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1. PMT Northampton - Northampton

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PMT Northampton
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Address: 86 Bridge St, Northampton, NN1 1PD, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +44 1604 230433

Business type: Musical instrument store

PMT Northampton: what do users think?
Helen Wilson
Helen Wilson: Great service and advice thank you.
Gbolahan Adeola
Gbolahan Adeola: Easy parking area to pick up purchases
David Monks
David Monks: Most friendly and helpful service.
Kelvin Crick
Kelvin Crick: I had idea about buying but for my gig.. I knew what I was after and Tom was fantastic at helping me find the right phone stand, mic stand. He didn't try to rip me off and showed me all options. He was extremely helpful and I'll certainly be coming back!100% Recommend!!!!
Steve Paul
Steve Paul: Great place although they did not have what I wanted in store they went the extra mile to source it from another store and called me to let me know. I was served by a nice young lady but everyone is friendly and helpful there. Recommend this shop to anyone.
Toby Smith
Toby Smith: BEWARE BUYING IN-STORE AT PMT. I’ve bought many things from PMT in the past and had no issues.However, I bought a Laney pedal from here a month ago. When I tried it at home, it was clear that it had a noise flaw, making it in-useable and in my opinion, faulty.I took it back 3 days later in the same condition with everything in-tact and proof of the fault, only to learn from the staff that PMT NO LONGER GIVES REFUNDS FOR PRODUCTS BOUGHT IN-STORE. This was not made clear at the time of purchase or before hand.The staff I spoke to in person were all very friendly and couldn’t have done more for me that day and I feel for them because they probably will get an endless amount of grief about cases like this due to the powers at be who made the current returns policy. However, everybody but 1 that I’ve spoken to on the phone there since that day have been unhelpful and don’t appear to want to get this solved. I’ve got this solved through my credit card company a month later, but this is a great example of poor service and I see no reason why anyone should shop at PMT when this is what happens.
Charlie Wood
Charlie Wood: I shop at PMT primarily for electric and acoustic guitar things. About 50/50 on-line / instore.If you can get to the store in person go, because music shops are always worth a look round. My nearest PMT is Nottingham, this was my first visit to the Northampton store the staff there were great the shop had plenty of stock of everything that PMT sell.One thing to watch out if you are driving to the store. I did not get a parking ticket but sitting in my car for 20 mins, I could see the parking wardens are very active and unforgiving!PMT will let you park in there staff car park if you are picking up a heavy or bulky item.Getting to the store by car is easy as the store is just off the main route into Northampton.
Paul Tilley
Paul Tilley: The best music store around . Staff are extremely helpful not only with sales but with advice, knowledge and general tips and tricks of the trade . Why shop online when the guys at PMT Northampton offer so much more than just a purchase receipt.
Mick Parfrement
Mick Parfrement: Helpful friendly music shop. Nice range of guitars. 😁😁😁😁😁
Kim Parfrement
Kim Parfrement: Very friendly and helpful staff
Edward Norman
Edward Norman: I didn't have the best first experience at PMT but Geoff fully changed that. He went above and beyond to help me out. Extremely welcoming and helpful. I left with what I was looking for and will definitely go back. I highly recommend you ask for Geoff if you need any help or advice. Overall a proper decent guy!
Steve Nicholas
Steve Nicholas: Massive stock of guitars, which are my interest.Very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable people too.
seun tunbi
seun tunbi: Great selection of gear to choose from
G Galloway.
G Galloway.: Bought new amp and bits and it's great shop they have plenty of everything in there.
Lola H
Lola H: Unfriendly, 'snotty', unhelpful staff! Had to deal with a total minimum wage jobsworth today. She was sarcastic and we left empty handed and decided to shop online for what we required instead. Found what we wanted cheaper too! Not my first disappointing experience at this Northampton shop, so definitely won't be returning. As a music student who has to purchase often, they should be more mindful regarding customer service and how they speak to their customers in the future! I was FORCED to give the shop at least one star to post my comment! But basically if given the choice, PMT Northampton would get zero stars. Nothing!
Gawain Simons
Gawain Simons: Utter rubbish, checked stock online for that store.. And traveled there expecting to try and buy a number of items... And I would have spent quite a bit.... I wasted time and fuel because none of what I wanted is actually in store... Just beginners kit and very little else.. I was made to feel like it was my fault for not checking online.. Don't waste your time.. Go somewhere that values you and your custom
Paul Vincent Dwyer
Paul Vincent Dwyer: This store deserves every local musician's support. Wonderful friendly and knowledgeable staff offering great advice and support. Backed up with a good selection of stock very competitively priced. You couldn't wish for more. 100% recommended
Graham Bignell
Graham Bignell: I took my 10 year old in, who had overnight developed an overwhelming desire to play guitar and become a rock god.The staff were so kind and helpful and set him up in a room to try a couple of guitars.There was no shortage of good advice for both my son and I (as holder of the purse strings).I brought him his first guitar and he loves it to bits.The experience was so good, it will be my first stop for future purchases.Thanks a million Greg (if I remember rightly).
Dm Dm
Dm Dm: Went to get my bass guitar and amp today on the 20-1-23 absolutely over the moon with what i purchased and got money off my bass and amp so definitely 5 stars from me and will be going back in the next few months to get a mpc .
Brendan Rigby
Brendan Rigby: Top Music Store
Jake Reed
Jake Reed: The Staff couldn't be any more friendly or helpful with anything you ask or are interested in, it's a genuine pleasure to be there

