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1. Barnet Private Swimming Pool

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Barnet Private Swimming Pool

Address: Rimon Villa, 148 Barnet Rd, Arkley, Barnet EN5 3LJ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7:30PM

Telephone: +44 7764 182159

Business type: Indoor swimming pool

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Barnet Private Swimming Pool: what do users think?

Jo Smith: A really lovely swimming experience in an oasis of calm. Clean, warm, wet and comodious. Personably and professionally run. It has certainly been a much appreciated highlight of my week for physical and mental wellbeing !!
Response: Thanks Jo, it has always been such a pleasure having you

Virginie Isbell: It is a lovely pool: clean and the water temperature is perfect.Our son with autism had a wonderful time, he was relaxed and so were we!
Response: We are really pleased to hear that you had a lovely time and we hope to welcome you again soon.

Louise Sweet: The pool is a great size and heated perfectly! The owner (Edward) is friendly and is quick to respond to queries and bookings. Pool, changing area, shower and toilet are very clean, easily accessible and private. You have the pool completely to yourself during your stay. Will be booking again soon.
Response: Thank you for your review. We are really pleased that you had a fantastic experience and we look forward to welcoming you back.

Nesli: We’ve been hiring this pool for a few years now and never had any single issue. Edward replies to our emails/texts promptly and always welcomes on the door. Due to the pandemic the price is a bit increased but it’s understandable and I’d rather have a better service and thorough cleaning at this time. The warmth of the pool is definitely suitable for little ones and our two kids absolutely enjoyed it.
Response: Thank you very much for your review. I am really pleased to hear how much you've all enjoyed swimming here. We look forward to welcoming you all again soon.

Alexandru Ivan: The swimming pool is amazing. The water was very clean. All areas were very clean. The temperature of the water was brilliant ( around 30 degrees ). The owner ( Mr. Edward Wolfe ) was very friendly and polite. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone.

H Fazil: Have been a couple of times now and lovely experience both times. Clean and warm throughout and water temperature perfect for my 4 month baby. Plenty of floats of various kinds also available to use during sessions. A hidden gem! Will definitely be visiting again.

2. Swimming Class UK - Private swimming lessons for adults and children in London UK.

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24 reviews
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Swimming Class UK - Private swimming lessons for adults and children in London UK.

Address: St Giles Terrace, Barbican, London, EC2Y 8BB, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Business type: Swimming instructor

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Swimming Class UK - Private swimming lessons for adults and children in London UK.: what do users think?

Seb S: My 6 year old son had a history of being pretty scared of being in the water and had got better over the last 6 months. I went for 2 swimming lessons and in this time he learned how to do the basics of front crawl and managed to swim a whole length. The instructor was very good with him, challenging him to develop but also playing fun games. A very good experience and highly recommended.
Response: Hi Seb, thanks for the review. Your son is really enjoying the lessons and it is a pleasure to have you on board!

Halar Mirani: I had been taking lessons at my local leisure centre to no avail but Brian and his team were excellent and took me back to the basics. The facilities at the City of London Girls School are excellent and the pool is long and with quite a deep end to get one out of their comfort zone. I am much more confident now and have gone on to swimming independently in the sea and comfortably in a deep pool. I frequent my local pool with a new found resolve and motivated to take up more water-based activities.
Response: Hi Halar, thanks for the review. So glad you have achieved your goals. It is great to hear you are swimming - and made it to the sea! Wow - well done you. See you again soon, Brian.

Nasreen Kasenally: My 6 year old has gone from not being able to swim to doing front crawls, back strokes and front to back flips in the last 15 months while having lessons with Brian and his team. My 3 year old has just started to swim for 3 breadths on her own. Overall we are very satisfied with the progress they have made. Thank you Brian and team!
Response: Hi Nasreen, it has been fun working with your children, they are great in the water and really enjoy the lessons. Thanks for the review!

John Kumar: Brian and his team (Eva and Claudio) helped me achieve my long-held dream of learning to swim. With a patient, guiding and positive style, they helped me learn the front-crawl/freestyle technique. I can now confidently swim from one end of the pool to the other and back again without stopping or the use of accessories (fins, paddles, etc.). Brian instructed me for half the lessons where we focussed on comfort with the water and components of the technique. After this, I was passed on to Claudio for a few sessions to help me with my breathing and to introduce me to the deep. I finally wrapped up the lessons with Eva, who helped me put it all together and swim confidently from shallow to deep and back again. I am very happy with the result and would recommend to adult learners who similarly want to learn this key skill.
Response: Hi John, thanks for the lovely review. You have had a great journey, 20+ swimming lessons is a great achievement. Well done. Glad you can now swim alone, and safely. Now you can practice, and get more stamina. See you soon, and good luck with the swimming!

