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1. Picturehouse Central

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Picturehouse Central

Address: Piccadilly Circus, Corner of Great Windmill Street and, Shaftesbury Ave, London W1D 7DH, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 20 7326 2649

Business type: Movie theater

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Picturehouse Central: what do users think?

Naran McGregor: Went to see Glass Onion.... Mondays are relatively quiet, and not all that busy. Screen 2 is of medium size, seating very comfortable, and is also wheelchair friendly. As a member you get access to the quirky members bar and money off perks on food and drink. Views from the upper level terrace and members bar are pretty impressive.

David Simkins: Lovely cinema, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Piccadilly Circus. A bright and airy café on the ground floor and a very attractive bar upstairs. Given the location, food and drink prices were very reasonable. Came here to watch the screening of Prima Facie, which was stunning! Comfortable sofas at the back and air conditioned. Overall a great experience.

Sam W: Best cinema in London. Great array of vintage, art house and indie films showing, in addition to the usual blockbusters. The member’s bar (for picturehouse central members) has a great cosy secret rooftop bar too

Trina Yau (Trini): Beautiful cinema to get away from the hustle and bustle of central London. It was quiet when we went on a Saturday afternoon to watch Minions. They have cute sofa seats and a members bar too!

Richard Kirkwood: Lovely cinema in the heart of Picadilly. The entrance is really nice with the lights hanging in the main foyer being pretty spectacular. There are really nice bars on a number of floors. Prices are expensive but probably no more than the rest of places in the area. The staff were very welcoming and wonderfully efficient. The screen that we were in (Screen 3) was pretty small but very good. Seats at the back were comfy and have lots of legroom. The popcorn was great as well! Thus is a great cinema with lots of history....we will be back :-)

aryan pise: A very amazing place Iconic Nostalgic Cuz it’s one of the oldest cinemas There is a restaurant beside it which is also great !!

Steve Carter: Lovely cinema with reclining seats and excellent quality screens and sound. Also has a bar. Not expensive given its location.

yuyun drwiega: One of our favourite cinemas to go with our family. Watched 3D movies several times here and it was wonderful experiences!

Jin Peh: This is a very comfortable and newly refurbished cinema located next to Piccadilly Circus with a good selection of movies. There is also a bar and cafe on the first floor. The ticket machines on the ground floor rejected my card even though the amount was deducted from my account. I received a notice to present my ticket to a staff member. Staff on the first floor were very understanding and apologetic and issued my ticket. They also explained that they were having issues with the ticketing machine. My seat was very comfortable and the sound and screen were superb. Note that the previews and advertisements lasted around 20 to 25 minutes after the advertised time giving us time to buy snacks and drinks. My cinema was located on the second floor and there are toilets on the first and third floors with escalator access.

2. Electric Theatre

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Electric Theatre

Address: 83 Scoresby St, London, SE1 0XN, United Kingdom

Business type: Movie theater

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Electric Theatre: what do users think?

Baken London: The augmented reality team games were fantastic. Really great fun with a bunch of friends. We did the Psychedelic Mansion for an hour and it thoroughly exceeded our expectations. The game consisted of 4 mini games, each require team work to complete. Once completed you replay the games with an ever increasing difficulty. After an hour the games were genuinely very challenging. All in all, a very good way to spend an hour with your friends.

Patrick Newell: Electric gamebox was a fun way to spend an hour. We did it as a family of 5 with 9, 12 and 14 year olds along with two adults. Alien Aptitude game title.

3. Backyard Cinema

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Backyard Cinema

Address: 2-4 Armoury Way, London, SW18 1SH, United Kingdom

Business type: Movie theater

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Backyard Cinema: what do users think?

