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1. Crazy Thumbs

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230 reviews
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Crazy Thumbs

Address: 100 Mitcham Rd, London, SW17 9NG, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7PM

Telephone: +44 20 3305 5729

Business type: Video game store

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Crazy Thumbs: what do users think?

Fahad Yousef: Such an amazing shop that has lots of great retro games and the prices are reasonable. The owner Imran is such an amazing guy and knows about his stuff. I totally recommend visiting Crazy Thumbs if you are in London.
Response: Hey 👋 thanks for visiting the store!! Were pleased to know you had a great visit please come back soon 🤪👍

Kamal Rasool: Great store stocking lots of retro and new games. Super nice and helpful staff, Imran who I was in touch with fixed my copy of Super Mario RPG on the house. Lovely place!

Daniel Cairns: Great place to go, and had things I never expected to see in a UK games store (think I saw a power glove). Staff are v friendly and knowledgeable too, highly recommend.

Kacper Kula (kulak): Big selection of retro consoles, controllers, games and accessories. Almost all rare and obscure consoles can be found here. N64 and SNES to Amiga, Amstrad, Sega Saturnand much more. One of the biggest collection of the GBA games I have ever seen in a one place. Prices seems to be on a higher side though, many DS and N64 titles can be found much cheaper in chain exchange stores. Great place for window shopping though.

Andre: Got to the shop while on holiday. Ended up buying in a NES in very good shape for a cheap price. Owner helpful and served us very well. Thanks
Response: hey andre gald we could help and hope u enjoyed your visit :) 😃

Péťa Kočovský: One of the best Retro shops in London. The staff is helpful and super nice. Games are cheap and in a good condition.I recommend it!
Response: Hi there thanks for the review and hope u enjoyed your visit, if there anything you need help with in the future please let us know :)

Drift minister: I am a retro video game collector and buy in all kind of gaming stores in europe. This is by far the best retro video game store and the most enjoyable experience by far in London! The owner takes his time, is friendly, knows a lot and what is the most important thing: He makes you feel good being a customer in his shop. Not the arrogance you see in other stores in London like N1 games for example. Also provides good discount if you buy more games at once which also gives a very good feeling leaving more money there when you know you get more for your buck. Thanks for the great Wii games discount again ;) And as a bonus you can pick a free gaming poster! Very nice. Thanks until next time, your new frequent customer!
Response: Hi Drift thanks for visiting the store and for your custom and gald you enjoyed your vist, if there is anything we can do better please let us know hope we will see you agian :)

2. GAME Stratford

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855 reviews
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GAME Stratford

Address: 143 Montfichet Rd, London, E20 1EN, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9PM

Business type: Video game store

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GAME Stratford: what do users think?

Habz: My favourite type of shop, Only disappointment, you can’t use your gift card for online preorders.

Amanah Akther: Staff members were very nice and helpful in giving good deals. Unfortunately had one of the worst customer service experiences from a staff member, known as Simon, definitely in need of customer service training and mannerism

Aku: Customer service on point. Manager volk informed me about the ultimate pass. Gr8 deal for 4hrs. Place is amazing. Gamer heaven 🎮🎮🎮.

Huseyin Besguller: The store is clean , spacious , tidy , modern , colourful , bright , sleek , organised , game oriented , fun and perfect for gamers who likes game merchandise. The staff are friendly , responsive , efficient , attentive , professional , knowledgeable , respectful , well organised , well prepared and well mannered. The item cost £11.99 which is affordable but check the item number on Funko App before you buy it because you may end up with the fake but there is nothing wrong with the store. I have been in the store it is perfect store for me because it has everything you need from different franchises such halo , fortnite and more. Go there before you regret not going there at all until you go there for yourself and see everything with your own eyes.

RPG: You can buy any game console you want and games. They even have a gaming lobby upstairs with refreshments, so cool.

Them Smuul: Cool store but not really worth a visit as a tourist bc the studd thats actually nice is too big to bring home.

EagerIsHot: Wanted to say, what an amazing friendly and helpful team work at the Stratford GAME. The manager Simon, was friendly and eager to help get us the PlayStation 5 console and when it was ready we were greeted with smiles and excitement. We will be back here again for all our computing needs 😁 Would give more stars if I could.

3. Games & Gadgets

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127 reviews
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Games & Gadgets

Address: 40 Elephant Rd, London, SE17 1EU, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6:30PM

Telephone: +44 20 7277 4777

Business type: Video game store

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Games & Gadgets: what do users think?

Lee Burn: Great local store for games and accessories. Good to know that I can pre order any game.

CJAY: I have been going to this store since I was in secondary school. They have a great selection of games and consoles, even for classic fans such as Nintendo 64 or PS1 and Gameboys. They usually have the games you are looking for and the staffs there are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.
Response: Thank You very much Sir.

Leonardo De Lazzer: Great selection of games (both modern and older), perfect position and friendly owners! Highly recommend checking it out

Charlie -: I have been a regular and reoccurring customer since the week they opened! They provide a great variety of games and accessories for a very good price. The staff are very helpful, and they also match CEX prices for trade ins. For any gaming you need you have, this shop is for you. I cannot fault this in any way!
Response: Thank you Charlie.

