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You want to organize a trip to London but you do not know when to leave? Here are some tips for making the right choice, depending on the weather, the activities and visits to do according to the seasons.


Going to London in winter, what weather?


Winters in London are harsh and rainy especially in January and February which are the coldest months with temperatures close to zero degrees. London can wear its white coat, but fortunately snowfall is quite rare.
Although the weather is not dreamy this season, going to London in December to enjoy the Christmas lights and markets is truly magical and magical.

Temperatures : between 2 and 12 掳


Spring: an ideal weather for going to London


From May, it is nice to go to London and take advantage of the many public holidays to organize a long weekend. The temperatures, although cool in the morning, are mild in the afternoon for strolling and visiting London on foot. Here is the opportunity to take a guided tour in French in the streets of London, to discover the capital from another angle.
Take advantage of spring to get lost in the charming district of Notting Hill where during this period the magnolias are in bloom.

Temperatures : between 12 and 18 掳


Summer in London: mild temperatures


Beautiful days and sun in perspective even if the rain can come unexpectedly. Summer is undoubtedly the most favorable season where the days are long allowing for many visits. But it is also the school holidays and therefore there are many more people during this period, having an impact on the price of hotels which are more expensive.

With temperatures around 25 掳 C, July and August are the hottest months, an opportunity for outdoor activities like a houseboat cruise from Little Venice to Camden Town. A bucolic and romantic stroll in the heart of London!

Temperatures : between 18 掳 and 25 掳


Autumn and its beautiful colors


The months of September and October offer beautiful days and fall colors are showing in Hyde Park and Regent's Park. With temperatures around 20 掳 and beautiful sunny days the weather is favorable for a weekend in London. The tourist season has passed and as a result there are fewer people and the price of accommodation more attractive.

Temperatures : between 10 掳 and 20 掳



Personally, my favorite seasons to travel to London are Spring and Autumn and most notably May, June, September and October. In general, the climate is mild and mild even if we are not sheltered from a downpour. On the other hand, prices are more attractive than during the summer months when demand is higher.

I also enjoy the month of December because London is magical with its sparkling, colorful and original Christmas decorations. The Christmas markets are for sure real amusement parks where you can skate, see shows, ride a wheel and go shopping!

If you want more information, you can consult the site: when to go to London on and its section dedicated to the budget.


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