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1. St Elizabeth's Medical Centre - Leicestershire

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St Elizabeth's Medical Centre
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Address: Netherhall Rd, Leicester, LE5 1DR, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Fri

Telephone: +44 116 241 6392

Business type: Public medical center

St Elizabeth's Medical Centre: what do users think?
Student Loan: I have honestly never had an issue. Been a patient since I was 9, now nearly 30. I have a skin condition so I visit often and they have helped me a lot.Reception staff are actually very nice as long as you are nice back. Speak clearly and concisely on the phone— they’re employees, not your friends. Just be honest. Yes, you do need to tell them what the appointment is for— the doctor isn’t just a baseless well of knowledge, if the symptoms are strange they will need to research it beforehand, and they can’t do that if you withhold information from reception!Reception has always answered my queries. They don’t offer telephone appointments unless you ask, but if i need something simple like a medication review and i have no concerns, then it’s easier to just ask for a telephone appointment.I’ve always been able to get a physical appointment within 2 weeks of calling. If you call first thing hoping for an appointment ASAP, then you should expect to be on hold for a while; hundreds of other people are calling at the same time as you for the same thing. I find it’s easier to call in the afternoon, by then a lot of people who no longer need their appointments have called to cancel.The only less-than-ideal appointments I’ve had were always with nurses for blood tests, but the vaccine nurses have always been kind to me.I’ve never had a bad experience with any of the doctors here. If you’re respectful, they are respectful back. Recently they started having the pharmacist take certain types of appointments; I met with a young south Asian (?) man who was really nice, very patient and felt like he was genuinely interested in hearing what I had to say.I’m very happy here, I intend to keep using this surgery until I literally die LMAO
Nyota! :D: The worst Gb I have ever seen, the reception lady's behaviour is bad also.
Susan Smith: I called doctors today to have a doctors phone call...receptionist sed doctor will call after 9am..I left it till 11.20am and called called later on but unfortunately we got cut off...I was expecting the doctor to call back but he didn' I called receptionist and she sed I'll get him to call u back...I waited and no I called receptionist back and she informed me that the locum doctor had gone regaurds about my mental state or wellbeing so no chat or any I'm left I run in front of train or hang myself because no one is helping at this aware doctors have time to chat before you rush off for your dinner....wats more important to you...patients anguish or you having a full stomach on your lunch break..........
Melina Beqja: I would like to say how poorly I've been treated today I have had two blood tests which on follow up I was told I need to speak to a doctor. I rang at 8.00 as per instruction 70 calls later to not be answered then at 8.30 finally to be told there is no appointments that day or no pre bookable appointments. Was then told to ring call 111 in a rude manor to which I did then get sent to an urgent care unit who were fantastic and said they couldn't help me as I needed to speak to my doctor. The lady then ammended my records and spoken to my doctors stating that I need an appointment still refused then I rang in person to then receive more rudeness and no appointments. The lady at urgent care apologise d on behalf of nhs and asked if I was always treated this way I said yes .Unsure of what to do next in an upset way I rang 111again and finally managed a telephone appointment whole episode very draining and stressful if I could give no stars I would .
Ravennn: I've been registered at this Dr's for 6 years and I've never had an issue with the receptionists, theyve had quite a few over the years and theyre helpful, yes getting an appointment in the morning is a nightmare and the Dr's themselves can sometimes take ages signing off your medication when the receptionists have marked it emergency but I do recommend this surgery
Rakhi Krishna: Very bad staff and attitude whenever make a call for appointment users are busy, more than 60 times called and when we will go to approach them they are not giving walk in appointment .rediclous experience with them😡
Sadia Hanif: 👎
piggyturbo1983: Been here lots of times booking appointments are impossible. Only 1 member of the desk staff are nice and actually smiles and chats and understands. Then some of the doctors actually care and listen there is 1 doctor that don't care looks at u like oh great there here again poor service
Emily C: I'm told to ring at 8am to make an appointment and I can never get through. I tried to ring over 100 times and then I'm told to ring back the next day at 8am as they have no space. The doctors are great, but it's ridiculous trying to make an appointment!
Emil Simeonov: Doesn’t even deserve 1 star it deserves 0 WORST HOSPITAL!
Bal Chaggar: My surgery is The Common Evington a part of St Elizabeth Medical Centre, my registered surgery.I've never had any issues with either surgery, always find all staff helpful, doctors and nurses are brilliant, no issues booking appointments. Even during Covid, telephone appointments were good, was seen if needed to be and even vaccinated at St Elizabeth.Not sure what people want from a doctor's surgery other than to receive medical attention. No complaints from me about either The Common or St Elizabeth Medical Centre.Well deserved 5 Stars.Thank you.
Paula Calver: Not sure whats happened to the old reception staff but new ones need a lesson in politeness dropped a sample earlier n not one word was spoken to me by the receptionist
arife billa: The receptionists are so rude and miserable!
S: Has improved drastically since my last visit.I would suggest that you do however double even triple check that your prescription is going to the right place just in case. Only issue left is communication between staff and updating information on all sides.
Faruk Issa: Great doctors and staff but impossible to get an appointment. Been trying for months but just can't get through.
Bilal: Good doctors and reception. However, you probably have a higher chance winning the lottery than booking an appointment here
Rekbob Izuolle: I’m trying to get an appointment from November every time is the same story they’ll ask to call at 8 in the next morning, when I try to call from 8 till 8:30 nothing there is only one line that is busy every time I’m really going crazy because of this situation
H Bet: Sometimes, I struggle to get through for an appointment, but when I do get through on the phone, I get an appointment same day and have a lovely experience at the surgery. All the doctors, nurses and receptionists are great.
FOGSTAR45: I think thay should change their appointment system. Everytime i ring them they never have appointments left for me.. it happen quite often so i think we should be able to book the appointment online that way we dont have to keep ring inn.... Hope someone will pick up this idea... and Doctor are really good here.. problem is you cant see them loll
Sameera: spoke to the receptionist on the phone at 11:37 on a Thursday asking for a record of my vaccination dates for my new employer. The lady checked my details and dob and proceeded to say she would have a print out ready for me to collect later that day. I asked if she could tell me the dates on the phone as I needed them asap and would not be able to collect them due to being at work and because they close at 1pm. To which the receptionist replied "no there's too many dates, I don't have time." I said okay and she hung up the phone. It is appalling that someone so impolite and rude is employed as a first point of contact to this GP's patients!