2. Leo & Ted's Electric Guitars - Northampton

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Leo & Ted's Electric Guitars
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Address: Unit G7, Moulton Park Business Centre, Red House Rd, Moulton Park Industrial Estate, Northampton NN3 6AQ, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 7979 705910

Business type: Musical instrument store

Leo & Ted's Electric Guitars: what do users think?
mogbob10: Shipped a Ax to Texas from the UK for me. Leo & Ted's Electric Guitars is aces with me.
Rob Mason
Rob Mason: It’s well hidden, but it’s a small gem of a guitar shop. Tim was very helpful, knowledgeable, and straightforward to deal with, and I am delighted with the Auden Chester acoustic guitar that I bought from him.
Scot A
Scot A: Great service, nice guys and quality gear
Bruce Wilson
Bruce Wilson: Highly recommended. Great deals on top notch products, delivered securely the following day. Fantastic service: rapid response to my initial enquiry and replies to other questions just as quick. Awesome pedals, great tones. (And I think my wife is coming around to appreciating them…)Thanks, Tim!
Tony Mayes
Tony Mayes: I did not visit the shop but instead, after speaking to Tim I purchased a Gordon Smith Classic S which was sent out to me.Packaged very well and quick delivery of this amazing Guitar. Tim was helpful and informative keeping me posted with despatch and delivery times (Which was actually next day) The guitar is amazing, so much so that I am currently eyeing up another in the shop.A great service and experience all be it by phone and post.Thanks Tim
PJ E (PJE): Spent a good couple of hours here trying out various Auden acoustic guitars. Tim was incredibly helpful and patient, and once I'd made my mind up gave me a great deal. Highly recommended.
Will Hanley
Will Hanley: Great communication and excellent service!Thank you to Tim for helping me with my purchase.
Samuel Cramphorn
Samuel Cramphorn: Great high-end guitars, a lot of UK source guitar builders which are of the highest quality.Tim keeps his shop very neat and tidy and looks great. Highly recommend anyone to go visit, even if its just for a chat about music!

3. St Giles Music - Northampton

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29 reviews
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St Giles Music
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Address: 18 St Giles' Terrace, Northampton, NN1 2BN, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +44 1604 250905

