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1. Camden Cycles

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585 reviews
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Camden Cycles

Address: 241 Eversholt St, London, NW1 1BE, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7 PM

Telephone: +44 20 7388 7899

Business type: Bicycle Shop

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Camden Cycles: what do users think?

FRANCIS OSEI: I was really impressed about their customer service. They are very patient on explaining thing to you (when you are confused on which to buy). Their prices are better and worth it compared to other stores I went This is where I will recommend for cyclists

guillaume neyrinck: 5 star service - for anyone who wants a quality bike with great after-service. I have purchased a bike 2 times at Camden Cycles. The first time - not only was there an included post-sales service after 1 month. The team was also helpful for small adjustments and alignments. The second purchase - I was not convinced about the bike after testing it. I could try different models and could even exchange them after purchase. They helped me find the best fit! Thank you!

Susanne Pelke: I‘m so happy that I found this bike repair shop two years ago. I’m a loyal client since than. This bike team is very good educated in repairing bikes and they are focusing on the security of their clients. After a current accident with a car, the back wheel of my bike was damaged. Thank goodness I knew where to go…the Camden Cycles service offered me a repair package with a high quality and a good price-performance ratio. I feel safe again to ride my bike on the streets of London.

yhlaw1011: Amazing service, my bike came in great quality. I was served by Adil, friendly and helpful person. Highly recommended bike shop!

Katri Jalava: These guys are really pro. I had an old bike for sale, thought it was faultless. But luckily, they spotted that it had a loose joint that needed fixing. Had I sold that to someone as faultless, would have felt really bad afterwards (obviously, it did not feel when cycling). They have a good selection of used bikes with reasonable pricing and seem to be quite honest. Should you need a short term bike in London or a bike for a fast growing kid, this is your place.

Chloe Bester: Bought a bike here in 2020 (lockdown purchase). It’s carried me throughout the last 2 years! Great beginners bike and great service helping me choose my bike! Only selling the bike on because I have upgraded, but other than that was provided a trustworthy bike. Thank you :)

王昊: Very good feel. They provide me a lot of help and a large discount. If you want to buy bikes, I swear you could have a nice experience here.

Erik Berg-Johnsen: Sold my vintage road bike here for it to find a new owner as happy as I have been. Ali at the store was very friendly and we had a good tone. A second hand bargain is awaiting some lucky person at Camden Cycles!

Marco Airoldi: Seamless experience. I sold my bike to the shop when I moved away from London. I called the shop beforehand and they asked me to send over some photos. After that we agreed on the price and there were no surprises when I Brough the bike in. They were very thorough in checking I had my receipt for the purchase, which is reassuring thinking about the possibility of stolen bikes ending up on the second-hand market.

Jiahui Wu: It is a very nice place with cheap and good quality bikes! People here are very helpful. I got my second-hand bike but it looks like a new one.

2. Fully Charged Electric Bike Shop

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321 reviews
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Fully Charged Electric Bike Shop

Address: Arch 6, Unit 5 Crucifix Ln, London SE1 3JW, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10 AM Wed

Telephone: +44 20 7111 0977

Business type: Bicycle Shop

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Fully Charged Electric Bike Shop: what do users think?

Anwulika (Ano): The team is really knowledgeable and helpful, and they have a great selection of bikes. I haven’t really had a bicycle since I was a kid but I wanted to be more active and have something to commute to work with that’s fast, comfortable and good for the environment. I got a beautiful Dutch style Riese & Muller bike last week. I love it!
Response: Hi Anwulika, thank you for your wonderful review. We know you are going to love your Reise and Muller e-bike!

Oli Khaldi: I bought a GSD Tern through Fully Charged after having my mind set on a front loading bike. Richards advice was spot on. I needed a bike for work and kids in equal measure. I am 24hrs into owning it and I can only say that it was the best decision. 30 miles completed. Deliveries completed. School runs completed. Sales process was smooth. Updates were prompt and complete. Thank you to Richard and all the team.
Response: Hi Oli, thank you for your wonderful review. Richard is pleased as punch you are happy with your Tern GSD and the service we provided.