Maycon Pablo: Finally went for the first time today with my partner, and I must say we were quite disappointed! No disrespect to the team involved, as we can definitely see the hard work that they put in - It’s impressive to see some of the things they have done, but for the price we paid, we don’t think it was worth it at all. The ‘train ride’ had some cool lighting, but the performance was quick and not that good. After the train we walked for a few seconds down a very cool corridor with mirrors and lights, and then the beautiful winter themed cinema. As it’s halloween season, we felt a lack of the decor to put us in the mood for the movie. I’ve seen some pictures of the Backyard Cinema, including the advertised ones and it was not what I expected. It let us down when we were there. I’m aware Backyard Cinema often changes their theme etc, and I also read some great reviews, I’ll be definitely willing to try it again in the future when it’s all changed. But this time the money wasn’t worth it.
Response: Thank you for leaving this feedback, Maycon. We are sorry to hear that you found your visit to the Arctic Express disappointing. Thank you for noting the hard work and effort of our team. We do work incredibly hard to create magical experiences for our customers. The higher price is to account for the bespoke sets that we build, actors and production costs such as lighting and sound design. We are pleased to hear that you enjoyed some of these elements. Your feedback has been noted and will be taken on board as we plan for future events. We hope to see you another time!

Cécile: Absolutely amazing. The decor is incredible. The staff was so enthusiastic and entertaining (maybe less the lady at the snack bar…). The screen wasn’t of amazing quality but it’s still great experience. Highly recommend. The kids loved it, and so did we! Ps: loved the story of how it started, prior to the movie. It was a nice touch!
Response: Thank you so much for this lovely feedback, Cécile! This has been passed to our Operations Team. I hope we see you again soon!

Anna Miller: A little over hyped, but the experience was nice for a Saturday evening. The “experience” room portion felt a bit rushed, but the staff were super committed to the silliness and fun. Food options were limited to chicken burgers and pizza, but there were vegetarian options at both offerings. Cocktails were standard price for London, and were on theme to the holidays. The facility was really warm and cozy , and the seating was comfy. Overall, a cute date night, would likely do another evening for a movie specific theme.
Response: Hello Anna! Thank you for leaving this feedback. It is great to hear that you enjoyed your visit. We hope to see you at the cinema again soon for your next cute date night!

kirti kiran: Had an amazing night with friends watching movie in the Miami Beach themed cinema. I think the whole experience was 10/10 and i loved the pre show experience, how they welcomed us with some fun stories and crew danced before the movie started. Bean bags and sand filled place was actually giving it a beach vibe. Amazing London cinema experience. Must try
Response: Thank you so much for leaving this review, Kirti! It is lovely to hear that you had such a great night with your friends. We should note for others reading that it is not an open air cinema- but we are just thrilled that the Miami Beach theme might have tricked you into thinking that it was! We hope to see you again soon.

Kirsten: What an experience, we had a blast. The staff Are exceptional , Vanessa is A great person, she went the extra mile to ensure we had a supersonic time!!! the music , atmosphere and the whole packaged experience was fantastic..its is definitely worth a visit. Definitely a excellent party idea .. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. We had amazing time every visit, We came 6 consecutive weekends. It was the best way to spend our weekends. We also had a fantastic time at L.A nights ..what an adventure, so realistic its brilliant 👏 well done guys!! Keep up the fantastic work... Staff are incredible and friendly.. The miami beach hotel staff were our favourite, the front house manner was brilliant , their humour was excellent, 5 stars for Gwendoline & Orto
Response: Thank you so much for leaving this feedback, Kirsten! It is wonderful to hear that you had such a good time. Thank you for noting our hard working staff. We hope to see you again soon!

Erika Rekke: Amazing experience, both for children and adults. Nice entertainment, friendly staff, and nice bar to have drinks and snacks before the movie. My 6 years old enjoyed a lot, and me too. Highly recommended!
Response: Hello Erika! Thank you so much for the lovely review. We're very happy that your family had a good time at the cinema and enjoyed the pre-movie snacks! We hope to see you at the cinema again soon.

4. Prince Charles Cinema

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Prince Charles Cinema

Address: 7 Leicester Pl, London, WC2H 7BY, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 20 7494 3654

Business type: Movie theater

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Prince Charles Cinema: what do users think?

Lin Cheng: This cinema is the perfect place to go if you want a quick snack before or after your movie. The location is very central and the ground floor has a great selection of popcorn and other snacks. The cinema and bar are both downstairs, which is perfect if you want to grab a drink before or after your film. The seats are comfortable overall, but there is little legroom. When people pass by, everyone in that row has to stand. The toilet is more or less clean, but it could be better.

