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1. Food at 52 Cookery School

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Food at 52 Cookery School

Address: 96 Central St, London, EC1V 8AJ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10 PM

Telephone: +44 7854 160750

Business type: Culinary school

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Food at 52 Cookery School: what do users think?

Natasha Webb: Incredible day! Such an memorable birthday present. Learnt a lot much about foods, flavours & cooking technique. Such a lovely atmosphere & the pace of the day was perfect. Tom was an excellent teacher and so friendly. Would really love to do another course!
Response: Thank you Natasha for your review - glad you enjoyed the Southern Indian full day class and thanks also for posting the photos. Hope to see you back for another class soon

Hana Denney: Best fun we have had as a team EVER. Emily and her team were amazing and made our evening ever so special. Highly recommend Southern Indian menu - with lesson on spices and great cooking tips. Great fun / team building / birthday treat... the venue set up is perfect for large groups with the "come to my house and cook" feel. Thank you again Emily and the team! Maybe we can come back one day again for "different menu" experience :).
Response: Thanks so much Hanna I love the Southern Indian course as its so rich with flavours, colours and lets you the guests "do the cooking" Hope to see you back soon Emily

John Sanderson: My first cookery course and I loved it! An amazing day cooking Southern Indian cuisine with excellent teachers in a relaxed and friendly environment, which was great to share with a small group of like-minded, wannabe chefs. The course was a good balance of hands-on learning and fun (the wine on tap helped!), with lots of opportunity to develop your skills. The staff were experienced and attentive, providing good insight into the ingredients with clear, useful advice and guidance on the preparation of each dish. During the day two teams of four prepared and cooked four dishes, with the first (an incredibly delicious prawn curry) being devoured mid-session and the remaining dishes shared banquet style at the end of the session. Lots of new flavour combinations and some brilliant recipes that will be added to my weekly menu. A great day, a great team and a great experience.

Mohammed Khan: Attended the cookery class as a team Christmas Party. Thoroughly enjoyable afternoon and the amazing team there ensured everyone was catered to.Food & Drink quiz was an added bonus!!

Allison Schaefer: Attended the Southern Indian cooking class, loved every recipe we made. The cooking classes take place along a long wooden table which provides a very communal feel. The chefs were very friendly and teasing, adding helpful tips as we followed the recipes. Super generous with the wine and the food was top class (even though I had a hand in it). Highly recommend as a date or an adult-family outing.

Tom Roe: Stefano led a fantastic class - some really good info about making pasta, he was very engaging, and in general it was a great atmosphere, everyone in the class was chatting and having some wine - highly recommend, great experience, thanks to all involved!

Klaudia: The best class I had in London and I am not just talking about cooking classes. The venue was brilliant with large and at the same cosy kitchen. The host was amazing giving us a lot of tips about cooking and the science behind baking. The food was absolutely wonderful as well. And what an atmosphere, felt like a dinner party with friends, except we were all chefs. I would definitely recommend. My partner and I had a wonderful time.
Response: Klaudia what a lovely review - exactly what we aim to deliver is a dinner party vibe where the guests cook their dinner learning new things and making friends along the way! Hope to see you both again soon

V Parmar: I love cooking and I’d been wanting to do an Italian session for a while. My husband got me a gift voucher for Food at 52 and it was a great experience! Jean Marc and the staff were lovely, the ingredients were really good quality and with their guidance we made some absolutely delicious dishes. It was a perfect way of enhancing my skills and leaning new things. I’ll absolutely be going again to try some of their other classes.
Response: Thanks so much for your lovely review - look forward to hosting you again!

2. Cookery School at Little Portland Street

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Cookery School at Little Portland Street

Address: 15b Little Portland St, London, W1W 8BW, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 6 PM ⋅ Opens 9 AM Wed

Telephone: +44 20 7631 4590

Business type: Cooking class

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Cookery School at Little Portland Street: what do users think?

William Dutton: Took the knife skills course last week. Instructor was great at teaching techniques and food was varied. Highly recommended for all!
Response: Thank you for your review! Glad to hear that you enjoyed the knife skills class.

incredibusy Ali Clifford: Totally recommend Cookery School Little Portland Street, London - we had a fabulous day learning how to make many different styles of Dim Sum (and eating a LOT of Dim Sum) - good to see the excellent quality of the ingredients, the sustainable management of any waste, and good ventilation and health and safety throughout. It was fun and informative, Stefan was an excellent teacher and host - we will come again and try other classes soon.
Response: So glad that you had such a good time on the Dim Sum class, Ali. Happy that as well as lots of good learning you left full and happy. Hope you try to replicate the dim sum at home again soon.

