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1. Software Academy

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Software Academy

Address: 76 Cricklewood Broadway, London, NW2 3EP, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 6PM ⋅ Opens 10AM Wed

Telephone: +44 20 3004 8383

Business type: Training provider

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Software Academy: what do users think?

Ozlem MK: Ana is so friendly and patient with kids. My daughter enjoyed her trial session with her. The trial session was 1 hour long and my daughter decided to sign up for a term time course to learn more from Ana. Thank you very much.
Response: Hi Ozlem, Thank you so much for the kind review! We're delighted to hear your daughter enjoyed the session!

Saili Shah: My son enjoyed the trial lesson with Zara Nelson. She definitely got his curiosity up. She was able to communicate at his age and knowledge level. A good tutor !
Response: Hi Saili, Thank you for taking your time and writing this feedback for which I'm very grateful. I'm so pleased that you had a good experience with us and will pass your comment to our tutor. Zara is one of our best tutor at Software Academy. All the best Saeed Operations Manager

Rita Eze: Excellent first teaser session with my son this afternoon. The teacher, Aya, was brilliant and made the lesson enjoyable. The Internet connection was very good, too. No interruptions.

Nada Makki: Very smart introduction and explanation for those who had no idea about the Coding World!!!Sarah has enjoyed her first trial session . Thanks to the tutor for his support ; that helped Sarah to feel confident in her participation!
Response: Hi Nada, We're so delighted to hear Sarah enjoyed the first lesson! Thank you so much for your kind words, much appreciated!

Ali Faryad: Book a free taster session and very glad. The tutor was very professional and informative and she explained all the ups and downs very well. My son enjoyed it and going to enroll him in 3D Games.
Response: Hi Ali, Thanks a lot for your kind review. We're delighted to hear you enjoyed the session with us!

Free Bird: We just had taster session with William from Software Academy and it was really impressive. The faculty seems go be knowledgeable and engaging. I really liked it and will mostly sign-up with them.
Response: Hi, Thank you for your feedback. It's nice to see that you are happy with your trail session. William is very experienced and all of our students enjoy their sessions with him. Regards, Saeed Operations Manager & Lead Tutor

2. Cypher Coders

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Cypher Coders

Address: Cypher Coding Limited, 1 Royal Exchange, London EC3V 3DG, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 6PM ⋅ Opens 9AM Wed

Telephone: +44 20 3005 2862

Business type: Computer training school

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Cypher Coders: what do users think?

Nikki Willemen: Highly recommend. My son had ASD and the teachers were fantastic with him. He very rarely enjoys, or even stays, at summer camps or play dates, and he stayed the full 2 days with zero complaints. He said he loved it (which is very rare!) and made a lovely friendship with the teacher. It really helped his confidence and I’ll definitely be sending him again. We’ve already signed up for the online courses. The communication was fantastic and the company is so professional and really invest in each child. Really can’t recommend highly enough.
Response: Dear Nikki, Thank you so much for your kind words! We’re so happy to hear that your son has enjoyed our Cypher Coding Camps. We think our teachers are amazing and work hard to make sure everyone is having fun and is safe at Camp - thank you for such positive feedback on this. We're delighted to hear that his interest in coding is growing and you have signed up for our online courses. We can't wait to see what he codes and achieves next! We are looking forward to welcoming him to one of our future Camps! Best wishes, Julia and The Cypher Team

tim ogden: My 7 years old daughter loved the Cypher Coders summer camp in Southbank International school. She is very happy to show off her much improved typing skills ! The typing game was her favourite, also she was very proud to learn to design her own game. Big thank you to lovely teachers ❤️from Annabelle. I am very happy that children had lots of breaks and were able to use playground and also do some planting and learn about global warming ! We are keen to sign up for the next camp !
Response: Dear Tim, Thank you so much for the kind words! We're delighted to hear about your daughter's experience at our Cypher Coding Summer Camp. It's always great to see how proud students are of their creations. We really appreciate your feedback regarding breaks and activities at a Camp. At our Save the World theme Summer Camp children solved a real-world problems through collaboration, creative thinking, and decomposition. We'd love to welcome back Annabelle to our future Camps for coding, graphic design learning and more! Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. All the best, Julia & The Cypher Team

Christina Fincher: My daughter Madeleine absolutely loved coming to Cypher coders. She had loads of fun and made great progress with both touch typing and coding. I liked the balance between desk and outdoor activites, as well as the excellent teacher-to-child ratio. I will definitely be sending her again next summer.
Response: Dear Christina, Thank you so much for taking the time to review Cypher Coding Camps. We are so pleased that Madeleine had a great time at camp - it was a pleasure coding with her! We really appreciate your feedback regarding on and off screen activities - we really believe that computational and problem solving skills are not just learned on-screen but also off-screen. All future camps will have this element bought back in. Our October Camps have amazing projects for the children to get stuck into both on and off screen. Best wishes, Jodie and The Cypher Team

