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220 Chapel St, Salford, M3 5LE, United Kingdom

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School of Electronic Music: what do users think?
Sam Stray Wood: UPDATE:I originally gave it 1 star but changed to 3 on reflection, being in the industry a while I thought this wasn’t fair on the tutors that will have years of experience teaching & sharing their knowledge, the let down was though bad management of follow up calls & bad CS.Original review:Although I have heard great things about this place, I had 2 calls booked with two different people over a period of a couple of months (because the first caller never followed up) after I reached out wanting some be-spoke lessons. The 2nd caller never got back to me either. My enquiry was left hanging. It felt like the bespoke interest wasn't an interest of theirs as they were booked up for a while & even though we did discuss the possibility of me signing up to a course, there has been no follow up over a long period , it doesn’t make it a bad school but if you can’t get past the first stages it’s defo bad CS or sales.
Kreso Music: SEM definitely helped me on my path, the tutors and courses are great no matter what your learning curve is, they will assist you. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to get into the industry and have enjoyed and will miss working with their team.
fotis georgiou: Totally unprofessional. They never came back to me when I've asked for more information.
Anna Tuck: I completed the Music Business course over lock down. It was a great experience! The course was very well planned and thorough, covering lots of different aspects of the music industry. The tutors were extremely knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. I feel that I have gained an insight into the music industry and I have met some lovely people. The business plan assignment enables you to start making your ideas a reality.
EOB Emedike: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueWhere do i start from, from the very fist day i started my course in SEM still now has been a awesome. The team at at SEM are so professional and always willing to help. Thanks guys, if i was asked to take another course, i will still choose SEM. I love you guys beyond words
fhhdhdh d: every single one of these reviews is clearly fake sort it out you scammers
Claudio Carboni: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,Value
Adam Hancock: I joined SEM on a whim towards the end of 2019 studying music production & composition with zero knowledge nor experience. I started 2021 feeling equipped and skilled enough to write and produce my first album :) This is a really special school that has been a game-changer for me. The facilities are quality and the staff are a bunch of passionate and talented souls who go that extra mile when it comes to nurturing/developing their students. I wasted no time in jumping on the business module course when i had the chance which has been massively helpful in preparing my campaign. It's always a treat to study around like-minded musicians, so it's very easy to fit in and make a home out of the place. I couldn't recommend it enough and i'll be back when i have some spare cash!A.
Federico Aloi: Attending the SEM was defenetively what I was looking for, thanks to the Advanced Music Production class I have improved a lot my skills about audio engineering and song writing.I have enjoyed our lessons using Ableton 10, I already knew this software but thanks to this course I have learnt some new tricks I didn't know.From a technical perspective it was very important to study in deep some aspect of audio engineering like dynamic processing and mix bus compression, that helped me with fixing some bad habits I've learnt from the past when mixing and I have improved a lot the quality of my mixes.My work was constantly checked by my teachers and receiving feedback from them helped me to develop the sound I had in mind.My classmates were great, it was so important to have such a melting pot of people with a different music background, djs performers, music producers.It was truly inspiring to share my time with such talented artistsI look forward to attend another class.Federico
Daniel Clark: I would recommend this to anyone at any level of production knowledge.Having no experience of using Ableton after attending the intro and advanced production course I feel a lot more confident in making my own tracks to a professional level. the small amount of personal time to get to class was very much worth it.being able to use the studios out of class to practice with the help of the tech team really made me feel like there is always someone around to help.I would like to say a massive thank you to my tutor Yoss without is Knowledge, patience and willingness to help me progress then I wouldn't be where I am now.Thank you to all the tech team Jonny, Chris and Dom for everything too.
NG S: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityA great place - great school, great teaching, great teachers, great community.
Lee Robinson: I am currently doing the Advanced Music Production course at SEM after taking a year out from The Introduction To Music Production course.I have learnt so much over the past two years, from being someone who had no experience in music whatsoever to now having the confidence to produce a track with the skills I have acquired.The amazing staff are dedicated in developing and aiding your passion, whatever genre of music you wish to make.Special shout out to my teacher Yoss, an absolute wizard and ledge. His classes are fantastic, insightful, engaging and most importantly fun!If you have a passion for making music, I couldn't recommend SEM enough.
