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1. Rick Miller

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Rick Miller

Address: 54 Beaumont St, London, W1G 6DW, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 6PM ⋅ Opens 8AM Wed

Telephone: +44 20 7101 5059

Business type: Nutritionist

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Rick Miller: what do users think?

Daniela Heredia: Rick Miller is the Best Dietitian Nutritionist in London! I’m very happy with the results, I am achieving my goals! He provided clear and valuable information to lose weight. He is very professional and he has extensive experience. He is a lifesaver! I would highly recommend Rick to anyone. He is amazing!!
Response: Thank you Daniela, glad to help!

DSLabs: I will start with the fact that he saved me. I had fatty liver grade 3 and my whole whole family was very concerned with it. Dr. Rick helped me in understanding my situation, plan my diet, shared detailed written down advice and recover fully from my condition within 2 months. Speaking with him was very comforting for me and my family and I would without a doubt recommend him to anyone who is looking for any nutritional advice in their path to recovery from liver conditions.

Debi Nelmes: Rick was very welcoming and put me at ease very quickly. He listened well to my needs and was able to make some suggestions on how I could improve my nutrition and strength. During my consultation, he made things very clear and easy to understand. He followed this up with a thorough 4 page report covering nutrition/diet, exercise/sleep and supplements. Rick was also more than happy to answer any follow up questions that I had, following receipt of my report. My visit to Rick was such a great decision as only weeks after, I am already noticing big changes in my sports performance. I totally recommend a visit.
Response: Thank you so much Debi!

Paulo fitness: Rick is the utmost professional yet he has a touching compassion and dedication to his clients. I am thrilled to be able to say that I worked with him. I have found Rick to be extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and anything to do with health. I consult Rick on all aspects of nutrition whether it involves me or my clients. Having worked alongside Rick and having him offer sound nutritional advice my clients have seen amazing results. If your looking for life changing nutritional advice Rick is the absolute right choice.
Response: Thank you Paul, very glad to be working alongside you and supporting your clients.

Silvia Roccato: Rick is a kind person and very knowledgeable professional. He has made sure I had enough information and all my concerns were addressed at all times, and this gave me the confidence i needed to face my new lifestyle and the new diet, with really good results. I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks again for your help Rick.
Response: Thank you so much Silvia, a really lovely review. It was a pleasure to help.

Daniel Hovington: I very much enjoyed working with Rick. He is easy-going, knowledgeable and patient. He provided me with a nutrition plan which has helped me improve my diet and his offer of remote sessions was particularly useful due to my location. I would highly recommend Rick to anyone seeking help in reaching their nutritional goals.
Response: Thank you Dan for your thorough and honest review. Great to work with you 😊

Jane Aherne: Having recently acquired an MSc in Sport and Exercise Nutrition, I was eager to get some advice on the many challenges involved in embarking on my career as a Nutritionist. Rick was incredibly approachable and informative, giving me sound and practical guidance on the initial steps required to create a successful business model and practice. It is apparent that Rick has extensive knowledge stemming from his established profession and we discussed some of the career options available in the field of Nutrition. Despite his busy schedule, Rick generously contributed his time to listen to my questions and concerns. He provided valuable direction and help in relation to some of the problems or pitfalls that I may encounter. I am very grateful to Rick for his patience and consideration. I intend to incorporate all of his advice and suggestions when moving forward with my practice. If you are concerned about your career in dietetics and nutrition, then I would highly recommend speaking to Rick for professional advice.
Response: Thank you very much Jane for this very kind review. I am so glad I could help and the best of luck with your future endeavours in our wonderful field.

Louise Ko: I sought out Rick to inquire about a career change into dietetics and Rick was incredibly knowledgeable in his advice, demonstrating clear experience within the field of dietetics and nutrition in the UK. He was also very patient and informative in explaining to me the various roles within the industry and my options. Despite a busy schedule, I was very grateful about how he was genuinely interested in my career options and taking time out to talk to me. I would highly recommend him as a professional.
Response: Thank you so much for this wonderful review Louise. I am glad to help 😊

2. The Sports Nutrition Coach

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129 reviews
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The Sports Nutrition Coach

Address: Work Life 5, 7 Tanner St, London SE1 3LE, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8PM

Telephone: +44 7557 537884

Business type: Nutritionist

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The Sports Nutrition Coach: what do users think?

