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1. St Luke's Primary Care Centre - Duston

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St Luke's Primary Care Centre
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Address: Timken Way S, Northampton, NN5 6FR, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Telephone: +44 1604 751832

Business type: Medical clinic

St Luke's Primary Care Centre: what do users think?
Hadley Wilson
Hadley Wilson: Most definitely the worst practise I have ever joined. Clinical staff seem competent and the surgery is big / clean however getting an appointment is like trying to climb a mountain with no limbs. From what I understand it has been this way for many years, with numerous patients comparing. This practise manager needs firing! If I were seriously ill or elderly this would seriously stress and worry me. Absolutely appalling public service.
Leena: I've been trying to call to book an appointment since 5 months and when I call at 8 o'clock I'm on queue 39th position I wait for 1hour on the phone then it reach the capacity and cut off. I tried so many times, I even went to the surgery the receptionist said I have to call, she cannot help. Its so annoying, I just moved to Northampton and I don't know how to get an appointment.
Alex Mann
Alex Mann: Does anyone know if this surgery exists? Totally incompetent surgery. If you ring and try and get an appointment, it just cuts off and says " our surgery is up to capacity for appointments"I went in to the surgery to make an appointment as I was sick and tired of the phone process, spoke to a receptionist at 2.20pm, insisting she cannot make me an appointment and I must call and at 2.20pm I won't have a problem getting through.I phoned up In front of the receptionist and suprise suprise it cut off " all our receptionists are busy" she was the only receptionist, sitting in front of me, and still didn't answer the phone.Shocking, I am looking to move surgeries.
IamPsychiatry: Thank you for entering a Shared Care Agreement for the benefit of our mutual patient. This is much appreciated.
Susan Dimmer
Susan Dimmer: I have been trying for make urgent appointments for several days. Your system is terrible and needs changing. You should support and help patients not ignore them. Disgraceful.
Beka Taylor
Beka Taylor: Once you manage to get an appointment the service is excellent and I have no issues, people do need to understand tho that they are very understaffed and its the same throughout the UK. Its the system thats bad not the service.
AS HD: It’s amazing
Pir: Trying to book a consultation with a GP for more than a month now. I call at 8.00 it says to call at 14.00. Calling at 14.00 it says to call tomorrow at 8.00 :). I try to book an online consultation, it says I cannot because its all fully booked. I got fed up and went to the reception. Although I was the only one there they told me to book it over the phone.
Nazret Abraham
Nazret Abraham: I agree with the comments made by people here but once you get through to a Gp, they're usually good!they certainly are understaffed which isn't their fault. Otherwise clean, lovely and friendly surgery!!!!
Wellaz sabuku
Wellaz sabuku: For more than a week I’ve been trying to get an appointment! I’ve called every day at 8am and 2pm and each time I’m in a queue for almost an hour that eventually gets cut off.Something needs to be done to improve the service 🙄
Ryan Knight
Ryan Knight: Miracle if you can even speak to someone let alone get an appointment
Juliet Packer
Juliet Packer: The staff here seem lovely and Chloe was very helpful but the system is clearly broken and doesn’t meet the needs of anyone it seems reading other reviews on here. Surely this is not good for the health of these patients. My aunt who has been discharged from hospital and was told to get painkillers from her doctor has found she simply can’t use the system. I have tried and managed to get through at the right time thankfully.
