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1. Planet Ice Rink Cannock - Bridgtown

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Planet Ice Rink Cannock
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Address: Lakeside Plaza, Walkmill Ln, Cannock WS11 0XE, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +44 1922 419594

Business type: Ice skating rink

Planet Ice Rink Cannock: what do users think?
Joanne Burov: Far too many people on the ice at one timeNo room to skate and enjoy your visit.Hired a 🐧 penguin for daughter and it wouldn't glide.Staff didn't do anything about the teenagers shredding the ice.
David Winfindale: Not my cup of tea, but a nice couple of hours with friends and family. Have since heard its closing down though.
Stefanie Wallbank: We had our Daughters 7th birthday here and from start to finish had a great experience! Absolutely worth more than what we paid and all kids as well as parents had a fantastic time! Thank you party host Paige,you have been wonderful
Ahmed Lawal: Somewhat smaller than the rinks I am used to but was easy to get in and out of, and staff and people were generally friendly and helpful.
K K: The best thing about this place are the staff! They are so helpful and on hand to assist with any query.
Noorun Miah: Nice experience!
Denise Selvey: Excellent skating lesson and great value for money
Karen Beale: Arrived at midday for the general skate and was welcomed by a lovely lady at the pay area.The whole place was very clean and the music was pleasant and not too loud.After a very lovely skate with my sister we had a takeaway coffee and look forward to coming back again very soon.I would definitely recommend Planet Ice.
Steve Randell: What a great place to go for something different very well organised and well set up place a must go to take the kids
Tracey Bland: First time coming here a few weeks ago as my son has recently started ice hockey lessons. We originally wanted to go to Telford ice rink as it's closer but was unable to get there for the time the lessons started. I never even knew Cannock had an Ice rink. The Ice rink itself is small compared to Telford but still nice, all the staff are friendly and his coaches are also very nice as well and welcoming. The toilets are clean as well. You can hire skates etc not sure on quality as my son has his own. Free parking on the carpark outside as well. Overall I'd definatly recommend it here.
lori grey: Shocking service, when it comes to getting something to eat.When your session is finished you are expected to wait while two members of staff sit/stand behind reception talking. (who didn’t service not one customer while I was waiting)I went over to say can anyone come to service me food and I was told I had to wait until the next session had gone in before I could have food.Not sure why as they were sat/stood around because it wasn’t yet time for the next session to go in.I decided to leave in the end. The worst of it is, only person services the customers when they pay in. So the other was just stood around doing nothing.
Chris Carter: Grandkids had a great time. We booked for 2 hours. They were worn out after 90 mins. Rink could be bigger. Staff very helpful. Good, free parking.
Perry Ford: Was a good trip and fairly priced, my main concern is how many people were on the rink due to covid and their skill level. Announcements were on the speaker saying please social distance when there were at least 50 people on the rink and its quite a small rink. Would have a better review if less people were allowed on at a time, I struggled to skate due to so many people being there, had to sit out at certain points due to there being no room on the rink for people to skate safely.
ashley kemshall: Great fun
Laverne Bryan: First time in nearly ten years that I’ve visited here-and it still looks the same. Dated and in urgent need of a revamp. My son loved it and that’s the only reason I give it 3 stars. But it’s nowhere big enough to properly enjoy it.
Mohammed Nadim: Great fun for all ages 😀
Paul Fisher: If you are a parent or guardian of a child under 13 years of age you must make it clear that you only intend to spectate, otherwise by default, the cashier will try to charge you extra to supervise your child. No questions asked. Very annoying!
Slavomir Michalco: Príjemný personál dobré pripravená plocha na korčuľovanie. Jedna vec ktorá je minútová je že je tam chladno. Srandujem to patrí k ľadovej ploche.😂🤣😂 Bolo stopér. Odporúčam pre čakajúcich na svojich blízkych sa teplo obliecť.
Conor Littlehales: Absolute shambles, I appreciate some people are better at ice skating than others but when you’ve got 4 men flying round the rink and spraying ice with children and amateur skaters on the ice that to me indicated a health and safety risk manager admitted he had asked them twice to slow down. They didn’t listen, me and my friend removed ourself from the ice and requested a refund to which the manager refused. If a child gets hurt on that ice he is responsible. No care for health and safety probably just regulars he didn’t want to upset. If my child ever got hurt here you’d be seeing me in court for allowing them to stay on the ice
Leah Marie!: Had a great time ice skating i havnt been for over 10 years and it was my daughters first time we had lots of fun was nice to see some great skaters on the ice to and abogale was a pleasure she even tought me to skate backward