David Fletcher: Our teacher Brian was the most patient and talented teacher you could hope for. Brilliant with our daughter for her first swimming lessons and always full of tricks and techniques to move her confidence in the water forward.
Response: Thanks David. Looking forward to continuing the learning curve for your daughter! :)

Jennifer Band: My son just completed his second 5-day crash course (after having done one in the summer). He loved his instructor (Izabella ("Iza"), who was very patient with him and really helped build his confidence. If schedules permit, we will absolutely come back for another crash course and/or a weekly 1:1. My 4-year old has really improved. Many thanks!
Response: Thanks for the review, Jennifer. I also had Jack during the summer, he was a pleasure to teach! Really glad they lessons went so well, and excited to see you guys sign up for the weekly swimming classes. Thank you :) Brian

Tom Cuckson: Timea has been fantastic in teaching our daughter, who’s just turned 4. She quickly built up trust with her, gently pushing where necessary but keeping learning to swim fun and helping overcome fears such as putting her face in the water. I have every confidence it won’t be long before our daughter will be swimming on her own soon in what is an interesting important life skill.
Response: Many thanks for the lovely review, Tom. I will definitely pass this on to Timea. Always great to hear feedback! See you all Sunday. Thanks, Brian

Bruce Carr: Claudio has been brilliant at building a relationship with our occasionally very stubborn 5 year old. He (Claudio, not our son) exudes confidence and calmness and I would recommend him without hesitation. Our son has made great progress with Claudio as his swimming teacher
Response: Thanks for the lovely review, Bruce. I'll pass this on to Claudio also. Have a good week and see you guys next time! Brian.

3. Poolside Manor

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26 reviews
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Poolside Manor

Address: Lyndhurst Gardens, London, N3 1TD, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7PM

Telephone: +44 20 8349 1945

Business type: Swimming pool

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Poolside Manor: what do users think?

Daffodil L: I had my first session today as part of my physiotherapy. Very friendly and staff, nice, warm water,clean place. I am a partially disabled person and they did everything for my safety and to accommodate my special needs. Thank you for or the help!

Amy Levene: Our sons ages 3 and 9, absolutely love poolside manor. Our youngest has some anxiety about the pool and Vicki has been incredible in reducing this. His lessons are fun, personalised and completely suit what he needs. Since learning with Vicki his confidence has grown massively to the point where he was going down all the water slides on holiday this summer with total glee. Vicki is such a competent skilled creative and warm lady who goes above and beyond. Our older son who is now 9 also began as a nervous swimmer. Today he is a skilled confident swimmer who loves the pool, due to Vicki and her team’s care and support! I am a Child Psychologist and I know I am not always easy to please when it comes to my kids, however with Vicki I completely trust her and know she can 100% support the children, help them make progress and achieve to their full potential. Poolside camp is also great fun for the boys. They love the climbing wall, bouncy castle, pool and different activities on offer especially the tuc shop! But also the relationships they have with the staff who are so caring and kind and help them feel comfortable and happy. Thank you Vicki to you and the team for everything. 5*** all round experience!

adarsh madhavan: I was a beginner and took 10 adult swimming sessions to learn swimming. Harry and Lewis were really helpful and their teaching methods are extremely good. Even if there were 3 or 4 (or more) students they’ll patiently watch everyone swim, correct your mistakes and also give you suggestions which helped me a lot. Overall a really good experience and will suggest to anyone who wants to learn swimming. The other staffs are also friendly, quick to respond and help you in case if you have any queries.

Aslan KESEN: Nice pool to learn swimming but the teachers are a bit uninterested.Car park option is perfect.

Claire Johnston: If your’e an adult looking to learn to swim then I cannot recommend Poolside Manor more highly. Im a lady of a certain age and thought swimming had passed me by but I decided to have a try. Two months later I’m nearly able to manage a length of front crawl and my holiday will be transformed next month. All of the teachers are exceptionally skilled, patient and so encouraging - and very experienced. Classes are small and everyone is given individual attention. Give it a go - you will surprise yourself and have a lot of fun!

parisa varmazyari: I think it’s is not good place because it’s too small, dark and dirty. They have just one hair dryer and you want to use it, you have to stay and dry your child hair in entrance of pool!!!!! Curtains have mold!!! Generally I am not happy with them.

