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1. Hobgoblin Music London

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Hobgoblin Music London

Address: 24 Rathbone Pl, London, W1T 1JA, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 6PM ⋅ Opens 10AM Wed

Telephone: +44 20 7323 9040

Business type: Musical instrument store

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Hobgoblin Music London: what do users think?

Jeanette Jones: I felt called to go in to the store and said I was looking for a drum. Paul (the cheerful soul) told me there was much more downstairs. When I better explained what I was after, Paul, presented me with a beautiful shamanic drum. I was sold on the first beat! I felt it and it felt right! Best purchase this month! Thank you, Hobgoblin Music, for the conversation and gems about the gong. Happy Drummer

Izabela Plukier: Exceptional shop, I really enjoyed it here, very wide selection of instruments and the staff are extremely kind and helpful, willing and wise to advise and let you try before you buy.... A truly extraordinary atmosphere created by people with passion. I sincerely recommend it both to veterans who know their stuff and to beginners in need of guidance....

Michal R: Came here mostly to check out the store. It is filled with a huge range of musical instruments that can be tried out.The staff was super helpful and very friendly, and I felt comfortable staying for quite a while to try out different instruments.
Response: This is excellent and we are very pleased that you had a good experience in our London shop!

Ramona: I just popped in to get a strap for my ukulele. As a beginner, I particularly appreciated the helpful, enthusiastic & friendly staff. Really grateful for their tips and advice. Will definitely go back.

Micah Kent: Took a wrong turn looking for something else and found ourselves outside this shop. Who can resist a little music shop adventure? Lovely selection from a more unusual variety than expected. Super friendly guys who made us feel welcome.

Zach: Outstanding service! The team educated me on how to play the Shakuhachi flute I was buying and gave me plenty of time to try a few flutes and decide. I felt very welcome and was very impressed with the prices - also they are very happy to let you play the instruments in the shop. Friendly team and amazing instruments, I definitely recommend visiting (especially if you are wanting to find something unique and high quality to add to your music).

Sumanta Basu: Amazing collection of musical instruments, selling excellent quality products. Extremely satisfied customer.

2. Yamaha Music London

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Yamaha Music London

Address: 152-160 Wardour St, London, W1F 8YA, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 6PM ⋅ Opens 9:30AM Wed

Telephone: +44 20 7432 4400

Business type: Musical instrument store

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Yamaha Music London: what do users think?

Elena Raluca: Lovely music store in the heart of London, the staff is friendly and helpful.The piano room looks spectacular, i played in the store yamaha electronic drums, tested them, bought drum sheets at a very low price. You have to see this place, is wonderful.

Steve Thiebault: The selection of pianos was fabulous.The service was helpful and friendly...and not stuffy in any way.My favourite piano was the Bosendorff......would that I had a spare £125,000 hanging around!

Corinne Jackson: So glad we went here to check out which piece of equipment was best suited for my 11 year old, who has recently taken up piano. Highly recommend spending time testing out the various Yamaha models available, which vary considerably in price, size, keyboard range/quality. Staff are very accommodating in providing advice and do so in a non pressurised way. It was a great experience for my 11 year old too! Parking: Centre of london and therefore not recommended

Rodrigo Voss: Great store, with high quality musical instruments. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Leonard Cherry: The best staff on the planet. Had a jam session with the manager and other staff. 10/10 would visit again.

Hugh McDowell: Excellent service. I purchased a YTR Xeno in the store after trying out various other models in the conveniently sectioned off practice room. The employees were very helpful, patient and welcoming. The piano hall upstairs is a must see should you be in the area!

James Grogan: Great shop with near enough the full Yamaha piano range. Sales assistants are friendly and knowledgeable without being pushy.

3. Hank's Guitar Shop

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299 reviews
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Hank's Guitar Shop

Address: 27 Denmark St, London, WC2H 8NJ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 6PM ⋅ Opens 10AM Wed

Telephone: +44 20 7379 1139

Business type: Guitar store

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Hank's Guitar Shop: what do users think?