2. Planet Ice Solihull - Solihull

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Planet Ice Solihull
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Address: Planet Ice, 119 Hobs Moat Rd, Solihull B92 8JN, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closing soon: 8:15 PM

Telephone: +44 121 742 5561

Business type: Ice skating rink

Planet Ice Solihull: what do users think?
Fred: What's not to love about ice skating. Friendly staff in all areas just happy to help.
Andrew Blakeman: Hockey tine
nlvforest: I take lessons here and it's really nice, the staff are really kind and good at helping you to challenge yourself to harder things. On public sessions, they are always open to help and always keep an eye for people who have fallen over. The food IS BUSSIN.
Julian Petrov: Me and my family love it! It would be better if the family tickets were a bit chipper.
Jonnie Walker: Been here many times however on my last occasion, even though I had paid for parking I was fined £100. Won't be returning here again after that.
Gareth Hughes: Very happy memories of coming here over half-term with my 5yr old daughter and wife. They both learnt to skate for the first time and the staff were very accommodating and professional.Unfortunately like a number of other customers, we were caught out by Premier Park Ltd who "farm" the car park which doesn't appear to be owned by Planet Ice. We paid for parking as instructed. My daughter needed the toilet before we left so we were a few minutes late coming out and charged £100. The same thing happened after her lesson the following day. Little did we know this at the time as the Parking Charge Notice came through 2 weeks later. To be charged £200 was nearly x3 the cost of her lessons and skate hire over half-term. Given Premier Park Ltd have completely tarnished the memory of watching my daughter learn to skate for the first time I will have to seriously consider whether we can bring ourselves to return to Planet Ice Solihull in the future. It appears many other customers of Planet Ice have also been caught out and issued expensive Parking Charge Notice's through Premier Park Ltd, which will have contributed to their £3.8m gross profit last year. We kindly request that Planet Ice consider buying their own car park space outside the ice rink as they clearly provide a valuable service unlike Premier Park Ltd who unfortunately seem to have survived the Covid pandemic whilst many more scrupulous companies perished. From the reviews I wonder whether other customers will be put off attending Planet Ice due to several horrific experiences with the car parking situation which would be a shame as our experience of the ice rink itself was very positive.
wes ]: Staff very uptight, but love the size of the rink
Dave Marsden: Quite a nice place. It's a bit old- fashioned and tired but OK. Be careful of the parking. I paid for 3 hours and was 24 minutes over. The parking picks up your number plate on entry and exit, costs £60!!
Zoe To: The toilets there are very wet and dirty. The equipments are good. You certainly have to check the time slot of your skating time because they do lots of ice hockey there when the ice rink is not open to the public. I had a really good time playing there.
Jim Spencer: Proper old school rink. Has that damp musty smell when you walk in and the place is freezing cold. Wrap up warm when you visit here. Facilities are fairly basic but it has a nice little cafe and separate seating area. I can imagine that the atmosphere for a Hockey match is amazing. It certainly paid its part for an under 12's game.
Filipe Gomes: Took a youth group here recently. We used to come all the time, came back hoping to restart it. I won't. Whilst it was fun being in there alot has changed which has become a huge money grab. Entry has doubled since we last came, and it has to all be done online. Adding snakes, adding spectators plus kids support oh my goodness it's expensive.Apartfrom that not much else to talk about, music wasn't great paid over song that was inappropriate for kids.Overall we still had a great time skating around in circles for the night.
Your Trucking: Good ice rink, little bit outdated needs an update and gets quite busy during the afternoon however I would recommend at off peak hours
Petru-Cristian Cioplea: 3 cazaturi dar a fost ok
Jake He: Had a great time at Planet Ice with my friends, large parking space, mostly full. Make sure you wear enough before going inside, it can be freezing unless your skating and warmed up. Fell a couple times, I guess I still have a lot to learn about ice skating. Hope to come back next time.
David Hill: Had a great time. Went for a child's birthday party and Annie our party rep was excellent, caring of the children and ensured all had a good time. She was also thoughtful of the parents and got me a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream as a treat lol.
Claudiu Visoiu: Nice weekend fun. A bit crowded at first, but good surface to skate up till the end!
Della Edwards: Call first to check opening times as they're not correct. Drove 12 miles to find out it shut at 3.30 on a Saturday
Noemi Fackrell: This ice rink is in a poor state of repair and it's definitely not looked after. Tickets arent cheap and you also have to pay for parking. It's a shame as it could be so much nicer with some investment.
Peter Crewe: Busy place full of happy people.
Agnieszka Singh Stachera: Normally enjoying there so much, but today was overcrowded.
Matt Adams: Had to mess about in the foyer as I was only able to book online despite a girl working behind the counter who confirmed my online booking.....bizarre!Seemed a bit expensive, even more so when you have to pay to spectate. The "safety" girl on the ice was very friendly and helpful and quick to assist anyone who had fallen over. They also have small plastic animals which you can take onto the ice to allow smaller children to hold on to and allow them to skate on their own but I believe there is also a charge for hiring these.

