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1. County Surgery - Northampton

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County Surgery
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Address: 202-204 Abington Ave, Northampton, NN1 4QA, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Tue

Telephone: +44 1604 632918

Business type: Doctor

County Surgery: what do users think?
Dominykas Žebrauskas
Dominykas Žebrauskas: The reception is nice, but the doctors, especially the female one, are absolutely useless. Why would you even be a doctor if you don’t care about your patients wellbeing?
Satzcha Scott (Sassy)
Satzcha Scott (Sassy): Was allowed to wait as my friend saw nurse, and its so cold outside. Books for sale in waiting room, which is brilliant. 50p each is recommended price for each book. A lovely surgery in my opinion.
Millie W
Millie W: Doctors are helpful and make sure they are thorough. They ensure needs are met and I personally have found the reception staff to be pleasant and all staff deserving of respect.Also thankful for the encouragement of sanitising hands, this should be done covid or not. A lot of vulnerable people frequent surgeries whereby even a cold can have severe consequences for them. Sometimes this means outweighing some needs at times for those most vulnerable.
Google User
Google User: I have been with this doctors all my life (37 years) Today I had to go there and Dr Akeems service was outstanding!!! He made sure he done what was required. Explained everything in detail to me. I never leave that place satisfied but after having the appointment with Dr Akeem I feel like I dont need to go a research what his said. I can take his word for it as his made me feel at ease. Great job. And thank you
Christian McFarquhar
Christian McFarquhar: My daughter called into the County Surgery this morning and was treated with little or no empathy by the reception staff. You really didn't need to be medically qualified to notice that her swollen face and tears were indicative of someone being in genuine distress. My daughter is a proper trouper with a work ethic that shames most of us and certainly this standard of employee. All she wanted to do - was to get seen, sorted and back to the SEN school where she works looking after young kids less fortunate than she is. I appreciate that surgery staff day-to-day are inundated with the sick and the needy - and it would get on my nerves too - but guess what - that's the job. If dealing with people kindly and considerately - day in - day out, is too much for you - go get a job staring at a VDU or a shelf or the dashboard of a van. Not one that requires this skill. And before you go thinking this review is left by some sort of keyboard wielding moaner who is in a minority in his opinion. It ain't. I hardly use the surgery - maybe once every couple of years - but if you listen to people who are regular users - they generally have a tale or two to tell about the miserable and derogatory staff, who either deliberately, or with little insight into the consequences of their own behaviour, create an unwelcoming barrier to care. Well - here's another one.
Grzegorz Popek
Grzegorz Popek: No respond from gp . I make appoitment 2 times and no one was call me back
C T: Knowledgeable and friendly staff and docs. I also like that they're affliated with livi so I can make online video appointments for free easily (and book them in advance) and order my repeat prescriptions on an app! Thanks!
Stevie Cowee
Stevie Cowee: Shocking service on 29th October when I went in for my annual health check, the health check wasn't the issue nor was the issue with the nurse but mainly at the reception by WM who forced me against my will to wear a mask, when I went in I made it clear when asked to wear a mask that I'm exempted from wearing one due to my asthma & breathing difficulties, however after pointing this out he still assisted I had to wear one, I then said AGAIN I am exempted but still forced me to wear one, so pretty much I was bullied into doing something I don't need to do or felt comfortable doing, then I had to wait in the waiting area which they know I am unable to wait there as it makes me anxious because of my autism, this is why I never turn up or go to all my appoinments they make me feel unsafe!
Maria Begum
Maria Begum: The staff and doctors are not qualified for the job. I'm always so disappointed after every phone call or visit. They always have an excuse for not getting even the simplest thing done. They seem to long out every job and not to mention rudeness. Very disappointed once again with the service I received. You should not be allowed to be open if you can't help ill people. Disgusting
