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1. Dudley and Walsall Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust - Dudley

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Dudley and Walsall Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust
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Address: Trafalgar House, 47-49 King St, Dudley DY2 8PS, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 8:30 AM

Telephone: +44 300 555 0262

Business type: Mental health service

Dudley and Walsall Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust: what do users think?
i360uk: Nice friendly staff

2. Bushey Fields Hospital - Dudley

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Bushey Fields Hospital
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Address: Bushey Fields Rd, Dudley, DY1 2LZ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +44 1922 607000

Business type: Psychiatric hospital

Bushey Fields Hospital: what do users think?
SODOUIPRIKUMO STEPHANIE: Taking care of patients in need
Neil Durnall: My daughter has had 5 stitches in her left arm for nearly 5 weeks now. I've spoken on numerous occasions to the staff there about this situation and my pharmacy that stated the stitches shouldn't remain in after 2 weeks. Dissatisfaction is not the word. 🤔 🤬🤬🤬
Jon zyzyzz: Lunatics
Mart Hudson: Send your cards to this place.. christmas birthday Gladstone gander scroogeSend them all and the bank will not do a thing to stop you.Yeah... :)
iTz Youngie: It’s a mess doctors don’t care or listen to you nobody has time to talk and everything in there is just a joke nobody cares in there and the place is dire. The nurses are clueless and it’s a horrible place to go to.
Marina Wassell: My daughter lives below a patient of busy fields he's only been there 2 weeks and has been allowed home ! Hes been abusive, & aggressive, , his next of kin hasn't been given any information regarding his care , its just a waiting game as to what damage or life he will take out !! Bushy fields will have blood on their hands
Strix: Better off watching breaking bad.
Luke Whittaker: Not a place to be, many strange comments recieved, mind games, place didn't feel right , husband called and was told things happened on days they didn't which he noticed, scary place, very strange comments for a place to help deal with mental health, patients saying they knew there was a reason they were in their when I was in their asked questions about paintings on the walls , n short staffed on nurses medication sometimes given out by someone called lily, night staff were not friendly, queried being given a drug which wasn't part of my medication, got calmed down when tried to chase this up with my doctor just as I was about to tell him., blood pressure had to be taken straight away as heart was slowing with what they had given
Karen Tujrner: My son was patient in bushyfields for 17 days in that time they gave me no information regarding my son's care , and I rang or visited him everyday . They took him to an appointment with to his cardiac clinic and he was allowed to walk out .I had no phone call to tell me my son had escaped the first I knew of it was when he walked into my house . I live 2mile away from his appointment and it's an easy half hour walk . Within 15 mins of him being home he was cuffed by the police andtaken back , still no phone call to explain how this was allowed to happen The next day they moved him and even though I had visited him in the morning they didn't call to let me know he had been moved . The first I heard about it was when I rang bushyfields to ask how he was . The staff I spoke to on his visits were all nice to me but the information regarding my son's care was abysmal . He is in the care of another hospital now and I will be asking a lot more questions this time ..
Kevin Thomas: Very professional. Kind. Only a phone call away if you have problem.
angela bradley: I find them really helpful i only have phone call appointments as the moment due to covid but apart from that the mAn i speak to is lovely i dont know why people keep putting them down as they try there best
Craig Taylor: I’d like to thank all the staff for there hard work what they do behind the scenes they treat you with dignity and respect from the moment I arrived my mind was put at rest.There are to many names to mention but I would like to thank Neil,Becki,Lilly,Sam,Tracy,Stella and Sim to mention a few for putting my mind at rest and for being very professional and understanding,keep up the good work guys and to the rest of the staff thank you for making me feel comfortable and making the most out of the my situation..Great service great people I was quite sad to leave there..but onwards and upwards ☺️
ruth smith: I spent a week at bushy fields. You are treated like cattle. Eat, sleep, meds, repeat. No talking therapy offered. No stimulation day or night. The staff constantly mock and laugh at the patients and it becomes a self sustaining care system between the patients rather than the staff looking after them. My property was taken and used by the staff for personal gain without my permission and one of my charging wires was lost (even though they are locked up due to the risk of strangulation) so I am unsure of how that has come about due to the fact that I left it in my prescribed locked area. Most of the staff administering the medication did not even know what they were giving me and on several occasions I noticed that they gave the patients the wrong medications and it was the patients themselves that had to flag up the fact that the medications were incorrect. The staff use sectioning as punishment for things that could be dealt with through a simple compassionate discussion and they often try to criminalize the patients even though some have very complex issues. Institutionalization is rife in this place. Trauma and upset are dealt with via punishment in this place. I left feeling patronized, trivialized and was turfed out with no hint of aftercare despite being on strong medication and was told my treatment is done and must leave immediately with no understanding of how difficult that may be to arrange. I really feel for all who I left behind. The large majority of staff are bullies. Some of course have their heart in the right place and are absolutely lovely but that is unfortunately in the large minority.
SIan Traynor: Absolutely shocking. They put my partner on Benzos, he was on them for 7 months, my partner sufferers with Aspergers syndrome, as well as depression, Anxiety, and agoraphobia, the home treatment team comes out asks him a few questions and puts him on promazine, venafalxine, and Diazipam. Now they have been out for the past 2 and a half weeks to now discharge him from their care, they done this knowing my partner didn't have enough medication to last. Now we have been waiting 3 DAYS for them to send a fax to my partners GP to say they can start writing his script. He went up to Russlles Hall to be told that he is on the wrong medications. If you need help with your mental health don't go to them, they haven't though about my partners mental health or the mental health of his family who have to try and get him through a Benzo addiction. WELL DONE Bushyfields, get someone addicted to something then refuse to help him with his meds or to even try and ween him off them. Utterly shocking bedside manners.
Abi Hope: Absolutely atrocious! Vile, rude, neglectful staff with absolutely no understanding of mental health whatsoever. They had no idea patients had a number of contraband items that could have been harmful to others despite being used right in front of their faces (lighters for example) and when we arrived for visitation after a 6 hour drive they had no idea where my sister was! As it turns out she had escaped, gone to the local shop and bought alcohol and pills (alcoholic with severe suicidal tendencies besides other things) and necked them. They didn’t even know she was missing until we arrived! Absolutely shocking. “1-on-1” is also a lie! There are about 15 patients minimum and 6 members of staff, including 1 cleaner and only 1 psychiatric doctor!
emzie-lou slates: A good place to help people get betterthe staff try their best
Maria Cican: Very bad staff , very angresive,
Martin SOUTHALL: The telephone number posted is not correct!
Javed Chughtai: please do not go here if you need any help or support l only give one star because l could not give 0 star.
Emma Walton: My aunty died here last week under their watch. All she needed was a safe place to stay for a few days and talk to someone but they didnt want to know was too busy chatting at the desk to even notice she had taken her own life in her room. Will never ever forgive them yes it was ultimatly her choice but im pretty sure she felt like she had no other choice especially as no one was listening when she needed them the most. We left her there thinking it was the safest place for her to be at that moment in time we have to live with that regret for the rest of our lives. Now our family is broken and we want to know why and how this could of happened. In my opinion relatives are best left with family people who care not staff who get paid to just sit and talk all day and night to themselves. Hope you never have to experience this

