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1. Deanesly Centre - Wolverhampton

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Address: C35, New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton, WV10 0QP, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 8:30 AM

Telephone: +44 1902 694054

Business type: Oncologist

Deanesly Centre: what do users think?
Steff W: Except from the waiting time everything is nice, the little café is nice to just not open long enough for my taste.No one wants to go there as it is the oncology department. All the nurses are really friendly, always feel comfortable.
Vicky Hill: Wonderful staff . Everyone is so patient, kind and caring . So very grateful to them all for the care they have given me.
Tasha Elks: Staff are all amazing and despite what we are there for really put us at ease. Couldn't ask for a better place to be treated. You are all amazing guys and I wish I could give you more stars because you deserve so many more

2. Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust - Dudley

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Address: Dudley, DY1 2HQ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +44 1384 456111

Business type: General hospital

Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust: what do users think?
david Rivers: They look after the sick and they in my opinion do it well I gave it Four stars because if I gave it Five stars no one would want to leave.
Rupert Hayes: Privatise the NHS save life's and provide better care
Lisa Brown: The nurse's and doctor are so good and kind looking after my mum at the moment.Thank you to you all xxxxx Lisa
Tine Catindig: Went to Urgent Care 16TH OF APRIL 2022 11pm due to my partner's having a persistent symptoms and he's asthmatic. We were accomodated and seated. Nearly 4 hours after 0250am today and yet we're still waiting even though there's not much left patient waiting. There's three receptionist sitting down behind their desk doing nothing. If you asked them how much longer and they answer you back rudely. Really?? Is that even a right attitude to answer a patients query. Digusted!!!EDITED: 0420am!!!!!! We were told 3 hours waiting when we arrived!!!!!!
Lawrence Hill: Easy to get around goo service and care
Alanna Rutter: This is a trust, where employees treated like numbers, without respect or consideration given to an individual, with lack of respect whatsoever! And God helps you if you happen to be a minority...
Maria Davies: Only saw 2 disabled parking space. Not good for a hospital. Rest is accessible

3. Russells Hall Hospital - Dudley

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Russells Hall Hospital
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Address: Pensnett Rd, Dudley, DY1 2HQ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +44 1384 456111

