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1. Ramsay Healthcare UK - Dudley

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Ramsay Healthcare UK
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Address: Colman Hill, Halesowen, B63 2AH, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 800 092 9221

Business type: Private hospital

Ramsay Healthcare UK: what do users think?
Misi Koala: I am a private paid patient and I wrote an email inquiry to their reception. Their receptionist Margaret Thurlow relied saying won't be able to help, did not answer any of my questions, without even stating why she won't answer my questions at all! She took one week to reply to me.

2. Genital-urinary Medicine & Sexual Health Clinic - Dudley

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Genital-urinary Medicine & Sexual Health Clinic
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Address: Pensnett Rd, Dudley, DY1 2HQ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 8:45 AM

Telephone: +44 1384 456111

Business type: Medical clinic

3. St James’ Medical Practice - Dudley

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St James’ Medical Practice
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Address: Malthouse Dr, Dudley, DY1 2BY, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +44 1384 252729

Business type: Medical Center

St James’ Medical Practice: what do users think?
Lauren jane: Can never get an appointment . End up having to go down a&e n waiting hours just to see a doctor .Me and 3 month old have all symptoms of strep throat and I’m unable to get an appointment yet it’s all over news how it’s killing people and this is why . Absolutely ridiculous. There’s a receptionist there who’s so rude!
Rajesh Gupta: Called surgery last 2 days no appointments after waiting 2 doctors only on with over 10 rooms 35 people in que it’s a joke feel sorry for the receptionists but action needs to be taken
Michelle Macefield: Never have an issue booking either a face to face or telephone appointment. I thought that my last appointment was for 4.30 it was actually 4.10, I was 20 mins late ! The receptionist (Julie?) sorted this out for me and I was still able to see the doctor. Brilliant!
Emma Sheppard: Im a new paitent and i really cannot fault them absoultly amazing after attending another surgery and being made too feel demorilised after i was compared too a drug addict ,id understand if i had no issues but i am due my 31st operation i have chronic pain fybermygia fybermygia and double ostomies amongst othet issues , thankyou from thr bottom off my heart, i absolutely cannot fault there care
Steve Lisa: call number one for 17 minutes joke
Lee Silvester: The worst doctors I've ever known for one they take ages to answer the phone due to chatting away plus the lady on reception just wow how does she get employed as she is very rude and completely useless an I asked for appointment to see doctor porter and she said its phone only I'm like can you or my doctor see my symptoms through the phone she also said he will ring me back but didn't check my number to confirm this I'm lucky I'm giving it 1 star because in my eyes I wouldn't give that if any one goes to this doctors I would clearly move doctors and avoid.
Nora Beres: My doctor is Dr.Porter.He is amazing.I moved so many times I had so many gps. He is the only One who really listened. When I need referral he refers me . I get appointment easily as well.My dad is a retired gp so I can compare a good gp to a bad one. Dr.Porter is 100% an excellent doctor. I was thinking to move to a different area. Only reason I am staying because I don't think I can get a GP like this again if I moved.Thank you for being a such a great doctor.
Susan Belcher: I have been with his practice over 45 years and have had many diagnosis that have been so helpful. Ots kept me healthy for years
Cassandra Fellows: I wouldn't even rate 1 star if I had the chance to..Following moving back to the area I thought I'd become a patient here, unbeknown to myself that they lack skill in admin, it's it's a month since I put in my application and I'm still not registered there.. Its virtually impossible to get through on the phone, and when you do get through the receptionists are rude and fairly thick.I dread to think what it's like to actually visit the practice. I'll be taking my healthcade elsewhere..
Michelle Thadwall: Attended surgery this morning for my hooping cough vaccine as i am 38 weeks pregnant. On arrival was buzzed through via receptionist with no direction were i need to go. Was advised to take a seat. Receptionist asked me why i wasnt wearing a mask. I replied i am expempt, to which she asked my what my exemption was (not really sure if they are meant to ask this either way she has my medical records and should know ) i advised i am 38 weeks pregnant and astmatic . Today is a hot day i already suffering with allergies etc. Went in to see nurse called tracy who was very polite on way out i asked about the corona jab if i should book in or wait. Receptionist sat there extremley rude eat her sandwich as speaking to me i thought this was very unprofession and rude. When i said this she replied it was her lunch break and shes entitled to have her sandwich. Either was very unproffesional. After i made me feeling noticed i thought she was rude i was then verbally attacked via the other 2 woman behind the reception to say if i did not like it to go to another practice. I will be logging a formal complaint . Attitude was disgusting . Receptionist then said well your not wearing a mask. After me already explaining why im expemt. Never in my life been spoken to the way them 3 receptionists spoke to me today.
Tammy: One receptionist clearly doesn't have any telephone manners! Didn't even get her name! I've just called to ask if there is any known issue with the pharmacy telephone line next door as it has been constantly engaged since 09:30. She was quite rude and said "that's probably because they're busy" I told her I'll keep trying and she said "ok" and put the phone down.Maybe some further training is required 🤔
Debbie Roberts: Excellent service earlier this week. Telephone appointment the same day and prescription sent straight through to pharmacy.
Debra Jones: Dr Jalota and his team have cared for my family for many years I never have any problems booking an appointment and the care and consideration that has been shown by Dr Jalota the nurses, the receptionists and practice manager. Well done and thank you.
Gurwinder Singh: I always has bad experience here coz doctor here dont know f##k all they always says take paracetamol if u have any pain or problem i have been suffering from back pain from last 3 month and one more thing if u have appointment 3 o clock u will be seen 4 or half 4. I think they must pay us for waiting there they dont deserve to be doctor. I will say to all dont register here with any gp coz they are pointless
Nic Hadley: Very hit/miss if you get to speak to someone. If you are persistent you can usually get a routine appointment within a few days. Forget 48hrs if it's not an emergency. But then if it's an emergency you'll be seen quicker at a&e! Instead of putting your effort into being seen here, try self medicating and putting your effort into staying's the austerity way!

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