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1. Shuffles School Of Dance

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Shuffles School Of Dance

Address: Bethnal Green Methodist Church, Approach Rd, London E2 9JP, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8:30PM

Telephone: +44 20 8529 8691

Business type: Dance school

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2. Dancebuzz: Street Dance Classes

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9 reviews
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Dancebuzz: Street Dance Classes

Address: 55 Baker St, London, W1U 8EW, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9:30PM

Telephone: +44 20 3086 8133

Business type: Dance school

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Dancebuzz: Street Dance Classes: what do users think?

S ali: I have been doing Street dance with Dancebuzz since September completing two sets of progressive beginners courses with Luise. I have had the best time learning to dance with those guys and I look forward to more in the new year! The classes are fun and energetic with awesome music choices and at the same time completely manageable for beginners as everything is broken down into easy to follow chunks. There are only good vibes and the atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming which is exactly what I need after a long day in the office!
Response: Hi S Ali, thank you so much for sharing your experience with us.So happy to hear that you have enjoyed dancing with. We look forward to seeing more of you in the New Year!

stella lega: My friend and I have been taking street dance classes with Marta for 4 months and we are very happy that we decided to go ahead with the courses. The classes are amazing and Marta is very friendly and relaxed. Definitely a good start for beginners,to feel welcomed and comfortable. Would recommend to anyone interested in having some fun while working out.

Leanne Durham: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, QualityI had so much fun in Oliver’s Dancebuzz classes. His energy and teaching style are amazing. He takes the time to ensure everyone is learning, but keeps the class full of buzz and energy.

Evelina Vilke: Awesome street dance classes! Been to courses with a couple of different instructors and they live up to expectations. If you want to learn to dance I definitely recommend Dancebuzz!
Response: Hi Evelina, great to hear you have enjoyed Street dance with us and had fun with our different teachers. Hoping to see more of you in the new year!

Tariq Ali: "As a beginner, I was unsure what to expect and was a little worried before going for my first class. Once the teacher made the introduction and the class started, all my fears disappeared! The music selection was great and the course was fun and very well taught so I could track my progress week by week. I look forward to my class each week - I think that says it all!"
Response: Hi Tariq, thanks so much for sharing your experience and I am pleased you have enjoyed dancing with us!

Shalom Efe Tobore: Boring
Response: Hi Shalom, thank you for your review. Could you please specify which course you took with us as we could not find you on our records and all our clients come with prior booking which is done on our website?

3. London Shuffle Club

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837 reviews
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London Shuffle Club

Address: 4 Ebor St, London, E1 6AW, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11PM

Telephone: +44 20 3657 9062

Business type: Bar

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London Shuffle Club: what do users think?

Alison Ilyin: Really amazing experience, good price for the activity and the food is amazing. All the staff are super friendly but special shout out to Miguel who made our day extra special!

Ciara Lucie: Absolutely wonderful bottomless brunch! Pizza was delicious and the drinks were free flowing! Our server Isobel was lovely and very attentive, always happy to refill our pizzas and drinks! We managed to get extra time on the shuffleboard as we had booked the early brunch and no one was booked in after us! Would thoroughly recommend

Andrew Scotts: I had heard great things about this place so I’m only commenting on our experience as I do believe this place could be much better. We had booked this place for our Xmas party with high hopes… we arrived and started the shuffle which is great fun.. however this is where the fun ended. We had our first round of drinks which finally arrived half way through the shuffle which wasn’t a massive issue as they were busy. Once we ordered another round (more pizza and drinks £150) they abruptly told us our time was up with no warning. Didn’t have another table ready for us… finally moved us to a table by the street as they said we could use the fire pit. On this particular day it was -2 and we asked multiple stuff to start the fire… no one seemed interested / everyone was rude (especially the door staff / security). At this point we were told we had to pay £10 pound for heat… while slightly outrageous.. what concerned me the most was the attitude / the rudeness from the staff. We immediately canceled the existing order and spent the additional £300-400 of our budget elsewhere.
Response: Hi Andrew, I am sorry to see you did not enjoy your visit as much as you expected. Could you contact us at with the details of your experience?