AL BG: Sadly, I have to edit my review due to my wife's experience today.This is no reflection on the doctors and nurses. I still find I am happy with how they conduct themselves, and always have positive experiences whenever I need to be seen.This response is due to the behaviour of the reception staff!Judging by previous reviews it seems that whoever it is still works there and still has a bit of an attitude problem!Perhaps the staff member in question is having a bad day, or maybe the surgery lost a bet and has to employ this person as punishment! Either way, as the front-facing team it's usually a good idea to be courteous to the general public when they ask you questions about appointments! Instead, my partner was met with sarcasm!I'm sure nothing will come of this but as this seems to be happening quite regularly to patients, I feel adding another voice to the growing list of complainants is reasonable.Once again, no issue with doctors or nurses, but you really do need to address your reception staff and explain to them that this behaviour is not only unacceptable but is detrimental to the surgery's reputation!
Oana Munteanu
Oana Munteanu: Horrible experience every time I have a problem. Last month I got taken by the ambulance to A&E. They advised it might be kidney stones. They referred me to specialist, however 6 weeks later no letter came through and they advised that I should contact my GP to accelerate the process. My GP got back to me that it is not that urgent and they won’t refer me even tho I am not able to have any water or food without throwing up.They finally decided to see me today. Knocked the door, the receptionist already started to roll her eyes as she had to open the door for every patient (anyone reminded her that this is her job?), she asked me sanitise my hands so I did and sat down. The doctor came to pick me up and asked me in a rude way to sanitise my hands again as I touched my phone. I did even tho the way he asked wasn’t polite. When I got in the room he didn’t even sanitised anything in between patients. The couch roll you could see that someone else sat on it and the couch and it wasn’t even wiped. From the moment he picked me up from the waiting area until he dropped me off he wore the same gloves and examined me with the same gloves he probably used on a different patient (rolling his eyes and telling me not to touch anything around).After today’s check up they realised that actually I need to be seen urgent by a specialist (6weeks).I told the doctor that I am really dehydrated and always in pain and he said it’s nothing they can do, even tho they rejected my request two weeks ago without even being seen.Can anyone explain to me how we save the NHS by staying at home if they don’t even look at you when you desperately need them?
Ewonkem Macroy
Ewonkem Macroy: Their Telephone lines are never available when you call. Countless times i had to call and it always shows «LINE BUSY». No matter what time of the day and how many times wanna keep on trying I assure You there is just a 5%/100% chance you might get them.That’s just the reason I had to rate them 1 ⭐️ because if one can’t get to you when needed so what’s the point 😒
L Swearengen
L Swearengen: Due to Covid restrictions I guess I was phoned by the doctor to discuss blood results, I spoke to the indian doctor who has no manners it seems or empathy. After identifying myself 3 times because she couldn't understand my english (I am English, born here and lived here all my life). She asked me what she could help me with and when I replied she'd called to discuss my blood results she childishly answered she hadn't called me at all a member of her staff had..She then told me I needed to have blood pressure and weight information to hand as she had instructed when we met. I had up to this point been seeing the male doctor so obviously she hadn't seen me let alone instructed me to have this information to hand.So after this strong start I asked her for further information as the nurse had previously said my liver tests showed an issue and I was on the cusp of becoming diabetic, obviously causing me some concern. The doctor basically said the nurse had already discussed this issue with me and didn't go on to offer any advice or reassurance, or if after a period of time another blood test would be needed to further assess or monitor this so I guess I'll just have to guess and research online.She was clear however that I was obese and drank to much which she seemed to enjoy telling