Callum Wallace
Callum Wallace: GP in name not in practice.Good luck getting an appointment.Better hope you don't ever have any ailments.Ridiculous process to try and get an appointment. Have to call on the day at the same time as everyone else. It's then pot luck if you get through. If you are honest and say it's not urgent, which 90% of illness for a GP aren't, then you are not getting an appointment.
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson: Cant get through to make appointments. Call at 8am, number 38 in the queue, 26 mins mins later, number 36 in queue then all appointments gone and you get cut off...
Jillian Bone
Jillian Bone: Unbelievable text received this morning asking patients to phone and NOT go to the surgery to book an appointment.The reason patients go to the surgery is because it’s impossible to get through on the phone !!!!
Ryan Higman
Ryan Higman: Couldn’t give 0 stars.Doctor prescribed medicine over phone for my new born who was premature and only 9 days old, once I collected the medicine and got home I read the leaflet it came with and it said do NOT give to under 4 months or premature. Phoned 111 about it and they said definitely do NOT give it to her, the gp had her marked down as a child. Last year with my other. Daughter I had to get the midwife to demand for us to be seen due to my other child having conjunctivitis and the doctors kept fobbing us off. They always been terrible since they’ve opened but now they could have put my daughters life at risk if I just gave the prescribed medicine to her!!!AVOID AT ALL COST, only reason I’m with them is because other gp’s aren’t taking on people
Chris George
Chris George: Poor
Hayley Korbely
Hayley Korbely: 5 weeks ago, I was ill with a chesty cold. I called the GP told them I needed antibiotics and told them my medical history. They wanted me to do a sample test (fair enough) but still no antibiotics.Last week, I called several times to try and get in at the GP. I kept getting the automated message, "reached capacity."Called today, was in the queue, they hang up. I call back, automated message!Having to miss work and pay. I had to call 111, go to A+E, sit there for 5 hours; to be told I have a chest infection and need antibiotics and possible X-ray if it doesn't settle.Something I told the GP 5 weeks ago!I completely understand the lack of staff and everyone is trying their best, but the surgery failed me this time. If you had seen me in person and treated my symptoms like I had said, then I wouldn't be feeling worse now and having to waste the hospital's time.
Ma Robertson
Ma Robertson: This surgery will be responsible for people’s deaths at lack of ability to provide the service it should! They need to acknowledge they should expand or not have taken on as many patients as they have. Service is shocking!!!!
Chloe Cook
Chloe Cook: Can never get an appointment!!!!Call at 8 get to 10 or lower in the que and it always cuts off. After all that time waiting.Then if you get through and the receptionist (non medical) some how can see into the phone and agree if they feel you are poorly enough it’s then the luck of the draw to if you get a good doctor or nurse.I understand NHS is understaff. But if things were picked up earlier by the GP and you could get appointments maybe the hospital wouldn’t be treating sick/dying people in hallways on chairs.This GP has put my son on the line in resuscitation at 6 weeks old. Due to lack of care and no appointments availableIt’s not okay.
Rafal Dziunikowski
Rafal Dziunikowski: Unfortunately waste of time to get an appointment. I’ve tried to contact them exactly at 2PM, when there are releasing new slots for appointments. It booked me in the queue as 30th. Hanging for nearly an hour to get a message that they’re already reached their capacity.

