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1. Grosvenor Casino - City of Leicester

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Grosvenor Casino
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Address: 90 Highcross St, Leicester, LE1 4NN, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +44 116 242 6070

Business type: Casino

Grosvenor Casino: what do users think?
Derek Frearson: Apart from gaming, it is also a great place to eat and take a drink.
Mehul Parekh: Awesome as always!
Cctv: Good service
jay khera: Changed the machines rubbish payouts, after removing Fort knox this place is not the same
supergamehead2727: Nice place. Manager was chattyWill defo visit again.Great poker tournaments
ANN SMITH: Good place to play poker would like a Saturday night game more than once per month
Ikpom Idahosa: Good generally
Piergiorgio M. Vasi: still doesn't want me back to play cause they still saying around that i stole employees... Like i have this Power...😁😅, Incredibile that After all this time they still doesn't realize that the only reason why this Place Is loosing staff and good customers, Is One single person!! And Is a shame cause the Place Is very nice and offers One of the best atmosphere if you want Just to enjoy a night out... You are acting childish , grow up, u got an Age and u are running a business
John Clem: Always good, very helpful,and there 2 Help.👍
Elizabeth Dingle: Best casino ever
Jtan Styla: had a little fun here. Good atmosphere. clean and spacious.

2. Genting Casino Leicester - City of Leicester

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96 reviews
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Genting Casino Leicester
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Address: 17-19 E Bond St, Leicester, LE1 4SU, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM

Telephone: +44 116 262 5036

Business type: Casino

Genting Casino Leicester: what do users think?
lee jacobs: ALL ROUND GREAT
Zeeshan Vora: Always fun
iain sutherland: Great night out
RSH Electrical Ltd: Really friendly casino with lovely lounge areas ….
Dzintars Migla: Dealers are very friendly and professional overall great vibe. Sometimes do tend to take your money however that is quite expected at a casino
Sunil Unnadkat: Disappointed dealer available on the one black jack table and the other time the casino was being cleaned at 1pm.
Shiriyerudo Shiriyerudo: Fun but lost all my money 🤣🤣🤣
Ti tou Chanel: Hajdeni
craig “xraylia1” brocklehurst: Very friendly staff very clean
ashish ruparel: Staff are good. Management not so.
Amy Phuakpongpat: Gambling!!! You never win.
PRITESH: I was just generally visiting thinking to myself why not win a few quid?But when you visit the Manchester branch and they have lower minimum spend to the branch in Leicester it's kinda off putting tbhAnd other people were like that tooThat's only reason why I've given it 4 stars
Bharat Popat: Very good and nice atmosphere must visit but gamble carefully

3. Genting Casino Nottingham - City of Nottingham

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162 reviews
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Genting Casino Nottingham
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Address: The Cornerhouse, Burton St, Nottingham NG1 4DB, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6PM

Telephone: +44 115 950 6839

Business type: Casino

Genting Casino Nottingham: what do users think?
Imran Pardhan: Tiny!
Edwould Zilla: Worst genting casino experience i visit.Roulette table is 2 min bet, very dead on the inside when i visit as there were only 3 customers including myself. No card tables open unless you specifically ask for. Slots wasn't the best selection.Small place and no smoking area, so you forced to take a walk on a flight of stairs to outside the plaza.The tea was nice though...
Barbara Pickard: Never been and don't even know where it is. Can't give a proper review but only way yo add comments
Alin D.: Avoid this games
Wu YiLi: I like that the product supply is very rich , the variety of fish and meats are diverse, and the variety of flowers is complete too, also I think the price is reasonable.
Simon Plummer: What a hole.... Literally. Gone are the days of fun gaming. Replaced by toothless bar staff, desperate gamblaholics, being advised to play on the appalling machines for less than £5 odds. Oh dear. Don't forget though everyone, gambling is fun right? Clearly not any more in this place
Luke Barrett: I arrived tonight, the bouncer was very aggressive, he made me and my partner feel very Vulnerable. I decided to leave and her then waved at me in an aggressive manor. We were very excited to play black jack but she felt so vulnerable we had to leave.
Scott Stansfield: The 2 stars are because this place used to be phenomenal and still some amazing staff on security and the front desk but past that it's just bad. Looooong wait for drinks every time and then making us pay for another drink even when it was wrong. Forcing £5 minimums on all tables. Cashier with as much personality as a prune. Used to be my favourite place. Just had one of my worst nights ever. And Covid is only so much of an excuse.
Tom James: Had lots of fun here... Social distancing is good. Table service is good. Jump the queue and ask the dealer to indicate to the bar staff you want a drink 👌🏻👍🏻

