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1. London Fossils and Crystals

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London Fossils and Crystals

Address: 217 Waterloo Rd, London, SE1 8XH, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 6PM ⋅ Opens 10AM Wed

Telephone: +44 20 3268 2268

Business type: Collectibles store

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London Fossils and Crystals: what do users think?

Vicky Chow: I found this gem of a store yesterday after flying to london from NY. My hotel is just down the street and I strolled by. I was drawn to it and I love crystals. They were super friendly and helpful and also fully masked which made me feel comfortable because I have been very cautious during this pandemic and especially now when mandates have been lifted, I really appreciated the extra measures they are taking for their customers health and safety. The pictures only show partially what I got. I also got a very unique amethyst flower cluster (rare) and a beautiful large quartz point. The smoky quartz I got have so many rainbows in it it is incredible. I think I might go back today to see what else I can get! 10 stars!
Response: Thank you Vicky, lovely to meet you.

Sebastian Morales: I walked in today just to have a browse and had a nice time looking at all of the different crystals and minerals that were on display. The customer service was good and the procedures put into place are understandable. It’s a shame that this place has many negative reviews due to people not understanding that the procedures are in place to protect the owners and their items. Though I didn’t buy anything today I will definitely look to buy something in future :)
Response: Thank you Sebastian for your review. Sheila

Susannah Mac: Lovely shop caters to so many different interests. Amazing staff, super helpful and even gave us advice on our visit to London. Got some beautiful amethyst !😍
Response: Thank you Susannah

Hallo Hallo: Sorry to hear that one customer felt the staff were rude about the child needing to wear a mask BUT absolutely delighted to do business with a company run by intelligent people who care about the health of their customers.

Juan Park: Lovely shop with plenty of fossils! The lady is very nice, passionate about her trade. Just follow a couple of basic hygiene rules and enjoy!
Response: Thank you Juan for your review

Rose Sarah: Made a trip specially yesterday to here on our day off from work. We went to pick up some crystals but unfortunately were greeted with the worst customer service and the rudest and most unwelcoming lady I’ve ever met. Owning our own store ourselves, it’s sad to see what could be a beautiful store fronted by such an unpleasant lady. Serious bad energy from the offset. If you are thinking about making a trip here I would say to avoid!

Amelia Pearson: Thank you for a great visit this morning! What an amazing array of crystals and fossils you have in your shop! I only stumbled across this shop a couple days ago after finding it on google with brilliant reviews and straight away I knew I had to visit. Thank you for also explaining the functions of each crystal I had bought, I found this part really interesting and informative and really enhanced my visit. The range of prices were very good depending on how much you wanted to spend, the fossils at the back of the shop were breath taking, to see a dinosaurs tooth was really really interesting! Thank you so much for your kindness and wrapping up all of my crystals at the end, I will more than certainly be visiting your shop again in the near future. Amelia
Response: Thank you Amelia for the review, glad you enjoy visit and your new crystals. Sheila

Lauren Rose: My mum and I went here on Tuesday the 8th of Feb as it was my birthday. It was our second visit to this wonderful little shop. The staff are warm and friendly. So knowledgable and willing to share their knowledge (we were in there for over an hour and picked their brains the whole time). All the bad reviews this place gets are just ignorant people who are unwilling to follow rules. My 74 year old auntie who was recovering from cancer (surgery and treatment), who had COPD still wore her mask in every shop because she had respect for other people. You wear your mask to protect others more than yourself. Not wearing one when asked shows how little respect they have for others. This shop is tiny and far too small to not wear a mask! The owner herself is exempt yet she wore one over her mouth AND nose the whole time we were there as did we. The shop is a little pricey but then you are paying for quality (I spent all my Christmas money and birthday money and went away very happy). Thank you both for another wonderful experience. We will be back!