C P: Poor management in summer camp. My children (4 and 8 years old) attended the summer camp only twice, and each time swimsuits were shuffled, got someone else’s swimsuits and my son’s one had been missing…. Also if kids decided not to join the swimming activity, they will be just left to watch others swimming activities for nearly an hour and no other activities were offered meantime which is a bit shocking.

4. Oakleigh Park School of Swimming

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Oakleigh Park School of Swimming

Address: 100 Oakleigh Rd N, London, N20 9EZ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8PM

Telephone: +44 20 8445 1911

Business type: Swimming pool

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Oakleigh Park School of Swimming: what do users think?

Katty Rodrigues: My child has been with Oakley Park School of Swimming for almost 7 years and we have had the most amazing experience with them, we have tried other schools and nothing compares to Oakleigh Park. The level of training, the teachers, the technic is very professional. The pool itself shows you how clean and good attention the dedicated to it. I will always recommend them. Thank you for your hard work.
Response: Dear Katty Thank you so much for your review. We really do appreciate it and taking the time to do this. Kind regards Jonathan

Sameera Abraham: Fantastic facility for families. We booked the whole pool for an hour. Friendly staff, lovely quiet location, ample parking and a selection of swimming items for sale and also refreshments available. We had a lovely time.
Response: Dear Sameera. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review. I am so glad you enjoyed your Family & Friends Swim. Kind regards Jonathan

Ava Abdool: Love this place, I have been taking my son for one term. Such a useful skill to have and such great staff and teachers.
Response: Dear Ava Thank you much for your review and taking the time to do this. Kind regards Jonathan

Uzma Ullah: I am done trying to explain my concerns to this school. Again today I tried to speak to the older lady that works there and she told me to send my concerns over email. So here I am. This lady becomes really rude and stand-offish as soon as you have a concern. My daughter has been going here for 4 terms now and they STILL do not move her up to a higher class, she got her badge for 20 meters but still has kids that are beginners in her class. Today was badge day, I watched eagerly in the rain and my daughter just played on her own without any real lesson at all because the smaller kids required all the attention. When I asked what badge she should get they told me 20 meters, I told them she barely did 1 lap today…the lady then told me leeya had done the 20 meters last week?! Not even on badge day? Why is it so hard to group together children with the same level of skill?! All your doing is slowing down progress. Instead of speaking to me and trying to understand my frustrations the lady just told me to not join again. So there you have it. Basically this place is fine for babies and beginners. Anything more is a waste of time and money. Your kids will just be left to play on the sidelines.
Response: Dear Uzma As mentioned on the phone I am happy to respond here although prefer to speak on the phone or in person. Thank you for your review and reaching out to us. As asked it would have been better to have emailed or spoken to me personally by phone before this, which as manager I am happy to do so. I will not respond to all personal comments on here as I don't feel that is right. I am pleased you spoke to one of our experienced members of staff although I am not sure she would like to be called 'old'! But I am very sorry if you felt she was rude as this is something we have never experienced with her. Your class is at 330pm where there are fewer classes than 4pm onwards. There are 5 in your class and the class has done amazingly well with 3 of the children gaining their 20 metre badge, 2 of them gaining 10 metres and one gaining an achievement badge. The next class at that time are swimming in pyjamas for a certain badge and I feel this may be too much for your daughter. On badge day, we test the children one by one in some groups. This is for safety and I agree the lesson can be slower on this day, but safety comes first. As some children are not big fans of swimming the length, we also test them the week before. So yes, your daughter did go for her badge last week and gained her 20 metre badge and then again this week which we are so pleased for her to have achieved. Now that the children have swum 20 metres, they will all be grouped accordingly for the following term if they rebook, which we understand you have not. However, you have said she will be attending with her school so we will be pleased to welcome her when they come. I do not think it is fair to say our swim school is for babies and beginners only, considering we have sessions for all ages and abilities including teenagers, adults and then other activities such as scuba diving. Also we are grateful the local schools come to us and have done so for many years for their swimming, when your daughter will still be attending. I am sorry that you think our service is one star after the achievements that have been made. You said you wanted to cause a 'reaction' by doing this. May be you will reconsider that after time as I am pleased to confirm that your 'just turned 4 year old' has swum 5 metres. We are sorry both will be away on holiday for the remainder of term. As always, we are here to talk to. Kind regards Jonathan Rolfe

