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1. Three Shires Hospital - Northampton

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Three Shires Hospital
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Address: The Avenue, Northampton, NN1 5DR, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +44 1604 620311

Business type: Hospital

Three Shires Hospital: what do users think?
Katie McIlravie
Katie McIlravie: What can I say!! Came in yesterday for my surgery. Everyone has been totally amazing!! Special thank you to Janet, Steph, Pete and Lorraine who have been looking after me on the ward. Also to Joseph in recovery and of course to the surgical team working with Mr Guy Finch. I mustn’t forget the kitchen staff who have kept me fed and watered. You are all fantastic people and are a credit to Three Shires. Thank you x
Bishop David Oakley
Bishop David Oakley: Many thanks to Mr Bell, Monika, Claudia, Bertha and Elise, the team who looked after me so well today. It could not have gone better. Bless you!
Steve Miller
Steve Miller: I wanted to express, Dr Woo and her team are excellent!Claudie, Monike, Bertha and Elisa assisted and made the whole procedure a breeze. This is the second procedure Dr Woo has performed on me and the reason I returned following my fist one and the care I received. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough -Dr Woo is a superb practitioner and a genuinely nice person.
Ellen Cox
Ellen Cox: Everything about the 3 Shires was very good I felt very well looked after, and everything was explained clearly to me all the staff were very helpful and friendly, the only thing is perhaps the rooms could do with being redecorated.
Olga Sakka
Olga Sakka: Amazing service from doctor to nurses and Amanda and Jo at the reception thank you
Rachel Bloomfield
Rachel Bloomfield: The nurses on the ward were incredible, they looked after me so well.
Nicoleta Nas
Nicoleta Nas: Very friendly staff
Emma Pochodzaj
Emma Pochodzaj: I want to say a huge thank you to Dr Salako, Shannon, Gemma P, Daniela and Bertha along with the team at Three Shires for taking care of me last night. I would highly recommend the team!
Susan Blake
Susan Blake: My entire experience at Three Shires Hospital has been exemplary. All the staff whether it be theatre, ward, x-ray, MRI etc.Have been fantastic.Mr. Auld was brilliant.
Jo Brown
Jo Brown: All staff were friendly and professional. They made me feel that it was all about me and that I wasn't just one of many. I found this very reassuring as the procedure I was having and the possible results were a little worrying for me. All the staff were caring and made me feel safe and at ease. They talked me through every stage from pre-assessment, preparation and procedure. The ethos of the patient comes first was very apparent.
Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith: Everything was amazing, I can't fault anything. Pam is an asset to your nursing team, she really cares about her patient's. And Mr Von Widekind is a remarkable consultant, I can't thank you all enough for the care and treatment I received. And I'm looking forward to a new pain free me once I've fully recovered.
Farah Duff
Farah Duff: I had a steroid injection today which was administered by Miss Muthusamy and her team (Shannon, Gemma P, Daniela, Bertha, Alan). Everyone was very friendly and supportive. Thanks team!
Robin Hill
Robin Hill: I was more than pleased from admission to discharge with all the care and assistance given.
Dominic Duffy
Dominic Duffy: Very helpful. Libi was great.
Sharon Bassett
Sharon Bassett: Every one of your staff were courteous, professional, friendly and put me at ease throughout my time with you
Tony Elliot
Tony Elliot: All the care provided was superb. I was quite anxious not ever having surgery before. The nurses and anaesthetists were so good at making me feel calm. The care straight after recovery was great. Thank You.
Mark Slater
Mark Slater: Everyone who looked after me was very polite, kind and very helpful. We can’t thank the staff enough for the fantastic care whilst I was in the hospital.
Lisa Pere
Lisa Pere: Attended as an outpatient on the 12th May, staff are all very friendly and helpful, was seen on my appointment time and not kept waiting. A big thank you to the gentleman (Luke I believe) who chatted to me throughout my biopsy procedure, his distraction certainly helped me thru a very uncomfortable few minutes. Would have given full 5 stars but would suggest a patient aftercare leaflet could be provided perhaps and whilst it was under only local anaesthetic I think they should advise not to drive home yourself as my only saving grace was that I only had a 20 min drive and managed to make it home before needing to be sick, not sure if due to the level of pain, or a side effect of the anaesthetic or a combination of both! Menopausal women need things in writing as the memory is not what it once was, I don't recall being advised I could take painkillers before the procedure but couldn't say for definite whether or not it was something which was mentioned in the original appointment, perhaps useful info and advice on what you shouldn't do for a few days afterwards could be added to the appointment letter. A nice clean hospital though and the facility of free parking on the site is definitely an added bonus.
The one 2 1
The one 2 1: I was treated with dignity and care all the way through my procedure!
Ann Johnson
Ann Johnson: Very well looked after, lovely staff and procedure carried out prompt and efficiently
Jean Lewis
Jean Lewis: ALL staff were friendly, courteous, respectful approachable and very very helpful . Nothing was too much trouble . Amazing experience great hospital to be treated in Thank you all so much