Charlie Hobbs: Great experience buying a new guitar. Friendly service. Got what I was after and now I’m a guitar hero….in my own mind.

Mike Beagan: I always like to visit music/guitar shops when I’m on vacation, you can get a feel for what the locals use/like to play. It’s also fun checking out rare instruments and the different brands. This shop is very interesting, it’s packed wall to wall with instruments, narrow stairways bring you up to more and more of a selection as you climb.

Cliff TAYLOR: Experienced staff and best selection of hard to find retro and vintage guitars...a Boomer dream come true (giggle from the 20-30 something staff) dont miss it. PS/ I spend as much time reading the walls as looking at guitars.

Hor Unge: They have a 7 day full refund policy on their webpage in case of faulty product. My fired bought a faulty product and they refused to refund him but instead wanted to repair it - so they admit it was a faulty product but refuse to refund even though their T&C says so? A company like that can not, and should not, survive for long.

Juan Barrios Piaggio: What an absolute dream of a guitar shop. Any brand and they have these amazing rooms to sit there, chill and try a bunch of amazing instruments in a vibe setting

4. guitarguitar Camden

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724 reviews
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guitarguitar Camden

Address: 16 Delancey St, London, NW1 7NH, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Wed

Telephone: +44 20 3675 9100

Business type: Guitar store

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guitarguitar Camden: what do users think?

Billy June Nacion: Superb guitars within price range 👌. Superb service by the staff, very accomodating and helpful. Purchased my 1st bass here in UK, well spent. Definitely will go back here for other accessories.

Peter Fellows: 5 star experience - bought an excellent Maton acoustic guitar and GuitarGuitar were fantastic throughout the whole process. Friendly staff and even had the guitar shipped down from Edinburgh. Got all the accessories I needed and staff were great

tom wilson: Fantastic guitar shop with lots of selection from electric guitars to acoustic to bass. Wide variety of different electrics and their own small acoustic room dedicated to them with walls lined by acoustic guitars. Very friendly, informative and helpful staff. Nice and close to Camden Town underground. Great employee who sold me my first electric guitar on his first day, but that didn’t stop him from being professional and great. A must check out ship for any musician beginner or expert.

Isa Bilal: Nicely laid out and clean guitar shop in Camden. A generous variety of guitars was on display, for all musical tastes and image. These were available to play on request and the staff were attentive, polite, and knowledgeable. Prices ranged from budget to excessive, so suitable for all types of customer, from thrifty to mad. I’d consider this shop when making my next guitar purchase.

Ivan: This is THE BEST guitar shop in London, with the greatest choice BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY the people that work here are incredible!!! Super helpful, very professional and very chilled almost felt like when I was at Woodstock ‘69 :) I highly recommend this store. And a separate note to management - you should give everyone a raise and a proper one, then the guitars will be flying of the shelves! Serge is the best, give him the BIGGEST RAISE!!!

Anil Chidura: Excellent service, very professional and experienced staff. Was not sure to choose which guitar for my son, but Excellent advice and show different varieties. I have able to find my need with in budget, new bits needed to order as not available in store, but got delivered next day home. Thank you for your help.

Quiero Danza: I am not I musician, I just went to get a basse for my partner. We got a really good one on our budget. Staff was very kind even when they where closing they treat us with respect! We will be certainly coming back!

Christian: Guitar shops can be daunting places to visit for many, especially my daughter who is learning and was picking her first electric guitar. The team at GG Camden were first class and shout out to Serge who gave advice, chatted about shared music interest and still allowed us enough room and space to breathe and chat about the guitar she wanted. He did a great job. We picked up an ESP that was setup, boxed and shipped to us same day for next day delivery (about 60 miles away) Will definitely continue to use this store when I can.

5. London Guitar Studio

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181 reviews
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London Guitar Studio

Address: 62 Duke St, London, W1K 6JT, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 6PM ⋅ Opens 10AM Wed

Telephone: +44 20 7493 1157

Business type: Guitar store

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London Guitar Studio: what do users think?