Amani Owaidah: I booked for the afternoon tea class as a part of my holiday in the UK a class I was so looking forward to attend. Well let’s start with the good stuff the chef and the staff were friendly and it was a nice opportunity to meet new ppl. However, I was so dissapointed with it. For £150 I was expecting a more organised and a professional class. We were provided with the recipes via email ( thanks for that) but once we arrived there was no cooking stations at all for any of the students. The chef divided the recipes among the attendees so we didn’t get the opportunity to see what others were actually doing. I could have googled for recipes. The overall presentation of the afternoon tea was way below average. The only concern of the team was to finish on time. To be honest the chef was nice and gave us a few tips here and there but the class was chaiotic. So not worth the money I have payed at all. The only thing I was grateful for was meeting new ppl that’s about it. For £150 I would expect a station and be able to actually practice everything or at least one or two recipes from start to finish. I have attended classes with other culinary schools but never again at the cookery school.
Response: Thank you for your review, Amani. We take all feedback very seriously as we try hard to provide the best experience that we can for those visiting Cookery School. On our website we say that we do not have separate stations for each person on the course and that learning is shared. By doing that we can cover far more than we could if each person made only one or two dishes. Our way of working is to allow participants to make different parts of the meal (or tea in this case) so that a large variety of dishes can be covered. Those attending are stopped from time to time so that they can see what others in the group are making so taht everyone leaves us with knowledge of all dishes that have been made. We never rush classes and very often carry on after the allotted time if needed. Both the teacher and assistant, who were on this class, are very professional and do this class often so perhaps your feeling of rushing was based on the fact that it is a fast paced class as there is so much to learn and cover. We like to feel that everyone leaves us having learnt how to make really good scones - sweet and savoury and a really good sponge cake filled with whipped cream and covered in a chocolate ganache to start with. We like ensure too that those at the class can go home and make their own lemon curd and good tartlet cases in which to put it. I noticed that the teacher had made fresh strawberry jam too so that was an unexpected bonus. I have spoken to him and he told me that you were responsible for making this lovely jam. This was over and above what we do on this session but as strawberries are in season and sweet and delicious, he wished to use them show you all how easy jam making is. He tied this in with lemon curd making. In addition to these dishes, you learnt how to make British traditional sandwich fillings and how to cut sandwiches for serving for afternoon tea. All of these dishes were served with Tregothnan Cornish tea. We take a pride in delivering all that we promise to teach. Looking at this list and having discussed it at length with the teacher, it seems that this was exactly the same class as we always offer. I am sorry if you were disappointed but it seems that it was with the set up - where you expected to work on your own and not part of a group - rather than the class content. Please do let us know when next you visit and we would love you to attend another class of choice as our guest.

Alice Patrick: We had a fantastic day on the gluten free cooking course. Ros creates a very relaxed atmosphere so it’s easy to listen and learn. She is a brilliant teacher. She has lots of knowledge to share and no question is ever too much. It was delicious eating everything and the glass of wine at the end was a real bonus. Would highly recommend this course, I learnt and ate so much!

Tom Reyner: Attended the fish and shellfish course with my mum, a gift which I bought her for her birthday. It was exceptional, John was fantastic at both demonstrating and explaining each step of the process, from sourcing fish to making sauces. Would definitely recommend and would attend other courses!
Response: Thank you for your glowing review, Tom. We hope that anyone doing our classes would benefit in this way as we source so carefully and lesson very carefully planned. Enjoying cooking and eating the dishes that you covered today. We hope to see you at Cookery School again.

Grace Farmer: -I did the absolute beginners cookery course this week, and it was an excellent experience. The teaching was exceptional and the staff were friendly and welcoming. we had a lot of fun and I learnt so much - including recipes, different skills and how to use tools effectively. I would recommend to anyone who wants to improve their confidence and skill in the kitchen.
Response: Thank you so much for your great review, Grace. We are always so happy to hear from our students as we try hard to provide as much cooking experience as we can in each course that we offer. As you practice recipes and cook more, you will find that your confidence will continue to grow as you cook delicious food using our recipes that really do work. Best of all is that you had so much fun.

Susan Merrall: Thoroughly enjoyable day on the Fish and Shellfish course. We were given plenty of opportunity to learn new skills in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. I would recommend this to friends and hope to come back on a different course before too long.
Response: Thank you for your review, Susan. So glad that you enjoyed the class as we work hard to find a variety of sustainable fish with so many species currently threatened. We look forward to welcoming you to Cookery School again.