Hannah Oosthuizen: Had such a wonderful company summer party at London Shuffle Club for 140 of our staff, the organisers and hosts were super onto it. Huge shout out to Abbie who was wonderful through the whole process which made the day a success! Delicious pizzas and a great venue for rain or shine. Highly recommend booking the tournament hosts for larger events, they made the tournament on the day an absolute breeze! Thanks for having us!

Vikram Parikh: It is a nice pub with 2 outdoor and 2 indoor shuffle board layouts. They have good quality equipment for the game itself. The staff are friendly and helpful. The ambience of the place is also really nice and overall it has a very pleasant vibe.

4. City Academy

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637 reviews
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City Academy

Address: 38 Rosebery Ave, London, EC1R 4RX, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 6PM ⋅ Opens 9:30AM Wed

Telephone: +44 20 7042 8833

Business type: Drama school

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City Academy: what do users think?

Mariano “Mamo Air” Gobbi: I attended the 6 days Acting for beginners course and I really loved it. There is so much to learn. A very friendly environment where you can have fun and practice without being judged. My group was lovely and the teacher really experienced, with a lot of great feedback and tips. I will definitely look into more courses, possibly more intensive ones too, as this 6 days fly by so quickly! 100% recommended.
Response: Hi Mariano, thank you so much for your feedback and fantastic to see you loved your time on your Acting course! We have lots of fantastic intensive courses that you may be interested in attending with us so please contact the team on 0207 042 8833 and we can chat through the options. Many thanks

Dana C: I joined the Creative Writing Course. It was so much fun and had great atmosphere. The tutor Niki was really encouraging and supportive. She gave a lot of hints and feedback. I learned a lot from her and the other participants. Will definitely try other City Courses! PS: Not even a native English Speaker
Response: Hi Dana, thanks so much for taking the time to leave us a review. It's great to hear that you enjoyed the course and found the course so encouraging. Keep us posted on your projects, we would love to know how you progress!

Nora Mrnkova: I wanted to understand watercolors better. A good beginning ground, what to use, how to use, what to avoid, try different techniques… but nothing happened. It was huge disappointment for money I paid. It was like lessons for five years old children. Let’s play and be nice. Find your brush and paint and pain what you like. Three days. Terrible. Waste of money and time if you have ever tried Watercolors. Tutor was sweet but definitely without proper experience in education of adults. Very silent. Not helpful. I didn’t pay for killing time but for new knowledge or skill. Not happening. Sad.
Response: Hello Nora, I'm sorry to hear that you didn't have a great time on your Watercolour course. One of our team will be in touch to talk about your time on the course and help find you the right experience.

juley mango: Acting Through Song was an inspirational course. The tutors blew me away with their musical talent, amazing piano playing and different teaching styles. Also being in a group of passionate, fun, committed people of varied backgrounds was like finding my tribe. Thankyou to the Joanna Reyes Bursary Fund and in honour of her memory. I will never ever forget this!
Response: Hello Juley, it's lovely to hear that you found the course so inspiring. We are very lucky to work with such amazing tutors who can deliver such engaging courses and also lucky to have students who are willing to come along and give it their everything to create the fun and supportive atmosphere.

5. Electric Shuffle London Bridge

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Electric Shuffle London Bridge

Address: 10 Bermondsey St, London, SE1 2ER, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12AM

Telephone: +44 20 8059 4163

Business type: Bar

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Electric Shuffle London Bridge: what do users think?

Poom S: First time playing electric shuffle and I didn’t realised how gentle I had to slide the pucks. Definitely would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a little bit of challenge with accuracy. Staffs were friendly and helpful and good selections for drinks. Ambience was on point. A group of us enjoyed it a lot. Suggest a group of no more than 6-8 people per table.

Ness: Overall, a great atmosphere and service. I was fairly disappointed about the steak sandwich not being available as there was no steak. I did have a Green chilli burger which was still tasty and also the sweet potato fries. Also the cocktails were so good. Would definitely come back again! Me & the girls I was with really had a good time.