Paul Armstrong: I did the Advanced Music Production course which finished last year. It was a great way to kickstart my very basic knowledge of music production and Ableton. I was self taught beforehand and I thought I knew a fair amount but the course taught me so much more. It has a really good mix of theory and practical learning, so you get loads of practice time to improve your skills. Also doing the class with likeminded people really gave me inspiration as you can share ideas and achievements.If you want to get a really solid understanding of all aspects of music production and have some fun along the way then this is the course for you. Big up to Yoss for making it such a good experience!
kieran lowther: I studied at SEM for the best part of 18 months, the school itself is unbelievable and they have all the newest and best equipment needed for all aspects of becoming a producer, engineer etc...The tutors are all second to none especially Yos who thought me for the majority of my time there, the rest of the staff are brilliant to work with to.I would highly recommend SEM for any aspiring musician, beginner or advanced.
David May: I'd already been producing for some years, and took the Advanced Music Production course to improve my abilities.I would fully recommend it. I learnt techniques and processes for mixing which I would not have arrived at on my own. The attention to detail in gain staging and metering made me realise how much my ears had been fooling me. Ultimately it has saved me time by helping me to get a better sound faster, allowing me to spend more time being creative.
Glenn Clarida: Amazing courses, amazing school and even better tutors. I did the 'Advanced Music Production' course as I had spent a few years producing music.Yoss was the tutor for my class and he couldn't have done anything any better! The knowledge that he is trying to pass on is complicated in certain aspects and he would be able to make it simple for us! He would always know when we didn't understand something even if no one dare say. He was amazing!The level of my production changed so dramatically. I knew there was something missing in my songs before I took the course, they just didn't sound right. Now i know what is missing from them and how i can achieve what i aim for!Not only do you get to learn skills in an amazing course, but you also get the opportunity to go into the studios they have and produce using all the gear. If you have any questions about anything, the tech team are always on hand to come and help you out. Dom goes above and beyond what he needs to do, he is so knowledgable, friendly and takes his time to understand the problem before he gives you an amazing solution!This course truly changed my understanding of producing music and I made some great friends along the way!Massive shout out to Yoss for everything you did for me, the way you taught the lessons made me understand better! Big shout out to Dom as well for always taking the time to listen to all the problems I gave you!Thank you buddies :)
Marcus Brien: From the first day I went to the open day I knew I had to come here. The place made me nervous and excited, After speaking with Lucy and Yan I signed up for Complete Music Production and Djing. I had zero knowledge of music, I didn't even know what a high hat or a snare was, All I had was passion and interest in learning about it and that's all you need. Every person working there is passionate about music, they just emanate it and speak from a place of assurance and lot's of experience. I did EMC to learn some composition with Dan, He walked us through everything thoroughly, found the positives in our answers to his questions whether we answered rightly or wrongly and made sure to make the time for anyone struggling to keep up. I did Complete Music production with Yoss, He brought us through Abelton step by step starting with each part of the drum kit. Over the course of a year he taught us how to put a track together and really thorough Mixing Techniques among many things, he created an atmosphere of inclusiveness in the class and connected us all with his humour and his ability to engage with everyone on a personal level. I did the DJ Course with Rasp and Neil, Kind and patient characters with years of experience and ability. I've never seen anyone Dj like Rasp before, throw any track, any genre at him he'll create something out of it. The tech guys are very helpful, Chris, Dom and Jonny will sort any tech issues out anytime. I'm currently on a very thorough Synthesis course online with Jonny and enjoying it. I have had several tech online 1 to 1's with Dom where he has walked me through many music problems I'm having and then finding time to blow my mind with more Abelton demonstrations after and recommending practical techniques on how to solve any creative barriers I'm having. Not to mention a big shout out to Brew-Tang Cafe downstairs! Safe to Say I recommend the place if you're looking to get involved with music :)
Blakeeleven: Hands down the best learning experience I've ever had. My Saturday lessons(Intro & Advanced music Prod)quickly became the highlight of my week. My tutor Yoss created a very relaxed and dynamic environment that catered for & included everyone in class. I still keep in close contact with my classmates as we bonded beyond music, which I have Yoss to thank for. It felt as though the twelve months ended just as quickly as they'd begun and I still miss the class today.Thank you SEM for the learning experience & environment I'll always deem valuable.
Jack Wood: I would fully recommend their courses. I started out with zero production knowledge so I decided to do both the introduction course followed by the advanced mixing and mastering. The tuition was brilliant and the skills I picked up were invaluable to making professional quality music within 12 months. There is so much conflicting and confusing information online which can end up being a massive waste of time, so investing time and money into a course with SEM will be of huge benefit to any beginners or intermediate music producers looking to enhance the quality of their music. In addition it was also a great way to meet lots of like minded people who have similar interests.
Rose Mason: Fantastic facilities, great tech team too
Matthew Hamer: My production skills really improved after the Advanced Music Production course at the SEM. I took that course after improving my theory with the Electronic Music Composition course. Paul and Nikki are great tutors and the classes in the Midi Lab were always productive. Thanks!

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