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1. Saturday Books - Dudley

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Address: 61 Tower St, Dudley, DY1 1ND, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 11:00 AM

Telephone: +44 1384 476250

Business type: Book store

Saturday Books: what do users think?
Michelle Jasinska: I think it is a bit off to call it Saturday books when it is also open on a Sunday.
JAKAW rashidi: Nice
Jaspreet Matharu: Great!!!!!
Jakub Z: It's a hidden treasure for bookworms. Worth spending a whole day in there.
Brayden Mcgurry: Amazing shop, staff are nice and friendly and an amazing deal on books, huge range to choose from
Raymond Reynolds: Excellent shop with an impressive range of books; better than many chain shops (I guess there's only one of those left now?). Eclectic mix of high-end literature, sci-fi, history, pulp fiction, children's books etc. A real gem.
Andrew Pearce: Varied and diverse selection of books available.
Della Rose: This beautiful bookstore is quite literally a reader’s dream. There were loads of rooms filled with books with a vast variety of genres all carefully organised into the rooms and corridors. Going into standard bookshops, you typically go in, find a book and leave but here it felt like stepping in to a second home. I arrived an hour before closing time but I soon realised that you you need to get there early in order to truly explore each room!The outside of the shop makes it seem deceptively small but once inside, it’s almost like stepping into a Tardis. The owner was lovely and gave us a tour of the shop (which was very needed) and explained where everything was. Will definitely be going back again and will be bringing some of my friends along too!
Neil Jenkins: Loads of books on 2 floors new art gallery too
Debbie Hadley: Love it
Talhah Chaudri: Simply wonderful bookstore. The range and diversity of books is immense. The store is huge, spanning many, many rooms, with books crammed into every corner. The selection is a far cry from what you’re likely to find in big retailers like Waterstones. There are many rare and esoteric finds. And all very, very reasonably priced. I had a lovely chat with the owner, Francis.
Paul Henderson: First visit, need to explore upstairs, but smashing guy who all book lovers should support.
Ari Johnson: Friendly people and great books.
kam: Absolutely lovely place, with very kind staff. There's a large genre of books, all at cheap prices and very good conditions.Came in with a friend because of a teacher's recommendation, expecting to have a quick look, and ended up spending 45 minutes going from room to room browsing (and found some gems!)
Stephen Bennett: Brilliant shop with a great range of books, from the mainstream to the obscure.
Jeff Guest: A quirky but enjoyable second hand bookshop. Got some bargains. A wide range of genre.
Stephen Walters: Super place. Lots to browse. Friendly and knowledgable staff. A real gem of a place. Highly recommended.
mark monaghan: What a superb find! Really knowledgeable staff Francis and Rachel. Wonderful selection on various themes. A mixture of prices and tastes to suit all.No pressure to buy, just afforded the opportunity to browse and while away an hour (or three).They informed me that they were also online and could locate items. Website to follow.Great shop! Great human services (thanks for the coffee and hospitality).Look forward to seeing you again!Best regardsMark
Renee Taylor: Absolutely lovely owner/bookkeeper! Made us feel very welcome!
GABRIEL the baby: Absolutely gorgeous little shop! I've recommended my friends to go, because it's that good. Books are cheap, in good condition, and the staff are amazingly friendly. I'd love to work in a place similar when I'm older. Hope to come back soon!
Charlotte Cleary: I love this little book shop, it is currently undergoing renovation. Perfect for finding books for my PGCE studies.

2. Cash Converters - Dudley

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Cash Converters
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Address: 14 Castle St, Dudley, DY1 1LF, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +44 1384 456247