Nikko: Super fun. The ganes are easy to learn. It was 5 of us and we played 3 different games. The place is much bigger than what it looks like from outside. Only getting a 4 after because after we pressed the service button it took quite a while for someone to come to our table and then quite some time more for drinks to arrive. In fact we were done with our game by the time they arrived.

Alok Agrawal: We visited the place for an office team event. The place has nice shuffle boards, which is great for team building exercise. One board has 4 games built in. The place is gigantic and feels like unique. We tried mushroom pizza and sourdough bread toasted with avocado and spicy dressings.

Olga Sul: Great new place in London Bridge to play shaffle, have good drinks and listen to old-school hits. Loved the atmosphere, staff, place, decor, prices, and menu variety. Definitely will be back very soon.

Jam Na Das: Booked by a friend, do was not sure what to expect. You need to book upfront. Really enjoyed the various games. Staff attentative. Very big place as initially you just feel the front area is it the place, but then when you go further in, it has more sections to the right. Easy to get to, as close the London Bridge station

6. Swing Patrol UK Ltd

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Swing Patrol UK Ltd

Address: 6-10 Dunston St, London, E8 4EB, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Wed

Telephone: +44 20 3151 1750

Business type: Corporate office

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7. Electric Shuffle Canary Wharf

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515 reviews
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Electric Shuffle Canary Wharf

Address: 10 Cabot Square, N Colonnade, London E14 4EY, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12AM

Telephone: +44 20 8059 4163

Business type: Cocktail bar

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Electric Shuffle Canary Wharf: what do users think?

HSINTI LIN: My favorite place to drink and dance in London:) I had great fun here! The vibe here is energetic and fun! It’s always with a live DJ and there are also shuttle boards that you can play with friends but needs to book in advance. I’d definitely love to come here again because it just feels like home.

Sanghamitra Chandra: Such an amazing spot to play shuffleboard. The scores are automatically calculated and the game screen is interactive which guides players through the game. It’s great for large groups and you can also drink/eat alongside. The space looks very modern and has good aesthetics. The staff is very helpful as well. Must visit if you’re large group and are also competitive haha

Itsuki Yoshida: A Very nice shuffling pub with such a nice vibe! We went there with 7+ people for my friend’s birthday after dinner, and we enjoyed the game so much that 90 minutes flew away. Games are only 4 types so actually to play for an hour is just about right. It should be a lovely additional event to have after dinner or drink.

Ketan Sikotra: This was so much fun! Many game modes which you have 90 minutes to play but you can get through them, we did have to rush a few rounds at the end but that was our first time. Very competitive game and for £10 each it was a good price! Definitely recommend this place to check out!

christopher roberts: Short walk from canary wharf station. Really good shuffleboard experience, enhanced by the digital gaming aspect. Good for groups especially with a good selection of games. Nibbles and drink (plus a bar area) are available.

Poom S: I had such a blast. The allocated time that we booked went by like a flash because we enjoyed every mins of it. It was also very reasonably price of £11. The food was ok too. I would recommend a group of 4 or 6 per table max.

Wellington Gooch: Great fun and a must try whether it’s a large group or party of two. Food and drinks were good too. Very clean place, spacious and attentive staff.

T Rice: Visited their outdoor terrace recently and had a great visit, enjoying beer and food in the sun. Unfortunately the terrace is only temporary for summer, so closing beginning of Sept, but will be back in May I was told. I had an excellent burger and chips and a half pint of beer for a tenner which was one of the promotions they were running. Very impressed!

Chlo C: Booked electric shuffle quite last minute as I wanted something fun to do on a Sunday evening and was impressed with the reviews and the fact they closed at 11:30pm! We was not entirely sure what to expect as it was out first time and didn’t fully understand the concept however once we started we realised how fun and competitive it was. I was also impressed with the cocktails! A good selection to chose from although on this night there were quite a few unavailable. We had the guava colada.. we had a bout 5 between us. Really impressed! I would 100% recommend and will be returning as it’s so easy to get to on the DLR. Even if you don’t fancy a game it is a nice place to come for a drink.