Natalie Berrange: Michelle developed an eating plan for me to help with my training as I felt my body was in a plateau and that I was not eating enough of the correct foods to have the energy I needed. This is where Michelle’s expertise and knowledge really helped me. The plan is so easy to follow, interchangeable with so many different options, which makes it incredibly easy to fit into busy life. Michelle is so friendly I immediately felt comfortable with her. The plan is tailored exactly to what we spoke about in our first consultation. Would recommend Michelle without hesitation! And all her yummy food suggestions ☺️
Response: Aww thank you Natalie!

Melanie Nana: I started working with Michelle three weeks ago and I am quite sure that she is going to change my life. I was stuck in a total rut, with a hectic lifestyle and healthy eating was always the first thing to be compromised! Michelle is warm, knowledgeable and a lovely person. She made a plan that fits into my life and I could not be feeling better in such a short period (more energy, better sleep and just a happier overall person overall!) I can not recommend Michelle enough.
Response: Such lovely words! Thank you Melanie ☺️

Nicholas Williams: I am a senior aged cyclist doing long distance tours. In recent years I have been struggling to achieve the right nutrition regime that keeps my energy levels up all day and tastes good. Michelle gave a very thorough consultation followed by very sound advice and recipe ideas. Just come back from a 14 day tour implementing her advice. Great result. Previous issues completely disappeared.
Response: Amazing to hear Nick! Thank you so much for leaving a review 🙂

Clara de Inocencio: Michelle has helped me a lot to improve my eating habits and learn how to eat healthy. Her recipes are delicious and her meal plans are sustainable because they don’t make you feel deprived and hungry. The progress check-ups have been key for me because she celebrates my small wins and that boosts my motivation when I feel I’m not making progress. I like that her focus is not only on the number on the scale but also on body measurements, which is what really matters for clothes.
Response: That’s great to hear Clara. Thank you so much for leaving a lovely review :)

Simon Kutner: Michelle is brilliant. She’s really helped me get over the constant up down sugar craving cycle and the post lunch dip has gone! She really took to the time to understand my routine, my likes and dislikes to provide a totally bespoke nutrition plan to support my training and my day to day! Can’t recommend Michelle more highly.
Response: Wonderful to hear Simon. So glad you’re happy with the results!

Sean Crawford: Michelle was fantastic in helping me construct the right diet for a ultra marathon I am preparing for. Her advice was sound and structured and has allowed me to reduce my carbs intake and focus on natural carbs. My diet is now balanced allowing me more energy and better recovery. Thank you
Response: Amazing to hear! Thank you Sean :)

Bai Xue-lachartre: I have worked with Michelle now for a couple of months and I can say that I’m really satisfied with her service. She is very professional, friendly, cares about her work and has a lot of knowledge! She was really flexible too when I asked to swap some diet session with PT. Would defo recommend her!
Response: Thank you so much for your lovely review Bai 🙂

Gavin Megaw: Michelle’s plan has been brilliant for me. It opened my mind on what was possible and gently challenged me to make the right choices. It’s provided the energy I needed and helped me shed excess weight to get back running properly after some time out. Thanks Michelle for your expert advice and counsel.
Response: Thank you Gavin :)

James Holmes: Michelle created a great nutrition plan for my boxing match. She helped me hit the weight required and improved my energy levels. Thank you Michelle!
Response: Thank you for your review James!

3. Will Girling Sports & Performance Nutritionist

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Will Girling Sports & Performance Nutritionist

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +44 7595 640122

Business type: Nutritionist

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Will Girling Sports & Performance Nutritionist: what do users think?

Simon H: I started working with Will in September 2018 after seeing him in several YouTube videos talking about sports nutrition. I worked with Will for 10 months and some of the milestones I achieved in that time included a weight loss of 9kg, with no loss in cycling performance. In fact my cycling performance improved. I have always found Will to be incredibly helpful and knowledgeable; he explains things clearly and is always available to answer questions. I have recommended Will to several friends who are now also working with him.

Neon Samuels: Will helped me make weight for my Pro Boxing Debut, we made weight healthily and safely, not only that I felt great on fight night. Will is very professional and took his time to educate me on his chosen methods. I look forward to working with him going forward.