ADi Li: First thing first : The Bike I have been looking into GoCycle e-bikes for a long time, never really had commitment cycling until recently, so I decided to choose a GoCycle G4i+. And it is a GREAT piece of engineering. It might not go as fast as some of the e-bikes out there, neither it will allow you to use throttle without paddling. But hey, we are talking about bicycles, not electric mopeds (if you want one of those, look elsewhere). The G4 series bike is super easy to fold and unfold, can be done in under 10 seconds. Love the DLR with flash function. Love the carbon fibre wheel hubs and the minimalist finish overall. Electric motor works in silent, but I did manage to get the front wheel spin on a dry day, I thought that was fun. The auto gear change is great, it does a great job most of the time. however I would hope GoCycle change the gear change from Speed sensing to Paddle torque sensing. Because on some of the flat roads, I wish I could jump to 3rd gear from 1st straight away for speed build up rather than going through every gear. And on some of the roads it automatically change down from 3rd to 2nd when it didn’t need to. This was all caused by the gear change working based on bike’s moving speed. You can manually change the gear too but you can’t override the annoying auto “downshift” if you aren’t going “fast enough”… Fully Charged : The Shop Buying experience had been brilliant, it was super easy to navigate around on the website, super easy to select item and place the order. And I had great customer service experience too. Soon after placing the order, it was nearly 9pm in the evening where I received communication from Max at Fully Charged to confirm my order and sent me a link to introduction video on the GoCycle G4 series. So basically I understood my new bike and know how to appropriately use it before it was delivered. Communication have been great, I was given notification and update on the bike all the way through and also had follow up email on how my experience with the new bike so far. I have heard the Fully Charged London show room is great, haven’t been there yet but I will be cycling there for a visit. I will certainly recommend to everyone who is looking for a bike or e-bike. Fully Charged is definitely the place to look at. Thank you to all members at Fully Charged for a fantastic experience.
Response: Wow! Thank you Adi for your fantastic review and feedback. We are happy to welcome you to the Fully Charged family and wish you all the best for your future adventures on your Gocycle G4!

David Venables: I’m now on my second e-cargo bike purchased from Fully Charged, with a rental bike in between, all to transport children around London. The service from FC has consistently been exceptional. The team is knowledgeable and helpful and the after-sales service has been excellent, including a global product recall which they dealt with sympathetically and effectively. It’s great to see the business grow as more people realise that e-bikes are the future of urban mobility!
Response: Hi David, thankyou for your great review. We really appreciate your feed back and helping to lead our e-bike revolution on your second Reise and Muller Family e-Cargo bike!

Jonathan Lucas: I Have just bought a new bicycle from Fully Charged. It could not have been a more efficient or enjoyable experience. The knowledge and service provided by the staff, especially Henry could not have been bettered. I now have the best bicycle for what I need. The whole experience was enormous fun, buying a new bike should be fun, and enhance by there being no hassle!. A big thank you to them all, I thoroughly recommend Fully Charged.
Response: Hi Jonathan and thank you for your wonderful review. Henry is super pleased with your feedback. We know you are going to love your Moustache Samedi!

Hazel Jessop: Bought an E bike from fully charged and have been really impressed with the service. Excellent guidance on which cargo bikes to consider from Richard on my initial appointment, great advice without any pushy sales - great level of knowledge and a clear passion for what he does. Henry gave me a comprehensive handover when I came to pick the bike up... Very happy with the experience and my purchase. Would definitely recommend
Response: Hi Hazel and thank you for your wonderful review. Both Richard and Henry really value your feedback and wish you lots of happy miles on your Family e-Cargo bike!

Ben Smith: I purchased a Go Cycle G3 about 3 years ago. It was stolen back in May 22. Thankfully it was insured. Going about getting a new bike was really simple. Special shout out to Max who talked me through my options and took care of everything for me. These guys are the best in the biz and I couldn’t me more appreciative. I will only ever be using and recommending Fully Charged. 5*
Response: Hi Ben, thank you for your great review. Max is super happy with the feedback and we wish you lots of happy miles on your new Super73.

Mark Williams: I recently purchased an electric cargo bike. Richard at Fully Charged provided excellent, honest advice when I was assessing my choices and then great service when I purchased it. My purchased was delayed by my employer being slow to pay the money to the cycle to work scheme, but Fully charged were understanding and held the bike for me whilst we waited for the payment. I would recommend Fully Charged to anyone who is looking at buying an electric bike.
Response: Hi Mark, thanks for the wonderful review. Richard really values the feedback and we wish you lots of happy miles and smiles on your Tern GSD e-family cargo bike.

Marius S: The most knowledgeable and engaging bike sales team in London that I came across. They are not pushy, they are very respectful, chilled and it is a real pleasure to discuss with them about the best bike for you. I specifically had chats with Richard, Max and Bori, I still did not make my final decision on my next bike, but these guys are the reason why I want my next bike to be from Fully Charged. UPDATE: I got the bike from them R&M Roadster Touring - very happy!
Response: Hi Marius, thank you for your wonderful review. The team are loving the feedback and we wish you lots happy miles on your Reisse and Muller Roadster Touring!

3. The Cycle Store

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64 reviews
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The Cycle Store

Address: 201 Woodhouse Rd, London, N12 9AY, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11 AM Thu

Telephone: +44 20 8368 3001

Business type: Bicycle Shop

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The Cycle Store: what do users think?