Angelo Edades: A hidden gem of a cinema in Leicester square. Only went to the downstairs cinema as part of the BFI London Film Festival 2022. Get seats towards the front for a great view of the screen. Well ventilated.

dani: visited last night to watch interstellar & it was incredible! right next to chinatown which was so nice & perfect for food. staff were so friendly and nothing was too much bother. 100/10! definitely will be back :)

Sebastian Sanger: Genuinely the best cinema in London. Been coming here for years even when I didn’t live in London. Both screens are incredibly comfy and it feels like such cinema experience from the moment you walk in. The atmosphere creates a mutual respect between the movie watchers and I’ve never had a problem with people talking or going on their phones. They play such a wide range of films that are constantly changing. If you love cinema than look no further than The Prince Charles

Aidan S: Price - 5/5 As a member, I paid £1.75 for my ticket, self explanatory. Location - 4/5 Located near Leicester Sq. station, very easy to get to. Establishment - 1/5 I visited the underground screen to watch my film. It had an interesting shape; with the front half of the seats angled up and the back half angled down. There was a game of musical chairs, people swapping seats and moving around during the intro of the film. A tall gentleman with an Afro moved right in front of my seat during the beginning of the film and I had to find a new place to sit to actually see the screen. The smell from where I was sitting was horrible. I am unsure if it was the seat/s I was sitting on, the old lady in front of me or the room itself. There was a strong odour of urine. I started to worry slightly around the middle of the film because I genuinely thought someone in front of me had urinated on the floor. Concession - 1/5 Right off the bat there wasn’t a lot to offer. I went to order a ginger ale and all that was left to drink was beer, cola and lemonade. I took a small bottle of lemonade and paid a costly £3.30 for it. Even if they had more in stock, the prices of snacks and drinks are ridiculous compared to how much they charge for film tickets. Experience - 1/5 I enjoyed the film, the film in question being Dr No (1962). I had already seen it before and loved it; I impulse bought the ticket after having a recent desire to see it on the big screen. My experience was uncomfortable; no matter how much I tried to enjoy the film. The horrid smell left me feeling queasy at the end of the screening. There were some strange people lurking in the cinema. At one point I even saw a man with his trousers down, with his bare behind out! As a film student who frequents theatres/cinemas, I am disappointed by my experience. Through word of mouth, I have heard nothing but good things about this cinema from my friends and family. But all I can say is “what happened?” I really hope they can work on this because they have a good lineup of screenings and would love to return (with my film student friends), but feel less inclined to after what I had to endure.
Response: I can guarantee the smell was Brought in to the venue by a customer. Sadly everyone’s hygiene levels differ, but we believe in cinema for everyone. Sorry you drew a short straw on this. I hope you alerted the staff member to the smell and witnessing a fellow customer exposing themselves. The Usher would have found you a more suitable seat for the performance. On pricing it’s great you liked the film pricing, in retail we offer many soft drink options and most are less than what you chose, especially with the member only 15% discount. Hope you give us another chance to show you what so many appreciate, then perhaps you can reconsider editing your one star review.

5. Barbican Cinemas

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Barbican Cinemas

Address: Beech St, London, EC1Y 8AA, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 20 7870 2500

Business type: Movie theater

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Barbican Cinemas: what do users think?

Sachin Bhuchar: My first visit to this cinema was very pleasant. The staff were very friendly and helpful. The bathrooms were very clean and in a nice condition. The cinema was a reasonable size and the seats were very comfortable with ample leg room. The screen was a good size for the room and the quality was what you expect for a cinema. Like a normal cinema there was around 25 minutes of adverts before the film.

Phuc Hai Tran: Small, cosy, extremely clean and the sound is crystal - almost like a personal theatre. Although the Barbican screening list is usually tied to an event/exhibition, should you get the option to choose between this place and any other cinema chains, go here - no questions about it.

Imran Chaudhry: My favourite cinema in London. Less commercial but still showing mainstream films. Tidy, well organized with good visuals and sound. Top marks!

Rachel Ward: Such great value for money for a central london cinema! Cinema theatres are small and intimate. Often have a great range/variation of films showing

benjamin cusden: I truly enjoyed my visit here although the screen (Cinema 2) is a little small I was soon engrossed in the film and the sound was great. Incredibly friendly and helpful staff although I thought £2.60 was a lot for a regular can of coke. Easy to get to from Barbican tube station (about 1 minute / 2 minutes walk up Beech Street, directly opposite the tube exit).