Mark Ely: This is a lovely shop. So helpful and have such a good range of quality products with the knowledge to guide you to the one that fits your needs best. Been a few time over the years and will keep returning again and again.

Adam Gray: Bought an Alhambra here. Staff were super helpful. Helped us select a few candidates in our price range and told us about the construction and tone of each one. In the end they even gave us restaurant recommendations. A true experience!

Stanly .C: Amazing staff excellent service. I bought my guitar from here a while ago and found some nodes not sounding correctly, bought my guitar back here and they immediately changed a new one for me. Simply amazing. The guitar is of very good quality as well so definitely recommended.

Simon fielding: Fabulous shop with fantastic selection of guitars. Staff so friendly. I bought my first quality guitar from here and I love it. Went back yesterday to try out a new one. Was not pressurised just allowed to test what I wanted. Will definitely be back to purchase my next classical guitar.

Elvis StirFryHK: purcahsed more than a month i still cant my stuff these guys havent revealed anything about shipping company, tracking number , only told me it just delayed every single time i feel so unsecure and it just feels like a scam to me I have a really poor experience to buy things from London Guitar Studio No stuff No refund, and even no reply now!

Daniel Morgan: Really great company polite and friendly, the guitar was an Alhambra 4p sounds fantastic a great model would recommend this place for anyone looking for a great instrument.

6. Musicroom London

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Musicroom London

Address: 11 Denmark St, London, WC2H 8LS, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7PM

Telephone: +44 20 7379 0401

Business type: Musical instrument store

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Musicroom London: what do users think?

Dela: I had a really positive experience at this shop! I went looking for a capo, which I found along with a songbook and course book. The staff were incredibly helpful and even sat down to help me try out the different capos. As a beginner guitar player it’s always helpful when staff in music shops take that little bit of extra time to demo and explain things. The same attention to detail and care was given to the other customers in the shop as well. Overall, the shop has a small but good range of acoustic and electric guitars, all at considerably reasonable prices (£99 was the least expensive acoustic in the shop, and it played very well). The shop also has a vast range of songbooks for all music tastes, as well as guitar accessories like straps, amps, picks, and even decorative items.

Bjorn Ricketts: Does not have a very large Bass guitar selection, however more than 10, and not 1 of them left handed. No interaction with the staff so cant comment on customer service. Looked into this store twice over a span of 3 weeks. No interaction with staff on either occassion, they were not very engaging either.

Thiago Costella: I bought online 13 days ago, not a single email confirmation about the delivery, send 3 emails for them, no answer. Never again. Still waiting Order number 2.22.453825

fahim ahmed: great experience. andrew was just awesome. took the time to explain the pro and cons of the piano i was looking to buy. kept us informed at every step. very happy all round. installation also went perfectly with Silas

Sadia007: Small store but has a range of guitar strings and they sell acoustic and a few electric guitars and ukeleles, they also have different packs of picks and they sell some effect pedals too and extra amp guitar wires they also have harmonicas. They Have a lot of books of tabs for piano or guitar and vocals from many artists and Their popular songs. great store for educational books and beginner Guides too

{%first_name%} {%last-name%}: Been waiting 3 months for a returns number to a faulty set of speakers I bought from them. A person calling themselves Chris Ritchie said they would look into this. I have provided proof of purchase and copies of the numerous emails they have ignored but seem incapable of supplying a returns address and returns procedure. Avoid like the plague.

Rollo Tomassi: Really good shop, not just for guitars but also for music related bits and pieces as well

7. PMT London

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501 reviews
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PMT London

Address: 35-39 Old St, London, EC1V 9HX, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7PM

Telephone: +44 20 3007 7499

Business type: Musical instrument store

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PMT London: what do users think?