Crystal Atkins: Had a great time at thr electric shuffle in canary wharf. They have a nice outdoor bar section too. Nice way to spend a saturday or date night. Drinks were good and had fun playing the games

8. Pineapple Dance Studios

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208 reviews
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Pineapple Dance Studios

Address: 7 Langley St, London, WC2H 9JA, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10PM

Telephone: +44 20 7836 4004

Business type: Dance school

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Pineapple Dance Studios: what do users think?

Bob: We travelled quite a way for this and it was Great! My daughter had a fantastic time at The Next Step workshop at Pineapple studios. Great atmosphere, super staff and lots of fun. Well worth the money.
Response: Hi Bob Thank you for taking the time to leave a review of your visit to Pineaple. We really appreciate it and we are happy to hear your granddaughter enjoyed her TNS workshop. Kind regards, The Pineapple Team 🍍

kwok one: amazing level, great vibe, a place where you can dance your heart out. simply amazing. Highly recommend worth your trip to London

Stephen Dingwall: Great place. Send my daughter here every week. Important to get kids to do physical activity for there mental health, and get them out of their comfort zones

Ferran Luengo: I only go to the tap dance beginners/entry level facilitated by Amber Rose but so far so good. She’s an amazing and energetic teacher and I have fun in every single class. The classes are well organized and being available to book through an app is very convenient. I feel safe stepping into the building because they keep all the guidelines even after “freedom day”.
Response: Hello Ferran, thank you for taking the time to write a review of Pineapple Dance Studios - we really appreciate it! Amber is a fantastic teacher and we're happy to hear the beginners/entry level class is right for you! We look forward to seeing you again soon in class! The Pineapple Team🍍

Mark Raymond: Easily the best dance studios in London and probably the World. Have been sending dancers to classes here for over 20 years. Great friendly and edgy atmosphere. All studios with mirrirs, barre, sound systems and pianos. Varying sizes across 4 floors. Literally every type of dance class from beginners ballet and jazz to West end companies and reggaeton. Studios can be hired for very reasonable prices but they are busy. Classes range in price and you can join as a member. Highly recommended.
Response: Thank you for taking the time to leave a review of Pineapple Dance Studios, we really appreciate it! Best wishes from the Pineapple Team 🍍

emma bell: We had the most amazing time at the studio for our recent hen do outing. Hannah our dance teacher was just perfect. She was the so good, full of energy and just such a lovely, lively personality. We all gelled so well with her. The routine she put together for us was so good and she was really fun and made it so easy for us! Couldn’t recommend her enough and she made the whole hen do even more special. Thanks Hannah! 🤩 💃! Xx
Response: Hi Emma, Thanks for taking the time to leave a review of your recent hen outing to Pineapple. We're really pleased to hear you had a great time with your dance teacher Hannah! Thanks for taking the time to write a review, we really appreciate it, and we hope to see you in a dance class some time soon! The Pineapple Team 🍍

Stephen Scully: My fiancé and I had a dance lesson with Joe yesterday for our wedding. He was brilliant, got through loads in just one hour, and gave us confidence for the big day. I highly recommend Joe for anyone looking to get a lesson.
Response: Hi Stephen, thank you for taking the time to leave a review of your 'first dance' experience at Pineaple. We really appreciate it and we're pleased to hear it gave you confidence for the big day! The Pineapple Team 🍍

Onyeka Online: Visited as a guest of New Look for their Beyoncé dance class and it was an amazing experience! Never sweat so much in my life and enjoyed every minute of that full hour session. The energy in the room was electric; the dance instructor was super patient and encouraging; and the space was just like in the movies with the floor to ceiling mirrors and dance pole to stretch. Phenomenal experience and one is highly recommend
Response: Hi Onyeka, thank you for reviewing Pineapple dance studios! The New Look class was a classic and we're glad to hear you enjoyed it - you can't go wrong with Queen Bey! The studios will reopen for adults on Monday 17 April 2021 and we hope you will join us in class to celebrate! The Pineapple Team 🍍

Oksana Kryvenko: Lovely place to have some rest, meet new people and have a cool dancing class

9. Captiv8 Dance

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64 reviews
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Captiv8 Dance

Address: 110 Southwark St, London, SE1 0TA, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +44 20 8299 2405

Business type: Dance school

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Captiv8 Dance: what do users think?