Jessica Whitburn: Our 5 year old son had the best week at Cypher coders. He loved going everyday and really wanted to keep going after his week was over. The teachers were great and he learnt a lot. We will definitely be booking him in again.
Response: Dear Jessica, Thank you for your amazing review. Our teachers and team are so pleased to hear that your son had a fantastic time at our Summer Coding Camp. We are looking forward to welcoming him again to one of our future Camps! Best wishes, Julia and The Cypher Team

Chloe McCracken: My eight year old had a real blast learning coding. It encouraged him to use a coding website from home, too. He also enjoyed the building aspect, making a car and a panda.
Response: Dear Chloe, We are so glad to hear that your child loved our Coding Summer Camp! We're so pleased that he continue to learn coding too and enjoyed all the activities at a Camp. Thank you for taking the time out to write such a review. We really do appreciate it. Best wishes, Julia and the Cypher Team

Alison Bolivar: My barely 5 year old son absolutely loved his time with Cypher Coders camp! I suspected it would be right up his alley, but the team and activities far exceeded expectations. We can’t wait to send him again 😊
Response: Dear Alison, Thank you so much for taking the time to review our 'Power of Tech' STE(A)M & Coding camp. We are so pleased that your son had a great time at camp - it was a pleasure coding with him! We are dedicated to providing a fun and engaging atmosphere where students can develop their coding and STE(A)M skills. We're pleased to know that we provided him with a positive, educational experience. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review on our camp! We look forward to welcoming your child to our future camps! All the best, Bailey & The Cypher team.

Amin Amirian: My son had an amazing time at the NHEHS Cypher Coding Camp - each morning he was so excited to learn and try new projects and also meet with new friends. Highly recommended!
Response: Dear Amin, Thank you for your amazing review. Our teachers and team are so happy to hear that your son had a fantastic time at our NHEHS Cypher Coding Camp. We are looking forward to welcoming him again to one of our future Camps! All the best, Julia & The Cypher Team

Catherine K: Cypher Coders were great with my son - he learnt a lot and they were great managing his behaviour which leaves much to be desired! Would certainly recommend.
Response: Dear Catherine, Thank you so much for taking the time to review Cypher Coding Camps - we are delighted to hear that your son had a great time! Our teachers are trained to deal with lots of excited children so I am really pleased to hear this positive feedback re behaviour management. We hope to see your son at one of our future camps! Best wishes, Jodie and The Cypher Team

zohar Magen: My 2 kids loved this camp. They enjoyed learning how to code and to create computer games. Every morning they excited to join the group and to learn something new.
Response: Dear Zohar, We are so glad to hear that your children loved camp and were excited to join the group and learn something new each day! It was a pleasure to have them as campers this week. Best wishes, Jodie and The Cypher Team

3. Riva Learning

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Riva Learning

Address: 12, 72 Cambridge Rd, London NW6 5FL, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9PM

Telephone: +44 7539 890926

Business type: Computer training school

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Riva Learning: what do users think?

Jess Lipson: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, ValueMy son has been doing lessons with Riva Learning for a few years now. He’s almost 13 and super shy. Gobind and his team have done wonders with building his skills and confidence and his evening lesson is one he looks forward to weekly.
Response: Thank you Jess. We can see that he is making great strides towards creative problem solving. We are excited about his weekly coding classes this term because we are entering an exciting phase of how to solve real-life problems using concepts he has learned.

Shveta Aneja: My 8 year old Elina took a Scratch beginning camp during her summer break (in USA) with Jerson. Jerson’s teaching style really resonated with her - she found it engaging, encouraging and also had fun in the small group interacting with other kids. I have never seen her so excited coming out of the sessions, to show me what she built. I’d like her to continue learning through Riva Learning.
Response: Thank you so much Shveta, for the lovely review. We would love to have Elina back.

Akita Somani: My 11 year old did a Python coding camp with Riva Learning this summer and absolutely enjoyed it ! She learnt new concepts and found it very engaging, especially with Gobind’s unique instructional style. He was able to connect with each of the kids within the small group and give them personalised attention. The detailed feedback provided was so helpful to understand what my daughter learnt and applied in the camp. We would really like to continue with these camps and regular lessons with Riva Learning in the future.
Response: Thank you so much Akita for the wonderful feedback! Humbled

Suruchi Bhargava: My 9 year old son did 2 holiday camps with Riva Learning (Robotics and Scratch) and is now a regular at their Sat morning coding classes. He absolutely loves it and has learnt a lot in such a short amount of time. The team at Riva is just amazing at making learning coding/computers so much fun. The curriculum is very cleverly designed as well to stretch the kids while keeping it engaging and fun. I would highly recommend their holiday camps and classes for anyone interested in computers and coding or even just a bit of creative fun!
Response: Thank you Suruchi. I know he is on to Python now but loves visuals, art and drawing a lot more - so this term, we have the perfect course for him that combines all of these. He will have no choice but to be super excited, once again! We're already excited :)

Olga Sarmiento: These courses are almost bespoke, children benefit from dedicated time from a teacher but also participating and learning with other children, which becomes entertaining and stimulating. Fully recommend… my daughter has steadily progressed with a skill for life…. Thank you Govind no team!!
Response: Olga, thank you so much for such a lovely review. We are delighted and looking forward to continuing this journey she's on.