Haroon Rauf: Great swimming school Really friendly staff. Very engaging with the kids. Helpful and great to see progress with the kids. Nice to see they have strict policy on privacy and safety so only have positives about our experiences with our new swimmer.
Response: Dear Haroon. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review. I am so glad you are seeing progress and that you appreciate the measures we have put in place at this time. Kind regards Jonathan

JENNIFER MATHEW: 5 stars for the staff however the hygiene in the toilets and changing rooms is questionable!
Response: Dear Jennifer Thank you so much for your review and feedback. I have spoken to the staff who are present when you come to the pool, as I am always hot on hygiene and our cleaning. So I am sorry if you have had a bad experience. Always ask my staff if is not to your liking and we will certainly be there. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Kind regards Jonathan

Rebecca Tolley: Nice pool, not too big. It has two communal changing rooms, each with a shower and toilet. The pool has steps down and railings to hold on to and has step free access to the poolside (however no hoist into the water). The deep end of the pool can be used for shallow diving.

Our Life: This pool is really quite small and when they run group lessons each class has an area which gives them a width of the pool which is barely more than three strokes for bigger kids. The changing room is not big enough so is very crowded (I’m talking about pre Covid). Staff are nice enough but it seems that only a few really know what is going on and are able to deal with your queries. If you have a baby or toddler then go for it, but any bigger and I would avoid.
Response: Thank you for your review. If you do have 'bigger' children may I suggest our advanced coaching groups that go down the length of our pools rather than across the width. Woodside Park pool being 20 metres and Whetstone 16 metres. In regards to staff, we have admin staff, poolside supervisors, teachers and lifeguards, so some may not know all the answers to your questions. But please always feel free to ask when at the pools, call or email and the right person will happily help you with any questions you may have or information you need. Thanks again for taking the time to review us. Kind regards Jonathan (Owner)

Richa Dubey: Excellent pool for children to learn swimming. I was very impressed with the arrangement they have made for COVID safe swimming facilities. In my child’s class there were never more than four kids in the pool at any time.

5. Home Swimming

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Home Swimming

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8PM

Telephone: +44 7830 393043

Business type: Swim club

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Home Swimming: what do users think?

Jamille Dazzi: Super convenient as I can have top class instructors in my own home.

6. Swim Islington

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Swim Islington

Address: 8 Highbury Grove, London, N5 2EQ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7:30PM

Telephone: +44 20 7288 8900

Business type: Swimming pool

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Swim Islington: what do users think?

A B: After a very cordial start, I soon found out that the founder wasn’t very clear about the availability and prices associated to the classes. Then he moved my little one with another instructor, who dismissed it as too young to go with his newly assigned group of children. Lack of transparency and a very confusing communication all along. The premise is bare bone, hygiene is not top priority, but this is UK standard. No hair dryers are available. Very low value for the money paid to get private classes.

Crispian Napolitano: George has been teaching my son to swim for the last 4 years . My son has come so far with his swimming. Last week my son swam against all the other schools in islington not only did he win 2 gold medal. He broke the speed record for islington with his Front crawl .george has been the best teacher I could ask for and his team are great . I highly recommend this company. Thank you so much have taught my son so well he is now the record breaker

SPLENTO The Visual Tech Company: We have photographed several events at this venue - great staff, nice venue.

Agnieszka Jakonis: Swimming teachers are amazing!!! Finally I enjoy going inside the water! Recommend!!!

Cristina A: Excellent classes

Sahil Sk: Love

7. Angel Swim Chelsea

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93 reviews
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Angel Swim Chelsea

Address: Angel Swim London - Park Walk Primary, London, SW10 0AY, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Wed

Telephone: +44 7435 278910

Business type: Swimming pool

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Angel Swim Chelsea: what do users think?