3. The Avenue Cookery School

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The Avenue Cookery School

Address: 3 Enterprise Way, London, SW18 1GA, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10 PM

Telephone: +44 20 8874 7623

Business type: Cooking class

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The Avenue Cookery School: what do users think?

Ailsa Gray: Great fun at the avenue cookery school! We received this as a gift and thoroughly enjoyed the evening. We thought we might not be full since the menu didn’t seem like a lot of food at first, however, make sure you don’t eat for a while before…. You’ll be leaving VERY satisfied! Each step was guided by our chef first and the staff were very attentive with helping us. Loved the unlimited wine too- bonus!
Response: Hi Ailsa, Thanks for your wonderful review! We're so pleased to hear that you had such fun at our school and left feeling very full and satisfied! We'll pass your compliments onto the team and hope to welcome you again soon to our school. A x

Terri Griffin: Highly recommend this family-own cooking a school for either the serious cooks or those just looking for a fun night out! My husband and I had a fabulous night learning to cook some wonderful Indian dishes. We learned so much that will help us with our every day cooking as well as inspired us try more Indian cooking. The sauces we made were amazing! The instruction is excellent and entertaining. They send the recipes to you via email shortly after you leave. The bottomless wine is a nice touch to the evening. Remember to bring some containers to take home any leftovers. We will definitely be back. I just wish I had time to take a week long course.
Response: Thank you Terri for your review! We are thrilled to hear you and your husband had such a lovely time and enjoyed all aspects of the evening. We'd love to welcome you back, and if you can, we do highly recommend taking the time to do the week course - it really is an invaluable life skill! If not on another evening class! See you soon. Ax

ZS L: I was gifted a Peruvian class and went there last Saturday. All ingredients were prepared in advance, recipes easy to follow and fun to make, excellent chef and staff there too. It was so fun I would highly recommend it whether going as a couple, with friends or family even alone like what I did because it was easy to befriend with people who share the same interest for cooking.
Response: Hi ZS, Thanks so much for your great review! We're so pleased to hear that you had a fantastic time socialising and making some delicious food on the Peruvian Class. We'll pass your compliments onto the team and hope to welcome you again soon to our school. A x

Sarah Lawler-Muzquiz: Dan and rich were our teacher. We had the absolute best time! I was visiting from the states and it inspired me to want to start going to cooking school in the US! The ingredients were very fresh. Everything was very clean. The crowd was fun. Overall 10/10!
Response: Hi Sarah, Thanks for your review! So glad we could welcome you and show you a good time in London! It's great to hear that you've been so inspired and we wish you luck with all the cooking! Ax

Hannah Jones: My partner and I had a really fun, informative and hands-on experience at The Avenue with the wonderful Richard and his team. We did the American cookery class and it was brilliant value for money with high quality ingredients, bottomless wine and excellent tutorials. We learnt so much and had great fun cooking along and then devouring our hard-earned meal. We ended with an incredible Oreo milkshake, just about tipping us over the edge. We learnt how to make an insane American ‘dirty’ burger, how to julienne veg for the perfect coleslaw, the science behind the perfectly crisped fry and why bagged grated cheddar is unbeatable for mac’n’cheese. Loved it, definitely book and definitely don’t eat the day leading up to your lesson!
Response: Hi Hannah, Thanks for your review! It's great you had so much fun whilst learning at the same time! We are thrilled you liked the food and and the team and will pass on your lovely comments. Happy Cooking! Ax

Sally Henson: Just had a wonderful morning including lunch doing The Avenue’s Fish Course. I have aways been intimated cooking fish and Richard made the many different approaches simple. I would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys fish and wants to try to cook for themselves.
Response: Hi Sally, We're so pleased to hear you had a fantastic time on the Fish Class, learning some new skills and eating some delicious food! We hope to welcome you again soon to our school. A x

Maddie Hanrahan: We went to the sushi and cocktail making class, we had to book quite far in advance but it was well worth the wait! The teaching was excellent, the ingredients delicious and the end product was amazing. Would definitely go again.
Response: Hi Maddie, Thanks so much for taking the time to leave us a wonderful review. We're so pleased to hear that you had a great time on our Sushi & Cocktails Class and we look forward to welcoming you again in the future! A x

Sarah Harrison: A really fun evening! My boyfriend surprised me with the Valentines cooking night. Not only was the food delicious, but really fun to make, Diana gave us lots of fab cooking tips as was an amazing at making sure everyone was having a nice evening. Thank you again Avenue cookery school for a fab evening! :)
Response: Hi Sarah, What a lovely surprise to receive on Valentines Day! We're so pleased to hear that you had such a good time at our school, making some delicious dishes and soaking up the romantic atmosphere. We hope to welcome you both again soon. A x

4. Le Cordon Bleu London

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Le Cordon Bleu London

Address: 15 Bloomsbury Square, London, WC1A 2LS, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9:30 PM

Telephone: +44 20 7400 3900

Business type: Culinary school

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Le Cordon Bleu London: what do users think?

