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1. Nutritionist London

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Nutritionist London

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9 p.m.

Telephone: +44 7960 092398

Business type: Nutritionist

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Nutritionist London: what do users think?

Sarah Lou: Helen is warm, friendly, very knowledgeable and most of all non judgmental! She listened and made sure to understand my situation. Putting in to practice what she taught me has much improved my symptoms and I generally feel better. Highly Recommend!
Response: Hi Sarah, Thank you very much for your kind words. It's been great working with you and I'm glad we've been able to get on top of your symptoms and get you back to feeling yourself.

2. London Clinic of Nutrition

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London Clinic of Nutrition

Address: 100 Seymour Pl, London, W1H 1NE, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 6 p.m. ⋅ Opens 9 a.m. Wed

Telephone: +44 20 3332 0030

Business type: Nutritionist

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London Clinic of Nutrition: what do users think?

Fabi D.: I went to see Oliver (by recommendation) after trying to manage my health problems with conventional medicine for over a year without much success. I have never been advised so comprehensively. Physical, psychological and environmental factors all enter into Oliver’s diagnostic process. A personal treatment plan is created, which is being adjusted according to symptoms as you go along. I‘m much improved after a very short time frame (3 months). I was expecting a much longer time frame. The offered therapy methods go far beyond high-quality supplements (e.g. IV treatment, physio, therapy). Without Oliver’s meticulous investigations, I would have not gotten to bottom of my illness triggers that quick. He found so many issues conventional doctors hadn’t, and managed to get me better. Beyond that, I feel extremely well taken care of in this clinic. All the staff are extremely friendly and helpful, Oliver and the clinic are very easy to get in touch with. This clinic makes a great effort to heal people and give them back their quality of life. Thank you!
Response: thanks Fabiola , its been a dream working with you and seeing your swift progress from ill health. Thanks for the family referral too.

Sophie Woods: Having been under this clinic for over 9 months and spending around £3000 I have been left very disappointed. Long story short, I have seen no improvements in my original symptoms and have even had worsening symptoms as well as new issues arising. I was initially assigned Jacqui and then had a consultation with Oliver in September after raising my concerns at the lack of progress. After numerous prescribed protocols - basically you just get prescribed £100’s of supplements to buy after every appointment - I have not seen any positive progress. I have received conflicting diagnoses and recommendations. When my health worsened after following their advice this was dismissed. Concerningly even when raising the issues I was having several times by phone and email I reviewed email replies talking about “positives” that I had allegedly experience which I think was an attempt to falsify records should a complaint arise. Also of concern during at least one call with Jacqui she began detailing things I’d never said and it was apparent she had me confused with another patient - potentially one reason I was prescribed unhelpful suggestions. I found Oliver and Jacqui polite to deal with but also dismissive when raising my concerns and ongoing issues. I have tried to apply for a refund by this has been declined. Oliver appears unable to accept any criticism of the clinic (see replies to other unfavourable reviews) which is great for his staff but not so great for patients seeking help and transparency. Save your time and money guys, advice is very generic and is nothing you wouldn’t find via Google. I assume the lengthy lists of supplements they prescribe is a way for them to earn further commission from you.
Response: Thanks for the review which needs to be balanced with the following: 1. Oliver did not charge you at all for the appointment you had with him, (which was offered as 2nd opinion ) so how you can have a refund on a free appt is beyond us. This was meant to be chargeable but after you did not get the results you desired we offered the appt complimentary as a goodwill gesture. 2. you queried how you might refer a friend to the clinic, so how you can then give us a 1 star review seems quite bizarre given that you were willing to recommend us. 3. You only had one appt with Oliver and worked with Jacqui for 4 months- often chronic health problems that have lasted 5-10 years do need 6-12 months and multiple approaches and changes to programs to achieve results. 4. Results with any service based industry are never guaranteed and we have worked very hard on your case and we are sorry we were not able to give you the results you desired. Whilst most patients receive exceptional care and results with us, we have to humbly recognise that some patients will not improve with our approaches and despite our best intentions and efforts. This is obviously true of any medical setting.