Frank Cream: Excellent work by the mechanic. Took my old, trashy bike in for a service. My bike still looks old, but now runs like an absolute dream! Thank you 👌
Response: thankyou for the review

Sarju Gudka: Ash is knowledgeable, friendly and honest. He has been in the industry for decades and it shows. Yes you can go to Evans. Halfords or online and take your chances , or shop locally and build a relationship with an enthusiast and long term bike shop owner . Some of the reviews here show a staggering lack of basic understanding and I suspect it reflects more on the posters than on the business owner. I hope this shop is there for decades more. In fact I’m heading there shortly to get a repair and browse !
Response: thank you for your review, we always aim to offer top service to our valued customers

Helen Eracli: I am astounded by the previous comment I am so sorry you had to read that I think you are amazing. After all you have been through and yet you provide excellent customer service!!! I took my bike to Halfords first and they told me I needed a new bike but Ash repaired it for me !!! Moreover for a nominal fee!!!
Response: thankyou Helen, for your review... we always aim to do our best service for our customers.

Jan Kraft: Amazing value for money! Had almost given up on my bike - they fixed it to a ridiculous standard. Feels like new now, second month of commuting after repair, highly recommended!
Response: thankyou Jan, for your review. we always aim to give top service for our customers.

James: We visited the Cycle store recently. My sister has a Terne bike and they have been helping us with replacing the tyres as one of them punctured twice now. One of the tyres had the metal wire snap within the tyre itself snap and puncture the tube. I did not even know tyres have a wire ring around the circumference to keep its shape. I certainly have never seen one snap. The gentleman that works there also looked after the cycling department at Halfords and has helped me in the past with my own bike and he’s good at what he does. I’m happy with their service at the Cycle Store and would recommend them. Super professional, seem honest and fair and go out of their way to provide a good service. This is exactly how to run a business and I felt compelled to write this review to say thanks for your service and making the experience hassle free and replacing the tyre for free due to the issues. I think anyone else would have charged a fee even though the tyre seemed to be faulty which was Terne and nothing to do with the Cycle Store
Response: thankyou for your review, hope to see you soon

4. London Green Cycles

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81 reviews
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London Green Cycles

Address: 4, chester court, Albany St, London NW1 4BU, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7 PM

Telephone: +44 20 7935 6934

Business type: Bicycle Shop

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London Green Cycles: what do users think?

Sara Rademaker: Rented a cargo bike for a day because of the public transport strikes during our visit to London. Great way to do sightseeing with children! Saves them from walking the longer distances. Great service at the shop, would definitely recommend this, also if the tube is not on strike 🙃

Catherine: I dropped by today for a puncher repair on a road bike. I received a very efficient service & Sam took the time to show me how to complete a repair ( it’s been a while!). It’s great to see work carried out with diligence & passion. I highly recommend this place. Thank you.

Eli Kingsbridge: The best and only place for bicycles hire in London in my opinion! Super helpful, patient and accommodating staff! Amazing cargo bikes! Thank you LGC team!

Paul-Johan Seim: We (wife, myself and our kids) rented a cargobike over Easter holidays for 5 days. Customer service: great. Quality of cargobike: excellent. Training in using the cargobike: excellent. Verdict: hardworking staff offer bicycles at great price vs quality. We will definitively come back

Marie Hamon-Smith: So far very happy with the experience and happy with our cargo bike - good service - would recommend

F Stuart: Probably one of the best bike shops for cargo bikes in London (if not the best for advice and knowledge). We bought our cargo bike from them with no regrets. Decent after service too - you get a service within the first couple months to fine tune your bike. Very helpful and responds to emails in a decent time. You can even rent a bike to try it out. The shop gets 5 stars for being knowledgeable in the main area they deal in - cargo and freight bikes. I can recommend this shop.

Ben Cowley: Weirdly all the warehouse staff went off to some cycle convention in Germany; they were unable to deliver till the staff back 10 days later. Had to move my order to another shop having gone through the whole process.
Response: Hi Ben, I'm sorry to hear that our process wasn't clearly explained to you. Our approximate timeline, if a bike is in stock, is delivery one week after a deposit has been received. This time is due to our current waitlist but also because during this period we build your bike to spec, install any accessories and test ride to ensure it is safe for you and your family to ride. Due to the nature of our business it’s unlikely that a bike can be purchased instantly; please accept our apologies if this was not clarified on the day of your test ride. We received your notice to purchase via email late yesterday and advised that we require a deposit to proceed, in addition to presenting you with dates of proposed delivery being next week Thursday 21st July or Friday 22nd July as the bike you would like to purchase is in stock. As discussed, this slight delay is due to some of our staff being away at an industry event. We understand you are unhappy with this information but should you decide to proceed with your request we are happy to do so. Please contact us at any time during our opening hours and we can advise of the cost of delivery to Canterbury and a date that is convenient to you after the 21st July. Shara

Oscar Robinson: Very helpful and friendly staff who patiently answered all my questions when I took my cargo bike in for a service. The servicing prices are better than other bike shops I’ve been to. I’ll certainly be back next time I need my bike fixed.