2. Northampton General Hospital - Northampton

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394 reviews
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Northampton General Hospital
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Address: Cliftonville, Northampton, NN1 5BD, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +44 1604 634700

Business type: General hospital

Northampton General Hospital: what do users think?
Renato Silva
Renato Silva: Nothing related with medical staff from the hospital but with security from the hospital. My kid was very dizzy couldn't walk and I drop my wife and kid near the A&E and some idiot came runing and shouting you can't stop here look look you gona get a fine. First of all if I stopped not parked for less than a minute to drop them is because I didn't have another option normally the people are not going to the hospital when they are in good mood! Second if is a private company who makes the control from car park and roads around the hospital why this rude person came runing and talking in a threatening way! We are already down because the baby is more than 1 week down mood. Unfortunately someone gave him a jacket saying security and he came showing off is a boss! Not a smile not a "good afternoon sir look there is a camera you should move your car" is nothing to do with us but the camera can catch you, nothing!!! Well this is the type of people we have no education no manners and big bosses... What I can say!
Dermot O'Regan
Dermot O'Regan: 22 hrs in a Waiting area whit a Swelling on the Brian this is after being sent home the day b4 being told by the doctor that he would bet his job on Nothing going on in the brain ??? My daughter is still waiting to see a doctor apparently a swelling of the Brian is not a emergency 🙄 this is happening now may the 18th 15.40
Anthony Dsouza
Anthony Dsouza: Great hospital however the staff here is to only to take their salaries from tax payers. They know nothing and is one of the worst I’ve ever seen. Rudeness to the core. Need a reality check on where they get their salary
luis AURRECOECHEA H.: Excelente soy un paciente del hospital,tiene un personal de primera muy agradable una atención impecable yo amo este hospital doy gracias a todo su personal por su dedicación son personas con una calidad humana de primera
Rex Lowin
Rex Lowin: Had to attend AandEExcellent speedy service
Dave Manning
Dave Manning: Where do I begin? Uncomfortable uncaring unsociable unhappy always some sort of problem lack of information unhelpful especially a / e always problems with that department terrible.
Mr. Lambo
Mr. Lambo: If you can, try go to other hospital. I am literally shocked, general doctors at a&e has lack of knowledge, i was given paracetamol and suggested to google the symptoms. I have no idea how they getting graduated at medical school.Arrived to hospital at 9pm1 doctor at a&e only6 patients were in the queueAverage waiting time 2h
beth crocker
beth crocker: Appalling hospital, if you can get to Kettering, go there! The treatment, judgement and discrimination I have received over many years is disgusting. I know the treatment you will receive depends on who you see, and sometimes its better than others. However there is a reoccurring theme with NGH of lack of awareness for mental health issues. When staff sit on the nurses station bad mouthing a patient who has attempted on their life, it makes a person there with mental health issue themselves, not want to stay. Badly organised, inattentive and horrible. The best people in that hospital are the volunteers and the HCAs, they are the ones that are the most caring and empathetic on the whole. If you can go to Kettering over Northampton please do.
Gillian Twiselton
Gillian Twiselton: Good but parking was awful
Arrgh Bee
Arrgh Bee: Fantastic staff and great facilities. High level of care.
Lynn Flecknor
Lynn Flecknor: The 1 star is for the nurses only, as for my treatment by a Gynaecologist and co with their procedures done on me without pain relief was disgraceful and I never want to ever go there again.
Linda Blow
Linda Blow: My husband has been going to see Mr Tomlinson for about 5 years in Neurology department Mr Tomlinson is very professional friendly always takes time with my husband in his busy clinic on Tuesdays we want to say thankyou to him
David Prowse
David Prowse: My 10 Yr old daughter recently had an MRI at NGH and the staff were excellent. The process was well explained and the team provided reassurance during a process that sppk adults. Many thanks DP.
George Christofi
George Christofi: The hospital itself is great and the staff excellent. The biggest issue is parking. All wards visiting is at the same block of 2 hours so the limited amount of space is highlighted dramatically. I won't complain about the cost because it is comparable to council run car parks. It's just too small!!
John Meakins
John Meakins: The staff are great, but the service is appalling. There is an extreme wait time for literally everything and as nice as the staff are you don't feel like your health is in good hands due to the lack of resources. I wish I could say this was only a one off, but it's happened a handful of times in the past few years including the birth of my child. If you can, go private or to another hospital.
Steve W
Steve W: I couldn't criticise the place based on my most recent visit.
sahana battiwala
sahana battiwala: Pathetic paediatric emergency service including staff in it. We waited until morning to be seen by ENT, and nurses were just happy to not to call ENT to come and see my child. Very rude and stubborn staff. Absolute lack of sympathy and empathy. I hope I don't need to go there. Terrible, horrendous and useless.
Venczel Andra
Venczel Andra: The most horrible hospital that I was in my life. From the luck of space l, to the incompetence of a lot of the doctor's and nurses. Plus the long hours that you have to stay until someone is actually looking at you.Shame on NHS!!! And you are asking for a raise of salary???
tom george
tom george: Worst hospital I have ever tooAll the staff were very rudeEspecially the emergency department
Andrew Potts
Andrew Potts: Amazing staff let down by lack of beds
bailey brown
bailey brown: brilliant care, amazing doctors and nurses , were extremely helpful and attentive