R P: I booked the course for 700 pounds and was looking forward to working with Lcon after all the good reviews they have. However I had a poor experience with my practitioners. He referred to my conditions incorrectly a few times and just generally seemed disinterested. As someone who is vegetarian i was told to eat meat, which i wasnt comfortable in doing. I also had to ask questions such as what kind of meat, and whether it would be organic or not. I just didnt feel comfortable following the advice I raised my concerns and was offered a full refund and appreciated their cooperation with my experience. I was also offered to see another practitioner to help me. Though the experience did not work out for me, it may work for someone else but I thought i would share my thoughts
Response: We're dedicated to providing the best care possible and take all feedback seriously, so thank you for reaching out. We have since spoken to your practitioner who was surprised to hear this as he is always gentle in his approach and would never tell anyone to eat meat if they didn't want to. We wish you all of the best on your health journey.

Ilana Xup: i was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in May 2022, which was incredibly overwhelming.i was prescribed medication which had severe side effects and someone on an online group then recommended that i contact LCOC. i had a video call with Lelani, one of the nutritionists there and they provided me with a tailored plan based around nutrition and wellness. the closer i stick to the plan, the better i feel. it has been a lifestyle overhaul and i am really glad i approached the clinic. at the moment, i am not taking any medication for my colitis, and i have also stopped taking my IBS medication, which i had been taking for 20 years. best decision i ever made. my only regret is not finding the clinic sooner.
Response: Hi Ilana, thank you for your positive review of your time with the clinic. Well done for implementing the changes and taking this step in your journey - you are already reaping the benefits of your sessions with Lelani and we hope this continues.

Remark Able: I consulted Paul Foley for some heavy metal poisoning issues that the NHS did not have the skills to treat. Paul is extremely knowledgeable and at the cutting edge of Naturopathic Medicine. I found he was able to help me where the NHS could not and after a few months got me feeling way, way better. If you need a top 2% Naturopathic Physician then I can honestly recommend Paul Foley as one of the very best. -- TT from Farnham, Surrey

Joy Pears: I’d been unwell for many years when I approached LCON – all the team there are caring and very helpful. I took out a care package and had a series of appointments with Dr Oliver Barnett. He always listened carefully to what I had to say, and it was his flexible adaptable approach that turned my life around – literally. (I don’t say that lightly!) In a nutshell, I have mould toxicity issues, a leaky gut as well as other related health issues, but I’m now well on the road to recovery. My life is no longer on hold and I can plan for the future – so a huge thank you to Oliver and the LCON team!
Response: Thank you for your kind review Joy and what an incredible journey you've been on too. Thank you for trusting in our process - this is exactly why we do what we do to help people like yourself.

GOKCE GUL: I am so thankful to be working with Oliver. I have had digestive issues that I had been living with for over 15 years. Since working together with Oliver, all my digestive issues have subsided to a point where I feel like I am in my 20s again. I used to have painful swelling in my breasts before my periods, and used to have adult onset acne on my face constantly. Those too, have subsided. My skin is clear without using anything topically, and do not need to wear foundation, or tinted creams. I guess you really are what you eat. I had tried many routes and eating plans before over the years but had not gotten results close to the ones I am experiencing now. This has been brilliant and will definitely keep a long term relationship with Oliver.
Response: Thank you for your kind words Gokce. We take pride in our approach at the clinic and we're so pleased to hear how well you are doing following your work with Oliver. We're so pleased to hear of such positive impacts. Wishing you continued health and happiness.

3. Rachel Clarkson, The DNA Dietitian

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Rachel Clarkson, The DNA Dietitian

Address: 10 Harley St, London, W1G 9PF, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8 p.m.

Telephone: +44 20 7126 7101

Business type: Nutritionist

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Rachel Clarkson, The DNA Dietitian: what do users think?