2. Leicester Sexual Health - City of Leicester

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Leicester Sexual Health
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Address: Kildare St, Leicester, LE1 3YT, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Fri

Telephone: +44 300 124 0102

Business type: Medical clinic

Leicester Sexual Health: what do users think?
P Bateman: Super super lovely people!! Helped me out for exactly what i needed, and made me feel at ease. Couldn’t recommend more 10/10!!
jamie b: thank you :)
Bhavisha: I was very anxious about getting my coil fitted. I was scared and nervous that it will be really painful. Nurse Manisha was very helpful and kind and put me at ease during the procedure. Dr Wake was very quick and efficient at fitting it in that I didn’t feel it being inserted. They both explained the procedure really well to me and were understanding. They welcomed me with a smile in the room and really made me feel comfortable. I would recommend this service to anyone looking to get their coil fitted.Thank you so much 😊
Lez Jones: Website does not work for on-line booking and has not for a couple of years. Phone rings after the long answerphone message you get cut off
Hollie Denney: Thorough and professional doctors, kind and compassionate staff. I waited half an hour over my appointment time but I’d do it again for the service I received when I was seen. Thank you.
Shania Leacock: I have not had a good service, yesterday I called for a appointment the lady told me to call today for an appointment as the leicester branch was full that day. I rang today and the lady asked me if I ever had this contraception that I asked for and gave me a telephone appointment which has waisted my time. Yesterday the lady went to book me a appointment at the Loughborough branch. So why can’t I not have a appointment at the leicester one but yet I get a telephone call. This is ridiculous worst service ever and the woman had so much attitude.
Younus Manik: Careless people and very rude
charlie waite: If i could give less than 1 star i would. Staff on the phone have no clue what they are on about. Very rude and unprofessional. Shame its the only clinic in leicester
Isabell Hopewell: Accused my boyfriend of abusing me because I had bruises on my legs when I got home I checked and all I could see was stretch marks. As I have self harmed in the past all they wanted to talk about was my scars, If I wanted to talk about my mental health I'd go to a therapist!
Kamil Kobialka: It’s nearly impossible to get an appointment and the stuff are incredibly rude by phone.
Velash Mistry: Staff were very friendly and the doctor and nurse were knowledgeable and gave good advice.
Hannah: They discriminated against me for a medical condition i had got so i had to go to the doctors to get my coil fitted instead (luckily there is a nurse at my doctors that can fot them i found out) and the nurse at my doctors told me i should never have been treated like that, that they should have fitted my coil, she rang up one of the staff their on my behalf, which they also said i shouldn't have been told i couldn't have it either and apologised on behalf of the person that refused to do it.
Tianna Webster: Got my implant done here and they were kind caring people amazing place really recommend it.
Agnes Haar: Very poor reception assistance, not helpful and rude.
Radek Stashevsky: Very rude personel on reception. Silly rule which can't be explained regards that partners or others people who become with patients can't wait in waiting area particularly when is no sitting area near and disabled people are just discriminated when asking to wait outside .
Dave Dude: Absolute joke! Staff on the phone are rude. Unhelpful. And absolutely useless. palmed me off with all sorts of excuses just so an appointment didn't need to be made. Sounds like they don't want to do anything.
sage m: Manisha & Binal (unprofessional medical staff) are taking full advantage of all paid working hours, turning patients away unreasonably so they can sit and do absolutely nothing. The poor reception has no choice but to be puppet. I wouldn’t recommend this service to anyone.
Beth Parker: I have been spiked via injection and called about booking blood tests to make sure I didn't contract anything from the needle after advice from the chemist. This was about week after the event due to me not realising thats what it was at first. Receptionist when I called was incredibly rude, not at all understanding and said since I had chosen to wait over 5 days there was nothing they could do for me. If you have been through anything that has had some form of mental effect on you DO NOT CALL HERE. Would give 0* if i could.
Shanaya Thompson: I made an appointment for a coil implantation was given one fairly quickly, called up before the appointment as I was unsure whether it could go ahead as my time of the month came around and the receptionist was lovely and informative about it. The appointment itself was very smooth, on time and both the nurse and the other lady in the room were so welcoming, explained everything thoroughly and put my mind so at ease I didn't even realise it had been done!
magna solanki: Had a lovely nurse, Phillip, who helped get my implant out and made me feel comfortable and under safe hands, thank you so much :)
Sarah Dowman: amazing experience. staff are friendly, welcoming & respectful. implant removal and new one inserted so fast I didn't even know my arm had gone numb! fantastic, professional & hygienic. thank you

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