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1. Community Health Centre - City of Leicester

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Community Health Centre
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Address: Melbourne Rd, Leicester, LE2 0GU, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Telephone: +44 116 262 2946

Business type: Community health centre

Community Health Centre: what do users think?
Neelam Saba: The staff is highly professional, caring, and knowledgeable, ensuring that patients receive the best possible care. The center's commitment to community well-being and its range of services make it an invaluable resource for the people of Leicester.
Saddia Hussain: Firstly you never answer your phone, even if you call at 8am lines are busy or message says Transfer line has no connection. I would give Zero stars but unfortunately I can’t. I’ve been trying for a few days now , how difficult can it be to set up a system that serves and works.
Sharan Thandi: This surgery doesn't even deserve a star. They fail in every way when it comes to duty of care towards their patients. They expect you to run a rat race on the phone every morning when your ill. They know patients can't get through on the phone line yet still don't all you to go into the surgery and book. They have a back office with a million workers in the there and yet the service is one of the worst. Clearly mismanaged, I think more formal complaints need to be made.
Hamza Tayoub: Hi everyone I wouldn’t recommend this surgery to anyone number one point one is the surgery they lay too much and they give wrong medication to everyone and when you speak to the receptionist they are very rude and also the manager they said they get back to you they never get back to you and they’re very rude I think they are proper racist
THE PC EXPERT LEICESTER: A great health center for all communities.
I Lunat: Receptionist Pretty has Zero Empathy when dealing heath issue with 18 months old child.
Priya Patel: Absolutely appalling service. Had a text from the surgery to book an appointment following some blood results. I have been trying for 6 days to get an appointment. Have to call back tomorrow as all appointments are booked up everytime. Was on the phone for an hour after struggling for 45 mins to even get into the phone queue.Something needs to be done. It's ridiculous. Very poor service!
Siraj Bhana: Horrible service this gp never human care, the name should be changed worst gp
Zaheda Khatun: Gp getting worse and worse every dayThey don't care about people any moreIn one hour all the appointments goneDr work 8 till 7What do they do all day???Only seen 1 or 2 people waiting in the waiting room
Fatima: Ridiculous waiting times to even speak to a receptionist no matter what day/time you call, even if it's first thing in the morning. I've just spent 23 minutes trying to connect to the surgery! Once connected it's now telling me there's over 30 people in the queue! Then there's the dreaded task of speaking to the surgery staff themselves, who are usually rude and obnoxious. The task of going to the dentist and having a tooth pulled out is more pleasant. The only consolation is I've finally convinced my mother to change her surgery!
As As: Calling at 8:00 no reponse “you in a queque above 30!” I call again in 15 min same thinkThen I try again in another 30 min same shit…. What a joke
M Meer: Entrance from front rather than from back as signpostedSpacious insideService is goodReceptionist dealing with two or three people simultaneously was bit annoying but could be improvedQuick and effective treatmentEmpathicExcellent for circumcision
Amrin Hafeji: I have always had great service from support team and the doctors
Kaynatzuned Leacataly: Rabish job everything and everyone are new worker from 10years there but still neelw workers trying to fulll ask. They now open a business selling mask.
Alicia A-G: My son had his circumcision today. Staff were caring and understanding. Procedure went better than expected thank you so much