Sadia Karim Snigdha: Best dietitian ever! I used to throw up all my life and had no idea why. However, Rachel helped identify my problems and made me understand the right food choices for me. She is also very caring and knowledgeable. After seeing Rachel, I do not throw up anymore, I am more energetic, and confident with myself. Seeing Rachel was the best decision I have ever made, and I definitely recommend her.

Malak Arafa: I was really interested in getting personalized advice to help me generally improve my health, reduce risk of disease in the future and improve my energy levels. I found the DNA results so interesting and the results were explained and simplified really well. I felt like I understood everything and knew exactly what I needed to do by the end of the session.

Nathalie Bodevin: When I was younger I always managed to control my weight by going regularly to the gym. After a few injuries, I had to reduce the physical activity and as a result put on 10 kilos. I tried to loose the weight for 2 years but whatever I did, I did not seem to be able to shed the weight. After doing quite a lot of research I decided to contact Rachel. I wanted to learn how to prepare healthy and balanced meals rather than just loosing weight. Rachel is was super knowledgeable, supportive and understanding. She has a true passion for helping people. Trying to change bad eating habits is not fun but Rachel’s calming and supportive attitude really helped. She gave me lots of advise throughout our sessions but also let me find my own path which I thought was very important. I know have the tools to understand my body and to adjust my diet based on my needs. I really want to thank Rachel for everything I learnt with her. I feel that now my food intake is more balanced and healthier than it has ever been.

Rhys Andrews: I contacted Rachel as I was having digestion issues which were really affecting my quality of life. After a few months working with Rachel I have seen my digestive symptoms dramatically improve. I also took the DNA test which provided a lot of useful information. Would highly recommend Rachel for all your dietary/digestion and lifestyle advice. Thank you to Rachel and her team for a seamless positive experience

chiara gandini: Every time I have a session with Rachel I discover something new about my body and about nutrition. She has a very unique approach to dieting and what healthy eating means, really taking into consideration genetics and individual needs. Working with Rachel is not just about losing weight, it is a journey to discover your own body, how it works, what it really needs, speaking about essential factors including lifestyle and most importantly mental health when approaching healthy eating.

Ilaria Montesanto: I can’t recommend Rachel Clarkson and The DNA Way enough. I feel so lucky that I started my weight loss journey with her because I believe Rachel is the best Dietitian... she didn’t only support me with personalised dietary advice, but a new lifestyle. She didn’t talk just about food, but the emotional aspect of eating which helped me greatly. I never felt alone on my weight loss journey; Rachel is kind, comprehensive and competent and supported me on this journey like no one else ever could.

4. Rick Miller

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Rick Miller

Address: 54 Beaumont St, London, W1G 6DW, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 6 p.m. ⋅ Opens 8 a.m. Wed

Telephone: +44 20 7101 5059

Business type: Nutritionist

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Rick Miller: what do users think?

Daniela Heredia: Rick Miller is the Best Dietitian Nutritionist in London! I’m very happy with the results, I am achieving my goals! He provided clear and valuable information to lose weight. He is very professional and he has extensive experience. He is a lifesaver! I would highly recommend Rick to anyone. He is amazing!!
Response: Thank you Daniela, glad to help!

DSLabs: I will start with the fact that he saved me. I had fatty liver grade 3 and my whole whole family was very concerned with it. Dr. Rick helped me in understanding my situation, plan my diet, shared detailed written down advice and recover fully from my condition within 2 months. Speaking with him was very comforting for me and my family and I would without a doubt recommend him to anyone who is looking for any nutritional advice in their path to recovery from liver conditions.

Debi Nelmes: Rick was very welcoming and put me at ease very quickly. He listened well to my needs and was able to make some suggestions on how I could improve my nutrition and strength. During my consultation, he made things very clear and easy to understand. He followed this up with a thorough 4 page report covering nutrition/diet, exercise/sleep and supplements. Rick was also more than happy to answer any follow up questions that I had, following receipt of my report. My visit to Rick was such a great decision as only weeks after, I am already noticing big changes in my sports performance. I totally recommend a visit.
Response: Thank you so much Debi!