3. Brook Medical Centre - Billing

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67 reviews
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Brook Medical Centre
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Address: Ecton Brook Rd, Northampton, NN3 5EN, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6:30PM

Telephone: +44 1604 401185

Business type: Public medical center

Brook Medical Centre: what do users think?
Ron Babbage
Ron Babbage: I am totally sympathetic to NHS staff working under considerable pressure. However there is one receptionist (Amanda) who is sadly not suited to the job. Indeed she would not last long in any other public facing position. Her manner is consistently rude and indeed offensive. Such behaviour lets down the practice and will indeed have a detrimental effect on the well-being of the poor patients she insults.
R ANDERS: RECEPTIONIST needs to put her ego in seems that some retraining at the very least is needed for A particular receptionist and some accountability is needed - this is not a good 'look'
Jessica Newman
Jessica Newman: A poor service from Dr Oo, while taking my 4 year old to see him on Thursday morning, he told me she was fine & to let her get better at home. She had a temperature of 38.2, He checked her over and said she was fine to go.Once at home, she was vomiting & we ended up down the hospital to be told,she had an ear & throat infection.Dr Oo is not a helpful Dr at all.
dynamite tattoos
dynamite tattoos: Dangerous doctors and the rudest receptionist I’ve ever spoken with ! There’s one that’s nice, but get the wrong one ? And she’s a nightmare!
Adrian Brown
Adrian Brown: Words can not explain how bad this place is!! Never get to see a dr in person. It's only Tuesday and was told the 1 dr they have is on annual leave and the locum only works from home but has no appts this week. 2 weeks ago called at 8am for an appt, was caller 12 in queue. 8:15 message says no more appts and to call back tomorrow. Today the nurse calls and says "you have an infection, I have prescribed antibiotics for you to collect, good bye"!!! 5 second call and no time to say anything before she puts the phone down. My dad is 88 and has been seen once in 6 years by a dr. He's been on a repeat prescription for years that states it needs to be reviewed every 6 months and whenever he asks for a review, they fob him off. On the 1 occasion my mum saw a dr in the last 3 years for a swollen and painful knee, an issue she had been experiencing for months but took that long for a dr to see her, the dr was wearing hospital scrubs when she went in (scrubs in a GP practice?!!) and he didn't touch, assess or look at her knee once. Just told her to monitor it and see if it gets better!! It had already been months. In summary, don't go here if you want any chance of ever actually seeing a dr.
Lee M
Lee M: Whoever answers the phone is just utterly rude. Get yourself some customer service training or people skills. Absolutely disgusting. We pay your bloody wages!!!!
Laura Cadd
Laura Cadd: Absolute joke!I don’t know who wanted the new telephone system like this but it’s worse!45 minutes in the queue, they answer, THEIR line was cracking up so they put the phone down within 5 seconds. No chance of getting through again.How on earth am I suppose to book in for a routine smear test when you can not talk to anyone.
Audrey Lawe
Audrey Lawe: After going to the surgery week after week without any help at all from the receptionist. The beautiful young receptionist named Essence sorted out my prescription with the pharmacist in 2 days. Shepromised to help me and was true to her word. She is a heavenly young lady, professional, caring, kind and friendly. May only good things come her way. Thank you.
Alex Ekonomou
Alex Ekonomou: Rang this morning for an appointment,as I have chest pains since the 6th March 23,right hand side,under my armpit but also round towards the front ofy chest.The receptionist wouldn't even let me finish,get here at 9.20 today she said,she stressed me out that much,that I hanged the phone up.If I drop dead because of the receptionist,here it is..All I needed was a doctor to call me back and refer me to SDEC in Northampton hospital.I've had bloods and x-ray and ECG s.Please call me,as I won't call back .
Richard Hand
Richard Hand: Receptionist rude as all hell. Impossible to actually see a doctor all done over the phone. Place is a disgrace if could give less than 1 star I would
Elvira Varey
Elvira Varey: Very poor service, rude receptionist, doctor was unwilling to see8year old boy with sore throat, although was on site, as informed by the very rude receptionist, after so-called tel consultation, was told that prescription with antibiotics would be for collection at pharmacy next door. When went to collect prescription was told thatThe child was not on their system, so no prescription. The Gp did not suggest taking a throat swab to test for recent most common groupA strep infection. Disgusting, I will put a complaint to nhs and medical council. This GP surgery should be raised to theground there is no reason for it to stand since all the appointments are over the phone or virtual. It’s a disgrace, and embarrassment.