Straight Up: Member public eating. I’ve eaten here a few times. Excellent food prepared by chefs and student. Quality you can see and taste. Spoiled again by students sitting outside, around my table. That’s not the issue, as such, it’s great to hear the passion from students of many countries. The problem is they also need to understand they represent you at all times. Swearing , bad mouthing staff, smoking, kicking empty cups around the ground, leaving chairs all over the place. Hey, pick up that trash, put the chairs back it’s not your house, and smoke somewhere else, you spoiled my food. Shame I feel I have to put this up, but it’s not the first time.
Response: Thank you for your feedback. It is a real shame that your experience was negatively effected by the students present, and rest assured we are looking into this. We hold our students to the same high standard as we keep for our teaching and food, whether in the classroom or a public space.

Oriyan Prizant: The short courses are pointless. You don’t get to actually make anything yourself. You watch someone make it. Might as well go on YouTube honestly. What a waste of money and time.
Response: Good morning, I am very sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy your experience with Le Cordon Bleu London. The vast majority of our short courses are practical and kitchen based with the exception of wine and beverage tastings and the Discover Chocolate Demonstration. I hope your disappointment on this occasion doesn't put you off in future. If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch.

Luna Wong: I had a great time on wine tasting course. Then I decided to take 3mos short course in 2020. That decision has been making me frustrated ever since. Due to the pandemic they cancelled the course and force me to defer my start date. Then my visa transfer from student to postgraduate visa , and I was informed I am not allowed to take the course under that visa which NOBODY informed me before I did the full payment at all. Until today, the management team still avoid my refund requirement and keep warning me have to attend the course on time - which I can’t because my visa situation. It’s been hopeless and I just wanted to get my refund.

Richard Jeanson: I was a guest at the National Chef of the Year semi-finals, which took place at Le Cordon Blue. I found it impressive to see how perfectly the organization was. There was a lot of stress, the many candidates had to present their dishes at a very fast pace, but that is part of the job and the competition. But this institute has everything perfectly in order and was a very good hostess for this event. The catering provided by Le Cordon Blue and its students was also of a high level. Thanks! Richard (Amsterdam)

Bob S: We visited cafe only. Good coffee and desserts. Outside sitting in a small courtyard.

Amy Chen: I enrolled in the 2 week cake decorating course here and I absolutely loved it! The teachers are very professional and I learnt a lot from them in just 2 weeks. The fees are a bit expensive but this is a world-class culinary school so it is expected.

Nwachukwu Callistus Uchenna: The best place to learn about culinary and good equipped kitchen to do your practical culinary.

Ki C: A prestigious culinary school. Classroom kitchens are fully equipped, clean and tidy. I had a tour there. The staff was nice and competent. I tried a cake in their shop. It was OK, not impressive.

5. Sauce by The Langham

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Sauce by The Langham

Address: 1C Portland Pl, London, W1B 1JA, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 6 PM ⋅ Opens 9 AM Wed

Telephone: +44 20 7973 7513

Business type: Culinary school

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Sauce by The Langham: what do users think?

Irene Stewart: Masterclass with Michel Roux Jr - from start to finish, the whole day was absolutely amazing. We were offered refreshments and pastries to allow everyone to break the ice, in the Conservatory private dining room and then taken through to our home for the day, the kitchen! Immaculate, perfect layout, top class quality equipment and a Top Chef - who could ask for more. Millie (who had worked with Chef Michel for 10 years) and her companion worked tirelessly throughout the day, keeping us all right, making sure we had all our ingredients and utensils laid out at our work stations, and were always on hand for any questions. Chef Michel effortlessly demonstrated each of the 3 courses, one at a time - demo/we replicate/we eat (with wine!), and he too kept his watchful eye on everyone, doing his rounds frequently at our stations. I highly recommend Sauce by The Langham - it is well worth the experience, and you will certainly come home with extra skills and a sense of achievement.