Gabrielle Ruddick: Oya and Ed are absolutely amazing! We wanted to have a totally unique dance for our wedding reception and they helped us all the way through! We had no experience dancing before we started with them and we felt so comfortable and confident by our wedding day! We actually started out classes via zoom for our wedding because it was during the pandemic but then as regulations eased we went into the studio for in person lessons weekly! They were super accommodating with our busy schedules which was brilliant! We loved our experience and all our guests loved our dance! We had many different styles from slow to fast songs mixed into one dance!

Sachini Yapa: Oya and Ed are wonderful humans and brilliant teachers. We found them through a recommendation by a friend and can’t recommend them enough! They did our first dance choreography for our wedding, gave suggestions, took our suggestions, making us feel comfortable through the whole journey. They really do put heart and soul into this and they went over and above all expectations. We can’t wait to continue dancing with them!

Kay Salomon: Oya and Ed are superstars! Even though we had left it very late to work out our first dance, they somehow managed to help us come up with a beautiful routine that was a great hit with all the guests. They gave us so much confidence, broke down what initially seemed like complex moves into very easy component parts, and most of all made every session a lot of fun! We found it so useful having them both teach us (as opposed to just one teacher) and they are the most attentive and caring dancing teachers you could ever hope to find!! Thank you again :)

Viviana Tay: Ed and Oya are such amazing teachers! They radiate passion and enthusiasm for what they teach and they instantly made me feel welcomed into the space. Their classes are not only fun but their attention to detail and technique really helped me progress as a dancer. I gained a lot from each lesson and I can’t recommend them enough!😍🌟

Angus Taylor: My partner and I did a series of amazing classes with Oya and Ed before we got married earlier this year. They are both absolutely wonderful, incredibly warm and brilliant to learn from - we loved them. They choreographed our entire first dance while taking into account our preferences and song of choice. Also learned quite a few different steps along the way. Would 100% recommend.

Spencer Terry: My Fiance and I had a fantastic experience with Ed. We wanted a couple of lessons to learn a basic choreographed routine for our wedding. Ed did a fantastic job of creating a routine that hit really the mark and was great at teaching it to us. Would highly recommend.

Josefa Kunst: Quality, communication, fun and enjoyment of the classes are on TOP! Ed and Oya are amazing dancers, people and incredible teachers. They listen and explain and they really make you see improvement through every class. Would highly recommend them to anyone. Even if you never danced before in your life with their approach you can learn anything and you will feel like you’ve been dancing your whole life!

10. Start the Dance

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171 reviews
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Start the Dance

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10PM

Telephone: +44 20 7183 0717

Business type: Dance school

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Start the Dance: what do users think?

Dani: Jess taught us our wedding dance for our wedding this July (2022) and we could not be more impressed. The dance she choreographed for us was beautiful, fun, and realistic to our abilities while simultaneously looking very professional. The classes were so much fun too, Jess is so joyful and friendly, we absolutely loved her and were immediately comfortable around her. We are eternally grateful, she not only made us comfortable learning the dance steps, but she gave us advice about how to cope with anxiety of people watching us etc. She brought out a confidence in us that we did not know we had before. An outstanding professional, an awesome mum, and the kindest and nicest person. Thanks so much, Jess!! (Dani & Zayd) (photos by Charlotte Bryer-Ash)
Response: Dani! I’ve only just seen this - what a beautiful review I’m going to read this as a tonic every time I need one. You are just lovely. It was an absolute pleasure to meet and teach you and I couldn’t believe Zayd was brought up in the same town and went to the same school as me all be it 25 years apart! Sending so much love your way you gorgeous pair you. Jess xxx