Jo Wills: My 9 year old daughter attended a Python camp in Oct over the half term break and has previously done a Scratch camp a year ago. She also does a weekly after school club through Riva. She really has enjoyed all her camps/activities and I thoroughly recommend Riva and in particular Gobind. He has been positive and helpful and really has made the camps fun and enjoyable and engaging. Camps are always followed up with a report on how the child learned and progressed during the week. She looked forward to going every day (and this was the first time she went without knowing any other children). A big success! Thank you Riva Learning!
Response: Thank you so much for the lovely review, Jo. She was such a delight to teach :). We wish her all the very best.

Vedanta Bagchi: My seven year old son did the scratch coding workshop with Gobind and his team over the summer term break. He had a great time and found the lessons to be very interesting and enjoyable. I will sign him up with more sessions with Riva
Response: Thank you so much for the review - we love to receive any feedback so that we can keep improving ourselves.

4. First Class Coders

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First Class Coders

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Wed

Telephone: +44 7944 676239

Business type: Childrens club

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First Class Coders: what do users think?

V&V W: The class the wonderful, my daughter loves to go to the class every weekend, Marsha is amazing teacher, she is very patient and really knows her business. She is not only teaching the kids to code, but also encourage their creative thinking and help them with their phonics spelling and math by applying those things in the projects. We had excellent experience over all. Thank you Marsha!
Response: I am humbled by your kind words and this wonderful feedback. Thank you!

Jennifer O: My daughter really enjoyed the session today and even mentioned how the tutor made the lesson fun by making the students laugh. I would definitely recommend.
Response: Thank you for the fantastic review. When children are learning and having fun they absorb and retain more information. Helping them to progress quicker.

ArSaVa K: Son absolutely enjoyed the session! Very friendly teacher! Son can’t wait for his next session with Marsha!
Response: Thank you! We can't wait to see him again. He was enthusiastic and super speedy picking up the concepts.

Angela Tackie: Great experience,my son enjoyed it and would like to learn more.
Response: Thank you for this wonderful feedback! We look forward to seeing him online again soon.

Omaya’s Activities: She was really happy about today class. She said , Marsha was a great teacher..
Response: Thank you so much for these lovely words. She was so enthusiastic and eager to learn - wonderful!!

Leanne de Araujo: My son attended a coding club with Marsha and it was brilliant. We may be continuing once he has completed one of his other activities. He loves to code and was attending a coding club at school but it stopped. Marsha is great at pitching the class to the relevant skill level and was able to tell me what would happen at the appropriate level for my almost 8 year old. Thanks Marsha.
Response: Thank you so much for this feedback! We look forward to seeing #PlayCodeGrow with us soon!

Mairead Agnew: Fantastic in every sense. A small group class that is both fun and interactive and our son has loved from day one. Would highly recommend Marsha’s classes for coding skills that will undoubtedly be instrumental in our children’s futures. Oh and now with the added bonus of robotics which has been a huge hit with our son!
Response: Thank you! He is a fantastic First Class Coder, it has been fantastic watching his skills develop these past 9 months.

Sandra Hill: My son came out his trial very excited. He could not wait to get home to show us what he had learnt.
Response: Yes! :) The student becomes a teacher - a sign that children are enjoying & learning with First Class Coders. Thank you for this feedback it made us really smile!

Ekaterina Botziou Pilalis: My two boys aged 5 and 6 absolutely LOVED their first coding lesson with Marsha! So much so, that after the lesson they continued to create their own projects on Scratch! We are really looking forward to learning new things on our coding journey. Thank you Marsha!
Response: Fantastic! that is what we want at First Class Coders, teeny techies playing, coding and growing in their programming ability. Thank you so much for this wonderful feedback.

Carla V.: Our son attended his first coding session and absolutely loved it. He was able to create a game and with Marsha’s expert coaching, he picked up the basics fairly quickly. We will definitely be looking into taking these coding sessions further.
Response: Thank you for your wonderful feedback. We look forward to seeing you PlayCodeGrow with First Class Coders soon.

5. BlueShift Education

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BlueShift Education

Address: Studio 43, Great Western Studios, 65 Alfred Rd, London W2 5EU, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Wed

Telephone: +44 20 3176 4660

Business type: Computer training school

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BlueShift Education: what do users think?