Business type: Musical instrument store

St Giles Music: what do users think?
marie watkins
marie watkins: Small friendly music shop in the heart of Northampton with lots of books for all types of instruments. We'll worth checking out if you love music.
Michael Bourla
Michael Bourla: I just wanted a book of piano sheet music for beginners, and found St Giles Music's website. They had a huge range to choose from, exactly what I wanted. Easy ordering, and it arrived the very next day! Daniel from St Giles sent a nice friendly email to confirm the order, and took the trouble to include a compliments slip in the book, again with a hand-written personal message. This is obviously a company that really values its customers, and giving them great service. Highly recommended!
steven wilson
steven wilson: I took my Fender Strat in to be setup and it came back sounding like a different (amazing) guitar. Best £25 I've spent ever. Super helpful a patient. Took my Telecaster in for some TLC. thankyou.
Steve Hewitt
Steve Hewitt: Very helpful and knowledgeable staff.
Colin Bees
Colin Bees: Took my electric guitar in for a set-up. Simon did a great job! Balanced the pickups and tweaked some things. It sounds and plays like a dream now! I'm ready to rock and roll!!I highly recommend.
Jenna Kennedy
Jenna Kennedy: Impeccable service, instrument brought in Thursday, delivered and set up on the Monday. Friendly and helpful staff. Highly recommend
Dave Haddon
Dave Haddon: Excellent music shop, extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff
P P: First buy at this store, amazing service by Simon, quick response and very fast delivery. Highly recommend!
Paul Versey
Paul Versey: Brilliant shop. Super helpful and friendly chaps. Great selection of tuition books.
Ian H
Ian H: I needed some valve oil for my son's trumpet. I had no idea what I needed but the staff were really friendly and knowledgeable and helped me out with what I needed and how to use it. Excellent service.
Roger Macey
Roger Macey: I've been using St Giles Music over many years now. In my opinion the shop is well stocked, products are competitively priced, and they have always provided me with good old-fashioned quality customer service.
D W: Ordered online from the store, super fast and helpful service!
Caoimhin OMathuna
Caoimhin OMathuna: Great place for music and the staff are very friendly and helpful.
Mike Marriott Smith
Mike Marriott Smith: Very cool people and very well stocked with everything you would need and like to have.l phoned them up before I went there and they put by, some items by, that my son was after. They do everything you need from a music shop.5*****
Eli Altmann
Eli Altmann: Ordered an Oasis guitar book for my daughter and came across this shop. Much quicker delivery time than Amazon were offering and great communication throughout. Highly recommended.
Adam Sterling
Adam Sterling: I bought my Kala from Simon after a lot of good advice and great chatting. Simon and the team really know their instruments and enthusiastic about making sure it's the right fit. I had a very specific and detailed idea about the kind of ukulele I wanted but having seen hundreds of models on websites and nothing in the flesh, St Giles Music stepped in to help and I tried 6 different ukuleles to get the one that fitted right for me. They worked with my budget and exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend!!
David Mickleburgh
David Mickleburgh: Very quick delivery of music book.Thank you!
Sophie: Brilliant service, really kind and helpful people, found exactly what I wanted in my price range, good quality, really can't praise them enough! If you want music related things, go here!!
Lucy Davenport
Lucy Davenport: Had a brilliant experience with St Giles Music - they went above and beyond. THANK YOU!
M1NDSET STUDIO: Friendly family orientated shop & lessons. Our sons teacher is awesome. The guys in the shop are so helpful and friendly.
Craig Pears
Craig Pears: After music lessons with Matt I have come out speaking a whole new emotive language to apply to all areas in my work and life

4. didgeridoo - Northampton

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Address: 59 Balfour Rd, Northampton, NN2 6JR, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 7505 678701

Business type: Musical instrument store

5. First Brass instruments - Northampton

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First Brass instruments
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Address: Red House Rd, Moulton Park Industrial Estate, Northampton, NN3 6AQ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +44 7903 112411

Business type: Music store

6. JollyBox - Northampton

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2 reviews
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Address: 25 Cedar Rd, Northampton, NN1 4RN, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 9:30 AM

Telephone: +44 7552 700316

Business type: Musical instrument store

JollyBox: what do users think?
steven pittard
steven pittard: Great

7. Music World Music School - Northampton

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10 reviews
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Music World Music School
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Address: 91 Wycliffe Rd, Northampton, NN1 5JQ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 9:30 AM

Telephone: +44 1604 637444

Business type: Music store

Music World Music School: what do users think?
Helen Cooke
Helen Cooke: Out of school projects and groups still go on I believe my daughter's went to a group after school when they were younger. Great atmosphere.
Caroline Wiltshire
Caroline Wiltshire: Excellent service from a very knowledgeable technician
GeorgeF1Official: If you would like to learn a new instrument, just pop down to musicworld and have a quick chat about what instrument you would like to practice and they will notify you whether the contents classes are available. They are very qualified and they focus mainly on Keyboard, piano and organ.
Kelvin Crowl
Kelvin Crowl: Very good place
Noor Mustafa
Noor Mustafa: I really enjoyed my first lesson
Harvey Fruish
Harvey Fruish: When my keyboard decided not to function correctly ,the owner repaired it to a ,as new standard .Very satisfied with the company's work!Thanks music world

8. hmv - Northampton

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515 reviews
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Address: Grosvenor Centre, 2 / 6 Princes Walk, Northampton NN1 2EL, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 10:30 AM