Kathleen Sumera: Just completed a 5 day crash course for my 6 month old son, who absolutely loved the sessions. His swimming teacher was Adrian who was honestly amazing. The lessons were 30 minutes long, and were always on schedule. I opted for a 2:1 session so we shared the lesson with another family, which was a good balance for us. I couldn’t believe he was fully submerged in the pool and making his way to me on his second lesson! As my son was a baby, I was able to go in the pool with him. Not only did we get great day naps everyday after each lesson, I managed to get some exercise in for myself during the sessions. Holding him, helping him to kick and walking up and down the pool was a workout! Adrian was an excellent instructor, and we felt safe at all times. I thought the ‘crash course’ might be a bit intense but it wasn’t at all. We managed to complete what would normally be achieved in a month into 5 days, and we really enjoyed it. Highly recommend!
Response: Thank you that is really good

Laura Royle: Angel Swim crash course was brilliant. Our little one is so much more confident now after only a week. Our teacher Inigo is superb and we look forward to continuing our lessons with him in September. Would certainly recommend.

Elena Salicioni: My 10 month old attended a swim crash course at the Chelsea venue. Our instructor Adrian was professional, calm and friendly. My son really enjoyed his lessons and gained confidence in the water. Thanks Adrian and Angel Swim!

Briana Bird: We started on Monday with Adrian and I can not recommend him enough! The boys (twins 5) are basically swimming after 2 lessons. Adrian is so calm!! So caring and the boys are coming leaps and bounds. Thankyou so much Adrian for teaching these boys such an amazing life skill. Kind regards Nanny B :)

Richard McColl: This was fantastic as a "first experience" of swimming classes for my two-year old boy. Adrian was calm and understanding, the class size of four children was excellent and I would heartily recommend Angel Swim to anyone considering swimming classes for their little ones.

Jason Knott: We brought our 4 month old son here for swim lessons and it was fantastic. Our instructor was Adrian, and he was great with the kids and a great teacher. Highly recommended!

Debbie Simmonds: After two lessons with Adrian, he has transformed my son’s swimming. My son is confident and happy in the water and a very good swimmer. I have no hesitation in recommending Adrian.

Larry Pretto: I just attended 1 of 5 consecutive lessons for my 2 daughters this week. The instructor’s name is Iñigo pere. He is a young guy and an absolute legend. He is very cheerful with such a positive approach to each style of the kids in his lesson. Iñigo deserves an 11 out of a 10 score rating. Looking forward to day two tomorrow. Please forward this on to Silvana and the other angel swim administrators.

8. Love to Swim

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27 reviews
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Love to Swim

Address: Crowne Plaza Hotel - Docklands, Western Gateway, London E16 1AL, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +44 20 3006 6189

Business type: Swimming school

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Love to Swim: what do users think?

Rajiv Ranjan: Jose from LovetoSwim is a great tutor who uses the right balance of encouragement, compassion and strictness to enable the kids to reach their potential. My daughter has been learning swimming since Grade 2 to Grade 7 over the years with Jose and she & other participants in the group have always said kind words for their instructor. Jose is also professional from the aspect of coordinating with the parents/guardians regarding classes timings/cancellations due to unforeseen venue closures ahead of time to save the drive for lessons. Would highly recommend him! - Raj
Response: Hi Raj, thank you so much for your review.. We'll be sure to pass your kind words on to Jose too :)

Manish Kumar: My daughter finished stage 6, starting from getting into water at very young age. Love to swim is a great program. Target learning rather than just fun time and time pass (we experienced with other providers). Jose is specially very good. Highly recommend.
Response: Hi Manish, thank you so much for your lovely review! We'll be sure to pass on your kind words to Jose too, he'll be so please :)

Irene Chuah: My three children have been swimming with Jose for many years. My eldest has been with Jose for almost 9 years, straight out of the Water Babies programme for toddlers! As an ex-State swimmer, I was keen that my children received the solid foundations that would allow them to develop their skills competitively if they chose to do so at a later point. Jose and the school’s programme delivered this and made it fun along the way, so I had no reason to look elsewhere! Jose is a patient and good teacher. He is one of the few instructors who get into the water and engage directly with the students in the pool - this is key for me as I see the majority of swimming instructors in London adopt a “shout from the side of the pool” approach; in my view not as effective for children under 12 years of age. My children are now confident swimmers and they feel completely at ease in the water. We recently when on a holiday to the Greek islands and thanks to Jose, I felt comfortable letting the kids jump off the boat into the clear blue sea without a float! I have dealt with Lesley and the Love To Swim team many times and found them to be very efficient and very accommodating, especially with scheduling conflicts.
Response: Hi Irene, thank you so much for your feedback.. It's been a real pleasure teaching the children and liaising with you over the years. Your holiday to Greece sounds divine and I can picture the kids now jumping off the boat and having a great time! Wishing you all the best :)

