Address: 80 Doddington Rd, Earls Barton, Northampton NN6 0NQ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Business type: Guitar instructor

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