Jordan MJ: I like the products that they sell and they made my day with fifa 23.
Response: Thank you,Sir.

N Pena: Great shop 100% recommended.My son love it. The staff is very friendly, helpfull and professional. I can find all Dragon Ball Z characters!!!!! :) I love them. You can also find the latest video games and much more.
Response: Thank you very much for your five star review.

Zia Khan: Great store I used to visit a lot when I was younger! Just picked up my PS5 from here. Great service and friendly staff! If you want to support you local game store I highly recommend this shop!

Gamma Abeyasinghe: Very good customer service.

4. Mega Games

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45 reviews
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Mega Games

Address: 138 Kilburn High Rd, London, NW6 4JD, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6:30PM

Telephone: +44 20 7624 6224

Business type: Video game store

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Mega Games: what do users think?

Shen P: This place is absolutely terrible. Very very poor customer service. I bought a PlayStation 5 and was told if there is any problems to let them know etc etc.My PlayStation doesn’t stay switched on and I called to explain but was given laughs and disrespect. I called multiple times and the service I got was very appalling. The guy was swearing at me and didn’t show any understanding or help. He refused my £500 refund. If you don’t want to be ripped off and given dodgy stuff DO NOT go here. This place needs to be shut down. Use alternatives such as CEX, Cash converters etc. These can all be found on the same street and the service is 100X better and items are also legit. Thank you

Bertrand Austing Kaji: I dunno… not sure why you would buy any games here when you can get it 10 pounds cheaper online… I sold two games here, FIFA 20 and Mario odyssey, I felt like I was scammed because they were both in new condition and I only sold it for 20 pounds (it might sound like a lot of money but on eBay I could have sold mario odyssey on its own for 22 quid) it just felt like a rip off to me
Response: Thank you for your review. However please note that when we purchase games from customers we give you market price at the time of purchase. Yes you can sell your games privately on many websites and you may get better price, but you have to bear in mind that when sell your games to a shop, the shop give you price so they can make profit too. Thanks anyway

Layla Brown: GO ANYWHERE ELSE there’s about 7 of these kind of shops on that high street better prices better service AND BETTER QUALITY PRODUCTSDONT WASTE YOUR MONEY

Ruairi Burton: I took my PS4 in here for repair and the staff took the time to properly explain the issue before service and charged a very reasonable price. Honest and experienced with playstation repair. Highly recommended.
Response: Thank you so much.

Benjamin _: Nice shop. Their echange rate is based on CEX website . You can use that if you want to negotiate with them when selling /trading. Just make sure you are informed about the real value of your game before you sell the. Expect that they will try to rob you.

Agrodut Kumar Mondal: One of my favorite game Shop is "Mega Games". The price is reasonable and saffts are so friendly. So I am recommending Mega Games to my friends and colleagues 🙂
Response: Thank you.

5. The Chelsea Gamer

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37 reviews
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The Chelsea Gamer

Address: 101 Fulham Rd., London, SW3 6RH, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 20 3141 3400

Business type: Video game store

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The Chelsea Gamer: what do users think?

Sara Álvarez Saporta: Probably the best customer service I received in 2020! From putting down my wish list of products ( going through phone consultation assistance, delivery...) to aftercare satisfaction, I couldn´t be happier with their amazing work. Felt comprehend with my needs and loved the way they guided me on my inquiries, they did everything in their hands to achive my goals as their customer in a really professional and caring way. They even delivered some sweets with my purchase, with made it even a sweeter experience Definitely, has become my trusted game store. Thank you for all your hard work!

Wayne Foxall: Having searched everywhere for a ps4 controller i found one on the TCG website at a reasonable price. I emailed to ask a few questions on the product and even though it was a bank holiday Monday i still got a reply within a few hours. Happy with who i was dealing with i placed an order and the controller was with me by Wednesday! Excellent customer service and i would recommend.

Matt Whiteley: Excellent customer service, responding quickly to all communications, items posted and received quickly, Hemal was very friendly and helpful. I will definitely use them again. I found The Chelsea Gamer when looking for a Nintendo Switch, which was out of stock everywhere else, it was slightly more expensive than the base price, but nowhere near the price inflation on Amazon and eBay recently!

Charlie Deason: I’m blown away by Chelsea Gamer and will be supporting this independent going forward I ordered my game and received it Via DPD exactly when they said I would, the communication emails and all the tracking data was on point I even rang the owner to personally thank her for the fantastic service and ended up having a chat for 5 mins what a lovely lady. In 2021 we should be supporting fantastic independent stores such as this more than ever they’ve gained a customer in myself today thank you Chelsea gamer.

Nobody (NOBODY): Got a chance to order a game from Chelsea gamer I find them very very good to use Spec with clear pay use 3rd party website for that option. option that is worth checking out I like how they update you on delivery status with direct emails and are very quick to respond and help I even got a chance to speak to staff members on the phone who are super helpful Will use again as I like that kind of service Put 100% effort even in the current situation Thanks and will be ordering games again from now on

6. GAME Surrey Quays

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270 reviews
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GAME Surrey Quays

Address: Unit 23, Surrey Quays Shopping Centre, Redriff Rd, London SE16 7LL, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7PM

Business type: Video game store

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GAME Surrey Quays: what do users think?

