Nomadic Community Gardens: a community garden in Shoreditch

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Nomadic Community Gardens is a collaborative garden located in the district of Shoreditch known for street art and its hipster side. This unusual and underground place, little known to tourists because it is rarely referenced in guides, hides between two railway lines, away from major tourist circuits.


What is the Nomadic Community Gardens?


Nomadic Community Gardens (NCG) is a nonprofit that turns disused spaces into urban gardens where people can grow their own produce, create artwork, and share skills. The primary objective of the association is to create social and cultural interactions between the different communities of the district.

Formerly an abandoned space, in 2015 a group of volunteers transformed this 2,5 hectare wasteland into a modern and collaborative garden. It is maintained by the locals who grow plants, flowers, and cultivate fruits and vegetables for their personal use.

This ingenious idea is the work of James Wheale, an eco-activist who discovers the concept of “urban agriculture” during a stay in Berlin. On his return to London, he got in touch with developers to take charge of disused urban spaces while awaiting a building permit. Gardens are called “nomadic” (nomads) because each item is portable and can be moved to a new location.

Much more than a garden, Nomadic Community Gardens is also a place of artistic expression through street-art and the creation of works of art from recycled materials. The place is constantly evolving according to the inspiration of the artists who exhibit new objects and graffiti new works over the weeks.

Finally, the garden is open to all and entry is free.


Street art au Nomadic Community Gardens


Street art lover, this place should enchant you. A true open-air art gallery, the works are numerous and evolve over time according to the inspiration of the artists.



Works of art with recycled materials


The garden is decorated with many creative installations made with found objects. So we can discover a totem made with tires or a customized vehicle.




What can be done in this community garden?

Beyond the simple walk, there are many things you can do in this garden. Huts scattered around offer coffee, street food, brunch and even cooking classes for adults and teenagers. Lessons last between an hour and an hour and a half and cost £ 12 per child (maximum four per lesson). All information on the Roving Café website.

In addition, yoga classes, concerts and many other events are held regularly. To find out about the program, do not hesitate to consult the Facebook from the community.

The garden is also a playground for children who can have fun on an old fishing boat or play chess.


When is the best time to visit Nomadic Community Gardens?

On weekends, the garden is livelier with live concerts and festivals.


What are the opening hours of Nomadic Community Gardens?

Tuesday to Thursday : 9:00 pm - 18:00 pm
Friday : 9:00 pm - 20:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday : 9:00 pm - 21:00 pm

Close on Sunday


Where is the Nomadic Community Gardens located?


Address : Fleet Street Hill, London E1 5ES

Metro National rail bus WhitechapelShoreditch High Street, Whitechapel8, 388, D3

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