Tariq Razzaq: After dialling in my training and sleep, I needed someone to help me dial in my nutrition. My coach recommended Will and after 3 months, I have reached my weight goals, have a clearer understanding of fuelling before, during and after training and much more aware of the importance of food and exercise. Will is extremely knowledgeable, focused on your goals and always takes time to explain things with solid evidence. Working with Will was one of the best investments I have ever made and I cannot recommend him enough and look forward to working with him again.

Lucy Harvie-Austin: Will Girling was my personal trainer for over a year and he completed changed my mind and attitude towards training and nutrition. I started training with Will in a bid to lose some of the stubborn fat around my middle and generally tone up. What I achieved with Will’s help was far more than this! My overall strength and fitness improved so much and he gave me a lasting love of fitness and healthy eating that have changed the way I live my life. Will tailored the workout and nutrition plans to what I needed. I have learnt so much from Will and I am eternally grateful for his persistence and patience with me. Will is energetic, fun, committed and inspirational. I cannot recommend him enough.

4. Dounya Adman, Weight loss & Sport Nutrition, London Nutritionist

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21 reviews
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Dounya Adman, Weight loss & Sport Nutrition, London Nutritionist

Address: 1A Belmont Rd, Chiswick, London, W4 5UL, United Kingdom

Business type: Nutritionist

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Dounya Adman, Weight loss & Sport Nutrition, London Nutritionist: what do users think?

Oumou Sidibe: Dounya is a real professional who knows how to adapt to each client. She takes time to explain how the body works and how she plans the meals so that the clients understand everything to make it easier to implement and follow through even after the end of the program. Her friendliness makes it more comfortable to share how you feel, because as we all know, it can be difficult to commit to change.
Response: Thanks for your trust and confidence Oumou, it means a lot to me and it was a pleasure to help you!

Saïdath Ouabi: Dounya built me a diet program to reach my goals of fat loss and muscle gain. I even had classes on macro and micronutrients which helped me enormously to understand how my body uses what I eat ! I got results after a few weeks (slimmer waist, increased performance at the gym ...) Many thanks for your coaching, your professionalism, and especially your support! I recommend it to everyone! ✨
Response: Thank you for your trust Saïdath, it was a pleasure to accompany you.

Clara Roger: Dounya is a very pleasant person who knows her field well. Her programmes are effective and she takes the time to explain how they work. I highly recommend, you will not be disappointed!
Response: Thank you Clara for your trust and for recognising the quality of my work :)

Anita de Haro: Dounya is not only a very nice person but also a great nutritionist. Her approach of this practice is innovative and very efficient. I strongly recommand her services !
Response: Thank you Anita, your message makes me very happy!

Maxime Roger: Knowledgeable and very invested! I fully recommend!
Response: Thank you Maxime, It was a pleasure.

Serial Copywriter: I strongly recommend the dietary support offered by Mrs. Adman Dounya. From the first session, thanks to his teachings in Ayurvedic medicine, we were able to identify the bad habits that were ingrained before setting up a personalized, realistic and accessible program. Thank you Dounya for reconciling me with eating without frustration. For weight loss, health problems or simply a Food Renewal, Ms. Adman will meet your needs thanks to these multiple tools.
Response: Thank you very much for this nice review! It was a real pleasure to accompany you.

Adil Gandou: After working with several nutritionists, Dounya Adman was able to fully meet my requirements through her availability, her commitment which was more than food but also mental. She was able to adapt my preparation according to my sports trips which were abroad. Dounya Adman was present when I was going through moments of weakness.

5. David Csanyi Nutritionist

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103 reviews
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David Csanyi Nutritionist

Address: 595 Lea Bridge Rd, London, E10 6AJ, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 7878 076033

Business type: Nutritionist

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David Csanyi Nutritionist: what do users think?

Michael Gyamfi: Great sports massages and knowledge, David really helps me on my fitness and well-being journey. He was able to identify where I had muscle tightness just from looking at my posture. I have better range of motion and mobility when I’m training as a result of his treatments. Great guy too!