Melanie Davies: We went as a family to sauce to attend the Michel Roux Jr masterclass. It is out of this world. He is the most pleasant human being. He made us feel very welcome and at ease whilst sharing with us demonstrations and skills for us to then go off and try to recreate😂. You get to cook your food, whilst his lovely team clear up for you as you go. We got to eat our creations with beautiful wines and he joined us, sharing stories with guests. He was so friendly and took the time to have photos with us and sign books etc. It was a wonderful experience and one we will truly hold on our minds and hearts for years to come. If you are fortunate enough to be able to go please do not hesitate.

Noriko Moffat: I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Chef Chris King efficiently and clearly demonstrated and at the same time shared his professional and deep knowledge with good sense of humour. Everyone there was so friendly and helpful, two lady chef -sorry I forgot their name, were lovely. I enjoyed great company of fellow attendees as well. Overall it was indeed a superb experience and already told about it to my friends. I will definitely come back, probably in February, Also I want to mention the administrator, Arina, whom I exchanged emails, was also very friendly and helpful. Thank you!!

Kelly Robinson: Chef Millie and her sous chefs Harriet and Frances were just fantastic. My daughter had such a blast and the snacks and setting made it feel so special. She and I both left with new techniques and great tips. I have already recommended it to friends. Thank you for a lovely half day.

Kim D: This class was an excellent in making pasta. Millie was a terrific teacher ! The class was very organized and well taught! The recipes were so delicious. Definitely learned so much to incorporate into my everyday cooking. Being from the US I definitely will sign up again the next time we are visiting London.

Jacqueline Davies: Attended the Trade Secrets course with a friend run by Chris King. We had the most amazing day. Staff were very attentive guiding us in right direction where needed. Everything went well until I experienced a car crash of a chocolate fondant (made by me I might add ha! ha!), lots of fun had by us all would definitely attend again. Great experience Thank you x

Peter Young: I thoroughly enjoyed the Master the Pasta course with Chef Millie. It exceeded expectations, which were already high. Millie was very expert and knowledgeable, she was a great communicator, and delivered the class with a great deal of charm and humour. I learnt a lot. The food was delicious and everything made was packaged up to take away. The school is very attractive and extremely well equipped. I would go back - and recommend - in a heartbeat. Well done and many thanks

Arlene Riley: I had my third cookery session at Sauce for making bread with chef Frances and chef Millie. The course was everything you could wish for and I had a really lovely time. Our group was very mixed but all were wonderful and really friendly. The best cookery school I’ve ever been to.

6. Jamie Oliver Cookery School

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Jamie Oliver Cookery School

Address: 160 Holloway Rd, London, N7 8DD, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 20 8103 1970

Business type: Cooking class

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Jamie Oliver Cookery School: what do users think?

monicadear f (monicadear): My daughter made our family a pasta meal from scratch this past weekend ! the very fun and entertaining chef, and the participation through zoom was so much fun.We are across the pond so appreciated the opportunity for a bit of cultural exchange ! The timing was good and the complexity was good for third- or fourth-grade level. Parent participation definitely helps. Great work to all the chefs !!

Wellington Gooch: Had an amazing time here learning how to make Vietnamese street food. The instruction was perfect, fresh ingredients, very friendly environment, and clean cooking area. Will definitely book another cooking course soon!

Alice Wonderland: I would highly recommended this for a date night or first date situation although going alone or with friends would also work. A warm and relaxed atmosphere while cooking with the option of additional wine. The environment was absolutely pristine and beautifully set up with a complementary glass of prosecco on arrival. The chef Kris was very helpful and gave clear instruction in the beginning. I had a wonderful evening and would definitely go again to try a different cuisine as the food was delicious.

Tomoe Samuelson: Had a great class. Not only I was taught the Northern Indian Cuisine but also some knife skills and tips for kneading doughs. I can certainly make a great use of that in other dishes. The space is such a lovely environment. The highlight of the class? I think I can now make fabulous okra fries, better than the one I had at Dishoom!!! Highly recommend this place.

Joanna Louise: I bought a gift voucher for Jamie’s cooking course for my hubby and we decided to try out the North Indian Thali course as it was completely vegetarian, which suited us both. Our instructor (I feel bad for not remembering the name) was really lovely with a sense of humour, and did a great job of explaining everything step by step throughout the duration. It was actually quite nice that we were a smaller class and the other attendees were fab too! Everything was clean, everything was prepared and set up, ready for us to go, and more importantly the food we made was delicious and very easy to replicate at home with easy to find ingredients. You will be emailed the recipes the next day so no need to try and memorise on the go :) definitely a lovely evening out doing something different.