Inge Krügel: My 5-year old son joined the Coding Summer Camp for two days. During this time they built a robot. He absolutely loved it! In-between they also did other activities like play soccer to release some energy. It was great to find a coding camp for kids from 5 years old as most camps are for older children. The student to teacher ratio is also great, making for more individual attention. The staff were extremely friendly, efficient & professional. I would absolutely recommend Blue Shift for their great Summer Camps.
Response: Hi Inge, Thanks so much for your 5* review. We're so pleased to hear that your son enjoyed his time at our camp this summer. We'd love to welcome him back to camp in the future! Best wishes, The BlueShift team

E A: Took my sibling (10yr) for the robotics coding workshop. She absolutely enjoyed herself and asked to come back next time. Class sizes are small- meaning children receive the help and time they need. Staff are super friendly too!
Response: Thank you for the lovely comments. We are really glad both you and your sister enjoyed the course, we can't wait to see you again!

Karen Go: Callum was a fantastic teacher and my kids had a wonderful week on this course. Good student-teacher ratio and lots of fun.
Response: Thank you for the great feedback Karen! We're glad your children enjoyed it so much. We'll be sure to pass your message onto Calum.

Katie Bulatovic: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, ValueHighly recommend this camp - really engaging week and impressed by the level of communication and professionalism of the BlueShift team!
Response: Hi Katie, Thank you for your feedback, it's lovely to hear that you had a great experience with us at camp! We look forward to seeing you again in the future. Best wishes, The BlueShift team

6. The Learning Hub (11plus)

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The Learning Hub (11plus)

Address: Vale Farm Sports Centre, The Learning Hub (2nd, Watford Rd, North Wembley HA0 3HG, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7PM

Telephone: +44 20 8908 0123

Business type: Computer training school

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The Learning Hub (11plus): what do users think?

Ada Orogbu: My experience has been excellent, my son has gained so much confidence, he is happy and willing to attend as well as participate. The main attraction for me is the investment in the children, the way the knowledge is imparted is fabulous and the incentives are so good because the child gets involved and takes ownership. The homework are explanatory and the exercises help the child develop consistency. He does not require help during his homework which shows a good level of understanding. The tutors are very friendly.I wish I had found the Learning hub earlier.
Response: Thank you for your great review and feedback. It is important for us to know that we are helping all the children improve whilst they enjoy themselves. We ensure all our lessons our structured to maximise the child's learning and understanding and thereby increasing their chances of being successful in their exams. Be it 11plus, SATs or GCSEs. Your feedback is important to us as it tells us that we are on track. Thank you and all the best!

Bindi Gaglani: My 7 year old son has been attending the learning hub at vale farm for just over 4 months and i have already noticed a two fold improvement in his English vocabulary skills, comprehension and in fact he is a lot more motivated to read which he did not do before, his progress has made me feel highly reassured about the upcoming 11+ exams. They have an excellent record of successful students in the past and I really hope my son gets in too! They are flexible and well experienced, competitively priced. They have not publicised as much as they should i think. the quality of education is great and i would definitely recommend this tuition class.
Response: Hi Bindi, Thank you for your ace review. We have a 19 year history of helping children achieve their true potential and we acknowledge that all children are different. Applying a flexible approach helps to make them comfortable and motivated to learn. We look forward to ensuring your child is also successful in his 11plus exams. If there is anything else we can do to help, please ask.

Rakesh Joshi: Fantastic place and excellent teachers. Love the material they use and children are always praising the centre. What more can you ask, especially when they keep achieving high standards and results.A definite must place for your child.
Response: Thank you for a great review! With our 20 year history, Ofsted registration and an examination centre and 6 dedicated classrooms. We are very passionate in what we do and it's good parents like you that motivates to keep trying harder.

Tasneem Hussain: My son has improved significantly since starting at the learning hub. He has experienced teaching his own peers at school on new topics that have been covered during his tuition.
Response: Fantastic! Due to covid, Ofsted has stated that the average child is about 9 months behind. With out 20 years of experience, we recognised this immediately and changed our material accordingly. We are so pleased to get your feedback, pointing that we are going in the right direction.

Manisha Patel: I am very happy with The Learning Hub. My Son is doing really well and planning to send my daughter in future for 11plus.The facility are amazing and safe environment.
Response: Hi Manisha, We are all very glad that your son is doing well. We are passionate about children being confident and good education helps them whilst allowing to progress. If there is anything we can do to help, pleas speak to any member of dedicated team. Thank you for the great feedback.

Alim Kazmi: Both my children went to The Learning Hub and all i can do is praise them for their friendly, helpful and professional approach. My younger achieved a place at Henrietta Barnette and the second at Queen Elizabeth boys school. A definite must place to send your child.
Response: Thank you for a fab review. We look forward to helping all the families you have recommended. Wishing your children equal success in their new school.

shazia Sultani: Learning hub is very good tuition.My kids learning from last 5 years.Their teachers are very supportive.
Response: Thank you for a great 5 years of tuition feedback. It has been a pleasure watching your children improve year on year. To achieve this, we are constantly reviewing our material and the state of education in the schools to ensure all the children at The Learning Hub get the maximum support exactly where needed.