Harri Flynn: Had a great time! Was running a little late (which was obvious from my state) and the staff readily told me that I was able to get a drink before I went in even thought the adverts had started. The seats were comfortable and moveable without upsetting the people next to me. The sound was amazing and felt incredibly immersive. Went to see batman and although the cinema was quite empty the atmosphere was electric. Student discount means £5 tickets so will definitely be coming here again and highly recommend if you live nearby!

6. Curzon Mayfair

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Curzon Mayfair

Address: 38 Curzon St, London, W1J 7TY, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1233 555644

Business type: Movie theater

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Curzon Mayfair: what do users think?

Ryan T: TOP GUN 2 - MAVERICK ! Brilliant! We hadn’t been before, typically regulars at Everyman but times didn’t work so Curzon we went. Great central location, fab entrance area, and screen 1 is a very cool space. Love the height of the ceiling and the detail. Seats are super comfy. Tasty snack BUT, why hot chocolate is served in a take away cup and not a proper mug!

NURMALGUCKER: We had a perfect cinema experience! Very cozy and stylish lounge, delicious food and very comfortable seats :)

Mada Alhassan: All I can say about this cinema theatre is OLD. The chairs are not comfortable, tiny & there is not stand for your drinks or food! But it’s quiet & their snacks and drink menu are overpriced

Spike Mclarrity: I love beautiful cinemas, this has a charm and elegance about it.Staff friendly and welcoming, has a bar/food /drinks. Comfortable seats. Very relaxed atmosphere.

Susan Laura Shaw: Very pleasant bar although drinks and snacks are pricey. The cinema seats are comfortable. However this Curzon has several screens none of which can be described as exactly big.

Cheryl Chen: Attended Aftersun preview + Q&A at Curzon Mayfair. Nice little cinema with a bar and comfortable seating area.

Cecilie Holter: I LOVE Curzon Mayfair! It’s my second home. I particularly love the smaller cinema; intimate, elegant and cozy! I also adore the kind and helpful staff. All in all, it’s so good, I’m a member.

George Black: Pretty nice cinema. Good experience too. Aside from the very expensive neighborhood, this is still one of the best places for film festival showings.

Lopa Shah: Went to see Top Gun - Maverick movie here. Love this cinema. Full of lush seats and half empty though it was a NIGHTMARE getting here because of the Jubilee celebrations.

7. Rich Mix

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Rich Mix

Address: 35-47 Bethnal Grn Rd, London, E1 6LA, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11PM

Telephone: +44 20 7613 7498

Business type: Movie theater

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Rich Mix: what do users think?

Pras M: Lovely local arts cinema and venue. Watched one of the Asian Film Festival movies here and the setup was great. The cafe has Indian food and drinks too.
Response: Hi Pras, so pleased you enjoyed your trip here for the Asian Film Festival - we love Indi-go's food too!

mah203: Arrived spontaneously midday Saturday for a family lunch. Although we were 1 of only 2 sets of family customers, the food was all satisfying and exceeded our expectations on tastes, quality, seasoning, spices, aromas and portions were ok. The masala fries were not overly spiced and more of a dry spice addition, very nice. The Naan had good amount of garlic, the Chaat was tasty, tangy, crunchy, alittle sweet also very nice. The meal was unrushed and served by a friendly staff member.
Response: Thank you very much for your review, we're so pleased to hear you had an enjoyable family meal at Indi-go, our in-house restaurant, we will pass this on to the rest of the team. Hope you join us again in the future.

Cristo Nobel: Beautiful place, great film festivals and the atmosphere is just nice and quiet.
Response: We're so pleased you like visiting Cristo! Thanks for the feedback.

Olivier Dejean: I attended a film festival at the Rich Mix this week and the personal was really cool. The mood of the place is vintage and the underground is really nearby. Great experience.

LLP Management: Love this place, great for a quiet drink, a movie and for film festivals
Response: Brilliant to hear, thank you!

Jimmy Chiba: Really nice venue. Glad to see they think about the community 😍
Response: Thank you very much for this, Jimmy!