Claire Hainsworth: We were initially introduced to these classes by our son who gave us a gift voucher and have enjoyed them so much that we will continue to purchase classes. We chose online classes via zoom as we live in Cornwall. We have done a bread making course and Knife skills . They were great fun and really informative even though I am a mature well seasoned cook. Lottie is a great tutor, enjoyable and easy to work with.

Darren Seechurn: Positive: Professionalism, QualityGreat experience and wonderful, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Our chef was bubbly and enthusiastic, the welcoming was great especially with the 2 glasses of prosecco. My only complaint is that my class felt rushed and would have benefited from more supervision and help when cooking. Definitely will be booking another class.

7. Waitrose Cookery School

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Waitrose Cookery School

Address: 199 Finchley Rd, Goldhurst Terrace, South Hampstead, London NW3 6NN, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9 AM Wed

Telephone: +44 20 7372 6108

Business type: Culinary school

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Waitrose Cookery School: what do users think?

Susan Woodward: Great cookery school, informative and knowledgeable teachers. Great environment inside and you are well looked after. Lovely beginners bread course this time.

David Muschialli: Had an Amazing evening with Waitrose, Birra Moretti and Gennaro Contaldo Thanks

Smantha Muschialli: We had a nice evening and lovely vegan food

Jonathan MW: Came for the Middle Eastern cooking class a few months ago. The teaching was excellent and really enjoyed the variety of dishes we created. Would recommend this for anyone interested in cooking and learning something new.

8. Seasonal Kitchen - chef services and cooking lessons

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Seasonal Kitchen - chef services and cooking lessons

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9 PM

Telephone: +44 7793 537721

Business type: Cooking class

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Seasonal Kitchen - chef services and cooking lessons: what do users think?

Bo Wang: Mark cooked a 4 course meal with matched natural wine for a private dinner party for 14 of us. The food was seasonal and well-sourced, beautifully presented and most importantly tasted amazing. The wine was delicious and interesting, and we all learnt a lot about natural wines. He was incredibly professional throughout and clearly passionate about food and wine. We all had a great evening. Thank you!!
Response: Thanks so much Bo. I enjoyed the evening too. Lovely to cook for you all. Mark

izzyedwards111: Mark worked preparing food samples at the judging for an Organic Food Awards for us. He was very professional and friendly - helping us problem solve, Mark has a really great sense of initiative. The food came out perfectly - we will be using Mark in the future.

Kerry Sabine: Thank you Mark for the delicious feast you provided for a family party at my home. I was looking for a private chef I could work 1:1 with to provide catering from my own (tiny) kitchen. I had quite specific requirements so I needed someone who was communicative, imaginative and flexible. Mark was all of these things and he cooked amazing food on the day, too! He was helpful, efficient, friendly, clean and tidy. Based on my brief, Mark designed an Italian-themed menu of canapés to start, a standing buffet of meats and salads as the main course and biscotti for afterwards. It was all excellent. All my guests expressed their compliments to the chef. I would highly recommend his services!

Tamara Pyper: My husband and I were offered a private cooking lesson with Chef Mark Breen as a wedding gift. We really enjoyed it, it was lots of fun and we learnt so much. Many thanks Mark for making this a fantastic experience and for teaching us how to make delicious food! Would recommend Seasonal Kitchen 100%

Karen Wepener: Had a great night at Seasonal Kitchen. Mark is friendly and knowledgeable and helped us create a delicious three-course meal with matched wines in a relaxed environment.
Response: Hi Karen. Thank you for your comments. We had a great evening too. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

Sadhbh Moore: Delicious, beautiful and sustainable food! A real triumph, and a chef leading the way in conscientious cookery.

Daphné Duval: We had a lovely evening at the Seasonal Kitchen supper club. The food was delicious!

9. School of Wok

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School of Wok

Address: 61 Chandos Pl, London, WC2N 4HG, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 6 PM ⋅ Opens 10 AM Wed

Telephone: +44 20 7018 9119

Business type: Cooking school

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School of Wok: what do users think?

DS: We just finished the wok skills class and has the best time! The Nev trainer was fantastic and friendly. Easy to follow recipes and wok techniques. Food came out delicious and with extra for later! I couldn’t recommend enough! Well worth giving a go

Diane Hamilton: We did the 3 hour Japanese Cooking class. It was a birthday gift. Our food was lovely. Ryan is a good teacher. I recommend the experience. It was fun and interesting.

Bharat Desai: Booked a corporate do but was for my wife’s Birthday. Hannah, Ryan, Lesley and the rest of the team made it a very special day for my wife and all who attended. The team at School of wok attended to all our needs and made it a fun and informative day. Would highly recommend it.