Y Fang: Great lessons always and long term support to my child. Really experienced in the entrance examination space such as the the 11+. Could not speak highly enough of "the leaning hub".
Response: Hi, Thank for the beautiful and positive feedback. We always try hard for the children have only one chance to be successful in their 11plus exams and to us it's important that they are successful. We look forward to hearing about their success. Thank you!

Meera Morjaria: Great teachers and good learning environment. A very well organised centre. Kudos to Mr and Mrs Joshi, my kids have always looked forward to attending the centre.
Response: Thank you for the great feedback. As an Ofsted registered centre we try to provide the best tuition for all the children in a warm and friendly environment. We look forward to working with them and helping them become successful.

MING LEI: Very nice school and tutors, helped my daughter a lot on her studies from year 5 at primary school through to year 11 now. My daughter like attending the tuition here a lot.
Response: It is always a pleasure to help children become successful for we understand that this is the first and most important step in achieving a good career and life. Being an examination of centre allows us to focus more thoroughly and structurally. Thereby making her studies easier and more comfortable. Once again, thank you for positive feedback and allowing us to help her.

7. Code Kids

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Code Kids

Address: 2 Lawn Terrace, Blackheath, London, SE3 9LL, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Wed

Telephone: +44 800 010 6912

Business type: After school program

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Code Kids: what do users think?

Anna A: This is our second year attending Code Kids classes, and my 8 year old son really enjoys doing Minecraft sessions which are organised very well. Staff are amazing and very friendly! My son is always excited when I collect him after and talks a lot about his coding and playing, he always learns something new! I would definitely recommend Code Kids!
Response: Hi Anna, thank you so much for your very kind review! We try to make our classes both fun and educational, so it means a great deal to us when we get such lovely feedback.

Matthieu Wattel: Really great virtual course for my 8yo son, he learnt new tricks and how to code on Minecraft, he was so excited before and after the course, he cant wait to do it again. Very easy to book, and smooth experience, patient and kind teachers, great support with login etc.

Anne-Elisabeth Tran Qui: My daughter (8) and son (6) are both attending Ms Razak’s weekly Minecraft Coding club in Blackheath. Since joining, I have noticed that their relationship to Minecraft and games in general has changed. They seem more interested in creating their own worlds with their own rules and want to understand how things work behind the scenes. They like it so much they asked to join the code kids half-term sessions. Very positive experience.

Prilly: My son (age 11) really enjoyed the February Half Term Online Coding Workshop with Code Kids last week. He was fully engaged and the week has increased his knowledge of Python using the Minecraft Education Edition game. Thanks to the team at Code Kids, who are really helpful, calm and patient teachers.
Response: Hi Prilly, thank you so much for your kind words!

Nicki Morrison: All three of my children, aged 7-12 have done code kids for a number of years and have always loved it. The online classes over the summer were fantastic. My youngest especially loved the minecraft coding. To me it feels like it makes the time they spend on screens so much more productive and they are actually learning. During the online classes It was also great to see how much attention they received from the teachers to make sure they always knew where they were up to in the lesson and check they hadn’t missed anything. Would highly recommend!

Hannah Thornton: My son (10yrs old) has done 3 online coding courses with Code Kids this past year and he has loved them. There is a lot of content packed into each session, as well as a lot of fun. The teachers have been amazingly supportive and patient, ensuring all the children are following and understand what is happening - I have been very impressed by their skills and their enthusiasm! Whilst missing out on school and friends, our son has really looked forward to these sessions each week and learnt a lot of new skills - both in terms of coding and online interaction. So glad we started with Code Kids!

Dulcie: My 7 yr old son took part in two online Minecraft sessions this Easter and loved it so much he’s doing another two next week AND joining the after school club! I was working in the room next door but he was completely supported by the course leader the whole time. Great teaching, easy to join and a great alternative if your kids hate sports camp as much as mine! Thank you Code Kids :)

Yulia Semiletova: Code Kids were a life saver for our busy family this summer 2020. I would highly recommend these classes to every child. The quality of teaching has been very high and consistent throughout! This summer our 8-year-old did a couple of courses online (Scratch, Game design) and one week of drop-off camp at KCS and he absolutely loved it. During online lessons instructors kept children engaged for 3 hours and at the end of each class our son would happily show us what he created. He kept practicing on his own even weeks and months later. For online classes as I understood it there is always a team of teachers not just the one who presents and if a child has some questions/struggles or is up for an extra challenge they can go into a break out room (virtual one) and get some extra one to one support. Usually we like to offer our children a big range of classes/activities/providers and vary what they do at each school holiday, but this half term we are booking classes with Code Kids again without hesitation.
Response: Thank you so much for your very kind words Yulia!

8. DiscoG Coding Academy Limited

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32 reviews
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DiscoG Coding Academy Limited

Address: 504 Kenton Ln, Stanmore, Harrow HA3 8RD, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9PM

Telephone: +44 7767 300940

Business type: Computer training school

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DiscoG Coding Academy Limited: what do users think?