3. The Oaktree Clinic - Psychiatry, Psychology & TMS, Birmingham, Midlands, UK - Birmingham

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The Oaktree Clinic - Psychiatry, Psychology & TMS, Birmingham, Midlands, UK
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Address: Suite 100, 1st Floor CIBA Building, 146 Hagley Rd, Birmingham B16 9NX, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +44 121 314 0330

Business type: Mental health clinic

4. Clinical Partners Psychiatrists in Birmingham - Birmingham

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Address: Consulting Rooms 38 Ltd, 38 Harborne Rd, Birmingham B15 3HE, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +44 20 3326 9160

Business type: Mental health clinic

Clinical Partners Psychiatrists in Birmingham: what do users think?
Adress Mohammed: Very slow and late in providing feedback
AJMAL KAZMI: Very small place to do so many things, there are no visible sign inside to follow. Unfortunately a lady will tell you where you have to go and where to wait. Couldn't see any reception desk. Doctor whom I met was extremely tired. He was doing everything in rush. Appointment was about to last one and half hour but he finished in less than 30 minutes.Car entrance is from side road. Navigation will take you on front side. Plenty of car parking spaces available though.
Lilly Cotillard: Wonderful, everything was handled professionally. The psychiatristseemed to understand my situation and was very friendly - the staff were, making the experience easy and reassuring.

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