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1. My Home Workout - Himley

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My Home Workout
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Address: 28 Kipling Rd, Dudley, DY3 3DZ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +44 333 050 1823

Business type: Nutritionist

My Home Workout: what do users think?
Chris Stockdale: Excellent service, order delayed due to the ongoing covid crisis, but was kept up to date by Mark, which was greatly appreciated. Have now got my weights bench, and all set up and good to go (can hardly wait?!)Many thanks
David Hutcheson: Excellent service...delivered in 3 days from ordering. Great multi gym. Communication on order status was given at every step.
James Cass: Amazing service and very happy with the product, excellent customer services too. A gem of a company!
christine Mcdonald: I found this website through a reccomendation a good variety. Of exercise equipment I am considering an exercise bike the staff are very helpful and friendly I will be back when I decide
Josh Gillooly: Fantastic experience! Great customer service and my order came quickly. I will certainly order from My Home Workout again!
Laura Haywood: Fantastic service, good quality products and prompt delivery. Will be using again!
Theodora Chatzimichail: Excellent customer service! Very prompt replies and very accommodating. I would definitely recommend.
Phil Hexley: Good set of vinyl weights at a fair price, with good quality metal spin-ock collars for the weights. Fast delivery and top customer service with prompt replies on email. Can strongly recommend this place.
Alex Phillips: Great company , brought a exercise bike to get fit at home and not only received a good piece of kit but free diet plan alongside. Thank you it’s working
Philip Bate: Great range of products, great service, quick delivery! What more can you ask for

2. Box Nutrition - Birmingham

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Box Nutrition
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Address: 19 Grange Rd, Birmingham, B24 0DE, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Tue