CoD mobile MacabreYT
CoD mobile MacabreYT: Poor service rude receptionists
James Goodgame
James Goodgame: Absolutely shocking ! couldnt get an appointment , then given a time slot for a call back , no call , visited the centre only to be told By an obnoxious Lady on reception that the times weren't indicative of the time the actual calls would be made ! whats the Point of the time slot ? asked to speak to a manager , only to be told that the obnoxious Lady on the reception (Heather) was the manager ! truly awful doctors , no sense of care taken , cant rate the actual doctors or nurses who May be lovely , as you cant get past the creatures on the reception ! avoid at all costs !
Catalin Stroe
Catalin Stroe: Poor service trying to book an appointment for 2 days in row and nothing. I call 9:00 when the open. And no appointment. How is that possible? Avoid if you can
diluja Dissanayaka
diluja Dissanayaka: Very disappointed, helpless and truly feel why do they call a GP surgery. 3 days from 8am on the phone but after 30 minutes says no appointment. Then when walk in to book, again asking to call to book an appointment but never answer the phone. Asking to contact Livi and 111. They say go to GP and request to check childs chest. Surgery is saying Livi never say that. What is this deadlock?I’m very disappointed, no one there to check my baby.
Farah Gunn
Farah Gunn: We have been registered with this surgery for a number of years, since I don't have health issues, I don't visit the surgery very often maybe once every 2-3 years.Just recently I was having very bad pain on my back and shoulders which came all of a sudden, tried to get an appointment with the surgery, they have no appointments available, they said to call 111, I did and a paramedic came and examined me,said maybe I have pulled a muscle and prescribed me with some pain killers, next day I felt much worse and my pain was getting worse, I walked to the surgery and asked them if I could see a doctor, I was feeling very ill, I was told by receptionist absouluty not, no doctor available.They said call 111, I'd already had done that the evening before.I had no choice but go to A&E after waiting several hours I was seen by a doctor, they admitted me to a ward with a pneumonia.Pumping into my veins very strong antibiotics.This Surgery is disgraceful, They should close the place!!!!!If they don't have doctors, they should close, they are wasting tax payers money by sitting a rude receptionist there, all she has got to say no appointments no doctors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Frankly you would get better service in a third country than you would in this surgery!!!!!
Charlie Jones
Charlie Jones: Absolutely Shocking from the rude receptionists to the rude doctors who don’t call you back or see you. My sister potentially could have a serious illness at the moment and the receptionist this morning was absolutely disgusting. Unhelpful, rude and had no manners.I can’t wait to move doctors and essentially this doctors should shut down for incompetence (many times)Apparently they’re calling us back today.. let’s see how that goes. If not, I’ll have to go down there. Absolutely disgrace - even the pharmacy agrees!
Mihaela Vazdoaga
Mihaela Vazdoaga: This is a worse GP where nobody caresIn sept the hospital dr change my prescription increasing the numbers of the tables per day. We are in dec already and in the GP System nothing is change. I request my prescription on 21 nov. And was donne again wrong. I have talk with the reception to change and after one week is still not done. Alway there is a problem and they are only sorry.
Chandan Harji
Chandan Harji: Booked a callback for my 6 week old at 8AM as advised for appointment. No face to face appointments available just a callback. Waited all day for phone call. No phone call received. I called at 4pm to ensure a callback however no one called. I called NHS 111 and they ensured me the GP practice will call me as they sent through information to them.No call received.Now we have taken baby to A&E as now it is an emergency after days trying to get an appointment.
Jeff Jones
Jeff Jones: Three and a half hours on the phone in the past 2 days and still not even spoke to anyoneBeyond a joke and about time the government stepped in to sort this mess outNo wonder A&E is so busy because you can't see a doctor and end up getting so I'll you go to A& ECome on Ecton brook medical centre answer your phone's
wayne bewley
wayne bewley: I have found this surgery to be down right dangerousFrom a forced cold turkey to miss diagnosisSince moving and joining the surgery I’ve not been able to workI’ve lost faith in doctors now completelyI should never have been on this particular medication first perscribed 15 years ago at the old surgery before I movedBut Dr Olearys sudden stopping of meds is simply dangerous! Classic case of doctors not understanding what they perscribe or refuse to perscribe afyer 15 year user does to a person