Daniel Moult: Absolutely Fantastic, we love Jess! We decided to have some dance lessons and we discovered Start the Dance through a google search. Admittedly, we had left it to the last minute, but immediately having contacted Jess, we felt assured that with a few lessons we will be able to put together our first dance for our wedding. From our first visit, Jess made us feel comfortable at her studio. Offering us wine to help settle our nerves. Jess was brilliant at listening to our choice of song and putting together a routine that we could easily dance to. We were meant to have 4 lessons, but in the end could only fit in 3 lessons due to some train cancellations. However, the 3 lessons were brilliant. Our first dance was a big success and received a lot of cheers from our friends and family. Whilst we missed one segment, we were able to recover without anyone noticing and thanks to the training and advice received from Jess. The cost of the lessons were insignificant to the fun we had at the studio and success of our dance. Whole heartedly recommend Start the Dance. Thank you Jess, Dan & Ewa xx
Response: Dan and Ewa thank you so much for this absolutely glowing review. I am grinning from ear to ear right now … you are too lovely! It was such a pleasure to meet and work with you both you gorgeous couple you. Wishing you all the love and luck in the world. So many fun times ahead for you both. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Holly Maneval: We had a great experience learning to dance for our wedding. We really wanted to do something special for our first dance, although neither of us have ANY formal dance experience. Milli was the best teacher. Super supportive and helped to create a choreography that looked amazing but also challenged us a bit outside our comfort zone - and we are so glad she did as the dance turned out amazing. It was a huge hit and one of the big highlights of the wedding. A few of our guests said it was the best first dance they’ve ever seen. Would 100% recommend! x
Response: Holly a million thank yous for taking the time to write this review. We’re so pleased you had fun with MIlli and that the dance was such a hit with your guests 🤩🙌🏽 Wishing you huge congratulations from us all here, jess xxxxx

Molly Lewis: We booked a two hour emergency first dance lesson with Annette less than 48 hours before our runaway elopement wedding and we are so glad that we did! We had a lovely afternoon with Annette and she worked a miracle to give us something simple but elegant to perform on the big day. Thank you, Annette!
Response: Thanks so much for the review Molly and I’m so pleased Annette got you where you needed to be in one lesson! Many congratulations to you both. 🥂

Amelia & David Andrews: We were very lucky to have Jess and Start the Dance to choreograph and teach our first dance! We both thoroughly enjoyed the fun lessons over the last 3 years (we had 2 lots of the silver package because we wanted some refreshers, as our original wedding was postponed due to COVID). We were complete beginners and we even had some lifts in our routine! 💃🏻🕺🏼 Jess is wonderful and we would 200% recommend Jess and Start the Dance to everyone!! Amelia & David xx
Response: Thanks so much guys! It was absolutely lovely teaching and getting to know you. You are a gorgeous couple. Lots of love to you both xxx

Sajni Kotecha: My (then) fiancé and I booked Andy via Start the Dance to choreograph and teach us our first dance for our wedding (Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight). I have some previous dance experience but my fiancé has absolutely none! Andy planned a beautiful routine for us and taught us at a pace comfortable for us both. We got so many compliments on our performance after the wedding. I would definitely recommend.
Response: Hi Sajni, thank you so much for your lovely review. We are so pleased you enjoyed it with him. Andy is a fabulous teacher and we feel very lucky to have him :) It’s so tricky when you know how to dance and your partner doesn’t. I’m so pleased Andy was able to bring it all together. A huge congratulations from us all here. Keep on dancing!! xxxx

Mark Sweeney: We had an awesome experience learning a first dance routine with Start the Dance. Milli our teacher did an amazing job of coaching us through the steps, and turned something that we were stressed about into one of the most fun parts of the wedding prep. She was always patient, encouraging and kind, despite our lack of experience. On the day the dance went smoothly and our relatives were all really impressed. Some great memories too from all the photos and videos our guests took too!
Response: Hi Mark, thanks so much for this :) we’re so pleased you enjoyed learning to dance with Milli. Many congratulations on your wedding. All the very best, jess

Daniela Stamati: We were very excited for the dance classes but the experience did not live up to the good reviews l’ve seen. The communication with the teacher was quite bad. I asked for a call before the dance class to talk about the expectations and that never happened. For more than an hour we tried learning a choreography that didn’t go well with the music and when we asked the teacher to demo how we could map the steps with the music, she couldn’t do it. I felt that during the classes she focused a lot on little details and technicalities which made the process quite slow. Admittedly we are not professional dancers, but we learned much faster on our own. We were not interested in making things perfectly, we wanted to have fun learning our wedding dance. Overall the dance itself worked out ok, but the experience wasn’t great and it wasn’t even close to our expectations.