Marc Angelo Sanchez: Great place for contemporary art. The place is filled with great people.

Fedele Sforza: Live music, theatre and much more in the Shoreditch indipendent creative district.

8. The Cinema in The Power Station

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The Cinema in The Power Station

Address: 3rd Floor, Turbine Hall, Battersea Power Station, Nine Elms, London SW11 8DD, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 20 3330 7120

Business type: Movie theater

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The Cinema in The Power Station: what do users think?

Genevieve Bennett: Despite the sound and screen quality being great, unfortunately we were left a little disappointed after visiting the cinema in the power station. The website promises “sumptuous reclining seats” however the seats barely recline and don’t stay in the reclined position. They are also not what I would describe as “sumptuous”. There is a nice selection of drinks and wine, but they are not cold and they do not provide wine glasses. The popcorn is not fresh and contained in large bags which means you get a lot of crumbled popcorn in your box. If you want to sit and have a drink before you enter the cinema, there are only about 5 chairs available, so it’s not very comfortable. Most of these things could be improved quite easily and I think would make the experience much more pleasant.

Alex: Great cinema, cozy seats and kind staff. Unfortunately our visit was cut short by reasons uncontrollable by the cinema (by the fire alarm) but the staff were very lovely and handled the situation well. Will be going back to finish the movie :)

Francis Olvez-Wilshaw: Beautifully designed cinema. Lovely, friendly staff. The seating is comfortable and the range of snacks is impeccable. Bravo! I will return

Catrin Podgorski: Fantastic cinema with Dolby Atmos sound and vision which are 10/10. Staff are very knowledgeable and helpful, and make the experience all the better. Best cinema in south London.

ria poly: A very elegant and cosy cinema in one of the most amazing buildings in london! Definitely a place I will visit again and again! Also the staff is very lovely and helpful 👌🏻

Dimitra Gkouma: Very nice space. Lovely staff. I think I am going to become a regular.

9. Barbican Cinema 1

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Barbican Cinema 1

Address: Level 2 Barbican Centre, Silk St, London EC2Y 8DS, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 20 7638 8891

Business type: Movie theater

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Barbican Cinema 1: what do users think?

Celebrity Engineer: A very nice and cozy Cinema hall at the Barbican.Attended an Engineering workshop here. The garden on the 3rd floor is were we had cocktails is insanely beautiful. The staff at the Barbican are kind and ready to help with directions

Alex Martynwood: Fantastic baby cinema with brighter lights, lower sound levels, subtitles. Offers all baby facilities you can wish for and spare stuff if you have forgotten anything.

Robert Cottrell: I was actually at a MD brunch singing workshop. Was set up with zoom and microphones. Excellent acoustics. Got dodgy knees now and a member of staff helpfuly guided me to correct lifts on -2.

Monica Daley: The Pitt Theatre.. an excellent production by young Uprising talents

Thyago Falconi: The cinema room is stunning, clean, comfortable.

10. Genesis Cinema

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Genesis Cinema

Address: 93-95 Mile End Rd, Bethnal Green, London, E1 4UJ, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 20 7780 2000

Business type: Movie theater

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Genesis Cinema: what do users think?

Paul YIU: I was there for the 1st Hong Kong Film Festival UK, and I am delightfully surprised by the size and interior of this cinema. Not only it is way bigger than I expected, there were food stalls, and nice spaces for display or exhibition purposes. I was also told Theater 1(the one I was in) sits over 350 people, and it looks and feels very spacious and comfortable.
Response: Over 500 people actually! Thank you so much for visiting us and taking the time to leave us a rating. Look forward to welcoming you back in the future 🍿

La DLX: Great, low-key cinema in East London. Good selection of films, cheap ticket prices with plenty of lovely but, expensive treats including freshly made popcorn from an old school popcorn machine and a great Pik N Mix. The building is classically decorated and has an art deco feel to it, the chairs are comfy but low/deep so kids (or maybe even you) will likely need a cushion (there are plenty at the back stacked up in each screen). The screens are not the biggest but are ok and the sound system is basic but effective and loud enough. The staff are friendly and helpful. All in all a good, low-key (still busy though) and traditional cinema not far from Shoreditch to go see a film. Would recommend checking out if you want somewhere more classic and less commercial with a light arty feel in East London.
Response: Thank you for the thoughtful review! Screen 1 is actually the largest in east London while screens 2 and 3 are slightly smaller and studios 4 and 5 offer in screen bars and sofas. We’ve currently got a birthday film season with £2.50 tickets, £2.50 pints and £3.60 popcorn + drink combos. You should check it out 🍿