Annie Fang: My daughter started coding with Gerard at the end of year 5 and absolutely loved it. Gerard was patient and great with kids. He had guided my daughter all the way to year 10 and helped her achieved a 9 in iGCSE Computer Science. A year early! Gerard is a wonderful teacher so is his daughter. I will not hesitate in recommending DiscoG Coding Academy!

Neal Madlani: Fantastic family run coding school! My daughter has been attending her coding classes for the last 2yrs. Gerard has given my daughter the confidence to use Python and understand computing with a caring and encouraging teaching style. I would highly recommend these classes! Thanks DiscoG!

Hasnain Abdulhussein: DiscoG Coding Academy is amazing. My daughter has been attending a weekly class at DiscoG for the last 2 years. She has learnt alot and really enjoys the classes. Gerrard and Kat, who run DiscoG are brilliant, kind and caring people that will go out of their way to help if you need anything. They really try hard to make sure their students get value for money, rescheduling classes missed through illness. My daughter loves the lessons and says help is always on hand during the lessons. Thank you DiscoG!

shitel patel: Gérard and Katrina are both very enthusiastic about teaching and keep the kids very engaged. Both my Daughter and Son have been been taught there and my son is currently doing his igcse there. Both have always looked forward to their lessons. Would definitely recommend DiscoG!

Manoj Kakaya: My son has been attending coding classes here now for a while, credit goes to Gérard and his team. The format and structure of the lessons and the help and guidance from the team have meant that he has now got a solid understanding. I would highly recommend Disco G coding to anyone that is looking for the perfect start in coding.

Ravi Rastogi: We found DiscoG when my daughter was in year 10. She was struggling at school with a poorly planned Computing syllabus and a one-dimensional teaching department - despite all her efforts she was losing enthusiasm for this crucial life skill subject. DiscoG were a rescuer and a revelation. Incredible dad and daughter team have transformed her in 15 short months: (1) they are enthusiastic; (2) flexible teaching style based around each individual child; (3) wide variety of extra-curricular lesson times; (4) dedicated massive and effective effort via zoom medium during pandemic; (5) they make it fun.. In short, our daughter now loves computing - a crucial life skill rescued for her from what otherwise would have been an unnecessary mental block. Teaching, Coaching and mentoring like it should be. Thank you DiscoG!!!

Sarita D'mello: Thank you for all the work you are doing with my son, he loves your lessons he is so enthusiastic about learning with you!! You will be the one to get through his GCSE’s with flying colours and certainly not his school class teacher. The positive feedback you keep giving my son as it makes him so happy that he wants to please you more by doing even better and better! Thank you again for your excellence!! I would have no hesitation in recommending Gerard and Kat they are the best in the business!

9. London IT Training

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43 reviews
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London IT Training

Address: 64 Broadway, London, E15 1NT, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 6PM ⋅ Opens 9AM Wed

Telephone: +44 20 8133 1433

Business type: Computer training school

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London IT Training: what do users think?

D Leg: I did my CompTIA A+ certification at London IT Training. I liked the teaching style of my instructor. He was patient with me when I was struggling sometimes to understand the technical aspect and he carefully explained everything with examples and demonstrating where possible with the lab exercises. I had access to the lab throughout the week to practice and recommend London IT Training. I have also completed my certification exams and passed both modules.

Seyin Akdal: Really enjoyed the java course. Excellent tutor support. Tutor Ajay has helped me to walk through all the necessary steps from setting up initial java development environment on my laptop to complex exercises to be compiled and excuted on my laptop. He has well explained the theory and concepts with lots of exercises. Looking forward to do advance JAVA programming.

samz o1: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, ValueReview: I really enjoyed my time at London IT, the classes were educative, practical, interactive and interesting, I learnt something new every classes I went to. In addition, the resources I got were very helpful in passing my CompTIA A+ (first time). Well worth the price and cheaper than others I found online.

Awesomeva Meg: I chose the London IT Training to get my networking certifications. I did my CCNA training with them early in 2019. Later that year, I also completed CompTIA training. The team at LIT was very professional and friendly. When I was doing my training the second time, the trainer had to reschedule due to a medical emergency. They acted swiftly and coordinated between the tutor and me to provide the best possible solution. I successfully finished my training even though we had to reschedule.

Jitty Thomas: London IT training was a really great experience! It is a good platform to enhance your knowledge. I had taken Advanced java course. The course covered an incredible amount of ground in an amazingly short time. Joseph is really knowledgable and experienced as a tutor. He was really happy to help and explained every topics to the level of my understanding. Great instruction and quality teaching, couldn’t have asked for a better experience. This institute was overall a great experience for me.