Business type: Government hospital

Russells Hall Hospital: what do users think?
Gareth Devaney: Dr I.G in emergency care is brilliant he gave me a full understanding of what was up with the reason I went in and put my mind at ease 10 stars for him and the kind lady on reception 😀 ❤️
Jess K: Had an elective c-section here (second child). C-section was done one week before due date. My daughter had an underdeveloped liver, but was ok within a few weeks of aftercare. No other complications but felt a little rushed to go home after the operation. There weren't enough hospital beds. Been to the A&E with my oldest daughter and was seen within 3 hours. Overall not a bad hospital but treatment seems a little rushed.
Christine Wood: I had a knee op yesterday on ward B21. I can't praise ALL the staff enough. From start to finish I was treated with respect and dignity. If someone called for help a member of staff came straight away and dealt with request straight away. I was regularly asked if I was OK. We were all offered refreshments. All which made for a pleasant relaxing experience. THANKYOU !
Kim Avison: Hubby was in coronary care. I can honestly say the care he was given was excellentThe ward staff are amazing they went above & beyond in all treatments. Maintained dignity & respect at all times. Anything asked for was sort asap. Thank you for giving me back my husband. It could of been goodbye xx
Natalie Graham: Have nothing good to say. Place isn't fit for purpose and the patients suffer as a result. Go to a different hospital if you can.
Sarah Alliband: I have nothing but praise for how well I've been looked after at this hospital, from the communication by the general surgery secretarial team to check in at day surgery, nurses on the ward anaesthetist, surgery team and recovery nurses. Thank you for being so attentive and caring ❤
Helen Tottey: Multiple drug dosing & prescribing errors and lack of interdepartmental communication. Don’t trust anyone, check, triple check and take names of everyone so they can be held accountable and learn from their errors to improve patient care.
Mark Taylor: Went this morning to see consultant re a possible skin problem on my face, consultant excellent. Then had MRSA test and photos taken. Everyone was brilliant. All done and out in 45 minsThank youM.T.
James Myatt: A and E absolute shambles - some departments are good but today was awful. A doctor didn’t want to see my wife because she was female and apparently didn’t feel comfortable … they have no clue in those areas
Kim Luca Borges: Had to visit the paediatrics ED and have an x-ray. All of the nurses and doctors were attentive and well mannered. Very professional and we were out in 2 hours. Thank you for the team that cared for my lad.
Fozzie Bear: NO STARS!! This hospital is the pitts. The staff from the reception upwards are a nasty,, particularly at the Urgent Care Centre. The Drs don't listen to you and are extremely rude and arrogant. There is a message on the tannoy at the UCC warning patients of bad behaviour! It's very annoying to hear this every few minutes. I have been to UCCs in other hospitals and have not heard this insulting announcement! If anyone is rude it's the staff, admin and medical.The UCC is inefficiently managed. They should have 10 minute slots with each patient and then the wait wouldn't be so long.All the staff need courses in customer service including the medical staff on how to speak to people with respect.All the Drs who took a few attempts to pass their medical examinations, must end up RHH. They're all rubbish!! They're the worst I have ever came across.I told the Dr at the UCC not to prescribe me anything with steroids in, as I am on enough steroid medication to keep me alive and have bad side effects from them. He completely ignored me and my medical bracelet for a life threatening condition and prescribed steroids. He wasn't listening. I reacted to the medication and had to go back to RHH UCC the following day. The receptionist was rude and so was the second Dr I saw, who insisted that I CONTINUE to use the medication I had reacted to badly! I persisted and insisted she prescribe antis which I got. They should've prescribed antibiotics in the first place.I didn't like the way both of these Drs spoke to me. My rare health condition was ignored and I get stressed easily because my body