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1. D&A Screening - City of Leicester

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D&A Screening
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Address: 2 Hollington Rd, Leicester, LE5 5HS, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: +44 116 442 2712

Business type: Medical clinic

D&A Screening: what do users think?
Polly Bickerton: Me and my partner needed an emergency fit to fly certificate for the next day. Even though it was a Sunday I called and they were so friendly, booked us an appointment immediately! So easy to find and we received the certificates after a couple of hours! Very reasonably priced considering is was a last minute thing. Pretty much saved our trip to see family! Thank you again.
Azeem Sulemanji: These guys are rip off merchants. My elderly and vulnerable parents booked two lateral flow tests the results for which they were assured they’d receive within a couple of hours. They paid £50 each for these tests. Multiple hours passed and they received nothing. They then tried to contact the company and were told they would receive the test certificates that evening. Still nothing.Upon further calls, we were met with rudeness, contempt and gas-lighting from the person on the phone. They eventually sent the certificates 2 weeks late but continued to claim the results were sent the same day, however provided no evidence to show this was the case - surely he would just need to go to “sent items” in his email inbox and show the certificates being sent on the same day as the tests.The guy on the phone kept suggesting that we contact their complaints department which he claimed had the same email address as the generic inbox. We had emailed this inbox multiple times asking for a refund but got nothing back. When contacted, he continued to claim that his “complaints department” were still investigating.We will be taking swift legal action against these cheats. Do not spend your money here, their business model seems reliant on ripping off elderly/vulnerable people.
fulfoh: Excellent service thanks
Rahul Vaghela: Rang in advance, told me to come in at 5:30, arrived and no answer. Tried calling multiple times, no answer. What a waste of time. Don’t recommend this place at all
Louis: Awful experience! We turned up 10mins early and when we went there he wasn’t there called him 100times no answer ! Thank god we didn’t pay in advance never booking with them again please stay away
pete starbuck: Waited for a few minutes to be seen completed my LFT was instructed what to do which was easily understood. Waited for just under 4 hours for result and certificate.Would definitelyuse again.
jaivir patel: Excellent service with a very quick turnaround time
Mark Anthony Pasimupindu: Excellent service and very helpful and very professional
Han Baker: A very simple process and results were recieved quickly!
Steven Paul Candlin: Very quick and reliable
Francis Lobo: Though expensive, the process from booking to testing to getting the results was efficient and professional.
Sarah Curran: Fantastic service. I had appointments on Christmas Day and New Years Day and they were swift and friendly both times. I would recommend this service
Jean Charnay: Easy to find thw locationi, friendly and professional staff.Results received within 3 hours...Perfect.. I will recommend D&A
Polly Sanders: Extremely friendly, efficient and results within 2 hours. Would highly recommend. Great service 5*
Katarzyna Krępska: Would highly recommend this clinic, professional, friendly and super fast.
Jess Martin: Arrived 10 mins early for my 9am appointment, as thought this was what you do at appointments. When my partner and I arrived the gate was locked and was let in by what I could only describe as a youth worker for children.Man arrived nearly 15 minutes late and was rude on the get-go to everyone saying "the only person he will apologise to is my partner who had an appointment at 9am. The rest of you are early".1. This is not how you greet your customers2. When challenged for his attitude to everyone, he didn't apologise and instead just refunded our money. Another older chap there mentioned he questioned the company as to why they were not listed on the goverment website to which they responded saying they were.They are not and have never have been. Just goes to show what kind of business is running here.
Louise Lennon: Fast, friendly, efficient and affordable! Lovely family run centre. Highly recommended. Thank you
Peter Douglas: I have been here 3 times now, very fast efficient service with results back quickly. I would certainly recommend
Tim Smith: Quick results friendly service
Umar Ahmad: Went in for a Covid Antigen Test. Excellent quick and easy service.
Sue Skaf: Omar was very courteous, informative and helpful. It was a pleasure to visit the location for my Fit To Fly test.