Kristina Katkute: I followed recommendations and booked an appointment with David. In the past I had pretty bad experience with a different specialist so this time I felt extremely nervous & stressed to go for a sport massage as got posture correction issue, muscle tightness. And guess what ☝️ 2 sessions so far and sooo good!! highly recommended!!! With every session getting better and feeling great. David is always very welcoming, supportive, friendly, such an experienced and knowledgeable person. Thank you so much David!

Sangeevan Sathi: David was recommended by a friend to help me fix changes to my posture from old injuries. In just two minutes he helped relieve a shoulder problem I’ve had for over 7 years! He’s accurately identified posture discrepancies I’ve not even fully understood myself all this time and I can already feel my training sessions becoming more efficient. An extremely knowledgeable man with years of experience. Just wish I had known him sooner!

Valdir Pina PT: I received a treatment to my shoulder and hip. I can definitely say David knows his stuff as he quickly identified all my ongoing muscular issues. Also, a nice guy to speak to with loads of experience and very passionate about his career. I will be back soon!

Mia N: David was recommended to me by a friend who constantly sung his praises, so my boyfriend and I booked a session to see! I had completely imbalanced shoulders and a poor posture which genuinely improved MASSIVELY after one session. I am in less pain, have much better sleeps and my motions are so much smoother in the gym. I have not stopped coming back!! He is a muscle magician

Haivan Mahen: I went to David though a recommendation. He is absolutely amazing, compared to other sports therapists I’ve been to he is the golden standard. Within 5 minutes of arrival, I am already on the treatment bed being treated and I couldn’t be happier. He identified problems I didn’t even know I had and even shows the results after. David is such a friendly person who also advises on other aspects of life, diet and gym.

Dinesh Pirabaharan: The best in the business! Had a lot of muscle tightness and pain due to 3 years of weight lifting, within just 2 sessions all pain was gone and my body was looking and feeling much better. Very knowledgeable and respectful guy, would definitely recommend.

Mohamed Miloudi: I was recommended to visit David as I had really bad shoulder pain for a few years. After a session, the pain has disappeared and couldn’t thank him enough. It’s helped me with my training and everyday activities. He’s really knowledgeable and knows what he’s doing. 1 session has turned to be a monthly visit. Deffo recommend.

6. pH Nutrition

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121 reviews
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pH Nutrition

Address: WIT Training, 1 New Change, London EC4M 9AF, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM Wed

Telephone: +44 7950 431461

Business type: Nutritionist

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pH Nutrition: what do users think?

Harriet Hills: I recently completed the Fat Loss Simplified plan: I especially loved creating the recipes and making simple adaptations to what I usually eat. The guides and food timings was a game changer for me as I would usually eat snacks for the sake of it which resulted in unnecessary calories. This plan made me re-think my food choices and listen to my hunger signals more carefully. I have lost 1 inch from my waist and legs and although the 30 days is over I am still continuing to follow the guided portion sizes for better control around portions. Would highly recommend this plan for anyone with fat loss goals who wants a stripped back, simple approach whilst still eating the foods you love!
Response: Absolutely awesome stuff Harriet!

James Stack: I took the 6w fat loss course with pH Nutrition. Amazing value and service. My personal coach (Luke Hall) was fantastic - knowledgeable and always available to help. The course was a great education, I’ve seen great results but also I have the tools I need to continue progressing. Thanks!
Response: James you superstar! Absolutely crushed it mate and thank you for the feedback !

Hafsa Mahmood: A big shout out to Luke and i can’t recommend this plan enough! I signed up for a 6 weeks fat loss program, to improve my knowledge on how to eat better and fuel my workouts and body in the best way possible. I can’t recommend this plan enough. It has equipped with so much knowledge and life long habits, for which I will ever be so grateful. My coach Luke has been fantastic. The daily to weekly checkins and been able to reach out to him when I required was spot on. His responses were prompt backed up by science based facts. One of the things that worked very well for me i could make the plan work around my life, not the other way around. Luke was there to support those changes and make the plan realistic. I am so pleased that I signed up for this.The resources shared during the plan will stay with you forever! Well worth the money and time!
Response: Hasfa you crushed it! Thank you so much for this feedback :)

Harrogate Mavericks: I’ve always been able to motivate myself to train but I always let myself down when it comes to eating. So I wanted to learn how to fuel my body properly and that’s exactly what I got with this 6 week fat loss program. I learnt so much and was given some great tips on how to prep food that is sustainable. The results showed as I lost inches all over and felt so much better in myself. Thanks to my coach Tom for all your support week in, week out!