4. The Mounts Medical Centre - Northampton

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102 reviews
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The Mounts Medical Centre
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Address: Campbell St, Northampton, NN1 3DS, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6:30PM

Telephone: +44 1604 632117

Business type: Medical clinic

The Mounts Medical Centre: what do users think?
Sergios Akhileus
Sergios Akhileus: they work very badly... you call them, go in person and in the end you get the wrong things anyway...
Carole Briggs
Carole Briggs: Helpful staff and caring Doctors
leeluchan: First receptionist cut me off, I called back and the receptionist was rude/abrupt. Everyone can have a bad day but no one is calling a doctor’s surgery for fun. Compassion seems to be dead
Vicky Byrne
Vicky Byrne: Can never get a face to face appointment, was booking a few appointments at the same time one for me and one each for my children ( all different reasons) but the receptionist ended only booking two, so I turned up to the appointment and there wasn't one, then to book and was booked on a day I couldn't make due to work.
jackoutube: Rude! Took me 67 calls then 37mins on hold to get through. Asked to make an appointment and was told I’d get a call from a doctor. Queried why I couldn’t get an appointment to come in and was told we only make over the phone appointments. Receptionist then said ok and hung up on me. Disgusting service! Some serious customer service training required! No wonder I’ve put off trying to get an appointment for 5 weeks when that’s what we have to deal with.Despite it being 2 weeks and sending my complaint twice, not so much as a response.Conveniently, after updating my review yesterday, I got a response via email this morning although apparently, in their opinion, the receptionist was not rude 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ No wonder they only average 1.6 stars.Thanks for finally replying on here after 7 months but clearly didn’t read my review properly otherwise you’d see that I had sent an email, hence getting a reply.Jemma Robins, the practice manager was dismissive of all of my claims and only seemed interested in telling me that my version of events were wrong.
Mindaugas Joga
Mindaugas Joga: Before covid was really good here. Now they do everything slowly.... It's very hard to get appoitment. They start 8 o'clock but phones turn on around 8:30 - 9 am
nezar Barber
nezar Barber: Reception is very very Rude with people
Deirdre Tipping
Deirdre Tipping: Cannot get through to reception without spending a fortune on calls
Poppy Christopher
Poppy Christopher: Not sure what's gone wrong but twice I have made an appointment in the morning for a phone call that day to receive no call. Both times I rang to be told no appointment had been booked for me. Both times I have had get them to listen to the call to prove I wasn't lying. Who's to blame for this happening? Why is this happening? Something seriously needs to be done about this problem. So avoid!
H Ab
H Ab: Worst practice ever. The nurses are very friendly and helpful, but the receptionists are beyond rude and disrespectful.Long waiting times on the phone ( up to hours), and they never have appointments available.Got at some point a Telefon appointment, and of course, this was the cancelled a day before and then texting me I should call them again.-1 star if it was possible
Júlia L
Júlia L: Impossible to book an appointment, it happened before that I was calling for three days at 8am and after a long wait in line I was told there were no more appointments for the day and I can't book for other days. Had to be checked by employer's Occupational Health instead, went to NGH another time, and recently started using Livi to avoid this. Whenever I asked for anything from reception (e.g. swab test and blood test Livi doctor requested), I was told they don't do it here and e.g for the swab I wasn't given any further instructions where to turn. The one occasion I actually managed to get through to be seen by a nurse I had a nightmare of an experience and I dont even know who my gp is due to the lack of communication from the surgery. I am currently in the process of changing surgeries after a few years spent with this one.
Pawel Prus
Pawel Prus: Very professional and quick service. You just need to be patient.
saibhanu prakash
saibhanu prakash: One of the waste medical centre in town. They never want to serve the patient.
Bradley Goode
Bradley Goode: Called and was told couldn't get into see anyone till tomorrow or call 111Sister called and got me an appointment at 5:40 so clearly they don't talk to each other.Seen the nurse can see my face is swelling due to medication I am taking, so she went to talk to a doctor that said keep using the medication, nurse them said best option call 111 and actually see a doctor. The whole practise is bloody useless everything is slow and the staff are beyond rude.
Ejiro Ukale
Ejiro Ukale: Needs to improve in their customer service with relation to the patients and emergency cases
suzanne pegg
suzanne pegg: Looks dirty and dated, staff lovely always...IMHO
Justin K
Justin K: I was on hold for an hour and twenty minutes to be told there was no appointments and I couldn’t book one for the following day.You’ve got more chance of having tea with the king than getting an appointment with the local doctors. This is why people are going straight to A&E.
Barry Freebury
Barry Freebury: takes ages to get them by phone no parking maybe 2 on the desk if your luck
Sue Glentworth
Sue Glentworth: Never able to see doctor
Kathleen Phillips
Kathleen Phillips: Receptionists always friendly and helpful. My doctor is excellent.
Mohammad Rashid
Mohammad Rashid: Always difficult to get through to someone by phone and get an appointment. Always busy.

