Winter and summer sales dates in London

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Like Paris and New York, London is also a shopping destination. Sales are a good plan Shopping because they offer spectacular reductions that can go up to minus 80% by the time they come to an end.

This article will allow you to know the dates of the summer and winter sales in London and will provide you with practical and useful information for successful shopping.

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Winter sales in London

The winter sales begin each year on December 26, the traditional Boxing Day, and usually end at the end of January. The winter sales in London are a real good shopping plan because the reductions are significant, including on luxury items such as designer bags, designer clothes and even decorative items.

If you're coming to London for the sales on December 26, you'll need to organize yourself. Indeed, Boxing Day is a public holiday and therefore the city operates at a slower pace: public transport (metro, DLR, bus) is less regular and some department stores are closed.
Therefore, before moving in the cold and under the rain (normal in London !!!), check to see if the desired store is open and prefer department stores or shopping centers to be warm and dry!

The best plan to do the sales on December 26 is to visit the stores Harrods et Harvey Nichols which are in the same neighborhood and are open all day.

Stores open in London on December 26, Boxing Day

Stores closed in London on December 26, Boxing Day

Summer sales in London

During the summer sales the reductions are less important than the winter ones but remain interesting for our wallet! They do not start on a specific date because traders are free to make sales whenever they want. However, most of the big brands start their promotions at the end of June and end at the end of July.


To do business, prefer the winter sales and more particularly during the last week of January where the reductions are spectacular but the choice is more limited. Finally, if you are in London on 26 December, Boxing Day know that many stores are closed and those who open their doors are stormed.

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