Suf: My new favourite cinema in London. I visited today to watch The Many Saints of Newark (Sopranos Film). It has a cozy vibe, good screen size, comfy seating, wide selection of snacks and staff are very friendly. Tickets are £5.50 from Monday to Thursday and £10.50 from Friday to Sunday (peak hours). Highly recommend. Will be visiting again soon.
Response: Thanks so much Suf! Glad we resonated with you and nice film choice! See you again soon x

Ivona Mircheva: Amazing independent cinema with loads of events and great prices! We go there almost every week!

Barbara Patiño: This movie theatre is so cool and different, because it has a lot of style. The screen is not that big and the seats feel kind of old, but somehow that just makes it cozy. I would definitely recommend!
Response: Thank you Barbara! For future reference Screen 1 is our biggest - the biggest in East London - screens 2 and 3 are a little smaller while Studios 4 & 5 are our luxury screens with a cosier more intimate vibe featuring sofas, in screen bar and blankets etc. We also have our outside space The Yard for food and drinks incase you missed it and the bar area upstairs incase you missed them! Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures too. Hope to see you again soon!

Kat Doria: What a local gem! Absolutely love it here. Seats are comfy, audio is great and screen is of good quality. Drink and food options are great and prices reasonably. They also have acoustic gigs every once in a while. Definitely a must visit!

Timur Zhidkov: Lovely cinema, the screen in the studio is a bit small. I would appreciate it if the person in the projector room could watch their YouTube with headphones while screening the film. I could hear it throughout the whole film. The seats are very comfortable, and I really like the ottomans provided.
Response: Hi Timur. Our studio screens are intentionally smaller to add to the cosy lounge atmosphere. Check out Screen 1 if you like a big screen and huge auditorium! Have just spoken to management regarding the noise issue and actually there is no projectionist in the studios but will look into what it could have been and make sure there's no noise pollution coming from somewhere else. Thanks for the feedback and look forward to welcoming you back again soon!

11. ODEON Tottenham Court Rd

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1487 reviews
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ODEON Tottenham Court Rd

Address: Central Cross, 30 Tottenham Ct Rd, London W1T 1BX, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 333 014 4501

Business type: Movie theater

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ODEON Tottenham Court Rd: what do users think?

Valeria Barajas: The screening room smelt like feet. There was also no good air circulation so it made it feel really hot in the middle of the film (also explains the feet smell). The screen was also quite small and far, sound wasn’t all that great either. However, the seats were comfortable which is hard to find in London cinemas.

P: Poor sound and picture quality. I just left the cinema when the movie started because I’d rather see it on a good screen. This doesn’t even look full hd, more like 720p. Colours are completely dull. Sound lacks everything. If my £1k home projector is far superior than one of a renowned cinema, what’s the point of going to the cinema? Seats are not comfortable either but that’s another story. Please upgrade your picture and sound.

Shay Robinson: Fantastic service. For a smaller cinema the staff go above and beyond to make your experience as spectacular as possible. 10/10 would go back. Surround by amazing restaurants, Odeon is the perfect place for an amazing date night.

Andrea AJ: First time here, a terrible smell of drains in the entrance & downstairs. Premium seats in theatre 2 difficult to establish the difference between them& the usual seats. Certainly not worth the premium. Friendly staff though.

Rebecca: Absolutely awful. Paid around 26 pounds for premium seats (row G) and it’s an absolutely joke. Have no leg space whatsoever THE SEATS ARE SO CLOSE I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. DO not rate at all and will not return to this terrible cinema. Jesus Christ

Andrea Paszterkó: Uncomfortable, small seats, small screen and poor sound. The staff is super friendly tho, and they definitely deserve a better workplace.