3. Telford Ice Rink - Great Dawley

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Telford Ice Rink
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Address: International way, Telford, TF3 4JQ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open until 10:00 PM

Telephone: +44 1952 382650

Business type: Ice skating rink

Telford Ice Rink: what do users think?
Ian Howles: Great day out
ML PaintandDec: Very clean, and friendly
marianne baddeley: Brilliant experience for children and adults alike. Wear warm clothing if viewing only!!! Book your penguin if you need one in advance to avoid disappointment
Bobby Norbury: Great rink, seats are comfortable and the area is clean!! Toilets are disgusting however stay clear, food is very decent and good priced. No phone signal inside be aware!
Samantha Fieldhouse: Before our visit we called for advice as we had a toddler with is and a little one that had never skated before- found the staff really great offered advise and very helpful, yesterday we came we had a great time, all enjoyed the main skate and we found the toddler session fantastic, we unfortunately had a little accident my daughter had a fall and hurt her wrist, again the staff were great really looked after usReally great team
Fadafada Silla: Best place
Andrew Godwin: Great ice rink, brilliant athomsphere on Tigers match nights and a well stocked shop for all your skating needs. Also one of the most reasonable priced free skate prices in the area.
Pugmaster 3d: Very well maintained facilities and changing rooms with a high quality ice surface and boards. Only downside is the size but it is more than big enough for what it does
Melissa Dudley: Staff have always been really helpful and lovely in my experience. Sometimes the rink is very very busy (half terms and Christmas especially) but that's to be expected. Would highly recommend the tigers games and skating lessons
Hannah Powell: It's very good ice to skate on and is a good place to start if you've never skated before. The session was an hour and a half long, which was longer than expected, and very good for the price. Just remember to wear thick socks, because the ice skates will rub!
Prabs: Great night out . Have to pay for parking which is relatively cheap. The rink is right next to the car park . We didn’t pre book and the queue was long . The staff were very attentive, friendly and polite .
Chris Brown: Milly was ace,excellent service thank you
Mrs G: Good value ice skating
Damon Jones: Make sure you book you will have a great time .great for the kids and not expensive
Andy Binks: Used to be a regular here but it isn’t as organised as it used to be. The staff don’t seem to care now, you spend half the session queuing to get in, then to get your boots and again get your boots back! There’s hardly any lockers and the one’s there are a rip off.
Dean Rooker: Great, shame it gets overly busy on Friday evenings.
Harrison Ball: Good facilities big ice abit cold tho
Gavin Blamire: Went to the public session today, spent most the time we paid for queuing up everything was hectic and badly managed they don’t give you extra time on the ice that you miss queuing sessions are only for an hour and a half so you barely get any time.Way too many people are allowed in at one time it’s dangerous people moving all different ways around the rink the stewards are not interested at all even people falling no one went to help just a waste of time and money.
Chris Kirb: Great.
Alisha K: It’s really good! Prices are much better than in other places and the size of the rink is perfect. We went in the holidays just before Xmas and it wasn’t overcrowded.Quality of skates is the same as everywhere, isn’t brilliant but just about ok. Parking isn’t the cheapest but we didn’t have to pay on exit for some reason (member of stuff just let us out as there was an issue with a pay machine).Stuff were polite and friendly. I’d come again and again!
Tegan Magrath: I come every Friday it is very good but I came the once the line took half an hour ice rink got really busy

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