doesn't produce the stress hormone. This was not taken into account, despite me wearing medical bracelet. I felt very vulnerable and accused of bad behaviour, when I was stressed. The staff should try to calm patients down. If I behaved like RHH staff at my workplace, I would get sack!I will never visit the UCC here again. Been to Dudley Guest, Corbett, Wordsley Hospital (before it shut down) and New Cross which are all fantastic!! They treat people with respect as opposed to RHH, and there are no annoying tannoy messages warning people about their behaviour. This is insulting and it's tarring people with the same brush. The place needs shutting down. All the staff in there need sacking!! Don't go to RHH for any reason. Also been to QEbham and that's excellent too! Every experience at this RHH has been an atrocious and a shambles. Don't come here!!! It has a bad reputation locally, when you visit the place you understand why this is the case. I rate it minus three million.
Al Al: Thank you to staff from SDEC department,so friendly people.Thank much to doctor Mustafa,never meet so professional and helpful person.
Les Jukes: Short staffed which isn't fair on the rest of the nurses/ doctors they are run off their feet and work very hard I did have a long wait but I also know that these nurses / doctors are doing their very best to see patients as quickly as possible . A little patience goes a long way .
Omotigho Odiase: The waiting is something else.but when they fine out you are really ill they give u priority,that is what I like about Russell's hall hospital.
Julie Ann Miller: Chaos & incompetents. Say one thing then do another. My partner, Waited all day for pain relief. Waiting 9 hours for medication so could be discharged. Patient next to me was in agony waiting for pain relief. Doctors who can't speak proper English. Staff with tattoos etc on display, looks unprofessional. I would rather perform surgery on myself with a knife & fork, than let these idiots anywhere near me. What were people clapping for again?
Garry Wheeler: Went for a scan very friendly and helpful nurses. Current road closures on route no fault of the hospital. Russells Hall is a well established hospital.The lack of investment in all hospitals is apparent, makes one wonder what happens to the excessive car parking charges.Can not fault the staff they try to make things easier under extremely trying times. The government is failing in many ways at present and previously.
Linda Murphy: Went into A and E today as my husband had been referred by 111 to check on possible negative effects of an accidental overdose of prescribed medication. I expected to wait for hours but my husband was seen and assessed quickly and we were on our way home within 40 minutes. First class.
William Norwood: A & E waiting time outrageous
Mitchell Waterfield: Absolutele joke of an hospital, my partner went to the hospital at 2.30pm with my son who is only 18 months old that was finding hard to breath, spent hours in emergency care, before she had to say something to the nurse, because of long it was taking, then was told to go the children's ed, spent hours there only to have obs done and nothing else, in the end we asked staff what is happening, not really given information just told not sure, this hospital is a failure.My son is back home now has we couldn't wait any longer after being up there nearly 6 hours with nothing done. I hate this hospital and the way it is managed
Shaun Homer: absolute rubbish service 3 departments refusing to see a child and no reason given. not enough doctors working when they need to be u cant tell us that 1 doctor is enough to run a whole department if you had more working then you're wait times would be lower and you wouldn't be getting poor scores on here would you
Jimmy Callagan: Terrible place that almost killed me, treated for stroke for 3 weeks whilst having seizures and one night I was double dosed whilst I was sleeping. I was transferred to QE who said my liver was screaming as I was given wrong drugs and this is what caused the damage. I was diagnosed with epilepsy at QE after spending 7 weeks in hospital. I'm out now but staff, catering staff and cleaners where rude and not even bothered. I had 7 seizures here and had lock jaw from all the stress where at QU I only had 1. I feel I would had better treatment at PDSA than here.