4. Grosvenor Casino - City of Nottingham

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472 reviews
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Grosvenor Casino
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Address: 4 Maid Marian Way, Nottingham, NG1 6HS, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +44 115 979 9288

Business type: Casino

Grosvenor Casino: what do users think?
JOHN HALLETT: Great Casino
Yash Maru: Staff are amazing, friendly and helpful. Thank you😂.
PAUL GIBSON: Unfortunately it's nowhere near as good as it use to be and as for the dress code there is noneVERY DISAPPOINTING
Peter Rabbit: Love losing the kids bus fare money on a Monday morning. Excellent casino if the right staff ARe on.
Lee Mills: Just like Sheffield, they no longer have full fat Pepsi in cans or bottles available. When asked if I could have a can or bottle of Pepsi, i was served Pepsi Max in a glass. When i told the staff this wasn't what I had ordered, I had to settle for a J20.During a poker tournament interval, I ordered a Coronation Chicken sandwich for £5.95. With no butter on the bread and a small dollop of the filling in the centre it was truely a poor sandwich for the money. The member of staff agreed that I was right to expect a higher standard and was offered a refund which I declined as I was hungry and just wanted to get on with eating it and didnt want them to think i had only raised the complaint to get it free of charge.
Em B: We brought a Wowcher for the casino and this included a meal, 2 glasses of prosecco and a £20 bet voucher each.From the start the evening was a complete and utter disaster.We arrived and the sign up details taken from my partner were all wrong, so he couldn't join up properly.We were shown to a table at the empty restaurant.No one took our orders for about 20 minutes and then when they did, they told us they couldn't honour our voucher as the menu has changed.This has been booked since 27th January, we went on 1st April, so why didn't anyone contact me to advise.We were told we could come back on a different day.On asking to speak to a manger , we were told that there wasn't one on duty!No manager on duty at a casino on a Saturday night!!Finally a manager came, after us waiting another 15 minutes, to be told that they would honour our voucher, but they didn't have half of the food on the menu.We finally ordered and ate, and the food wasn't too bad.When asking for our glasses of prosecco, we were told that they didn't have any prosecco, unbelievable!We finished and again another faff to get the vouchers to play our bets.When we went to play them at the roulette table, the man said he had no idea what they were or what he was supposed to be doing with them.The best part of the night, was leaving.
Teona Highton: You need to be a member to enter. Nice atmosphere, good service.
Nicole Gambles: Decent.
Harry Wintrell: The bar service here is pathetic. Two ladies "working" at the bar, both actively avoiding servicing waiting customers in favour of finding and performing other menial and obviously unimportant tasks, pure work avoidance... Sighing and complaining in front of customers...When you do finally get some service, their demeanor is entirely unwelcoming, short and rude. I won't return to an establishment with such poor customer service levels.
Graham41458: Fairly relaxed atmosphere.
Aysin Cinar: 👍
Lee Whotton: Great bar and restaurant. Friendly staff
Graham Wallhead: Clean and tidy, friendly staff, var a bit short on options or eould be 5 stars
mick cheetham: Friendly game of poker, good night out,everyone pretty chilled

5. Alea Casino - City of Nottingham

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468 reviews
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Alea Casino
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Address: 108 Upper Parliament St, Nottingham, NG1 6LF, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +44 115 872 0600