5. Queensview Medical Centre - Northampton

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78 reviews
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Queensview Medical Centre
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Address: 2 Thornton Rd, Northampton, NN2 6LS, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6:30PM

Telephone: +44 1604 713315

Business type: Medical clinic

Queensview Medical Centre: what do users think?
Alina R
Alina R: Is it just me so lucky, but never ever i was called on my appointment on time! Never! With baby, without... Couple times i waited more than hour!!! You think people dont have anything better to do rather then sick and feeling poorly wait that long?!!!!?!!!...if somebody is that late is it hard to send Messages that "there is delay, please come little later" !!! And wait for what...for diagnoses that is often not even nearly true, just to stamp diagnose!!! Just worse day by day!!!
Alfie Maher
Alfie Maher: Booked in quickly. Check everything. Very helpful.
Darren: Got though within a minute and seen the same day so no complaints from me.
jade white
jade white: Disgusting service. The blonde lady on reception does not know how to treat patients at all. Full of attitude. Sat on reception for what reason? She doesn’t not offer to help or advise. My son needed a appointment due to being very unwell. I have repeatedly called at the times of 8am / 12pm been on a call hold list at these times, when finally getting through there are no appointments. Even though I have phoned at the times requested. I have never known a GP like it. I am utterly disgusted.I would never ever recommend this GP to anyone, stay well clear!The only person at the GP who is fantastic is a very old lady with short hair and glasses! She does exactly what you ask for and so helpful. It’s a shame, that she has to work here with a brunch of rude, horrible people. It’s also a shame she’s not always here to help but that can’t be helped.
Bernadette Myles
Bernadette Myles: Waiting for the time to answer the phone so quick and easy. They have a new system and it's brilliant
mihai campau
mihai campau: Talking to a brick wall. Call receptionist for appointment face to face explain that I have tonsils, this happen every 2 months for the past 3 years and need urgent antibiotic otherwise getting very bad …. So reception understand so good them book me for an phone appointment in 3 days …🤦🏻‍♂️. Now understand way A&E is overwhelmed.
Doug Bowers
Doug Bowers: There’s no point telling you my story just read the rest we should all more surgery before someone dies
Derek Wait
Derek Wait: It has sometimes been difficult to get in touch with the doctor but I understand they are under a lot of pressure. That being said when I have needed help for my elderly father they have been exemplary.I was directed to the online system and was able to get the help I personally needed.
_ Tee
_ Tee: Absolutely disgusting I have been sitting on sofa since 8 in the morning trying to make an appointment for my mother who is very Ill they do not have anyRespect towards another human being I hope they get treated the way they treat other people disgusting behaviour.
Pete Gasson
Pete Gasson: Virtually impossible to speak to anyone for assistance. Dreadful service.
pamela chick
pamela chick: Thinking the surgery was open at 8 in the morning I tried to ring for an appointment. I called 28 times to be answered with the message the surgery is now closed. This went on until 8. 30 when I gave up. Is this what they want? I tried livi the on line service they say to use, only to be told you need to see a doctor??? What a service.
Veny Z
Veny Z: The worst medical centre! Avoid at all costs! Trying to call them from 1h and dialled them about 240 times and always user busy! Also can’t get an appointment for any one from my family from 2 years almost!Avoid avoid avoid avoid ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