5. Dutch bikes London

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11 reviews
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Dutch bikes London

Address: 54 Earls Ct Rd, London, W8 6EJ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7 PM

Telephone: +44 7769 610546

Business type: Second hand store

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Dutch bikes London: what do users think?

Samuel Colvin: Great service. Got a puncture on the way to work, just around the corner from here. They fixed the puncture while I got a coffee next door. 👌

Matthew Meckes: We needed to find 4 quality, easy to ride, easy to maintain, good value bikes, that we can loan to the community as part of a bike library project. Not an easy task with a nationwide bike shortage. Dutch bikes London selected 4 brilliant bikes that met our needs from their stock, and had them lovingly serviced and ready to ride in just a few days. Great service and great bikes. We will be recommending them to our borrowers, and using them again if we expand the project in the future.
Response: We are really glad that we could help and make this possible. We hope to cooperate with you in the future. Good luck with your amazing project.

Nicole T: Happy with my bike

Piotr Radzki: Staff are friendly :) lots of bikes and for sure you can find something for you 👌Highly recommend for everyone 😍👌🚲🚴🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️🚵🚵‍♂️🚵‍♀️
Response: Thank you Piotr 😁

George O'Sullivan: Excellent, friendly service. Cannot recommend enough, always happy to help with any queries.
Response: Thank you so much George for this. We hope to deal with you again 🙌🏻

Ellie Walton: Fabulous service, friendly staff & amazing stock!Thank you very much!

Kaja Gwincińska: Friendly staff, great service. Wholeheartedly recommended.

Adrian Buckley: Very happy with my bike. Thank you Dutch bikes 🚲 😊

Benjamin Dennis: Really poor customer service. Avoid!

6. Volt Electric Bikes

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390 reviews
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Volt Electric Bikes

Address: Axe & Bottle Court, 70 Newcomen St, London SE1 1YT, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9 AM Wed

Telephone: +44 20 7378 4728

Business type: Bicycle Shop

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Volt Electric Bikes: what do users think?

Peter Norris: Very pleased with my new Volt Connect. Feels very well built. The electric assistance feels natural. Rather than giving a surge of power it just eases in when pedalling. So far I’ve done 18 miles on quite hilly roads and the battery is about 45% down from 80% when I collected it which gives me confidence it would be able to cover a maximum of 70 miles from fully charged.

James Pope: Picked up the bike and next day departed for Isle of Wight and spent a couple of days testing it out with XL battery and navigating the coastal path on the IOW. What a gem you still get plenty of exercise and there were some killer hills but the assist helps and I had a heavy load as well. Battery lasted well and only did a top up charge on an overnight stop. You become tuned how to get the most out of the battery and the power and soon work out the optimum gear ratio v speed. Happy with my purchase and will be riding a lot more now and not just stuck on the Peleton in the nice weather.
Response: Hi James, thanks for your comment, we are happy to hear that you took your Volt Pulse to the paradise island of the Isle of Wight! Hope you make the best of this summer with more trips like this, keep us posted and send us some lovely pictures of your cycles sometimes at All the best, Mathilde ⚡

david forsyth: Well built, very comfortable bike. Wanted a low step bike to make it easier to get on and off. Brilliant electric support when hills or head wind affect ride and a very comfortable and responsive bike. The buying process was painless and The Bicycle Chain we’re brilliant with test ride, advice and setting up the bike for me. All bikes are expensive butI can see the quality you are paying for in this bike.

Steve Gray: First impressions are excellent. Only had a couple of short rides. Purchased to replace Claude Butler traditional bike as age is getting the better of me. No regrets. Would strongly recommend this model.

Ewart Hutton: Real people at the end of the telephone who know what they are talking about and are out to be helpful. Great that they use local bike shops as the point of contact and delivery. A good service - the first bike I ordered was damaged in transit and another one was dispatched to arrive the next day with no quibbles.

David Moll: We were put in touch with Volt Bikes after hiring one from our local dealer. We were impressed with the ride and placed the order. We were kept informed of progress and bikes were delivered to our local dealer. We have just taken delivery and are very happy with our purchase.