Telephone: +44 121 293 7581

Business type: Nutritionist

Box Nutrition: what do users think?
Steve Cadogan: Jack is so knowledgeable and always available for support. He has made a real impact in my fitness and weight loss goals. I would strongly recommend anyone interested in understanding their fitness and weight goals further to get in touch with him and discuss what he can offer. Thanks Jack!
Amanpreet Bajwa: I came to see Jack Dec 2022, with hopes of learning about how to lose weight and generally become healthier after having two babies with little gap between them. I've never been on a weight loss journey before, but I had put on a fair bit of weight after pregnancy. I found Jack and looked into the RMR tests he provides. It was such an invaluable insight to understand the science behind how metabolism works. Its a personal service, and the coaching has been great and motivating. I have lost 6kg in 12 weeks and dropped 7% in body fat - I cant believe it! I finally feel like myself again, the journey itself was actually easy if you stick to it. I would highly recommend speaking to Jack if youve been struggling with weight loss or you're not sure where to start. It has been educational which i can use and do again if ever i needed to. Thank you!
S B: Highly recommend ! Having lost my focus with training I needed some assistance. From day one Jack put structure into my training, as well as finding what worked best for me when it came to nutrition. I’ve never felt so fit and healthy. Check Jack out, you will not regret it, I wish I had gone sooner !
Chris Strickley: I'm currently training for an Ultra OCR. I have some knowledge on HR Zone training and wanting to improve my zones better so went to Box Nutrition for a VO2Max test to fine tune. Jack was very friendly and welcoming and we spoke of my goals. He was extremely knowledgeable and answered my questions with ease and great explanations. He also helped push and encourage me during the test to perform at my maximum to get more accurate results, whilst all the while explaining what was happening in each phase. The report I received after the session was very detailed and exactly what I was after with some excellent insights to my performance and what I need to work on. I'll definitely be booking in for a 6 month retest and can't recommend Box Nutrition highly enough.
Kerry Amory: There are no words to describe how thankful I am to have found Box Nutrition. After years of unhealthy and unsustainable diets and fads I wanted to take control of my relationship with food and Jack and his team have helped me do that. After doing a 4 month Ignite programme I'm fitter, stronger and more educated and in tune with what my body needs. The support throughout has and continues to be amazing. I would encourage anyone whose been caught on a weight loss roller coaster to reach out to Jack and start your journey. The testing is brilliant too and really informative.
Steve Shirtliff: I would highly recommend Box Nutrition.I had an initial consultation with Jack to discus my cycling training and ride fuelling. We talked about the types of cycling event I am training for and my current diet, on and off the bike. Pre, during and post ride fuelling suggestions were made and I started following these with good results. Ride comfort and post ride recovery have both improved. I followed this up with body composition and VO2 Max tests 3 months later. Jack provided a detailed report for me and suggestions on what to continue and change going forwards.Changing my ride fuelling, having the tests, then discussing and understanding the results with Jack has been a very worthwhile, informative and interesting experience.I feel I’ve made positive changes to my training and lifestyle as a result and seen marked improvements in my cycling and post ride recovery.
Ian Perkins: I'm really happy I went to see Jack. Such a knowledgeable guy - just a casual conversation brought up so many useful dietary and training nuggets that have really helped me - and these were not even part of the testing I was doing!The testing (max HR, RMR, VO2 max) was challenging (as expected) but Jack guided me through it all and then discussed the outcomes at length.I thoroughly recommend Box Nutrition to anyone who feels (as I did) that they need some hard science to confirm or adjust their training to the optimal level - in a few weeks I am seeing improvements in my running and fitness level, and don't see why this shouldn't continue.ThanksIan
Imran Khan: Jack provides a great service, he is very personable, professional and knows his stuff when it comes to health and fitness. Will definitely use him again in the future for my health needs. Thanks Jack!
Simon Benham: Jack is brilliant at what he does, any nutritional needs or fitness testing, this man will have the answers 👍
Glen Munro: Finding Jack online I was happy that someone was finally able to give me advice based on the science of my own body and not just a generic online calculator like most. When I met Jack I was struggling to loose weight and trying Keto, since meeting jack I am on a balanced calorie deficit and have been loosing weight successfully over a 2 stone down :-) would recommend
Sarah: Would highly recommend box nutrition. Jack is very knowledgeable and personable and has really helped to steer me in the right direction. The RMR was great and very easy to do. It’s a really useful tool to help figure out how many calories you actually need rather than guessing. Really pleased with this service.
Ishani Pabari: Jack is very friendly and knowledgeable about all things to do with metabolism and weight loss. He was very flexible in helping me find a diet and exercise plan that worked for me and I’ve definitely seen results! I would 100% recommend Box Nutrition 😊
Richard Hamilton: Really enjoyed the testing this morning! I got all the information I needed, Jack really knows his stuff and can’t wait to see the results going forward. I’ll definitely be going back again!
Annette Belcher: Jack was recommended to me by my physio to help with my nutrition during my recovery from a stress fracture and a wider ongoing issue with understanding how to fuel my intense training runs and recover properly after exercise.The initial consultation and after care has given me the confidence, knowledge and reassurance I needed to help with not only my recovery as an athlete but also for my general health and well being.I thoroughly recommend Box Nutrition for those who are either looking for specific sports nutrition advice and/ or for those who generally want to live a healthier lifestyle.I personally felt a dietitian did not understand my needs or goals. But Jack has helped immensely with my recovery and wider understanding of sports and general nutrition.
Kate Lovatt: This is one of the best decisions I have made. Jack has helped me through a really difficult time in my life and gave me the perspective and tools I needed.Nothing is ever too much trouble and genuinely feel like I could approach him for anything. Super knowledgeable and gets great results.I would highly recommend to anyone.Thank you Jack!
Andrew Tillyer: I've been working with Jack at Box Nutrition for almost 6 months now and I can honestly say the experience has been transformational.It started quite simply with fully understanding some simple basics. Getting clarity on my actual Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) was the beginning to realise that I actually needed a lot less calories than I was consuming.Once this was clear I worked closely with Jack to design a workable nutrition plan with the right macro balance, blended with consistent exercise regime.The regular check in's and access Jack had to see what, and how I was eating over the last few months gave me both motivation and accountability to make sure I kept consistent in achieving the results I wanted.It wasn't easy but this process gave a really strong foundation and framework to be able to nurture my weight and fitness journey and slowly change a lot of habits that had been stuck with me for way too many years.I am not there yet but to date I am 13kg's lighter and in the best physical shape I have ever been in.Absolutely, 110% recommend Jack's programme and will continue to work with Box Nutrition to keep me on track and support me in the future.Thank-you Jack @ Box Nutrition!
Danny Sohal: Would highly recommend Jack and BoxNutrition, the guidance and advice I have received has been a complete game changer for me in my health and fitness. I have had an active lifestyle for years but struggled with energy levels and always carried an extra few kilos of body fat that I could never shift despite trying all the different fad diets and using calorie calculators to eat at a number I could never adhere to. With Jack he used his RMR test to identify what my actual resting caloric burn was (20% different to what the calorie calculators would tel me) and then set me up a nutrition plan and macro targets which have been very easy to adhere to and I have seen massive benefits to my overall energy and performance as well as dropping to my lowest weight and body fat levels in 15+ years! Jack supports you with great advice and is a great guy to work with. The machines and equipment he has is fantastic and he has an amazing knowledge on the science that has been really helpful to tap into.
Matthew Evans: Great VO2 Max testing session along with RMR testing - insight into the heart rate zones is absolutely key for performance improvement and Jack looks after you every step of the way. Results explained clearly and consciously! Thanks again Jack!!
aftab hussain: I have struggled with my weight most of my life. I have tried various diets such as low carb, keto etc. As you know the weight comes off at first but it eventually comes back on with avevngance!!. I was lifting weights, doing cardio and was tracking my calories etc but not seeing the results I wanted. I decided to book myself with Jack for the RMR and Body Composition test to understand what my personal calorie requirements and ideal macro split should be. After the test I was surprised to see that I have been under eating for a long time and this has eventually slowed my metabolism down hence I was not seeing results. I took Jack's advice and increased my calories and my carbs. I was worried about increasing carbs but I put my trust in Jack. With consistent weight training, moderate cardio and sticking to the new macro split, it has resulted in me losing just over 3kg in weight in 1 month. It has created a better relationship with food for me and I am no longer cutting carbs or any food groups. Jack is very professional and the app he provides access to is also very helpful. I highly recommend Jack's services for your nutritional requirements and general fitness support.
Robert Chesner: Highly recommend this whatever your health, fitness or performance goal. Brilliant professional service and Jack provides you with clear and easy to understand advice for you to put into practice!
Ben Aitken: Great experience, couldn’t recommend more highly. Jack was really personable and knowledgeable. I’ve learned a lot, I’ve got things to work on and I want to learn more, for which I will without question go back to Jack and Box Nutrition for. Ben

3. Freelance Dietitians Group - Birmingham

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Freelance Dietitians Group
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Address: charles house, Great Charles Street Queensway, Birmingham B3 3HT, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +44 121 200 8080

Business type: Nutritionist

Freelance Dietitians Group: what do users think?
J C Silva: Not only is everything set out in terms of distance but it is also really easy to find the dietician suited to your needs through their bio as well as the tick boxes at the end of the page describing the medical conditions they have experience in. Quick and easy - the website was very helpful!
Max Toons: Absolutely brilliant. Found exactly what I was looking for. Great concept.

4. Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust - Dudley

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Address: Dudley, DY1 2HQ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +44 1384 456111

Business type: General hospital

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