Sasha Pak: The London physical shop was very hot and humid - need the ventilation fixed or air conditioning installed. The sales guy in the shop didn’t seem to be that motivated when I asked a few questions. Maybe he was feeling the heat inside too. Then I placed an order online for the next day delivery. Waited at home for the delivery the whole day. The delivery didn’t get there on the next day, nor the day after. Asked the delivery to be dropped off at one of DPDs designated drop-off locations (Post Office nearby). The Post office refused to take the parcel cause it was too big, the parcel was marked as returning to PMT. I had to place a repeat order as I needed the speaker for an upcoming gig. Somehow, the first order got delivered to my home. The second order got dropped off at another pick up location as I wasn’t gonna be home on the same day. All very confusing. Bottom line my customer experience was pretty poor. The customer help desk people were the only saving grace, but I wish I didn’t have to spend as much effort

J: Great customer care (London and general customer service phone line). I discussed pricing with them, ordered my item and then forgot I had a gift voucher. They arranged a simple refund of the voucher amount without disrupting the delivery. Brilliant. Happy to support real shops in the city.

William Hannay: I had an incredible experience at PMT. I just moved to London and for many reasons left my guitar back in the states. However, missing it very much decided I need to buy a new one. Prepared to shell out a decent amount, I met one of the most genuine people who worked there, Fabio. He politely listened to my situation and gave me a few options, including a much cheaper option that he encouraged me to consider. The guitar he recommended could not have been better for me and left me feeling like it was a tremendous experience, having someone who clearly knows and loves music guide me through the purchase. I will absolutely be going back to PMT for anything music related I need. Thanks Fabio!

MATÍAS JURADO ORTIZ: Awesome store and staff ! Went to the store looking for a guitar in my price range. I had many questions and a lot of concerns since I was looking for a very specific request. The staff ( Fabio) helped me patiently and Nicly through the entire time. Would definitely come back 10/10. If you want a good experience when it comes to buying an instrument go here.

Dom Tsui: Fabio was great, really knowledgeable and personable. I could feel his love for guitars which was a big plus. We found the perfect guitar, not the most expensive or the cheapest but just the perfect one. Amazing service and an amazing guitar, couldn’t be happier!

molometer: Great selection of musical instruments and equipment. Friendly staff and helpful service.

Ashik Ansari: I went to the shop needing help fixing the Jack pin on one of my favourite Ed Sheeran signature guitars. Not only did Fabio fix the Jack Pin he also restrung my guitar and fully cleaned it. He also talked me through the restring and how to keep the guitar clean! I can’t thank you more Fabio you really made my day and I now know how to look after my guitar, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

8. Normans Music

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Normans Music

Address: 32 Well Hall Rd, London, SE9 6SF, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9:30AM Wed

Telephone: +44 20 8850 1263

Business type: Musical instrument store

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Normans Music: what do users think?

Steve Wright: I popped in to this shop today looking for some advice on a very old damaged clarinet that I had. I had amazing customer service from the man in this shop (sorry I don’t know his name). I ended up purchasing a very good condition and exceptionally priced used saxophone that they had in store. So many small music shops have disappeared over the years so it great to see shops like this excelling at what they do. Would highly recommend popping by when in the area.

Tyrone Power: I dropped in to Norman’s Music recently with a guitar that was so badly damaged that I had almost given it up for dead. Within a week and for very little cost I picked up my guitar, which was now in perfect working order, with the added bonus of having a much improved action. I also received some very good advice on guitar upkeep, along with friendly service. Full Star review. I shall return. Tyrone

Cher Bowen: Popped in with my 17 year old son who has just started to play the guitar, my son is very shy and gets anxious when meeting new people. The lovely couple that own the shop couldn’t of been more helpful, they weren’t interested in a sale they were just happy to give free advise, they made us feel very welcome. We had new strings put on my sons learner guitar and will 100% be back to purchase a better guitar when he gets better. Thank you x

Joseph Kiernan: My youngest son is learning the guitar and wanted a strap and wall bracket we were only in the shop 10 minutes and my son said to me how comfortable he felt and how sweet the people were we will with no hesitation if we need anything else go back long may it stay open 👌

Geoorge Liv: Everyone was so kind and caring. If you have a problem with a brass instrument I bet you there would be the best place.

Vincent Smith: Wonderful store and fantastic help from the owner. Highly recommend.