Paulo fitness: Rick is the utmost professional yet he has a touching compassion and dedication to his clients. I am thrilled to be able to say that I worked with him. I have found Rick to be extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and anything to do with health. I consult Rick on all aspects of nutrition whether it involves me or my clients. Having worked alongside Rick and having him offer sound nutritional advice my clients have seen amazing results. If your looking for life changing nutritional advice Rick is the absolute right choice.
Response: Thank you Paul, very glad to be working alongside you and supporting your clients.

Silvia Roccato: Rick is a kind person and very knowledgeable professional. He has made sure I had enough information and all my concerns were addressed at all times, and this gave me the confidence i needed to face my new lifestyle and the new diet, with really good results. I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks again for your help Rick.
Response: Thank you so much Silvia, a really lovely review. It was a pleasure to help.

Daniel Hovington: I very much enjoyed working with Rick. He is easy-going, knowledgeable and patient. He provided me with a nutrition plan which has helped me improve my diet and his offer of remote sessions was particularly useful due to my location. I would highly recommend Rick to anyone seeking help in reaching their nutritional goals.
Response: Thank you Dan for your thorough and honest review. Great to work with you 😊

Jane Aherne: Having recently acquired an MSc in Sport and Exercise Nutrition, I was eager to get some advice on the many challenges involved in embarking on my career as a Nutritionist. Rick was incredibly approachable and informative, giving me sound and practical guidance on the initial steps required to create a successful business model and practice. It is apparent that Rick has extensive knowledge stemming from his established profession and we discussed some of the career options available in the field of Nutrition. Despite his busy schedule, Rick generously contributed his time to listen to my questions and concerns. He provided valuable direction and help in relation to some of the problems or pitfalls that I may encounter. I am very grateful to Rick for his patience and consideration. I intend to incorporate all of his advice and suggestions when moving forward with my practice. If you are concerned about your career in dietetics and nutrition, then I would highly recommend speaking to Rick for professional advice.
Response: Thank you very much Jane for this very kind review. I am so glad I could help and the best of luck with your future endeavours in our wonderful field.

Louise Ko: I sought out Rick to inquire about a career change into dietetics and Rick was incredibly knowledgeable in his advice, demonstrating clear experience within the field of dietetics and nutrition in the UK. He was also very patient and informative in explaining to me the various roles within the industry and my options. Despite a busy schedule, I was very grateful about how he was genuinely interested in my career options and taking time out to talk to me. I would highly recommend him as a professional.
Response: Thank you so much for this wonderful review Louise. I am glad to help 😊

5. City Dietitians

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City Dietitians

Address: Atlas House, 1 King St, London EC2V 8AU, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8 p.m.

Telephone: +44 20 7632 7582

Business type: Nutritionist

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City Dietitians: what do users think?

Nicki Burston: I originally came across Sophie on social media and had been actively following her and avidly reading the information on her posts and was intrigued to see if she could play a role in supporting my ongoing health issues. After years of numerous complex surgeries, endless appointments with different consultants & specialists, alternating medications and conflicting opinions I found myself in a destructive cycle. I found myself in a lost web and advocating for my own health had really started to impact me. Scrolling through social media one night whilst lying exhausted and bloated on the sofa I saw Sophies post ‘PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN-CLINIC’, I read the criteria and she was offering the opportunity for people with complex bowel conditions (I have an Ileostomy) to receive specialist dietary advice and support. Due to my deteriorating health I had to leave my job and money has become restricted, after paying out endless amounts of money to see specialists in the past it did not leave much margin to continue to pay for ongoing support. The waiting list within the NHS is at an all-time high. This was the perfect opportunity to explore an avenue I had not focussed on before – Nutrition and diet. I sent an enquiry to City Dieticians and it was acknowledged immediately, a video consultation was set up and I was met with the warm, friendly, extremely knowledgeable and empathetic Sophie Medlin. She listened intently whilst I rambled on about my long, complex history and asked lots of questions. It was clear she was very knowledgeable, and you could see her mind processing the information immediately, we ended the first call with a clear well communicated plan and a follow up session booked in. I am about 3 weeks into the plan, and we are continuing to work together to identify, evaluate and plan how life can continue whilst accepting the health predicament I find myself in. Everything has been immediate, the plan, the advice, the supplements, the medication, the written confirmation, the communication to my wider health team and the endless support continually being provided. Sophie has responded at all times of the day, night and weekend. I finally feel I have built a relationship with a health provider who cares not for results but for me as a person. I would highly recommend anyone who is struggling to reach out and contact Sophie. You won’t look back you will be frustrated you hadn’t explored this earlier!

