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1. Milton Bayer Ltd. - Wootton

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Milton Bayer Ltd.
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Address: 21-27, Tudor Court, Wootton Hope Dr, Northampton, NN4 6FF, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +44 1604 704100

Business type: Marketing agency

2. EE - Northampton

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Address: 23 Abington St, Northampton, NN1 2AN, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 09:00

Telephone: +44 1604 628044

Business type: Cell phone store

EE: what do users think?
Justin: The EE store worker named Bogdan gave me a good deal and he was warm and welcoming
Jincy James
Jincy James: I would give 0 if I could be . Very pathetic customer service. They will talk nicely for getting a contract with them and they hidden and extra charges they will cost you is like unimaginable. N also they charge too much for 5GB as compared with other providers. If you have any query's to resolve and you visit that place they will tell you to call customer service number. Coz they call charge you additional amount as you called the extra from your given offer. Don't fool your self by taking their connection.
Diana Xx
Diana Xx: Had great experience in store. Big thanks to Alex for providing me with support
Julia Fitz
Julia Fitz: Always a good service and nice people
Michalina Jakimiec
Michalina Jakimiec: Very bad customer serwis
Chigozie “Gozzi” Odupute
Chigozie “Gozzi” Odupute: Fast and warm experience I had with the staff.
Kuda: A serious no 👎. Sales don't listen to you but just speak.
Hauwa Sodeinde
Hauwa Sodeinde: It look a whole lot of time to be attended to. They probably need more customer service attendants.
Charlie Sade
Charlie Sade: This place is appalling, customer service is disgusting. First of all I walked in and no one greeted me as the staff were too busy chatting and talking about customers behind their backs. They were extremely rude and were belittling in every which way, I have never experienced service like this but its just not on. They gave me no options when trying to buy a plan... the man who served me was too busy flirting with his colleague and were solely focused on trying to get me out of the store as quick as possible. If I could rate this place less than one star I would, don't recommend coming here till they get a new team on who actually have social skills...
Anthony Dixon
Anthony Dixon: A very happy and extremely helpful staff and service was excellent.
Charlotte Lawrence
Charlotte Lawrence: Appalling experience. Tried to send me away three times. Male Member of staff was incredibly rude.
melsi topalli
melsi topalli: Been sitting here at the store waiting to be serve and staff saying to customers ti sit down and wait but then serving to other customers that just walk in …. I’ve been here over 20 minutes and still waiting…. Shame the store close to home closed as they were very fast and very welcoming…:(
William Smith
William Smith: The understaffed staff are very amenable.
Oprea Nicolae
Oprea Nicolae: No comment
costel stan
costel stan: Foarte bun
Terry Watson
Terry Watson: Time to look at a new wireless broadband contract. My needs are specific, the router must have connectivity for an external antenna, as I live in a poor signal spot. Things started well enough, staff were polite but unfortunately they did not seem to understand my needs, which I had clearly explained. The sales process continued, with two possible contracts available, though only one was presented, being the best value, however, there was a £10 set up fee, which I did not want, being capable to do this myself with ease, apparently this must be paid!. A picture of the router was shown to me, this did not show any connections necessary for antennae. The unit appeared unbranded, so it was not possible to 'Google' for further info. Whilst there was a vast array of mobile phones on display a router was not available for inspection and no staff member had ever seen one! This was clearly a shop that only pushed for a contract sale, without having the customer needs at heart, indeed I overheard a conversation between a person a took to be senior and a younger staff member who was being told off for not closing a deal and allowing a prospective customer to walk off. Having spent much of my working life in face to face sales I was surprised this was done where other customers could hear!I left too, and went into a competitive supplier, who were able to supply exactly what I required, with the router available to take away and at a lower cost! I took it home, spent 10 minutes setting up and now enjoy a great signal!
Robert Baker
Robert Baker: Not very helpful gave us a phone number what is the point of the shop
Jon Mead
Jon Mead: Thanks so much to Ali at Northampton EE for sorting out my new phone. Great service.
Jackie Browne
Jackie Browne: On a new contract was promised the guaranteed minimum of 31.9 mb/ sec. Within two months I check and it's only 2.26mb/ sec. Talk about miss sold BIG time 😡
David Bibey
David Bibey: Whilst staff today were helpful this was our third visit (this time with an appointment) for an upgrade and data transfer with no data transfer available. Time to look elsewhere I think.
Ejiro Ukale
Ejiro Ukale: Great team of professionals and service

3. British Red Cross shop - Northampton

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British Red Cross shop
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Address: 24 Kingsley Park Terrace, Northampton, NN2 7HG, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 09:00

Telephone: +44 1604 792895

Business type: Thrift store

British Red Cross shop: what do users think?
Petra Meeson
Petra Meeson: Friendly staff, sensible prices. Very full of stock. Limited parking on main road outside.

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