Andyce E: Thank you London IT Training. Having completed my comptia A+ with you, i joined your CCNA course with zero prior knowledge on Cisco networking and my learning experience was really enjoyable. The tutor spent extra time to explain the concept in details and takes his time beyond just preparing for the exam also. Your tutors and staff are friendly and approachable. Many thanks!
Response: Great! We are happy that you are satisfied with our training! We look forward to providing further training Regards, LIT Team

jeva Arulan: Highly recommend for CompTIA A+ course. I did this course to improve my existing knowledge to improve my skills at my current work. LIT team has helped me all the way to exams to prepare and pass my certification.Great staff and quality teachers.
Response: Great! Thank you for your feedback! We look forward to seeing you for more courses again! Regards, LIT Team

Gabriel Giafarov: Recently I completed the Comptia A+ course and the exams preparations for the 220-1001 and the 220-1002 and I passed for both of themRegarding the London IT Training it is a great school with great tutors. I learned a lot of things and improved a lot of my knowledge.

Angelika: This is a scam service. Stay away. My company paid upfront a sponsorship for a python course for me of about £2.2k. I went there 2 times and the trainer did not show up both of times. They re-assured me that I do not need to be worried and they would find a good tutor for me who will be available on weekdays as we initially agreed.2 Months later and she sends an email saying that she cannot find a tutor for me on weekdays because "it is difficult to organize with them".I have not received in the slightest the level of service that would be expected .We asked for refund and we have been told policy "is not applicable to a discounted course fee". However, she made us a discount just because it was "black Friday" as she said ( No mentioning or attaching "terms and agreement" file). We would never accept non refundable fees otherwise. The woman in charge does not respond to my calls or to HR s emails ( the last weeks and she did not do the refund . 4 months later now, we did not hear back from them. They never found a tutor for me to do the weekday courses as we agreed. The legal department will take over this case.

10. London Academy of IT

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London Academy of IT

Address: Boardman House, 64 Broadway, London E15 1NT, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9PM

Telephone: +44 20 8432 6218

Business type: Training centre

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London Academy of IT: what do users think?

Raajpaul Vilkhu: Priyanka has very effective methods of teaching, giving good real life examples of how the code works. I found the selenium with java course really well worth the money spent. Looking forward to booking my next course. Thanks.

Paulo Marques: No value for price. Instructor has a great knowledge and is really good, however he has to rush with topics in a short period of time as this is the way the school planned the course. I missed my last class due to a train failure and they never reply my email to join another class. they simply ignore my messages. There are great SQL courses online that you pay less and learn at your pace and you have more support and 30 days money back guaranteed.
Response: We have been providing the SQL course for 7 years now and all most all our course participants are very happy with our training, found it very useful and were fine with the course duration. We always take feedback from our students and update our training courses if needed. We have email evidence that we offered you replacement classes for your missing session, but you didn’t attend the classes. Thank you for your feedback anyway.

joeffrey lamy: I was really happy with my experience with London Academy of IT. I took SQL and Python classes. Teachers were really engaging, enthusiastic to share there knowledge and created a relaxed yet productive learning atmosphere. My last class was Python Intermediate taught by Priyanka Sharma and I highly recommend it.

Danielle Howard: Absolutely awful course - avoid! The course notes were full of typos, inconsistencies, missing brackets and dots. Correct syntax and lack of typos are essential when learning javascript or any form of coding. Completed code was provided with little explanation, whilst plenty of time was spent explaining how to source google images! The teacher seemed unprofessional, and the course finished 3 hours early without covering topics that were promised at the start of the course. I do not feel as if I have learned anything from this course, time would be better spent teaching yourself from online videos.
Response: Thank you for your feedback. We had identified our problems, mistakes and issues and resolved them. London Academy of IT is much better now than the previous years.

11. Bermotech

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Address: 45 Circus Rd, London, NW8 9JH, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9PM

Telephone: +44 20 3719 9794

Business type: Training centre

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Bermotech: what do users think?

Joanna Swinnerton: My son (aged 9) has been on two Bermotech courses and has loved both of them. He likes the instructor, who gives him plenty of individual help, and he has a lot of fun. Now when he does coding lessons at his school, he knows more than his teachers!

Emmanuel Fabiani: Done both Java Introduction and Android App development course with Bermotech: great experience, friendly teaching environment and a lot of hands-on material which really helps you to wrap your mind around the things you have to learn. As each teaching experience, teacher is just one of the player so you have to pull your socks up and do your part too. Would definitely recommend.

Lucas: I took a Python course in July 2019. I had a fantastic time. Everyday I emerged with twice as much knowledge as the day before, and it was made all the while better by the helpful and warm atmosphere of the instructor. I enjoyed by self of every minute that week and I would 100% recommend it for anyone looking for a Python course, no matter what age or ability.

Adriana Sanchez: My 12 year old boy has attended Bermotech courses for over two years. Narges makes it an effective learning experience for him. She is very knowledgeable, dedicated and provides a great supportive thoughtful environment for her students. Highly recommended!!

Fabien Saladini: A really great experience. I came to this course without knowing anything about java (just some bases on python and java.script) but I was able to make an entire platform game, which is not very easy to code but, fortunately, the teachers were hear to help me. Thus I really recommend this course for beginners who start coding from scratch and middle advanced programmer who can already create website or small programmes.

