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1. West Midlands Police Station - Dudley

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West Midlands Police Station
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Address: Bank St, Brierley Hill, DY5 3DH, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open until 10:00 PM

Telephone: +44 845 113 5000

Business type: Police station

West Midlands Police Station: what do users think?
Lost Girl85: Your live chat isn't working, your number is no longer working........i need to speak to a inspector to make complaint (ive made a complaint already and had a flimsy apology at best) about two white male and one white female West Midlands Police workers, who have abused their powers to allow my privacy to be invaded, ive been bullied, harrassed, belittled, discriminated against due to my mental health, gaslighting, assaulted, forced out my home, and fasley charged. The people in questions have all played a part in ruining my already fragile life. Also I was also classed as Afro-Caribbean when im Mixed Race in custody as police custody paperwork doesn't have an option for mixed race, everyone of colour is just Afro-Caribbean. This has left me suicidal. It's not okay
mat12128: Was made to feel quite welcome taking photos of the panda cars!
Mark Byrne: Complete waste of time
tomasz gabrielowicz: All the police ladies and policeman are professionals and really helpful;I owe them;if they read it they will know what I’m talking about; 🥂Respect officers:)
philip powers: I phoned the police after a recent break in by four masked scum. Fortunately they was disturbed by fantastic neighbours and left empty handed. The police arrived and they were very professional and understood the problems that we faced and basically put us at ease.
Mr and Mrs Humphreys: We unfortunately had a break in and they stole our car.. Police were brilliant from start to finish- Really sympathetic and professional. Even caught one of the burglars and kept us updated all the time. Very impressed and assured to know that should the worst happen, we have Police we can rely on.
Michael Billingham: Called Brierley Hill police station to report a disturbance but phone no.was unavailable. West Mids police website told me to call the council who had all gone home. Must be government cuts, in which case God help us and my neighbour who was in need of assistance with a threatening partner.W
Jenni Peatroy: I phoned after witnessing a stabbing in stourbridge call was made at 2.20 by 2.40 they had arrived, taken a description and caught the gentlemen who still had the knife on him. Too many people out there complain about the police yet with all the cuts back it isn't actually there fault. They do a great job and risk there own safety to help others and people need to realise that a little bit more
KAZZY VLOGS: Came in to report robbery said they will be someone down but 3 days later still no one and no phone call all evidence is definatley gone now
Courtney Page: the police station is a joke the did nothing to help me
Paul Newnam: Web site down no one answering the phone , 4 hours ago was assaulted and still can't report it.Abysmal.
stewart hancox: Time wasters always turn up three days late
Danielle: 0 score. Absolutely useless, they're rude, show lack of care, communication is poor, follow up is slow, thats if they bother to get back to you (you have to chase them). Brierley Hill are a joke of a force. They put on a uniform and...I don't know who they think they are.
A Pitman: West midlands police phone unanswered for over an hour. Still unanswered ......
Anthony Anyanwu: desk staff are not interested but the police staff are.
Ross Jones: Main Police Station. Front of office staff are very helpful.
Rose Clews: Very helpful, respectful and informative, no complaints!
Mark OfCain: Evil lot here they put loads of things on their computer they made up about me when I contacted them about being almost killed in pensnett they did nothing. Evil lot don't trust a word they say.
Maria Rankin: My son was being bullied by someone at school. The police were courteous and explained everything.
Brad Moore: very helpful rang to report damage to the beehive pub in halesowen .gang of youth smashing up garden furniture and decking ,we did go to clear the mess up to find needles and drug crap allover the place.but according to bhill police no crime has been comitted and we were to phone the council .thanks for your help
Gail Holyoake: From what I have heard they do nothing. My relative was being threatened by her husband whilst drunk. She called the police they told her to leave her own house. Did nothing about the drunk abusive husband

2. Wednesbury Police Station - Sandwell

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Wednesbury Police Station
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Address: 53 Holyhead Rd, Wednesbury, WS10 7DF, United Kingdom

Business type: Police station

Wednesbury Police Station: what do users think?
Malik Ismail: Best
mat12128: Apart from the 1 member of staff that had a go at making out i might get in trouble for my photos, i was approached by 2 constables and a special who were very friendly. Thanks!

3. Smethwick Police Station - Sandwell

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Smethwick Police Station
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Address: Piddock Rd, Smethwick, B66 3BL, United Kingdom

Business type: Police station

Smethwick Police Station: what do users think?
William Davey: Shocking service. God help us when West Midlands Police are involved.
Viv Hayden: Closed.No answerWast of time. So is 101.