12. The Gate Picturehouse

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The Gate Picturehouse

Address: 87 Notting Hill Gate, London, W11 3JZ, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 20 7326 2649

Business type: Movie theater

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The Gate Picturehouse: what do users think?

M J: The gate is a lovely cinema in central london that holds special screenings as well as reruns of older movies. The cinema is spacious and there are sofas in the back-rows that are very comfortable. They have a good selection of snacks and the staff are really lovely. The only thing I would say, however, is the screen itself is quite small and especially if you’re sitting in the back it can be hard to see.

Tony Thornton: Lovely old cinema, but wrap up as quite cold inside. Does not have a cafe per se, however there is a wonderful Italian cafe right next door with friendly service and good coffee.

Timeto (to): Good cinema 🙃🎥 with good essay program. Recommend 🤗

Daniel Bariente: So quaint and luxurious. Feels like your in your very own home Cinema / Theatre and your the only one there absolutely ❤ it.

Manuela Nastasa: Only one big screen, I think I was expected something else for the first time.. Otherwise the movie was good and tje seat confortable

Wendi F: Loved the old theatre feel. Comfortable seats - we sat on the couches in the back. Reasonable ticket prices and prices of snacks. Really good popcorn.

13. The Cinema at Selfridges

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223 reviews
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The Cinema at Selfridges

Address: 40 Duke St, London, W1U 1AT, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 800 123400

Business type: Movie theater

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The Cinema at Selfridges: what do users think?

Yasir: This is really a great kept cinema with such an intimate feel and great service. The rooms look immaculate and so does the waiting area. We came to watch everything, everywhere all at once and it was a good experience in this cinema. We were in the smallest screen but the seats were so comfy and they were recliners and you had a small table for yourself. This really gives a luxury old school vibe and I would definitely recommend going here for the experience. Tickets are £20 which is pricy for a cinema ticket but you also pay for the comfort.
Response: Hello Yasir, Thank you for taking the time to leave us a lovely 5-star review. We're so glad you enjoyed your experience here with us and we hope to welcome you back in the near future. Best Wishes

Douglas Dillard: Very Beautiful and Stylish little cinema hidden away in Selfridges. Me and My partner have been many times and love it there ! Today we had issues with quite possibly the rudest bunch of kids ( + 2 adults) on planet earth. Talking, shouting, throwing food, Watching videos on their phones and to top it off They kicked me and my partners chairs on multiple occasions. We ended up walking out early. The staff and the manager were super lovely and apologised for our bad experience. The manager had spoken to the 2 adults on multiple occasions but they would not control the Kids. We got a full refund and will definitely be back as the cinema and staff are lovely.
Response: Hi Douglas, Nice meeting you earlier and thanks so much for your lovely review. I hope to see you around again soon and please accept my apologies again. I did speak to the adults again when they left and they were very apologetic, hopefully similar situations won't occur again. Best wishes Matteo General Manager

Natasha Khan: Went here on a Saturday night to watch “don’t worry darling.” The cinema screens are small, but suitable if you wanna watch a movie like don’t worry darling. I wouldn’t necessarily go to watch a Marvel movie for example. Nice for a date. The tickets are pricey being at £20 each. They have a good selection of food, but again it can be pricey. I think there are many other luxury cinemas in London to go to, but this could be one to add to the list.
Response: Thank you so much for your review Natasha! We look forward to welcome you back.

Yuvi Gadham: The Cinema at Selfridges is the finest film watching experience in London’ the theatre inside is wrapped from top to bottom with alcantara like material, looks and feels quite premium, also the Cinema halls is not that big, it’s quite low volume and quite a bit premium over Vue cinema or cineworld likes but absolutely worth it!
Response: Dear Yuvi, Many thanks for your 5-star review! We look forward to welcoming you back soon. Best wishes

Bhawini Mistry: Had an amazing experience yesterday evening with my mate we both went to watch Batman. We loved it so much it’s so cosy, posh, excellent customer service and friendly staff
Response: Hello Bhawini, Thank you so much for the lovely comments and 5-star review. We're so glad you enjoyed your experience with us and we really do hope to welcome you back again soon!

