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When we talk about London, we of course think of musicals which are rightly renowned both for the quality of their staging and for the talent of the artists! The London audience is extraordinary because it is a reactive, participatory audience and is not stingy with applause and standing ovation.
So still don't want to see a musical in London? Maybe you think that seeing such a show is too expensive and does not fit your budget?
Here are my tips for seeing a musical at the best price!

Buy your tickets at the TKTS kiosk

The TKTS kiosk offers discounted tickets for overnight or overnight shows with discounts of 25-50%. I advise you to consult first Site to see the places available and the price offered. Then go to the kiosk when it opens because the first arrivals are the first served. No internet sales.

The Lodge, Leicester Square
Lund-Samedi: 10h00-19h00
Sunday: 11:00 a.m. to 16:30 p.m.

Metro bus Leicester Square, Charing Cross, Piccadilly Circus24, 29, 176, N5, N20, N29, N41


Buy your tickets online on the London Box Office website

London Box Office is a French agency that offers special offers - up to -70% - on many shows. By booking on this site, you pay in euros and have no bank charges due to the change of currencies.


Go straight to the theater

Some theaters reserve a limited number of seats to be sold on the same day. Show up on the day of the performance from 10am to benefit from reduced fares (usually £ 20) and well-placed seats. Or call the theater and ask them for information on 'day tickets'.


Go there as a group !!

From 8 people, the theaters offer discounts for group bookings. Contact the theater directly to find out about their offers for groups.


Go to the theater at the last minute!

Do you want to indulge yourself without breaking the bank? A sudden urge to attend a musical at the last minute? With a little luck, it is possible !! Indeed, you will often meet people who can no longer attend the show or who have excess tickets following a withdrawal. These people try to resell their tickets directly in front of the theater. This plan is very interesting if you decide to see a show at the last minute. You can also negotiate the price of the ticket and get a good deal! If you are the type to do everything at the last minute and improvise a lot, then try your luck directly at the theater or try to redeem a ticket from someone in front of the theater. At best, you have a ticket at a great price and at worst you can console yourself by going to drink a good beer in a Pub !!!!

Attend an afternoon performance

The afternoon performances on weekdays (usually at 14:30 p.m.) are cheaper than those in the evening. This good plan can be an excellent choice when you are in London in the rain 😉


Think about the London Pass !!

In addition to offering you free tickets to around fifty attractions and tours in London, the famous card London Pass also offers discounts on certain musicals up to - 40% !!


Stay upright !!

For only £ 5, you can attend a musical, the only constraint is being able to stand for at least 2 hours! To do this when making your reservations, choose the “Standing Room” category, which are standing places, behind the barrier in the last row of the orchestra.



If you want to see a particular musical, a tip book in advance to be sure to see it and not to be disappointed! Personally, when I travel to London for 2 days and that a musical meets a strong success, I reserve a few weeks in advance on the site of London Box Office . Everything is in French, it's clear, I spread out my expenses, I pay in euros and I have no false surprises!

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