Maritana S
Maritana S: Very helpful and professional, polite staff.
Sim Hughes
Sim Hughes: I would put less than 1 star but I can't. Always says line busy when I call never get to actually speak to anyone. Yes the doctors are nice and friendly butif I can't even get in whats the point.
Mrs Akter
Mrs Akter: After 30 minutes of waiting the phone call she answered and said with my issue she can advise me for going to the chemist. so my point is without doctors advise how i go to chemist. I have so many issues in my body. she doesn't even want me to describe the issues. what is the point of paying NHS health service as I do my self, if I cannot get any help from my GP for my health issue.such an bad experience with this surgery is going to be worse and worse.
Eva Varga
Eva Varga: Segítőkész személyzet kedves nővérek. 🙏
A Dose Of Dean
A Dose Of Dean: Absolutely appalling surgery. Can never get through as they have the phone off the hook. When you do get through you have some old woman receptionist who is a complete nightmare and try’s everything in her power for you not to see a doctor or even speak to one. This surgery needs shutting down
Ksenija Samsonova
Ksenija Samsonova: Could not reach them at all , called them every single day and they have not picked up or even sent a message . I have had bad problems with my ear and I came there and said what happened and they said they could not take me in as I have not called them ( which I did every day ) really bad review !!!
Nisha Pasuthan
Nisha Pasuthan: The receptionist are so much attitude, 2 hours waiting to connected the call after that she was pretending like she is hearing properly and cutting the call immediately never call back. When I try again never was happened to me 4 times. I am completely understand always the same voice the old women she is very rude. She was asking all the questions which I need to tell doctor.she is justifying and giving me take paracetamol.also she was telling its not urgent.please understand we not calling or coming to surgery to have fun. We really calling you we can’t manage at home.we need to see the medical professionals.don’t forget you are receptionist.not a GP or your job. I wish I could record her give some where for Justice. Covid 19 pandemic attack or not but this people well playing with people Health. I never met any one like this lady. I made a complained Through the GP she is still there doing the same. Please when people calling don’t purposely cut the call. If you have manner you will call back. You guys are pretending like busy do nothing and getting paid.I wish Government close the surgery and ask you to come to work in the A&E NGH people Working hard and busy because you guys are bloody rude and do nothing and not helping at all for the patients. That y all the people are going to A&E
Nigel Harrold
Nigel Harrold: This place is just rubbish should be scrapped and started again the staff are so close to useless it’s unbelievableTurn up for an appointment I didn’t want and was just left there sitting same as many before meNo apology no nothing still me leaving should have put their timetable back to normal???Can’t give it no stars so one it is
Lindsay Mary
Lindsay Mary: Never have I come accros such a rude and unprofessional receptionist as the older woman at Queensview. She makes it incredibly difficult for anyone to get an appointment with a GP or even just a call back. A friend of mine called feeling suicidal and was told to call back the day after as their GP wasn't in. She lacks compassion and regularly makes patients feel like they are inconvenience, asking them what's wrong, then proceeding to ignore an urgent matters. Please for the sake of patients safety and mental well being, get rid of Kathleen! The only reason I have put 1 star is Google requires me too!

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