Gryte Dargeviciute: very good experience, will definitely be going again! amazing teachers with lots of experience! can’t wait to try a different cuisine!

Darren Dodds: Great day. I took the Korean full day course. Ryan our chef was great very professional but with a good sense of humour. The day was very well planned and the instructions very clear. A bit of time was spent prepping and the rest of the time cooking and eating. Ryan made sure we had everything we needed. The only reason I did not give a 5th star is because I was looking forward to cooking the Korean fried chicken but health and safety concerns does not permit using big pots of hot oil! Makes sense and the cooked chicken was delicious but was disapointed. Great gift for anyone intetested in cooking. 100% recommend

Sav Kotecha: We had a great Christmas party here. Was perfect for our group of 16. Highly recommend! We had Ian as our head chef and he was really great and patient with our (rowdy) group. Thanks - we will be back!

10. Chef Academy London

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38 reviews
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Chef Academy London

Address: 17 Hanover Square, London, W1S 1BN, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9 AM Wed

Telephone: +44 20 8087 2501

Business type: Culinary school

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Chef Academy London: what do users think?

Wessinthe World: Even during a pandemic, we had a special time at Chef Academy London. I had a lovely time with the team and other chefs on the course. We all became close friends over our course period and enjoyed developing new ideas in the kitchen together. People here certainly were passionate about food! I loved the fact that there were chefs from all over the world, sharing their own cultural experiences of their native food to new food which they had eaten travelling. Thank you, I had a humble experience!!!! :)

Eric Smith: Thank you to the wonderful team at Chef Academy London! They helped us and supported us through the course, and were there if we needed anything. My favourite part of the course was the food science! We had a lot of fun using liquid nitrogen to create some unique dishes. I have gone home with great knowledge of molecular gastronomy which I look forward to exploring at my new job…!!!!

Laura Bossom: I got in touch with Chef Academy when I started work within the hospitality industry for a restaurant back at home. I wanted to become better and they advised me to do the hospitality management and food science course. I thought the place was very clean, keeping well to Covid-friendly standards. There was a lot of professional equipment provided to us with clear demonstrations on how to use it. I felt very safe in the kitchen with the experts always by our side. I am now a superior worker and working in a top restaurant. Thank you for the opportunity and the experience I was given over the six month course.

Info Cultiva Kingdom: If you are looking to be a Michelin Star chef, this is the best place to do your training. I have had a few years in the kitchen but this course has provided me with in-depth culinary knowledge and confidence to take my career to the next stage…. I am very glad I had the chance to experience a Michelin Star standard to develop my own skill set to be an advanced professional chef.

Ursula Duplock: I really rated this course! I had a great idea to run my own restaurant but did not know how to develop my ideas to meet industry standards. I found the Chef Academy London ?Hospitality Management and Food Science? course to be super helpful! They talk you through all the processes from staff management, suppliers, stock checks, health and safety, recipe development, hospitality standards, customer service and much more!

Charlie Fitzgerald: I loved getting creative on this professional patisserie and confectionery course. I had always wanted the chance to have hands-on experience learning this specialist skill. This was my moment to try. I found the chef who taught us to be very knowledgeable. They had a lot of experience and would guide us when we ever got stuck. Since finishing the course, I have now developed my own portfolio of stunning delicious patisseries.

Ashmita C: Since I have just finished college, I thought this would be a good opportunity to see whether I enjoyed being a professional chef. I was not sure if I wanted to pursue this as a serious career at this stage. I decided to take the introduction course. This was the best decision as I learnt that I really enjoyed creating special dishes with high end techniques. I now want to be a celebrity chef….Thank you Chef Academy for inspiring me!!!!

Cameron Craig: As someone who eats halal food, I liked the fact that Chef Academy London has adjusted their ingredients for everyone to enjoy. I learnt many new recipes with the team. I am now inspired to start my own catering business specializing in halal food. I can’t wait to try the recipes out and get more feedback on my creations.

Gabriel Mihaila: My journey at Chef Academy had been the greatest despite being affected by this pandemic which I’m sure the school has too. I think like all schools they provide the basics for new learners and an introduction to the industry of fine dining, but for someone that wanted to advance my career they mentored me to achieve the skillset required that allowed me to branch out to a different area within the world of culinary. Even in universities they require you to think outside of the box and this academy is the same. We are encouraged to self-study and proactively seek ideas to improve our skills and techniques to get to where we want as a Chef. At the end of the day it’s all about our passion to learn about the culinary world. The internship stage is a big part where you learn how various fine dining restaurants operate in reality. The only hiccup is this pandemic delayed my final placement but still, the school tried their best to place me in my first choice and I have built friendships there and inspired to try new methods to achieve different results. I have to praise the best part is after graduation where the school tries to provide you the best options for employment and they try to match your requirements and not the other way around which is very rare because most schools won’t really try to help as much. They mentor you along the way and explain to you how to showcase your best abilities at the trial shifts and how to read between the lines of the job description. I am not saying the school is 100% perfect, but I want to provide you my personal experience on how the school has gone over and beyond in getting me to where I am today. I am now a Private Chef and started my own business during this pandemic. The school is still mentoring me in my journey and believe me all you got to do is keep in contact and ask for advice when you need because I believe their passion is to help you achieve where you want to be in the culinary world.