Averil Pooten: Phenomenal swimming teaching in a compassionate way. We had Jose as our children’s swimming instructor for almost 7 years! He taught both girls from toddler to tweens. Both girls thrived in the teaching environment and are now really strong swimmers for their age. Highly recommend this swimming school and Jose.
Response: Thank you so much for your review Averil, It's been such a pleasure getting to know you and the girls. Wishing all the best in the future, the Love to Swim team :)

Ildiko E-D.: I booked my swimming class at Love to Swim Crowne Plaza Hotel last November. My swimming technic was poor and I was afraid of putting my head under the water. After 2 beginner sessions I was advised to try the improvers team. My anxiety has quickly disappeared and my technic has rapidly improved. Jose is a fantastic instructor with a really nice personality. I am grateful for him to be patient, caring and always sharing extra useful tips. So now I can swim! Love to Swim Team&Jose are highly recommended!
Response: That's wonderful to hear! Thank you so much for sharing your feedback, we very much appreciate it and really pleased for the progress you have made :)

Raoul Tomaselli: I started my lessons as a beginner in one crown plaza and left as an advanced in 3 months. This was possible thanks to the wonderful swimming instructor Jose!Really thankful for his time and happy to be able to swim in all different styles!
Response: Hi Raoul, That's so good to hear! Thank you so much for sharing. We wish you all the best with your swimming ;)

9. London Aquatics Centre

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1161 reviews
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London Aquatics Centre

Address: London, E20 2AQ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10PM

Telephone: +44 20 8536 3150

Business type: Swimming pool

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London Aquatics Centre: what do users think?

Colin Durrant: The pool and the venue is awesome however it is very hot and humid and if you are at an event for a few hours, it really does start getting pretty uncomfortable and you have to get up and move and try and get some fresh air. Apart from that it’s an amazing building. Very clean and well designed.

Ben Yusef: An amazing building even a decade later. The plants around the building have matured and make for a lovely backdrop. The centre itself is still modern and well used by the community.

Lily Smith: Nice swimming pools there are 2 novice pools. In the changing area there is a machine that dries your clothes I’ve never used it but I see other people using it. You can play in the pools and splash you friends and family (like I did 😏😏).Overall it is a great place to go will recommend to people of all ages. Also there are loads of restaurants around so after you go swimming you can grab something to eat without having to go to far.
Response: Thanks for your five star review Inaya! We agree - there's so much to do at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. We're glad you enjoyed your visit and look forward to welcoming you back.

Mark Ngui: The best swimming pools!Just wish the gym was a bit better - install Olympic lifting platforms so we can drop weights safely please (a request for all Better Gyms)

Ellie Wei: The swimming pool is great (nice pool, nice equipment etc) but the staff………..i found them rather unpleasant, some of them even aggressive/intimidating. There are nice ways to tell the customers rules, and there is no need to be aggressive but unfortunately I must say I didn’t have the best experience there. I hope the centre would provide some staff training and improve the customer service.

Teresa: Firstly I just want to say the customer service here in impeccable. The lifeguards are very friendly and informative. They kindly let me know the rules of each pool and what the swimming courtesy was. I felt very safe and at ease. The 50m competition pool is very impressive and a bit intimating as it is 3m deep the entire length. The training pool does not have a very deep end and it gets quite busy so you may bump into people as doing lengths. There is also a diving pool and a learning pool. An amazing place!

10. Swimming Rocks Ltd

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5 reviews
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Swimming Rocks Ltd

Address: Tileman House, 133 Upper Richmond Rd, London SW15 2TR, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 6PM ⋅ Opens 9AM Wed

Telephone: +44 20 8050 3907

Business type: Swimming school

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Swimming Rocks Ltd: what do users think?

Sus Rajalingam: My daughter loves her classes with Margot. She used to have a fear of getting in the water but now has made so much progress. An amazing teacher, i highly recommend!

GB moor: Extremely unreliable. Cancellations are frequent and failure to maintain proper level of service. Their swimming teachers are not great. Zero replies to refund requests.

steph Da silva: Really enjoying lessons with Swimming Rocks, been with them for years and their teachers are really professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!

Abigail Greenaway: Unreliable and untrustworthy - numerous last minute cancellations and no sign of refund after chasing/being assured one for 3 months

11. SwimWay Swimming School

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30 reviews
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SwimWay Swimming School

Address: 15 Northfields Prospect, Northfields, London SW18 1PE, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Wed

Telephone: +44 20 8871 3972

Business type: Swimming school

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SwimWay Swimming School: what do users think?