L C: I first came to the shop in December 2020, the measures that are enforced have ensured I’ve felt as safe as possible whenever I’ve visited and although I can understand some people who have left reviews have their reasons I think it’s important to respect the owners wishes at this time. It’s still very scary for a lot of us out there and we can all do our bit to help! The shop itself is delightful, a real treasure trove of delightful crystals that you can really feel the energy of as you walk in. When I first came in I knew absolutely nothing about crystals and both Shiela and Kevin were happy to chat with me whilst also being clear that it’s a very personal experience and they cannot advise exactly what to get but were more than happy to give a little guidance when asked. Having finally been able to come into the shop again a couple of days ago (couldn’t come because of work commitments) I was greeted warmly and had a lovely time browsing for the bits I needed. A very reasonably priced and ethical store, have recommended to all my spiritual friends and look forward to introducing more of them to the store in person.
Response: Thank you so much, for your support and understanding. Sheila.

2. Charlie's Rock Shop

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Charlie's Rock Shop

Address: Unit 1-3, The 1929 Shop, 18 Watermill Wy, London SW19 2RD, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Wed

Telephone: +44 20 8544 1207

Business type: Gift shop

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Charlie's Rock Shop: what do users think?

Jen Methven: The best thing about living in the area for 6 years was this place, I recently made a 300 mile round trip to go back there! Charlie is fantastic, exceptionally knowledgable in geology and all things rocks and fossils, wonderful selection every time I’ve been and always spending double the amount I’ve budgeted. The 30th anniversary weekend a couple of years ago was so brilliantly organised and such a fun weekend, big hats off to Sacha in particular for that as well as her social media updates! I dread to think how much I’ve spent there over the years but I can guarantee I’ll always go back there, just the best crystal shop I’ve experienced. Photos of some of the crystals I’ve bought over the years!

Daizee Young: Affordable and good quality crystals, although i think their range could be expanded a little more. Apart from that, everything in this shop from incense to crystals to fossils are all affordable (unless you are going for the big big things!) and good quality. You can find 2 trays with hundreds of crystals all from 50p - £4 in a single tray, which also have labels to make it a-lot easier for crystal beginners who do not know them by heart. Whether you are going for small or big, this shop has something for everyone. I went with my aunt who isn’t so big on this type of stuff, but once she bought an amethyst bracelet she instantly fell in love. Thank you, i recommend going here. Not so much for littler kids, but suitable for older teens and adults who are interested in this type of stuff. Good service, will come again.

Kia Rosina: Lovely shop, have been going for years and have always loved it, however i went with my friend fairly recently and had an awful experience which was so disappointing :( My friend has just had a little baby girl and we decided to go crystal shopping together, she was asleep in the buggy and we obviously couldn’t leave her outside by herself so we attempted to push the pram through the doorway which was a bit of a tight squeeze, the staff member could see us struggling and reluctantly offered to open the double doors whilst huffing which made us feel very unwelcome. We placed the buggy by the entrance whilst we had a look around. Fair enough it is a fairly small shop but the pram was not in anyones way and none of the customers were bothered by the pram. The whole time we felt very on edge with dirty looks from this staff member. She offered to help us back out once we had finished but i could tell she was just glad to get rid of us. After we left, my friend told me that she had heard the staff member mumble that she thought my friend was going to steal something from the shop. This is such a shame as it has just made us feel like we don’t want to go back and we absolutely loved going, the staff are normally always so lovely and welcoming but this particularly lady - that we hadn’t seen before - certainly was not.

Hi Hi: Terrible service. For some reason the owner Charlie thought I was some kind of thief and kept on looking behind my shoulder… the WHOLE TIME…. FOR LIKE 30 MINUTES! A bit uncomfortable… And at checkout this woman was extremely rude. I understand it’s a great store like other reviews say but the customer service ruins it all.
Response: I have been to busy lately to stand anywhere for 30mins. Anyway shop closed today!