2. Healthyaa - PCR Testing Leicester - City of Leicester

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Healthyaa - PCR Testing Leicester
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Address: Carlton House, 28 Regent Rd, Leicester LE1 6YH, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7:30AM

Telephone: +44 116 467 0722

Business type: Medical clinic

3. Midland Health - Oadby and Wigston

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121 reviews
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Midland Health
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Address: 41 E, Ophelia House, The Parade, Oadby, Leicester LE2 5BB, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM

Telephone: +44 116 442 2005

Business type: Medical clinic

4. Leicester Sexual Health - City of Leicester

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46 reviews
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Leicester Sexual Health
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Address: Kildare St, Leicester, LE1 3YT, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: +44 300 124 0102

Business type: Medical clinic

Leicester Sexual Health: what do users think?
P Bateman: Super super lovely people!! Helped me out for exactly what i needed, and made me feel at ease. Couldn’t recommend more 10/10!!
jamie b: thank you :)
Bhavisha: I was very anxious about getting my coil fitted. I was scared and nervous that it will be really painful. Nurse Manisha was very helpful and kind and put me at ease during the procedure. Dr Wake was very quick and efficient at fitting it in that I didn’t feel it being inserted. They both explained the procedure really well to me and were understanding. They welcomed me with a smile in the room and really made me feel comfortable. I would recommend this service to anyone looking to get their coil fitted.Thank you so much 😊
Lez Jones: Website does not work for on-line booking and has not for a couple of years. Phone rings after the long answerphone message you get cut off
Hollie Denney: Thorough and professional doctors, kind and compassionate staff. I waited half an hour over my appointment time but I’d do it again for the service I received when I was seen. Thank you.
Shania Leacock: I have not had a good service, yesterday I called for a appointment the lady told me to call today for an appointment as the leicester branch was full that day. I rang today and the lady asked me if I ever had this contraception that I asked for and gave me a telephone appointment which has waisted my time. Yesterday the lady went to book me a appointment at the Loughborough branch. So why can’t I not have a appointment at the leicester one but yet I get a telephone call. This is ridiculous worst service ever and the woman had so much attitude.
Younus Manik: Careless people and very rude
charlie waite: If i could give less than 1 star i would. Staff on the phone have no clue what they are on about. Very rude and unprofessional. Shame its the only clinic in leicester
Isabell Hopewell: Accused my boyfriend of abusing me because I had bruises on my legs when I got home I checked and all I could see was stretch marks. As I have self harmed in the past all they wanted to talk about was my scars, If I wanted to talk about my mental health I'd go to a therapist!
Kamil Kobialka: It’s nearly impossible to get an appointment and the stuff are incredibly rude by phone.
Velash Mistry: Staff were very friendly and the doctor and nurse were knowledgeable and gave good advice.
Hannah: They discriminated against me for a medical condition i had got so i had to go to the doctors to get my coil fitted instead (luckily there is a nurse at my doctors that can fot them i found out) and the nurse at my doctors told me i should never have been treated like that, that they should have fitted my coil, she rang up one of the staff their on my behalf, which they also said i shouldn't have been told i couldn't have it either and apologised on behalf of the person that refused to do it.
Tianna Webster: Got my implant done here and they were kind caring people amazing place really recommend it.
Agnes Haar: Very poor reception assistance, not helpful and rude.
Radek Stashevsky: Very rude personel on reception. Silly rule which can't be explained regards that partners or others people who become with patients can't wait in waiting area particularly when is no sitting area near and disabled people are just discriminated when asking to wait outside .
Dave Dude: Absolute joke! Staff on the phone are rude. Unhelpful. And absolutely useless. palmed me off with all sorts of excuses just so an appointment didn't need to be made. Sounds like they don't want to do anything.
sage m: Manisha & Binal (unprofessional medical staff) are taking full advantage of all paid working hours, turning patients away unreasonably so they can sit and do absolutely nothing. The poor reception has no choice but to be puppet. I wouldn’t recommend this service to anyone.
Beth Parker: I have been spiked via injection and called about booking blood tests to make sure I didn't contract anything from the needle after advice from the chemist. This was about week after the event due to me not realising thats what it was at first. Receptionist when I called was incredibly rude, not at all understanding and said since I had chosen to wait over 5 days there was nothing they could do for me. If you have been through anything that has had some form of mental effect on you DO NOT CALL HERE. Would give 0* if i could.
Shanaya Thompson: I made an appointment for a coil implantation was given one fairly quickly, called up before the appointment as I was unsure whether it could go ahead as my time of the month came around and the receptionist was lovely and informative about it. The appointment itself was very smooth, on time and both the nurse and the other lady in the room were so welcoming, explained everything thoroughly and put my mind so at ease I didn't even realise it had been done!
magna solanki: Had a lovely nurse, Phillip, who helped get my implant out and made me feel comfortable and under safe hands, thank you so much :)
Sarah Dowman: amazing experience. staff are friendly, welcoming & respectful. implant removal and new one inserted so fast I didn't even know my arm had gone numb! fantastic, professional & hygienic. thank you

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