Lesley Millis: My two kids have been swimming with SwimWay for the last few years. I’ve been very impressed with the whole experience - the booking and admin side, the pools and the great teachers. The teachers have supported and pushed my kids, working on their technique and stamina, all in a fun way while taking no nonsense. I would recommend SwimWay to anyone looking for swimming company for their little ones.
Response: Dear Lesley, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your review - always appreciated! We are so happy to hear how positive your experience has been with us, not only in the pool, but in your dealings with our office staff as well! We do hope you continue to enjoy your lessons and swimming with us, and anywhere else you find yourself in the years to come! All the best, and happy swimming! The SwimWay Team

Filia Smith: My son has completed two terms with Sara and she has shown an infinite amount of patience with him. He has gained her trust and swims confidently looking forward to every lesson! Pool is clean and nice to be one on one! Highly recommend!
Response: Dear Filia, Thank you so much for posting your review. We truly appreciate the time taken! It's so lovely to hear how well your son has been doing with Sara this year. We are so proud and happy to have her on our team!Wishing you all the best and happy swimming for the rest of this term. The SwimWay Team

Maria Maria: It was a real pleasure to collaborate with SwimWay at Ana Mauricio’s lessons. She was very kind teacher, patient, funny and happy making the swimming lessons very pleasant for my baby and I. Unfortunately I ended the collaboration with them because I moved from London. I really recommend SwimWay for their professionalism!
Response: Dear Maria, Thank you so much for taking the time to post your review! We're so happy to hear that you enjoyed our parent and baby lessons with Ana at our Putney venue. Ana will be so pleased to see such kind words posted here - she really takes so much pride in providing the best lessons possible. An asset to our team! Thank you for swimming with SwimWay. Wishing you all the best, and happy swimming for the future! The SwimWay Team

Emma Baker: My son and I enjoyed our lessons with Ana, she had just the right level of pushing us while ensuring I felt comfortable that she had my baby’s safety foremost in her mind. I am delighted with the progress that my son has made despite the intervals enforced by the lockdown rules.
Response: Dear Emma, Thank you ever so much for taking the time to post such lovely feedback! We are so happy to hear how well things have been going for you and your child with Ana, especially during these difficult times. We have worked so hard to give all our clients the most progressive lessons possible over the course of this year. So it brings us great joy to hear that we are still making a difference for our clients and students. Wishing you a wonderful 2021 ahead! Happy swimming, The SwimWay Team.

Icing & co: Swim way is amazing! My 4 year old learnt how to swim on her own after a short while of lessons! Teachers are lovely and use amazing techniques. Highly recommend them! Best thing we ever did!
Response: Hi there, Thank you so much for your review - wonderful to hear how well your child did with us! I'm sure instructor Marta will be very happy to see this - always so lovely to hear that we've had such a positive impact on a child's life! Thank you as well for your comment about our methodology/technique - we put so much time and effort into creating and perfecting the programme. So it is great to hear how much it helped your child. All the best for the future, and happy swimming! 🙂 The SwimWay Team

Elisa Minton: My daughter went from zero swimming skills and no confidence in getting her head under water at all to jumping off the side again and again and begging to go under more! Thanks to Filipe... he was an amazing teacher and progressed my little girl so much in such a short time. I cannot recommend SwimWay enough.
Response: Dear Elisa, Thank you ever so much for taking the time to leave such a wonderful review! We're so happy to hear how well your daughter has done with Filipe. Feedback like this is lovely to receive during such difficult times. Puts a smile on our faces when smiles are most needed, so thank you for that! Were so excited to get back to the pool with our students! Hopefully we'll be seeing you very soon! All the best, The SwimWay Team.

12. Aspire Centre

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129 reviews
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Aspire Centre

Address: 337 Merton Rd, London, SW18 5JU, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10PM

Telephone: +44 20 8875 2603

Business type: Swimming pool

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Aspire Centre: what do users think?

Donna Williams: Not alot of parking spaces. But well stocked.

Zee Dee: My daughter had her 7th birthday party here. We chose a bouncy castle party and it was great! All of the children had so much fun, the staff were great with them and kept them well entertained. Two bouncy castles and lots of games set up. Staff couldn’t have been more helpful in providing things we needed and they really made my daughters party fun. Highly recommend for kids birthdays.

mamima4: Love it! 😊 Great people working there, nice atmosphere ❤

Jack Lupton: Small but well equipped gym with everything you could need. Reasonably quiet and good if you just want to get on with your session. Akira, aka Kira and Chloe (I think (?)) very helpful and friendly.