Rose4: If love crystals, incense sticks & beautifully made pieces, this shop is delightful. Staff very helpful & shop located near very pretty river next to Abbey Mills. (Hand sanitiser available on entry which customers are encouraged to use). Many crystals in their natural form available or made into exquisite jewellery, some with stirling silver, bronze/gold & some with macrame-like net casing. Purchased a pair of ear-rings made with stirling silver, reasonably priced, along with a pretty velvet pouch. When enquired what symbol in circle meant, was advised this is buddha, relating to meditation. Great shop with good variety of items displayed so all can easily be seen.

esmie regis: So sad I used to love this shop, I found the staff unhelpful and rude on my last visit, made me feel like I needed to cleanse my cleansing stuff from their negative energy…when I asked for advice I was told to google the information I wanted, so sad but I won’t be returning will now find somewhere else to spend my money

3. Venusrox

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Address: 25 All Saints Rd, London, W11 1HE, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 6PM ⋅ Opens 10AM Wed

Telephone: +44 20 7792 4957

Business type: Rock shop

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Venusrox: what do users think?

Ivan Hrncir: Stupidly overpriced, can go to smaller independent jewellers and find same ruby or emerald encased in gold for same price instead of tacky metal necklace
Response: Dear Ivan, we are a totally independent small jeweller and hand make all of our jewellery in-house, in the UK. The crystals used for the jewellery are personally hand selected by ourselves and are of the highest quality. Each piece is unique. We only use precious metals in our jewellery. If you could provide us with the information of where you can find similar quality for similar pricing, we would be interested. We do not have any emerald pendants currently available so we are not sure which emerald pendants you are referring to. We also do not have a record of you as a customer. Regards, VR

Heloise Vialaron: very lovely, quite near portobello, I came in looking for small crystals - tumbled ones. do not be discouraged as they have a very nice selection with great quality! I got a tigers iron and will be coming back!

high frequencies: The customer service is outstanding and the crystals are the beyond beautiful and powerful. I have recently found this beautiful store and I have purchased several crystals online, and the crystals I have received are exceptional. I always receive the item as described and the crystals are always packaged very carefully and arrive in beautiful packaging. I will always order from Venusrox without any hesitation, no other compares. Thank you for providing genuine crystals.

L: Love my moldavite pendant wear it all of the time. Bit pricy but proving worth it!

K L: Absolutely exquisite crystals and stones, never seen such wonderful quality, The owners/assistants are delightful and helpful and were only too happy to answer any question I ask. Pity my budget is limited but I was made to feel more than welcome to browse. Bought a most gorgeous Ruby & Fuchsite, very happy indeed. Definitely worth visiting.
Response: Thank you for your very lovely review, we are very grateful. Our crystals start at £2 so we are able to fit within most budgets. Do ask us to show you the range on your next visit. We look forward to welcoming you again in the showroom.

Oanèse LE MAOUT: Amazing crystals from all over the world and a very nice team. We felt very welcome and spent time admiring the collection. We even made a happy child with a beautiful quartz. Thank you!

4. Stone Mania

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Stone Mania

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +44 20 8954 2163

Business type: Rock shop

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Stone Mania: what do users think?

Maria Kousantaki: I have tried to buy stones from this store, after having tried a few others. I can only say that I will no longer look for anywhere else. Everything is actually amazing. The service is exceptional, Laurence has been so kind and helpful with everything and has communicated to make sure everything is ok with the order. Products are even better than in pictures and sizes are representative! Quality is brilliant and fair prices too. I will use these stones as a luxury addition to my candles and I am so excited I found this place that satisfies my needs! Delivery is also super fast! Thanks so much :)
Response: Thank you for your lovely review Maria. I'm so pleased you were happy with your stones and with the service we provided. Good luck with your new business. I hope it goes really well. Regards, Laurence

IRFAN SHAIKH: Nice good stone shopIm Irfan From India
Response: This review is spam. Reported to Google but they wouldn't remove it.

5. Mineral London

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Mineral London

Address: Mineral London Ltd, Kemp House, 152-160 City Rd, London EC1V 2NX, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 5:30PM ⋅ Opens 9AM Wed

Business type: Vitamin & supplements store

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Mineral London: what do users think?