Business type: Second hand store

Cash Converters: what do users think?
Arun Nair: Got an x box s from the place I'll update the review in one month
lifeis abook: Great place to shop nice deals I've had some lovely conversations with one member of staff Kelly she has been very helpful whenever I've needed any help. why not visit and look around you never know what you might find as I find a lot of bargains.The staff will be more than happy to help find what your looking
Shivan: اسعار مناسب
Susan Kooner: Always put your products down !!!!!! It's only a BRAND New ,,, blah blah not worth much , then witnessed with my own eyes , them pay Top price FOR THE SAME ITEM 😆😆😆🤣🤣 no manager present , seemed like Weird , if It was my company Paying £100 twice for an item she says your far off and still walk out with £100 Smiling saying thanks for that!!!! Believe what you want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Derek Pugh: 3 staff eating chips on the cashpoint yesterday afternoon.
Patricia Moran: Very nice people great service top manager
Rafal Michalski: Why is the shop closed on Sunday at 3pm?Sunday 10:00-4:00
Greg Homer (Gregohree): Friendly staff, polite and knowledgeable, Kelly served me and did me a great deal on an iPhone. Friendly and likeable lady, knew her stuff about phones, got a good deal and am very happy. 5 stars all the way from me!
Everton McNeil: I was accompanying a friend. Staff were polite experienced, fair and knowledgeable.
Mark Wheldon: I went in the store quite late and only parked in a 20 minute zone. I had taken some guitar amps and stuff to trade against an amp in the store. Kelly and the other blonde girl were great, friendly and helpful. Kelly checked out and gave me a fair price for my trade-ins, even asked if I wanted to go check on my parking. She gave me a really good deal on the already well priced amp and I left with my new amp inside 20 minutes. Great service, great team. 👍
Marthy Senior: I Bought a Ecovacs Deebot N79s. I was served by Karac.I went into the cash Generator Store following interaction with a staff member online late on the evening before. I was greeting by a smiling Karac who ask if I need help. I asked him for a colleague called mike who I was instructed to ask for. Karac informed me that Mike was in fact serving another customer and proceeded to help with my request which was to purchase the Robovac.I was able to extensively test the Cleaner while Karac helped to make sure all was in working order before I was fully satisfied and making my purchase. I left the store a very happy customer. Karac on this day was a credit to your store and thank you for help. I myself am a retail manager for a multi million pound business and I would hope that my team were offering as good a service that I received in this store when making my purchase. Thank You Karac!
Rebecca: Great people that will definitely help you anyway they can
Sean Perry: Kelly Karen and the team are always so helpful and give you the best service would highly recommend
Colin Sykes: Utter rubbish customer service buyers stay clear there returns is terrible and don’t care once they have your money shockingly bad after sales they don’t know what customer service is. I don’t recommend to anyone avoid.
Dwain Daley: Karen and Kelly were awesome, really friendly and happy, super helpful and made sure I was sorted. Came all the way from Coventry just for the service. 10 stars.
James Jackson: I visited the store recently and was met with unbelievable attitude and disgraceful customer service, this isn't the first time this has happened. The lady with the red hair always seems to be quite abrupt with her customers and she lacks in basic manners with the way she carries herself. I feel this issue should really be addressed as soon as possible especially as she's in a managerial role.
Dippy RaRa: Absolutely excellent service, really friendly and understanding. Most definitely the only place to go in the West Midlands
Paul Thomas: A franchisee ruining cash converters hard earned reputation with it's poor insulting customer service.Be careful when you buy from this store as their return policy is not a reflection of cash converters online operation.In fact I would say this particular stores returns policy is non existent it's no where to be found it's not mentioned upon purchase, not displayed within store, not written on the receipt.It's clouded in so much mystery the staff are well versed in this deception and took great pleasure in denying me a refund with their only reason being they don't have too.Sticking to what I would otherwise consider a basic right or appealing to good will only lead to raised voices and swearing (you can't reason with unreasonable).To give this review some context the return was for a purchase made less than 24hrs previous. The item was in it's original packaging and the receipt was present. It even still had the tags stating price to pop it straight back in the window.The questions during the interrogation by various staff as to why I wanted to return were answered with honesty.After passing scrutiny this resulted in the only stance they would take as being one of they didn't want to take it back.Upon reflection it is this that causes the most hurt as it's tantamount to harassment and gets tempers flaring.So be warned cash converters Dudley operates within the fringes of consumer law regards returns and makes a stop and search feel like quality customer service.May as well buy the stuff direct from the people who stole it out of your shed in the first place.
Becky Cole: Fab customer service!I was after a phone for my daughter. Very helpful and got just what I was looking for.Would definitely use again, happy and friendly staff!Thank you 😊
Tyron moran: Very nice staff
s: The blonde one with glasses is really rude. I wanted to see a watch that was in a box. She refused to open the cabinet. She goes we can't its sealed. The boxed looked open. She wanted us out the shop. Can't change my asian heritage to please her I'm afraid