Carly Blowers: Would thoroughly recommend the fat loss plan, I lost 7 1/2 pounds without losing any strength and I did actually PB my deadlift and back squat halfway through the plan! My energy levels felt great and my gymnastics improved too. Chloe was really helpful and always giving me good tips whilst being very supportive.
Response: Weight loss and PB's! This is music to our ears. You were so great Carly - fantastic to have you on the program!

Rachel Nye: My reservations about the course were that I would get really bored with the food/feel hungry often. Neither of these things were the case. I found for probably the first time in my adult life that I felt properly fuelled and nourished, and that I was seeing improvements in my training, changes in my body shape, gradual weight loss. I also felt more knowledgable and in control, that I’ve gained a better understanding of nutrition principles and my relationship with food has improved. Really pleased with everything I got from his course. Excellent support from my coach who responded to all my needs and questions. My only suggestion for improvement would be a call/zoom session at the beginning of the course to go through the plan. The video from my coach was great but I think I might have gotten to grips a bit quicker with a call up front.
Response: Thank you so much Rachel for this review and the fact your relationship with has improved is so great to hear. We will take this feedback about the set up and make some changes 😊

Jess Pleasant: As a very busy mum of 3 boys, I finally found the time to get back into cross fit. But, my weight didn’t start to reduce, it increased and I felt I was eating more, but all the wrong things. I started this 6 week program to really get a good insight into what and how much I should be eating to reduce my weight, but also increase my day to day energy and get more out of my cross fit sessions. I’m 100% happy with my result. I have lost weight, cm’s, my clothes fit better, I have a lot more energy and I’m doing so well exercise wise. My biggest surprise has been the really down to earth practical advice. For example, I can’t get more than 6 hours sleep in one stint due to breastfeeding. I wasn’t told to go to bed earlier, but how to get more quality sleep with the sleep I do have. Thank you, thank you for all your help, supportive feedback and for treating me like a real person - not just a number on the program. Thank you

Anna Li Volsi: I am a new person thanks to the 6 week fat loss program! I am stronger, much more confident, happier, more calm, full of energy,…I am new! And…. I used to be an heavy drinker of coffe. I still have it sometimes but because I like it, not because I need it to have energies during the day… And the good part is that my sleep quality is improved massively! I wake up feeling rested, not tired! All thanks to your programs guys, congrats !
Response: Anna we can set the plan but it is ultimately down to you and you have been so great! Huge pat on the back!

Louise Inskip: The best decision I’ve made with regards to my health. Nearing 40, eight months postpartum with three children and a hectic life I was struggling to get back to my pre baby weight. I felt unhealthy, lethargic and bloated. Six weeks later I am half a stone down, eating more than I have in years, fuelling my workouts with carbs (carbs were the devil in my old mindset!) and feeling really good inside and out. Becs was very knowledgeable and helpful, always on hand to assist. I now have the tools and information I need to make good nutrition a lifestyle. Thank you phnutrition!!
Response: No thank you Louise!!! You absolutely crushed it 🙌🏼

7. Total Wellness Nutrition & MSK Therapy

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16 reviews
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Total Wellness Nutrition & MSK Therapy

Address: 26 Bush Hill Rd, London, N21 2DS, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Wed

Telephone: +44 20 8372 5926

Business type: Nutritionist

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Total Wellness Nutrition & MSK Therapy: what do users think?

Phil Gooch: Robert and Kim have successfully treated me for a number of problems related to muscle, joint pain and digestive disorders that had previously impaired my quality of life. Through massage, correct exercise, and dietary advice I am now pain free. Most importantly, I thought I would need to give up playing guitar as a result of tendonitis, but Robert resolved this by identifying the true source of the tension and pain, and now I can play guitar again. I highly recommend this practice.
Response: Many thanks for the feedback Philip, it's been a pleasure helping you with the various aspects that needed a little directed assistance, we're glad to have been of help to you. Kind regards Robert & Kim

Paul Plasterer: Robert has treated me for some old and new injuries and has always been able to relieve the pain and discomfort which has enabled me to continue with my work as a plasterer. Within a few treatments there has always been great improvement which has improved my recovery time and the quality of my life; being free from pain.
Response: Thank you for the review Paul, always happy to help.