Osagie Ibhade: Really enjoyed watching a movie here, gives you a nice intimate cinema experience. From the comfortable recliner seat to the friendly staff. I would definitely recommend.
Response: Hi Osagie, Many thanks for your 5 star review! We look forward to welcoming you again soon. Best wishes

14. Electric Cinema

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1188 reviews
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Electric Cinema

Address: 191 Portobello Rd, London, W11 2ED, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 20 7908 9696

Business type: Movie theater

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Electric Cinema: what do users think?

Anastasiia Medynska: It was nice experience! There is a bar behind the seats, where you can order a food or a drink. The drink will have immediately almost, and the food they will bring to your seats. Really good sound, screen not so big but quality of image pretty good. Really like my time which I spent there:) totally would recommend for a date night!

Rubby: This cinema is really with special charm! Every corner is full of vintage vibe (even the restaurant beside it and the bathroom). It is really enjoyable experience to watch movies here. Highly recommended!

Mica Magsanoc: A very beautiful cinema and I had a nice experience here watching The Menu. Tickets are £25 for a regular arm chair and while it’s comfy & spacious, I really think you’re paying a lot of money just for the experience. There’s a bar at the back and they can also serve food (like nachos & chips) to your chair. I think I’d only come back for special occasions and not regularly.

Ian Lawrence (Inspector Gadget): This is what you would call a buji Cinema, the seating is, you can order leather seats, in the foot press is a compartment we can keep your personal belongings safe during. At the back of the cinema there are leather sofas, and way down at the front (for obvious reasons) you have beds. You have waiter from the electric dining.

Can Arseven: Great screen & sound, good snacks & drinks and super comfortable seats. Try to sit in the middle or more towards the front, screen can be too small from the back seats! Can recommend 5/5

Eirini Pistof: Great atmosphere. So nice, comfortable seats with a good bar. Vegetarian options as well.

15. ODEON Luxe Leicester Square

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ODEON Luxe Leicester Square

Address: 22-24 Leicester Square, London, WC2H 7LQ, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 333 014 4501

Business type: Movie theater

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ODEON Luxe Leicester Square: what do users think?

Marzouq Alghanim: This place has been recently revamped and I loved the main screen. The recliner seats are really good, and the revamp is great. The sound and screen quality is great, and the food selection is great with lots of popcorn options. And if your going to the big screen, get the seats closer to the screen you will feel more immersed. And enjoy the movie.

Cain Hands: A really fantastic experience! Friendly staff and well lit, with very comfortable seats. Only downsides is that the headrest can rattle a little bit with the very deep base and the snacks could be upgraded with more vegan friendly interesting foods

Adam Dawood: Really good cinema, went to see the Top Gun sequel and loved the experience here. Picture quality was excellent. Sound was phenomenal and was loud enough to give you goosebumps but not be uncomfortable. I felt like I was on the aircraft carrier. Recommended this cinema.

aryan pise: It’s an amazing theatre An iconic place too As the very first Harry Potter movie premier was held there !!! The thing over there was that all the recliner or sofa seats you can say were placed in the front And the normal seats at the back If you are planing to watch a movie there choosing Dolby sound is the best ! One more thing is that there are TWO theatres named ODEAN One is an old one which is called ODEAN Covent garden and one is a new one called ODEAN Luxe on which I’m writing an review of Me and my family got confused and went to the old ODEAN theatre and were about to miss the Jurassic park movie 😅 But yea we got it (Had to go running) Net n clean washrooms Nice resting areas A quite big shop to buy food The screen in which we sat was huge Yea totally ! Would suggest to take a seat in the front or than the screen looks like an 55 inch TV from the back Wonderful place and theatre Nice time spent Felt lively !!!

Tom Gordon: A super unique Odeon experience that made the film feel like a true adventure! Heading down the lifts and into the private bar before super comfortable surround sound speaking cant be beat. Not to mention the prime location for post movie food!

Kelvin Chiu: Watch my video review - DO NOT PAY for “standard” ticket. It’s not a standard seat… we were seated on the second floor; it’s so freaking far back and the screen was so small I would have rather stayed at home. For the same price, go to IMAX. I immediately asked for a refund.

Justin Derrick: Beautiful venue, amazing visual and audio experience. Very polite and knowledgeable staff added to the experience. Will definitely be coming back....soon!

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