Hannah Jackson: Sophie was super helpful and supportive with advice how to make sure my very fussy toddler with specific needs get everything she needs. Our appointment has been a real game changer! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED :)

Garry Johnson: After having a very good online appointment with city dietitians, I had followed the guidance and advise on my nutritional needs and now have notice a daily increase in energy levels. Advice and guidance that will benefit me for months to come. Recommended!

Mufrat Islam: Best of all! I really appreciate.

6. Dietitian & Nutritionist | Dietitian Fit & Co

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Dietitian & Nutritionist | Dietitian Fit & Co

Address: 17 Cavendish Square, London, W1G 0PH, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8 p.m.

Telephone: +44 20 8168 6887

Business type: Nutritionist

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Dietitian & Nutritionist | Dietitian Fit & Co: what do users think?

anoud faisal: Being on a strict diet for a bout a year and regular workout for months wight loss was not a problem . Going all the way from Saudi to UK was definitely the right decision. When i first contacted Dietitian Fit & Co o was trying to find balance in my life where i can feel comfortable , energetic and still fit without counting calories and worrying about weight. That was my ultimate goal and yet hard to achieve. Robbie Green did a wonderful job guiding me through this short journey. Making sure i fully understand the process and most importantly enjoy my life without being restricted . Being able to socialize and maintain my good habits and still in control was a dream come true. I am so happy with the results and much happier in my life now that i have finally found my balance.
Response: Dear Anoud, Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful experience and journey with Robbie, it is truly appreciated. Great work for your efforts, and achievements! Keep it up and we will remain at your disposal if we can help with anything else. Best wishes, DF Team.

Karin Steinhauser: Kat has been fantastic. She carried out an in depth assessment and ensured the change of diet plan would fit in with my work schedule and needs. The emphasis of the whole plan was to nourish my body with food, rather than restricting or counting calories. The plan was easy to follow and we had regular meetings to see what worked and what didn’t, so Kat would make adjustments to the plan and give me recommendations for the future - the beauty of this approach is that there are no restrictions whatsoever. If I wanted to eat a burger or drink alcohol, I could, and it did not affect my outcome. By the end of 3 months I felt healthier and I had incorporated lots of habits into my day to sustain my health and body in a nourishing way. I also lost weight (6kg) and inches that I wanted to. The whole process made me more in tune with how I feel about eating and my body. I am definitely happier and healthier, Kat has worked wonders and is worth every penny and more! Her support through the programme was invaluable, we had a great connection which helped me in carrying on. Thank you very much!
Response: Hi Karin, Thank you so much for taking the time to share your valuable experience with Katerina! It is so great to hear and congratulations on your efforts, progress and success!!! We will always remain at your disposal if we can help with anything further. Best continuity, DF team

MARIA KASSELOURI: My journey loosing weight has been really great with Anastasia. What I loved about this method was that it wasn’t based on temporary diet meals but it was about understanding your body and mindful eating. Which is a lot more sustainable compared to quick diets with temporary results. I was able to reach my wedding goal and it taught me a lot about my eating habits and how I can maintain a healthy lifestyle. Big thank you to Anastasia for this!
Response: Hi Maria, Thank you so much for your lovely feedback about your experience with Anastasia! Good work on reaching your goal and keep up the great habits learned! :D DF team.