me. When I said to her I'm 6ft and have a 38 inch waist so don't really think I'm massively overweight and have a reasonable amount of muscle she seemed personally offended that I had an opinion and went on to mock me on our goodbyes by saying "good luck with your massive body and laughed as she said don't give up hope"I genuinely think she is an unpleasant and judgemental person who enjoys causing frustration and revels in talking down to people in a patronising fashion after she has wound them up.It doesn't take a doctor to say the average man like myself is a little overweight and drinks more than government guidelines recommend. It does however take a doctor to interpret the blood results, offer advise on how to improve the counts and set a schedule to monitor the progress if that is required.I was hoping for some empathy, manners and helpful advise, which is how the nurse's at the surgery conduct themselves and how this doctor did not.
craig Clark
craig Clark: Nothing wrong with the staff Doctors and nurses at county surgery very stressful job made more stressful talking to bad mannered people .
R: The main reason why I've given 1 star to the County Surgery is plain simple. (This story goes back to 1 or 3 years, I honestly cannot remember at this point).I went in with my sister to help translate things that she might not understand - since we are both from a different country, our first language isn't English. I've asked the doctor to excuse us for a minute while I explain what was discussed to help my sister understand what was going on, but the doctor decided that this was un-polite and made fun of my sister and I by talking in Latin. He commented that I was rude by not talking in English and that I shouldn't be talking [in another language] if he can't understand it - implying that I was talking something bad in front of him, even though I've only explained the previous discussions.Now, I would expect a place like this to have professional staff members who respect equality and diversity, but sadly this isn't the case, hence the 1 star review.Keep in mind, this has only happened with one of the doctors, I cannot comment on the others, but my experience so far isn't very good. Fortunately, I did not yet have to visit them for any personal enquiries, but I sure do hope I will not have to in the future.
Andrew Rowe
Andrew Rowe: The receptionists here are rude, arrogant, lazy and cretinous. I tried to enrol after phoning specifically to check if I was in the catchment area and they let me fill in all of their poorly formatted forms before checking and letting me know I wasn't. No apologies, just basically tried to blame me. Utter bellends - a lucky escape I suppose.
Vadim Nantoi
Vadim Nantoi: I was very pleased with my experience at County Surgery. I was treated by administrative personnel and by doctors with care and professionalism.I would like to express my gratitude to Dr Nimeetta Kotecha and Dr Santiago Dargallo Nieto for finding effective solutions for my chronic disease. On the doctor's side is hard work to identify the causes of health problems and decision making process, on my side quality life improvement and feeling of compassion and help from doctors.Thank you
Abi King
Abi King: I very much agree with Gemma's comment below, the doctors can come across very curt and perhaps rude, however they will come to some form of conclusion or refer you to the hospital for next steps. In regards to their admin staff, I spoke with Nicola today and she came across very blunt, rude and unhelpful when trying to get an urgent nurse appointment, it was almost like she didn't believe my reasons for needing an appointment, I've only had a handful of positive experiences dealing with the admin staff.
Gemma Boaden
Gemma Boaden: The Doctors have absolutely no bedside manner with patients. They are often curt and rude. In particular Dr Kotecha does not listen to her patients. She is only interested in talking at you and getting you out of the door as quickly as possible. I have often felt like a number and not human being when I have been to this practice. The admin staff are changeable. Sometimes helpful and sometimes as rude as the GPs. I have been with this Surgery for 5 years and can count on one hand the amount of positive interactions I have had with them. As such this is why I will no longer be a patient there.
Karen Southerden
Karen Southerden: Been with these doctors since 1991, very friendly always willing to help .
Alexandra Jendrusova
Alexandra Jendrusova: Very friendly surgery, I am very happy with their approach, whole staff nice and professional.