4. West Mercia Police - Hindlip

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Address: Hindlip, Worcester, WR3 8SP, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +44 300 333 3000

Business type: Police station

West Mercia Police: what do users think?
Viv: I called them from Canada to check on my Mother who is in her 90's as she was not answering the phone. They attended for a check and were very nice according to my Mother. Thanks!
Jungle Sunrise: Car, motorbikes crime and ASB, endangering lives completely ignored. Worcester city is partly as race track,most vehicles, cars,motorbikes illegally modified, too.much noise etc. Zero interest,action from police. Prob the worst police experience ever. From poor website,poor call centre, no response from 999 after assaulted. If I defended myself,doubtless ideas arrested. Worst force I ve experienced. No wonder Worcester a mess, getting worse. Small towns and small cops, funny, if it weren't so tragic.
Knoxx E: 6 officers appear to break into someone's garden to forcibly arrest a terminally Ill man for mooning a speed camera and it went to court. How much money was wasted on this entire process? It sounds like you have surplus officers and funding if you can waste this much on noyhibg
Tyler Book: Can't even protect children, then issue a pathetic apology. Be proud of the uniform, officers!
Lexine Bate: Don’t deserve any stars in my opinion…6 or 7 officers kicking the door in and violently beating & tackling a termanily ill man to the ground and putting him in cuffs. What was his crime you my ask? Mooning a speed camera lol ( it was on his bucket list). Yet when my house got burgled it took 3 days for 1 officer to take a report what a bunch of Absolute jokers. Hang your head in shame.
John Vienta: Pity we cannot award zero stars........ Utterly disgraceful behaviour to arrest a man suffering from a terminal illness for daring to display his posterior to a speed camera operator, throw him to the ground and threaten to use spray on him despite him being held down by at least four Police. And tell your Constables to comply with uniform standards, man buns and ponytails on males are not regulation , and I deliberately uses the word males instead of men. I can only hope that something really unpleasant happens to all the Police involved.
Harley Curtis: This lot allow pedophillia and are corrupt
Dave Dogshite: Absolutely abysmal service. Simply couldn't get through to the control centre. If this is British policing then no wonder criminals are not deterred anymore
Tim Adams: Had an intruder in my garden last week who refused to leave the property. West Mercia response? Stay in your house and don`t enter your own garden. You couldn`t make it up...........................!!!!!!!!!
Gurpreet Dhaliwal: Useless and big headed from my experiences
Parallax View: Just watched the despicable treatment of an auditor on YouTube. The definition of unprofessional - wrongful arrest and a woeful lack of of knowledge of the laws you enforce. Please improve your knowledge on the law when it comes to public photography.
Mark Honey: Just witnessed some sort of gestapo, papers or arrest. Guys there was a war against those type of ideals. They lost.
Stephen Ball: Civil claim incoming you bunch of tyrants , AB we love you man #PINAC
Jonno Ross: Need training.
lee warren: Unbelievable lack of respect for a member of the public.
MR T: Tyrants
Shaun: Can not get through to sort a fine!!
Tony Smith: Useless officers. Neither sympathetic or experienced in their jobs.
John Windsor-Hawkins: Would not recommend, my room was small and very basic. Mattress was bloody awful and room service was non existent.My shoelaces were also stolen.
James Hughes: Bent coppers
Philip Griffiths: Useless police service. I've been robbed once and had my windows bricked twice by local primary school children, and all they did was call me once to 'see if I was alright'. They continuously fail to address the problem with boy racers in the area despite congratulating themselves after their 'successful operation' in dealing with the issue. This area has gone to sh*t and their inaction is a major part of it.

5. Harborne Police station - Birmingham

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Harborne Police station
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Address: Harborne, Birmingham, B17 9LJ, United Kingdom