christina palmer: The information, guidance and support I have received from Anastasia has been amazing. My specific challenges have been incorporated into a realistic plan which I am able to follow with ease. For the first time in many years I can follow a realistic eating plan to work towards a healthier eating habits. Thank you so much

Paul Gold: I was 17 stone 7 lbs when I started this course with Eugenia in August. I am now 15 stone 11 lbs. No fads , no gimmicks, no bland food. Just great motivation and helping hand to help me get healthier and feeling great. Eugenie has helped me motivate myself to run a sub 2 hour half marathon at 15 Stone by March 2023. This is possible but time will tell !!! Thanks Eugenia. A real life changer. Worth every penny.
Response: Hi Paul, Wow, thank you very much for sharing your experience with Eugenia and congratulations on your success and achievement, so rewarding and great to hear! Keep it up Paul, great work! We will remain at your disposal and good luck with your marathon, keep us posted with the progress :). DF Team

Lainey M: stumbled across the opportunity to have an initial consultation with a dietitian through the NHS, this went well and I decided to book a block of consultations with Katerina. I have found the experience extremely positive and uplifting. I feel the holistic approach, not simply thinking about food and diet, but also exercise, wellness and mindfulness has been a real eye opener for me. Since adopting some of the ideas and techniques we’ve discussed, I have had more energy, less fatigue in the afternoon and early evening, I’ve been sleeping better and I’ve felt more able to deal with life’s ups and downs. Highly recommended.
Response: Dear Lainey, Thank you for sharing your amazing journey with Katerina. Good work on your progress and results! Keep it up, we will remain at your disposal for anything you may need. Have a great continuation, DF Team.

Linda Wilkinson: I have been working with Katerina for a few months now learning how to look at eating healthier using mindfulness and not following a restricted diet as I had done many times in the past with very poor results. It has been and continues to be enlightening and I look forward to our Zoom meet ups each fortnight. Kat is very encouraging and knowledgeable about all things to do with nourishment, mental health and exercise to give you a better future and move away from the old restrictions of dieting. Highly recommended
Response: Dear Linda, Thank you very much for your feedback, it is lovely to read and we truly appreciate your time for sharing your experience with Katerina. Great work, great progress and keep going. We will remain at your disposal for anything you may need. Healthiest regards, DF Team

7. Dounya Adman, Weight loss & Sport Nutrition, London Nutritionist

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21 reviews
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Dounya Adman, Weight loss & Sport Nutrition, London Nutritionist

Address: 1A Belmont Rd, Chiswick, London, W4 5UL, United Kingdom

Business type: Nutritionist

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Dounya Adman, Weight loss & Sport Nutrition, London Nutritionist: what do users think?

Oumou Sidibe: Dounya is a real professional who knows how to adapt to each client. She takes time to explain how the body works and how she plans the meals so that the clients understand everything to make it easier to implement and follow through even after the end of the program. Her friendliness makes it more comfortable to share how you feel, because as we all know, it can be difficult to commit to change.
Response: Thanks for your trust and confidence Oumou, it means a lot to me and it was a pleasure to help you!

Saïdath Ouabi: Dounya built me a diet program to reach my goals of fat loss and muscle gain. I even had classes on macro and micronutrients which helped me enormously to understand how my body uses what I eat ! I got results after a few weeks (slimmer waist, increased performance at the gym ...) Many thanks for your coaching, your professionalism, and especially your support! I recommend it to everyone! ✨
Response: Thank you for your trust Saïdath, it was a pleasure to accompany you.

Clara Roger: Dounya is a very pleasant person who knows her field well. Her programmes are effective and she takes the time to explain how they work. I highly recommend, you will not be disappointed!
Response: Thank you Clara for your trust and for recognising the quality of my work :)

Anita de Haro: Dounya is not only a very nice person but also a great nutritionist. Her approach of this practice is innovative and very efficient. I strongly recommand her services !
Response: Thank you Anita, your message makes me very happy!