Mike Holbourne: I would like to thank the Proprietors of this wonderful shop for the help they gave us. We were looking for an economically priced present, they immediately found what were looking for and at no time tried to sell us a more expensive item. They were proud of the fact that the business was over a hundred years old and that they supported the local music groups.
Response: Thankyou for taking the time to review our shop.

9. Regent Sounds

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Regent Sounds

Address: 4 Denmark St, London, WC2H 8LP, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7PM

Telephone: +44 20 7379 6111

Business type: Guitar store

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Regent Sounds: what do users think?

Laux Gled: Such a lovely team of Staff, made two quite shy 13 yr olds very welcome and were just so full of enthusiasm for all things guitar! There was no hard sell on anything and we ended up buying two pedals and a guitar on the back of how pleasant and friendly everyone was. I wish more guitar shops were like this one! (Well maybe not as I would be bankrupt 🤣)

Dexter Casey: I took my Daughter who is turning 15 for her Birthday to buy either a nice acoustic upgrade or a Rock/Jazz electric. All the staff got right into helping us and were so technically knowledgeable and also very patient. They basically made friends with my daughter who can play but was a bit shy and picked out two fantastic used buys in terrific condition for the price I had in my head for one decent guitar purchase. They played a bit and other musicians some very good played a bit but I’m a very relaxed and welcoming manner. All in all a top rate purchasing experience. And I hope when my daughter turns 16 she has the confidence to go back down there on her own and try a few things and just send me the spec of what she wants. First rate shop. And there is a lot of history in there if you go at a quiet time. You can learn a thing or two.

Kelvin Wong: Bought my first Squier electric guitar here after having nightmares with a previous one bought online and eventually returned. I am happy to attest that the staff here (especially Nick) are super friendly and knowledgable. Definitely will go back and buy more gear from them in future, their guitars also comes with 3 year warranty service as well!

GJH Oxford: A shout out to Nick at Regent Sounds for his help last week. I bought a quirky, boutique pedal from Regent about three years and needed some info on it so that I could sell it on Reverb. Nothing was too much trouble and Nick came back to me in under an hour with a full breakdown which was extremely helpful. I’ve bought tons of gear from these guys over the years and they never forget the importance of after sale customer care. This attitude totally underpins client loyalty as well as the building of an outstanding brand. Thanks again guys. You’re a credit to Denmark St.

Ky Tran: Nick, Dustin and Gavin provided our 10 year old son with lots of their time and care as he was looking for his first electric guitar. Ian tried out quite a few guitars before he found the ONE. They were welcome and patient. There was no pressure to buy from the store as Nick was happy to introduce Ian to his first guitar. As parents, who have no music capabilities, felt that the shared memories of getting his first guitar will be a lovely one to keep. We are not on our neighbours good list at the moment due to the guitar noises :-)

Simon Kerr: So pleased with my purchase today. Really knowledgeable staff who are super passionate about guitars. I’ll be back next time I’m in town!

Jake Rickman: Bought an amazing 1994 fender strat reissue here in 2019. Guys there are great. They indulged me trying all sorts of guitars before I settled on this. I’ve had it since then through lockdown. Showed back up to see about getting a set up and they remembered me. Top shop. rate them massively and wear the regent sounds short they gave me when I bought my strat all the time. Xxxxx shop here and support local.

Phillip Carroll: Bought a Japanese strat from here a couple of months ago. When I first went in the staff were friendly, knowledgable and gave loads of advice on what to look for. They recommended some pickups and have since done a good deal on fitting them and doing a set up. I’ve just tried it out for the first time at home and it sounds absolutely incredible. Couldn’t be happier with their recommendations and the result - it’s exactly what I was after.

Matan Aderet: Wonderful shop with kind and professional workers. Good prices for high quality guitars of various sorts and accessories.

10. Rose Morris

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361 reviews
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Rose Morris

Address: 8 Denmark St, London, WC2H 8LS, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10:30AM Wed

Telephone: +44 20 7836 0991

Business type: Musical instrument store

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Rose Morris: what do users think?