Ann Lowe: Bought my new volt bike from a lovely guy called Carl from Ramsbottom Cycle’s. I went to ask questions which he was very helpful with explained everything to me and asked if I would like to test ride one as never rode an ebike before. Loved it ordered one and I haven’t looked back. Now I cycle to work two or three times a week wonderful.

Susan Lynn Rook: A lady of advancing years but still fittish! Volt LS is a superb ebike, plenty of distance on battery, so easy to operate, gears simple Ive always struggled, not anymore. Well balanced & comfy, could do with an option of one of their other “wider” saddles but I could change it myself. Overall so far very pleased.

markusfuller: I already owned the original version Volt Alpine bike from a few years ago which has served me well with no problems whatsoever so when I saw the new version alpine I decided to update and gift my older version to my partner so we can go out on rides together. I hope the new Alpine will give me several years troublefree reliability as my previous Volt bike did.

7. Frankenbike

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164 reviews
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Address: 16 Felstead St, London, E9 5LT, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 6 PM ⋅ Opens 9 AM Wed

Telephone: +44 20 3417 0252

Business type: Bicycle Shop

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Frankenbike: what do users think?

kayode Adewumi: Frakenbike is an amazing local bike shop that sells bikes and undertakes repairs. It specialises in the sale of vintage racer bikes but also has a good range of road, commuter, hybrid and mountain bikes. Jarek has a depth of knowledge about bikes and is honest in his recommendations. Quite a rare quality these days. I left full informed and very prepared to jump on my bike and hit the road. Drop your bike for repairs and experience what is saw. Overall experience was 5 stars plus.

Louis Smith: I had a safety service here after a crash. The team at frankenbike are really knowledgeable, non-judgemental to bike novices and I’m really happy with the quality of the work.

Jacob Conway Smith: New to London and was helped with some hot tips on how to make my bike a bit more thief proof and bugged them for some air with no complaints. Friendly service, will go back, would recommend.

Bilan: The place to go for all things bicycle related. The staff are all so friendly and knowledgeable, the pricing is honest and upfront, resulting in a great service overall. They go above and beyond for you, really much appreciated. Would recommend to anyone.

James Weech: Absolutely thrilled. Not only did they solve my problem, they explained how it happened, what I could do to prevent it. And went above and behind to explain how parts of my bike work. As someone going from a very basic bike to a road bike this was absolutely fantastic and made me feel a lot more confident in it. Thank you for going above and beyond to help, my ride is now significantly smoother. Will be coming back for sure.

Richard Bielby: Phoned ahead and they were able to look at my bike the same day. Carried out a few adjustments quickly and efficiently. Friendly and helpful service. Will use again.

8. Ebike Converters

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92 reviews
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Ebike Converters

Address: Black gates next to, 36a Shakespeare Ave, London N11 1AY, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 6 PM ⋅ Opens 10 AM Wed

Telephone: +44 7776 830430

Business type: Bicycle Shop

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Ebike Converters: what do users think?

lesliemason1: Wonderful little company can’t recommend highly enough! Bought a specialist Magnesium bike to Diego with a technical problem something that most other bike shops were unable and unwilling to deal with . He was very patient and very thorough managed to get my bike working again where everyone else failed - quickly and efficiently. And he was also very competitive on the price for basic repairs and services compared to a so-called ‘charity’ bike shop in Wood Green ! Would recommend going there for any bike repairs- major or minor….!

howay fernandes: I bought my 1st e-bike from Diego the most reliable and famous man who custom builts e-bike. I had a few issues with the bicycle which Diego sorted out without any delays which was very impressive and did not charge any thing for his services. A big thank you Diego for all the dedication that you show in your work and commitment 👏

Rafael Lermann: I was with Diego today to buy an electric bike. He is so friendly, patient to explain all the details of the bike, get you to cycle to explain you how to use the bike and passionate about what he do. It is my first day using the bike and I am very satisfied. Really recommend Diego.

Alexander Norton: Diego is an absolute legend, passionate about the products - the service, advice and the bike were all top notch. Buying an e bike here will be saving you hundreds of pounds plus you will have the full support of an expert. A hidden gem!

Adi Forman: I can’t recommend Diego enough. Amazingly professional advice about e-bikes and the conversion process. He took the time to explain options and pro’s/con’s, and did immaculate work. Very affordable for the high quality and such a nice guy. Thank you.

karen wong: I am very satisfied with my ebike, it is very well built and comfortable to ride. Diego was very polite, professional, and experienced. I will highly recommend him.

Jack Thomas: Got an E-bike constructed by Diego. I would 100% recommend him! very friendly and listens to what you are after. The bike itself is amazing had no problems so far and if I do I can always give him a call to look at it! 10 out of 10!!