2. Langham Place Surgery - Northampton

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Langham Place Surgery
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Address: 11 Langham Pl, Semilong, Northampton NN2 6AA, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1604 638162

Business type: Public medical center

Langham Place Surgery: what do users think?
Adv Dilip Kumar P R
Adv Dilip Kumar P R: Worst GP surgery - hrs to wait to take a call - when attended they said no need for an appointment or no appointment available even if we call at 8 am. On the last day, I waited for more than half an hr even though the automatic call system said I am in queue 1. Planning to change the practice.
Alekss Garrett
Alekss Garrett: Every day you call no matter what you won’t get an appointment
Hytham N
Hytham N: Super service again, cannot fault.Anne on reception is a star too
Joanna Kozlowska
Joanna Kozlowska: Dr Le Maistre is absolutely amazing, professional, friendly and patient. Always refers for bloods test or any additional tests without any problems. The nurses Cathrine and Stacey are amazing too. I would recommend the surgery. 5*****service. .
April Krishnan
April Krishnan: Dr Le Maistre has been my GP for many years and I have always found him helpful. Dr Coulter-Brophy has been on a little journey with me this year to get me referred and diagnosed and has been so understanding, making sure to take the time to listen to me and my problems and get me the right help. She is a superstar! I would also like to say there is a newish receptionist and she is a delight to speak with and over the last few months I haven’t had any negativity from them at all so things are improving based on older reviews on here.
Plantopia Life
Plantopia Life: Secretary very unprofessional, rude, not allowing you to talk, interrupting and not sharing their names. I week later I've overheard the same person shouting to someone whilst I was on the phone to receptionist. Sharing inaccurate information , dare to say even lying, either with purpose or they are just so inadequate. I've always been one to talk highly of NHS mainly because I've always tried to stay out their ways so they can focus on people who are more in need of their care, the one time in 7yrs that I actually needed them they do this, showing no care whatsoever, why choose a career in this field if you dislike people, I will never couple of dealings with them really affected me mentally and I try understanding why as I had bigger issues before but I realise is because it's impossible to go against an entire institution.
Vasia Pupkin
Vasia Pupkin: Horrible GP! Absolutely awful. Refused to help me with my stress and depression. Refused to book a doctor appointment. Reception staff rude and aggressive. Refused provide me information on how to complain. Refused to give me their names. How is this possible in this country in 21st age?
Maqsood Chaudhry
Maqsood Chaudhry: I have been at this surgery since 1974 used to be one of the best but now it looks some of medical shff just want to get rid of as soon as possibleI came today to see a doctor regarding my swollen foot but walked away totally disappointed
Julia Tavaszi
Julia Tavaszi: Refused to give me a health check when I haven't had one in over 10 years because "we only do health checks for over 50s", and called my mum's partner and told him he has diabetes because ONE blood test came back with slightly elevated sugar levels, absolutely abhorrent clinic
Tobias M
Tobias M: They're doing what they can to help but 4 and not 5 stars because some information a doctor gives sometimes contradicts another.
McAlpine27: Pretty sure the Dr's, nurses, paramedics etc not a single one of them has the slightest care for people with mental health issues, maybe they don't get a big enough kick-back for that kind of help or they just enjoy seeing people suffer. Who knows? If I could have given a zero I would have as every time I contact them about trying to get help it escalates the situation to the point I wished I'd just stayed at home an not even tried to venture out of the house an suffered at home. I'd advise anyone who is registered here to avoid calling through an just go an sit in A&E as they actually care for the wellbeing of people there.
Honest Reviews
Honest Reviews: I have been a patient at this surgery for a couple of years and I would highly recommend.I have always been seen to & treated well by this particular practice and therefore I have not really had any issues as such.on their site, doctor link can be really frustrating to use. But other than that, they have always delivered a good service to me. Inculding resolving these issues and other things in general.I am able to book appointments with ease and the staff are always friendly & helpful. I am sad to have had to leave the surgery