Business type: Casino

Alea Casino: what do users think?
Ben Evans: Not as good as it used to be... Too many machines and the casual gambler felt uncomfortable
Jason Sunny: Just read the photo article of this casino!!How they swindle customers out of there hard earn money.While this casino was breaching there license systematically on a ground breaking scale!! Even receiving a fine of 13 million pounds,Beware of Maxine gibbons who is a venue director at Manchester 235 casino who is a racist and a compulsive lier to I have experienced first hand.
Stuart Taylor: Meal at the restaurant was excellent. The waiting staff were brilliant and nothing was too much trouble. Made the special occasion even better. Well done all.
LEGIO IX HISPANA: Rubbish customer services noone at tables when asked to play blackjack got told to come back in 2 hours when staff were standing at other tabled with no customers
Pouya Mehran: Free parking for guests and also nice atmosphere
Will Lingard: The restaurant in the casino is really good. The staff are always helpful
John Kay: Great atmosphere, very clean . Polite staff
Aditya Behera: Nice place
Louise Johnson: Had the best time, my first ever night at a casino at 50yo, came away evens.
ΑΝΤΩΝΗΣ ΖΥΜΩΝΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ: Great place to be . From event side I have my experience. The staff is always attentive and the place is always clean and tidy . Customers are very friendly and well manners
Hiram Buchanan: Chicken wings are nice
Ken Talbot: Same as the rest . Corrupt
Paul Ohara: Not really a gambler but enjoyed it
Carl Martin: Went on a night out, really good drinks good service and so much fun, will definitely making this my local casino
Triple A AAA: Most of the staff (bar staff) and one particular dealer is extremely rude. An example from the bar staff when ordering a drink I never get a smile, eye contact or a please.My experience today whilst playing black jack was a bad one from the way I was spoken to from the dealer (a foreign blonde haired tall women) I made a mistake by picking up my money before I was paid my winnings, I wasn't concentrating. She shouted at me "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!!! PUT THE MONEY BACK!!!!! I apologised and explained I made a mistake. I suffer with depression and anxiety which triggered this. I spend money here and don't expect to be treated this way 😡😥

6. Admiral Casino: The Lion Nottingham - City of Nottingham

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13 reviews
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Admiral Casino: The Lion Nottingham
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Address: The Lion, 11 Clumber St, Nottingham NG1 3ED, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +44 115 950 0807

Business type: Casino

Admiral Casino: The Lion Nottingham: what do users think?
Erin Lees: Honestly, i had a ball😁. Staff was lovely and the food was interesting. I felt a lively church community around me and we had a lovely participation.
Liam: What started of to be a great place to go turned into somewhat not nice experiences both with games, staff and customers. Staff turn a blind eye to certain things and allow customers to somewhat assault another customer to then be told I should of told the other customer to go away sorry but that’s not my job that’s down to the very in-experienced so called night supervisor who did nothing oh wait they did, they went to polish the glass windows instead - the company are lazy, full of money greed who don’t want to employ decent night time security. Even staff are leaving on a daily basis. Now to the slots, I have been informed that they are in some way computer controlled by head office and only pay to certain customers. How can you put a lot of money in a machine for so little return. Well this is probably why the staff get monthly bonuses when they hit the monthly take in target. The company behind this business don’t care about their customers let alone their own staff. It’s all about profit.
Adam Green: I visited today for the first time and it was a nicely presented venue and in particular Kirsty made me a cup of coffee and told me about the offers and memberships and promotion messages regarding match plays and tournaments etc which I signed up for. It was only a short visit on a lunch break, but I'm sure I'll be back soon.
Paul Housley: Music and overbearing nonsense about fishing frenzy so ridiculously loud I’ve had to leave. Untrained staff that didn’t have a clue how to turn it down (at least they tried).
Mandy Mcdonald: Friendly staff, good atmosphere
silvia mcnamee: I like Admiral because it is a quiet place .. the problem is that they should fix the doorbell, every time I go out to smoke, I have to wait outside 5 minutes or more for someone to see me, to open the door, they should also fix the machine coffee, because normally they don't have cappuccino.Thank you
Martin Pearson: Not the greatest engagement by the staff, just want to talk to each other, not botherd customers are loosing too much, never been offered support when clearly I should have been
Dimis: Worst casino place I 've ever seen. Very low payoff. They drain your money in seconds. Never jackpot or any good gain. Steadily, they take all you money without almost any little return during the game. Stay away!!! They have only slots, no live casino tables. They gave me on slots some smart gains at the first time and then by playing for two weeks I had a net loss of 3000£. Rude personel and tremendously bad payout casino performance!! Never go there!!
Stuart Mullan: Staff at rude to the paint to where you feel like you dont want to stay and play
Evaldas Pavardė: Prikolcikoo oooooooooo8
Joe Green: Staff rude and off with none regulars won't go back when I'm next in Nottingham that's for sure

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