2. Northampton General Hospital - Northampton

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Northampton General Hospital
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Address: Cliftonville, Northampton, NN1 5BD, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +44 1604 634700

Business type: General hospital

Northampton General Hospital: what do users think?
Renato Silva
Renato Silva: Nothing related with medical staff from the hospital but with security from the hospital. My kid was very dizzy couldn't walk and I drop my wife and kid near the A&E and some idiot came runing and shouting you can't stop here look look you gona get a fine. First of all if I stopped not parked for less than a minute to drop them is because I didn't have another option normally the people are not going to the hospital when they are in good mood! Second if is a private company who makes the control from car park and roads around the hospital why this rude person came runing and talking in a threatening way! We are already down because the baby is more than 1 week down mood. Unfortunately someone gave him a jacket saying security and he came showing off is a boss! Not a smile not a "good afternoon sir look there is a camera you should move your car" is nothing to do with us but the camera can catch you, nothing!!! Well this is the type of people we have no education no manners and big bosses... What I can say!
Dermot O'Regan
Dermot O'Regan: 22 hrs in a Waiting area whit a Swelling on the Brian this is after being sent home the day b4 being told by the doctor that he would bet his job on Nothing going on in the brain ??? My daughter is still waiting to see a doctor apparently a swelling of the Brian is not a emergency 🙄 this is happening now may the 18th 15.40
Anthony Dsouza
Anthony Dsouza: Great hospital however the staff here is to only to take their salaries from tax payers. They know nothing and is one of the worst I’ve ever seen. Rudeness to the core. Need a reality check on where they get their salary
luis AURRECOECHEA H.: Excelente soy un paciente del hospital,tiene un personal de primera muy agradable una atención impecable yo amo este hospital doy gracias a todo su personal por su dedicación son personas con una calidad humana de primera
Rex Lowin
Rex Lowin: Had to attend AandEExcellent speedy service
Dave Manning
Dave Manning: Where do I begin? Uncomfortable uncaring unsociable unhappy always some sort of problem lack of information unhelpful especially a / e always problems with that department terrible.
Mr. Lambo
Mr. Lambo: If you can, try go to other hospital. I am literally shocked, general doctors at a&e has lack of knowledge, i was given paracetamol and suggested to google the symptoms. I have no idea how they getting graduated at medical school.Arrived to hospital at 9pm1 doctor at a&e only6 patients were in the queueAverage waiting time 2h
beth crocker
beth crocker: Appalling hospital, if you can get to Kettering, go there! The treatment, judgement and discrimination I have received over many years is disgusting. I know the treatment you will receive depends on who you see, and sometimes its better than others. However there is a reoccurring theme with NGH of lack of awareness for mental health issues. When staff sit on the nurses station bad mouthing a patient who has attempted on their life, it makes a person there with mental health issue themselves, not want to stay. Badly organised, inattentive and horrible. The best people in that hospital are the volunteers and the HCAs, they are the ones that are the most caring and empathetic on the whole. If you can go to Kettering over Northampton please do.
Gillian Twiselton
Gillian Twiselton: Good but parking was awful
Arrgh Bee
Arrgh Bee: Fantastic staff and great facilities. High level of care.
Lynn Flecknor
Lynn Flecknor: The 1 star is for the nurses only, as for my treatment by a Gynaecologist and co with their procedures done on me without pain relief was disgraceful and I never want to ever go there again.
Linda Blow
Linda Blow: My husband has been going to see Mr Tomlinson for about 5 years in Neurology department Mr Tomlinson is very professional friendly always takes time with my husband in his busy clinic on Tuesdays we want to say thankyou to him
David Prowse
David Prowse: My 10 Yr old daughter recently had an MRI at NGH and the staff were excellent. The process was well explained and the team provided reassurance during a process that sppk adults. Many thanks DP.
George Christofi
George Christofi: The hospital itself is great and the staff excellent. The biggest issue is parking. All wards visiting is at the same block of 2 hours so the limited amount of space is highlighted dramatically. I won't complain about the cost because it is comparable to council run car parks. It's just too small!!
John Meakins
John Meakins: The staff are great, but the service is appalling. There is an extreme wait time for literally everything and as nice as the staff are you don't feel like your health is in good hands due to the lack of resources. I wish I could say this was only a one off, but it's happened a handful of times in the past few years including the birth of my child. If you can, go private or to another hospital.
Steve W
Steve W: I couldn't criticise the place based on my most recent visit.
sahana battiwala
sahana battiwala: Pathetic paediatric emergency service including staff in it. We waited until morning to be seen by ENT, and nurses were just happy to not to call ENT to come and see my child. Very rude and stubborn staff. Absolute lack of sympathy and empathy. I hope I don't need to go there. Terrible, horrendous and useless.
Venczel Andra
Venczel Andra: The most horrible hospital that I was in my life. From the luck of space l, to the incompetence of a lot of the doctor's and nurses. Plus the long hours that you have to stay until someone is actually looking at you.Shame on NHS!!! And you are asking for a raise of salary???
tom george
tom george: Worst hospital I have ever tooAll the staff were very rudeEspecially the emergency department
Andrew Potts
Andrew Potts: Amazing staff let down by lack of beds
bailey brown
bailey brown: brilliant care, amazing doctors and nurses , were extremely helpful and attentive

3. General Practice Alliance Limited - Northampton

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General Practice Alliance Limited
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Address: 129 Hazeldene Rd, Northampton, NN2 7PB, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Telephone: +44 1604 970917

Business type: Corporate office

General Practice Alliance Limited: what do users think?
J4CKBOYS C12: Amazing staff and service! Very compassionate

4. Medical Negligence Lawyers - Northampton

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Medical Negligence Lawyers
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Address: 37 York Rd, Northampton, NN1 5QH, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: +44 800 048 8777

Business type: Law firm

5. Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust :Rheumatology - Northampton

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3 reviews
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Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust :Rheumatology
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Address: Cliftonville, Northampton, NN1 5BD, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1604 544060

Business type: Hospital department

Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust :Rheumatology: what do users think?
Eric Davis
Eric Davis: Staff are Doing a Fantastic Job. Under these Trying Times. They Deserve a lot more respect .Than they are Getting.