Era Maliqaj
Era Maliqaj: 5 yeras my family was in this gpThank you very much for everythingNeeds to change because we moved out of townThanks again 🙏
Dilys Quainoo
Dilys Quainoo: Worst GP I dealt with the Langham Place Surgery deserves 1 star. I’m allergic to adhesive and got a reaction around my belly. Unfortunately the doctor don’t know anything about it which is questionable and treats the clients with no care.However, the receptionist advised me to call 111 which didn’t help me at all. It’s frustrated me to hear that the nurses can’t do anything about it but on YouTube someone suggested the subscribers to order a special cream to heal the effected skin. The doctors are unprofessional I’m so disappointed.
Darren Brown
Darren Brown: In some cases reception staff refuse either to book or offer call back, doctor link is not suitable for ongoing conditions, after seeking out of hrs service I not only was able to talk to a doctor but I was given new advised medication. I had tried many times to speak to a doctor @ langham place but the major problem I had was not from the doctor, but reception staff who take it up on themselves to decide if you are unwell enough.Doctor link is the preferred option for reception even though you will be advised to call the surgery.It's a Shane because the doctors are quite good when you can get an appointment.Border control have noting on the receptionist of langham place, you simply can't get in.
pand@02sala Worst gp ever had ear infection n sinus I tried to get some antibiotics,they said there's nothing wrong me just take paracetamol all this over the phone. They wouldn't even listen I said I was like this for 2 weeks the reply was thats not long enough to get antibiotics
Laimonas Endrekus
Laimonas Endrekus: Horrible Services
Anthony Blenkins
Anthony Blenkins: Couldn't agree more with most of the reviews on here the reception staff go out of there way to make it impossible for you to see a doctor.Even when and A and E nurse phoned the surgery for me and told them my knee injury needed to be seen by a doctor was told I'd have to have a phone consultation before I could see a doctor the worst gp surgery I've ever dealt with
Raymond Fletcher
Raymond Fletcher: Try to get an appointment if you can????
Vishal Shinde
Vishal Shinde: My 3 years 6 months old daughter got her finger stuck in the wardrobe today morning and it was black and blue. After a gentle massage, the finger colour was pink but it was a little swollen. I gave paracetamol and as a precaution, I called GP and requested an appointment. I got a call from a practising paediatrician who was rude and impolite. He was not listening to me and I had to ask him to allow me to complete what I am saying and not interrupt. He as was forcing his experiences in Leicester when I was sharing mine experience of long waits (spending 4to 10 hrs) in A&E in Northampton. He was not interested to give appointments and insisted/forcing me to go to accident and emergency. As per the last 3 occasions (when they forced me to fill doctor link and had to call an ambulance resulting in a waste of taxpayers money whereas the ambulance officials when they checked my daughter, said that just antibiotic was needed to be prescribed by doctor and wondered why the practice is not giving appointments to a 3 yrs of child), this time also the paediatrician was reluctant to give an appointment. After a lot of persuasion, he gave an appointment but in hindsight, I was not comfortable showing my daughter to such a rude and impolite person hence I called the GP practice and requested for my daughter's GP to call me back or change my appointment with someone else. However, the practice refused to change the appointment to someone else nor to take my request for GP to call back. They insisted, I show my daughter to the same person or go to accident and emergency. And if I want the GP to call me then I should call the practice next week Monday and put a new request. I am paying a lot of taxes to get this kind of service. I am very disappointed. I will take her to the clinic as per the appointment (not wasting our money) and will keep you all posted on the further developments. Thank you.
G J: Refuses to see a 78 year old with an infected scald unless she does an LFT despite being a shortage and unable to get one or send a photo as has basic phone. Advice given was to get LFT or to go to A&E because apparently A&E staff are allowed to see face to face but GPs can't at Langham Place. Very poor

