Hamleys the biggest toy store in London!

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Hamleys the biggest toy store in London!

Hamleys is the store of superlatives: it is the oldest toy store in the world, and the largest in London !!! With its 7 levels and tens of thousands of references, Hamleys is the pride of Londoners.

It is also a regulator of the famous Royal Warrant Appointment which allows him to officially supply the court.

What is the history of the Hamleys toy store?

It all started in 1760 when a certain William Hamley opened at 231 High Holborn, a toy and candy store called "Noah's Ark". Success was immediate and in 1881 Hamley opened a branch on Regend Street. Unfortunately, the store located in Holborn is devastated by a fire in 1901. It will then be rebuilt on the same site.

Hard hit by the Great Depression, the store was forced to close from 1931 to 1938. The brand returned to success, even after being bombed 5 times during World War II. He is honored by two Royal Warrant given by Queen Marie and then by Queen Elisabeth II.

After belonging to the French group Ludendo, Hamleys is now owned by the Hong Kong group Banner. The brand now has around fifty stores, of which around forty are franchised.


What is the Hamleys spirit?

A visit to Hamleys is a magical experience for children but also for adults !! The strong point of the brand is to offer children numerous activities as well as the demonstration and theatricalization of the products.


In terms of toys, Hamleys continues to sell traditional objects such as wooden toys, puzzles and stuffed animals, as well as trendy toys with consoles, Star Wars figurines.


What should not be missed when visiting the Hamleys store!

Do not miss the Lego department located on the 5th floor of the store where you will meet the life-size royal family in small bricks.




And if you want a personalized item, with the "build-a-bear" you can make a personalized teddy bear with your child. To do this, you must first choose your bear then fill it with foam and finally personalize it and give it a beating heart !!


Celebrate your child's birthday at Hamleys !!!!

Hamleys offers children aged 4 to 10 to organize their “birthday party” for two hours with two themes to choose from: “Pirate & Princess” or “Lumley”. The first, with the treasure hunt as an activity, suitable for both girls and boys, the second, with make-up workshops, will delight little girls.

For £ 65 per child, the birthday party includes:

  • Birthday cake
  • VIP store visit
  • Stickers & Balloons
  • Gift bag for each child
  • Special gift for the child celebrating his birthday

For more information about the birthday party and other store activities, do not hesitate to consult the store website.


Hamleys Christmas Parade

Since 2015, Hamleys has organized at the end of November a huge parade on Regent Street where many cartoon heroes, giant inflatable structures and a marching band parade.



For more information on how to participate in this festive event, consult the Grand Site website by Hamleys.


Hamleys, a good shopping plan in London?

Let's be clear, toys are more expensive than elsewhere BUT there are a lot of inexpensive items: books from £ 8, Paddington bears £ 7, Puzzle Ravensburgen "I Love London" £ 7… Here is a good plan for bring back a little souvenir from the store without breaking the bank!

Faced with such a profusion of toys, I advise you to bring back a toy that you are sure not to find with us. Obviously, a visit to the store is a guaranteed wonder!


The floors guide

What are the opening hours of Hamleys stores in London?

Regent Street

Gare st pancras

Heathrow Airport Terminals 2 and 5

Heathrow Airport Terminal 4

Stansted Airport

Where is the Hamleys store on Regent Street?

The best known and largest is Regent Street, there are also annexes at St Pancras station and at the airports of Heathrow (Terminal 2, 4 and 5) and Stansted.

Address : 188-196 Regent Street – London W1B 5BT

Metro bus Oxford Circus, Piccadilly Circus, Tottenham Court Road3, 6, 12, 13, 23, 88, 84, 139, 159, 453

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