Ziyaad Shafi: Service for patients/users needs to improve immediately*Reception staff with lack of understanding and knowledge* Phone call / appointment system - totally disappointed and wait time is horrendous (there is always 30+ in the queue every morning)* Prescription box (don't see the reason why have it when nothing is done sometime with the request / repeat prescription)* Lack of communication between surgery and local pharmacy* Lack of GP visit for homebound patients and from the Home Visit team.This has been my personal issues and experience recently. We appreciate and value the support of the NHS. We have all been through tough and hard time during pandemic but the system has immensely dropped in service and care. Not because of working under pressure or backlog but the service of care to those who needs. Patients would only approach Thier GP when they're in pain.Appreciate to those who are trying thier level best in the NHS field but the system needs to be monitored highly for the sake of providing good care to patients.
Paz A: Horrible appointment system makes you wait for more then 30 minutes and when your number comes all the appointment are booked. If all the appointments are booked why they make us wait 30-35 minutes wasting our time as we are free every day to waste our 30-35 minutes. Why not online appointment are open? Rude reception service. Need some changes in this matter ASAP.
Tariq Mahmood: My family and I joined the Melbourne Community Health Centre in 2010 and the service from both the DRs and reception staff was good for several years, but the level of service has certainly dropped in recent years, which started well before the Covid-19 Pandemic. This is a real shame as the surgery has a truly dedicated, caring and compassionate DR in Dr Ishtiaq Sheikh (Mr) and Dr Majeed is also a good DR, plus a good team of Locum doctors.During the last 2-3 years the reception staff service is really mixed: sometimes it is okay, but at other times not they are not helpful and at worst they can be rude, uncaring and abrupt; especially one senior member of the admin/reception who on a bad day can be unprofessional and quite defensive with patients over the phone and in person.On two occasions he told my spouse that “maybe you should consider changing surgery as you’re on the borderline for our surgery catchment”, and this was in response to my spouse’s request to have an appointment with a specific DR due to ongoing health problems.Trying to get an appointment can sometime take days as even if you telephone the surgery at 08:00am promptly the telephone system will either 1) tell you that it is not possible to connect you to the appointments 2) you will be put in the queue with over a dozen patients in front of you and then your phone call is disconnected. There is no option to make an appointment on the surgery website, or by visiting the surgery.I have mentioned the problems of trying to make an appointment with the reception staff a number of times and they just reply that you have to phone at 08:00am and keep trying, and most recently I was told that a new telephone system was implemented and there were technical issues; but this was over 6 months ago, and the problems still persist.On the 31st of Dec 2021 my spouse received a letter from the Patient Liaison Office and the Practise Manager“We are in the process of updating our practise list and we note from our records your address is not in our Practise Boundary. As Per our contractual service provision, we would confirm that you and any members of your family registered here, now have 28 days from the date of this letter to apply to register with another GP … “We are living at the same address as when we joined the surgery 12 years ago, so I don’t understand how we are now not in the practise boundary; but we have now been forced to leave this surgery.This surgery needs to improve its level of service both from the reception/admin staff and the medical staff and it needs to learn how to be polite all the time, caring, compassionate and professional when speaking to ‘all’ patients.
Finding Nemo: They don t care about giving the appointment, don t care at all. been 1 trying to get an appointment. they racist towards bangalis.
Khaoula Boumaaza: Horrible appointment service. Been calling for three days in a row early morning and by 8.30 ''all appointments'' are booked, with absolutely no chance of seeing a doctor they just tell you ''try again tomorrow''. And if you get lucky securing an appointment, all you get is a phone call with a doctor, not an in person appointment even if your condition needs to be seen to be diagnosed. Awful & really really disappointing.
S. V: We had our sons circumcision done here. Service was professional and efficient. Thank you.