CressidaM Competitions: This leisure centre is for people in Wandsworth and Southfields to use. In an area where there are no other swimming pools aside from private ones (e.g. at a cost of ~£70.00 per month), I had hoped this would be an affordable alternative. The centre only has adult lane swimming from 6.40pm onwards in the week, and then on weekends they have family swim sessions. There are no earlier times for adult lane swimming (even say 6.00pm one night a week), and there are no morning lane swimming options either. This is far too restrictive, and in practice means the lane swimming only attracts a certain demographic. It is a real shame as if the centre were open more for lane swimming, it could be really helpful. It is a shame they have let down the local community in this way.
Response: Dear Cressida, Thank you for your review. Aspire@Southfields uses facilities of Southfields Academy, therefore, the use of the swimming pool is restricted throughout term time. Please note, Aspire@Southfields is not a part of the local authority. We aim to host more Lane Swim sessions during the holidays, however, throughout term time, there are other pool sessions and activities that need our attention, such as Swimming Lessons for children and adults and Family Swim sessions. Aspire Team

Dina Kay: Pool is very warm but the changing room is a disaster, no hair dryer, horrible facilities condition

13. Brockwell Lido

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937 reviews
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Brockwell Lido

Address: Brockwell Park, Dulwich Rd, London SE24 0PA, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9PM

Telephone: +44 20 7274 3088

Business type: Swimming pool

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Brockwell Lido: what do users think?

Michael Priest: Such a great pool! Although it is cold you soon get use to it just keep swimming!Lovely warm showers at the end of the session.Places to sun bath if your lucky with the wether.

Giselle Casallas: Im so glad and lucky to a nice lido so close to me to do my 30 day swim challenge through the winter. The gym is a nice and spacious aswel. My only criticism is i wish the pool side changing room were as nice as the gym side. Thanks all :)

Kevin Reading: The lido itself is lovely, a great part of the community. The management by fusion and the quality of the gym are however dreadful. Gym has poor equipment, lack of attachments for the cables etc and there is no real sign of any investment any time soon

Ant Cleo: Very mixed bag. Pool is huge and really nice in the summer, most of the staff are very friendly though there are a few grumpy ones, and if you time it right the gym doesn’t get too bad. On the other hand, the website is unusable and the app is atrocious - both of which are a problem when it’s the only way to book a session. The changing rooms are an absolute disgrace, disgusting - it’s unbelievable that it’s allowed to stay open. The facilities, particularly the gym are in dire need of some maintenance with broken equipment and things missing etc. The lido is generally ok, but seems to be kept at a bizarrely low capacity which looks like bad business. The entire thing is mismanaged which is a crying shame given it’s such a fantastic facility to the area. Really hope that it gets passed on to a new owner and they clean up the mess created by fusion.

Dan: Staff have been really helpful and friendly so far. The men’s lockers need to be looked at. Hardly any of the mens lockers were working. Surely padlocked lockers would be better and cheaper to maintain.

14. ABC Swim School

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13 reviews
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ABC Swim School

Address: Post 16 Campus, Shooters Hill Sports Centre, Shooters Hill, SE18 4LD, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7:30AM Wed

Telephone: +44 7802 631571

Business type: Swimming pool

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ABC Swim School: what do users think?

Jasmin L Howe: ABC swim school is amazing! My child improved very quickly and I can tell she feel more confident in the water after the lessons. She always looks forward to going swimming now!

Fiona Moy: Excellent swim school especially the artistic swimming which my daughter started for her duke of Edinburgh award and 2 years later still attends. The instructors are friendly, relaxed and supportive whatever your child’s ability and sessions are fun and well run. I would definitely recommend this school.

Madison Retour: Amazing swim school, such friendly staff would definitely recommend.

Georgia Turner: Great teachers, great enthusiasm & so much help. Highly recommend.

Arif Khan: Superb lessons for adults and kids alike. The instructors are skilled, friendly and helpful. Alison is doing a great job by running courses for learners.

Dervla De Hoog: Positive staff and super helpful always

Duncan P: Really great swim school, friendly, approachable and great teaching. Covid rules clear and easy to follow. Would reccomend

Michael Anyacho: Lovely experience

Melody B: They are fabulous!!

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