3. Waterstones - Dudley

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Address: 95/96 Merry Hill, Brierley Hill, DY5 1SJ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +44 1384 75155

Business type: Book store

Waterstones: what do users think?
Lizzie Turley: A must-visit for me whenever I visit Merry Hill. Friendly staff and a great selection of books.
Gtube: Every Waterstones I visit I enjoy. This one at Merry Hill is no exception.Its a large book store with fantastic variety. Clean and orderly.I bought a book and an ordinance map. Happy with my items and service.Unfortunately I forgot to ask for a stamp for my loyalty card n the cashier didn't prompt me. (If these are still a thing that is)Not much else to say.All good.
Alan Prince: Very good book store to go to .
peter dalvair: Don't read much, but I've been here to get educational books
Malcolm Hart: Helpful staff and fabulous selection of books etc ...
Anna Henley: Love this shop and seeing how much people still enjoy books
Paramjit Dhillon: Excellent s
Margaret Quinn: Collected a book that was ordered. Lovely staff who are always very helpful.
SHIFTY T: Nice place
Pat Heeley: A member of staff ,lovely helpful young man,didn't know his name,came out with what l was looking for.Thank you.
LadyJai: Always great to have a look round Waterstones and their excellent selection of books. Especially nice to see so many children in the children's section buying new books and being excited to read new books
Mark Venables: Okay
Sianne Powers: Love that you can get 10 books for a 10a
E N: Bought Dracula, The Witcher Time of Contempt and Meditations from here. Love it!
Richard Stanley: Very friendly staff, happy to help even when they're busy. 2 floors accessible via lift or stairs. Good selection of books and small gifts. Pricey but quality.
David Bloomfield: Friendly helpful staff.
Umar Shahzaad: Absolutely amazing
Jose Palhano Junior: Super!
Mike Lee: Great selection of books and I found what I was looking for easily ❤️ Thank you ☺️
Stephen Haney: Nice place, plenty of choice. Sales assistant very nice.
CjC Adventures: A very nice store with a good selection of update and past books I come here a lot and always buy something great store 👍

4. Cancer Research UK - Dudley

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3 reviews
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Cancer Research UK
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Address: 258 Castle St, Dudley, DY1 1LQ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +44 1384 238011

Business type: Thrift store

Cancer Research UK: what do users think?
Aisha Aziz: Great under £3

5. British Heart Foundation Furniture & Electrical - Dudley

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24 reviews
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British Heart Foundation Furniture & Electrical
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Address: 6 Castle St, Dudley, DY1 1LA, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 9:30 AM