2. East Leicester Medical Practice - City of Leicester

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East Leicester Medical Practice
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Address: Uppingham Road Health Centre, 131 Uppingham Rd, Leicester LE5 4BP, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Telephone: +44 116 366 6446

Business type: Public medical center

East Leicester Medical Practice: what do users think?
Paul Ellis: Rubbish doctors wish I'd never signed up with them. 4 years later and i feel the same way.its impossible to get a appointment.they dont even deserve 1 star
Balwinder Virk: worst surgery, very Bad service,every time they say don’t have any appointments. Waiting list is very long they took ages to book appointments. They do not took any problem seriously they just call 111 . Why we call you then. Not a good surgery
John _: I definitely would not recommend. The receptionist are the worst. Particularly maariyah and kashika. False promises and put phone down on you. Doctor unable to book appointment or make correct referral. Lots of back and forth. No contact or communication at all. Wrong diagnosis to top it off.
Justine Whitehead: On comparing to other surgeries in and around this area, this is by far the best. The receptionist is so helpful and goes above and beyond to help where possible. Very polite and professional. The treatment and advice I have received has been satisfactory from the doctors. I can only give a positive review based on my experiences.
Sharan gur: online services are not good👎🏻Tried so many times to book an appointment still didn’t get it👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Blue Dwarf: Been with this surgery for many years, it has gone downhill, Dr longsworth is possibly the best doctor there but getting an appointment with him is difficult as he's so popular. You have to ring at 8am to book an appointment, you will be lucky to get an appointment on the day as 9 times out 10 you will be told there's no more appointments.Some doctors are lazy, my partner went in with pain to the breast but the doctors diagnosis was to keep checking yourself even though she was complaining that she was in pain every time the doctor touched her. An update to how rubbish they are, a consultant sent a letter to them in November last year to have them prescribe some medication but they didn't do it, the consultant sent another letter asking for them to do the same thing 7 months later and they still didn't action it, they only actioning it now after I've called to chase it up, absolutely useless and they are using covid as an excuse not to see patients face to face where other better surgeries are seeing people face to face without having to have a phone consultation first, Dr farooqi sure does like his own voice as he leaves a long winded voicemail on the answer machine before you even speak with anyone
N j: I dont usually leave reviews but am surprised by a lot of negative reviews. I work in the NHS and have found elmp a lot more accessible than other surgeries. Online services are good. The practice get back to you quickly for queries. Its actually a lot better compared to a lot of practices in leicester.
dips gill: A failure .. this surgery is a complete failure. I have been trying to book an appointment with a doctor for 2.5 months. It’s non urgent on the medical side but now causing a mental health issue. Where’s the duty of care ??? Standard response call at 8am, so I call each day and the line doesn’t connect .. ‘the calller is on another line’. 21 mins later get through and no appts? Got told yesterday that they have appts but been told not to book them as they are needed for the next morning. Called in the morning and got told they were only given a ‘few appts’.. how do they think that will service their patients?? Appalling.. the staff don’t even know their complaints process or who the manager is ?? Got told to put in a suggestion.. here’s one- sort your surgery booking system out !! You are failing the NHS !! Expecting a call back from the practice manager by Monday .. let’s see if that happens !
J Blessed: Disgusting service from that ‘priya’, this has happened 3 times. I just dread calling this surgery cuz I know I’m going to be unlucky enough to end up getting through to this jobsworth. Someone needs to knock it off the pedestal it’s put itself on. Your an NHS receptionist not my parent or teacher
Kausar Sacranie: Terrible service, I have called 23 times before I could get through, the doctors have a duty of care, and they are failing us
Ali Housien: I dont usually write reviews but i had to make an exception on the excellent care i received from the doctors here, i have been with this practice for over 15 years and have been treated in the best of manners mainly by Dr Aziz along with both Dr Faruq Raja and Dr Idris. Also the nurses who took out my staples after my operation were very caring. Staff make an effort to call me for aftercare and repeat prescriptions are aways on time. I appreciate all their efforts.
F P: Dont waste your time, you will die waiting for help from this surgery
CAR BROCHURE TOURS: Rubbish, says the Surgery opens at 7:30 AM, however when you call, the answering machine says: “the Surgery is now closed, our opening times are Monday to Friday 7:30 AM to 6:30 PM” how does that make sense, why say you open at 7:30 AM and then when people call you’re closed???
Vicky Saloh: they r very good ..i prefer..
Sheree Treadwell: The service and care from this practice is appalling. Trying to get medication that has been prescribed from a hospital consultant to control pain and aid recovery has taken 2 weeks. They’ve called myself and the patient liars, rejected the prescription, sent it to a company that doesn’t even do medicine deliveries. It has taken in excess of 30 phone calls, numerous practice visits, and chemist visits just to get what the patient needs and is entitled to. The whole practice needs a complete overhaul as it’s totally unacceptable to treat people this way.
Adam Edgeley Magician Extraordinaire: This has to be the worst surgery in the UK. Bad service, their answer for everything is to dial 111. Seen a doctor and have now been told it going to take a week to sign a sick note. Blaming covid for their incompetence. Waste of time, even doctors at the LRI was disgusted after I was told to go A&E for something the doctor could have dealt with .
Joe Johnson: Giving them even one star is generous, all staff from are incredibly rude and multiple occasions I’ve gone to pick up my prescription and they haven’t even been bothered to send it!
sandra Black: Very Rude Staff! Find a different surgery!
Jojo. Lea: Whenever I go to the doctors they are always late and extremely rude. Yesterday I wanted to book an appointment and I was told to call back today at 8am, so I did I called 8am on the dot so I would be first and the line didn't even go through, I kept trying to call and I've just got through at 10:30am, when I finally got throught the lady on the other side was extremely rude and now I have a appointment however I don't know when it is because she hung up the phone when I tried to ask.
Carys Taylor: Amazing Dr surgery very helpful and the staff are very friendly and very understanding
Teresa Smith: i have been under the care of Dr Guppa since Oct 2021.i would like thank her for her care and compassion throughout.excellent !