Allister Smith: Fairly new to playing the guitar & in the market for an acoustic which plays & handles really well. Left the store feeling happy about my purchase of a Taylor. The staff were amazing, really friendly & gave me time & space to try many different options. Their informed knowledge of elements such as the tone woods, guitar shape & neck length helped me choose the best one for me. Big thanks to Jake who showed me the the Taylor mini as that guitar rocked & was so easy to play (definitely going to consider this one next) *bonus of 12 years warranty with the guitar purchase
Response: Thank you so much for the kind words Alister, we're so glad you had such an enjoyable experience in the store. Do drop in if you ever need anything.

Bhundu Bushcraft Archery Forest School: Firstly we visited the shop (third one on Denmark st) and they really were the most welcoming. Let my son have a go on whatever he wanted.Helpful, informative and funny. Seemed daft not to buy my sons first guitar from them. It arrives tomorrow. I can’t wait. He can’t wait. They were amazing.

Morgan Burgess: Had a brilliant time picking out a new guitar today. The team were so helpful, very friendly and knowledgeable. I tried out several guitars that they suggested and didn’t feel rushed or pressured in any way. Ended up coming back with a beautiful Taylor and would highly recommend this place to anyone! Going to be my first port of call for any guitar needs from now on.

Geraint Ballinger: I visited the shop as part of a hunt for a new digital piano. The staff were very kind and helpful and the ability to book an appointment to try the keyboard in a quiet environment made a massive difference! I ended up buying the keyboard from them and got offered same day delivery - what amazing service! I would 100% recommend this shop
Response: Thank you so much Geraint. Enjoy your new kawai!

al “trindade” trin: It took me a long time to choose a piano and an even longer time to choose where to buy it from. In the end I decided on Rose-Morris, a shop I used to stroll inside every time I went to Denmark St (the good old days). Phoned the shop, talked to David who matched a cheaper price for the Kawai SE110 and the piano was delivered the next day. Brilliant! I´m a very happy customer.
Response: Thank you so much for your review Al :)

Matthew Woodyatt: I have nothing but praise for the amazing staff at Rose Morris. On a visit to the shop to look for a left handed electric guitar and amp for my 12 year old they were the only store that didn’t attempt to convince him just to play right handed and showed us some beautiful and appropriate instruments. Having decided which to buy for him, placing an order over the phone and organising delivery was also deftly handled - advice was perceptive and bundle discount very welcome. An amazing shop that I would heartily recommend.
Response: Thanks so much Matthew, hope the big man is loving his guitar :)

Simon Johnson: Had a lovely experience buying my first guitar from Mike yesterday. He was patient and informative and given it was my first time in a music shop at the ripe old age of 50 completely unpatronising (unlike some other shops on Denmark street) he was very helpful and really encouraged me to get stuck in. Thanks for all the support and help and just ti let you know my fingers really hurt today!!!
Response: Thank you so much for the great review Simon :) if you ever need anything you know where to find us.

Andi Orlowski: A fabulous guitar shop with a great range of both electric and acoustic guitars. The stand out element in the shop is the wonderful, helpful and patient staff. They helped my 7 year old son find his first electric guitar, listening to what he wanted, not patronising him and helping him make the right choice. A great shop without some of the ‘attitude’ you get from the other shops in Denmark Street!
Response: Thank you for the great review Andi. Next time you and the little man are about do come in to say hi :)

11. Chappell Of Bond Street - Yamaha Music

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Chappell Of Bond Street - Yamaha Music

Address: 152-160 Wardour St, Greater, London W1F 8YA, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +44 7592 820992

Business type: Musical instrument store

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Chappell Of Bond Street - Yamaha Music: what do users think?


12. Twang Guitars Ltd & Twang Music Academy Ltd

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109 reviews
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Twang Guitars Ltd & Twang Music Academy Ltd

Address: 94 High St, London, SE20 7EZ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 6PM ⋅ Opens 10AM Wed

Telephone: +44 20 8676 0926

Business type: Musical instrument store

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Twang Guitars Ltd & Twang Music Academy Ltd: what do users think?