6. Langham Place Surgery - Northampton

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79 reviews
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Langham Place Surgery
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Address: 11 Langham Pl, Semilong, Northampton NN2 6AA, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1604 638162

Business type: Public medical center

Langham Place Surgery: what do users think?
Aleksander Szczepanski
Aleksander Szczepanski: Absolutely disgusting human beings,Refusing treatment even with the doctors emergency note.
Adv Dilip Kumar P R
Adv Dilip Kumar P R: Worst GP surgery - hrs to wait to take a call - when attended they said no need for an appointment or no appointment available even if we call at 8 am. On the last day, I waited for more than half an hr even though the automatic call system said I am in queue 1. Planning to change the practice.
Alekss Garrett
Alekss Garrett: Every day you call no matter what you won’t get an appointment
Hytham N
Hytham N: Super service again, cannot fault.Anne on reception is a star too
Joanna Kozlowska
Joanna Kozlowska: Dr Le Maistre is absolutely amazing, professional, friendly and patient. Always refers for bloods test or any additional tests without any problems. The nurses Cathrine and Stacey are amazing too. I would recommend the surgery. 5*****service. .
April Krishnan
April Krishnan: Dr Le Maistre has been my GP for many years and I have always found him helpful. Dr Coulter-Brophy has been on a little journey with me this year to get me referred and diagnosed and has been so understanding, making sure to take the time to listen to me and my problems and get me the right help. She is a superstar! I would also like to say there is a newish receptionist and she is a delight to speak with and over the last few months I haven’t had any negativity from them at all so things are improving based on older reviews on here.
Plantopia Life
Plantopia Life: Secretary very unprofessional, rude, not allowing you to talk, interrupting and not sharing their names. I week later I've overheard the same person shouting to someone whilst I was on the phone to receptionist. Sharing inaccurate information , dare to say even lying, either with purpose or they are just so inadequate. I've always been one to talk highly of NHS mainly because I've always tried to stay out their ways so they can focus on people who are more in need of their care, the one time in 7yrs that I actually needed them they do this, showing no care whatsoever, why choose a career in this field if you dislike people, I will never couple of dealings with them really affected me mentally and I try understanding why as I had bigger issues before but I realise is because it's impossible to go against an entire institution.
Vasia Pupkin
Vasia Pupkin: Horrible GP! Absolutely awful. Refused to help me with my stress and depression. Refused to book a doctor appointment. Reception staff rude and aggressive. Refused provide me information on how to complain. Refused to give me their names. How is this possible in this country in 21st age?
Maqsood Chaudhry
Maqsood Chaudhry: I have been at this surgery since 1974 used to be one of the best but now it looks some of medical shff just want to get rid of as soon as possibleI came today to see a doctor regarding my swollen foot but walked away totally disappointed
Julia Tavaszi
Julia Tavaszi: Refused to give me a health check when I haven't had one in over 10 years because "we only do health checks for over 50s", and called my mum's partner and told him he has diabetes because ONE blood test came back with slightly elevated sugar levels, absolutely abhorrent clinic
Tobias M
Tobias M: They're doing what they can to help but 4 and not 5 stars because some information a doctor gives sometimes contradicts another.
McAlpine27: Pretty sure the Dr's, nurses, paramedics etc not a single one of them has the slightest care for people with mental health issues, maybe they don't get a big enough kick-back for that kind of help or they just enjoy seeing people suffer. Who knows? If I could have given a zero I would have as every time I contact them about trying to get help it escalates the situation to the point I wished I'd just stayed at home an not even tried to venture out of the house an suffered at home. I'd advise anyone who is registered here to avoid calling through an just go an sit in A&E as they actually care for the wellbeing of people there.
Honest Reviews
Honest Reviews: I have been a patient at this surgery for a couple of years and I would highly recommend.I have always been seen to & treated well by this particular practice and therefore I have not really had any issues as such.on their site, doctor link can be really frustrating to use. But other than that, they have always delivered a good service to me. Inculding resolving these issues and other things in general.I am able to book appointments with ease and the staff are always friendly & helpful. I am sad to have had to leave the surgery
Era Maliqaj
Era Maliqaj: 5 yeras my family was in this gpThank you very much for everythingNeeds to change because we moved out of townThanks again 🙏
Dilys Quainoo