4. Nuffield Health Hospital - Wolverhampton

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Nuffield Health Hospital
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Address: Wood Rd, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, WV6 8LE, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +44 1902 754177

Business type: Private hospital

Nuffield Health Hospital: what do users think?
Hester Fairclough: Saw John Mathews, lovely man and all the help I needed. Can’t recommend enough. Thank you!Update 2023 - have now returned twice to see other doctors here. Great experience and will return
Carolyn Tranter: Thank you so much to Mr Dias and all his team at The Nuffield Hospital Wolverhampton for a very positive experience regarding my hand operation. Thanks very much for your skill, care and attention.
Kathy Palmer: Took care of my daughter during her tonsillectomy and she came home praising all of the staff. Dr Matthews and a nurse called Ruby made her feel safe and well looked after. Lovely place with kind people which is what the world wants.
Bhanu Dhir: Appointment 29 minutes late
S B: As usual very efficient, the comfortable setting puts you at ease, the staff are always very helpful and friendly. The consultant I met, Dr Al-Abadie, couldn’t have been more informative, we mutually agreed a course of treatment and timescale. Patient led and perfect.
S Smith (Steveyd): Brilliant friendly staff and professional staff, and still cheaper than the NHS, google it if you don't believe me
BADMAN: propa grim, not a joyous accomodation
David Burgess: As per usual good service and excellent coffee inthe waiting room
Polly Sharma: Had to wait over 3 hours for the appointment! If we wanted this sort of waiting time we would have stuck with the NHS! Appalling service to say it is a private health provider! What’s the saying…..the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing….by this I mean the office side of things was a total shambles! However, the consultant was fantastic.
Stella Jones: Very quiet. Waiting is quite short as well. Love the hot chocolate machine in the waiting area!
Kevin Broome: I have not been there but I have been told what a good hospital it is you are all angels who work there
Suzanne Edwards: Knowledgeable helpful surgeon Mrs Isgar very helpful and kind. Had cancer op here. Staff were amazing. Keep it up. Thank you all.
Michael Phillips: Absolutely 💯fantastic
G Singh: Tried to ring 3x for a private referral "to actually pay you people" and was cut off all 3 times by an automated service, left voicemails on all 3 calls, has anyone returned my calls 3 weeks later?? Yep you guessed it
Chris Burton: Great overall experience!
Matthew Williams: Recent tonsillectomy done here, privately. Service was amazing, nurses and staff kept me very comfortable and informed. Thank you everyone.
Ian Turner: Very pleased with all my outpatient and inpatient experiences. Lots of confidence with my consultant and without exception my experience with all staff has been great.
Jane Beddows: Went in for private treatment for a nagging injury. Everyone was lovley.
Satman S: 7 minutes to answer the phone!
carlton Fletcher: Had my operation on monday, i would just like to say thank you to all the staff who tuck care of me over the few days i was under there care.with everything going on in nhs world at the minute you guys are still going strong. Everyone of you made me feel relaxed and well looked after..charlotte bless her worked a full 14hours shift but always came in my room will a warm smile and happy to help in anyway she could. My operation also went well n Dr Sullivan kept me informed of everything going on from started to finish...
Michael Hunt: Good private hospital