Adrian Radu: As two complete beginners, we had our doubts about our first dance, but Miriam is so friendly and such an amazing teacher that not only we learned a dance that wowed all of our guests, but we also had a lot of fun!
Response: Hi Adrian, thanks so much for taking the time to write these lovely words about Miriam, I’m so pleased you enjoyed it with her 💃🏽🕺🏻 many congratulations to you both x

11. London Contemporary Dance School

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18 reviews
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London Contemporary Dance School

Address: THE PLACE, 16 Flaxman Terrace, London WC1H 9AT, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10PM

Telephone: +44 20 7121 1111

Business type: Dance school

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London Contemporary Dance School: what do users think?

Marcia Bepot: It is easy to find Euston tube station many restaurants and snacks bars around.The build itself is enormous many spacious studios very clean and well present with top security in getting in.

FESTUS EGBEYEMI: The building is well looked after with Covid-19 measure in place. Good management. The theatre is properly cleaning. Nice building to visit only if you are a music and art students.

Honey Sona: I like to Dance

12. Danceworks

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138 reviews
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Address: 16 Balderton St, London, W1K 6TN, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9:30PM

Telephone: +44 20 7629 6183

Business type: Dance school

Near Danceworks:

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Danceworks: what do users think?

Hannan Karim: My daughter had her 7th birthday here with her friends and cousins. All I can say is wow what an experience. The customer service was amazing they went above and beyond, they had helped me set things up, blow up the ballons, provided drinks for my guest. The lady Cherise who works there really took care of me and my guest from beginning to end. Made the kids feel soo special and the ballet teacher was soo patient with the kids and made it soo fun for them. I am sooo happy over all with everything, will definitely be coming back, my friends and family said the same things as we were all very impressed.
Response: We are so thrilled your daughter had a lovely birthday! We loved having you, and cant wait to welcome you back one day!

PA: It was such a lovely event. Olivia, our ballerina entertainer, was so sweet and warm and made my daughter feel very special for her sixth birthday party. She kept all the kids entertained during the whole time. Not one child was bored or intimidated for one second. The parents enjoyed it as well. Super success thanks to Olivia but also Cherise and the other girls who were very nice and helpful upon our arrival.

Romain Girardlamamy: Better than an amazing dancing studio!! Last I came for a dance class must have been 5 years ago, it was great but couldn’t come back for other classes for personal reasons, nonetheless I still had my membership tag on my key ring! Been contemplating removing it as I wasn’t using it! I managed to lose my key and being advised by the dancework crew that someone did find my key! More than over the moon about this amazing service and will always be ever so grateful!!! Do not join them only because of the key finding service but they are first and foremost a great studio a massive thank you guys for going the extra mile for an old customer

Frankie Everitt: We had an amazing hen party with a private K-pop dance class with Flora. Everything was excellent and we had such a fun time. The studio was beautiful and we were able to use the showers and facilities afterwards. Thanks Danceworks

Vicky C: I took part in the Intensive Mentored Dance Programme for 4 weeks and it was fantastic! I learnt so much from my mentor and the other teachers, and improved a lot in such a short space of time. I would really recommend if you are looking to improve quickly or challenge yourself! Had lots of fun as well!

Natasa Celeketic: I organised my birthday party as a private dance class. It was amazing! The danceworks team was very helpful and they fulfilled all my wishes. All my friends had a great time! Highly recommended!

Katrina Sexton: Wonderful! We came from Australia for a ballet intensive and my daughter had an incredible week at Danceworks! So professionally run with friendly and helpful staff , we will be back !

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