Eugenia Psillides: I’ve been taking Seamoss+ for a few weeks now and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my energy levels and athletic performance! Such a great product for those who work out regularly or even just live busy lifestyles. Would highly recommend!

6. The Astrology Shop

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The Astrology Shop

Address: 78 Neal St, London, WC2H 9PA, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 6PM ⋅ Opens 11AM Wed

Telephone: +44 20 7813 3051

Business type: Rock shop

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The Astrology Shop: what do users think?

Alexandra Viasu: I was hoping for a wider range of things especially since this is central London. The shop is stocked for the "common Instagram witch" with items that you can find pretty much anywhere

Luisilena Viegas: My new favourite shop for my crystals and such. Staff very friendly and attentive. Cheers

Astir Astir: There is an irresistible allure to visit this shop. Lovely array of items I can spend hours browsing. Love their gem stones. Reasonable prices considering the locations. Love visiting and buying wonderfully little gifts.

Nicole Coffey: I have been coming to the Astrology Shop for 20 years. It holds a very special place in my heart. The owner, Barry, is an incredibly generous man who has always gone above and beyond for his customers.

7. Fossils London

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Fossils London

Address: Fossils, 25a Museum St, London WC1A 1JU, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Wed

Telephone: +44 20 7580 1258

Business type: Antique store

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Fossils London: what do users think?

Miriam kimber: Very nice shop, encountered in passing after leaving the British Museum. Everything clearly priced and labelled, a wide range of pricing that compared favourably to the Jurassic Coast shops, including plenty of choice within the budget for my young sons with their saved-up pocket money. We’ll definitely visit again.

Ernest Pawlowski: Great if you want a sand dollar (got this one for just £14) 👍 all the other fossils and crystals are amazing too. I definitely recommend it.
Response: Hi Ernest. Thanks for your lovely review and photo. We're glad you enjoyed your visit to our shop! Fossils London

Pauline Chaltin: Beautiful shop with unique items. Very friendly owner and excellent service. 100% recommend a visit here.
Response: Thanks for your review Pauline and it’s great to hear that you enjoyed your visit. Fossils London

Gerard Clinton: Stumbled across this shop whilst wandering around London last week. Amazing selection of fossils and related ephemera. All beautifully laid out and displayed, clearly priced, and helpfully labelled. Friendly, welcoming staff and unusual, fascinating objects for sale, the like of which I have never seen elsewhere. Above all, the prices seem very reasonable. Definitely plan on returning!
Response: Thanks very much for taking the time to leave such a lovely review Gerard. Fossils London

Noah Tuffley: Brilliant crystals and fossils! Prices are very reasonable and service was very nice! Will definitely return on my next visit to london!
Response: Thanks for your very positive review Noah. Fossils London

Phil Nelkin: Amazing new fossil shop. Lots of interesting fossils across a wide price range.
Response: Hi Phil, thanks for the kind words and five stars! Fossils London

leo f: Hi, Just want to say that this is an amazing shop and I highly recommended it for anyone looking for good quality, genuine fossils and minerals though they are a little pricey
Response: Thanks for your review Leo, really glad that you think the shop is amazing!

8. Dale Rogers - Ammonite

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Dale Rogers - Ammonite

Address: 77-79 Pimlico Rd, London, SW1W 8PH, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 6PM ⋅ Opens 10AM Wed

Telephone: +44 20 7881 0592

Business type: Art dealer

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Dale Rogers - Ammonite: what do users think?

GLS: There is just nothing like it.

KayP: Amazing!!! If you love crystals and fossils this is the place to visit. Incredibly expensive appointment only shop but worth a look. One of a kind hand picked pieces sourced from all over the world. My kind of heaven...

GiulioDe: Awesome site with some of the most amazing things you could ever want to see or possess,Unique ❤️

David Roy: Incredible pieces

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