5. New Cross Hospital - Wolverhampton

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New Cross Hospital
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Address: Wolverhampton Rd, Heath Town, Wolverhampton, WV10 0QP, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +44 1902 307999

Business type: General hospital

New Cross Hospital: what do users think?
max webb: Not very caring and have no time forcaring duties , and physio very abrupt ad sharp with my wife who was in extreme pain but ignored my wife's cries of severe pain. Th r care commission needs to look into the staffs attitude
Ryan Mcdarbyi: Some excellent staff, nice food, good communication with external services.Like most hospitals, it needs more nurses etc, but most are doing their best under pressure.
Dave Dogshite: 14 hours to see a doctor after family member arrived in an ambulance. Very clever how they move patients from one waiting room to another so they can manipulate waiting times. Without doubt in my 55 years on this planet have I ever seen such a shambolic poorly staffed and run A&E. Hospital management are a bloody disgrace!!!
Wallis Faye Drew: Taken care of my son for nearly 18 years now,with his illness,Can not fault them in anyway.Also birthed all my three children here.
gurpreet singh: Horrible staffWaiting time 5hrs
Anita Chowdhary: My mom left in a wet bed because no one helped her to the bathroom or placed her on a bedpan. Claim is they are so short staffed. My mons skin is red and breaking down, fortunately or (unfortunately) my sister is there to observe this. It took them an hour and a half to come to change her. Then the Drs are rushing to have the DNR paper signed without even telling the family why? Care by nurses and Drs is very inadequate and careless at best. Such a shame to what healthcare has now been reduced to. at this hospital.
ALFIE: Why has my last post been deleted. I have been waiting over a year for surgery my name is Tina sheppard and I am getting stressed. I had my pre op last June but no operation please help
Orest Supyk: Took my mom ther for surgery on a facial tumour and was asked to get her there for 7am, which I did. Waited several hours for news. I phoned several times and was 16th in the queue and then call was dropped twice before getting through. Eventually got through at about 5pm and was told she had only gone through to surgery at 4.30pm. Was told to phone back in an hour and then was told to pick her up at 7.15pm, a full 12 hours since I dropped her off!Well my mother is 88 and I really wasn’t happy and gave the nurse At reception some feedback. She agreed it was a crazy system, my mother could easily have been dropped off in the afternoon. This is just poor organisation! Surgery went OK but when I took mum to have stitches out a week later at 2.30pm there really was no parking and it was a nightmare afternoon, I dropped my mother off at the hospital entrance. By the time I had parked off-site my mother had tried to find her way to A25 area and I couldn’t find her. Eventually I ascertained she had checked in herself. Not an afternoon I’d like to repeat. I blame years of Conservative leadership for running down our NHS!
John Osborne: My wife suffer a fall at home and went to new cross ed she's been on a few days but still in pain on morphine and antibiotics the staff were lovely to her
Adina Pty: Recomand cu tot dragul. Oameni de nota 10 .
Nigel Ireland: Recent visit to B15 for pacemaker fit. Was nervous, but every one of the team made me feel confident and that I was being well cared for. Well done. X
Billy Everitt: Very kind and helpful also understanding
trippy boo: I’m shocked and utterly lost for words !I was involved in a violent attack which led to a car crash ! I was the passenger and also 3 months into my pregnancy for the 2 hours I waited for the ambulance to check me over I decided to leave the ambulance and go into the hospital the next day around 7am I needed to check if my baby was good due to bleedingThey kept me there for 6 hours and not once did they do a scan not once did they feel my belly and not once did they offer me any advice or additional help they told me to leave and come back in a few days???Now I’ve lost my baby and it could of been prevented if they did what I asked
Jess K: Just wanted to say a big thank you for a life saving operation. I had an emergency C-section and was unable to give birth. Managed to deliver my daughter just in time, before we both had a heart attack. Cleared her airway and handed her to me. Gave us plenty of time to rest and recover. Now she's a happy healthy (and very chatty) 10 year old. I'd also like to add that the food was delicious.
Chrissy Rafferty: So attended her with my younger sister who suffers with mental health on 29/03/2023 as herChaperone due to her anxiety whilst trying to calm my sister down the receptionist Shirley I think her name is shouts across the waiting room you need to leave instead of pulling me to aside explained that I’m here with my sister who has anxiety and I’m her chaperone turns around and says I’m not which I I find very not very person cantered or did my sister have her wish to have someone with her this Shirley if that her name needs to learn some people skills and the way she handles situations and definitely needs to learn patient dignity and respect also to add talking about people in the waiting room as well very unprofessional behaviour
Yavor Andonov: We have been brought to this New Cross by ambulance.2.5 h waiting in children emergency waiting room with my 5 years son who has 39 degrees temperature and still waiting..... This makes me never to think to come to the doctor again.
Shazma Bhunji: BIG HOSPITAL AND ONLY ONE DR WORKING !!! (as if)Dont even deserve 1 star at all,A&E worst hospital ever u wait there 6 hours just for doctors to say u need to take paracetamol those doctors take one patient every 2-3 hours and people are there like 20+ and only one doctor working there big shame they dont care about people
adam sina: Named worst Hospital 2019. 500 hundred misdiagnosed Deaths operated on wrong body parts. Reported E&S paper. 5 years later still say good morning to my Wife after her death. Keep you on Drugs and then it`s to late .Don`t trust anyone comes to families health. Find a specialist. Not here..Do your own research it`s your family member. They really don`t care. minus but have give one star.
Katie Barwick: Honestly having being with the manor and being transferred to new cross I haven’t been disappointed or felt worried about my care at all. all staff are highly trained and know what there talking about whereas manor has so many staff and trainees you feel confused to what’s happening also I’m amazed by how quick the waiting times are compared you can tell the hospital is ran properly and staff are happy to be there where as manor it’s rude slow and most time cannot understand consultants I have asked my midwife to refer me to new cross from now on and will never go back to the manor Thankyou so much to everyone who has treated me I feel 100% better compared to manor. They found that I had an infection whereas manor have taken bloods and not noticed ! New cross are so thorough I’d recommend them to everyone ! Thankyou so much again ❤️
pun cat: Staff here are absolutely lovely. Have been really helpful and caring to my Nan who’s currently staying in. Really impressed, thank you NHS workers.
Princess: Disgusting rules here. Not explained what’s happening, how they work! Being adhd it was cruel of them to judge, no sympathy! I need to know what’s going on with my unwell dad.Staff don’t know what they’re doing there. Do their jobs properly and learn to listen, understand the distress than moaning. Should explain instead another member of staff explained. Very bad management! Don’t come here! As a daughter your not allowed to help your dad! Bunch of idiots who are ignorant who don’t understand! Sort it out management! Ladies at reception just sat their watching! They weren’t seeing my side even the management, was like talking to a brick wall. Top of that the lady who took my dad in for also a scan made my dad take his Kara off Sikh bangle which Sikhs can’t take off. My poor dad kept quiet he wasn’t himself anyway . Management at mri reception desk are all disgusting ! Get proper training!

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