Telephone: +44 843 221 0279

Business type: Music store

hmv: what do users think?
Linda Barras
Linda Barras: Great shop for music, film & pop culture
Paul Jones
Paul Jones: I always pop in - great to have a store locally. Enthusiastic staff. Hardly ever leave empty handed!
Andrés Yory
Andrés Yory: Paul in Northampton Grosvenor store was very nice, very good service, totally recommend
Simon Lawrence
Simon Lawrence: The Store Is Ok It's A Little Dated Now But I Couldn't Find What I Was Looking For So I Order The Item Online Instead. But It's Still Good To Have The Stores Around.
suzanne pegg
suzanne pegg: Very helpful staff
Road Less Traveled
Road Less Traveled: Great to find a HMV, lots of vinyl and a selection of Ts.
Steven Collis
Steven Collis: An odd survivor. They sell records like they did in 1975. A delight
John: Very good lots of DVD s
robert lodge
robert lodge: Good place for dvd and blu ray
George: Great collection of Anime figures and hooked on Ramune now.
Joanne Silvestre
Joanne Silvestre: Helpful staff.
Ashley Gough
Ashley Gough: Always something interesting to buy
Trudy Brockbank
Trudy Brockbank: Got the partner some bits for christmas online he was thrilled to bits, got extra that he doesn't need can i return it to the store.
Monika K.
Monika K.: One of the bigger hmv, lot of stuff in there.
Jonathan Hicks
Jonathan Hicks: Really friendly and helpful staff,
David Wealthall
David Wealthall: Lovely shopping experience.Vinyl records in a throwback to the 80's.Plus lots and lots of merchandise.dvds.books and gifts.
Matthew Winkle
Matthew Winkle: Plenty of choices
Andrew Douce
Andrew Douce: Decent HMV store inside a shopping centre complex.Pay meter parking is council managed.
Mario Romeo Radulescu
Mario Romeo Radulescu: Best music store for all ages
PlayLoud33: A dying breed of a shop. Had quite a few genres of cds to poke but there wasn't many unusual or depth of catalogue..nevermind. On the other hand there was loads of vinyl, dvds, collectables, tshirts and posters. No ps games that I could see. Had fun browsing around and got a couple of things.
Jason riley
Jason riley: Great place loads of vinyl now aswell!!

9. Marek guitar and piano lessons - Northampton

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8 reviews
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Marek guitar and piano lessons
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Address: 98 Lower Thrift St, Northampton, NN1 5HP, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Mon

Telephone: +44 7511 964672

Business type: Guitar instructor

Marek guitar and piano lessons: what do users think?
Natalie Smith
Natalie Smith: Excellent teacher for all abilities, highly recommend
Altizm Official
Altizm Official: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueA very knowledgeable and professional guitar teacher. I would highly recommend him.
Jaime O'Beirne
Jaime O'Beirne: Really enjoying piano lessons with Marek. I’m a total beginner at age 37, Marek is setting the perfect pace of lessons, it feels like we are always progressing every week but it’s fun as well as challenging. Highly recommended.
Ela Domagala
Ela Domagala: Thanks to Marek my daughter just passed her grade 2 exam :) He is a brilliant teacher and he has a very good contact with kids. He is always so well prepared and organised, and my daughter loves her guitar lessons. Highly recommending!
Jason Chandler
Jason Chandler: My daughter has been having lessons with Marek for a number of years now and absolutely loves it. She is gradually going through the guitar grade exams and so far has passed all the exams shes done to date first time achieving high marks, and this is in part down to the teaching that Marek provides. He offers a friendly and welcoming environment for my daughter to learn in and he also takes the time to get to know his students on a personal level, which I believe helps build a strong bond between tutor and student allowing the student to flourish. Marek is a top bloke and I couldn't recommend him enough.If your looking to take up guitar lessons no matter what level your at, then Marek is the man to help you achieve your goals. Happy strumming.
Inapurpleworld: I have been learning with Marek for about 3 months now. He is very good and patient and explains the technical stuff very well. Right now I am working towards my level 3 and will master it in no time because of him.
Idris Lewis
Idris Lewis: Marek has been excellent, teaching both my children guitar. He has a relaxed demeanour, his passion for music is evident and finds fun ways for younger children to engage. They look forward to every lesson and are keen to practice and that I think is at least half the battle.
I B: Versatile And talented multi-instrumentalist, a professional teacher I would recommend to everyone

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