3. Favell Plus Surgery - Northampton

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46 reviews
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Favell Plus Surgery
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Address: Billing Brook Rd, Weston Favell, Northampton NN3 8DW, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Mon

Telephone: +44 1604 773490

Business type: Public medical center

4. Woodview Medical Centre - Northampton

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50 reviews
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Woodview Medical Centre
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Address: 26 Holmecross Rd, Northampton, NN3 8AW, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Mon

Telephone: +44 1604 670780

Business type: Public medical center

Woodview Medical Centre: what do users think?
Rebecca Wesson
Rebecca Wesson: So my meds were left in limbo for 3 days called and they put it through to the pharmacy but the girl on the phone was more interested in having a chat with her colleague over making her a cup of tea and how many sugars she wanted than talking to me on the phone to sort my medication out. Completely unprofessional I even had to laugh it was so blazay
Toby Carvery
Toby Carvery: My soup was cold but it was good
Judi B
Judi B: Excellent experience at Woodview M.C. yesterday with Practice Nurse Rachel. She was very polite and explained everything thoroughly. Couldn't have asked for better service. Thank you.
APPLE B: Phenomenal experience. Top notch receptionists , atmosphere, and doctors. Have been here multiple times, and every time is an amazing experience all around. I always take my out of town friends here, as the service is always superb. Definitely a lifetime customer!
BIG DOG lubuis
BIG DOG lubuis: Wouldn't even give a 1 star review, the members of staff that are employed here are rude and abrupt no need for it what so ever. Never dealt with so much incompetence in my life seen better run circus acts its actually embarrassing.
Helen: I've been well looking after by the doctors and nurses.I can only say thanks to everyone one, from the reception to the doctors.
DashCamDoctor Jr
DashCamDoctor Jr: Some extremely Rude reception staff with a serious attitude problem
Tonezz Tonezz
Tonezz Tonezz: Worst surgery and rudest staff u could imagine. When u ring up and questionAnything. Seem to have a habit ofTelling people there aggressive when this is not the case this is not just myself have seen this repeatedly behaviour with other peoplePhone manner of receptionist so abrupt should work somewhere elseIf they can’t communicate with patients It is a joke so if your thinking about using this surgery.Would advise go to anotherDoctors are fine and helpfulJust staff and managementSought your self outAnd learn some people skillsYOUR NOT DOCTORS you’reA receptionist. So do your jobAnd talk to people the right wayDISGUSTING
Anony Mouse
Anony Mouse: I would give 0/5 if I could. Unfortunately had to use this place for 30 years. Some of the doctors are okay, but it's hard to keep track of who is still there as they change so often. Some of the nurses are wonderful and deserve 5 stars, and a couple of the staff are nice. The problem is that one of the nurses is incredibly patronizing; she speaks as though you are a child. I'm sure she is reading from the stock response sheet. She read the wrong records off the screen to a family member and changed the medication. She uses your first name when she does not know you; this is very disrespectful to an older person. A bigger problem is one of the receptionists who answers the phone. One of them is lovely, really helpful, and kind. But the other one is the rudest, most argumentative person I have ever spoken to. She has shouted personal details out for all to hear. She has given completely incorrect information and argued about medication when she is not qualified to do so, and decides whether or not you need a doctor, when you are elderly and have a chronic illness because of her refusal, you then end up in A&E seriously ill. Several times, she has shouted at us and refused requests stating they were impossible. Yet when we call straight back and speak to the nice receptionist, the impossible is suddenly possible. She reduced my Mum to tears and gave her anxiety to the point where she wouldn't call the GP. I don't know how this person, who is so rude and with so little empathy, is allowed to work with sick and vulnerable people. If we call Woodview and she answers the phone, we hang up and redial until the nice receptionist answers. Luckily, she has a distinct nasal, rude and abrupt voice, she always answers the phone ready for an argument before she knows what you want, so we hang up and call back another time. We've started recording the calls from the rude nurse and the rude receptionist at the request of our solicitor. There have been so many problems here that the whole practice needs investigating by the NHS.