Joseph Vacchiano: Diego promptly replied to my phone query and was available right away. He met me at the gate, greeted me with a warm smile and inspected the bike making it clear what needed doing. He serviced my bike within an hour being conscious of the fact I went for a walk whilst waiting. The bike feels smooth and seamless and Diego followed up with a call to check all was well. Diego is very polite and understands the importance of good customer service. Thank you

Ivano Barcellona: Great guy, great service and honest prices. I bought my bike from him over a year ago and I still service it with him. I have never been disappointed.

Mezbaur Rahman: Diego fixed my bike swiftly and was even kind enough to drop it back to me as I live local. I am very pleased with his service.

9. Blacksmith cycles

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4 reviews
new review
Blacksmith cycles

Address: 251 Holloway Rd, London, N7 8HG, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7 PM

Telephone: +44 20 7018 2392

Business type: Used bicycle shop

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Blacksmith cycles: what do users think?

Cleo Rad: Super helpful owners. I was able to try and few second hand bikes and found the right one super quickly. As a first time bike buyer they helped me feel confident choosing the right one knowing that if anything needed adjusting in the first month they are there to help. Great to know that you can sell it with them later and buy and upgrade should you want to. I would highly recommend their store :)

Alizée Aubry: I went for bike servicing, the owner was super nice and helpful, and the service was great. I recommend!

Letycja Ligman: Great service! Super fast and helpful, definitely will be back.

10. Big Fun Bikes

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78 reviews
new review
Big Fun Bikes

Address: Arch 301 Frederick Terrace, London, E8 4EW, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10 AM Mon

Telephone: +44 7840 352032

Business type: Bicycle repair shop

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Big Fun Bikes: what do users think?

Tim Kikke: Just popped in for some air on my way home as my pump is in storage and the pump at my office broke today, but I wanted to leave 5* as the chap I dealt with was super nice and I’ll deffo be back for a service as they seemed super reasonably priced and it’s always great to support your LBS!!! Will update my review post service!

Eve-lyne Bertrand: Give me faith in Bike Shop. After patching a puncutre myself, something seemed wrong so I reached out to get it checked. He told me to come in so that we could look at it together. Explained to me the potential reasons for my problems and gave me recommandations without trying to upsell me. My problem was more a wait and see thing but he told me to come back anytime before closing time if any other problems arise. Will definitely go back whenever I need services. After a few poor experience, glad I found this place.

Nicholas Davies: Great little bike shop! Dan is super friendly and built me a lovely bike without trying to push me into getting all new/expensive gear. Great vibes all round. Highly recommend it!

Phu Hau: Dan did a great job repairing my broken gear cable, which was completed in the same day. Very professional friendly and polite, with great expertise, highly recommended if you need any bike serives or repairs.

James Townsend: Same bike, another service, customer service still OUTSTANDING! ;-) thank you Daniel! I have just had my bike serviced here and it has been a fantastic experience from start to finish. Very reasonably priced and quick. The last two services in London have been a disaster so I thoroughly recommend this business.

Sebastien de Casson: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueExcellent service! Dan was very responsive, super friendly & enthusiastic and got the expected repairs done very fast. He also offered some great advice along the way, letting me know what I should watch out for in the future. Very much appreciated especially in these chaotic times! I would definitely recommend - thanks Dan!

11. Wicked Bike Repair

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123 reviews
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Wicked Bike Repair

Address: Units 1-28, ECHO BUILDING, E Bay Ln, London E15 2SJ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7 PM

Telephone: +44 7473 672736

Business type: Used bicycle shop

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Wicked Bike Repair: what do users think?

Darren Murphy: Umberto is quick to respond by phone and email, providing a top notch service. I recently sold two bikes to him, and had a proper repair after one was vandalised. Very happy with the quick, quality work at a reasonable price. Great to support a local bike enthusiast over a large brand too.

Ana Sousa: Stopped at The Wicked Bike Shop for a quick tire pump and the owner very kindly not only helped me with this but also gave the bike a quick review (so I now know what needs to be fixed) and also oiled the chain for me. The owner seemed very knowledgeable and someone I would definitely trust to fix my bike (the one I currently have is borrowed) so will definitely come back once I have my own and use this as my local bike repair shop. Definitely recommend! :)

Thomas Kingston: Really good turn around times, I normally book a service the night before, drop off in the morning and it ready to collect same day.Umberto listens and communicates clearly, with fair prices and no hidden charges. Takes time to explain work done giving me confidence to do small repairs myself.