Telephone: +44 1384 505070

Business type: Thrift store

British Heart Foundation Furniture & Electrical: what do users think?
Matt Hollings: Just dropped stuff off but Tony and the young chap who helped were great.
Susan Lloyd: Popped in to furniture shop,I was looking for seaters,So many to choose from But you have to be quick,I sadly missed , corner , suite,But so pleased wy my ,new Purchase , Lovely staff Always got time for chat help and advice if you need it Have been shopping for years , and had some lovely items , Thanks
Sylvia Wall: Always a good range of furniture in these stores at a decent price and they will deliver. I've seen the furniture being steam cleaned too so they try to offer something in as good condition as possible. Staff are mostly friendly and welcoming.
Clive Share: Good charity shop with good selection of second hand furniture at the right price.
owen: Been volunteering and purchasing items from here for 2 years now I would say volunteering here is okay, you'll get free tea/coffee all day and if the lovely Lee is in he'll make you one save you doing it :) also if the area manager comes in he'll bring doughnuts or order the manager to go next door to sofi's and buy everyone a fish and chips :) most of the volunteers here are decent to work with and the paid staff are alright aswell, the atmosphere is very humorous and fun we all laugh and joke with eachother, were right next to the bus station and we also pay for your days travel if you bring in the ticket we'll refund it :) coming here isn't a waste of time and the staff discount is generous enough, I come here on my days off from my nasty job because coming here relaxes me! 😂 , I also must be the only volunteer who comes in before the shop opens aswell 🤣🤣🤣, I do the function testing on the electricals on a Wednesday and on Tuesday I mainly on shop floor helping customers and cleaning and an extra pair of hands for other staff,I get first dibs on the electrics I feel so trusted lol. I do occasionally buy stuff from here, the brand new cushions are really nice 👍 and the donated stock can be good aswell if you know what you looking for it's a good deal 👍
Adventure with Robbie: Personally wouldn't recommend hear. Come to the store looking for a bed and mattress. They wanted £120 + £50 to deliver a second hand mattress less than a mile down the road. Ended up going across the road where I got a brand new bed and mattress for only £240. I will not be visiting this store again. Prices are just out of this world.
Kelly Ann: I donated a fridge here and the collection team was so rude and unprofessional. They put me off donating to this charity ever again.
Sarah Cooper: This shop is not good as the staff are very rude and not very helpful will never be using this shop ever again
Chris Wickett: Dropped off some lamps , really nice girl there who sorted out my gift aid and explained ! Great staff member !
Heather Chance: Very good
Snow: Very unfriendly middle age white woman staff in golden hair, arrogant, always caring a dark face in the shop, controls everything in the shop floor, mark the unlabeled items in randomly according her mood. The Other staffs are helpful, I stopped going there because of her bad attitude.
Maria Timis: Delivery quite expensive and I did not feel very welcome in the store
Sam Peet: Came here to volunteer in 2015! Did not enjoy it at all that guy in the warehouse had a go at me for walking in telling me to go away when the manager told me to go into the warehouse.Dark haired guy who smokes and never does anything but swares and threatens younger volunetters. I still see him in 2018 when walking to the Bus Station I am suprised the shop is still running and he is still working at the warehouse there while getting PAID!!!!
dudley nath: Nice shop.
Diane Ball: Furniture & all sorts here, I pop in regular to see what's about as I upcycle things
Dan Parkes: Good place, never know what you're going to find so always worth a visit. The staff are always working hard so deserve a decent amount of respect for their efforts!
Rachael Othala: Always well stocked
Andrew Hawthorne: Great little aladdin's cave. A charity shop, so anything you buy will do someone else some good.Stock seems to change quickly so if you're local and looking for that odd piece of furniture, it's worth dropping by.On the downside, there is no dedicated parking and the store is on a busy junction, so access could be better.Staff are of course all volunteers, who give their time to help the charity. Great people, who are friendly & welcoming, whether you're buying or donating.
Mark Simms: Excellent staff worth every penny in gold for the work volunteers deserve more credit than they get for the work they do for free.

6. YMCA Charity Shop - Dudley

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4 reviews
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YMCA Charity Shop
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Address: 19 Churchill Shopping Centre, Dudley, DY2 7BL, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +44 1384 211982

Business type: Thrift store

YMCA Charity Shop: what do users think?
Kerry Boston: Absolutely disgusting service from the lady who was serving on the till. Discussing highly sexual content while children were present. Absolutely revolting service and language from people who are supposed to know better. 5th april 2023, 15.00pm
Billie Smith: Great shop! Staff are amazing. Debbie is a fantastic lady always happy and jolly and takes the time to chat to everyone and just puts a smile on your face. Everything in the shop is reasonably priced and often have sales on. They accept all donations and are very grateful for all the donations they receive. Shop is well presented and clean, wheelchair accessible and moving around the shop is easy
A K: This charity shop I would avoid especially with a woman in there that is always in your face and shouting would not recommend at all.
Emma moore: our ymca shop in the Mander Centre is better
David Holmes: Quite bare of items to peruse.
dolores savauge: Best charity shop in Dudley!