Gem W
Gem W: Trying to get a sick note extended is like trying to get blood out of a stone. They mess it up every time. Its ridiculous. And the prescriptions are ridiculous. Constantly mess those up. Some staff very rude and very unhelpful. Dr Kotecha is very unprofessional and rude.
Ab Ab
Ab Ab: I've just been there today to register and I felt the staff were rude, as soon as I come in I stood next the counter waiting for the lady young lady who was busy on the computer and all of sudden without even looking at me she points with here finger to move aside and when I said sorry she said yes so I can here you better and then she e carried on looking at computer while asking me what I want!!! Very rude definitely not registering now.
Natalie Spokes
Natalie Spokes: Im shocked to read negative reviews. Ive never had any problems with this surgery. Ive always managed to get an appointment. Previous doctors ive spent ages trying to get through but never had that problem here. I have found the doctors, nurses and receptionists to go above and beyond and always so friendly and supportive. The nurse I saw today for my childrens asthma review was fantastic. She is amazing with children and it just showed that she really cared. I just want to say thank you to all the staff at Woodview.
Julien Tur
Julien Tur: Always had good service from Woodview, have been registered there for years.
Mihai Sora
Mihai Sora: All 1 star reviews tell you exactly why you shouldn't use the services of this surgery... The incompetency is treated as an art here... Unfortunately we can't change something that is this broken and the best decision is just to leave which we will do as it's a waste of time and nerves. If you can choose another surgery please do so and choose one that does have decent people at the reception.
Diane Dent
Diane Dent: Only got one star as you can’t give 0. This is the worst doctor’s surgery I have ever known. The staff are extremely rude and the service they provide is awful. Am in the process of leaving and changing to another doctors. I have also raised a complaint with nhs England as complaining to the practice manager gets you no wheee
Alina Dumitru
Alina Dumitru: I have been registered with this practice for almost a year now and I have never been more disappointed. My daughter has tonsils problems, and if it is not that it will be conjunctivitis, and so on, since November 2021 I had to call them every month sometimes even more often because she was so poorly, the receptionist doesn’t listen, and just takes decisions that she should not be allowed, she has never been seen by a actual doctors, only by nurses, or interns, who have to go out and ask for advised from their supervisor every couple of minutes, not very professional would say. After just requesting for her to be checked before our holidays to be made feeling as if I was exaggerating and told that she was ok, all kids had this, and until she was not worse (over the phone)because why predict.We then had to go to the emergency while on holiday, on our first day to be told she had acute ando-faringitis and acute bilateral otitis medis,and that her ears where so bad that there was a high risk of her eardrums to burst because of the high cabin pressure on the plane.When back here after finishing her treatment, I called for a follow up appointment and was told that if shw did not have simptoms anymore she was alright by the receptionist, after insisting I got them to call me and discuss my concerns and they did not want to see her and check her up, but they deemed that another 7 days of antibiotic would be needed.Just for clarification my daughter is 3y
Tom Richey
Tom Richey: Absolutely disgusting receptionist the way she talks to people is wrong, should be sacked hanging up the phone on my other half after the blunt replies she gives, all other doctors are lovely but that receptionist isn't what people deserve
Regina: Receptionist without any ounce of empathy. NEVER happened to me to be seen by a nurse in an allocated slot and usually had to wait another 20-30 min, which I'm fine with, but when I was late by 11 min for my blood test I was refused to have one. Really??
kristina ivanauskiene
kristina ivanauskiene: 👌
Aryana Mihaela
Aryana Mihaela: I have been giving 6 months ago all the documents to register my baby and they haven’t
Stuart Stubbs
Stuart Stubbs: I have used this facility for many years and have always felt that the staff and Doctors have always been courteous, especially Dr. Boteju, he is such a lovely gentle man who makes you feel very relaxed. If there are any negative points to be mentioned, it would be the patients intolerence, certainly not the hard working staff