Dan Davies: I consulted with Robert after a twelve month period of NHS treatment for a damaged knee which had culminated with me being told that my knee had suffered from some “wear and tear” damage, that there was nothing else they could do, and that I should come back when it deteriorated further. Robert quickly diagnosed the cause of my knee pain and through a combination of deep tissue massage, a regime of stretches for me to carry out at home and a suggested combination of vitamins and supplements he has significantly reduced my day-to-day pain levels. I cannot fault Roberts’s diagnostic abilities, massage technique, nor his professional and friendly demeanour. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to friends, colleagues and family.
Response: Thank you for the review Dan, it was a pleasure to help you.

Clare Evans: Robert is a very experienced physio. I felt very relaxed and the treatment was first class. Would definitely recommend.
Response: Thanks for the review Claire, I'm glad you're feeling better

Mike S: Great service - friendly, knowledgeable and even went the extra mile to help support the use of purchased kit via a video call

D Caton: I have been receiving excellent treatment for various back and lower body injuries. The staff are all friendly and knowledgeable.
Response: Many thanks for your review, glad we're able to help you.

Nurjehan Khan: Professional. Advice is excellent. Costly.
Response: Thanks for the review Nurjehan, I hope you feel you receive value for money regardless of our fees. Kind regards, Robert

8. Caroline Farrell Nutrition

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29 reviews
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Caroline Farrell Nutrition

Address: The Hub, 5 Wormwood St, London EC2M 1RQ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9:30AM Wed

Telephone: +44 7958 004887

Business type: Nutritionist

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Caroline Farrell Nutrition: what do users think?

Ewa Thews: I found Caroline through online search almost 10 years ago. During our first meeting Caroline listened carefully and reassured me that a lot can be achieved through planned nutrition. Detailed recommendations, many easy recipes and suggestions were sent to me on the same day. Caroline also took time to explain the basis of healthy eating and added lots of exciting and colourful foods into my diet like herbs, spices and berries. My health improved within just a few months. Since then I consulted Caroline for her advice on another two occasions. She was always professional, approachable and shared her knowledge with true passion. I will always go back to her and cannot recommend her services enough.
Response: Hi Ewa, thank you so much for writing this review. It's always a pleasure to support you. Best wishes Caroline

Mel M: I can’t thank Caroline enough for changing my life. I contacted her in regards my goal related to weight loss and energy. We had a nice first chat and I followed the plan she made for me with a lot of excitement. I feel happier, my view and my relationship with food is much more positive and I love the recipes she sent to me. Do I see results? I DO SO VERY MUCH and I still can’t believe I haven’t done this any sooner.
Response: Thank-you Mel! You are a pleasure to work with and I love the fact you've been so positive and have achieved such great results.

Alison Swan: Caroline is knowledgeable, helpful and approachable. The diet plan she worked on for me has proved invaluable and the recipes are amazing. I was looking for nutrition advice specifically tailored to my lifestyle and Caroline listened very carefully to my requirements. I would wholeheartedly recommend her.
Response: Thanks so much Alison to your review. I am so pleased you enjoy the recipes!

Sarah Tant: After spending over a year during lockdown suffering with acid reflux, I had lost my love of food and felt uninspired to cook. I knew that I needed help and after researching different Nutritionists , I reached out to Caroline. From our first session, I knew this would be a turning point. Caroline was warm, friendly and put me at ease. She offered initial small changes in my diet and helped support my other medical conditions which appeared to all be related to my diet. Before I knew it, I was making bigger changes in the food I ate. My plates became more colourful and full of variety. More importantly, I was able to control my acid reflux and other symptoms I was experiencing. My enjoyment of cooking returned and my taste buds have been renewed! I cannot recommend Caroline enough. She’s allowed me to adapt my existing food preferences to a healthier diet and introduced me to fresh ideas. This was not about losing weight, but about being healthy. Everyone has told me how great I I’m looking, but as they say, “you are what you eat” and I’m eating very well!
Response: Hi Sarah, your review is very much appreciated. It was a genuine pleasure to have worked with you and see you embrace and benefit so much from the nutrition changes. I look forward to hearing how you get on in the future.

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