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1. Dr. Anoop Pahuja, (Child specialist) - London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

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Hampton, TW12 3DN, United Kingdom

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Dr. Anoop Pahuja, (Child specialist): what do users think?
G L: Dr Pahuja examined my newborn at the maternity and I couldn't see much of what he was doing as I was sooo tired. But I noticed how calm my baby was, not a single cry, then the doctor took the time to explain everything. It was an easy decision to pick him as our regular pediatrician. Last appointment was for the BCG vaccine, there again he explained me everything, and he talked with my baby to reassure him, putting mummy and baby at ease.
Clitax Pereira: Dr Pahuja is one of the best Paediatric doctor in London. We were stressed for our son’s infections and were not able to figure out what was happening with him. having visited GP, UCC and local ENT were not able to help with my son’s condition as well. Dr Pahuja was very knowledgable in accessing and understanding my son’s condition, prescribed right medication which are working well, in return ‘a peace of mind for us parents’ !!! Thank you & god bless you Dr.
Abhishek: It was a great experience to visit Dr. Pahuja. Before the visit, I had easy communication with his team with fixing an appointment and at the appointment Dr. Pahuja was patient and clearly an expert at making children feel at ease. As parents, we also felt at ease, especially seeing him wanting to take his time in receiving all relevant information and presenting a treatment course that focused on the root cause rather than just the symptoms. We're pleased to have found someone we hope to stick with for as long as we might need a Paediatric Consultant.
Genevieve Joubert-Williams: Dr Pahuja is a very patient and kind doctor which makes the whole experience with a sick child much easier. We also never feel rushed which is very important to me when visiting a medical practitioner.
김세빈: Dr.pahuja was really kind and nice to us. My little one had been having a fever for 5days due to the tonsillitis but Dr.Pahuja catched it very quickly and gave us prescription properly. My son was able to recover very soon thanks to Dr.Pahuja. Really want to say thank you to him again.
Andres Alleva: I highly recommend Dr. Anoop Pahuja for administering vaccines. The pediatrician is knowledgeable and takes the time to explain everything during the consultation. They also provide a written list of possible side effects, which I found very helpful. In addition, the office staff is excellent - the secretary is very efficient and responds quickly to any inquiries. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the level of care and attention my son receives at this practice.
Risma Leitao: Dr Anoop Pahuja is one of the best pediatrician have met In the UK.He did an development assessment for my daughter who has a delay in her speech and language.Dr Pahuja really helped in in knowing what can be done to help my daughter.He was really friendly and helpful.
Charmaine Dias: Thank you Dr. Pahuja. Right from getting the appointment booked so quickly, to coordination, everything was so perfect.My little one was having throat infection and we took him to A&E and they could not diagnose it and send us back home with no medication. We contacted Dr. Pahuja and he was so helpful, he got us the appointment on the same day and prescribed us with the medication and in a days time my boy was improving. Thank you Dr. Pahuja.
Mohamed Atef: Dr. Pahuja is very good and always available when needed. Booking an appointment is very smooth process and his secretary is a great person to deal with. We started visiting the doctor two years ago and the kids love him and I totally recommend him.
Olga Wanderley: Dr. Anoop is a safe port! I’m so happy to have taken Olivia to him when she was 3 and needed help post Covid. He saw her at home as that was the easiest for us at the time, then when she needed a doctor again at age 5 we didn’t think twice. He’s thorough, thoughtful, kinda to the kids and very sensible! He’s my go to paediatrician for whatever my kids may need!
Frances Spowart: We very much recommend Dr Pahuja. We have consulted him with all of our children while they were babies, and entirely remotely as we don't live in London. He's phenomenally good at making the right diagnosis (even without seeing the child!) and all of our issues were cleared up in no time with his help.
Michael Beckett: Dr Pahuja has been extremely thorough and reassuring each time we have seen him at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital with our newborn baby. He is very professional and helpful and we will be returning to him for all our baby's vaccinations and any further padeatric issues in the future.
Alex Dobrescu: We were seen by Dr.Pahuja, our little one was poorly for three days as no one at the hospital could tell what's with her.We've done our research and we found Dr.Pahuja, who has great recommendations. We're seen very quickly and we cannot thank him enough for his patience and the way he was listening to our concerns. We're happy we found Dr.Pahuja
sadhana indarapu: It was a pleasant experience with Dr Pahuja.I have consulted the doctor after reading reviews and it was worth. He is a thorough professional, very insightful and the conversation was so friendly and comfortable.
Avais Khan: Dr Anoop is an effective listener. He helped diagnose our 5 year old from frequent cold and cough.To add, he is readily accessible to his patients
TnT: Dr Anoop was very nice and knowledgeable. He interacted with my baby daughter well and she was calm throughout the whole visit.
Niketa Patel: Dr Anoop Pahuja did our baby's check up thoroughly and was knowledgeable, had good understanding of how to carry treatment further, gave us excellent advise and also referred to a clinic which was required, and gave us a follow appointment as a well. Overall excellent quality of service to the patient. Thank you.
Matea U.: Dr Pahuja is very attentive, friendly and always extremely helpful. The Dr provides great care and I know my son is in safe hands.
sanfia gracias: Dr Pahuja was very good at his communication with regards to baby's progress, he was a good listener too which is not a quality found at the hospital or GP now a days
Maria Menezes: Doctor Pahuja is available to meet our needs always tries to accommodate us if we need an appointment on a short notice which is much appreciated when we have our little ones ill and don’t know what to do anymore. He gives us all the time we need for any questions and wants to make sure you understand all instructions he gives. Thank you very much.
Venida Fernandes: good service by doctor very helpful

2. Spire St Anthony's Hospital Paediatrics & Child Health Clinic - London Borough of Sutton



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Spire St Anthony's Hospital, 801 London Rd, Sutton SM3 9DW, United Kingdom

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