5. Wootton Medical Centre - Wootton

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25 reviews
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Wootton Medical Centre
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Address: 36-38 High St, Northampton, NN4 6LW, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Mon

Telephone: +44 1604 709922

Business type: Public medical center

Wootton Medical Centre: what do users think?
ernest rose
ernest rose: Receptionist is very rude and arrogant was shocked she could order a perant to stand outside in the freezing cold with a sick child because the perant got in abit to early for there appointment
Siobhan Cox
Siobhan Cox: When my son was unwell I was able to arrange an appointment the same day. Following a thorough appointment with a paramedic, he was prescribed antibiotics; the health centre also arranged an additional prescription as the throat swab results confirmed strep A/scarlet fever. Very pleased with the care received.
Natalie Hope
Natalie Hope: We have spent weeks trying to get our 8 month old baby a face to face appointment over an on going illness, we have been offered phone call appointments which are useless considering the age of the patient and we have pleaded with them to please just see him in person and assess him, he has not been seen and assessed by them once and we are over 5 weeks with this illness, their unhelpful advice was to ring 111 or go to A&E… a complete misuse of the services when this is clearly something a GP should be attending to. We have now decided to switch him over to Grange Park surgery and dropped his forms off yesterday, I called Grange Park surgery this morning to ask if they could give him an emergency appointment even though they haven’t had the chance to register him yet, after hearing what has been going on and without hesitation the lovely receptionist at Grange Park surgery told me she would process his forms right away and have given us an appointment to be seen this morning… what would have taken Wootton surgery 8 weeks to see and assess my baby Grange Park have offered in less than 24 hours of dropping off registration forms.
KJ H: Rude surgery receptionist!! You need to learn how to talk to people! out of all the surgeries I've called through to you've been the least helpful!! great service NOT
Tina Chiverton
Tina Chiverton: A Dr that listened and understood me for the first time in years. Got exactly what I wanted from them.
Helen Fox
Helen Fox: My wife became very ill at work and I rung to make an appointment and explained what symptoms she had and told them what we thought it was, as she had the same some years ago. They suggested a telephone call in 3 days time which i stated wouldn't work as she needed a physical examination. I was then told to ring 111 which we did, after explaining to them they said you must go to the doctors immediately, which we did by this time my wife was in terrible pain and needed medication quickly, a doctor saw her and diagnosed her with the condition that we thought it was and a prescription was given which was collected with minutes to spare at the pharmacy. Had we not been persistent then she would have been hospitalised without doubt. We have been patients with this practice for over 20years and unfortunately i have to say the practice has gone downhill in the last 12 months or more.
Natalie Perry
Natalie Perry: Have so far seen Dr Lowe and Dr Au. They were both amazing and very caring. Can definitely recommend. The nurses and Reception are always very friendly and helpful.
S Chen
S Chen: I have seen Dr A B today.It was very bad experience, I want to have H pylori test to check if medicine was working after finish prescription . But she said I could not have test, because I have had prescription already . Also when I want to ask more questions about But how can I know if still have h pylori in my body without testing. And I want to ask Dr A B, How do you know the h pylori is gone without testing?Also when I want to ask more questions about h pylori affecting my family members. She said she is busy and does not want to chat me anymore. Very rude . Bad experience. And never happened before with other doctors I have seen before.
Vas Vas
Vas Vas: The worst surgery I’ve ever seen in my life,no empathy,very disrespectful staffs and very picky ,I’ll recommend no one to this nasty place.
Suzanne Dawkins
Suzanne Dawkins: Only aloud in for blood test and if there thick there need to see u
Eda Poreci
Eda Poreci: Recently moved to the area and registered with the practice and I have been so disappointed with how our calls have been handled so far. Appointments go far too quickly and the staff are often rude and snappy and will try and fob you off to 111 in the first instance. It seems they can’t handle the amount of patients and enquiries yet they are taking new patients…I wish I had registered with Grange Park or others nearby. Would be rather go a bit further out to get better treatment.
Jennie Slizys
Jennie Slizys: Uncaring staff who would rather pass you over to 111 than see you. When I have actually managed to make an appointment, most of them have been over the phone which were entirely inappropriate given the nature of the medical issues (In many of these cases I then subsequently had a face to face consultation later that day. What a waste of time! Why not just see your patients in the first place?) Long queues on the phone just to speak to an incompetent receptionist.
Beryl Johnson
Beryl Johnson: Most of the reviews are years old when everything was perfect but since lockdown everything has changed some excellent GPS have retired and also really good office staff left. After being bitten on both legs in the garden and them turning septic. I was told that they would be in touch with me in the following week so had to phone 999 who took me into the hospital where I was given steroid tablets 6 a day for 7 days and antibiotics and spent several nights in agony. just one of many things going wrong.
Stephen Oswin
Stephen Oswin: Excellent surgery, very helpful.
Rita Salem
Rita Salem: I have been with this surgery all my life I'm 63 the doctor ALWAYS explains to me any illness with the virus things are busy but never had any problems getting a appointment which isn't very often I need to see doctor
Alison Tate
Alison Tate: Excellent Medical Centre. Always helpful and very caring. Cannot fault them...
AZ: The phone is always busy! When you need help they always trying to refer you somewhere else, as they are fully booked. Once been advised to call at 8am, I did. Then I was 9 in the queue, then 3 and finally my call has been answered; to only been told that they are fully booked! It was literally 3-4 mins past 8am!I told them I am pregnant, its my first pregnancy and I'm concern I need an advice.. no they didn't do anything. Got a midwife 3 weeks later, useless!!!!!!Even when you get an appointment, your booked time is 3pm and you getting in 4:30pm...
Denise Tucker
Denise Tucker: Excellent surgery and caring staff. I have attended here for over 4 years and can't fault the service provided.
Emma Hurndall
Emma Hurndall: Dr Kolacki has shown nothing but genuine care for my Mum and I can’t thank her enough for her compassion. Great surgery!
Ashley Bland
Ashley Bland: Very nice staff who are also helpful
cherry Vohra
cherry Vohra: I was booked in with Dr Loe for a follow up and I had never seen her before (I think she is new). I’ve never felt so comfortable with a doctor, she is genuinely lovely and understanding. I will definitely be requesting Dr Loe as my GP.

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