7. H&T Pawnbrokers - Dudley

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2 reviews
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Address: 215 Wolverhampton St, Dudley, DY1 1EF, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +44 1384 238577

Business type: Pawn shop

H&T Pawnbrokers: what do users think?
E. K.: The ladies from the Dudley store are very helpful and friendly. The customer service is excellent 👌 I highly recommend to use this store to everyone. You will get not only the best service but also all the options available to help people like me, the staff will do everything to help and beyond. I really love this store 😍
Grant Butler: Great staff .. great prices .. id recommend to anyone
Deb&phil Watkins: Great friendly staff helped me when I needed it
Laura Westbury: Pointless calling the branch because no one answers the phone!!

8. hmv - Dudley

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1575 reviews
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Address: Shopping Centre, 38/39 Merry Hill, Brierley Hill DY5 1QX, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 11:00 AM

Telephone: +44 843 221 0269

Business type: Book store

hmv: what do users think?
Stewart Turner: Found exactly what I wanted . Friendly staff 😊
Ad Casey: Good outlet, had a live band playing in the shop too.
Sarah Fisher: Lots of merchandise well laid out got a present for someone here which I was not expecting. Excellent customer service
Glenn Hobbs: The staff at HMV Merry Hill are always brilliant. Great choice for vinyl lovers 👍
Paul Sturgess: Attended to see the band Open Arms perform with my family. (We are big fans)Really, really enjoyed the performance! 🙃The shop itself has a huge selection of dvd's , vinyl and cd's. They also have Pop figures, collectable figures, t shirts and merchandise from different TV shows and movies. The shop is big enough to wander and comfortably look without being in people's way. Found the shop to be clean and tidy and found all staff to polite, friendly and professional.
Thomas Ellis: Nice store but saturated with funko style merchandise. CD selection is greatly reduced compared with old store that was situated near marks and spencer. Fantastic vinyl choice.
Peter Gregory: Not impressed with the hand-written? signage above the vinyl and CD collections. Difficult to read - blue grey on a black background. Might be "modernistic" but put me off bothering to shop there.
Dave Colling: Caters for main stream mostly. Decent selection of vinyl, cd, dvd, t shirts, books and merchandise. Staff helpful.
Ridders1984: So disappointed with my visit today ( boxing day) what have they done? They've moved the store and downsized their range of movies they had no offers on the blu rays apart from a few on sale and the range was poorOn boxing day I normally visit HMV for the sales and I normally come out with an armful of blu rays but I only bought 3 WTH have you done? Stop with the overpriced collectibles who wants a dumb iron man gauntlet or a darts vader helmet and increase your movie range to what it was I only gave 2 stars instead of 1 coz I got the 2 films I came in forEDIT I've read your reply you clearly haven't read my review it's not that I couldn't find anything it's the fact that the range was very poor compared to how it used to be learn to read please
Neil A: A lot better for me personally now they're more about action figures.
Macaulay Cotterrell: It's what you expect from any HMV. A good atmosphere, lovely staff and I love visiting when I can. Only negative is that I can't visit often enough to know where it is without getting lost, particularly since they moved
Ellie Longmore: Loved shopping here! So many cool things to look at and the staff were so friendly❤️
Kathleen Cleaver: It's moved location in the mall and I like it better now its moved, I am so glad it hasn't closed its a great shop !!!!
Lydia Lawrence: Have been shopping at HMV for years since my kids were teenagers,always been very helpful, I just give them a list & they sort everything out for me, today was no exception,Adam C served me & he was brilliant! Thank you Adam!
alfie capewell: Very good shop I found all the cds and vinyl I needed
Oliver: Only popped in but seems like a nice store - far better than the old one.
Ben (Papyrus): Amazing place to go! Always got my friends presents from there! There's one worker in particular who goes above and beyond for anyone! Such a lovely place to go
Paul Harrison: Il like to get my records
Ian Davies: Easy to obtain new releases here rather than having to mail order them. Not quite the depth of stock in the CD department I'd like (much less than their previous store). Member of staff who served me (Becky J) very friendly and pleasant.
David Chance: Not to bad good selection of records
Robert Brookes: Good shop with helpful staff

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