11. Borough Kitchen Cook Shop & Cook School - Chiswick

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69 reviews
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Borough Kitchen Cook Shop & Cook School - Chiswick

Address: 186 Chiswick High Rd., Chiswick, London, W4 1PP, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 6 PM ⋅ Opens 10 AM Wed

Telephone: +44 20 3930 0631

Business type: Culinary school

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Borough Kitchen Cook Shop & Cook School - Chiswick: what do users think?

Ames B: I will never set foot inside this shop again. Over the last year my partner and I have visited the place many times whilst meeting up with my brother who lives nearby. The woman who runs the shop is consistently surly and unfriendly. Interestingly she always says hello to my brother and is friendly to him, yet each time my partner and I go in it is as if she has never laid eyes on us before. I wonder if there is a direct link between this and amount of money my brother spends in this shop (quite a lot). We went into the shop last weekend, having driven 45 minutes from where we live up to Chiswick, in order to collect a knife that I had dropped off at the shop in order for it to be repaired. The woman unwrapped my knife to check it was indeed mine and I was surprised to see that it was in exactly the same state as when I dropped it off 6 weeks ago. I asked why this was the case and the woman replied that it wasn’t possible for it to be fixed. I said I had pre-paid for the repair to which she replied that it had been sharpened as part of the service. I have a perfectly good knife sharpener at home and didn’t need to pay for this service but the woman just shrugged. She then stuffed the knife back into the paper it had been wrapped in and handed it to me indicating she was done with us. We left the shop feeling short changed and that the woman did not care about the fact she had sold us a service we did not receive. Clearly our custom means nothing to her.

Alexey Subach: A small shop with kitchenware you want to buy. Everything inside is so beautiful. Their selection is very expensive but the quality is good. The staff is not the friendliest in the world
Response: Dear Alexey, Thank you for taking the time to leave us a 5-star rating and your review.

Dan Wotton: Done the Indian cooking class with my Dad and we both thoroughly enjoyed it! Al and izac are class!
Response: Dear Dan, Many thanks for leaving us a 5-star rating and for your lovely comments. We appreciate it.

Debbie Chalet: This was our first attendance on a Borough Kitchen course. I have rated it 5 stars as it was really good. The venue was well equipped and enabled a professional atmosphere with all the right equipment but also felt relaxed too. Sunita was an excellent teacher and she coped well with a class of mixed levels of cooking experiences. She gave us many extra personal tips and is clearly experienced and passionate at what she does. The evening ran smoothly because it was well prepared and Carla helped with washing up and tidying along the way. We will be looking at other courses for 2017.
Response: Thank you Debbie. We appreciate you taking the time to leave a review and look forward to seeing you in 2017. All of our new class dates for the first half of the year are being added by the end of next week!

jonathan aloia: I went here for a class and it was incredible! Carla is a wonderful teacher and I would highly recommend taking a class here. Please excuse my terrible plating up skills.

Richard K: The bread making with yeast course was excellent. Carla and her team were charming and in a great location. I was so impressed with the amount of input and baking that was crammed into three hours and that included eating the delicious goodies we had made. I would highly recommend this course and the Borough Kitchen Cook School to anyone looking for a treat.

Alicia Jumman: Took my dad to Borough Kitchen Chiswick for the Principles of Bread Making course as part of his birthday present. The experience was wonderful from start to finish. Grace and Al were a great team and incredibly welcoming. Al, the chef who taught us about bread was a fountain of knowledge and a brilliant teacher. We had a fantastic evening, especially getting to eat the calzone we made with a delicious salad made by Grace. My dad thoroughly enjoyed it as did I and I am very much looking forward to trying my focaccia and yeasted loaf when I get home this evening.
Response: Dear Alicia, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your review. How wonderful you could celebrate your dad's birthday by taking a Cook School class together. We are so pleased you both enjoyed the evening and that you are looking forward to using your new skills at home.

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