Hoha Fitness13: Umberto he is a nice guy and he helped me with my bycycle every time I went to him. His services are definitely 5✨️. I travelling a lot with my bycycle and I know my bike needs to be 100% good. Definitely recommend to come here if you want a good service for your bike. Thanks Umberto 😊 🙏

Ansuman Biswas: I got a very inconvenient flat tyre just before Umberto was closing the shop. It was a twenty minute walk to his shop but he waited for me after closing time in order to help me out. I very much appreciated his efficient and compassionate service.

Nico Stanford: Umberto is a boss! I cycled to the tattoo parlour next door and left my bike with Wicked Bike Repair on the off chance he could stop the gears slipping. I thought it would be the chain or cassette but Umberto fixed the gears and changed a cable, just £15 later my bike was riding like new again. Grazie mille!

Kate Gard: Not been here before. The guy is really helpful and fixed my bike on site. Super quick. Highly recommend.

Jon Willoughby: Update: following the reply below I just took my bike back to allow them a chance to repair the damage they had caused. Umberto (I think that’s his name) said he would only repair the damage he had caused if I removed my review. I said if he fixed it I would then amend the review, but then he said I had “disrespected” him by reporting my experience online and that I should “get out”. Last week, I had taken my Bike to Brompton Junction and they said the damage he had caused was inexcusable and that he should at least repair it himself or pay for it to be repaired by somebody else who was a competent and honest mechanic. I can only assume all the other reviews of this place are fake because this experience was so abysmal. Original review below: It would be almost impossible to have had a worse experience than the one I had at Wicked Bike Repair. There have been so many issues with the ‘repairs’ they did to my bike that listing them all would take up too much space and time to be worth it. I can forgive the incompetence that caused all the errors but not the rudeness of the owner. All I can say is there are many many other bike repair shops in the area, definitely avoid this one at all costs.
Response: Update: Dear Jon, I’m sorry you had such a bad experience at wicked bike repair. I appreciate this can be frustrating. I’m always willing to help the people. Often I do little jobs for free just to help. The people in the neighbourhood know me and the reviews are not fake. You didn’t disrespect me because of the bad review but because you had an aggressive behaviour and shouted at me that I’m an incompetent. Mistakes can be made, sorry about that. I hope you’ll come again to visit us. Next time though, try to face the matter calmly as an adult. I will be more than happy to assist you! Best wishes. Original: Dear Jon, thank You for your review. We appreciate your feedback, this help us improve our services. We are happy to take a look at your bike once again if something hasn't been fixed as you would expect, naturally free of charge. Apologies if I sounded rude, that wasn't really my intention. We Would like the chance to sort things out for you. Feel free to pop to the workshop anytime at your convenience. Best Regards

Ollie J Felts: I had 2 flat tyres and the guys at Wicked fixed it within 5 mins flat. Top service, will definitely be back 👍

Nadir Shaari: I was looking for a bike shop near Hackney Wick. Having visited several shops, I found them to be very friendly and did a great job repairing my bike. Would definitely recommend!

12. Bicycle Land

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93 reviews
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Bicycle Land

Address: Unit 2, 34 Turner St, London E1 2AS, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 6 PM ⋅ Opens 10 AM Wed

Telephone: +44 20 8088 2242

Business type: Bicycle Shop

Near Bicycle Land:

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Bicycle Land: what do users think?

Baktash Dadmanish: Bicycle Land is the most reputable ADO bike shop in the UK. They offer excellent products at great prices and provide excellent customer service. I purchased ADO A20 plus online from their website. The bike was delivered in excellent condition within four days of ordering. After using for 5 months I had a minor issue with the battery. The battery was immediately replaced after contacting customer support and answering a few questions. For anyone looking to buy or have their bike serviced, I highly recommend Bicycle Land. Thank you for your great service!

Sajek: 10 StarsBought a kugoo G-Max scooter.Shopped around found best price at bicycle land. Excellent, brand new boxed with 1yr warranty. Excellent Staff knowledgeable. Very happy with purchase.

Z Zz: Impressive collection of bikes at this place. They must have hand picked all the best bikes around. Bought a himo e-bike from the store. Staff was very helpful in finding me my best choice in my budget. Happy with my bike. Will be recommending this store to others. Thanks guys.