Maxime Roger: Knowledgeable and very invested! I fully recommend!
Response: Thank you Maxime, It was a pleasure.

Serial Copywriter: I strongly recommend the dietary support offered by Mrs. Adman Dounya. From the first session, thanks to his teachings in Ayurvedic medicine, we were able to identify the bad habits that were ingrained before setting up a personalized, realistic and accessible program. Thank you Dounya for reconciling me with eating without frustration. For weight loss, health problems or simply a Food Renewal, Ms. Adman will meet your needs thanks to these multiple tools.
Response: Thank you very much for this nice review! It was a real pleasure to accompany you.

Adil Gandou: After working with several nutritionists, Dounya Adman was able to fully meet my requirements through her availability, her commitment which was more than food but also mental. She was able to adapt my preparation according to my sports trips which were abroad. Dounya Adman was present when I was going through moments of weakness.

8. Nutritionist | Jill Lucas, Nutrient Nutter | London

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42 reviews
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Nutritionist | Jill Lucas, Nutrient Nutter | London

Address: 273 Fellows Ct, London, E2 8LL, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +44 7453 069059

Business type: Nutritionist

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Nutritionist | Jill Lucas, Nutrient Nutter | London: what do users think?

Nikol H (Nikol:): Jill is a great nutritionist and a lovely person. She has helped me to turn my diet into a healthier (vegan) version of it and has been helpful with her advice, explanations and ideas.

Hannah Bliss: Fantastic nutritionist - I can’t recommend Jill enough! She takes the time to get to know you and make sure you fully understand the information and advice (very important for my little brain!) she’s just incredible. Working with Jill has genuinely changed my thinking around nutrition and it’s improved so many parts of my life! If you want to be more aware of what you’re putting in your body, what your body needs, the amazing effects of a plant-based diet AND get to know one of the friendliest and awesome women in the process, work with Jill!!!

Beth O'Sullivan: I had an hour session with Jill - she made me a personalised nutrition plan and explained everything to me. it was really helpful, she made it doable and easy to understand. She is really focused on improving peoples nutrition and enjoying your favourite foods, concentrating on healthy not skinny. super friendly and easy to chat with - i still see her for little catch up sessions to keep me on track! kind of like slimming groups but just one to one and she is really encouraging and a wonderful support to have.
Response: Thanks Beth - that is really lovely of you to say!

Bernardine Carroll: 28/05/2018 I really have to recommend Jill, having really befitted from her expertise and advice. I worked with her in Nepal where she worked leading response teams in the devastating earthquakes of 2015, and I have to say she kept us strong and healthy despite limited resources, high prevalence of illnesses and teams working in extremely exhausting environments. She developed food plans for our cooks to ensure we were healthy enough to help those in need, and I was especially grateful as a vegetarian that she was able to ensure a fantastic variety of plant based meals. In such a high pressure environment, it was reassuring to know that you will have healthy and nutritious food to keep you going. Since then, she has been the person to turn to for friendly yet practical guidance on how to get the most out plant based food, and I have to say her secret weapon is her personality, which allows her to be clear and informative in a friendly and engaging way that really makes you love your veggies.

Keeliecbc: Jill did me a fantastic plan which I am slowly introducing into my eating, as long as I stick to it I feel healthier and better, and my weight is slowly coming off. Fabulous nutritionist and would highly recommend. Caring, knowledgeable and super friendly and easy to get on with. Thank you Jill xx
Response: Thank you soooo much Keelie!

Gary Miller: I don’t (yet) suffer from any health issues but wanted to know more about eating healthy foods. Jill visited and gave me advice about my current diet and food intake. I was shocked and completely unaware about how unhealthy some foods really are. Thanks to Jill I now eat a much healthier diet and this has also been applied to the rest of the family, she gave me an education in food, good and bad! I’d recommend Jill and her advice to anyone who wants to improve their health.
Response: Thank you so much Gary, I really appreciate this! Hope you swapped out those sausages :D all the best to your lot!!!

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