3. Hockley Farm Medical Practice - Blaby

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Hockley Farm Medical Practice
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Address: 39 Hockley Farm Rd, Leicester, LE3 1HN, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM

Telephone: +44 116 222 6100

Business type: Public medical center

Hockley Farm Medical Practice: what do users think?
Julia Weedon: I ordered repeat prescription and because the pharmacy hasn’t called me for review. Even though I’d had a review with the nurse apparently not the same, the receptionist is going to query it my blood pressure is still high on them. I’m out of them tomorrow. So I may not get them until 6 July.
Kasia Jurczak: Every time I call I wait in the long queue on the phone call for 40 minutes when I finally get through I hear mumbling on the other side and they hang up immediately without even saying anything and I have to wait in the queue all over again, I’ve been trying to get an appointment for the past month it’s ridiculous
sue saunders: They never answer the phone and if they do it a 2 minutes chat and sorry no appointments didn't know reception were trained as doctors
Sgt.Mittens: Staff and Doctors useless , unhelpful and arrogant. They don’t care about the well being of their patients and do not follow confidentiality.
Caroline Heslop: A few years ago this was an amazing surgery, as a hub you could get referrals quickly to other services, the doctor here found a DVT in my leg that was missed by urgent care, she rang the hospital and got me in for a scan on the same day. Unfortunately in last year it's gone down hill.2 months ago rang about shoulder being very painful and not being able to move, I thought it was frozen but couldn't get an appointment, my shoulder was dislocated and I lived with it for 2 months out of socket because I couldn't get an appointment. Tried to get one to check it is in OK but have to wait 3 weeks and now that appointment has been cancelled. Go elsewhere if can they don't care, my quality of life is suffering as need referral for physio but need doc to refer it
Paul Obeirne: Poor services . Never any appointments . Must be the worse surgery in the country. So negative when you require any help to a problem .
Angela Gunn: rang for apointment point blank would not give me one so had to ring 110 thay took all details and was going to send a ambulance for my draughter who is very pooly thanks again hockley farm
Darrell Stephens: Went for a Echo cardiogram very well looked after
seafairy71 Seafairy71: Disgusting on the phone for over 30 minutes and still no answer Drs surgery is a joke and when you do get through they're not much help really need to sort the place out
Dax Walsh: Absolute waste of time in pain need medical assistant and they won't make an appointment they just say "call back tomorrow at 8am" the place needs closing as waste of money!
Berni Wright: Good to see a doctor who was actually interested in me as a person and not just nhs number .
Iwona Kilarska Kurczaba: Unprofessional not recommend
Sally Kilby: I've had great care from all the staff at Hockley Farm Medical Practice, there may have been the odd time years ago that I didn't agree, but most of the time they're really helpful. Some people forget it's a training practice so you don't always get to see the same doctor, and for them it's upsetting if they have to see someone they don't know, which is underderstandable, but the younger doctors are very open to help and try new ways to help out more also this practic covers a huge area so they're very busy , but that's to be expected, in all I'm happy to recommend.
Shaun F: A very good gp surgery with many unfair reviews. People should appreciate the fact they deal with a very large client base and are extremely busy usually. I have recently transferred my treatment to this practice and I have found all of the staff there very professional albeit with a sense of them being very over worked and under pressure from unhappy clients. Overall I have nothing negative to say about the practice. The mental health team CMHT also deserve a special mention here, they are very good.
patricia abbott: Had to wait over one hour after my appointment time .receptionist said doctors were running half hour late ha ha that was a long half hour.
MK K: Worst reception,they don’t know their job,been here for the 4th time in a week as my daughters cream was muddled,such a headache,don’t deserve a star!!
Sam Chant: I have been on hold first in line since 5.45pm and it is now 7.12pm and I am still 1st in line and will be answered by the next available receptionist thank you for your chuffing patience.. ...i am now putting the phone down after looking on Google and seeing practice is closed!!! Beyond a joke..
dawn Seare: Its a great surgery, but like all surgeries it can be very difficult to get appointments
Sean Mackness: Who exactly is supposed to be regulating the quality of this practice? I just can’t see the point of its existence.
Grahame Garner: I went there because I have a cough and the lady I saw was very good she explained everything OK, she was very knowledgeable......
GamingWithBrothers: I've had results on nhs app of type 2 heart block but I can wait till middle of next month to see a doctor absolute joke be dead b4 they pull there fingers out receptionist are arrogant and dismissive

4. The Heron GP Practice - St Matthews Branch - City of Leicester

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The Heron GP Practice - St Matthews Branch
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Address: Prince Philip House St Matthews Health & Community Centre, Malabar Rd, Leicester LE1 2NZ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Telephone: +44 116 295 4700

Business type: Public medical center

5. Westcotes Health Centre - Blaby

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Westcotes Health Centre
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Address: Fosse Rd S, Leicester, LE3 0LP, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: +44 116 295 3100

Business type: Community health centre

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