Rafael Zúñiga: Excellent service and customer experience. I went online and saw they had a shop nearby. Bought the bike I wanted and within less than a day I had the bike with me. Would definitely recommend it.

sdRaww: I bought a bike on August 28th (Sunday). As I received no updates on shipping, I called on Tuesday and I was told the bike was shipped on Monday but they did not receive a tracking number yet (so strange..?). I called again the next day, same answer. On September 2nd I sent an email saying that if no updates yet I wanted a refund, 15 minutes later I got the tracking number, according to which my bike was at the delivery comapny (Yodel) hub on the 2nd of September. And did not move from there anymore. I contacted Yodel and they told me the label of the parcel may have been ripped, because they could not find any info on their system, so asked me to describe the item so they could do a manual search; if no updates for 48h, "contact the retailer for next st eps". After 48h I went back to BicycleLand but they would not decide whether or not they were investigating the issue or not and communication was extremely difficult, with me having to chase answers both by email and phone calls. I asked a redund several rimes after September 2nd, but they claimed they could not give me a refund because the bike was not with them, even if I clarified several times I did not want it anymore. Why should it be my responsibility to retrive the bike I said over and over again I do not want anymore? You have the tracking number, too. I finally involved mg bank and put the matter in their hands. On the 12th, Yodel tried to deliver the bike, luckily I was at work so I was able to inform them I dis not want the parcel anymore and so to send it back to the rrtailer. It is 10 days later now and I have still no news from BicycleLand. As far as I know my bank is still disputing the issue. Unbelievable.
Response: Thank you for your feedback. We processed your order, dispatched your item and provided you with the tracking in a timely manner. We fulfilled our side of the contract. Unfortunately, there are factors out of our control. We are really sorry your item was not delivered to you by as scheduled. When you contacted us regarding your item not being delivered, there are protocols in place we have to follow and are not just a simple case of calling the courier. Our logistic team had to contact the courier in question to get an update. We strongly refute your claim about refusing to give you a refund. Yes you requested a full refund. We did not refuse a refund, we simply said as the item has been dispatched, please allow us time to confirm whether item is lost/damaged and allow the return of the item to us before we process a refund. This is clearly stated on our cancellation terms. You stated the courier informed you the label was damaged, in such case the item would not track because there would be no label to scan. It was last tracked at your local delivery depot. As it stands, a refund was processed several weeks ago, you can contact your bank to confirm this. Nevertheless, we are very sorry for the experience you had with this order and can only apologise. In the future should you wish to place an order please get in touch with us so we can offer you a deal to make up for this. Please note the item was returned to us and we have issued you a full refund almost a month ago. Thank you

abu miah: Nice. 😁Reserved online and Picked up in store. No delay. Quick service.Good quality product. Nice to have that assurance rather than buying off Facebook. Will surely be back for more goodies.

Iosif Cimpoeşu: Very good waterproof e-bike ADO A20XE: - the price is right; - assisted mode is helping me to cycle easily on the road traffic with 22-25 km/hour; - it needs about 1 kilowatt/100 km(35km/charge) in assisted mode since the first pedal on uneven asphalt(next to the kerb) with my 75 kg and the light is on.

13. Two Wheels Good Ltd

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191 reviews
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Two Wheels Good Ltd

Address: 165 Stoke Newington Church St, London, N16 0UL, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 6 PM ⋅ Opens 9 AM Wed

Telephone: +44 20 7249 2200

Business type: Bicycle Shop

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Two Wheels Good Ltd: what do users think?

Patrick Roman-Sadler: Dropped my bike off for a full service and it came back clean and running like a dream. Gear changes were smoother and brakes biting efficiently. Even nice touches like the new crank being ordered in black rather than silver to match the other components was a great attention to detail. Lovely staff and friendly shop. Will definitely return.

Dee Pulman: Took my bike in for a puncture repair and they were able to turn it around in a couple of hours. Booked in for a full service following this, and the team were really helpful in choosing the right service package, and providing costs and details straight away. Picked bike up the next day with no more squeaks or rattling. Very happy with the service and quality of work provided by Two Wheels Good. Definitely recommend.

David S. Blanco: My family and I have been using this shop for a decade or so. Paddy / his father and staff are total professionals in every way. Old fashioned, high quality and friendly service, an essential part of the community of shops on Church Street. I’ve brought my bikes in for service every year and they essentially feel like brand new bikes after servicing. Flawless shop. 10/10

Karyn Pulley: I recently bought a Surly touring bike from Two Wheels Good. They had everything I needed to make my six week bike trip a success. The team gave me options for the bike, as well as great advice and tips. Always friendly and helpful; the service was great. Highly recommend.

Sophie Vickers: Needed a very urgent tyre replacement for my Tokyo bike - they have unusual sized wheels and Two Wheels Good were the only shop in the area to stock them. They were able to replace the tyres quickly with great service as always. Highly recommend.

Chris Ware: My bikes, my sons bike. Sales and servicing. Built my Bullitt cargo bike from Denmark and also sold me an amazing fixie by Surley. V knowledgeable family business, lovely people.

Chris Hayes: Have been bringing my road, commuter and kids bikes here for many years and seen me through thousands of miles of bike journeys the length of Britain, Alps and Pyrenees. Jonathan and Paddy are total professionals and always helpful. Could not recommend them highly enough.

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