Miguel De Jesus: good morning everyone. I was walking around here and I stopped at this mall and I came across this store, my first time walking into one here in the UK. and the truth is that they have everything related to video games and figures from a wide variety of our cartoons and that of our children. I was with my son and he loved it too. I recommend you stop by here if you are looking for something related to this topic. thanks and see you soon.

St Glx: A large selection of video games. Consoles and toys.

D Ahmed: Not as good as it use to be, but still useful. Wish there would be more pc games on sale.

Seligman Ventures Global: 1 star. No telephone number to call to check on stock. Rubbish.

Bree Morris: Visited the store yesterday for the early black Friday sale. The staff were amazing. So helpful and friendly. I purchased a few items which I had pre planned on buying and they also recommend a few products which I also bought. From the store manager to the staff throughout the store they all were so bubbly, positive and had such welcoming energies. Definitely recommend visiting this store.

7. Game Galaxy

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90 reviews
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Game Galaxy

Address: 244 Streatham High Rd, London, SW16 1BB, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7PM

Telephone: +44 20 8677 7007

Business type: Game store

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Game Galaxy: what do users think?

Angela Degennaro: Good service. Helpful people. Every game I buy is in good condition. We have been going there for years and we have not had a problem. I recommend this place to everyone

Adnan Yusuf: Best store ever! They have every game available and their customer service is the best I’ve received. 100% would recommend for all shoppers to go here!

gxostie: Went there to buy New Airpods 3, Great customer service, very friendly. Really satisfied with the Airpods.

United Fan: Amazing service, providing fifa when needed every year & other games - amazing over the phone , they even stayed open past opening time for me to collect my latest copy of FIFA 23!

Memewind Gaming: 5/5. Very good customer service and cheap prices, especially for Nintendo games! Would highly recommend.

kyotosjuul: Great service! the employees are really down to earth and understanding, my go to store for games

wintz1: Great shop with great staff, retro games and current gen games and consoles like the ps5 and xbox

Wealth Finance Ltd: Great services been using them for years only game shop I go to

8. Games Centre

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58 reviews
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Games Centre

Address: 403 North End Rd, London, SW6 1NS, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7PM

Telephone: +44 20 7385 5600

Business type: Video game store

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Games Centre: what do users think?

James Sullivan: Went there to pick up sim cards for the phones. The counter help was extremely helpful and informative.

jean Louis: Bought a new game last week, game faulty, don’t buy here and go somewhere else.Lost 50£

Μάριος: Unprofessional customer service. My phone after I gave it to them have some issues like health battery it’s lower than before and my screen same times it’s going black.

Chris Wood: Great friendly service buying a mouse, tested it and threw in batteries free of charge.
Response: Many thanks

ADO GAMEzzz: They are very dodgeThey are selling the ps4 fifa 20 package which cost 200£ without fifa 20For the same price

9. GAME Harringey inside Sports Direct

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220 reviews
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GAME Harringey inside Sports Direct

Address: Unit 2, The Arena Shopping Centre, Unit 2 Arena Shopping Cntr, Green Lanes, London N4 1ED, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8PM

Business type: Video game store

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GAME Harringey inside Sports Direct: what do users think?

Fabiano Ritchie: Excellent customer service the owner treated me like I was one of the family and kept calling me "Abdihakim" because I bought an Xbox one When I browsed the shop the owner was very helpful and kept whispering "bubba" in my ear which I found arousing. 5/5 starts would go again.

HISAL: I picked up my copy of Guardians of the galaxy for PS5, that was all smooth and the game works fine. When the man at the till asked if I wanted to sign up for a GAME Rewards club, I decided to sign up, but he must have entered my email incorrectly, so now I have a useless unregistered GAME Rewards card that does nothing, and I have lost all the points that was supposed to come with the game.

Tammy Lang: Great experience. Had faulty switch controllers. Emailed head office and was adviced to go instore to exchange. I did so none in stock. The young lady called Paris took my number and called me to say they had them back them amazingly she put them aside for me for a whole week. Thank you so much. My son is very happy

James Nash: Carly is amazing!! She was super helpful with helping me find a limited edition Xbox Series X, which are seriously hard to find these days!The world is in short supply of helpful people like Carly 👍🏻

Kili The Cat: These guys are not friendly at all and not helpful either. Went there to ask for a PS5 when they will be available in stock and If I could preorder or they can put my name on the list as a long time customer. Nope very rude response we dont do any of that. The Shopping Mall Security walked in there and said to them I am looking for two PS5’s for family for christmas if they can let him know when they get stock. They said yeah thats fine and took his number. Is this how a Hight Street known retailer works? Terrible.

Ayas Pasha: It was like walking into a shop without no body there. They busy talking to each other all the time since I went in and until I went out. Maybe you should do buy online and collect only because as a retail shop your staff is clearly not up to it. I dont like to write this review but it is not the first time. Years ago this Shop used to be different in a better way thats for sure.

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