Dilys Quainoo: Worst GP I dealt with the Langham Place Surgery deserves 1 star. I’m allergic to adhesive and got a reaction around my belly. Unfortunately the doctor don’t know anything about it which is questionable and treats the clients with no care.However, the receptionist advised me to call 111 which didn’t help me at all. It’s frustrated me to hear that the nurses can’t do anything about it but on YouTube someone suggested the subscribers to order a special cream to heal the effected skin. The doctors are unprofessional I’m so disappointed.
Darren Brown
Darren Brown: In some cases reception staff refuse either to book or offer call back, doctor link is not suitable for ongoing conditions, after seeking out of hrs service I not only was able to talk to a doctor but I was given new advised medication. I had tried many times to speak to a doctor @ langham place but the major problem I had was not from the doctor, but reception staff who take it up on themselves to decide if you are unwell enough.Doctor link is the preferred option for reception even though you will be advised to call the surgery.It's a Shane because the doctors are quite good when you can get an appointment.Border control have noting on the receptionist of langham place, you simply can't get in.
pand@02sala Worst gp ever had ear infection n sinus I tried to get some antibiotics,they said there's nothing wrong me just take paracetamol all this over the phone. They wouldn't even listen I said I was like this for 2 weeks the reply was thats not long enough to get antibiotics
Laimonas Endrekus
Laimonas Endrekus: Horrible Services
Anthony Blenkins
Anthony Blenkins: Couldn't agree more with most of the reviews on here the reception staff go out of there way to make it impossible for you to see a doctor.Even when and A and E nurse phoned the surgery for me and told them my knee injury needed to be seen by a doctor was told I'd have to have a phone consultation before I could see a doctor the worst gp surgery I've ever dealt with
Raymond Fletcher
Raymond Fletcher: Try to get an appointment if you can????
Vishal Shinde
Vishal Shinde: My 3 years 6 months old daughter got her finger stuck in the wardrobe today morning and it was black and blue. After a gentle massage, the finger colour was pink but it was a little swollen. I gave paracetamol and as a precaution, I called GP and requested an appointment. I got a call from a practising paediatrician who was rude and impolite. He was not listening to me and I had to ask him to allow me to complete what I am saying and not interrupt. He as was forcing his experiences in Leicester when I was sharing mine experience of long waits (spending 4to 10 hrs) in A&E in Northampton. He was not interested to give appointments and insisted/forcing me to go to accident and emergency. As per the last 3 occasions (when they forced me to fill doctor link and had to call an ambulance resulting in a waste of taxpayers money whereas the ambulance officials when they checked my daughter, said that just antibiotic was needed to be prescribed by doctor and wondered why the practice is not giving appointments to a 3 yrs of child), this time also the paediatrician was reluctant to give an appointment. After a lot of persuasion, he gave an appointment but in hindsight, I was not comfortable showing my daughter to such a rude and impolite person hence I called the GP practice and requested for my daughter's GP to call me back or change my appointment with someone else. However, the practice refused to change the appointment to someone else nor to take my request for GP to call back. They insisted, I show my daughter to the same person or go to accident and emergency. And if I want the GP to call me then I should call the practice next week Monday and put a new request. I am paying a lot of taxes to get this kind of service. I am very disappointed. I will take her to the clinic as per the appointment (not wasting our money) and will keep you all posted on the further developments. Thank you.

7. Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust -Dermatology - Northampton

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Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust -Dermatology
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Address: Cliftonville, Northampton, NN1 5BD, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +44 1604 634700

Business type: Skin care clinic

8. Highfield Clinical Care Centre - Northampton

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17 reviews
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Highfield Clinical Care Centre
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Address: Cliftonville Rd, Northampton, NN1 5BD, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 300 027 0010

Business type: Physical therapy clinic

9. Dr Debbie Smith & Team - Experienced Psychologists - Northampton

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2 reviews
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Dr Debbie Smith & Team - Experienced Psychologists
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Address: 4 Spencer Parade, Northampton, NN1 5AA, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12AM

Telephone: +44 7967 528215

Business type: Psychologist

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