The City of Quebec: one of the oldest gay pub in London

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Located in the Marylebone district a stone's throw from Hyde Park and Oxford Street, The City of Quebec is a gay pub friendly frequented by a clientele of regulars. People come there to drink a beer, eat, dance or see a show.

What is the history of The City of Quebec pub?

The story begins in 1946. The pub is frequented by the pilots and gay crew of the Royal Air Force.

Several decades later, The City of Quebec is frequented by gay rights activists.

Despite its place steeped in history, the pub was threatened with closure in 2014. After long negotiations, it was saved and then renovated.

What is the vibe of The City of Quebec pub?



The City of Quebec is a spacious pub with both British and modern decor.

It's also a quiet and cozy pub where you don't have to shout to communicate! There is no television, only a pleasant background music.

The atmosphere is very friendly thanks to the kindness of the waiters and the regular clientele who spontaneously come to talk to you. Being one of the few girls in this gay pub, I was very pleasantly surprised by the friendliness of the customers with whom I had very interesting conversations for over an hour. A little too much because I had to hurry so as not to miss my train to Paris !!!


Who is the clientele of The City of Quebec pub?

The City of Quebec is nicknamed the "elephant cemetery" because of the age of its clientele, whose average age is around 40-50 years. However in the evening, during shows or in the nightclub located in the basement, the clientele gets a facelift 😉

Is The City of Quebec an exclusively gay pub?

Of course not ! Although the clientele is predominantly gay, everyone is welcome and will have the same welcome. I experienced it and was not disappointed!


How is the food at The City of Quebec pub?

The City of Quebec propose des hamburgers, fish and chips, salads, wraps ... The service is not continuous I could not taste the dishes. On the other hand, I tested their sandwich and despite some prejudices I was very pleasantly surprised!

In addition to being well presented, their sandwich was delicious. A good omen for the future!




The evenings of City of Quebec


The evenings are lively and not just on weekends when you can dance to 80s hits! The City of Quebec also offers a cabaret show on Thursday and Sunday from 21:00 p.m. So when are you coming?


What are the hours of the City of Quebec pub?

Where is The City of Quebec pub located?

12 Old Quebec Street – Marylebone
Website de The City of Quebec

Metro bus Marble arch10, 73, 137, N73, N137


Here is a friendly and cozy gay pub where everyone is welcome regardless of their sexual orientation. People come there to drink a beer, have a bite to eat in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere without being bothered by noise as is often the case in many pubs!

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