Vera B.: I did the Android Development course and had an amazing few days. The course was very well structured, gave a very good overview over the most important topics and was very practical with many examples and projects. The teacher was very flexible, included topics of interest into the regular agenda, answered questions and helped with troubleshooting. Very much recommended.

Jane Haysome: My 16 year old son learnt so much on the Bermotech Java course. Narges was extremely knowledgeable and made the lessons interesting, as well as adapting them to my sons experience / level. Would definitely recommend for anyone keen to learn about coding.

Natalia Krol: Both of my children (now 11 and 9) have been going to Bermotech courses over half term holidays and term time for couple of years now. Bermotech is their absolute favourite! Narges is very knowledgeable, professional and makes classes fun. Highly recommend.

Alicia G: Our teenager son attended the Java programming course this half term and was very enthusiastic about what he learned and the atmosphere of the class. Narges is a great teacher, with a lot of knowledge that she knows how to share, which opened our son’s interest in coding and made him want to take more classes.

12. City Lit

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City Lit

Address: 1-10 Keeley St, London, WC2B 4BA, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10PM

Telephone: +44 20 3871 3111

Business type: Computer training school

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City Lit: what do users think?

Wendy Bowen: I loved my course at City Lit - I studied advanced Children picture book illustation, now I’m looking for an agent and a book deal !

L: I’ve done lots of various acting class at City Lit. The teachers are amazing and very experienced! The building is modern with lots of communal areas, library and study space. The roof garden is lovely too!
Response: Thank you so much 🙌

Mike Fox: Excellent courses, but terrible IT! How can an organisation have no back-up systems? When will the system be up again? Will we be reimbursed for missed classes? I have no idea, as CitLity has not communicated with students at all during this week long outage!

Pontus Ekhem: Horrible experience. My course got moved to a different date which I couldn’t make just a few days before it’s intended start date. Reached out to get a refund which should be returned to my gift card which I can’t access because their website has been down for weeks! When emailing I get no reply.

Joe Supple-Turnham: Purchased a course which was cancelled due to Covid. Was given credit that expired without being warned of the expiry date. Emailed several times to different email addresses with no response. Totally poor/non-existant customer service. Go elsewhere.

michael hogan: I have taken several classes at City Lit. Recently I wanted to take a music class which was marked level 5/6, for which I was nominally qualified. The director was clearly reluctant to let me in, but did offer me an audition. I showed up on time for it, then was kept waiting 50 minutes and finally led to a dimly lit room where the teacher gave me a piece to sight read that was a poor copy, used archaic notation I had never seen before, gothic numbers that I did not recognize as numbers at first, and when that was pointed out, I could not tell the 3 from the 5 with or without glasses it was in addition much harder than the grade 6 sight reading. I got nowhere on it, was not offered a place, and left feeling that I had been auditioned to a foregone conclusion.
Response: Hi Michael Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We are extremely distressed to read your account of this incident and would like to get to the bottom of this. At City Lit we strive to provide equal opportunities and fair treatment to all our potential students. To help us investigate this matter clearly, please get in touch with the music department by emailing

13. Code Ninjas Kenton

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Code Ninjas Kenton

Address: 150 Kenton Rd, Harrow, HA3 8AZ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7PM

Telephone: +44 7887 802204

Business type: Learning center

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Code Ninjas Kenton: what do users think?

Mayank Rawal: Coding has always been considered as a complex task for grown ups. However with Code Ninja the learning experience is simplified and made fun with focus on creative learning and problem solving. My 5 year old thoroughly enjoyed her first session and kept asking for more. The centre managers and teachers were very professional and were able to give attention to each student while following the recent COVID guidelines.

Candida Menon: My son attended a Story telling camp at Code Ninjas during half term and absolutely enjoyed it, he came home having learnt so much about Scratch and has been heavily engrossed on his IPad trying to make all sorts of things using Scratch. Would highly recommend the courses and the teachers here.
Response: Thanks Candida. Appreciate your feedback 🙏

Esha Madhok: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, ValueThis place has great promise for kids as they enter the world of coding. The taster session was really good and my 6 yo girl was engaged well by the trainer and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Kruti Doshi: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, ValueMy son is really enjoying and learning. He is always excited to show what he has learned. Moreover, the people are friendly and caring and shows great concern while teaching.
Response: Thanks Kruti. Really appreciate your feedback.

Viji Sujen: Great place, my 8 year old daughter loves the classes!

saba abbas: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, ValueGreat service. My son loves it there and they are very friendly and accommodating. Very professional and hopefully will see great progress in my son but too soon to tell.

Rita Patel: Positive: ProfessionalismDaughter is really enjoying it. Brings out confidence and coding is fun too.

Anthea Mendonca: Positive: Communication, ProfessionalismMy children love attending the code ninjas sessions because they are interactive and fun.
Response: Thanks Anthea. Thanks for your feedback 👍

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