Fizzie Alladin: Absolutely fantastic. They have so much variety of stock. The staff were extremely welcoming, friendly and super helpful. Really went above and beyond for what I needed. Excellent service and great experience. Thank you so much!

Ariel Albuquerque: Great experience. Had a solid selection of electro acoustics on the website so I stopped by. Was shown a used guitar above my price range, and got given a sizeable discount to match my budget. A bit outside my local area but really worth it. Thank you to Phillip and Miranda!

David Mcmullan: Very friendly andyeah tin a reason for going know my son was having a guitar he loved it

Emlyn Exon: I have only good things to say about Twang.Super friendly, very welcoming, knowledgeable & always keen to help.

Rotsen Ibarra: Staff is really helpful. They gave us advice for our first guitar

Betty Manson: The people working in the shop were lovely - very kind and knowledgeable. Plus I love the name.

Eurico Mandt Neto: Excellent teaching, cool environment with very friendly staff members.

13. Schott Music London

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228 reviews
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Schott Music London

Address: 48 Great Marlborough St, London, W1F 7BB, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 6:30PM ⋅ Opens 10AM Wed

Telephone: +44 20 7534 0710

Business type: Sheet music store

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Schott Music London: what do users think?

Chun Yin Cheung: Tidy shop and good collection of records, musical notes. The main features the shop few chairs to sit and read and a downstairs area to practice

Valerie Hartzell: Great store. Good prices on sheet music, found some great Christmas music for my less advanced piano students. They have rooms downstairs to rent for rehearsals & teaching. The practise pods are sound proof but be warned that the rehearsal rooms are not. You hear everything. Feels like I was back at school! 😂 Lovely people working there willing to help & answer questions. Easy walk from Oxford Circus tube stop.

Nili Poliner: Great selection of notes for all levels and instruments

Pol Macip: Interesting and wide range of music, great music store

Evelyn Blake: Amazing brilliant service and I picked up some really easy to play piano tuition books for a good price!

Summer Jones: Love it here. Excellent clean spaces to practice piano enjoyably.

Jonathan Straker: Super place for pianist and acoustic instruments to rehearse. 2 mins from tube and restaurants.

14. Gardonyi's Music Shop

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Gardonyi's Music Shop

Address: 84 St Mary's Rd, London, W5 5EX, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Wed

Telephone: +44 20 8579 2040

Business type: Musical instrument store

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Gardonyi's Music Shop: what do users think?

Georgina Butcher: A lovely store with lovely staff and I just love my new guitalele, which I’ve called Gigi. Will definitely be coming back to add more instruments to my collection.
Response: Thank you Georgina. Good luck with Gigi and see you again soon.

Holly Cameron: I had such a lovely experience here recently. The owner was so incredibly helpful and kind, and we had a lovely chat while he restrung my guitar. I will definitely be returning whenever I have a music issue or enquiry and I hugely recommend coming here.
Response: Thanks Holly. It was really good to meet you and it's great that you are learning on that guitar. All the best, John.

Claire Busuttil: I recently purchased an acoustic guitar from Gardonyi’s and I was so pleased with the guitar and service I received by John. The shops was not open due to lockdown restrictions so I called to ask for advice as to which guitar would be best for a beginner. John listened to my requirements and gave me really useful information and advice. He scheduled a video call so he could show me the a few different guitars. He delivered the guitar to my home the following day! I am delighted with the guitar I purchased and wanted to share my experience of this gem of a music shop. Thank you very much John!

Kevin Tynan: Very friendly service by the owner John,I must support my local businesses much more as they are a real community asset.
Response: Cheers Kevin, very kind, really appreciate the support and review.

Andrada Maria Brisc: brilliant store. lots of choices. John, the owner is very nice and welcoming. The best place to shop music and musical instruments!
Response: Thanks for the review Andrada, very kind.

William B: It’s very small but you will get unbelievably good service at this local music shop. Short term shoppers parking just outside. Go along, drop in, have a chat, buy a guitar. Or a drum kit. Or whatever. They will see you right.

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