Business type: Traffic police station

Harborne Police station: what do users think?
Marian Vasilescu: Not good! Joke
Chi Wai Cheung: Lucky I have a great experience, the staffs are very nice and professional, all the paper's work are fast and smooth, especially thanks to Officer G.Morrison, really help me a lot and explain very clear on each step I should goon.5 Star is a must.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Tianshu Ruan: I made an appointment to register my address 4 months ahead of this visit. Everything goes well. Not many guys were waiting inside. The officer is kind and it only takes 15 mins for everything.
Suhaib Jiman: Very nice and professional people.I was late to my appointment and they were about to close, but they kindly agreed to do my paperwork.Thank you.
OH. Maram: The officer who did my paper she was friendly but the woman who left her office to see the queue was Rude and Racist.
Giuliana Zhu: I am suprised by how the average review is so low. When I went for police registration, the police was really so nice, friendly, and welcoming. Proper precautionary measures against COVID were also taken, and the registration was done on time without any delay. Wouldn't mind going again if I had to just saying...
Mohammad Mahmoud: The service here was good, the agents took almost 5 minutes to process my application, she answered all my questions before I leave.You must pay by a credit card. Appointments only and the closest within 3-4 weeks.Thank you 😅
马一峰: 我警察局注册晚了两年,本来有点紧张,但是警察阿姨非常的友善!原因都没有问直接给我办好了!还和我聊了聊吃的事,赞一个!
william p: a nice experience, friendly and patiently people.
Zinah Sharara: Would like to thank them all the ladies in this police station are nice and cooperative. Flexable and easy to communicate , specially Surinder Lallie, she made every thing easy!
Ahmed K. Moustafa: The place is well located close to the city centre and nearby a bus station. However, the online booking system is really busy. You can not find a slot easily and you might need to wait for weeks! The place itself from inside is really small and I believe it needs an upgrade. They can use the nearby building and have bigger space to accommodate the large number of students who come for police registeration.
Ali Utaif: The kindness and positivity radiated of the lady who processed my registeration form, filled me with hope throughout the whole day. She is just awesome.
T M: very lazy and rude staff to do overseas registration 果然英国警察垃圾 名不虚传啊
potemkin: staff is very rude and racist
Gum Ball: Lazy, rude, and arrogant police officers. They make the gestapo look like angels. Miserable officers...
Anastasiya Tsyhanova: Very welcoming and understanding staff members. Responses to emails are fast and my query was resolved painlessly. Overall, an extremely pleasant experience doing my police registration there.
LiCobalt Blue 60nm: Went there, saw a lady stand outside the door told me to register online for appointment,(just why) and the online registration is broken, like the website is literally a bug itself, it really needs a patch, I probably have to wait ages to receive an appointment. I would rather been fined for £100 than wait
Hla Eslam: Very organized friendly people. Rapid email responses. Recommend going there. Opens around 8 am. Needs email confirmation before going.
Luka Zhao: Visited on 13th Feb at 10am. The lady did my registration work was very nice, helpful and chatty. The whole registration process took 20 minutes. Only card payment accepted(not sure if it is the general case). Very relaxed experience after all. 5 stars for the kind officer.
J MW: I don’t even want to give a took 6 months to make a booking. How about the law that if foreigners coming here and they need to register in 7 days?? I waited 6 months when I was in first year in uni. It’s been 3 years,NOTHING CHANGED. This is how you work and get paid??? Please work efficiently!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wsqsheldon: Don’t want to go there at all

6. Lloyd House - Birmingham

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19 reviews
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Lloyd House
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Address: Colmore Circus Queensway, Birmingham, B4 6AT, United Kingdom

Business type: Police station

Lloyd House: what do users think?
ABU QAYYIMAH: Police are letting me get harrased by ex family with digusting meesages about Allah and even child abuse messages . Very currupted in sha Allah get not gulity soon and start to get ball rolling on curruption against them
Mohali Davinder Singh: United Kingdom police is very honest and work harder
Fredrick Mogekwu: Nice view from the second deck of a bus. You gotta love this especially when properly kitted for the cold.
Pedro Aranha: Pure discrimination!
Andy Teece: Great place
Israr A: Waiting too long... Front Line Officer Rude and Disrespectful. Raised his voice when demanded to speak to the Sergent on Duty. To which he Replied "No Sergent on Duty" which doesn't make sense you don't walk into police station without the Commanding officer at Home... Worst Police Station in the Midlands. Awful Customer service experience. Wouldn't recommend to anyone, especially those with a Family. Crime rates at a all time high and Police officers sitting in thier cars doing absolutely nothing and discrimination is rife against coloured, elderly and the most Vulnerable people living in this modern multi cultural society we call Birmingham. The Only good function of this Police station is as a Museum. As thier Policing techniques are so outdated and need Urgent attention of the Police Commissioner ( Who is sitting in the office above eating Donuts). Please Reviews and Show the Real colours of the Police for who they actually are. A bunch of Bullies!
Rhys “Ginge” Matthews: Great police station and very modern
Naz-92: Openly discriminate against people, the worst police force in the country. Crime rates at an all time high, but these police are too busy discriminating against elderly, coloured, and vulnerable people. THIS NEEDS TO STOP ASAP! THE MOST CORRUPT HQ IN THE WORLD!
Kevin Bird: It's police headquarters and you have to pay to park... It's not cheap either
Travel & Explore: Typical high rise tower block

7. Oldbury Police Station - Sandwell

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Oldbury Police Station
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Address: Oldbury, B69 4JD, United Kingdom

Most visited!

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